101 E. MAIN ST;   URBANA IL 61801



2191 COUNTY ROAD 2500 E

  1. JOSEPH IL 61873

Dated 4/ 27/ 18

RE: ticket issued #9168

Cause: expired license plate, over one year past”, mandatory court appearance (YOU force me; and “here I am”: forcing you, as equals before the law. MANDATORY trial, by constitutional guaranteed legal rights!). This ticket:  may 21, 2018

PLEA:  NOT GUILTY; demanding a jury trial, or immediate relief as is “public communication of the citizen legal, constitutionally guaranteed right, to redress of grievances as a state or nation by our vote.  229 A 2d 388, 394 This upcoming trial DATE, is a demand for the LEGAL AUTHORITY OF DEMOCRACY, to decide, through constitutional obedience: whether my action, is a legal protest, a legal necessity, proposing the democratic responsibility of each citizen as described through duty, to demand. 394 U.S. 618, 634. REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES OUR FIRST AMENDMENT LAW, fifth amendment law, of the state of IL.  208 U.S. 412, 420. THE RIGHT;  To decide as a people united, the following.


  Proving THE FACT:   WE THE PEOPLE own this state and this nation according to our legal right, to demand constitutional REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES” AS IS THE LAW! 140 F. Supp. 925.  WE, are the authority, the owners of government, the benefactors of Constitutional law; as is REDRESS, to ourselves; and we have been denied this law. Which means, the value of redress: to demand an accounting from our employees, to judge whether they kept their oath to us, as is their duty. To judge for ourselves: Whether our employees, have done their jobs according to constitutional intent. 140 F. Supp. 925, 928. Has failed to become enforced, in the courtroom, as our right!

Proving through the reality of democratic redress law:  “our employees, are in fact, NOT the government”. WE ARE, by constitutional contract. We are united as a government only through the constitution, and its law over us all! Making the constitution itself, our government. 389 U.S. 258. Therefrom the purpose of redress is: proving our employees will obey their sworn oath of office, to us. As is the accountability demanded under redress of grievances: or face the consequences of our own authority, called we the people; as owners of government, here in this state and nation.

 Proving WE THE PEOPLE have the final LEGAL RIGHT: the authority, by majority rule under constitutional guidance; to determine specifically and with definition what can or cannot be done with, or by our GOVERNMENT.  Proving what we will allow for our environment, our nature, our world, our weapons and military, this living world or its oceans, the children’s future, OR BY EXPERIMENTATION in any part of life or planet; and more. By our own decisions, and our own vote, we are democracy enforced; by redress of grievances. 391 U.S. 145. Therefrom it is, the court’s duty to provide the law of redress in and for, the protection of our democracy.


Legal Cause: (1) treason by the courts; proven by examination of the trials; produced by James Frank Osterbur, and the clear undeniable evidence:  no court will allow the constitution of this state or nation:  to be legally heard within the courtroom. As is consistent with their silence and refusal to acknowledge constitutional law, within each case, I presented. The constitution, NOT the employee; rules this nation and state. A proven failure to respect that: means, an insurgency has taken root, to destroy our democracy. By destroying our constitutional contract, by removing or hiding the laws of that agreement, by discarding respect for democracy as is our chosen government. Democracy is, a reality of ownership we share with each other, and our employees, through constitutional control of every government employee and the public itself. Those who remove that constitutional law, are:  Destroying the foundation of our democracy. It is traitorous.

(2) Traitorous acts by the congress (leadership); proving our currency has been extremely inflated; hiding that fact means counterfeited. Our debts are beyond repayment: our personal securities therefrom destroyed.
Thereby fundamentally enslaving the people: while our leaders gorge themselves on fantasies (debts don’t matter). Leadership in state of IL as well, rule by their fantasy (let the slaves pay/ make the children cry) through their own debt creation, which we the people, can’t pay. The consequence is stripping the public citizen of their securities, and binding them in the chains of poverty. By making them live a lie.  412 U.S. 94, 111. Traitorous extends to: forced submission to their university driven failures such as weapons of mass destruction are our saviors. No such thing exists! Or their experimental fantasies, “lets bring the same fire here as on the sun”. By refusing to adhere to energy or economic realities; our employees play god with our lives. Their failure falls upon us, as economic catastrophe, or extinction as the consequence of being wrong “with sun fire” is our planet becomes a sun”. A gamble with our planet, and all its life: that has NO BASIS in the legal limits of law/ therefore clear terrorism. They DO force slavery upon the masses: being paid with counterfeit money, IS NOT paid. Their purpose, to give themselves, and their army of rebellion (we deserve more) separate and exclusive emoluments and privileges beyond the public; is clear. “They spend the inflation dollars”/ giving us nothing. Traitorous By: Disemboweling the protections of a free press, and using the universities to turn that press into “mice”.  By selling the source of media affecting the whole of society; to a very tiny few. An act of treason. The universities are treated as god, “who cannot be questioned”, in both the courtroom and by media. While the people are treated to ONE SIDE, “believe/ never question” leadership.  Which is “the king speaks or communism rules”/ not democracy!

(3) Terrorism by governmental leadership; proving, the funding of acts, and decisions, through which the universities DO “play god with life”!  Are REALITIES of experimentation,  which when proven THIS went WRONG;  becomes’, the literal extermination of life and world.  347 U.S. 497, 499. As is recognition of those who are trying to ignite the same nuclear fire as is on the sun; here on this earth. Theory is not enough; particularly when their theory is based on fantasies, such as the assertion of fusion [where is the helium] or a graviton [an atom 15 times heavier than lead]. THEY GAMBLE ALL LIFE ON EARTH, with NO second chances: it is absolute terrorism/ the worst terror on earth. Mutilating the genetics of biology, which literally builds every body of life on the planet: AS IS CALLED NATURE ITSELF. Deliberately trying to make disciplines, order, and balance in nature fail: thereby trying to make evolution real. IT IS ABSOLUTE TERRORISM/ the worst horror, on earth. Crossing species boundary lines and limits to intentionally create CHAOS (as is the definition of Armageddon). Destroying the foundations we do depend upon for life; to play god. Overtaking our government, our lives, and these children to enforce evolution, their religion [NO proof exists] by indoctrination.

