Value, is the definition of what we find to be a foundation for creating our own, happiness and joy.

The very first step is identifying the truth. That truth will then lead you into understanding this whole world, OF MIRACLES, cannot be less than a CREATION OF   GOD  !  Having understood that, your own value as a living creation of  GOD, through nature and its own decisions/ cannot be less than the purity of love granted to our existence. What humanity does with that love, the reality and essence of miracles which surround them:  is commonly NOT love.  Even so, the gift of life is clear:  love as an element in thought, did all this. Love gave us the moments we share, to be free!

We then establish the foundations:   GOD FIRST,   MIRACLES ARE TRUE,  LOVE IS THE BEST,  TRUTH CREATES,  THOUGHT BUILDS,  AND FREEDOM IS REAL;   all work together through our own participation, and deliberate acceptance;  to determine what we shall become with our time.

Self is a value, until it overwhelms the reality of life itself. As self, we contribute one tiny example of what being human can be, within the environment of our lives. We cannot be other than self/ although the most common experience of humanity seems to be:  “I will lie to myself/ and be more or less than I am”.   That is a fallacy of your own imagination/ not a reality of existence. Existence is, YOU are a miracle of body, life, and time/ why would anyone become less than that, with lies? Yet many, by lies;  do, to their shame. Self accepts want, pride, power, greed, failure, fool, traitor, thief, terrorists, hate; and all the rest that plagues human existence:  because you do not accept LIFE comes first.

Imagination means:  I have created for myself, an escape from my own reality. The common demand is:  GIVE ME MORE/ not respect my life. Through that simple expression, life changes into a game/ and the world leaves life behind, to participate in “winner or loser”; look at me;  and all the trouble that creates.

Freedom is the essence of life without borders, limitations, or restraints;  therefore freedom is considered to be “the essence of everything that will be great”! Yet the reality of freedom without constraints is:  that one small mistake, can turn into a life that will never be free again; if indeed it does survive at all!  The consequence of that is discipline arises, order constructs survival, and balancing the purpose and desire for all things is the essence of how we become wise.

Wisdom is earned, not found! While an intellect rises and falls based upon the purpose of its time. The reality of intellect is:  an ability to conceive of, create, control, or evade traps! Thereby we know, that an intellectual must be considered dangerous at all times. Wisdom is not intellectually based. Simple: Mental abilities (I can do more) do not detect whether your heart is pure, or your soul exists. Therefore the mind cannot participate in wisdom without these things. The intellect reduces life and existence “to one little thing/ where their focus remains”. LIFE is about everything all at the same time, and lives to experience and express the value of everything pure of heart, true of knowledge, or loving as the essence of life itself;  its gift all life in return. Because wisdom reflects the truth, and all truth examines life to learn:  this is a miracle.


Regardless to happiness:

As to “I, the disciplined expression of my world”; the reality is very simple:  the examination of evidence, proves extinction for our world is inevitable and soon, without true change. Nothing else has been important to my life, basically from the beginning; which arose, if memory is correct, from the presidential television ad: using a child with a nuclear bomb in the background.  . MY, life decision was made, when the Cuban missile crisis arose.  Or more distinctly: the extreme arrogance of those in charge, along with the horrific realities of universities without respect for life itself/ in countless ways. Was enough to change my life; into a fight for life on earth! But alas, you were not willing to do anything but demand “more stuff for me”! So here we are, at the end of your delusions/ and the realities of what the university itself can do, when left to freedoms without boundaries for life or values defined by the living or even fundamentals to protect this earth. Facing extermination, with such extreme realities of delusion leading the way: as is trying to bring the same fire here, that burns on the sun. Still no one cares, because the cult of university worship is extreme! One chance/ one gamble/ on ignition that cannot be extinguished; because the liars are wrong. IT IS, and they know it is:  a nuclear fire on the sun, and that means it burns the bond in atoms to release that energy, with a radiation that is also extreme and cannot be survived. Yet no one cares, because the delusion is:  “the university can be god”.   EVEN THOUGH, every assumption or theory provided by the university as too knowledge regarding the sun: HAS BEEN PROVEN WRONG!  No going back. A reality that brought me to the edge of “war (by my conception) with you”. The consequence being, before entering into that as a last resort:  “what would women do”? None helped, so the spiritual world of women was asked; and although THAT made the finishing of this work possible/ the consequences have been many.

