THE MOST CRITICAL TRUTH OF OUR TIME:   YOU CAN’T MAKE REALITY GO AWAY BY HIDING FROM IT!  Face your fears/ do the best you can for LIFE!  Can’t accept that? THEN REMEMBER THIS:   you can’t run from a nuclear fire, “it burns the bond holding an atom together”/ which means the atom is its fuel!

The reality of our time is this:  that constant changes in vocabulary discard many, so they do not read. The constant rhetoric that is “university propaganda” we know it all/ with media to enforce that:  keeps humanity silent, so as not to be ridiculed. The failure of thought, which allows the sewer of evolution to distribute its disease. The constant threat of the intellectual whose rebellion against all life and nation:  seeks to destroy us all.  Gives rise to the videos I provide.  A simple excuse, for the public to get a sense of what I provide on these sites;  because so few are willing to read. And they, are commonly the “university graduate or its worshiper”/ and fail life as well.

ARE THE DECISIONS that we make to determine the direction of our lives, and even our eternity.  What you treasure is who you are on the inside. Therefore be careful what, or who you trust as having value.  Love has value/ respect has value/ everything that adds to life;   rather than destroying life, or heart in you or in someone else/  has value.  Hate has none, it is merely a tomb of your own creation. Video oxygen first aid  video Humvee one   Every site I provide, links are found on site:   produced some value, on some level of teaching, in a wide range of topics. It is up to you to find that value, and use it for yourself.  It is up to you to communicate our need to investigate reality, examine for what is true, and determine the future by our choice:  once realistic knowledge is obtained. Failure is the death of this planet:  the threats surround us all, and money, power, pride, etcetera is no escape. This entire planet is involved in life or death for us all;  because our threats are real.  The value of that statement is:  you have your chance to make a change as needed. “until we pass the point of no return”/ where nothing you can do, will stop an avalanche of despair and tragedy, becoming terror.  Not a game, so says the evidence of truth, by our own realities. Video  redneck scientist

Instruction for site.

Instruction A

This is functionally “a reporters site”/ and if you are included, you may consider yourself as such: “so say I”.
EACH topic category of purpose, shall be limited to your summary of up to;  three hundred words, with a link to open, if desired/ for an additional 1200 words here on site; but no more.  You are allowed a link to two other sites, IF your problem or solution has realistic merit.
The manager for this site has the right to edit for space, or refuse your submission/ but not change the critical message you deliver.
You must achieve realistic clarity to be included

ANY ISSUE OF COPYRIGHT, that you wish to maintain or create for control or profit:  must be made clear by you. Your demand will be included if your report is submitted for public view here. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for anything related to copyright or ownership. Your submission of a report to be released here is YOUR ACCEPTANCE:  THAT YOUR REPORT, shall be used free of charge here. If that is not acceptable to you: then DON’T submit it.  This news site is strictly limited:  to a fight for this world and all its life.  YOUR assumed expectation for:  MONEY OR PRIDE/ WHATEVER,  with regards to that work; is entirely your responsibility. We accept none of it! This site is for the protection of life, NOT personal gain. IF, sufficient money is donated to this site/ THEN, you can be paid accordingly, for your work:  based upon the importance of your submission, and public acceptance.


Instruction B

Opinions ARE NOT allowed:  establish a problem, by its evidence/  or a solution that has merit/  or both. Otherwise, go to a social network site instead.
You are limited:  to non-aggression/ non-violent/ non- religious content (only questions, and their interpretations) are allowed.
Definable language must be used/ NOT “foreign content: i.e. expansive (less than common) math, words, or other”:  MAKE IT UNDERSTANDABLE TO ALL (99%).

Instruction C

Those who elect to agree and those who elect to disagree shall be counted:  the best candidates for discussion and use;  as chosen by your vote:  then  remain on top/ alongside with new material

If there is sufficient cause:  there will be an appropriate charge initiated for sustaining the site, and providing managerial services. You may donate to preclude that if you wish. Usage will determine IF it is necessary. IF sufficient money is donated, “above realistic needs”:  there will be a monetary reward for those who have achieved “desirable content to uplift society”. At my discretion:  I am fair/ you are required to be REALISTIC, and accept that judgment! NO contention is allowed in this (you hereby accept that), or it will be removed if necessary! Excess money then used, for funding other social justice needs. An accounting will be released, to establish the fact.

You can be blocked for inappropriate content. Topic problems/ solutions;  can be moved to a different topic area.

This site is NOT for the discussion of any personal decisions:  such as is,  “homosexual (strictly about you)”. It will allow for abortion issues, under mental health (an obvious social impact). This site IS for the social developments that lead to peace, harmony, hope, and a sustainable future, without extreme greed.

Simple instructions on how to work with the site tools.
The price associated with managing the site is: not over ten percent of the national citizen income average, based upon 40 hour week. Not less than 30% under the national average, for a 40 hour week.
 Basic template for presenting subject matter is:
Owner of the information presented; information required.
AGREED important/  REFUSED not considered useful, or wrong;  at this time.
Which will go to a “clearance bin (for public view)”; with enough support, it will be returned for site  view and vote.
My comment for threat, clarity or balance.