Reality demands: truth DEFINED BY WISDOM, decides destiny. Life demands, want creates fate (no longer can you decide, consequences choose now). Your survival is based upon true acceptance of valid and valued: limits and boundaries which transform chaos into peace. The universities declare: “their god (evolution) is chaos/ and have proven, that is so”. Find another; or go extinct. Even so: only truth survives; those who live know that is true.

CHOOSING FATE (the herd cannot be wrong) means: “ITS TOO LATE NOW/ the consequences have taken control, the cost of being wrong means, it is too late, to make a difference”! OR DESTINY; WE CHOSE FOR LIFE, BY TRUTH; AND PROTECTED THIS WORLD, WITH OUR COURAGE; identifies we did let truth decide! Your truth is, the games are dead, the consequences of 8 billion people changed that; reality, your world in trouble begins.

As for me, I spent my lifetime; on the consequences you chose/ ending with, “I refused to let this world die, without a fight”. Even if it failed (just one man) or you believe you could have done better: you did not. Nonetheless, time waits for no one; and reality is reality, making what I chose the truth of who I am. Eternity grants, “the expansion of life”/ but time grants only the expansion of self. As we do look upon this earth, the question is: are there miracles here or not? Is there a destiny, that makes self both small and insignificant; recognizing the intensity of how much more could there be: asks the question, are you prepared for life/ or only time? The answer remembers: that in all this world, the greatest gift we have received is, “the disciplines and order of bodies created, that are male bound to female; conceived in truth by; united as one life shared. Because we did choose to balance life with my soul and yours; a destiny, confined by heart”. To create the world “called ours”, is heart. To share the universe, as life beyond ourselves, is to understand GOD EXISTS. Thought translates and transfers the rhythms of love, to participate as best we can. Energy grants life beyond time, but only love shapes the desire to live.

Humanity chooses a truth, that then becomes the foundation of their own life. What you do is stored inside, and there is no escape. What can be bound together as one, intensifies with truth shown as love; but there are those who have given away love to become “more want, pride, or power”/ and they will take what you give. Want is not love/ sex is not a game/ the power to judge, is a tragedy rising in you; refuse that; or “Your measurements will judge you: love or not”; too. Only love is valued/ only truth survives: so the critical question is, can YOU survive? Only love turns into joy, so the critical question is: can you then be happy? If not: choose better. In this world of animals (we want what we want_)/ the constant is “predator and prey”. How few realize, “what it means to be ALIVE”! I think; the most telling example of that: is, between a rock/ and the miracle of you: “do you see the difference?” “its called thought (beyond the miracle of time, truth decides)”/ not intellect! You would not call a car; “merely an accident of chaos”/ neither is life, unless you are so delusional; “you have no brain, to measure with”.

The difference between life and death is: life exists by law/ and death is the removal of that law, to redefine mass as existence; rather than self. Whether time (measured) exists or not for you; the law remains true to the foundations which govern this universe. Death means measured no more: you are what truth demands you are. The essence of energy, reveals: the foundation of existence is not measured by motion/ but what gives motion its force. Life is not measured beyond time, it is the relationship we achieve with force; as it binds us by love, to our own version of identity. Anything less fails happiness, therefore it ends in hate (forever at war) or death (forever gone). The quest of being alive is then, to become as love, by truth, shapes us to be. Take a look at this world, and you will understand; finding truth in love, is no small task. “people want”, and that means “animals cannot rise above their living”, to trust: miracles prove more than this, shall come. Be the best you can be. We all fail, forgive and rise again. But make no mistake repentance is part of being able to rise/ let the law decide, let love be your guide. Hate cannot be forgiven, unless it is gone. Releasing someone to continue doing damage to the others; is not letting law (we all need this, to govern life) decide. Be faithful and true, to love; it does exist, but hides from sorrows caused by those who will not share or care or trust. Respect, and the honesty proven by time; will heal wounds; “so we/ or I/ or you, can begin again”.