       Even so, I am not the difference between whether this world lives or dies from your failures, selfishness, and foolishness/ you’re complete lack of respect for everything but greed, as you have been led too, by “you’re university gods”.  IF YOU CHANGE sufficiently, in this day, and at this time; the possibility still exists that life can go on. IF YOU DON’T, as humanity on earth decides/ then I predict to you every prophecy of the bible, about horrendous last days; will come true. NOT because I am religious/ as I clearly am not: but because the evidence does prove, by the realities of our own truth, as life on earth:  THIS IS HAPPENING, right now. Everything is prepared, the last elements for the ending of life on earth are nearly in place/ and soon, the point of no return will pass.  Ending hope forever, as you will know within yourselves!  I regard myself, as neither friend nor enemy to you/ simply the messenger to this reality of CHANGE OR DIE, as a world:  because of what you did do to your world, and yourselves.  GOD  has not condemned you/ YOU did that! Change or die, it is your reality! You blocked my path to teach you/ you refused to help in any conceivable way/ you chose “the university is your god”/ you denied reality and the evidence of truth/ you failed life, child, and yourself:  to play “we got more”.  Shame on you; our whole world is dying/ people are trying to ignite this world just like the sun/ the university delusion is mutilating nature itself/ every resource is being destroyed/ every other life is going extinct: and all you can do is demand “I WANT, me more”!

       As to every claim “he is, or he is not”; whether that be for your religious purposes or just plain disrespect:  the foundation for every claim is a delusion. Or more distinctly, the best example might be:  one day, having no clean work clothes/ since I work nearly 99% alone, I chose to wear a pants discarded by someone else (having washed it) that had the crotch cut open in the center. I had intended to sew it shut/ PRIOR to wearing it. But decided I would be working alone anyway so why not. Unfortunately that day, proved to be “not alone”/ and those who are always searching to say “he is NOT what he seems”. No doubt noticed, as was obvious from the behavior. So the question is:  “just how much gossip is that worth”?  Answer, depends on who is listening, and why! NOT perfect & never going to be in this life; but I do, and have done, the best I could; even if you disagree, “this ain’t your life to judge”. YOU, are the threat/ I am NOT;  simple as that!

Just so its clear: What is not simple, is my relationship with the spiritual reality of “woman inside”. NEVER my intent, desire, or purpose. Instead, the reality of male is war against you for choosing to destroy this world, and all its life; even mutilating nature itself. That consequence of living & being male, has largely been removed:  to make me benign (this is here, but there is nothing I can do: war Is not possible, with a world)!  As is basically consistent with woman. Spirituality is not a game, it is the essence of truth itself, by the laws which constitute that order of life. IT’S COMPLICATED, but I as male, have lost. You gained this work, through female in me; literally male could not do it/ just too angry! The result is:  Female IS NOT ME, but reality begins to prove;  what is spiritual is greater than I. Nope, not your leader/ never intended to be/ never wanted to be;  this should be enough to insure you don’t ask. No, that reality of existence makes absolutely NO DIFFERENCE to the threats of your extinction from this planet;  YOU did that. YOU must fix that yourselves, as YOU are the problem. As for me, I am “wandering in the darkness” regarding what spiritual woman could possibly desire from me further. We have done our work, she kept me sane while I finished. But we are done now, even so: it is absolutely clear, I will not be allowed to go back to who I was; too much is gone. In all fairness, going back would only mean “war”; so perhaps she is just saving my life again. Even though, in my wildest dreams (an imagination I do not possess in reality)/ I would NOT have come up with the scenario I now live. Still grateful to have delivered the message. Still thankful, because my hope remains:  “at least the world itself, has a chance to survive”! That is my purpose, and it was the desire that has governed my whole life. Not as your savior/ MY DUTY, my world too.

