news is

News is:  WHAT MATTERS MOST, always comes first/ ANY EXCUSE to avoid the realities which affect us all the most. Threaten to kill us all, and even the planet. Destroy the foundations we depend upon for life!  Is not news, it is propaganda to make you look away from what is truly important. Because the cult of “university knows” does not want you involved in their fantasies, theft, lies, or terrorism. Until it’s too late.  Then as always, “it WILL be, your fault”/ as the universities and their army (anyone with a diploma; “yes we deserve everything, strictly for ourselves. Yes fantasies can be VERY profitable”.).  Accept no blame for anything.

We are entertained instead of being provided a news source/ because people who are informed, and subject to the cost of what is going on:  TEND TO PARTICIPATE. Tyranny hates that! Therefore the powerful always choose to propagate “don’t worry/ be happy”; here have a bribe. Just believe in us!

It is the truth of our existence: that we stand next to the gate of HELL (threats of extinction, everywhere)/ with only a tiny restraint holding life back from the edge of “no one returns”. That fact holds all life in the balance:  IS LIFE ON EARTH WORTH THE PRICE/ OR, will humanity governed by the university knows religion (we are god); just continue to let our entire planet die? The answer resides in their beginning, with the first machine capable of creating a nuclear fire at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories:  they waited with the first test, “until April fools day (1st)”.  Because they believed a nuclear fire, would ignite! they literally bet our world on the theory, “a fire that burns atoms for fuel”/ will just extinguish itself (not enough gravity here)! They literally crucify “a million creatures, plants and more across the world genetically mutating them” (can’t change it back): because they want to see NATURE IN CHAOS; as is consistent with their religion evolution. “don’t worry, in a billion years evolution will create something else”/ sound good to you? Endless threats of the same kind:  LIFE has no meaning; NO respect, to a university mind!

  1. Instead of world law over leaders/ they choose more weapons of mass destruction: they get paid.
  2. Instead of respect for life/ they choose to mutilate everything, deliberately trying to destroy genetic nature. They play god.
  3. Instead of respecting the future/ they confiscate and spend absolutely everything/ every resource they can get; completely destroying the future, and assassinating every child. To play their games today.
  4. Instead of working within reality/ they choose fantasy, destroying the currency of nations. Wrecking the very framework of humanity, by choosing to desecrate the value of money: counterfeiting (hidden inflation, is treason) to get whatever they want.
  5. Instead of working to curb human population growth to a sustainable level/ they fight to make it grow: purposely planning for life ending;  world war, which is a guarantee of “just too many people on earth”.
  6. Instead of finding ways to improve the lives of the majority, and create health for a nation/ they choose to fund frivolous and dangerous pursuits which give nothing to humanity. These are their toys.
  7. Instead of working for business or industry in America/ university failure has caused the university thief: to destroy this economy to hide their lies, stealing, deceit, failures, fantasies, traitorous acts, terrorism, and satanic cult (university destroys a world).  Worshiping them as god.
  8. Instead of doing anything for life, every act is a blatant reminder that threats created from a university mind: fully and deliberately and with advance knowledge, are working together to destroy this world, and create HORROR. By demanding “we can too, play god”. And all the slaves bow down and chant “let it be so”!
  9. Instead of proving what can be known: endless stories arise, that fantasize about their truth, NOT reality.  As is the case of fusion, and the true intent to bring sun fire onto this earth.
  10. Instead of democracy, America has become a hybrid communism: the leaders spend $20 trillion over debts by claiming this amount in asset increases per year.  Giving that money away, to whomever they want:  an insurgency of terrorists’ acts;  against the nation itself. Let the slaves earn nothing real, for themselves! But make no mistake, that is exactly what the older generation wanted them to do:  “let the children pay/ this is too much for us to bear”. It will take everything! Alas, “lies, and fears;  are like that”.  Control the bankruptcy yourselves:  with redress law.
  11. Instead of constitutional law ruling this nation/ the treason is: to hide from democracy, by removing the constitution from the courtroom. A proven fact in case after case presented by James F. Osterbur.
  12. Instead of food and water/ there will be nothing; after the consequences of poison, decisions, and manipulation of nature show its truth. No going back!
  13. Instead of an ocean feeding more than a billion people: life within it is facing extinction/ because of what people do.
  14. Instead of a friendly planet: the release of human caused fossil fuel burning threatens all life, in many ways.  Such as the lowered concentration means:  insufficient oxygen to breathe.
  15. Instead of peace, only war looms large.


Just a small token, of what is more important than    a Donald trump tweet!

And just for good measure: the conspiracy to grow everything into a “we own it all/ you got nothing” reality of life for this entire nation and world. Is plainly evident in creating electric windmills here by China/ selling utilities and highways to foreign investors/ and everything we don’t see “like who owns the real estate bought through the stock market.  Because power wants nothing more than to own it all!

An alternate method would be as in electrical generation by wind:  with smaller squirrel cage fan type generators (more power in a smaller quieter space. Lower and raise a can over the fan to control wind speed.) .  Spread the work, labor, wealth, risk, reality, etc:  as is OWNED BY PERSONAL INVESTORS called American citizens. Foreign investors are here, because they have so many counterfeit dollars/ they want something REAL instead. An alternate method to wind control is to use the wind or waves, to pump water into a reservoir overhead. Then simply releasing that water through a common water turbine to generate electricity, lets the wind go free/ there when you need it.

Basically doesn’t matter what the “university brain” decided:   IT IS, at least 90% bad for the majority of American’s, and more. Changing nature “is largely, worms for brains”. Discarding all caution in physics: let the world be dead/ is insane. Destroying resources so that those currently living have it easy/ by assassinating the future:  is terrorism & traitorous. Poisoning everything is a dead man’s wish come true. Your garbage proves, “THIS is the wrong way; or the future is dead”. Discarding lives, by counterfeiting money:  means civil war coming. Destroying healthcare with greed, is a fools’ revenge. Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera! Are they not in charge of everything, for the last forty years or more!  Who do you think led us here? Not republican or democrat or other. Reality says it is the “university nuclear bomb”. Then Reagan gave them “the money, to control”/ while he sold your gold, to play his games. YOU’RE acceptance “of a university that could change things”/ and they did. They just couldn’t or wouldn’t balance that change with life, or any need;  but their own greed.  The university graduate leader, basically does nothing for life: toys, trinkets, trophies, and weapons disease society stealing peace, harmony, and life. University Respects nothing that is life. University Refuses their duty to life or nation; and yet this nation in particular is “a fan”.  Because the people are believers, “it’s a foreign language, it must be true”/ we must have horrendous weapons, “so they say”! Or more distinctly, like in a ball game;  “the people believe that could be me down there, don’t that make me great too” hurrah for my team, WE are great (I am great).


Just a tidbit of tiny news:  I own a 2004 gmc pickup;  brake lines  corroded away in less than one sixty thousand miles/ Chevrolet same problem:  just prior to their bankruptcy, they were using cheap metals. The entire set of lines was bad. If you own this type of vehicle:  CHECK YOUR LINES before you’re dead (no brakes).