• OUR, basic decision in medical billing injustice (class action lawsuit)/ IS to be made: begins AS LEGAL, GUARANTEED: CONSTITUTIONALLY ENACTED: FIRST AMENDMENT, REDRESS of grievances: to find our own solutions/ to own our nation; state.


  • 4.1 trillion is low (LINK ABOVE): nonetheless it represents $41,000.00 spent by each of one hundred million people/ workers, for healthcare in a year!  sound fair/ sound sustainable: or it is a lie built upon inflating the currency (ASSETS WHICH DON’T EXIST) of this USA.  or more simply “MAKE THE CHILDREN PAY”.

    4’1opening jury statement

    1. Letter sent to the courts: demanding choose.

    2. Trial page: simplified, beginning argument

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    4. join the lawsuit for justice in healthcare billing: and/or, pledge support.

    5. Medical billing: and more (although some is missing due to I refused to believe it would get this far. But arrogance and disrespect, join apathy; and here we are.) Facing the truth; these people believe this is a game/ and they need not be concerned; because they cannot lose. As for me: truth and law are not a game, when reality controls/ not corruption: for either of us. The cost of losing can be high: so the demand is, “what are we really fighting for: your game is dead”. To decide: the intensity of battle/ and how much I will participate. The dead court says: “the jury cannot know the price of their decision/ it would influence them”. But reality knows the price of their decision: represents the truth of what fair play is considered to be. Blocking that reveals: there is nothing fair within the courts of this USA, OR STATE of IL. It is, “only a game”; to the cursed.

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    7. originating homepage: many problems and needs to resolve.

    This site: www.brainfirst.info the other site I support: www.justtalking7.info

        1. opening jury statement

    1. above is your beginning decision to participate in a class action lawsuit: to determine and confront  “medical billing injustice”. Based upon the support of people who join. As I am done: fighting for you alone. The rest is found on www.brainfirst.info THIS DID FAIL, without sufficient support/ it did not begin.

    2. YOU; are advised and warned, that respect defines and decides “the ascension of life”; in this world. IN CONTRAST to that reality, “universities” are where DISRESPECT for all life and world descends from. Evolution being a primary example of that. “even a mosquito” probably knows better; yet humanity curses itself, “with its everywhere, by university demand”. The only method to gain respect for life and world; begins with ending the plague of delusions, and fantasy that is: “university knows”. The contest, evolution is claimed to be truth, and accepted by the vast majority; even though it is one of the most blatant lies ever told in all of history. So the test is: CAN YOU dig yourself out of their sewer? OR, will The pandemic of universities condemning you to hell; continue? Did/do, they not: create weapons of mass destruction/ mutilating all of nature/ extreme experimentation/ resource destruction/ poisoning life and world/ rule the world/ steal all your securities (money) with lies/ surge against democracy/ incite violence between groups/ etc.

Government exists, because it must/ as does policing! The critical curse comes from; those employees who do what they should not; and know that. Being confronted by the blackmailers, who then tell: IF YOU DON’T give us whatever we want/ THEN WE WILL tell on you. And that opens the door, to thieves, liars, failures, traitors, tragedies of all kinds, enemies of life, including terrorists who are hidden and receive their payments; as much as they want; as with covid! The only way to remove that scum from leadership: is to open the door to truth, and identify what is wrong. Nothing less will remove the destruction of people who hate you.

Power exists: only when fear keeps you under control: refusing truth, to hide from reality is one of those fears. Democracy exists to remove power from people, so that freedom can be sustained. Universities lead; as has been the constant of history/ groups want to be king. These produce power (we are gods/ next to you) to take control over everything, to make you beg, by destroying the middle class of economics. The most common weapon, are lies. The only difference is: the intellectual fights from behind closed doors (blaming others). As with taking control over all forms of business, all forms of ownership, all forms of indoctrination, all forms of mutilation; as is the constant of war (to poison the water, destroy the rest) so “we the people”, have no choice but to die, or fight so they can kill us all. That preparation now includes a robotic army with artificial intelligence to make decisions for war on you. History proves: ANYTHING THAT PRODUCES POWER, WILL BE USED FOR THE WORST POSSIBLE CAUSES. As with covid: “make the world pay/ and accept defeat; as is we are your gods now”! Weapons of mass destruction are that as well: now spread around the world, and in hands incapable of true sanity. Universities claim: we are the smartest people who ever lived: but the evidence proves, you are killing your world, mutilating life, experimenting with complete destruction. Making you the most stupid people who have ever lived: by the facts sustained in truth.