(4) Betrayal by the employees of our democracy; proving the insurgency of a university diploma (as is spread throughout the leadership) has been a deliberate purpose to uproot constitutional law! Thereby attempting to destroy democracy itself/ because the constitutional contract is the foundation of democracy itself!  Their purpose: So they can rule, manipulate, propagate fear, and control our lives, our money, and our nation for themselves, as kings (no law can touch us) or queens (no debt is too great for them to inflict on us, if they want, what they want) and we have to pay. As the evidence particularly of counterfeiting our currency will prove. HIDDEN INFLATION, is not within constitutional boundaries, and consists of a greater attack than is organized crime: it is a directed INSURGENCY, against this state and nation. THE FOUNDATION OF a true REBELLION against our democracy ITSELF. 278 N.E. 2d 504,510. By their intellectual army: “we can LIE/ CHEAT/ STEAL/ trap/ deter/ deny/ disavow/ propagate with media/ tempt/ plot/ plan/ conspire/ corrupt/ and collude; to gain what we want:  by the game of SLAVES and SUPERIORITY!”

(5) Tyranny by the judiciary:  presenting rules and innuendo, that are in fact; the deliberate destruction of trial, and its purpose is for corrupting democracy and denying justice to we the people in both state and nation.  163 S.W. 2d 948, 953. The reality of this deliberate decision is to keep the powerful protected from OUR constitutional law, and its intent. To deny our democracy by consuming access in the court with “frivolous rules”. To remove constitutional law, the “consent by the governed”; by any destructive means possible through their own design to discard our law. Using the claim of frivolous and other innuendo, to discard (as are my own):  constitutional cases, critical democratic development, fundamental economic interests, construction of social respect, dignity, and necessities; as well as individual legal guaranteed rights. The ILLEGAL weapons used are: corruption of the courts/ conspiracy, we are the power, among all leaders involved/ and the collusion of money and power to submit, and enforce: “the citizenry; cannot have what the powerful want”; let the law be damned. Or more distinctly, the rebellion has implanted themselves within our courts and governments, as “King or queen”, through the evils of despotism. As is, throw constitutional law aside, and pretend it does not exist; proven in every case “James Frank Osterbur/ plaintiff or defendant”.

(6) Failure to protect and defend the citizenry;  DISCARDING the facts, that resource destruction is real/ a reality of failed decisions, that destroys the future for every child. Refusing to protect the future itself, is destruction of this democracy: that is treasonous. 168 S.E. 838, 839.  From the mutilation of nature/ through energy experiments that will exterminate all lives. To those hiding within the religious cult of “university knows; by  pretending the university is savior; and cannot be questioned or stopped. Demanding the university is leader over democracy: cursing us all with, the university can play god with life and planet”. Evidence of the religious worship called:  “BELIEVE ONLY IN THE UNIVERSITY AS GOD”, they are superior. Has in fact taken over our lives, our nation, and the future of our world.

Proving the courts have surrendered all that is wholesome and necessary for the public good. Discarding all that is constitutional intent: giving government to the university itself, as religion enforced. 319 P. 2d 983, 986.  As does include: refusal by the court, to administer penalties in accordance with reality. Demanding the same financial cost/ for the same cause: “from a billionaire or a pauper”; is cruel and unusual punishment. And must stop!

RESOURCE LOSS, Which would include, the factory has been the cause of overwhelming garbage, and resource loss. The factory ship, which eliminates ocean life in wide areas’ of every ocean. Including The plague of garbage in those oceans. The curse of Evolution: “let’s genetically cause plagues and chaos to erupt and destroy life. The food mutilated by change, and our future, dependent upon unsustainable realities of their decision. The constant: Let’s corrupt and destroy our water, with chemical poisons, and anything “we can”. Or continue to, Consume more oxygen than the planet can release, with fire, motors; and more.  Destroying even the possibility life could survive; by proving LET NO ONE CARE. Past the point of no return our world, cannot be brought back. Their “university  decisions” establish: extinction is certain, so nothing matters. Even cursing the very foundations of our slight but possible survival:  on this earth are in fact being destroyed. Making certain we will be exterminated soon.

(7) The invasion of “university religion (we can be gods)” as have taken over government: by using media to propagate that religion. Has proven absolutely nothing about evolution; a lie from the beginning. That fact finds those employees indoctrinating the nation: in contempt of life, our law, our world, and our democracy. 183 So. 759, 764. Substantiated by fact:  their fantasies of evolution are constructed on not more than theory: nothing but a story, built on lies; NO support of facts. Just hearsay/ just believe.  Proving evolution is not more than religion, as is “believe, our book is god; don’t question just believe”: the essence of every religion. Without proof, the university religion has taken over our government/ our media. By hidden inflation, the counterfeiting of our money: their religion evolution,  produced the university fantasies and delusion, that is our debt/ and mutilating our nature. 41 N.Y.S. 858. Propagated by media as gods. This religion deliberately chose to teach this evolution as; “this is your creator” to every child/ to the nation itself, without restraint. That invasion of that religion, as is used by their cult (we can be gods). Is the basis which then rules over the indoctrination of all students in schools; in defiance of our laws: to separate government and religion, to deny and keep religion from being in control. Aiding and abetting this invasion of our lives through university control, is media propagation.  Trial or redress now, is Demanding here:  “governmental leadership and their decision to believe in evolution, is a religion”: NOT allowed, in government, or the schools. It shall be removed. 110 P. 304, 309.

