Universities insist; atomic energy is magic; NOT spin. But logic knows: this is the only place that energy can be stored. “Can’t be: consider how much energy is released by an atomic bomb;”  and understand the only logical explanation is:  the energy is contained by SPIN of the atom. Just like a twirling a ball on a string in a circle:  without the balance of energy that is (dark energy) the string holding the ball in place: it would simply fly away, and not be stored for later use.  IF this is, “NOT SO”: then The entire basis of atomic existence (contained energy, released “by laws”, over time), would then end.  You might think the gamble is worth it: but the reality is, the amount of heat being released is the cause of global warming; not greenhouse gases (their excuse, look the other way). Their “Let’s use sun fire, to solve our problems”; merely adds to the heat/ even if it worked. It will not. Their experiments: to gamble this entire earth; relying on “fusion; is already disproved”; Lawrence Livermore Labs.  Their “lets ignite atoms on fire”:  is why NO progress at all is made to change, global warming or any other reality of failure in threats which will make us extinct. As is the result of   “university knows, yes we can;  play god with life and earth”. They want to be “saviors/ gods/ rulers; you owe your life to us”; as is hatred (you CAN’T be equal) expressed by fools. So they lie to themselves; because their power, pride, and want to be gods; is threatened by change. OR, YOU’RE UNDERSTANDING; of the cost, for being WRONG;   is life or earth END as extinction takes control, and everything we depend upon turns to chaos. BECAUSE JUST ONE, tiny little change took place.  Genetics are “NATURE’S COMPUTER”; RUNNING the software, that enables our living chemical bodies; to do the things they do, in order for us to have time, as life and its freedoms, on earth. Changing the software, changes the ability of the body to separate chemistry, time chemical shifts, control chemical contamination, orchestrate complex chemical interactions; and all the rest, that is so complex; absolutely none understand the reality of what a living body of life does in fact mean. So we call it a miracle; and yet the “witch doctors of university delusion” claim, they are superior/ and evolution proves they can inject, as much chaos as they want; “because its all an accident, built without a brain, tool, instructions, or anything resembling thought was here”. HOW BLIND can you or they be? Answer: “satan means; absolutely, arrogantly, insane”. Creating motive, and proving crime. Take away their excuse: and global warming becomes “center stage”; along with a “thousand other tragedies” all coming our way.     You do, “have your chance: PROTECT LIFE”; no reprieve; no compromise: STOP THE INSANITY!  Because WRONG, is  risking life/ is ending life by death: for us all, forever. But DO, understand this: as is the constant of every liar/ every gambler/ every thief, traitor, terrorists, etc:  they all want you to be blind, UNTIL they  secretly prove “yes we can”.   So every intent is, behind hidden doors, they cannot stop us. THEY WILL NOT STOP; unless you force them, by taking away key components; so they cannot continue without your permission.  Such as disconnecting from all the utilities/ locking the doors/ armed guards/ confiscating all computers including personal; etcetera. Don’t forget CERN;  the people trying desperately to create atomic chaos, in order to create the end of our earth in other ways. GO TO COURT,    AND CHOOSE,     AS WE THE PEOPLE, will make this decision,  FOR OURSELVES. DO NOT BELIEVE ME; GO TO COURT, AND PROVE THE EVIDENCE IS OR IS NOT TRUE,     AND THE COST OF BEING WRONG;  is not then, our earth on fire “just like the sun”. PROVE IT, OR ACCEPT YOU CHOSE, to gamble with this entire planet/ and you know, the cost of being wrong is:   YOU BURN!      if you refuse to let truth itself decide.   REMEMBER THIS: that the US constitution is the basis and foundation of ALL LAW/ there is no law in this nation that must not comply with constitutional purpose and intent, as written therein.  UNLIKE, the constant protest of the judiciary at all levels: redress is NOT just an oversight, or words without any further meaning. INSTEAD, as they fully well know: REDRESS IS, THE LAW: THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE, TO CONTROL THEIR EMPLOYEES, in all branches of government.  They are citizens too/ our nation is not theirs to decide; it is ours. NOT, by simply having a citizen claim redress for themselves: but by taking the grievances to court, and FUNDAMENTALLY allowing for a jury, to decide if there is legal, democratic necessity: to invoke that portion of the constitution in our own defense. The jury decides: the vote goes to the people themselves. And in that public vote: whether we then go to trial as a state or nation comes to fruition; by our own decision as a people. YES, OR NO! Simple as that. WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT: THAN LIFE OR DEATH OF A WORLD/ NATION/ STATE/ EVERY CHILD/ EVERY LIFE/ EVEN THE PLANET ITSELF? Or YOUR want to avoid change, even though this world will die, if you don’t:   CHOOSE!  To save this world, requires all of humanity to rise above an animal; and become at least the essence of a human, being alive: which is to construct the possibilities of a future gone bad, the cost of being WRONG. Because of what we the people, did do, or allowed others to do, to our world. IN THAT DECISION: the realities of life or death on earth, are established as OUR DUTY TO THIS WORLD. That duty demands: WE MUST KNOW WHAT IS TRUE, WHEN UNIVERSITIES ARE GAMBLING WITH EVERYTHING OUR VERY SURVIVAL REQUIRES. WHEN REALITY KNOWS: THE CHILDREN WILL DIE, WITH HORROR; BECAUSE OF YOUR CHOICE. GO TO COURT, INVESTIGATE, EXAMINE THE REALITIES OF BEING  WRONG;  and let the people decide for themselves by vote if that price is worth their risking our world, their future, and the horror: wrong will cause, to every child? Truth replies: in the elemental grace of miracles, I again answer the question: what came first, a chicken or an egg? The answer is: thought came first/ because even a fool can understand, “if an egg cannot be sealed, or filled, or exposed to air and reproduction/ the chicken cannot go on. Whereas without the egg, the chicken cannot go on. And the universities say: WE DON’T NEED TO KNOW ANY OF THAT;  “CHAOS, is our god, its all MAGIC AND ACCIDENTS: as is evolution”.  AFRAID, and willing to accept a “vaccine: we will destroy life”; as reality proves NATURE was discarded. The people shout, WE will fear, media is our savior. While: The conquest of life itself, has begun: as men claim to be god now, with their vaccine generated with computers/ as is nature banished in this, their claim: nature be damned. The most vile of all Creation; is the replacement of “Hitler and his holocaust: with, the university Satan”; whose purpose is to kill all of nature itself, along with all of this planet called life. As is proven by their complete disrespect, and total arrogance, to both life and planet. Reality knows: every living miracle, is the dance of atoms, living in harmony/ organized in grace through discipline/ ordered by energy limited with boundaries/ and released as life through the balance created in thought. Every single one; and that does not include ANY of the “software to run the machinery of life”/ no separation of chemicals/ no ability to combine, control, transport, energize, gather, recreate chemicals/ and of course, no life itself; to manipulate the expression of those chemicals, as is the experience of living/ the freedoms of choice. And yet the “university diploma says: its all shit/ and WE can do better”. While the people of the damned, BELIEVE/  in the cult worship of their disgrace: bowing down in apathy for life itself, granting death is our only escape. EVEN TO THE POINT OF “LET’S LET THEM IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE; here on this planet where everything is fuel”, JUST LIKE THE SUN.  