Water Threats



Nothing is more plain, in simple living than we need water to survive. It is that simple. Unfortunately poisons are dumped onto the ground, into the ground, under water supplies, as garbage dumps over water supplies, radiation, and an entire host of other horrendous realities by the trillion ton. That all says:  “soon, there will be no drinking water for us all”. Which means an extreme and violent confrontation as one group says:  GIVE US YOUR WATER/ while the other group says, “we don’t have enough”! video university is wrong 5

    The list is very long regarding threats to the water supplies/ and is literally very dangerous. Among them is ethanol;  “welfare for farmers”/ not an advantage to anyone else.  Excessive irrigation is only part of the problem among other uses by the public.  The Ogahalla aquifer is nearly dry. Which means a return to the dust bowl, without relief. NO drinking water in that aquifer and 5 states of people with their livestock must move.  Industry  pumping chemicals into the aquifer. Agriculture using extreme tiling to insure no water enters the aquifer. Only one inch per fifty inches of rainfall enters the aquifer in permeable soils. Massive human population increases. Fracking a horrendous possibility of complete instantaneous, can’t be changed:  aquifer contamination.  No water means:  WE MUST MOVE.  Which means trouble is coming/ war is here.  Etcetera and more/ including realities of threat to the water supplies;  so severe and critical they cannot be mentioned because of terrorism.  There is:  No going back, protect it now or die.

Which means either we protect the water supplies and identify the reality of our situation with clear honesty and respect for the results. Or we face WAR beyond belief.  Because a large population suddenly facing catastrophe will have a gun; they won’t be stopped without a gun, etc.




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