(8) Conspiracy to commit fraud:  their claim is, that basically no inflation exists, as propagated endlessly by media.  310 F. 2d 262,267. A proven lie used to incarcerate the truth, in defiance of their reality: by hiding their purpose, “let the children die, in absolute poverty”; so we don’t pay our own debts. FACT BEING: the federal reserve accounting summary as is table L.5 total assets and liabilities of the USA. A table (1= one billion dollars) presented in billions; which proves inflation has been prevalent, by hidden (not real) asset inflation. At a constant ten trillion per year for many years. Exhibit A https://www.federalreserve.gov/releases/z1/20150611/accessible/l5.htm & exhibit B . https://www.federalreserve.gov/releases/z1/20050609/accessible/l5.htm  Proving asset accrual over ten years, equals ninety five trillion, five hundred and forty five billion. 144 A. 2d 836, 838.  Asset claim of $205 trillion exhibit A; divided equally among 330 million citizens= $621,212.00 each, babies and all. Prompting the question: is that real? Including debt creation in that same ten years; of sixty six trillion, four hundred and ninety billion dollars. Divided by 100 million workers, equals $664,900.00 of new debt over ten years, per each one. Prompting the question: is that real? June 2015 is the last year table L.5 appears in public view!  468 S.W. 2d 160, 163. Leadership and media are hiding, WHO SPENDS the reality of these numbers, and what they buy. Reality states: leadership has chosen to launder the origin of these numbers, created by unjustified asset accrual: as is “hidden inflation/criminal bookkeeping”. Where did it go? Or, By debt creation, which equals counterfeiting our currency: by debts that can never be repaid. 197 F. Supp. 264,265.  Media even presents buy counterfeit American coins; as if they were real: without concern from policing. To deliberately destroy the value of physical money, thereby replacing it with “hit a key, and get another trillion dollars to spend” university fantasy; “let us be kings”! Debts don’t matter, FOR US; only you!  Just like, the constant destruction of all things real (don’t worry, if nature is destroyed, evolution will bring back something else, “in a billion years or so”; a quote). By replacing reality with their own mental delusions, through control of media propaganda: our future is dead. That intentional criminal fraud and others, such as:  operating medical (legal, business, media, industry, among others) monopolies for the purposes of UNFAIR billing.  220 U.S. 61, 78; as is my own hospital visit. Where the financial charge just for the room, wherein I simply waited: was ten thousand dollars per day. Or the claim of “Urbana city inspectors”: that a 60 year old, single story duplex, suddenly had to have escape windows in every bedroom (even though the rest of Urbana did not), because it was “a life safety issue”. Ending with, over a sixty thousand dollar loss (and more) to the owners of the property; because “the sheep” can’t fight. Reality proves, [Tyranny: not life safety, a university created disease infecting society]. Or tens of thousands lost by me: simply because a mechanics lien, was illegally allowed only thirty days to submit the claim; a fact the state of IL employees refuse to fix.

(9) Bankruptcy and enslavement; proving leadership of the state of Illinois has been robbing its common public citizens, TO BUILD THEIR ARMY of thieves (let’s take it all for ourselves), against democracy!  Their claim of superiority, we deserve more than you: removes equality, supporting only those with a college diploma. To maintain, “only they can decide: EVERYTHING,” for or over us “Like kings or queens”. Spending our money for themselves, by putting our lives in debt: for their own frivolous things like; a one hundred and twenty million dollar “skybox” for the U of I football stadium (used 6 times a year). 286 N.W. 844, 846. OR another one hundred and fifty million for assembly hall renovation (when the building was hardly touched). Demanding pensions, healthcare, early retirement, and other outrageous “we are kings/ and you are slaves” realities of courtroom constitutional failure.  282 P. 2d 1084,1088.  By demanding, of every “common citizen”, that they MUST PAY “the king”; so the state can live.  Trial demanding Redress {we will decide} is mandatory. 394 U.S. 618,634.

(10) Failure to protect the children, by defending their future: is a constitutional decree. 431 U.S. 471, 489.  Discarded, because reality proves, there is no future with every resource gone. There is no job, with every resource gone, there is no life with every resource gone, mutilated, and destroyed. Which means the current ravaging insanity of raping everything on this planet; as is university leadership in action [DO THEY NOT LEAD]. Exists as an assassination plot against every child/ against state and nation and world. 329 N.E. 2d 880, 885.  Against EVERY living thing; EVERY POSSIBILITY that ANY life could survive on this planet; by destroying the future as well as our own lives.  259 S.E. 510, 533. These are choices of leadership, which means their decisions:  are a deliberate attempt at genocide, against the entire human race, all life. More than a rebellion, an attempt to be SATAN [defined, destroyer of a world]. 167 P. 619,620.  Because cowards faced with realities they don’t want, and have no solutions for; have chosen to discard life, child, environment, world; so they can get what they want/ by cursing the future for every life. Their answer, let every child, every life: cower and beg, for what no longer exists.

(11)  Tyranny to threaten a planet with WMD “to play god or king”/ rather than producing and accepting world laws.  The evidence is simple: enforcing compliance with our law on the leaders:  would prove the reality of world law, IS being used for peace and harmony.  121 N.E. 621, 627. World policing used only to enforce our world law; on every national leader throughout the world! Would eliminate the claim, weapons of mass destruction are necessary.  LAW, as is we the people of this world, must define for ourselves. 74 N.E. 2d 563,567. Proves what we demand. That purpose:  removing power from those leaders, and from their nation, who break our demand for justice through the laws we created as a world.  Creates an army from all nations to: Produce or obtain the leaders, and bring them to trial, before a world court of we the people! That establishes “we the people, will govern our own world”, BY LAW, in full witness to the world itself.  The demand: To try BY LAW, the leaders who defy our laws. In a courtroom before the world. This PROVES TO every leader:  by our law for this planet/ we are your pawns no more.  Leaders Who are called to trial, or taken to trial:  make the decisions that invade or destroy “life and death” for all the rest. They must be subjected to our law!   By our world laws, directed against the leaders/ NOT nations;  as enacted through our own world army. WE declare, the law for our world, is enforced. We the people, through a majority vote among all the nations of this world, rule ourselves as a world by that law. This fact,  Establishes NO NEED for weapons of mass destruction or ANY extreme weapon/ or any extreme size of ANY military in this world.  350 F. 2d 445, 449-50. And those weapons will be removed immediately, once world law exists:  from EVERY nation on earth.