Proving complete INSANITY/ “the cult of the damned”! To your shame. NOT EVEN a whisper, to stop the people deliberately trying to genetically combine: reptiles with people/ animals with people/ fish with people/ ants with people/ insects with people/ plants with people; and more. The university SATAN, intending to release “you are crucified/ from the inside”; and will die in horror. AND ALL THE BELIEVERS SHOUT, “I, DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING”; because they want, what they want; leave us alone!  But there is no place to hide, no escape; from a dying world.  MEDIA SAVES US, (but liars lie) THE UNIVERSITY IS god (but you never question “the 99%”).  To your eternal shame; an arrogance of belief in fools. The university diploma; is exactly like the gossiper. “I found 2 or 3 pennies that fell off a one hundred dollar bill (ten thousand pennies)”/ so NOW I KNOW everything. “the superior one/ the leader; listen to me/ yes we can”. I have completed this message: it is, “the most powerful words ever written; affecting the world itself”. {a living world, renewed, rebuilt, and sustained by truth alone decides/ OR a dying world, lost to the lies, fantasies, and failures of want: all decide, the fate of earth:  “the direction”, one way or the other; by human choice}. Your games are dead! Because you have allowed universities to destroy the realities which keep this earth alive: thereby understanding, “stop them”! Reality is: DEMANDING immediate CHANGE.   OR, YOU WILL, pass the point of no return”. These are NOT, the most important words ever written; as “biblical JESUS”; does represent that. But they are true: to life or death, confronts this world. GO TO COURT, AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE!  YOUR RESPONSE, is your decision/ humanity is the cause:  therefore CHOOSE, for LIFE: change what makes you die. START WITH: PROVE THERE IS NO RISK OUR EARTH TURNS INTO A SUN, BY THE

REALITY OF EVIDENCE: NOT assumptions or theories, but facts. Because ONCE THEY IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE, AS IS THE ENTIRE, AND ONLY PURPOSE; OF A TOMAK REACTOR. SAME ENERGY/ SAME RESULT, as the sun. DEMAND, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO EXTINGUISH THE FIRE, THAT BURNS THE BOND IN ATOMS; as are the experiments going on right now, the largest coming soon, www.iter.org Then, MAKE THEM PROVE: evolution is more than a delusion, of fantasy and imagination! YOU DO, OWE THE EARTH, YOUR CHILD, YOUR LIFE:   YOUR GOD   that much. let religion prove, that is not so!  DEMAND, why not?   Because the evidence is absolutely clear, EVERY LIFE ON EARTH;   is being gambled with, “by universities, playing god”. And only a fool does not recognize: the cost of being WRONG IS.    DEATH OF OUR WORLD, AND ALL ITS LIFE; INCLUDING, “me and you”. Still can’t get off your ass, or find even a whisper to save your world/ then the spiritual world says: “the cowardice of your shame, is eternal”. And the religious say, “we are children of god/ we don’t have to do NOTHING”:   GOD  will save us. But alas, reality says: “in the last fifty+ years; YOU are responsible for throwing the resources needed by life, for at least a thousand years; of Creation alive” into your trash mountains. And all that life lost, condemns you: if you do not save what can be left, as time granted to life and earth. Still won’t believe reality forces change: again, roughly 400,000 new mouths to feed over deaths, are born everyday/ and the life you need to eat, water you need to drink, NEEDS realities you destroy or poison. all currency is a lie/ and you have a world filled with weapons of mass destruction, with an endless population of humanity all demanding MORE; from a dying world. I am not your leader, I am a whisper in the darkness of your soul: saying turn on the light, or you could soon be extinct. GOD will decide/ but if you prove to have no true value (the universities are, your god), WHY would HE save you?    Answer the question. After all, “you believe in university led evolution; chaos and accidents without a brain of any kind”. Media propagation of anything the universities want! The courts offer: “can’t question them”. While every miracle shapes a reality of thought, designing a world that works, because of balance, order, discipline, and respect. Do you see the difference? Do you not see, “your disrespect”; or the fact universities are intentionally forcing chaos into nature itself! Do you not know: “life needs/ planet needs/ child needs”; are all thrown away, for apathy/ arrogance/ and greed. Of course all of religion offers: “we DON’T” have to do NOTHING. Ask yourself, if that is true?   LOVE IS: The truth, value, and trust of our friendship/ it does not exist, until want, pride, and power have been removed. Even if the expression of friendship can have, a lesser value between us. In the ascension of “shaping our lives to become as one”; the value of “the male key/ and female lock, to be opened” with respect; becomes our identity, when caring proves: we rise together as hearts, becoming soul shared. “Without true sharing”, as male and female  caring; you cannot reach, beyond the limits of time, as real love allows. “that expression, is freedom/ not, the experience called ownership”. Realities so far beyond what “universities provide” as to be from another world. The evidence says: if you don’t want this world; you will lose it. Don’t want your body; you will lose it, to Armageddon (nature in chaos). Don’t want your child to survive: you will lose it. Don’t want your nature; you will lose it. Don’t want food, water, resource, ocean, habitat, a temperature you can survive, nation, war, life, peace, law, hope, future, money or any other value of living: you will lose it. Because you didn’t care enough to stop the insane, from taking it all away. Didn’t even question the cost of being WRONG. As in the case of trying to ignite “sun fire” here; is if it won’t extinguish itself/ then our planet will burn: BECAUSE THAT FIRE, BURNS THE BOND IN ATOMS; MAKING EVERYTHING HERE FUEL/ JUST LIKE, ON THE SUN. Once the plasma is self-sustaining; its over. Got a machine close: science says: an instantaneous 4 million times expansion: how is that not a bomb? With radiation to spare/ and million mile long flames “says university”. Fusion has already been proven false/ media just “forgot”, to tell you. The universities claim: with their “human designed, vaccine”: THEY KNOW, all they need to know! Simple as that/ no dead bodies underfoot; simply making money as has been done throughout history “I got the cure”/ even if no disease actually threatens. And the cult worshipers all bow down: NEVER recognizing the truth. While the universities NEVER recognize, just one critical mistake; and life goes extinct. Never recognized: to attain the “software characteristics/ and freedoms realized” as are consistent with a brain or more: the various combinations of genes and chromosomes interact together forming “another infinite” round of complexity. NOPE, the universities don’t have a clue. They simply mutilate: intending to find individual genes which they can then manipulate. Fundamentally crucifying(we nailed them to the cross; of now take this, and see if you live or are horrified by the result) every life they touch. The greatest curse, of being human: is we must accept the duty to rise above the animal in us/ to become what we were meant to be; “alive in the grace of GOD, and all HIS miracles”. The universities scoff: claiming to be gods; because now they mutilate life. But miracles are truth, and the evidence is: your eyelashes, your tears, your face, your form, your eyes, your everything is the result of true design, and a purity of thought; we cannot comprehend. Consequently the word “GOD” is used, to describe that level of existence, we cannot know by any other term. The animal scoffs; because it wants none of that, he or she wants to win, the power of superiority, and claim the prize; by then taking whatever it is, “they deem worthy of their time, their purpose on earth”. “to get MORE”. The animals never justice, unless they know they personally are in trouble; only then. The human animal screams only “for itself”/ even when a life is lost, that they want to keep (it is still “for me”). The human being alive, fights for justice: the elemental rise, that is equality/ not same, for justice is a respect for truth and its reality of order, balance, discipline; and the values these bring to every existence. The elemental truth, that is “we share this world, as if only one life together with us all, benefiting or dying”. Justice surrenders “our choice” to the evidence of life, and living, by reality. Because it is the evidence of values, and tragedies that shape us/ the grace of love with discipline that ascends: versus the contrast of animal; chaos with hatred, screaming yes I can. That justice, decides the fate of us. The universities; share a common theme, “we are the nobility/ we make the rules, they are less”. But reality by the evidence: shows a different set of facts. The universities, in this America; are proven to be the thieves/ cheaters/ liars/ traitors to democracy/ terrorists to our world/ and their foundation of hate (yes we can) throughout the world; shapes death. As the truth of what they did do: changes our planet from grace and beauty; into their chaos, as is their goal and purpose. “To raise evolution up” as a god (we don’t owe NOTHING; as is the constant of every other religion itself too). Unfortunately for this world, their god of arrogance, is forming chaos, to take over life and planet; the religious name of that, is Satan. How did they do it? They took control over the currency of America; and bankrupted the nation; bribing an army of greed, and selfishness to look the other way. Teaching them all to say: “not in my lifetime”/ as their own children, became sacrificed to HELL. “its all gone, but hate”. And the people shout: WE BELIEVE, “the universities are our savior/ our god”. Yet reality points to the fact: now you have unleashed the monster, of a million people who can create and release a disease/ alter and mutilate life on earth; and then sell you a cure, even if it is no cure at all. Thereby threatening life itself forever on earth. To your shame, “your god is Satan”. As the trillions already spent for covid, does prove true. They have no mercy for you; only greed, pride, and power.  Consider this: “as their cause, to shut down the nation”. Census for nation above: In a nation of 333 million people/ with 5-6 trillion dollars slated for covid. That would equal $60,000.00 per each shot/ per each person of one  hundred million of you. “now, how could that be too much”/ given the death count above? Well can’t be too safe right: after all if millions lose their job/ their home/ their business/ their lifesavings; etc. “its just the price we have to pay; says media”/ worshiping their god; university! With all politicians in tow. And now, they are free to use CRISPR however they want: with factory lines and robotic equipment mutilating all of nature as fast as they can. This, is going to come as a complete shock to you: but even people with a university diploma LIE;  MEDIA MARKETS, for MONEY: particularly when they want “to play god”/ and get trillions of dollars to play god with. “Your can’t be too safe; vaccine”/ has NO real evidence to back that statement up. Which means you deliberately chose to put your lives at risk, and even the future of all human life on earth; by choosing to change nature itself (let the universities be “god”). To your shame.  And then, because they refuse reality: “we want what we want”. They choose to gamble with our entire earth, and all its life, by demanding “to bring sun fire here”; so we don’t have to change NOTHING. Proves your university

god is Satan; because ignition of what is so clearly a nuclear fire (burning the bond in atoms; the only possibility); cannot be controlled, on a planet where everything is fuel. One time, an expansion by 4 million times; and it creates its own plasma, for a continuous flame just like the sun. adding in: the evidence proves, “it is the fire itself” that causes solar gravity to exist. Reality says to each one: that life and body “are no small thing”/ instead even tiny changes to a body, can spell the end of life itself; even in horrendous ways. The universities are trying to change the body of every living thing in big ways; because they found a key in genetics, to play god with. But they are not gods; they cannot build you a single genetic chromosome; they just take apart nature, and rearrange it to see what happens. Diseases form that way too. NATURE takes soil and water/ air and energy: to form everything. Take one second to think about that. And understand a living body of life, forms its own environment/ creates its own chemicals from “nothing”/ operates the machinery that forms organs and bones and brains; transporting each to where it must go, for life to live. Reproducing itself, and in higher creatures; creates a freedom from which we build our own identities of thought. The universities add sewage, pump in poisons, deny realities, destroy not only life, but society and planet as well; leading to extinction for everything on earth. NOT EVEN A BRAIN, among them: or they would not mutilate nature. NOT A SINGLE SPEC OF RESPECT; for this entire world/ or they would not be gambling “sure we can ignite the same fire as is on the sun here on earth” and control it however we want. Www.iter.org just one of these attempts. Your own science says “sun has one million mile long flames/ solar flares another 12 million miles long: No going back for life or world; because insanity rules humanity; and humanity wants to play god with both life and planet. Even though, they clearly cannot. They can play god: “its called Satan”; by destroying this world of life, just to play games/ just to play god. None in the history of earth, has ever been so stupid as are these/ and you; for being such a cult worshiper as to never question one single thing; for the sake of life, or planet, or child. Simply “cult worshiper/ university is god, equals Satan”. And the people say: “we are great/ medicine saves us”. But alas: 8 billion people “and more”; each standing on one square yard of earth; is an area 72 billion square feet in size 13,636,363 sq miles or 545.45 continuous circles (25,000miles each) around this earth on the equator; as a solid mass of humanity each standing in a sq yard: 3 ft by 3 ft area. Or more simply: we eat life/ life eats life/ plants feed us all by depending upon the sun/ everything needs water; and humanity is growing at approximately 400,000 new mouths to feed each day across this world over deaths. While the universities diploma people cannot fathom what the future means to each and every living thing just from these numbers. “if you dug your head out of their ass” (your former classmates): you might. FACE YOUR REALITY/ OR DIE, is truth! The games no longer exist/ or you go extinct. The university solution: “lets, lie/ cheat/ steal/ kill the world/ make evolution real/ corrupt governments/ deny reality/ imagine we can escape to other planets/ control media, and propagate a cult/ indoctrinate every child into “university is god”/ remove every species barrier/ change disease and extort the world/ weapons of mass destruction to make them obey/ and MUCH MORE OF THAT. All because they want to play god, but can only destroy life or planet instead. More!  and more, and more:  a three part series, proving “university is the greatest thief (don’t need a vaccine), liar (not a pandemic), traitor (hiding the truth), rapist (causing extreme distress), terrorist (the door to extinction now exists), and whore (only money, power, and pride matter)” to ever walk this earth:    Justtalking7.info/homepage    ADDED ON FOR CLARITY.   ADDED ON TWO  plus these:  state if IL    preparations    important    real life     nazi+  The worst of what humanity can be, is found in: “I won the prize/ NOW, I WANT something else”. Leaving life, earth, child, future, even extinction; as something already won: unless you are sick. Only then is life more than a game, you want to win. Such is the cause of genetics: to prove I can be god. Such is the cause of “sun fire”: to prove we were great,”MINE, look at me; MINE, listen to me; MINE, I am god”: and don’t need to change. Such is the cost of being wrong: “about everything important”/ as the universities are.  And  the universities say:  “we are gods”/ but the reality of evidence already proven true says:  the only god you can, or will become:  is “Satan”.  So says truth. Turn back to LIFE; rather than arrogance (I am god), failure (I won’t change), and imagination (reality doesn’t matter):  all of it, without truth. The difference between us is simple: universities want, as do individuals, to control everything. Ending diversity in everything (make them war); so just a few people, can be in charge of it all. Reality proves that true. While I choose diversity, and believe the balance of nature proves what is true, that we all have a say in our world. NONE should control; life is too precious for anything less than “make your own respectful, and honest, decision”. As does my own work, prove that true. The difference is: you, are a herd of believers, so lulled to sleep that you will not even question your leader, or the cost of being WRONG. Or are as a pack of people shouting “mine, its all mine/ OR shouting, I am going to get mine”: get out of my way. ALL screaming: “this world cannot die”. While I, search for what is true, by accepting the evidence I understand to be: valid, honest, respectful, and sane. Relying upon the evidence, that does prove this world and all its life will die; because of the choices humanity did make. “to believe: is a very dangerous thing: WITHOUT MEDIA screaming at you, believe: would you”? The cost of arrogance is, “you can’t be wrong/ because if you are wrong, then you are just like the rest/ and the point of arrogance is to bath yourself in: being a god above the rest”. So they lie, cheat, steal, betray, and use imagination/ fantasies/ and deceit to cover the realities of truth. But it only works, when people are willing to believe what they are told; therefore a disguise is required. The greatest disguise ever conceived and produced is: “the university”/ because one word covers them all; and all the endless fantasies of a million or more people; hide behind an occasional success by just one or two. And people believe, because they want: as in the case of all medical consequences “to accept, the doctor cannot be wrong”/ so they will not question, or accept the facts; regardless what they are. Because more than anything else: they want to believe, what they want to believe. After all, life or death; is important: which explains fear! The more you fear/ the more you believe; because belief allows you to “lock yourself inside a prison cell; can’t get me here [ONLY, what I let in; is allowed/ truth does not matter]”. So the greatest “ponzi schemes in all of history”; revolve around fears. To create and sustain these fears: is what makes it work. The ponzi scheme of counterfeiting US currency with claims of assets that do not exist/ to protect debts which cannot be paid; and a university payroll which cannot be sustained in any other way; is just one scheme. Another is the pandemic, that is not a pandemic/ along with a vaccine which is not a vaccine. But far worse than stealing with lies; is the truth of destroying a world, all its nature, all its future, all its resources, and even more: by believing the universities can replace god with arrogance. To your shame as a humanity on earth; you allow the tragedy of failures and fantasy: because you chose to allow, “let the children pay our debts/ while we go free”. Another “ponzi scheme”; but this one, directed from the elders onto their own children; “we live free/ you die in horrors”. So the greatest liar of them all, throughout history, and in particular: on this day. Is “a believer”/ because truth does not matter. Religion takes offense at this, because after all their entire business model is based upon belief; as is “believe what you want/ but follow our rules”. True faith however is not based upon belief, regardless what religion says. Faith means: by the evidence of miracles, we do begin our journey into the truth of what we can find to support and accept our lives as “CREATED BY GOD”. Because as each individual journeys beyond self, where life exists: the inescapable truth is, “that we clearly did not build ourselves/ nor is anything less than pure thought, without obstructions such as arrogance; DID build life. Where life exists, so does the energy which it uses to experience and express the reality of that truth. Where truth exists, the consequence of its laws: can release a value beyond what we can explain, an essence beyond the descriptions of time. Where love exists: a respect will form between identities, as the value we share/ because we cared. Love is a truth. Eternity is a path. The planet cannot cool itself in summer, without ice. The ocean life depends greatly upon the “base food group life”, which originates under that ice. We cannot simply stop, and replace the ice; because it took heat to lift the water/ and transport it to the poles (ocean volcano’s). the critical issue is heat/ not greenhouse gases. A small percentage drop, in atmospheric oxygen: “puts us on top of the mountain”. Sea level rise; just as a tide raises all boats: lifts ice flows attached to polar areas, and breaks them off to melt.

