Let’s ask some simple questions?

  • According to the universities, the sun consumes NO fuel supplies to create its energy: it’s all caused by fantasy (can’t be proven, period). Even though it gives off enormous amounts of energy. Now, how can that be?
  • The universities contend: sun could not be bigger than it is today; because there is no fuel supply to consume. But if there was fuel being consumed/ THEN THE SUN had to be bigger than it is today. So only one reality can exist.
  • If the sun was bigger in the distant past/ then the radiation that it produced was far more intense/ particularly without an ozone layer. That radiation exposure matters, because the university dates everything dependent upon the radiation levels of today.
  • If the sun was significantly bigger, even though it was still a yellow sun: it had more solar gravity. Which means this earth and all the other planets were pulled closer; making the radiation even more intense.
  • If the sun “underneath” was not quite round originally/ then an area, or protrusion of any kind; on the sun of the distant past: was more energy intense. Which also increases a radiation pulse against this earth. Making radiation dating useless/ because the reality of radiation at different levels destroys all claim of accuracy.
  • That does not even take into consideration the consequences of what had to be a molten mass impacting the earth, altering, shifting, creating tectonic plates; and nearly destroying this planet. A result of which is; the moon. The constant of university is: just make it far enough back in time, and no one will question you. The constant of life is:  without the recognition of details, you won’t survive/ truth will rule. Their truth is death for a planet; as is evidenced by the intent to ignite a nuclear fire, “just like the sun” here!
  • There is no “period dating” of worth, provided by the universities. There is however the sedimentary layering of a world wide flood in evidence throughout the earth. Noah’s flood did occur: as is clearly and without question proven by fossil fuels. The life materials had to be gathered together and deposited in a mass grave all at once. Because there is no other method of making the fossil fuels we have found. The only method possible is water. The only method proven is:  thousand of feet deep as is the grave site of many fossil fuels. Simply could not have gotten there, without a world wide flood. Simple as that.
  • There is no record of bones that cannot be altered in some form or fashion/ by those who gain a profit by lies, fantasy, or deceit.
  • There was a need for plants & creatures that could survive this planet, when the atmosphere was not yet revolving in direct connection with the planet itself. Once that was accomplished: the earth was given a less dominate life force/ so that diversity could flourish. The constant of university is: all diversity should end/ that is what they do.
  • The foundation of a university cult is: that they know more than you. The claimed reality of a university is: “life, work, knowledge, whatever;  comes down to just one little thing”. Because that is all each one does; just one little thing! While the whole world does everything at once, they bury themselves in just one little thing. How is that “smart”? Massive human destruction/ destruction of all kinds:  is the reality of reducing everything, to just one little thing;  is important! Failure erupts, extinction follows.
  • Theories are not facts/ they are theories (our guess is)! A reality of astronomical physics is: that the deep space “black spot” was theorized as many things until the Hubble telescope proved galaxies beyond. Even so, instead of recognizing this as where “the big bang actually occurred” because it is in the middle of all the mass surrounding it; and explosions do have a central point. They just added in another few billion years of age to the universe/ to the claim: see how far this goes. Discarding: the beginning of that “universal” time is clearly here!
  • The cold spot in space so called, is not an endless fantasy; but more likely to be a result of the mass itself, which when exploding as the big bang: simply became the result of a focused charge/ which accelerated a specific amount of mass at a higher rate. Or more distinctly, the explosion started somewhere; and in that initial discharge of energy: slightly different characteristics would have been probable.