(12)  Failure to educate, unite, and defend; as is the purpose of the preamble to the constitution itself. To create a clear understanding of peace, law, democracy, responsibility, value, respect, and harmony; through equality, justice, and fair play: IS THE JOB OF GOVERNMENT. That fact Represents, the first lesson of democracy is: every decision you make/ NEVER goes away, and they do determine your future, as well as ours.

INSTEAD of LIFE, REALITY, TRUTH, AND LAW:  The state of IL and this nation; through its educational institutions have been intentionally destroying the FOUNDATIONS of society itself. By discarding the rights and needs of the many: teaching little or  nothing of value to the masses. In clear preference to those who then go to college: “let’s make the rest, slaves”. 29 S.E. 2d 508, 513. By enslaving those who then go to college, as well. With many facing insurmountable debts and disrupting or destroying families by that debt. When they don’t achieve their expectation, and there is no job waiting; for what was promised either directly or by inference.  58 A. 2d 31, 33. THAT creates a debt which cannot be paid: forcing an attack, a crime by any means; on the others to enslave them even more. The universities, causing extreme damage (threats we cannot survive) www.justtalking5.info through their delusional experimentation: exists to protect their own jobs. Universities, teaching manipulation/ control over society/ temptation of the individual/ invasion of privacy/ plotting to corrupt, planning to collude against equality, and proving disrespect for life, justice, and nation. Which is the impetus behind: people are merely livestock, which evolution says, “we can program to do whatever we want”, as rulers. 160 N.W. 2d 49, 59.  Such as: Constructing religious cult worship of university delusions (Memorize everything/ question nothing) and other forms of hatred; by tying the university to all money. Dissolving equality among citizens, by counterfeiting money, and dumping their debt on “the public slaves”. Corrupting justice as is guaranteed rights are lost, colluding against fair play as is; “never question a university decision”. 4 A. 2d 132.  Infiltrating and controlling the election process (as is a billion dollar presidential campaign); by various means; which includes bribing the electoral college participant; removing democracy itself. 42 N.Y.S. 2d 857, 859.  The curse of propaganda as media manipulating society, for the purpose of destroying what does work. The working principle: “You can’t play god/ unless someone needs you, fears you, or despises you”! You can’t be superior, unless you have a story; to cover what you do not know.   ARE YOU; IS THIS STATE OR NATION BETTER OFF, THAN IN THE PAST?

The purpose of university in charge is: to create a need so they can play god/ such as is: putting artificial intelligence in charge of your survival [coming, the machine is your god]. As an initiating, limited example, “a car without a steering wheel: YOU can’t make this go, without our permission”.  116 N. E. 797.  Or mutilating genetic nature into chaos; because then you must beg the university:  to “put it back together”! So they get to be god for an instant. Alas they can’t do it, WE ARE DEAD; and they will be torn into pieces instead. Because nature which is the genetics by design which builds every body of life on the planet; cannot be rebuilt by man or woman. 90 F. Supp.477.  Etcetera! But hey, the university ooze which brings you evolution from an orifice in their ass; “just can’t think, just an accident/ alas, they didn’t get a brain”. So they became your curse instead!



            The price of establishing your “courtroom demand” on me: which is “pay your government employees” for what the citizen already owns. As IS a literal tax excursion into the power of governmental authority! Examines the facts: While constitutional rules allow the politician to create a tax/ that tax is based upon our employees OBEYING THE CONSTITUTION, and keeping their oath of office to sustain and improve constitutional intent for peace, justice, equality, and harmony in society. The basis of your claim is, that I owe you, for what I own.

The basis of my claim is: YOU DID NOT provide my guaranteed rights, in your courtrooms of law. Neither state or nation; as is the legal right to redress of grievances. Which is NOT your legal choice/ it is the law! Instead you chose to remove constitutional law from the courtroom, and declare insignificant rules, as all you need to destroy democracy itself. Causing my demand/ establishing my duty: to call for redress of grievances; “let the people decide, by establishing what is or is not TRUE”. Giving them the authority to defend our democracy.

This trial is NOT then traffic oriented, which moves this trial by content out of traffic court. This trial is duty driven, as constitutional responsibility to democracy itself, means:  “MAKE OUR EMPLOYEES OBEY OUR LAW”; it is everybody’s duty, including mine. THIS, is a tax based reality, a challenge of ownership:  WE THE PEOPLE and our democracy. OR, by refusal of constitutional law:  surrendering that democracy to “only a university diploma” can rule here/ as in we are king or queen; or communist. As is “everything is decided by a tiny few”.

This question erupts as your duty: “insure domestic tranquility”, and establish the guarantees of this constitutional state and nation. Giving this court no other option: Which then gives to me LEGAL access, to demand:  your accountability to the people. By which redress of grievances arises as the LEGAL RESPONSE of your duty: to enforce the reality of choices constructed by a legal oath of office, as is made in leadership, by both state and national employees. The LEGAL law of redress EXISTS constitutionally:  therefore IT MUST BE THE LAW, and that law must be upheld. Or TREASON EXISTS..

Therefrom, this foundation for constitutional action, demanding accountability in government, are realities of democracy:  being laid as, a question to be placed before the people themselves. The fundamental basis arises from taxation: but proceeds to the duties required of a citizen, which has included “we must go to legal war”. To protect this democracy! Having presented evidence of threat against our democracy by our own employees in leadership. That same duty which brings me to court to demand “going to legal war as is redress of grievances”. Is hereby required of the people, by their own decision: you decide, if this is necessary as is “assembling the people, through peaceful means”.

Being confronted with the enemy as is:  DID YOU KNOW the cost of being WRONG here is catastrophe, in many different ways for our nation, lives, and world? Our democracy is in trouble! Is my cause.