.        Most who enter the spiritual world prior to death are changed; “every door is different”. Truth by what you truly desire most, will govern that reality; even if it is not what you expect. 


 I “broke a law, of the spiritual world”, the separation of male and female: to ask a simple question. WHAT would women do different? As man had no answer that could survive! I would try to explain it; but it is literally a different dimension, and you can’t understand. The consequences in this time;  are now determined by female; as it is the foundation of “their world as both heart and soul” . LIFE IS now complicated, even if you don’t believe that is true. This last paragraph, is required;  “I don’t know why”. What will or will not happen next; is also, “not my choice to make”. I literally have no idea what the future will bring to me; plain and simple has been lost. Our world is now in your hands, believe it or not. The question remains simple:  will you/ or will you not fight for your world? YOU are threatened by your own wants; unless you care, extinction is certain.  Clearly if nothing else, surely this paragraph proves:  I AM NOT your threat. Even the fight to prove extinction is coming;  has functionally been removed.  I do hope you survive, as a world with possibilities beyond death!  “Make your decision”; life or death is up to you; the evidence is real!





A note from the author:

        These two books, intended to be sold as joined together for balance, represent a 40+ year journey; that ends with “I did do, the best I could do”. Not perfect, maybe you could have done better: but this is what I did do, simple as that! WE ARE THREATENED AS A WORLD; that is the cause. The evidence of threats that can easily cause our extinction; represent the purpose. The desire is simple:  we the people who are living OWE more to the future, of every life, child, and planet itself;  than just your greed.

        My work such as it is, runs through 12 web sites; the last being their purpose is to teach and communicate;  change or we all die. My desire in them is simply:  we cannot lose this entire world with all its life, and its future;  “not without a fight for life”. You did not desire that message, and walked away to hide, or ran away to avoid reality. “You said”: The price is too high/ you got things to do, this ain’t your job/ who am I, to suggest the universities can be wrong! WE WANT WHAT WE WANT, and this isn’t it! And so on. Or organizations said:  why should we believe you, “without a crowd” to enforce it? That reality I suggest is:  “hidden by various means” until the work is done. Because this work is about power, pride, want, hate, love, and more. Before it is finished, as it is today; it could all be lost. Small means unnoticed, unless there is focus. Even though I tried to make it known. Reality proves:  NOT until   GOD releases the work for your final decision before all life will be lost/ unless you choose to change. To whatever end that produces, will determine   “HIS purpose” for the work. Mine is simply this:  I owe something, for the “miracles of life” I have been entitled to share time with.

        Not even the indisputable evidence of people who are trying to ignite a nuclear fire on earth; a fire that burns atoms for fuel: regardless what they say. Is not enough to move you from your couch, or the insanity of your belief’s. It is that simple. Even so: with the entire planet about to be lost forever; and media/ politics/ policing/ university/ the courts/ and all the rest absolutely certain:  “we can’t question those who are gambling with every life, all of nature, loss of planet, end of resources, and even threatening this solar system! The reality is: I won’t walk away without a fight for this world and its life. I did not; Simple as that.  In contrast to that, is the constant: “I can’t do anything about this stuff”/ you are just making me sad; go away! As individual people that is clearly true, as proven by me. But as a world of people asking and demanding: we have a right to know, what happens if your experiments GO WRONG?  As billions or even millions; we literally can tell our leaders/ your scientists:  what they will or will not do. They experiment with our lives, our future, our everything:  WHICH MEANS WE DO HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS. As a democracy: we do have legal first amendment redress of grievances control over government:  BY THE LAW, WE HAVE GUARANTEED TO OURSELVES! So the question is;  do you care? Because if you do care, then you can and will do something to save our world, and life on earth. It is that simple!  “you can’t have a billion dollars, without every single penny”. Every life has a right to know; how is that not true?