The treasury of motion, is our participation in time, as we see fit; an essence of freedom born within the grace of an identity chosen by our own decisions. The treasury of friendship, builds upon respect by the dignity we cherish as life. Failing trust, people turn to beliefs. Beliefs become whatever you want them to be; whether that is “another life, what money means to you, why you fail or succeed in the games people play, and so on”. Once trust fails, people become the target of your behaviors: to make them less/ or more/ or whatever you want to believe is true. The treasury of love, expands beyond self to realize: only truth can decide/ I cannot, even if I want to believe; that is the recipe for disasters. Want is the foundation of every lie: if you do not want/ you do not lie. Or if you want/ you lie to get what you want; when you know truth may not, or will not; allow it. Pride fails life by turning living, into a game/ it is not. Power fails life by measuring “what you can do, or be, for me”: that is not your job or right to decide. It causes humanity to fail, and violence to erupt.

While friendship allows for a bond/ only the relationships between male and female will result in a trust that cannot be broken. But only if their love is true; it is, like a nuclear truth “opposites do attract”/ same cannot be “but only so close to truth”. People are tested for their disciplines: my only true response to that is, “not for an entire universe”. People are tested for their order in life: my response is, “I can only do the best I can/ it is all that I have to offer”. People are tested for balance; I failed, when you failed/ but the spiritual world intervened (believe it or not); as someone did have to do this work. Love is not measured or owned; it is the essence of our truth to care/ the binding of our desire to share/ the respect we owe each other. But then there is reality, and the cost of survival as depends upon that truth. So, believe it or not: “law seems to have been bent, around me”/ to establish the balance that I needed to continue. And the result is: female in charge/ world, still in need; it is “very complicated”; and I do not expect you to understand. Change continues, it is not done yet. I do not know where that ends. It is my life/ not yours; you need not be concerned.

As to reality; I never meant to “hurt any female/ only causing harm, when I had to leave”. Never meant to harm male either; but some demand it. So the question of love in life, is defined by the truth: “nobody gets everything”/ as with me; no romance for “a very long time”. Each must choose, what matters most: unfortunately that included, “a few just had to be left behind, discouraged from coming back/ I needed time to do this work, as reality proves “it took 70 years; to say done”. Just how it was. “ a different work/ a different life”; this was mine. People must live theirs, even if “its not what you wanted life to be”.

Your life sees the opportunity to investigate the evidence and prove what is true or not true; the cost of being wrong: BEFORE EXTINCTION, by the cost of consequences sets in. You are badly late, in this endeavor/ pray for time, from your Creator: and stop being so vile, as to believe “university is god”. FIND WHAT IS TRUE/ YOU OWE IT TO LIFE AND WORLD AND CHILD: this ain’t no game.

In a final definition of life, living, and purposes beyond self; the elemental descriptions which defy the constant human behavior of belief “I know”/ when being evaluated by others. Leaves me to accept the decision of; “an obituary of sorts (no plan or death/ an anger at you/ no insanity/ no judgment/ no terrorism or betrayal: simply the end of passion)”.

Passion is the invitation to experience more than time. As time allots we are animals, a herd which travels this earth trying to survive and be happy. Passion lifts that/ or descends from that; as is the direction of your own heart. The three elements of being human are: love, to ascend/ animals, to declare within yourself, time is enough/ and hate, which is to descend by judgment into the valley of the dead. To ascend beyond the disciplines of our existence, requires that you accept “love is a destiny”; shaped by the order of your life. Given the passion of your desire; but it is defined by the balance of your own heart. Balance is the interaction of rhythms, conceived by a journey within the opposite sex/ but defined by the contributions you make to their life/ and they to yours. It is a war, which establishes boundaries, limits passions to what has value, and confronts us both with the honor of building what we can in the blessing of being alive as one. My passion was “from the Cuban missile crisis” on; that this world should not die: from the disgrace of human existence on this earth. That has now ended; as I have spent every last penny of that passion; to lift your from the debris; that is “the church of the snake; called university”. What you do, or refuse to do: no longer is my concern.