NO, you cannot just continue on: extinction comes soon. From the sound of a bird, to the realities of a heartbeat: we did not create ourselves/ but fools fear their beliefs, failures abandon reality, discarding truth; and let “the universities” destroy it all: with claims of how superior they are. Shame on you, and your fears. We truly MUST face our own fears, or they will surround you, and cause your life to fail instead. That is a tragic ending for most. Every parent MUST recognize: that a young adult facing true hardships must be able to believe “there will be help, if I become honestly, desperate”. The price of our mistakes, can be very high/ but the price of cowardice is higher. Every addiction is “I wanted more”/ every abuse is its all your fault, until judgment turns that into violence/ every thief says: you owe me more, so I took it (even if untrue, they believe)/ every lie is a hidden want/ every fantasy, “I want to be more”/ every imaginary delusion, is “I can be god”/ every temptation is a power struggle/ every pride, is a form of jealousy in you. And so on; because want is an abyss (it cannot end), therefore even if you get what you want/ you must want again, as that is the purpose of your life, the passion which controls you. When that proves to be not enough: humanity goes insane, to whatever degree you made want, into your life. Every courage is the decision to accept the price, even if it is more than you desire to pay; because the decisions have already been made; and truth does have its consequences. Love shapes the soul, by presenting heart/ heart shapes your life, with desire/ and desire respects the truth, as if it were law. NO, functional decision to survive, happens outside of law; because chaos is all that will then be left. We cannot avoid death, nor can we truly avoid reality:  accept the price of truth and rebuild or die. You have gone to far for any other decision. More often than not; if you share the moment, you share the misery of what time brings to your door due to the cost of survival, and the realities of other human beings doing what they do. Happiness is then momentary in time. In contrast to that; if you share “the miracles of life”, that are so obvious none but a fool can deny them as truth/ then you share the basis of everything we care about, live for, or conceive of with respect:  even the possibilities of an eternity lived with JOY. Because a miracle is more than you know! Do you see the difference? The universities call you a fool; by teaching evolution (chaos brings life_nothing more than an accident repeated “a trillion quadrillion times one billion or more)/ and so you are for believing; because it is so clearly not so! I call you a miracle of life, but being alive in that miracle of existence: means to accept your soul as life itself; you must respect the realities of truth, which have built every body of life with boundaries, laws, disciplines, balance, order, caring, sharing, love, dignity, courage, and respect. Do you see the difference? The universities intend to destroy all diversity, as the intent is to create “just one thing”; so as to know complete control for themselves. They created a pandemic, to make money and remove the law that was being held over them: to then genetically alter and mutilate all of nature. The purpose: control over life to enslave you; as is the 5 trillion dollars charged [by university is god: $50 thousand dollars per shot; per each of one hundred million people; the price we pay] for “their vaccine” here in America. Or, more simply the “snake oil salesman” said BELIEVE, and the cult of university is god: COLLECTED your money for themselves! IS your slavery not PROVEN BY: not only is this, and your freedom, job, business, schooling, organizations, all of nature mutilated, earth ravaged and ruined, and such realities are being destroyed to reduce your options:  but they even took your face, your family, your friend, your income, and your religion in worship; as is functionally rape; so they can get to play god. Truly, you are a cult/ and your old schoolmates, simply made you fear to cash in! I asked only: GO TO COURT, investigate the evidence, examine what is true as best we can; and do not believe: ACCEPT ONLY TRUTH, thereby protecting life, nation, and world; with LAW. Do you see the difference? They gamble with your world literally by trying to ignite a nuclear fire just like on the sun: lying about it/ but their machines can only do that; and fusion has already been proven wrong. They know the risk but lie; saying to themselves we must; or we have to change; and that is forbidden, because reality won’t accept what the universities have done. Power lost! I ASK YOU; LET THERE BE NO EXCUSE: WE NEED TO KNOW THE COST OF BEING WRONG. AS PROVEN IN COURT SO THERE CAN BE NO EXCUSES: BECAUSE THE EVIDENCE IS, they will turn this earth into a sun on the first ignition of “a million mile long flame”; just like the sun. Do you see the difference?  They claim “imagination and fantasy are enough”.  I demand truth, by realities which can be proven with evidence: accepting the price of life is truth.    In contrast: they LIE, cheat, and STEAL; betray our world.  It is my hope, that this world can still remain alive: but the price is, YOU lost your pride (sold it to belief in lies & fears), betrayed your own power to make decisions that you want (truth decides)/ and cannot allow university arrogance to remain as it is. Simple as that; or you go extinct. They the universities, by taking control over government, and in particular the currency/ have destroyed the foundation of commerce which is all reality in the currency; by creating debts which cannot be paid, and assets claims which have absolutely no basis in reality: thereby committing an insurgency against this USA; for the express purpose of anarchy as is, used to discard democracy itself.  I ask you to use FIRST AMENDMENT redress of grievances as is the law of our democracy; to defend this nation, and prove what is, or is not true. Using WE THE PEOPLE are the owners here; as our own defense against the army of failure, that is “universities claim to be god/ and you are their cult (we cannot question the leader)”. Media the propaganda machinery to use university arrogance (dead man walking) against us all. Do you see the difference? The evidence is clear, and easily proven true. The universities claim you are “just a handful of chemicals and water/ soon to be returned to dirt”: sick, take a pill with more side effects than the drug store has remedies/ depressed, take a pill with more side effects than the drug store has remedies/ might be sick; get surgery, don’t take chances; get a vaccine made from men who only want your money. In contrast to that, I remind you: that the human body is a vastly complex “work of art”, that can be destroyed by carelessness, or failed lies; so act with caution. I remind you: that nearly all depression is caused by, “I didn’t get, what I wanted”/ therefore stop wanting, accept reality, and know the value of “miracles”/ and your life will quickly improve. I remind you: that fear is an enemy, which never protects, causing panic to become failures. Instead very carefully examine the evidence when you can, and let what is truth decide for you; because doctors are only human/ and some are evil enough to do surgery just to get your money, sex, or other. Believe it or not. And humanity says: when I am afraid/ I DON’T want to know anything, but that I will soon be well. Alas, to believe whatever you want/ does not make it true. Do you see the reality? Never forget, life is not a body beyond time/ but the freedom love and truth can give, in the elegant ascension beyond self as is, the expression and experience of thought. We all die in time, the body wears out, and surrenders. But miracles lift life into an entirely different dimension of truth and value: because we are not allowed to know, “exactly how we came to be alive”. Therefore we cannot know, beyond the limits of self; where our truth of life itself, shall go. Theories exist, as explained by religion; but I prefer destiny: in this world we have the freedom and the demand to choose for ourselves, who we are. The desire of what is most valued in life and living/ that we would seek to be more “alive in me”. NOT of things/ but of true love, and all that has value in life itself. The greatest value beyond all others is GOD . Our Creator, where love was born; we received life. The difference between life and death for our world: is the acceptance of truth! WE ARE, SO MANY, our world is facing extinction; because we cannot go back, and we cannot survive without true change. We CANNOT survive the universities playing god. To believe is to want “the truth” to be what you want: NOT so. Truth is the laws, which govern life and energy, as it relates to mass. Truth is, the evidence; which cannot be overturned, by assertions or imagination: but is distinct, where no lies exist. The truth of our existence: explains thought created this! The truth of our eternity: explains, “LIFE, shapes destiny/ or must endure the fate of its choice”. The truth of our humanity, is: The herd animal spends its free time looking for a leader: YOU keep us safe, because when we all act the same: we are not vulnerable to individual attack [no, you cannot]. Those with the biggest fears: fight to be “in the middle”. While the predator spends its free time; either plotting and planning the next attack, or shouting “we win”, lets rejoice [yes we can]. The human being alive, searches for value, truth, courage, respect, and foundations for eternity; because realities of our existence, prove LIFE IS A GIFT, [clearly NOT an accident, or chaos derived]/ NOT A TOY, as universities proclaim by their decisions. I wait for you, “to find your heart, accept your