        So I write you these two books; as a representation of wisdom, that is sufficient to prove:  the things I find threatening, are NO GAME. You must listen to the reality of what truth will tell you; by investigating what can go wrong, if the people who are doing these terrible things FAIL. As all the evidence indicates they will. I tell you right now, by the honesty of my own investigations:  our world will die soon. Even so, I cannot save you, or the miracles which surround us all. I can only tell you:  either change what you do, or life will die, from the consequences of those who are trying to play god; but cannot do more than destroy.

        Your world is in trouble! Your life is nearing extinction. Wake up to the truth: not everything the leaders, and in particular the universities do: can be undone. The ignition of a nuclear fire, the latest and greatest of which is found at is the end of our world. They are not alone in trying to ignite a nuclear fire! It will NOT be like the atomic bomb which was an explosion that ends! But like an atomic forest fire, where the fuel (atoms), “just like on the sun” CANNOT be diminished for thousands of years, or more. Right here on earth! Or more simply: the universities and their politicians say, “we are going to bring the same fire as on the sun, here to earth”. So you should believe them;    except for the fact, when asked. WHAT IF: this nuclear fire, as is so obviously what happens on the sun/ DOESN’T EXTINGUISH ITSELF?  Their Answer, “not enough gravity here”; extinguish itself!  BUT, the whole world burns, just like the sun itself, if that is wrong.  You too. No second guesses, ten million degrees/ one million mile long flames/ burns your skin in summer from 91 million miles away; with radiation that would kill you, at that distance: if not for ozone in our atmosphere. A reality which includes: a pillar of fire when ignited that will eject the atmosphere, and burn the oceans (because that is made of atoms too). This is what they gamble, because you won’t stop or even question them about the reality of what they are literally doing right now; and have been doing now for years. The reality, this planet on fire is simply:  like being chained inside your own house on fire; you can’t get out, and the fire will not care. Stop them or die is true!

        The bible has a prophecy, for the countdown of days to end this world; Daniel 12.  It reads:  when the great abomination rises; which is clearly gambling this entire earth and every life, every future life, and even the solar system itself by creating another sun. IS THAT ABOMINATION. The first experiment with the first machine capable of igniting a nuclear fire,  was April 1. 2012; the start date for that countdown.

        It then reads a first death (which turns out to be a period by which the law can save us; as is consistent with the old testament in the bible). It then adds a second death (which turns out to be a period by which mercy can save us if we change what we do; as is consistent with the new testament of the bible). Added together that time period ends by my count on July 9, 2019. We then ask if that represents “a time/ times/ and a half time”. Then what is a half time? Divide the last “second death” period by two; and you get 667 and one half day. Or hell will travel through time on earth for 666 days; leaving one day for judgment; and a half day for what follows that. Which    presents extinction of life on this planet sometime around march of 2021, if I remember correctly.

        Why is that important? Well everything is here to accomplish the horrors described in the biblical ending of life on earth. Armageddon is nature in chaos (nature being mutilated). Apocalypse overpopulation, endless counterfeiting by governments, weapons of mass destruction, resources ending; guns/ bombs/ fire/ and more throughout the world. Along with we are running out of water, and the food supplies dangle on the edge of collapse. Just to name a few.

        Your media, courts, and more all believe this is just hearsay; doesn’t matter, because I don’t have a big college degree! Media judged me, discarding the evidence entirely. The courts betrayed the law, and democracy;  refusing the evidence of a coming crisis by saying simply “we can’t/ we won’t, judge the university”. Not even when the cost of being wrong is everything on earth, lost! The politicians have bought into “University knows”; and DON’T want to be proven wrong. Religion doesn’t like anything that doesn’t worship them. Etcetera, and so forth.   But reality disagrees, I am NOT the issue. The evidence could not be more clear; our world is headed for crisis after horrifying crisis, and even extinction itself.     IT DOES NOT TAKE A BIG DEGREE; TO UNDERSTAND IGNITING A NUCLEAR FIRE “JUST LIKE ON THE SUN” HERE ON THIS EARTH;   CAN HAVE UNEXPECTED CONSEQUENCES. AS IN, “IT WON’T EXTINGUISH ITSELF/ AND WE CANNOT”.