Elemental to this work is: that the day comes when the work of it is done/ and that aligns with the need for change that illuminates: now, if it can continue, that decision is required of you. Recognizing the simple truth: “I am not your savior/ guru/ expert/ prosecutor/ or any other version of whatever it is you want”. I have presented you with a choice, as is the work given to me: change what you do/ or extinction will follow this. Because the evidence proves that is true; and that is entirely about you, and the choices you have made. It is not about me. I simply bring the message: change or this world will die. Lies cannot save you/ hiding from your truth, will not extend time: fear is an enemy, not a friend. Choose truth!

Consequently I have given you this work used to identify “what can be lifted”/ and this work of time, which admonishes you to learn: “want is not enough”; do better or extinction will come.

LIARS LIE, its what they do. THIEVES STEAL, its what they do. CHEATERS find a way to corrupt, manipulate, tempt or in other ways betray what the law needs to survive human existence. None of these are equivalent to the terrorists of “university plays god” by mutilating life/ as is genetic nature. OR, extreme experiments with energy gambling with our entire world/ OR the destruction of everything as is the cost of “university knows”; and its cult of religion as is evolution is god by chaos. So this nation is engulfed by deceit/ controlled by delusion/ identified by fantasies without merit/ and betrayed with an insurgency to replace all that we do depend upon for our survival with “media enforced propaganda: as is, university is in charge now”. The fourteenth amendment goes on to inform the law of governing does not include payments for any of these things. Which finds the leadership in control of treason/ supporting terrorists; against life, nation, and world. GROW UP NOW, or die as a world.

The simple facts are: if the bribes fail to continue, the army of rebellion disbands, and goes away/ LEAVING REALITY to decide what is left of truth. BUT make no mistake, returning from lies, theft and betrayal; will not be cheap or free! As is laundering counterfeit money in the stock market; where people shout hurrah; or hiding debts in “we don’t care”; even at the cost of their nation, child, and world.

The plague of pride/ and sewer of power; again “beats its chest”; as the monkeys of leadership; fight to see who can kill the most. Say to Russia; and be quick; AS A WORLD/ YOUR LEADERS ARE GOING TO STOP; or they will be killed. There is no war against Russia. There is only the war against its leaders, who believed they would simply steal and kill the lives of another nation. Making Putin and his supporters: “world terrorists”. Which means: THE WORLD, owes to life, and each nation; an intervention. DO IT, or sorry will not fill or bring a world, back to life.

SO THE LAW: must be justified and fair, in order to remind any soldier of any army: that it is in their own best interest NOT to obey their leaders. And choose for life, by accepting the law rules us now/ not fools, traitors, and whores. proven by the cost of consequences surrounding us all.

In a world overrun by humanity, the cost of being wrong is extinction. Therefore the quest of this work, is to recognize; that without the limits and boundaries of law/ we have no future. Without death, there is no life: it is a finite world!

which literally means: when the resources are gone; all life will end.

IT IS ELEMENTAL AND TRUE; that change in government, should not be attempted with anything other than LAW. Anger resolves nothing/ want removes truth to lie, as pride attempts to say, “I am god/ not you”. Which opens the door to power, proving “no you aren’t”.

LAW IS: JUSTICE FIRST! RULES are: WE DECIDE, not you! “see the difference”? BY PROVING WHAT JUSTICE IS; you also prove what JUSTICE is not. Society lives by justice, or it descends into anarchy; as is being seen throughout this earth: because university knows nothing of the value called life or earth. They want, therefore they lie, and teach the world to lie as well.