soul, identify your truth, and construct your own destiny; as life intended for you to be”. Heart is: to understand how precious this gift is. Soul is, accepting the miracles of life are true gifts, given to you/ to us all, as equals. Identity is: your participation in your truth. While destiny is: the construction of a life, to be given the chance “past time”; where love rules, but truth decides. People want proof of life beyond time: but every miracle is exactly that; it is no accident to create order, construct discipline, balance every need with reality, or respect the boundaries of law. The value of a life is: you choose for yourself. The tragedy of a life is: you failed yourself. This world cannot be saved without you! EVERY LIVING BODY OF LIFE, is built from “trillions of individual cells”; which absolutely require, an organization of peace and harmony, as well as individual communications; in order to survive. Chaos is the enemy, and it will kill you; unlike universities who call evolutionary chaos, your god. Every body of life is a chemical factory, that builds intricate designs and methods of growth; SO FAR ADVANCED from the human concepts of a brain; as to not be of the same universe. Every body of life is further removed from human understanding, by the knowledge of atomic structure: the inner weaving that comes from the disciplines and laws which govern all atomic interactions: endless discipline, order, and balance not only of the relationships that must be formed; but of the energies that must be released, in order for life to exist. Life is about energy/ while the body of time is about chemicals (elements combined). These coexist in a very delicate dance, to form living as time. The failure to accept: NO YOU CAN’T just use a sledge hammer to take what you want, while destroying the rest [as is the evidence of resource destruction, across this earth, by universities in charge]. Their contribution: “universities played god/ and now we are doomed; because the realities which kept us alive; have been destroyed”. To your shame: YOU let them do it/ and even aided and abetted their decisions. To your shame as cult worshipers of “university is god”; you could not even question the reality of what they do. NOT EVEN, THEIR DECISION: TO IGNITE AN ATOMIC FIRE, “JUST LIKE THE SUN” HERE ON EARTH. Same fire/ same result: earth becomes a sun; because it can. Unlike their theories of the sun; which are based upon pure fantasy, without a clue. From the skull that forms as a fetus, 208 bones that not only build themselves but transport themselves where they belong, grow and bind themselves with muscles, lubricate themselves with joints; to endless blood vessels and nerve endings, communicating with trillions of cells. To the senses: sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, movement, freedom, thought, balance, grip, CHOICE; “love or hate or animal”! The reality of it is: 8 billion unique individuals, proving:. NOBODY has a right, to suggest “life is anything BUT A PURE MIRACLE OF THOUGHT AND ENGINEERING”. As is evidenced by university claims of “great things”; with reality proving, their work: is only a tiny fraction of the complexity, that is life and body. In truth, there comes a time when the values of your heart: must be seen, because the cost of failure will not allow for anything less. In these words, I have formed the definitions you must debate/ I have created the message you must learn: “change or OUR WORLD, WILL die”. The conversation is: that only truth can establish a future for life. Therefore our search is, as our democracy demands: WE MUST KNOW, what is true, for the sake of our world, our lives, and all that is life or earth. Redress of grievances: is the law which lets WE THE PEOPLE decide, if there shall be CHANGE! By constitutional decree, “we are the owners here”. Let none doubt! Stand up, sign your name: as did those who signed the Declaration of Independence, to build you this nation. Do the work! OR THIS WORLD WILL DIE. As we wallow, in the pig shit, puke, vomit, and human waste of leadership, without a brain/ cult worshipers, who bow down to the dead of universities elite playing god with life and nation. I remind you again, at least in this America: where they stole your face/ your life/ your job/ your state and nation/ your future/ your peace as reality takes charge, and slavery eats at your soul. But alas, I am met with “the bribes are good”/ even if the reality of it is a lie. IN AMERICA OUR DEMOCRACY STATES: WE THE PEOPLE ARE OWNERS HERE! And that does mean: every single leader is our employee/ NOT our god or king or superior in any way. MERELY our employee. But truth knows we are bankrupt, and destroying the future: which means, LET THE CHILDREN PAY (not in my lifetime);  is your only answer.  As OWNERS HERE: their job is to insure the constitution is kept secure against all threats. BUT THEY are the insurgents, and it is anarchy they bring into our lives. THEIR JOB IS: to gather “pure evidence”/ present that evidence with the least amount of bias or prejudice possible: SO THAT WE CAN DECIDE FOR OURSELVES/ WHAT SHOULD OR SHOULD NOT BE DONE.  Their sworn duty is to obey the constitution:  beyond that is our right to decide, NOT an employee. Not the propaganda so evident and plain in media manipulation/ but the truth, so our vote can be FOR a foundation protecting LIFE and FREEDOM/ not as fools, who blindly believe anything they are told. PUT YOUR FACE BACK ON; and fight for your world legally/ YOUR RIGHT TO DECIDE AS A NATION; FOR YOURSELVES! Or soon, it will be with war, because the damage, to many millions, not collecting “bribes enough”; will become severe. As always, the curse of counterfeiting currency (assets which do not exist in reality) is: “the debt is due”. The reality is simple: “to believe what you want to be true, refusing the evidence/ is religious tragedy (open the prison door, and let truth decide)”. To discard all for the cost of a few; is simply tragedy. To deny the future has needs: is assassinating every child; their tragedy. To remove all options for the masses to participate in society, “as is the constant of this day; at least in America”/ is a tragedy for the nation, as consequences will occur. To keep the old alive by sacrificing the young as with covid: is world/ life tragedy. To destroy all of nature by adding chaos: is a university filled Armageddon. To fail reality, and refuse the cost of we need water, and more: is insanity rules/ tragedy comes. To blindly hide and run away from the truth, that cannot be escaped: as is “nearly everything”/ and especially “allowing the people trying to ignite a nuclear fire; form SATAN” on earth; more than tragedy: extinction in terror. BUT humanity wants; and they will believe their gods (our saviors/ our universities); because they want too/ and medicine has benefited numerous individuals: so they are sure. ALAS; we cannot survive the overpopulation because of it/ but none care yet……they want a catastrophe to force them to change. But when that catastrophe comes, and they cannot deny it, or run away: it will simply be too late; dead earth equals dead earth. I gave my life to asking: at least, INVESTIGATE THE COST OF BEING WRONG; as is people who are literally trying to ignite a nuclear fire (and the tomak reactor/ only one being built: fusion disproved in 2012 with evidence; CANNOT be used for anything else). NO, you were not told; but its true. Because a fire using atoms for fuel “just like the sun” will not be extinguished (burns your skin in summer from 