University is a disguise that hides those who are your true enemies of life. Known by their mutilation/ gambling with all that is energy or world/ poisoning/ counterfeiting/ manipulating with media propaganda/ war/ and turning everything possible away from what grants us all life in time; to their claim of playing god as superior beings. But as reality proves; with threat after threat of extinction for our entire world: they proved only to be “Satan”/ they thread through life like a snake through holes looking for victims: cursing little by little everything that has value; so they can take over and be “your gods”. As with covid: “believe/ fear/ obey”; so they can play god, and mutilate the entire world of nature; forcing war with weapons of mass destruction; by poisoning and ending life as every chain in our existence fails; because as with their religion of chaos (called evolution). They inject disorder, disrespect, devalued, destroyed onto this earth. Some degree of value exists in university; but it will all have to be shifted to find it; as the vast majority is a fantasy or delusion at best.

So, I turn to the animals; people; who believe time is all they get/ so they want everything they can get; regardless of what it costs to life or world for anyone else. These are the herds; people who believe (I want what I want; to hell with you). They judge because they compete, and will sell you for a trinket or two. Live to play with toys. Fight to claim a trophy; which as your garbage mountains prove; lasts only a “moment or two”. But feel they are winners/ or are losers; because the game men created to play superior to each other; in order to take as much as they wanted to take: is created by money. No money you lose/ much money you won; even if it was taken as a criminal; even if it was created by war. As Americans proved over the last fifty years+; you will sell your child for those trophies/ you will destroy their future; and all the world of human wants the same. So I turned from that early on; accepting, “I will not play the game: I will not destroy this nation or world: I will not bury the future of life on earth, in garbage; as every resource required to survive is sacrificed in your wants”. I do find that shameful; to you.

As we describe the final sustained choice of being human; which is hate. We do find passion once again; but it is in the opposite direction of love/ proving these never travel together as one. Leave them alone, as best you can.

Given that, the eloquence of living, is defined by love and its truth: in order to journey as one. We must find our truth, and establish the desire which seeks that truth best. It is not a game, and given true passion, it is not always polite or even friendly. Because the end result of it is, the home we share, as if just one. To accomplish that destiny shaped by love: we MUST journey to the same place, or we will fail our lives as one. Love is a destiny, but thought is “the home called being ALIVE”. Therefore the essence of love, is to find passion in your choice of desires; and lift that value beyond self; as we enter into the search for what Creation has built for me. Thought is not a transient description of “mental conceptions”/ there is no brain (measured moments) in thought. Rather within the clarity of truth, we search within the spiritual dimensions of what life can build. These are doors and elements of law, granted only by the descriptions owned within truth. No truth means: you are deceased. Therefore truth is your only ally; and it is not negotiable; it must exist, or you are dead. The purity of that truth defines the level of your intensity to continue the journey into thought. As passion fades, only desire is left; to evaluate the destiny that you chose, as your own eternal habitation. The critical passage is: leaving time behind; because all want must die.

Love is not a want, if want is in your heart; then it is not love, but needs that surround you. While it is true, there are those who can make your life (or mine) better in time. It is elementally correct, that they must feel the same way as you; or it is not what truth will allow, to shape the journey we all do face, as is eternity. Therefore the dilemma of time or truth arises in us all. Time grants the declaration of now/ while truth defines the destiny of being alive, cannot be achieved by less than order, and its disciplines. While honor serves us best: when we grant to each one, the honesty of being equal. In that truth, we all know there are moments of need; which shape our lives, and grant us hope. Because without hope, life does die, as insanity takes control. Therefore it is best when we can answer that need with love in each other; but in this world, with all its needs being consumed by “university fantasy and delusions”; opening the door to each other is a risk, that means most cannot be trusted. And they will use or abuse “to win”. While my own life desired to share with many women along the way, the realities of choice: this world MUST comes first, could not be defeated. Those who guided that path, “one way or the other”; could be said, to have helped me become who I was.

Today however the spiritual world, has changed my descriptions of reality; and I know not what that means. Other than no anger/ no hate/ no purpose beyond life/ no desire beyond love/ no decision to lead or admonish you to learn will exist further. Time is, the environment of change; as we learn to be whatever it is life will allow. Life is a spiritual truth, built upon the laws which govern our existence. It is not a game/ it is not a disguise/ it is not less than or more than nature made you to be/ it is your choice; NOT for others to judge. Because judgment indicates, you have left love behind; as are sinking into the mire of death rather than life (which is an element of love did this).