Discipline knows: with knowledge that is true, we can understand: the wisdom required for change. Order knows: that you cannot tear apart what does exist; because in the balance of our reality: some degree of order is better than none. RESPECT however clarifies JUSTICE, as the reality of choice, that does not measure more than hate/ and does not choose for me, unless we must. Because freedom is consistent with happiness, and happiness keeps us all alive. Therefore what is freedom, cannot be stripped from happiness: they walk “hand in hand”. But that does not include the freedom to wreck or burn what the others do need. So we have law: to divide those who destroy, from those who build, with life.

The quest of YOUR LIFE: is to facilitate the foundations of what proves true, in the process of governing; by law. Which means: NOT your way/ NOT my way; but OUR WAY; AS DEFINED by the choices we all make, to improve every life in time. That cannot be done; by sacrificing this planet or its future for all living things.

Making law, the elevation of life; or in the chaos of hate, the descent called death.

Nothing matters more to life and world than law; that is our own contribution. Reality proves: we CANNOT discard that, “to someone voting for me”. As history proves is filled with endless corruption, conspiracy, collusion, violence, and failure.

As depicted in the “truth of life; a world filled with miracles/ reality decides our place, by the certainty of our own truth. What is true: identifies “I/ you/ or me”.

The concept of evidence, governed without the abyss of want, pride, or power: leads to survival by truth. Therefore only truth creates justice, value, respect, or the honor of life itself.

To identify “governing truth”:  is to accept the challenge: of understanding what can or cannot be changed, without destruction to the whole.

It is, the core and essence of life; that we must make decisions, some of which turn into catastrophe/ some of which can express the most beautiful experiences of life/ but most are the dull and disciplined examples of what we do to survive, and not die.

There is: ONLY ONE WAY, back to life/ if allowed by GOD .

The law leads, built upon justice and fair play.

The sanctity of miracles is respected, and NEVER questioned again.

the truth decides, NOT your want, pride, or claim of power by weapons used.

You will turn from the universities are god; and you will dismantle their “terrorist organizations”; exterminating the claim they are superior to nature and world.

TURNING back to life, thereby protecting the values of your existence; as are nature, world, and child.

Or you will die as a world; forever lost.

The cost of our decisions is then determined by the truth from which we choose our own reality. With goals there are purposes. With want, there are conclusions to life by its choices/ with pride, life need not be more than a game; which is then not to be feared. With power; people play god, and create chaos for the rest.

But with love, the value of living becomes our heart, and the essence of truth, that is our lives, and our earth are MIRACLES given to us, each one. As the blessing, which defines our soul; by what we choose to be. Love lifts us in truth, and truth brings to life its reality of respect; for the dignity and grace that is trust in each other; “one miracle to another”.

Unfortunately; the endless bribes, blanket the eyes with delusions. The constant betrayal of life and earth by terrorists running governments and blinding you with promises they cannot keep. Hiding the cost of these decisions are extinction; until it is too late, to change that last gasp of life and earth. Because the power to do horrendous things, is now possible; in the sewer that is “Satan on earth”; called a university. 

only the dead;  “play god”.

EVERY RELATIONSHIP is built upon a foundation of RESPECT. OR, it does not exist, as value! Every critical link of life and living that proves to be true; becomes a stepping stone, for the value that seams us together with what is called trust in that truth. As is the basis for every decision we make. What you accept as truth, is your reality of life. What you decide, and do; based upon this reality; becomes your own identity. Even for an eternity.

Therefore be certain of what you call true; as it is the evidence of who you are.

LOVE is built upon THE RESPECT we share with each other. Truth shows we care about each other; and becomes the “window of your heart”/ revealing what is inside.

Trust opens the door, that shares, “beyond self” I am here/ as does grant access, by love; to someone whom truth has brought to this door.

The unfortunate reality however is: without courage, and a decision to continue in truth; as if we were “one”. The cost of fear is: they can leave “with your broken heart”.

For this: the world cries, because not only can fear “break a heart”; want, pride, and power can intervene as well.