WE, the people: by the intent of redress, ARE then talking to the court through democracy; about governmental employee authority to deny redress of grievances, or make ANY claim as to it cannot be done whatsoever: is unconstitutional.  Redress is the law, and you swore to uphold that law! We the people stand as the final say in what our constitution means, as it is our democracy: which proves even the US supreme court, exists UNDER OUR OWN AUTHORITY, and by no other.

Therefrom I am asserting to the court: IF YOU DON’T GIVE TO ME MY GUARANTEED RIGHTS by constitutional law, as is the legal right to first amendment redress of grievances and fifth amendment state of IL redress of grievances. THEN you are in violation of our constitutional law, and are subject to arrest. NOT me!

The removal of constitutional authority, to proclaim employees are  “the government” instead;  is treason. And it is my duty to confront you, to demand of you: that you must return this state and nation to constitutional law reigns supreme. Its intent as declared therein:  DEMANDS redress.  Therefore decisions are made to enter trial, OR by your demand through means of public communication:  PRESENT redress, as a legal right of democracy itself, which they will enforce by vote. Which they will inherit as the authority to demand a legally enforced moratorium TO STOP: on all experimentation or acts which come under this REDRESS case.

Grants for public review, the presentation of the evidence declared in this trial, sufficient for realistic public understanding. Are legally required to sustain and create a demand for redress. The illumination of threats, failures, or other; shall be presented,  As a CHOICE. The right, TO INVESTIGATE THESE THREATS to our democracy, our world: by EXAMINING the potential of the evidence, to influence our own lives. Describes the truth of our decision by its consequences; when determined to be “wrong for life or nation”. Thereby determining through an informed public vote: IF WE THE PEOPLE NEED to be diligent in determining BY THE FACTS ASSOCIETED WITH TRIAL. What our response must be, attaining authority to decide for ourselves. What will or will not be allowed or done.

As to our state and national truth, the development of our democracy, as it exists in the construction of our own future, or the realities of our input into this world. By our vote, and subsequent judgment as fair and legitimate owners here, in this state of IL or this nation called the United States of America. Let true democracy decide!

By exercising the authority, of governmental power: your claim as produced by this ticket: is a governmental right exercised. The power that is:  “we can do this, we can enforce this;  or we can inflict damage on you”.

By law, that power IS TIED DIRECTLY to your own obedience of constitutional law; and I have presented irrefutable evidence in the form of trials, that you refuse to obey redress of grievances. Therefore either defend in trial before the state and nation:  “that redress, is not the law”/ or obey it”, and grant your employee participation in making LEGAL redress of grievances come true for your democracy. Or face treason, because you are NOT “the law or our government”/ YOU are an employee of our democracy. NOT KING or above the law, as is our constitution; not, in any form.

Policing has presented the governmental license of taxation to me; 160 P. 2d  37,39.  I demand the democratic license of justice by law. We are: Equals before the law/ as apart from your job, as is no employee shall assume to be more than any other citizen. As is, why should I pay this:   IF YOU REFUSE to respect your end of our constitutional contract 286 N.W.  844, 846  and 282 P 2d 1084, 1088. The agreement, that is democracy, and unites this state and nation? For the values created therein,  by and for, WE THE PEOPLE.

The failure to reciprocate as the “legal guarantee of democracy” requires:  is the essence of a government overrun and without law. Proven is, corruption of a democracy without constitutional rights enforced!  UNLESS, the courtroom test that you the employees of government:  do indeed follow all appropriate and valued constitutional protocol found in redress of grievances; as can be proven “your right of authority, through democracy” to each citizen.

When employees of government, fail to obey constitutional law as is the true test of government itself, in any democracy: your authority then fails. When an insurgency against that democracy, is evident and proven by the realities of courtroom evidence created by those employees, or a future clearly in jeopardy for us all by leadership. That suggests those state and national employees are, or have been only for themselves and against our democracy: or they are incompetent to the task.  THIS reality demands: THERE IS A LEGAL DUTY, upon every citizen, to investigate by PEACEFUL MEANS, to assemble the facts, and prove the evidence; to determine the cost of being wrong. Before a courtroom of law, through as is democratic authority of the people by LEGAL redress.

“REDRESS is a LEGAL matter, presented by democracy, for the people to assemble and defend themselves. But it is NOT an individual right. Redress must be brought before the entire state or nation; by presenting the evidence to be investigated. Under rules of evidence as provided by and for the courtroom. As declared in USA first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES law & state of IL, REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES law; amendment section 5, bill of rights. As is consistent with the duties, and responsibilities of every citizen: that state, or this nation MUST declare for itself/ if they will investigate those facts. Determining as best we can, where these truths shall lead. By collecting & examining all pertinent evidence. By isolating the reality of what it means to be wrong, and proving what can or cannot be done by our own decisions. The need to: establish WHAT HAPPENS IF WE DO NOTHING, is required. Before a vote: more deliberately, first and foremost before a decision is made.  DEMOCRACY demands we the people, must have a choice: our lives/ our nation/ our child/ our world! Reality proves we must accept the responsibilities and consequences for the decisions we have made. It is not a game.

Claimed in this action is: employee fraud to deny that which is the constitutional demand for redress. Thereby you, the citizen must fight the war, if necessary: to prove our constitution is our government, NOT the employee. Your leaders create the future by their choice. Because this evidence presented by trial; suggests threats, even of extinction: against us all. Redress is required.  This has the potential of a war like any other: but our weapon is law; and the enemy of our democracy is corruption. The conspiracy to deny the constitution is our government: is real. The reality of EXTINCTION LOOMS for us all, is true/ by the consequences of “they were WRONG”; NO second chances. Make your decision: Every child depends upon you!