Nonetheless, what is true for me is: the life I lived up to this moment/ has been changed into a future I do not recognize, nor understand how to respond correctly too. Believe it or not, life has been turned upside down, and I must start over. Learning requires dimension; as is the door into “different worlds”.

Humanity argues: “death proves a dirt nap, without anything/ its all gone”. And a rotting corpse proves time, as you; will never rise again. That is a certainty, because the body is built to die and be lost forever gone. ONLY what is true can survive; making truth the one value which cannot be lost. So the critical question, which is far more complex than you assume is: how do we sustain truth within ourselves? Answer: if you find no passion/ you have found no life. But beware of passion, for it leads you into truth. Your participation into truth is defined only as: your choice.

The greatest constant of human existence is: “the intellectual is wrong”. As is true of universities today; and their religion “chaos is god/ accidents bring greatness; forming the basis of life”. How can you doubt: IDIOT! The opposite is true of “death is a dirt nap”. While the corpse is only built for time/ thought is the translation of energy into life. Which means we live within the framework of energy itself. Time is a buffer, which allows for you to experience the reality of energy by its laws. Intending to prepare you for the journey into eternity: which means literally, speeds beyond the effects of “an action or reaction”. Your decision must include: DO NOT FEAR, or you will die forever/ it is no game. BECAUSE it is no small journey to survive: you must be prepared. NONE enter the journey into eternity without trust, which does require your acceptance of GOD ! In a world filled with miracles that cannot be explained in any other way: WHY, is that hard? WAKE UP! While truth itself is a classroom of laws and realities required for that journey/ it is only mercy that grants: an alternate conception of things and people enclosed by the desires of their heart. Rather like being on an island; there are limits and boundaries, but safety so long as you are happy there, with those who are like you. Beyond the limits of time: power will be sought and offered to hate/ they will enter it, “to find their enemy”. Love however seeks the opposite, and conceives of life by the values of respect, hope, honor, trust, disciplines, order, balance, heart, and soul. Giving to life the essence of your own truth decides your own destiny/ and shapes the treasury of love, which you do bring to share. What is only time, “rose from the dust/ and to dust it will return”. What is true will decide, if this is correct or not! Just as the failures of universities have driven their lies into the death trap that now encircles your lives with extinction; because they were wrong.

The constant human betrayal is “I Know”, in all matters and things; because you believe. In contrast: media tells you what you “believe you know”; but they are told by whatever universities want you to think. You blame government, “one side or the other”/ but universities control what they believe is true; as is only a diploma can be found here. People are judged by whatever measure you apply to your own life/ and as you know: few are rarely correct about “you”/ and almost never correct about “me”. Things are not as they seem: when all you go by, is the common herd of humanity shouting: “we can’t all be wrong”! But as reality proves true; by the evidence surrounding you: “rarely is the herd correct”. There are a billion lives lost from the future on your garbage mountains: they needed the resources you threw away. Endless belief: “the universities can play god”/ proving, the herd is a fool. Extinction coming; HELL soon to erupt, as reality controls your future; “by university knows/ and the herd screams: WE BELIEVE! “to your shame”.

ONLY truth survives. ONLY truth can find a way, to participate, or create; in the future. ONLY truth describes respect, or can undo, the cost of lies. ONLY truth keeps a nation or world alive. ONLY TRUTH no matter what it costs; will be less than the reality of lies, theft, betrayal, terrorism, delusions, or fantasies; as is “the university way”; proven by truth in the evidence of life/ not the claim of experts. Cults fail life; as is the religion of evolution. Cults fail truth: as is the claim proven true; of “Noah’s flood” did exist, by the reality of fossil fuels. Which could have been gathered together, by no other means: before being buried “some under thousand of feet of debris”. The quantity proving world wide. No game is worth the lies of “university wins”. No truth or claim of trophy; is worth the price of university plays god with our world.

The human question is: WHY, are we here? The critical answer is: that although life is its own reward, in an empty universe, there is little cause for happiness. Contrasting that is love, the greatest reward for living, that does exist. Therefore the answer to why is: “searching, for those who own the love they create, on the inside where truth defines life, by the living of it”.