Fear and betrayal, hide in sex: because it buys time, in order to make you change. Into what I want you to be. But that is UNFAIR, and it will fail, as love dies.

Love and value share a deepening respect (to honor what is true, in each of us); using truth, shaped by trust: to climb, into the cherished home, that binds us, together as soul.

The value of LIFE, is then shared; making each one “whole” inside. By removing what is “alone”.

Within that description is the truth: unless you are an animal responding to chemicals alone. The reality of sexual compassion, is strongly linked to the desire we share, as each life creates a value inside; verifying, “life trusts life”, to be fair, kind, and gentle. Within that environment, we begin to find joy; and in the search for heart, each participates in friendship, as the blessing we give to each other “in kindness, as truth allows”.

That does mean: a lack of truth, identifies the decision to be an animal (bound to chemicals)/ instead of alive within the destiny of desire; as is formed in each other by the ascent. Defined by trust, and elevated by truth formed from respect; sexual truth is a passage into life itself. Every part of that exists; because accepting the miracle of life, that you are/ we are; is evidence of how truly precious this relationship can become.

The foundation of passion, is a joined journey.

To create that journey, each must be balanced by the other, so they can in fact “walk as one”. If not, “both will be out of step”.

The warning is:

people who view/ judge you, as “their happiness”; if they fail themselves, and turn predator. NOW, they can then turn against you, to judge you as “you are not enough to make me happy; OR, you owe me more; which then becomes abuse, or worthless to me”.  Jealousy intensifies abuse, and forms judgment.  Want is a liar; bear it in mind. Which means reality does not matter here.

The end result of that is: at least for men; the penis becomes a weapon, rather than a tool. And you become as if the trash, which means hate rules now.

A different version of that no doubt exists in women as well.

Some see the result and change; never to judge again.

some sink into the abyss, and turn to rape, murder, and more.

This can happen in any relationship, where sex is about the chemicals (lust, I use you)/ it is not found, where love is about what we can share, as hearts joined; by truth, trust, and respect  for each other, creates desire:  and then forms that desire into passion.

This is, the literal difference: between “human and animal”.

Or, more distinctly: what you measure by want/ either becomes your world, as an animal stalking. Or you leave your wants behind, to become a human, being alive by the grace of love, accepting truth must decide; not you. We share existence, “with our truth”. Want is the basis of greed, selfishness, lust, theft, and lies; which leads to betrayal, manipulation, temptation, and control; which leads to judgment, and all that can be violent as formed by hate.  Both, are a choice!

One of the greatest truths ever told is; the question of life, is very different than the question of living! LIFE is shaped by the decisions that we make, as do become the basis of our thought. LIVING is shaped by the realities we choose, or are forced, to accept; as our environmental response. The difference is: we must think to create a decision for “myself/ yourself”. While we only need to believe, whatever we want to believe, in order to make a decision to:  act or react. Thought is the passage between time and truth: therefore at its core essence, a path into the spiritual world, where only truth survives. LOVE lives in the harmony of sharing, caring, respect, and its truth.

The greatest failure of life is: “never to understand”, that although “a million virus bodies of infection” can fit on the head of a needle/ they are huge when compared to the atoms which form their existence.

OR MORE DISTINCTLY; life is not a game, but a reality of thought so intricate, delicate, and defined by order, disciplines, truth, and balance; that to lack respect for this is akin to throwing your own life away.