There is NO democracy unless the people can judge their employees, for themselves! “We the people” literally asserts: we have the right as owners, to judge our employees under constitutional direction.  Taking control over our own government, by peaceful & lawful means;  as is the authority called, WE THE PEOPLE, who do own this state, and this nation for ourselves. That literal demand is:  you the employee, must obey the oath you swore to keep! Our enforcement of that oath, by democratic policing action is:  redress of grievances. The LEGAL (RIGHT TO COURT)  constitutional law both in state and nation, this USA; “to demand an accounting for this”.

To the court; BEFORE you were enabled to participate in government, you swore: “keeping the reality of our constitutional intent, & its preamble purposes, realistically pure”.  In contrast to your oath, previous trials/ realities of life and world, exist to prove redress is necessary.  A demand, which constructs the need to point out to you:  THERE IS NO KING OR QUEEN;  you are, only employees of the people. You are accountable to us all; as is the purpose established by LEGAL, NOT POLITICAL:  redress of grievances. IT IS THE LAW.

The question: Did our employees keep their oath/ or did they not? Is a cause of democratic action by constitutional redress, and other legal means. I am here to demand threat accounting, rather than individual accountability. Through our legal right of redress, in democracy as is:  the whole people must decide, for themselves. IF the evidence or concerns I have presented, is cause enough. For themselves to demand, there SHALL be REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES for this state of IL, and this Nation called the United States of America.  By their own vote; majority rules through constitutional intent.

To procure that reality of democracy:  requires the question.  IF they will require an accounting of the evidence for themselves; by fair and legitimate means RESPECTING this democracy. Trial that is open to the public in every respect. That is the first test!

FACTS GATHERED, authority given to procure all relevant information: is a courtroom event. EVIDENCE REVEALED to insist we cannot be wrong:  is work done by all possible means of society, in their collection of the evidence. From our employees hired to support and defend our government (not as our employees, but united as ourselves). OR in contrast to employees who gather and reveal through their own purposes and work. The opportunity, by hiring private employees OR others who are then searching for themselves? The public holds the right to participate fully and without being compromised. To quantify and create the substance, the value of respect; that the majority of this citizenry will then accept as true; is the second test.

THE COURT holding its purpose true, for every participant legally involved:  so that no relevant issue of fact, or evidence shall be hidden/ but all pertinent developmental realities WILL be revealed, as the public demands, it needs to know. As truth demands, it must be given.

Which means, a public wide spread:  media communication event, paid for by tax dollars, as this: is democracy in action.  Must be established by or with a true purpose, to clearly identify the evidence of threat supported by this trial:  against our lives as citizens of this democracy. Redress accepted, is asking the evidence, to be gathered by investigation/ and determined for the decision called truth or lie. By us all.

This democracy is to be honored and respected by the citizens of this state and nation through their own decision for redress:  as Must occur! YES OR NO!  THE JOB of every judiciary employee; ANY “free press” as could be found:  in support of democracy itself. Demands the alignment of law and democracy, “to prove the evidence, or cost of being wrong”. So that redress:  an initial step, becomes the trial we will judge OR deny; as one people united for our own defense. Or in contrast, “we don’t care”.

The public should be clearly ADVISED of the consequences. To correctly and with honesty gauge: “Can we afford to be wrong, in this question: for our defense of life, justice, equality, or democracy”? It Is no game..

Required is, a trial to determine if our employees kept their oath of office, and did do their job correctly: must change occurTo achieve that, we MUST accept the authority to redefine our state or nation/ as we expect will enhance our government, lives, world, justice, democracy, future, securities:  etcetera! For ourselves, and all children.  Making our decision, as state or nation, which is the third test:  by our own vote. 


I, James Frank Osterbur, a citizen born here:  have initiated this LEGAL reality of democratic rule; GUARANTEED TO ALL CITIZENS. As REDRESS of grievances; for your own decision, as is consistent with the constitution.

I AM: Presenting trials within both state and federal courts; as irrefutable, proven evidence of corruption. I AM presenting websites, which I have wrote:  with links, and descriptions to identified threats, with sufficient cause to declare: we cannot let this continue at the risk of our own extinction itself. www.justtalking7.info where this will appear.

REDRESS by constitutional law MEANS: a subsequent vote of the people, shall be taken: to determine if they will demand redress of grievances for their state or this nation? By demanding an investigation of “truth and consequences”; we will see the cost of being wrong. By constructing an investigation of provable or potential evidence: when connected to a threat of any sufficient size/ THAT, is sufficient for redress. The PUBLIC decision required is:  to prove truth, by trial. We then HAVE to decide: if we will pay; as a state or nation, for representing ourselves in this trial called redress. OR discarding that evidence as we don’t care. We are the judge, as one people;  it shall be no other way! That is what “united as a democracy” means.

I, by trial if necessary, will seek this redress if the court does not/ one last time. It was initiated.

The court, by their own decision to participate in redress of grievances for both state and nation; precedes that reality, by their own decision. The public itself: Will determine if the foundation for legal constitutional redress, as is the presentation of evidence in this trial; constructs sufficient cause to demand “the truth, must be found”. That vote: Shall be given to the public. They have the first right and responsibility of redress, as is necessary for democracy to exist.

I having establishing for the public purposes: of legal democracy, the securities of knowledge and understanding, presented by truth and consequences before a nation and world. I Stand in court: as a citizen doing his duty.  Through legal declaration of constitutional democracy in action. I Have the right, and duty to present this filing in court, for your decision & even apart from court: as we own this democracy. Beginning on www.justtalking7.info a website I own.

That our nation and state of IL are in fact in disrepute, disrespect, and disgrace, by the things which have been done/ and are being done: is for you to decide. Facing bankruptcy, the real potential for extinction by threat, the insurgency against the constitution, traitors to democracy, and terrorism by universities; as is “the demand we can play god, WITH ALL LIFE”.  Constructs a reality DETERMINED by law: for your decision. What the penalties should be, is determined by your decision through a vote.