Consequently this earth, is a place where love contains the elemental truth, of all things greater, start here. But freedom to choose allows for the discretion of choice; and that becomes for some hate (looking for an enemy)/ while for the majority who do not consider love the greatest treasure of their lives; simply time as a body that will be dissolved, a life vanished from existence. Dust to dust. While hate is divided into those who want predator and prey/ and those who chose to attack “one of GOD’S true children”; and if they die to eternity (taking away that love). YOUR hate, WILL be given to an eternity for terrors in you. The reality you chose for yourself.

Those who own the possibility of love, do enter the spiritual world of truth. Where reality of immersion beyond time itself, will sort out: what is, your true identity, as well as your truth of love or less. The spiritual world allows only truth to survive; but it allows a liar and temptations to exist; in order to examine the final element of who and what and why you are you. Every decision is critical, and there is no going back, or “fainting from the question presented”; you ARE required to give your answer, and pay the price if you are wrong. If you survive this: “the world of doors” opens, and you may enter wherever you please/ BUT you may not escape what you choose, UNLESS you do fully understand the truth you have disclosed. I walked through many doors, and found “happiness”. But I also opened the door to female; “just to ask a question”/ and was pushed inside, where female truly is a completely different world than male. Becoming trapped, because I did not understand. Those who fail to enter life exiting your body in death, in that instant: are left behind, to dissipate slowly as “ghosts” (they have no power, beyond the first few moments; and only then under very specific definitions. Only the tiniest few, need be concerned). The spiritual world, is where you are judged. You cannot proceed unless you pass that test.

Beyond that, I stood at the “great divide”; no one can cross: unless you are invited. I was not, being told “your work is not done yet, continue on”. But shrouded in clouds, far in the distance, something akin to “housing” existed, across this divide. No better description can be given. Regardless, having recognized male cannot save this world/ I then began my search for “the world of spiritual female”; finding none here, willing to share with me, what I needed to know. That has been written about. But the result of today is, when I demanded to “let me just finish this time, none will listen”/ she said NO. So there was a war, and I lost. The consequence of that being: now she makes all the decisions of merit or value or reality, without my consent. Taking charge, because, this world is more important than me; as I full well knew. But gave up on you, and was sad not being able to do more for my mom; who died a couple months earlier. Not an excuse, just a reality. Nonetheless it highlights the truth of “spiritual existence/ guiding time” : truth has no mercy, that is for GOD. We must do, what we must do; for life.

I suppose, it is only fair; to finish the summary of my life as male; this way.

My decision: to stop working for life and world, in the summer of 2019/ at least for awhile. Was honestly my decision, to enforce “strictly for me” at that time. While initially there was a gentle method of come back to life and world; I refused, believing you will never listen. At that point “war” was established, to enforce “strictly for her then”; as became the conquest of me; which is fair, as we are joined in life. As always, she was correct, and I returned to hope. Finding myself without identity or its truth; she allowed me, to be “all in, with female”. Saving me from “deceased”, as it is truth that decides life. So today, owned by this world of female, even though not understood: I am confronted by the truth, that I took 18 years to become balanced from the consequences of male to female relationships. And now wonder, if she needs to become balanced from those male to female relationships of her time on earth as well? It is not, “a pleasant thought; I don’t know what that literally means”; but we are joined, and this is forever. She survived me with little complaint, and I must survive her need; same. Because truth is truth, and value is clear; identified by truth. I know not how it all ends, for me; or for you. HOPE is required, love is essential.      yes I am aware of time, and humanity; but do not care. You will believe anything you want, regardless of reality.  In contrast: YOU should be aware of destruction, and the cost of letting universities play god; NO going back.

Reality demands: that because I am “unique” to this completely separate; spiritual world of female; where NONE are invited, and NOT even a single one is intended to be here as male. “its complicated”. There are no laws which govern what can or cannot be done. She is now the owner, and will decide. “I offered once before”; not fair, I never did nothing to a single woman, other than leave. She replied: it was never fair to all the women who “deserved none of it”; were attacked by men, just because they could. I could not argue, true is true.

But as for me; “even at 70 years old, half bald, no teeth, etc”; I am, still a little concerned; “in a world of 4 billion females; some are unbalanced”. And I am disassembled, as male. Wishing will not help, fighting will not help, and I cannot run away; it won’t happen. So, I am told: “be woman”/ you have no choice.

