The inevitable truth, someone wants what they should not want or does, what they should not do. That is an inescapable fact, so the idea of no policing does not exist.  Video university is wrong 2

The critical question divides into four categories

  1. A bill of rights that grant the policing body certain rights and responsibilities. Granting the certainty, that life and death issues can crop up.
  2. A bill of rights, that grant the person being confronted, does have certain rights and responsibilities. Limiting force by all parties understanding the situation.
  3. SOCIETY, Chooses the weapon to be employed first, in every situation but a declared gun battle. That weapon must be intended as non-lethal.  Which primarily conforms to a rubber bullet or other types of “I can hurt you” realities.  A rubber bullet shall be determined by policing and public together. Those who claim “not enough impact”:  shall in fact stand in front of that rubber bullet, and take its impact; without protection (just like the public). IF it is then not enough, then the bullet will be made more severe.  But whosoever says its not enough:  shall stand in front of that bullet, and take it upon themselves to know what they are asking to do.
  4. Policing is not livestock herding/ NOR Is it society justified “predator policing”. Instead policing means: justice comes first, and cowards are not allowed to participate as policing agents. Fear fails life/ therefore those who fear Fail justice.  Extreme fear comes with excessive wants, “can’t die, save ME”! The consequence of it is:  “do anything SO I, don’t die, or get hurt”/ TO HELL with you. Reality states; if this is you, then you are immediately removed from the police force; courage is required!  You shall not return to active policing;  unless the public votes to reinstate you.

www.justtalking3.info has a variety of  civil cases that initiate the reality we must police our court system, the “enforcement of the law”:  much better. We must also police the judge for ourselves. Contrary to their claim of “can’t touch me”/ the constitution holds no such guarantee.



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