I submit: That we are in the midst of an epidemic of university leadership (every leader has a diploma) failure.  As has occurred by the constant propagation of “fantasy rules/ thereby reality is evicted”. The media propagation of lies (no inflation here for example, brave new world), and the disease of fools (we can play god, evolution will fix it) here”. Liars (refusing to let truth itself, as determined by reality; decide what we can or cannot do) as is:  Overthrowing, or attempting to overthrow our government, of this USA and this state of IL, to play their university games (don’t worry “we will mutilate all of nature”/ be happy) or (debts don’t matter for us/ only you), the university will save you, (cause you are too damn stupid, compared to us___ etcetera). Proves “university leadership is:  A reality proven false, by endless threats we now face!”


THEREBY:   in accordance with democratic rule (we the people have demanded, and instilled, our legally GUARANTEED rights for redress) through constitutional law. The values portrayed as our preamble of national intent:  within the framework of constitutional law which rules over EVERY courtroom and judge. The law of this state and this nation establishes REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, as our own:  last threshold of democratic defense; to save this state or nation. Our authority to change direction, or prove what this democracy shall be. Is without doubt!

The elemental nature of that statement:  Constructs the meaning of our justice; and the need for fair play; through constitutional intent, by its authority over every employee, and each citizen.  AS IS consistent with: OUR governmental authority is united as we the people; under our constitution. That MEANS, YOU the court WILL adhere to constitutional law and its guarantee per each and every citizen. Or be found traitorous, caught in the act of treason: attempting to remove our democracy from the legal right, to protect and defend, our lives, our state or nation, every child, and our world. By our own actions and decisions as one state or one nation for ourselves, united through our vote.

Once the court has obeyed the law, and proven that the courthouse of this county within this state of IL/ & this USA:  has in fact PROVEN ITSELF SUBMISSIVE TO THE CONSTITUTION of both state and federal purposes;  consistent with,  “WE THE PEOPLE, and our DEMOCRACY” shall have REDRESS.  My participation ends, other than to defend the threats I have proclaimed brings this cause, to democracy through the court.  But only if I must.

I Do demand the legal right to proceed, within the basis and fact of a critical democratic legal action, AS IS REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. The court itself, in compliance with constitutional law: is to relate the question of evidence, and potential of threat to the public by all necessary means: so they do understand. The subsequent potential public discussion conforming with constitutional actions concerning redress: requires a citizen vote/ yes to trial for the truth, or no we don’t care. The knowledge to determine, and define: what happens if we do nothing, is consistent with public need and rights; previous to that decision. By constitutional truth, and the consequences of threat presented: the public decides for or against trial.

Identifying by secondary vote, if a trial is additionally necessary to indict our employees, who have been found NOT, to keep their oath of office to us. OR, whether trial to consider what is potentially corrupt in their actions and purposes beyond what that oath represents, is necessary. This is an alternate, after the fact of the first trial is over; redress beyond the need to save ourselves. YOU SHALL NOT, determine punishment, until or unless this trial for life or death of our world and this democracy is over. It does not include me!

A fundamental statement to determine: what if, we will take the authority upon ourselves to decide by our own vote, as we the people, are OWNERS HERE.  And we are wrong?

Under the direction of constitutional authority itself; there are limits and boundaries to what we can or cannot do. Deterring the action or reaction of being wrong, particularly in threats of extinction CANNOT BE UNDONE. There are no second chances, this is it. Make your decision/ accept your truth.

When the court proves it is willing to OBEY THE LAW, by presenting redress of grievances to both state and nation; as is the law of our democracy. Then I will be happy, to pay the appropriate tax, license, etc;  presented to me/ as is consistent with all others.

If not, then jury trial is my demand:  to let those jurors in trial decide, if I am owed my constitutional guaranteed rights, by this court. IF FORCED; then included in that trial will be: the penalty I intend to bring against state and nation for the cost of “a lifetime”/ battling for my constitutional legal right to redress for this democracy. What should be paid to me, as a penalty to you!

To establish this personal; FURTHER DEMAND FOR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, in actions within this COURT.  I include as the same duty/ the same demand for LEGAL redress of grievances, under democratic authority” to fight for this democracy by law.  Insisting “GIVE ME MY GUARANTEED RIGHTS” for state, nation, and myself/ or give me trial to prove why not. Therefore, the following exists:

I have established another gamble, to demand a courtroom by:  not filing either state or federal tax since 2011, when US tax court, and leaders of the IRS represented in that federal trial;  intentionally stole my $8500 dollar truck, by refusing to provide the same tax deduction to me, given to everyone else in business. I WAS; Threatened with a thirty five thousand dollar fine; a forty+ percent interest rate; a $5,000 penalty:  for my demand (as I cannot bring “their government” into court directly): that constitutional law must be kept. They then threw me out of court, when the case file proved I was not playing any game.  OR again, When the state of IL supreme court, who took over my IL tax demand case for guaranteed rights; directly from their debt collectors.  They chose to refuse:  to register that legal cause or its case filing; even though the filing went directly to them, by their own choice. They then did discard the tax/ throwing away my demand for IL constitutional law must be kept. I have literally heard nothing/ been sent nothing; from state or federal since.


REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES IS A GUARANTEED RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE, and NO EMPLOYEE, has the authority to deny it.  In contrast to the law a state of IL; irs dept official after IL supreme court dismissal:  threatened to steal a different truck worth $10,000. To sell it through the policing department auction for less than $500 dollars. Their purpose: to declare that was all they collected, & then pursue as predators “I owe more”, as a penalty outside the court of law. Which is INTENTIONAL criminal felony theft. The intent to come after more: when I deliberately told them “you can steal the exact amount of money waiting in my account; or you MUST take me to court”. That criminal conspiracy intent upon punishing me by using government and the police, Is a cloak for organized crimes against us all. Is against the law, and there are certain to be or have been others, who may not have been able to legally resist them!


  I do NOT refuse to pay taxes that are legitimate/ I DO REFUSE to pay taxes without legal representation. My constitutional rights are NOT POLITICAL rights, thereby political representation does not constitute a fulfillment of that responsibility by governmental employees.

