igniting a nuclear fire

SINCE THE TOMAK REACTOR CAN ONLY ACHIEVE “BURNING THE BOND, WHICH SUSTAINS THE ATOM”. The reality is, they have abandoned the claim of combining hydrogen into helium: and are deliberately trying to burn atoms for fuel. THAT METHOD, CANNOT BE CONTROLLED/ because once ignited, the fire makes its own plasma; and they know it. The difference between an atomic bomb and TNT is  “times four million more” from the same mass.

Delusion continues to deny: the atomic energy of an atom: is the result of kinetic proton spin/ which means the sun heats us, when atomic nuclei bump together; and friction between the spinning protons releases that heat. Which is exactly what they are trying to attain in their tomak reactors. A reality past ignition: as is proven by the sun: which will not be contained or controlled. Literal LIFE OR DEATH OF OUR WORLD, is what ignition means. THE ENERGY CONTAINED IN SPIN; PROVES WITHOUT DOUBT; “they will never combine atoms: it is pure fantasy”/ and they know nothing about how the sun works; “pure imagination of fools, who lie to steal your money, and play gods”.  Delusion continues to deny: that in order for an atom to contain all that energy, an opposite energy must be present to sustain a balance. As is dark energy or “pull energy”/ rather than push energy. Which is where solar gravity does come from. Which makes the argument of ‘not enough gravity here”: NULL AND VOID. Wake up or be damned in HADES; BY YOUR OWN CHOICES.

On the other hand; http://iter.org/experiment uses 50 million megawatts input/ and expects a   4 million times more expansion of that energy: even though they changed their claims “to LIE; only ten times more or so”. Because people get scared otherwise.  as reality proves:  “damn dead head fools”.

OR, IN THE REAL WORLD: what these experiments called fusion are trying to do is “control a continuously exploding atomic bomb”/ saying when literally questioned: HOW will you control it, once ignited? Their answer: “it will extinguish itself; not enough gravity here”. But of course if wrong on this planet made entirely of fuel for the fire: earth becomes a sun. OR at CERN; where failure is the intent to destroy atomic balance, and “create a worm hole; to swallow the earth in chaos”/ their purpose; “its just a game”. Their claim, “we can make “new elements”/ but reality proves their claim is by computer; and does not exist in reality; only by numbers they manipulate; to get your money, and keep their job. Or with genetics: the claim is “wipe away every tear”/ yet the reality is, “we will make new life, by injecting chaos into nature to dispose of what is already here. So we can claim to be “real gods”. Questioned in real life: what happens when life is overtaken by the chaos you have injected? Reply: don’t worry, evolution will just change life into something else, “in a billion years or so”. IS THAT “GOOD FOR YOU”; throw away this living world, for evolution is god; to them?  Or reality itself proves: “what the universities don’t tell you/ is, extinction will command, the only god they can be is SATAN”.

what: is the proof of evolution?  Their answer:  “this looks like that”!   A religion without any substance, other than “we, (humanity included) want to be free/ without consequences for what we do”.  EVERY TRUTH, has a consequence/ “its the law”.