Equals, our rule over this society, is by law/ NOT by opinion or power to control.  That means:  CHANGE      is determined by the construction of what is fair, necessary, or clearly in the best interest of life, society, or world.  While laws written by representatives of society:  ARE ALWAYS influenced by the tiny few;  whose money and power over people helped them get the job. Their conspiracy to get what they then want:  is rarely fair.  Power corrupts tremendously, that corruption can be seen in the courtroom trial lawsuits (several sites) I, James Frank Osterbur have brought.  Video university is wrong

Corruption is easiest to recognize in the US IRS;   wherein you are familiar with the 1040 tax long form.  Thereby ask yourself this question:  WHY, is this so complicated, for such a simple thing?  The correct answer is:  they chose to make it as complex as possible, so as to gain control over you! Because you can’t fight against what you cannot understand: as in create a trap.  Simple as that/ no other reason exists. Corruption/ conspiracy/ and collusion are all evident realities, in the tyranny that is the cost of any legal trial. Lawyers CANNOT be allowed private enterprise, democracy is too important to let greed rule our lives.

We the people rule ourselves:  WHEN WE WRITE THE LAWS OURSELVES.  Simple as that, because whosoever writes the laws controls society and your own personal life.  One vote each, on the law itself/ and we own the nation. One hundred laws, each one page long:  as clear and simple and complete, as possible. So we can KNOW THE LAW, AND DEFEND OURSELVES AS A NATION.    We then throw away all the rest, and govern ourselves.  Once done correctly, “they are done”.




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