Look around you/ don’t want; throw pride out; don’t judge: and recognize the cost of being wrong, IS OUR OWN EXTINCTION.  Choose for life and planet first; as truth defines our choice must be: as best you can understand. Because unlike the dead and the damned, who don’t care if this world dies: EVERY major threat we face, is elementally HELL coming to our world. LAW ALONE, will enable us to survive. TRUTH ALONE, will produce the decisions we must make. LIFE ALONE, as is the essence of you; presents love, as your decision to share, the cost of “building back” a future. NATURE IS GENETICS; and your dead skeletons say, “universities can do better, and MUTILATE GENETICS INJECTING CHAOS”!  Realities of evidence proving, what the universities did do, is being revealed. “Everything they could imagine, destroy, or steal, for them/ nothing for life, child, planet, or you”!  Cursed by them; as is an element of my life; “using a new glue”/ which got on my hands and stayed there 8 hours; resulted in a $60,000.00+ hospital extortion bill (ten thousand dollars a day, just for a bed)/ damage to pancreas/ gall bladder removal: because the chemicals moved through the skin. $66,400.00 for a small broken bone: one hour out patient surgery: screwed a steel plate to it! “How about you (breathe something/ drink something/ eat something/ pollution everywhere; what could go wrong)”? Or all the people who said global warming is nothing, “THE TV experts” cannot agree. Or democracy is dead as claim the leaders, when “university said; covid, FEAR, BELIEVE, OBEY”; from less than thirty people in China; a week later “world wide pandemic [true evidence of biological warfare]; and suddenly “universities make trillions of dollars; and get anything they want to destroy nature itself. AS they force, their claim of evolution onto nature, with chaos injected into life! While the tv screamed for months, “believe/ obey/ FEAR damn you fear”? GO TO COURT, AND LEARN WHAT IS TRUE, WHAT IS NOT TRUE; AND IDENTIFY THE COST OF LETTING “these children of the dead”; BE WRONG.  AS IS; trying to ignite a NUCLEAR “LETS BURN ATOMS”;  FIRE!  Just like the sun, here on earth; where everything is fuel!   USE USA, CONSTITUTIONAL LEGAL DEMOCRACY LAW:  AS IS FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  “we the people” shall now decide for ourselves.

and all the people say: “don’t worry, we have money”! But alas, you threw all your resources in the garbage, discarded reality and nature/ and what you have left is pollution, destruction, disrespect, and very little left “to just go to the store, and get more”; because you just didn’t care.  GREED, SELFISHNESS, playing god; and believe whatever you want; ends with tragedy, not life. “It was all a trap, propagated by university imagination/ and you fell in”. Such is the truth of covid, “where everything” was blamed on covid/ and nothing was found to be honestly true. Investigation means: NONE shall be counted beyond the median age of death for male or female. Because that, regardless of the cause: simply means they died of old age. Make note of the fact: the baby boom generation led greed, selfishness, hate, destruction, lies, cheating, stealing, failure, fantasy, betrayal, terrorism and takeover of democracy itself. As their cult worship, established by the indoctrination of education; “being the TV generation”; defied reality and led to worldwide extinction; as did their children who followed. Because the truth of university is: every student is there to cultivate, manipulation/ control/ temptation/ disrespect for reality and truth/ forming lies, disguising purpose, hiding power; and in all ways, insuring the powerful get whatever they want. As is found in: every form of business is being swallowed by a tiny few/ every form of money has been counterfeited to give all control to a few/ every form of property is being stolen/ every form of freedom is being trashed/ every form of security is being invaded/ every possibility for life to continue, is being mutilated, polluted, ravaged, raped, ruined, or stolen; by those who run the “cult puppets of leadership”/ by their worship of “university knows/ university is god”.  Because as with all cults: indoctrination means, memorize/ repeat/ believe/ fear/ obey/ and NEVER question your leader “the university elite”. And all the people say: “we had every right, to want what we wanted/ and take whatever we could get; life ends with death, as is never again”. And the universities said: “no consequences for us”. But alas, your want; multiplied by changes which doubled the human population; destroyed the future, raped every child, and ruined more than you can imagine; with your pride, in charge; and the constant attack of power. Making “you, humanity today”; the worst who have ever lived on earth: because you learned not to care, about anything but self. With only a tiny few exceptions. The constant historical war of men, on life and earth:   “to take everything”/ killing, or enslaving, those who would complain. Enforced: by ridicule, enslaved by weapons, controlled by fear, and commanded by survival itself.  Coming in second: to those who destroy an entire world, its future, and all its life; with apathy, arrogance, disrespect, and a complete disregard for reality or truth. As is university leads!  But hey don’t worry; you got air conditioning; and that makes it all worthwhile. Just sit in your chair, and live in your video screen.  “what could go wrong”. Other than desertification (too, much heat) no water (major aquifers collapse “too dry”; extreme field drainage; lake collapse; more; livestock fails, no irrigation; all fails. “Apocalypse: is the war for water” ), no edible food (genetics gone wild), nature destroyed (logging is dead, or you are), planet dead (every resource gone; war)/ the ignition of atoms on fire (fantasy fails, reality takes control);  “hell, university is god: DAMN ANYONE who says no; (but alas the delusion ends)”. Now ain’t that right?   OR, more simply: every consequence is now multiplying.  Because arrogance refuses to care or share; leaving disrespect to judge and then condemn. The basis of all war: as is we won’t care.