94 million miles away): wake up. BUT, the religious zealot has no brain (they believe; “I no longer have to think for myself”); a cult cannot question its leader/ that is not allowed. And the masses believe whatever the universities say: even without ANY evidence that will support their theories! NOT a single thing is supportable/ but still you will not question: experiments that turn this earth into a sun/ no going back/ no do over/ NO, “GOD” is not coming to save you from yourselves; as this is literally a decision you made, as humanity on earth supporting the universities as god. Just like you support geneticists in their injecting chaos into nature; killing every child; extinction for everything; discarding realities and more. To your shame: “you scream”, I will lose everything if we fight for reality and truth/ I am too old, I REFUSE, DAMN YOU, for taking away the fantasy. While that is true; this whole world will die, and so will your child (EVERYTHING). If you continue to refuse; TRUTH MUST LEAD. And YOUR eternity “even for animals”; will be held responsible for every death of this extinction called earth, “is no more”. YOU are responsible for this decisions/ YOU CHOSE TO LET LIFE DIE; as a coward, who lied and cheated, and betrayed even your own child! Every biblical prophecy of HELL, “now stands at the door”; so says the evidence that can be proven real.  And the people say: “you are nothing/ you can’t scare us; the universities are god”! And I reply: SEARCH AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, BY THE EVIDENCE. Because you received everything you needed and more, from nature:  for the vast majority; without even “lifting a finger”/ you cannot conceive of truth. That when mutilating nature; EVERYTHING OF VALUE, can be lost forever. Does a paralyzed person get back up to walk/ can universities make you an eye, or muscles, or bones, or blood or any part equal to a human body? NO, but they can destroy it. As to their intellect: the claim is “something less than a single cell organism BUILT all of life/ without a brain”. Or far more than a quadrillion chemical signals all just arranged themselves to build your body. Or chaos; is your god/ but chaos only destroys, down to the final link of anything complex. Or you with a brain: “just picked whatever you wanted off the shelf/ went

shopping; and presto, magic appeared”; no tools/ no food/ no mouth/ no anything. So I ask you: WHAT does chaos/ or the lack of resources/ or the lack of intelligence of any kind: do for you now? Did it build you a house, a heart, anything? THEIR VACCINE IS NOT “NATURE DERIVED” as are true vaccines. Their insertion of anarchy into nature; can turn on a dime; and attack. No one knows for certain/ we merely know: NATURE GAVE US ALL LIFE, AND MORE. Your universities, in an effort to prove their religion of evolution; the curse of the dead: injects chaos instead. CHOOSE. More distinctly; “like some explosives, chemical elements can be completely dormant/ until the catalyst arrives”. More distinctly; while universities continue to say, “we got this/ we have learned, and soon we will know everything; by shaping genetics in continual new ways: so that we can see, WHAT HAPPENS NOW”. In truth, they have no clue; because changing a variable alters the chemistry/ but it does not control the factory, or “software”; or purpose, or shape a desire; or control the variables, tools, and so forth: because these are relationships tied into the entire genetic chain, and every genetic chromosome operates in direct conjunction with others to accomplish these things. Your universities discard that; because it is so far beyond them they will NEVER learn/ and like so many things “university”; their purpose is pride, power, and greed; to play god. And they do “with hate; screaming YES WE CAN”/ because they do tear down nature, the very basis of life; THEY PROVE NO you can’t, and will never be able, to “put it back”. But society says: “LET THEM GO/ they may find a cure for me, so I can live another day or two”. Never once understanding: it is far more likely, they will destroy all life instead; including you. Armageddon (nature in chaos); is coming true/ because of you. The cost of being wrong, is led by the herd/ because the animals are only willing or able to think about either getting more for themselves/ or how to protect themselves from predators (constantly aware; disguises or surprise/ can be anywhere: together we charge, or drive another out). Survival and more; are then the only life they get. To be human: each must rise beyond survival, to achieve the concept of miracles; and respect what that means. NOT by what you want it to mean; as is “a university”/ but by its reality: WE, did not do this/ it is a gift! In that truth, the potential to ascend beyond “an animal; even into eternity”, is real. RESPECT DOES NOT allow, for traitors, terrorists, or thieves to enter the sanctuary of life itself: and rob/ rape/ ravage/ ruin/ destroy/ disgrace/ deny/ divide/ war/ and mutilate; just because you can. Those who do, are called SATAN: destroyers of a world. It is a choice. IT IS YOUR CHOICE! Because if you do not save this earth from chaos, as presented by the universities and enabled by human greed and selfishness: you will, lose it all! So says the evidence of your truth. So again I say to you: GO TO COURT, AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE.  PROVE THE COST OF BEING WRONG. And the cult worshipers say: WE ARE better off now, than ever before. Because the bribes keep coming, and all we have to do: is let the universities rule without questioning them at all. After all MEDIA protects us; and they are “saviors the army who knows”. BUT BY REMOVING EVERY JOB, FLOODING THE NATION WITH COMPETITION FOR EVERYTHING, AND DESTROYING THE FOUNDATIONS FOR AN ECONOMY. What that really means is: WAR. Because the end result of too much labor, and not enough work: means even if you get a job/ you work for pennies, and you slave, or prostitute; because there is no choice. So there is war/ and with war comes all forms of destruction: on a planet that can no longer provide everything you need to rebuild. So ANARCHY RULES; and the most violent reign as without food or values: CANNIBALISM takes control; and this world faces extinction, because the diseases will flourish. Producing terrors, and with nature mutilated beyond recognition because of universities worshiping evolution as their god: TO INJECT CHAOS as their means to play god with all life: EXTINCTION IS CERTAIN, AND HORRIFYING. The liar says: “you want”/ hiding his or her true intent: “I want, nothing is more important than ME”. So they tempt, manipulate, and try to control you; as is all forms of media. EVERY lie, is a disguise; to hide a truth, or mislead you from a purpose, or guide you into a trap “to take, steal, use, abuse, or kill”.  The proud say: “lets play”/ but what they mean is: look at me, listen to me; nothing is more important than I, because “I win”. As is all forms of university. Even when they lose; because revenge and the decisions to inflict harm will follow. The powerful end with hate, because fear me; is all they will have left and that makes them angry. As is all forms of arrogance, and the decision to play god, by judging the rest as worthless to me; therefore NO RESPECT at all for life, or nation, or child, or a future. Everything, is a toy, or can be made into an enemy. So the question is: HOW DO WE SAVE THIS EARTH/ HOW DO WE SAVE ALL THIS LIFE? The answer: STOP BEING INSANE, and RESPECT YOUR WORLD, AND ALL ITS LIFE. The method: NOBODY plays god anymore; reality decides our path, not games/ truth makes the decisions, not want/ and value replaces arrogance, by the decision to love; instead of the constant power universities have taken to prove what, is hate. The elemental violence that is media propagation of “FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY”; only the universities have a brain. WHY, are the universities targeted? Answer: in America, they have led/ they have chosen/ they have taken/ they have destroyed, as a singular demonstration of “what one group, does to the rest; when they get power/ over the others”. Nothing has changed throughout history: the group in power, consumes the groups who do not have power; because pride and want control the human animal. When pride and power form arrogance: the result is, “just a few” conspire to remove all opposition; even from their own group/ “so as to have it all”. When the minority groups form an army, their numbers threaten us: the cause is “now, WE must remove them/ or they take control over us, war with us”. The universities have proven to be: the primary cause, of why humanity has left their lives (minority groups) behind; to worship greed, selfishness, and hate: we will take it all/ so the others can’t have anything (its all gone). “surrender, and go away: nothing is left for you”. They will argue: we defend minorities! But that is not true, they use minorities, to betray / by propagating unrest. as is seen in every “policing matter”; or any other event which can be used to amass the public: and turn them against the groups challenging power, or holding power: so they can be destroyed. By the arrogance of corrupting reality, instead of fighting for justice.  