After considerable thought; it seems fair to conclude: even if life has been changed, that does not mean I will be attacked. After all, “not pretty, so to speak”. Otherwise, the value of living will be tested; and I know not what to do about that. The value of fighting for life and world, by accomplishing “what women can do”; remains the decision I will stand for. The invitation remains. The quest for what is fair, to all women on earth: cannot, will not, be quenched. I quite literally see, an even greater need. But that remains, as the work to be sustained and created by women: through justice and law enforced with truth.

That leads me to accept; there is only the framework of human existence left: I can’t exactly be male or female now; “its complicated”. By becoming a passenger here, (I know, destiny “shaped by truth”, is alive), but no longer an owner (reality has proven; no options, “accept the journey”); whatever is to be, will not be decided by “the life I once was; that failed”. While I have small female breasts: that was never my intent, nor did I do anything, take anything, or request anything with regard to them; “they created themselves”. And continue to do that. It is a complicated world. Male honestly, seems gone; and I have not a single clue how to build or be “female by design, or in fact”. So, my world stops (the sign of death); and I just have to wait; for whatever it is that comes next. The sign of life is: I remain living, just uncertain of who or what I will be changed; to be. NO, human animals can understand; this is not pride, power, or want; as is their world. Yes, “the human dog packs” will rise, to scream (we want what we want): “so, we should just kill him”. As that is what they do, when refusing to think: belief is a very dangerous thing. [not religious; as is how did life begin or what happens when you die]

Or, there will be no change in you: even when confronted with the evidence of your own extinction is certain. Because you cannot survive the choices humanity has made. As it turns out, I did not survive the choices I made as man, opening the door to spiritual female. Because, female is an entirely different world, there are laws, I have broken here; “its complicated, but without that balance this work could not exist”; so needed. Nonetheless, I have no predictions at all, for you or me: other than you will change to accept law leads by truth; or you will die as a world; is true, by the realities of what you chose.

LIFE, directed me to “be balanced by female”; in order to finish this work. Indicating for you too: that survival of time, depends upon both male and female working together as one. WE NEED EACH OTHER TO SURVIVE. Which we did, until I demanded: “time alone”. What I failed to realize was: joined means never alone, it is not an option. Nonetheless, I have come to learn, and this time accept. This is her turn to decide, how best to proceed in this work for life on earth/ I had my chance/ we worked together: now she decides. IT IS “simply fair”! Perhaps when the work is truly finished for us both, by finding balance within each other; the invitation into eternity, beyond truth itself, will begin.

Love is not separated from life, it is the eloquence of being alive. A reality shared among those who choose to care. Love is not want, pride, or power; as these represent selfishness. Instead love is the foundation upon which we become the essence of our own desires, purified by truth. Making truth, the basis of love, while respect is the essence of growth. To truly belong, is to accept the destiny called life is shared, not owned. A reality we must all learn, begins the joy of life. Making joy, a value beyond self.

I guess, that the end result of it all is: the spiritual female laws, of a world beyond time; MUST be reinstated as with the purity intended. Which means male must be “redesigned, if not evicted”; and the passage in was sealed, in my presence; to prove you can’t go back. GOD can do anything “HE DESIRES” to do; which includes me.

I do know: that life in time did not allow for me, “love first”; because a dying world comes first. No life equals, no love for us all. So even though I would have chosen different under any other circumstance: you cannot judge me by love (as people do). I chose life must be first, needs that keep us alive, must come first before choices. Oddly enough, jealousy arose; because people wanted what they wanted/ but would not pay the price. Even though they could. Instead ridicule, gossip, hate, suspicion, assumptions; lies, and more arose instead.

Reality enforced, I chose: “never to be distracted” until recently; because life taught me, distractions are dangerous/ and I never knew when “the last moment of the last day, or last chance” might arrive. The price of being wrong, was too high. Whether you listened or not; was not my job: because it does not matter, unless the value of change occurs.

The final goodbye: I chose not to help you do better; where I could.

Because that would have extended the tragedies of what you are doing; into extinction. Making it; a very poor choice indeed. You need to stop the destruction of life on earth; I hope you can.

This work is now done.        making your choice:  a fight for life and world/ or not.