 When wrong means:  our planet is on fire just like the sun:  same fire/ same result. Nature itself, mutilated forever!  WE CANNOT put back what will be lost! That reality alone demands TRUTH MUST DECIDE; not a game of who gets to proclaim themselves,” winner”.  All will be loser, every single one!

        DO NOT FEAR, it will do no good whatsoever/ discard it. Instead change what needs to be changed, how is that not a better solution? That just takes a decision acted upon through the law, and value of truth.  Before we pass the point of no return: we do have choices in change, that all can accept fairly done. Past the point of no return, when all will realize we are literally all doomed:  there is no further options, but death and destruction. It is that simple. Truth survives/ lies do not.

        CHOOSE LIFE FOR THIS EARTH, MUST COME FIRST! To accomplish that, TRUTH ITSELF must lead; by the honesty of what we can depend upon, as the law will understand.

        That ends my fight for you; you have a choice. Pay what life on earth needs you to pay/ or continue believing whatever you want to believe? Because it is your decision that matters. Humanity itself is the problem, which means humanity itself must provide the solution. CHANGE and do better for LIFE, FUTURE, AND PLANET. Simple as that! Eternity will remember:  you, for what you did or did not do; when an entire world was threatened. It is that serious, believe it or not!

        So then, hear me clearly: we are all “like the reality of, being tied to the train tracks; with a railroad engine coming into view”/ you cannot hide or run away from a nuclear fire, or any of the other big threats. That is the truth! Which means: WE MUST untie ourselves from what you believe, which truth does not support:  and accept the reality of change.  Or we die.  “look at the sun”/ humanity is literally bringing that here, along with nature in chaos, another billion more mouths to feed each decade; the end of resources, chains of life, ocean life, pollinators; and everything else our leaders of men did do!

        The constant of that adds in:  CHANGE requires new ways and methods!  That technically would mean:  women must try. Not because they are better/ they aren’t. But because they are different, which truly is “they are”. Different is required to survive. Different means:  NOT individual women to lead like men/ but all women creating a different view of what our world and societies can be. A reality of law, upon which all humanity does then vote. Whosoever makes the laws/ rules the world. It is that simple. Choose world law, and enforce that law on leaders, NOT nations:  but on the reality of choice.  Limited capitalism creates a choice for us all:  governing how much, or how little influence any one person can obtain.