And all the people say: “you ain’t no expert/ WE ARE believers: in everything the university controlled television says”. And just like global warming,  WE WON’T believe/ WE DON’T want that; therefore it ain’t true. AS death itself, begins to surround us all.  Because reality and truth do not matter: as is the evidence of “a believer”.

And religion says: “blasphemy; we are, THE CHILDREN of god ”/ which means everything we believe is true. So says every single sect, of every single religion; even though they agree on little. But alas; as with the rest of humanity, you too fell into the sewage of university dysentery (after the scopes trial); and accepted evolution [their great discovery, “this looks like that”/ and nothing more], fitting your religion (the bible, is our god) to it/ instead of searching for reality or truth. Even sending your leaders, “to learn how to be university is god; first”. And they feeling power and pride; chose to play god; and the public said hurrah.

So who is to blame, for all that exists; as evidence of our own extinction? The list is long; but weapons of mass destruction top the list: as, they can destroy us all, filters into reality/ and humanity selects, “GET EVERYTHING YOU CAN GET; RIGHT NOW”. As reality does prove, humanity is by no means safe; so long as these exist; in a single hour/ our entire world can be destroyed. Because a fool existed, and the chain of reactions could not be stopped. Respect ended on these two truths; and humanity sank into want, pride, and power; even more so, than throughout history on earth. 


A “second look”; because it is life or death of our world.

media the zealots of “university is god religion”: claim no consequences.