People hear only what they expect to hear/ and they listen only for what they want to hear; making human reality, the definitions of what you believe you heard. Removing that boundary wall, requires “think differently, start here”. But that too, rarely works; because an animal lives to want what it wants, and take what it can; by judging the others, and themselves: as predator or prey. Pride is a terrible thing. Want is the foundation of every lie. Power judges in order to play god with life. Universities play god, to destroy life; by believing “they know, but find rarely more than fantasies and delusion”.

Changing any of that, has proven to be: “the cult and all its followers, wants what it wants”.

Surviving this time, requires you to be: “removing the university cult, so that truth can find you”. Before time runs out for life on earth. IT IS, YOUR CHOICE.

I HAVE, literally done all I am allowed to do for you; without direct, true, and honorable participation for the purpose of “saving this world from extinction”.  That is not a game, it is real. The cost of being wrong: is defined by “courtroom investigation” of what is true. A reality in this USA;  conceived by redress of grievances (we will now decide); for ourselves.

my sites continue to remain hidden;  unless you know exactly what you are looking for; as in the correct name. Because the end result of it is, “they (power, pride, and want) don’t want you to know”. As this is a direct confrontation of all three. You will not find it on university browsers either; because it does not treat them “like gods they claim to be”/ so they deny access: which means you must use alternate means to access this part of the web.

the sites themselves can be attacked; can be taken down by those in power; can be lost, if you do not fight for them yourselves. Should reality prove you do desire the work to enlighten the cost of being wrong, is more than you can imagine in horror.

YOU are in charge;  remembering “the best you can do/ is exactly like me, doing the best I can do”; as is equal by life and its eloquence of love does care.

And the world says: “he is insane/ the spiritual world does not exist/ and he is trying to justify claiming he is a girl”. Because miracles are not enough for them, to accept the validity of life beyond time.

So, critical to elevating life, from time into eternity; is the comprehension of more than a body can express. While you theoretically know; that all living things, as well as this earth are formed by atoms which create time, by movement. The reality of that force is not movement; but what causes the movement to exist. Which is both functionally and fundamentally defined as: either a push/ or a pull. The construction of thought, allows these fundamentals of our existence; to be aligned with either male (push) or female (pull); and gives to time the consequences of those actions, by the laws which form them.

Turning back the clock to the foundations of life, as an existence: we then see, that ultimately it is the force of push and pull which creates all things known as time. But even more so, as the basis of energy itself: these are the destinies shaped by what forces can become. Or more distinctly: the expressions of a living existence come from the forces behind energy. Which means the bodies of life also come from the forces behind energy. Which illustrates, that the foundation of our existence beyond time is built from the interactions of forces which can achieve the balance of peace, along with the ability to sustain disciplines, as is the essence called love. Both “push and pull” must unite to achieve this; similar in conception to an atom, and its fundamental existence which is: to contain this force as is nuclear energy: there MUST be the kinetic energy of push to prove that energy exists/ and there MUST be the opposite energy of pull, to confine that energy in balance; so that the force inside does exist, when released. Electrons give off the energy used, “in moments”, bit by bit, as is the evidence of time. But beyond time, the force of our existence is confronted by the truth (spiritual, conceived by thought); without balance we the living example of “miracles”; are trapped. There is no alternative: male and female must balance each other, to achieve life beyond self. Love is an element of force; the participation of thought, which gives to miracle existence; its life.

As to “claiming he is a girl”; I do not do that; as my life is not a fantasy or delusion of human imagination. Instead, the spiritual world intervened in my time; and kept me, by balancing me; from the male decision of war is our only solution: AND IT WON’T HELP. So, I did turn to female; for their answer instead. How that turned out, has been recorded here for you to read. What you believe or refuse to believe; is entirely up to you. But it will remain true: that I, as strictly male: could not reach you with the message “change now, or this world goes extinct”. We could not reach you: joined as male working with female; to say “change now or this world will die”. And today, the core last chance of life on earth: must receive this message: “you cannot survive what you are doing/ HELL is forming, and extinction will follow: CHANGE OR DIE”. Is given to “strictly female” as her right to try; as this is a world of women, as well as men: who brought us all here, by what they chose. So, ultimately: I do feel invaded/ but in the end, “male”, has lost control; over this time called life on earth. She will have the last say, if you refuse to change.