As is the cost of evolution, the vile serpent of fear; initially caused by weapons of mass destruction, it turns to universities play god with life/ and the horror of pure arrogance, without a brain. The propagation of hell, as is media resolve to manipulate and control the public; as all religious zealots and priests intend to do. They SCREAM; “leave the universities alone”; they are god, all mutilation is good; everything the universities do is good. BELIEVE, DAMN YOU, BELIEVE!  Thereby throwing life itself away, and more: as the righteous do/ because “they know” everything they want to know. Again, nothing proves that more true: than the universities attempt to ignite a nuclear fire “just like the sun” here on earth. They will argue “its not a nuclear fire”/ and pretend gravity will extinguish the fire once ignited. But reality says it is a nuclear fire, as a source of energy: we KNOW that can exist; by simply looking at the sun. On the other side of truth, where the lies exist: their “smoke and mirrors of delusion” claiming the sun works this way. CANNOT be proven at all. NO SECOND CHANCES: ONE IGNITION IS ALL YOU GET/ and the machines are running.  SOON, even more. SHARE THE WORK; DO WHAT YOU CAN LEGALLY DO: FOR LIFE, or you choose to throw this earth away. YOU do, need to understand, as it was back in their own day: so it is today. The powerful NEVER surrender without a fight: because they want, what they want! IN CONTRAST: nothing is a greater abomination, or a more provable truth: than those who are trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun/ GAMBLE WITH THIS EARTH, AND EVERY LIFE:INCLUDING EVERY LIFE THAT COULD HAVE, OR BE FROM A FUTURE. The choice is yours: FEAR “the universities, and their media gang pushing BELIEVE (never question. Because when you own the news; you can be history’s biggest thief, and call yourselves a hero)” / or find COURAGE, and fight for TRUTH; respecting the value of your world, your child, your life? CHOOSE. IT IS, that simple; and if the universities have nothing to hide: they will welcome the opportunity to prove their theories with fact/ not fiction. Their opportunity to prove evolution once and for all: with evidence that cannot be disputed. THE LAW, “we the people have rights”;  starts here. and the people say: we need a leader/ so nobody can focus upon us. I do not lead, however I do provide this opportunity for a lawsuit, to drive redress forward: IF YOU PUSH. I will not argue with you in court about “law or justice, as these are for society itself”. INSTEAD, I will argue only LIFE OR DEATH OF OUR WORLD, as is predictable by the evidence of our truth. The cost of being WRONG; gives no person the opportunity to gamble with life or planet or the future of every child. REMOVE THE DECEIT: and we will peer into the truth. TO DECIDE: for ourselves, by vote: for our world, as leaders for life! “should I die instead: I leave you my words as your witness

in court”. I remind you, “the great bulwark of democracy is”: that we hear both sides or more/ so that WE THE PEOPLE can decide what our future and our nation shall be. As proven by “covid”: YOU GET NONE OF THAT! Which proves the US supreme court is guilt of treason, by dissolving the news sources, for the entire nation: into “just a tiny few, very powerful hands”. To lead us, wherever power or pride, wants you to go. DEMAND “the other side”/ it is your right. Media proves it controls the world; by spreading a pandemic that is nothing more than a cold, in real world impact terms of life “satan in charge”. They own the wall that barricades life; in the slaughter house: because the US supreme court committed treason, and gave a voice to only a very tiny few. Pandemic NO: Because without death, there is no future; and the little death covid caused is primarily “over 65 years old/ and especially over 85 years old”. They don’t count; the world needs LIFE to go on/ and so does every child! Yet media destroyed family, work, lives, business, religion and more. Proving failure “is the communicator/ who shapes HELL,” to the disgrace of our world. Because they conspire with universities to destroy us all. And the humanity which spent their lives worshiping universities all say: HOW DARE YOU, confuse our gods with “DEVIL”! So, I say to them: look around you at your world, and explain to me clearly: WHAT IS NOT IN CRISIS? When, Established by the last few decades, only “a university diploma is allowed”; to make the decisions that become our future. The children of the dead (we CAN’T care), are the corpses of tomorrow: because of you. Cult means: YOU are afraid, to question your leaders: to examine and prove REAL LIFE TRUTH. To your shame. While there are many with access to the multitudes in their own organizations: and could break down that wall of conspiracy to revive life: they all sit silent as the grave, because their god is university/ not reality. And where the constant scream has been in America: LET THE CHILDREN PAY! They HAVE, already decided to kill their own child; to remain as greedy and selfish as they can personally become. Proving HELL(you did this to life) AND HADES (eternity will do this to you) will be filled. The shape of time, is motion/ because we measure time. When the body stops all motion, it is then said to be dead. But thought is not designated by motion, and thereby it is not dependent upon time to exist/ only life. So the question is: does life consist of thought/ or does life consist of time; and if they are not the same, then by how much are they different? Because if thought conceives of life, rather than time/ then time exists only because of thought, and the life which holds it in place.  MORE      Your universities fail! The list is long. Humanity has become a swarm of locust, spreading out over this earth with a voracious appetite, leaving nothing behind. Humanity has become a university led experiment in their words “born to play god” with life and world. Humanity has become a graveyard; because this earth cannot survive what you do/ our world can only die once. Chains of life will only die once/ resource devastation is the end of life/ changing nature is a death trap for fools/ changing the planet is forever/ disrespecting this CREATION AND ITS CREATOR (as is so clearly proven true, by the miracles which have surrounded us): is insane. The result of a cult, and its worshipers, “who threw away their brain”. To your shame: we face an endless line of “this cannot be undone/ extinction will come”. Because that is what humans chose for themselves; with an arrogance so extreme, they believed they could be gods. But were just fools instead: hiding from truth/ running away from the evidence/ choosing fantasy and failure instead of life. Reality states, particularly in this America: the masses belong to a cult of university worshipers, who cannot conceive of being told a lie by media/ will not believe their gods of university are not “great”; because that ends the cult of worshiping their bribes; and it ends the long lies of deceit, as enable the very worst greed and selfishness ever to have inhabited this earth. To whore (nothing else matters) after power and pride and want: is the essence of everything bad. To believe (I want what I want/ and true, nor evidence, nor realities matter); is the descent into hate/ because the cost of that is failure. To divide this world into the lies of a pandemic/ so as to ruin and revolt against its foundation of governments: is satanic (the intent to destroy)/ so the universities can then rule. To propagate lies, enable fraud, consume the future and every child, to rape, ravage, ruin, and revolt even against nature itself; is beyond devil; [even to the point of stealing faces, lives, society thrown away by fear] as is the cost of proving “the university is your god/ media your savior”. But even all that does not compare to the true abomination that is gambling with this entire world: genetically altering its nature/ and even worse: every attempt to bring the same fire here as is on the sun/ will be the same result as the earth becomes a sun.