TREASON; has many variables/ as does terrorism. It is too late to change direction on national and international bankruptcy: you have gone too far/ stealing from every child their future; to throw your trophies away. What is being done for climate change is about one percent of what must be done to survive/ overpopulation/ poisoning everything/ mutilating all of nature/ extreme experiments; playing god. Of the vast array of extreme failures (extinction causing), now beginning to be recognized is also the tragedies of betrayal in simple living: of life and nation associated with “healthcare business, as is its billing”. Critical to that reality is the assumption of the industry, that they can charge anything they want; regardless of work done/ outcomes realized. Requiring a class action lawsuit: focusing on redress of grievances (we decide now): to identify what must be changed. In order for life, society, and nation; to survive. Let the government pay: has failed/ along with a “thousand other realities, as betrayal tears apart this nation/ and university terrorism fights to destroy our world: by the evidence, does prove true”!

And the people say: we CAN’T depend upon all these people to make the right decision! But reality says: “your university gods” have led us into a death trap; preparing HELL for our future. Which proves “we CAN’T depend upon them”. While religion continues to worship evolution as their god too: which means we CAN’T depend upon them either.

So now EVERYBODY gets a say; and we live or die with our own result, through redress of grievances (now we decide, for ourselves)/ because decisions do have to be made, and kept: by the laws we are willing to enforce. The herd (we can’t all be wrong) is dead: YOU, as individual people; are now in charge of your world. BECAUSE 8 BILLION PEOPLE cannot be told what to do/ unless they believe, or fear. So, with great care: I SAY TO YOU: be very careful what you believe, discard fear; because it won’t save you. “Religion: how life began or what happens when you die/” is not involved in that statement of fact. Their group assertions of how to live, what to think, rules, behaviors, rights/ wrongs, etc; are the distinction of what different groups of people, believe. Reality however is: “they want, or need” from life, or living, the rules of what is called religion can provide. Not wrong, if I do this.

As is the failed truth of US leadership; wanting what you want is NOT enough, LIES END/ as fate moves in: to describe with consequences: you were all wrong. Extinction comes for you too: as Stripping the future of everything a child needs: IS GENOCIDE. Or more correct, a dying world.

It is noted: that want is the version of hope that animals use/ and hope is essential to living. As without hope, suicide erupts! Thereby what you hope for is the evidence of who and what you are inside; as the dimensions of your own life come into view. The animals form our physical world, and live within the conceptions of predator and prey; wanting to survive/ wanting to be happy with the body that gives them life. Satisfied with the brain, that lets them want what they want; and need nothing more than that. So, the reality of human animals who merely want what they want; is no different with age.

In contrast, are the few that live to be human: wherein alive means, as a dimension of thought, individual freedoms recognize how it is, that each is an individual and unique version or contribution to living; that is based upon your own desires. Living within or as a participant in thought; does not equate to living as an intellectual animal. These form the boundary line between what can be done/ and what is done; because delusions, imagination, and fantasies invade the decisions; and the intellectual is content to find whatever purpose there is in “not contributing anything to society, other than words to fight with/ other than let us never grow up, the others can be our slave”.

Thought is uniquely different than intellect (brain power). Thought exists only where truth decides instead of want. The individual freedoms that produce your own decisions; form within that distinction by the desire to participate as best we can, as true respect for love defines. While it defines purpose as our ability to cultivate and create: discipline, order, balance, courage, passions, happiness, justice, fair play for all, and the distinction called eternity, where hope arises to become faith (let truth, as the evidence of miracles; decide for me).

Life teaches everyone is distinct: but we each decide within ourselves to be either living within the blessing of love (eternity shapes us, for purity)/ divided and separated by the decision for hate (everyone is an enemy/ or judged, less than me, the superior one); eternity is inescapable war/ or controlled by the animal values assigned within survival, as the middle ground of “dust to dust” exists (I want/ I win, is all that matters). It is your own unique decision that places you within one of these three environments.

As to the conception of eternity itself: every miracle of life proves, “this is no accident/ and chaos can only destroy something complex to achieve its most simple form: life is NOT that”. So evolution is dead/ and buried under the sea of stupidity that created it. As to the proof of eternity for us, as may exist: I seek the evidence/ testimony of JESUS, as the critical test of “we are not merely created to be left behind”. HIS LIFE, identified the true test of humanity is: “love OR hate”/ as animals are animals and end here. HIS LIFE, completed as the guarantor, OUR CREATOR does exist; and it is love which opens that door. LIFE itself proves: that loneliness is our own single greatest enemy in this time; as we all do die/ but whether alive or dead to this world, it will be loneliness that makes life a value or not. Proving friendship and love, are the binding of what we must choose to be happy with living. JESUS was the evidence of that very thing. And reality proves: that Creation itself, was an immense task; which commands respect/ rather than fools and their imagination. Truth is truth, and it is truth that survives. Which means: in order for you or me to survive beyond time; we must be our own truth. As is expressed by the decisions that we make to achieve an identity called life.

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Jim Osterbur

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