She owns the “last rights”; to do whatever she designs or desires to do for women or world; as a final “please wake up; so this Creation of miracles does not die”. True love is like that! The foundation of all respect is “like that”; because our Creator is GOD.

Believe it or not.

Destiny is shaped by desire, and desire is shaped by the essence of what you value most; the eloquence of life says, that should be defined by the treasury of joy created, in being alive: as love expresses that joy to be. GOD IS, THE CREATOR OF MIRACLES; consequently the future of life itself, is designed by your own truth, not simply given/ not simply owned: but expressed by you, in the experiences you treasure most. Delusions and fantasy, as is the fate of want, pride, and power; are not welcomed or allowed. Truth is truth.

Truth is not a game either; as it holds the key, to life after death. To assemble within that framework, a value shaped by identity “to be saved”/ requires that your truth be pure enough, to sustain itself as love. Or evil enough to destroy your own existence; with chaos that will not end.

Nonetheless, what is critical is the dimension of your desire, because truth by itself is not enough; survival requires life must be present. To achieve that, desire will prove what is true, in you. Truth then creates the seed of your life, has been planted into eternity, with death. Desire makes that seed grow, into the essence of an identity revealed: as completes the spiritual ascent into Creation itself. Desire lives within thought, just as thought lives within the comprehension of hope: therefore what you hope for, is at its core the dimension, and subsequent framework, of your heart. Here truth rises, to ascend into the disciplines of law; as is love shaping you. Heart translates the spiritual journey, into what you can and will contribute with being allowed to participate, in the rhythms of energy; which does grant existence. Value is tested for purity, and whatever does not belong: “is burned off”/ so that what is left, becomes your soul.

Critical to the introduction of order, is the acceptance of reality: as is defined by law. Law says: it is futile to construct a journey without balance; because only balance keeps life from experiencing or expressing the cost of loneliness. Therefore what is “fundamentally male bonded to female”; serves as the template, for what can survive beyond the limits and boundaries of “only truth” lives here. While trust in the essence of both purpose and desire; conceive of the journey we begin. It is soul (our relationship with GOD), which arises to become our home in that quest to honor the existence of life with “work”.

LIFE, is the essence of life! Therefore thought says, that our work as a participant in this universe must erect life for the sake of life/ as that is the presence of who we are, and who love will let us be.

These are functionally definitions of life beyond time; but they are not proven to be, “what love can do”/ as that is, for beyond death (abandoning body). The treasury of religion offers the human version of that as well; some suggesting what imagination will allow. I do not offer that, as truth aligns with thought to become an aid, in the journey of our own direction.

As for me: the passion of living, produced the need to say to this humanity, “we CANNOT KILL our world/ find respect in your heart, and choose better”! All but a very tiny few, failed to accept that reality/ hiding from truth, to become “this day, and its fate, as is coming”.

As for those whom I knew or know: “I had to choose”/ and I did choose life must come first, for our world. Sorry to those who “were in the place, that made me choose between love and world”; while it might to be selfish to put my own desire first/ it is not selfish to recognize; my desires to fight for this world, were entirely designed by the cost of what other humans were doing. Or it would have been a very different life for me. Just how it is, life must come first/ or there can be no love at all.

Change is occurring slowly, but for real: the end of war/ recognition of let truth decide. So the cost of that is: a division/ rather than a fight. A boundary line shaped by truth/ not by want. Limits that represent the difference between love and hate and animal; as is the variant of human behaviors. Understanding the cost of being wrong; rather than displaying the need for games or power to control. Confronting arrogance with honesty, confronting apathy with grace (truth decides), and confronting disrespect, with miracles! As the elemental path of discovery, defines our lives to create what we chose for ourselves.

Change even in the forces of hope, and the discovery of time; from a new point of view. Life is more complex, “than an animal” will ever know/ or hate will ever, accept is true.

I am not your savior/ she is not your savior/ we are not your saviors: JESUS did bring to life the evidence of love, purified by desire granted in respect. Love will be your key to life survives; but only if you use it.

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Jim Osterbur

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