  1. BY BURNING ATOMS FOR FUEL; A FIRE THAT CANNOT BE EXTINGUISHED; as this whole planet is FUEL. As their CULT of fools, SAYS “hurrah”. Let’s play god. Reality however is quite clear; although recent experiments have produced a tiny net gain; IF YOU REMOVE all the energy it took to create the experiment.
  2. The reality itself is NOW; VERY SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND. NOW, they intend to “THROW MORE FUEL” ONTO THE FIRE/ AND THAT will result in an out of control REAL WORLD FIRE, that literally is just like the sun, here on earth”.
  3. A fire that will consume this planet; because all the imagination of “its magic” on the sun/ is a lie. NO SECOND CHANCE; they are real world,
  4. literally trying to burn the bond in atoms/ just like a chemical fire here, is burning the molecular bond of holding elements together, as is chemistry.” SOON, OUR WORLD IS DEAD/ if not from nuclear war or other first. BECAUSE THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG; IS EXTINCTION.
  5. THE COST of this work is: that you MUST CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY. In support of that demand. Information unwise was released, because time is running out. THE END is now in sight, as physics becomes acquainted with; reality. That reality includes; other than lies; THEY HAVE abandoned their claim of fusion (pure delusions). INSTEAD THEY DO, work only within the realities I have provided. THE ENERGY OF AN ATOM; IS HELD WITHIN NUCLEAR SPIN. THE ENERGY RELEASED BY THE SUN; IS FORMED WHEN ONE NUCLEUS COMES CLOSE ENOUGH TO ANOTHER NUCLEUS; TO ESTABLISH THE FRICTIONAL RESPONSE OF KINETIC HEAT. The reality is simple: in order to contain the spin of a nucleus it must be balanced by an opposite form of, what is called dark energy. BECAUSE the energies are so extreme, and the density of that environment is demonstrated to be “disordered”. When atoms come close; the neutron (dark energy) is rubbed off/ before the nucleus is abandoned. Some of that dark energy is pushed out as solar gravity/ and some which is the opposite of kinetic heat energy is drawn into the mass that is the sun within the fire; to cool it. And thereby control the fire from within. YOU CANNOT DO THAT; period. BUT YOUR SCIENTISTS CAN IGNITE A NUCLEAR FIRE, and that means, this earth does become a sun. BECAUSE IT IS MADE OF ATOMS; THE FUEL, AND IT DOES BURN AT ROUGHLY 10 MILLION DEGREES. Recognized before all the lies; to keep you stupid and unafraid. WAKE UP OR DIE/ INCINERATED. And oh lets not forget “the rapture” of religion: which in reality is a suction so great; that the solar fire draws all life into that fire. Including water, atmosphere, and more, as is the TRUTH.
  6. SEARCH THEIR CLAIMS OF KNOWLEDGE; “its all magic/ and claims of reality that cannot be proven/ and elements which cannot be proven to exist/ and without a clue as to where atomic energy comes from”. AND PURE IGNORANCE as they “want what they want”/ rather than limit their claims to reality; instead of “imagination rules here”.Critical values include: THE CLAIM that there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire/ is WRONG (THEY DON’T know what gravity is). Because all indications of evidence are: it is the fire that creates solar gravity. THE CLAIM, THAT THE SUN operates from a massive core fire of HEAT (kinetic energy)/ is WRONG. As this would DE-stable the structural reality of that sphere/ and the fuel used to create that heat would be consumed quickly. THAT CLAIM of a super-heated core defies ALL THE LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS; and just throws them away. A reality beyond comprehension WRONG. THAT CLAIM OF “there must be an unidentified element” that makes up the sun; which is 15 times larger than the element of lead. Or compared to a lead marble; there fantasy is a bowling ball; WRONG. That claim of the sun is made out of hydrogen is pure vomit; as they cannot see within a million mile long flame WRONG/ and the only thing they can see is: THE ASH CLOUD, being thrown from the fire. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OF UNIVERSITY CLAIMS; regarding the sun, can be proven true. YET THEY RISK OUR WORLD ON THEIR EXPERIMENTS. Because what we do know: IS THAT A NUCLEAR FIRE IS POSSIBLE/ AND WE DO KNOW; that such a fire which burns atoms/ rather than explodes them; is capable of releasing the evidence of heat we know exists. WE DO KNOW that burning atoms is a sustainable fire such as is the sun. WE DO KNOW; that radiation from the sun is EXACTLY what we would expect from burning the bond of an atom. WE DO KNOW; that once an atomic fire is ignited: NOT ONE THING ON THIS EARTH CAN BE DONE TO EXTINGUISH THAT FIRE. BECAUSE IT BURNS ATOMS FOR FUEL/ AND EVERYTHING ON EARTH: IS MADE OUT OF ATOMS. Including you/ water/ air/ rocks/ more. WE DO KNOW; that a million mile long flame encompassing an entire planet of rock: PRODUCES ENOUGH SUCTION, to vacuum up that rock; so that it becomes atomic fuel. WE DO KNOW that thermodynamics pushes the flame above its fuel source; because the heat forces it. We do know that the regulation of that fire is: the more fuel being burned causes the fire to rise by thermodynamics/ which causes the fire to die down in heat/ which brings the fire closer to the sphere that is the sun/ where the cycle of more fuel is being suctioned up is repeated in the eleven year cycle we know exists. AND WE DO KNOW MORE THAN THAT; because reality proves it so. NOT, UNIVERSITY FANTASIES, TERRORIST ACTS, AND TREASON TO THIS EARTH.

and humanity says to me, ten thousand times: “you know nothing/ the universities are god, savior, etc:  even though they are merely your former classmates, hidden under the veil of delusion, that is a university diploma.  Therefore the quest to save this earth, “from being WRONG”;  BELONGS only to you. To create and sustain a working society, with values and disciplines that accept Justice is our friend, and to attain that peace is required: follows the decision to be friends. it is called   the website [www.brainfirst.info].