 My legal constitutional rights:  as are guaranteed through constitutional law, both state and federal; begins with, and is conceived from, realities produced inside the courthouse. In other words: when the court OBEYS THE LAW, and fulfills its duty to provide the guarantees of our constitutional democracy. Then I will be happy to comply with its demand. Until that day is earned, you have no constitutional authority, because you broke the contract which unites this state and this nation; proving rebellion. Which means, the courts have acted in treasonous and treacherous ways against the United States of America, and the people of this state called Illinois: both of which include me.

WHICH does provide,  A LEGAL constitutional RESPONSIBILITY, to confront the employees of the same: with legal actions. The purpose being:  to deny governmental employees, the right to continue unabated in their criminal activities. By using “take me to court”, as the means to GET INSIDE, a courtroom. To determine our truth, as a society. A fact that led to both state and federal courts banning me, from the further collection of courtroom evidence, years ago; by their lies. By refusing to accept any legal filing from me: another violation of the law/ their claim, “frivolous”.  Do I sound “frivolous”?

I Requiring, that there must be TRIAL, and the prosecution MUST CONVICT those found as a traitor; forms around and within those trials. Those who intentionally try to destroy the foundation of our democracy which is:  THE CONSTITUTION IS OUR GOVERNMENT, NOT any employee whatsoever.  Thereby dissolving our guarantees, to destroy our constitutional law: is betrayal. This demand for redress; returns the purpose of society instead: to WE THE PEOPLE RULE!  By understanding it is the legal right, as applied within the law of redress, which we created for ourselves as a state or nation; which protects us from employee rebellion. By our contractual agreement as is the constitution itself, we unite in our own common defense!  That constitution is government, thereby democracy itself! A reality proven, Because it declares the limits and boundaries of what any employee or citizen may do, or not do to any other. As is consistent with the purposes of us all, united as a nation;  in and by: the declared legal description called THE LAW.


            No drawn out testimony regarding these elements to be tried under redress of grievances, in this particular courtroom shall be given. The court HAS the trials presented in both state and federal courts by James Frank Osterbur in your hand, OR easily within your grasp. Digitally stored or thrown out illegally; I retain a copy. The reality of a courtroom conspiracy to DENY our CONSTITUTION any place within a courtroom, either state or federal is evident and clear in most trials. 16 A. 2d 80, 89. The list of tragedies and terrorism, plus most of my copy of trials are on various sites. Threats coming to destroy us all: is primarily listed in www.justtalking5.info & www.justtalking7.info  and other sites I provide. A book called “building time” exhibit C  confronts “university knows” with realities that are balanced and can be developed as proven OR beyond what the university knows. Currently it is a free digital version, on amazon kindle books https://www.amazon.com/gp/search/ref=a9_asc_1?rh=i%3Adigital-text%2Ck%3Ajames+osterbur&keywords=james+osterbur&ie=UTF8&qid=1519833703 . These need no further explanation at this time.


The critical test presented here for the court is:  produce the necessary elements for a fair, legitimate, and true constitutional adherence within US first amendment law presenting to this nation REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. AS IS CONSISTENT WITH DEMOCRATIC, we the people rule ourselves, with INTENT.  Present this state of IL with the same “democracy rules, rights, and choice” called redress of grievances.  As is consistent with the fifth amendment of ILLINOIS constitutional law.

FOR THE PUBLIC DETERMINATION: shall we, or shall we not demand legal redress of grievances, to determine for ourselves, “the state of our society, by the reality of our existence as the evidence, and our ability to prove the truth AND THE THREAT, will provide”?

This BY MAJORITY VOTE, of the people themselves. Trial is then: To demand redress of grievances, by public vote as a union of democracy. For themselves or not! By producing the public DESCRIPTIONS of evidence, and the choice of redress as their own determination called democracy, by we the people.  That is owed to the public: by the possibilities of extinction, and other catastrophe’s, present in the evidence that has been declared/ a necessity given, through the guarantees of constitutional law by redress.

I do present, Clear definitions of redress:  are provided in US supreme court docketed cases 08-1339 & 11-100  (links in red box, down the page) which were illegally discarded (thereby still current, in play, and already inside the US supreme court).   BECAUSE A DOCKETED CASE, CANNOT be discarded by the secretary of the court. It is a reality of procedure only a judge can do, once a case is docketed. That requires: “by his or her signature”, which was not given. www.justtalking2.info .

To the court. GRANT, the public decision: of redress. And we will discard the potential for treason and discard this trial to demand redress. Redress: a public choice/ is my purpose. Beyond that, I don’t care! The evidence as is consistent constitutional failure, found within the state and federal trials produced by James Frank Osterbur; in accordance with 194 P. 721, 722. Is for the public to decide, not me or you. 342 F. Supp. 1048, 1062.

WHAT IS IMPORTANT to me is:  that every citizen should know, they have a choice; BY LAW! For their future.

Because democracy establishes, “we the people” own this state, and this nation; NOT our employees. That reality presents our choice as a legal right to be informed, and to choose for ourselves by law. Not a game, OUR LIVES, OUR NATION, AND OUR WORLD, are at risk.  I have no further interest in the courtroom beyond that reality. UNLESS you make it so. Let state and nation defend itself, a reality that will change only if I find it absolutely necessary to intervene.

There is one warning given:  should you assume I am an easy target to be played with or worse. I tell you true, if I curse you for excessive damage done to me.  It is, “for an eternity”/ that you will remain cursed. Regardless what you believe, I suggest you consider that carefully, and simply be fair and realistic with me.  Reality states: that statement, CANNOT be construed as a threat/ UNLESS, you are willing to prove by the evidence in a courtroom of your law; that eternity exists. To be simple:  I have cursed no life on earth, but now the possibility begins; as extinction for our world draws near.

If the public refuses to defend itself, or their choice is no/ I abandon them, and will appear no more by trial or intent. Other than my own legal purpose for a simple, “leave me alone” life.  Summarily called: “Collect your rewards, for playing god”; without me. Too late, is too late!