                                             James Frank Osterbur



The back illustration; conceives of the variety of human considerations that begin the discovery process of identifying the behavioral content of human beings. The definition of variables in the pictorial is: that it is an oblong picture because the spiritual content of what exists beyond time in both life and death is kept from the masses. The degree/ levels of mercy to be allowed, are not mine to discuss! Every decision is a direction you intend to travel/ decisions come from heart and soul. But influences come from mind and body through the existence of time in society; and by their influence as well. That is functionally called want, and want is the basis of every lie. Because if you don’t want/ or if you do want, something you would not have, or avoid:  without a lie. Then that want is the foundation of your lie. Want is the circling voice in your head/ let it continue unchecked, and it will curse you. Want that is discarded, by simply committing your life to the truth of what reality will allow by law; and you can find peace. Following Truth is distinct from all other aspects of human existence: thereby a separated experience and expression from the rest. Everything else formed by human society, as a behavioral representative of existence: is led by what you want/ or what you don’t want; therefore want circles both heart and soul. Want forms the traps that are highlighted at the end of “funnel like area’s”. Each type of consequence is formed through your relationships with what brings you to this moment in time, as depicted by your memories, chosen or not. The “teeth” depicted in front of fear and hatred: are the elemental gates formed by both heart and soul, which warn you of serious or severe consequences should you choose, to go through. Environmentally when the options are few, and the cost is high/ mercy (compensation beyond death) remembers. YOUR DECISION, makes you who you are; “forgive/ repent/ do the best you can. CHOOSE your destiny / don’t fall into fate (I have no choice)”.  As to realities born into our lives, the end result is truth, your body is functionally the result of those who chose for you. Differences in face, type, and color form individuality; with 8 billion faces: there must be differences! Accept your truth, you are living a miracle, even if others have more! Possessions are the result of freedom in, —the choice called man! Not one of them nor you; could ever build or buy a single cell in the body called human/ nor any other life form either: it is all literally a gift. Because you can’t. The university intellect (we build, or find traps) proves repeatedly: “we want, to be god”:  BEWARE, it is not a game/ they mean it! Alas, they prove to be god of death;  by destroying life, nature, and environment. Our existence with time is,  More distinctly: want, no matter where it comes from;  circles your life, with the lies. But your own mind can control them, if you choose to follow the critical path called truth. Where rewards that live in harmony, happiness, and joy can be found.  IT IS A CHOICE.  As to matters beyond self, such as university born threats:  the critical path is still truth, but as a society now facing extinction, without change. Every heart & soul is needed to enforce the law.  YOU CANNOT gamble our lives, our nature, our future, our world; or even this solar system itself! As is the current truth described by the trillion dollar machine, nearly completed: to ignite a nuclear (atoms are the fuel) fire!  along with the other nearly trillion dollar machines already running. Simple as that.

Failure to stop them/ failure to change, for “LIFE COMES FIRST”: is extermination of all life, from this planet.  EVEN YOU, understand that truth.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you anything of importance; without making the majority afraid, and unable to consider the truth:  we really don’t have a choice in this/ life or death of our world. The threats are true, the march of university, with or without intent:  is constantly heading for world destruction. Not because I say so; but because they are trying to play god: with things that cannot be undone, once a single second goes by to prove that won’t happen; it is too late. So the question is:  since you know, or you can investigate. Since you can comprehend the cost of being WRONG; IN TERMS OF the easiest threat of all to understand. THEIR DESCRIPTION of INTENT:  is, to ignite of fire (an energy release, they call fusion) “just like on the sun” here on this earth. You can look at the sun, which will blind you from 91 million miles away. You can understand as you have been told: the radiation of that flame will kill you without ozone, from 91 million miles away. You can believe or not believe, that the sun flares off the surface of the sun are measured at roughly 12 million miles long; by your scientists. Or you can simply study the long list of realities which your scientists can’t and won’t defeat; as to why they are wrong. Such as, their definition of fusion states:  to combine two hydrogen atoms, to make a helium atom; is the energy source. But reality asks:  if every btu of heat released by the sun is from the process of making helium/ THEN WHERE IS THE HELIUM? One of the rarest elements in this universe! When asked:  what happens if the fire does not extinguish itself?  ANSWER:  not enough gravity here, so it will!  Wrong of course means we all incinerate, with no possibility to extinguish or control that energy release “just like on the sun”. “same=same”. I provide more details, in the other book which is “building time”. And on various websites the last being


These books and their covers, are merely formats for advertising:  knowledge inside the web sites I provide:  if you think, rather than simply react. is my last. Reality proves, as the saying goes:  “you can bring knowledge to a life/ but you can’t make them think”:  it is a personal journey only the individual can create. Your own decision is then required. It is not even a matter of courage:  wrong means we are all dead/ including you. So you have no need to fear, it does no good whatsoever! A world without fear, is something to be revered. A humanity that knows:  unless we have courage and do what needs to be done; every life will be lost, even our world. CAN ESTABLISH CHANGE.

If enough interest is generated;  paper books can be bound/ an audio book will be created.

The reality of free;  has changed because a new tactic is being tried. People say:  you are a fool, if you don’t collect everything you can. Life or death for a world, is apparently not cause enough! I cannot save you from countless human caused threats: only you can do that.



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