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Supreme court building   200 E. Capital Springfield IL 62701


To the IL IRS;    Box 19006   Springfield IL 62794-9006



2191 county road 2500 E.

St. Joseph IL 61873

a clear and deliberate citizen of   WE, THE PEOPLE.  Equal rights= responsibility.

No threats/ democracy and life must come first.




state of ILLINOIS




dated 5/ 6/ 13


140 F.  Supp.  925.

576   F.  2d   165

426    U.S.   833,   851.

392   U.S.  409, 437-44         197   U.S.   207, 215.

347   U.S.   497, 499

265   S.W.   2d   462,   464.



9   F.   Supp    422, 423.

1 F   2d 1001, 1002;   498   P 2d 9, 14;    57 A.L.R.  3d 1058, 1065

203  S.E.  739, 740     95 N.W.   2d   657,   664;    162   N.E.  99, 100.


326 U.S.  310, 316   THE RIGHT TO REDRESS as assigned by true democracy.

We the people are, participants in this trial.  Establishing the supremacy of democracy. The fundamental principle called WE THE PEOPLE.

THE DEMAND, called self-defense   23   So   2d   19, 20.  AS IS, consistent with a legal tax revolt   215 F.  2d 415, 418.  In this situation where confronted with extreme threat: not from “democracy”/ but from those employees who have used, abused, threatened, and bankrupted us all   108   S.W.   2d   489, 493.   Those entities of university; that choose to risk extermination of all life from this planet.   126 P.  2d 406, 408.    THIS government aiding and abetting the same   24   A.  2d   85, 87.


the demand for trial in the IL supreme court    140   F.  Supp.  928

ui89  the inherent powers of WE THE PEOPLE     437   N.E.   2d   164, 168.

112   U.S.    76


Jurisdiction is presented as constitutional law, both state and nation;    DEMANDING protection from threats that DO  endanger and affect:   this entire populace   147   P.  2d 759, 761.   that cannot be ignored, and must have injunctive relief   236   S.W.   111, 112.   Witness to that threat is documented, and filed:   within these words.   146   A   2d 924, 926.   We the people are sovereign under democracy, and we declare under eminent domain: the right to demand this courtroom is ours/ and you are the employee.  15 A 2d 647, 650;   AS IS CONSISTENT WITH REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  Under both 1st amendment federal law, and 5th amendment IL law.  Thereby establishing the right to INFORM AND DECIDE for ourselves.


the demand is: the court MUST answer the law, as is presented here, and obey its oath, by defending this people, protecting this state and this world: with clear and certain knowledge/ anything less is tyranny.  They must investigate each and every  threat cited;   and establish the risk   45 C.J.S.  753.   assigned to each threat/ by reliance on fact/ not “experts OR theories”.  That assessment SHALL encompass the consequences of being wrong! And need not be further assigned as to any other potential:  ONLY THE THREAT OF DAMAGE, INJURY, OR EXTINCTION.   These threats DO,  violate the people’s trust, and threaten their world, their children,  their democracy, and  their future.   Failure is equally nonfeasance   191 N.E.  2d   588, 591    402   So 2d   1197, 1200;   and will be construed as anarchy/ or open rebellion against this people, and their laws.


  correspondence to:   Linebarger, Goggan Blair & Sampson   box 06140   Chicago IL 60606-0140


RE: harassment 2/   the intent to refuse me constitutional law. 

437   F.  Supp   201, 220.     123   N.W.   504, 508. 

Argument begins in consent:   the right to be duly informed as to the consequences, rights, and penalties for being wrong.  WHERE EXTREME THREATS EXIST:   

348   U.S.  436, 444-45.     323   P 2d 301, 309


            The IL supreme court refuses to docket or reply/ sent certified mail;   they did receive it.  That is betrayal of democracy, a treasonous act.

            This same law firm or irs agency   now returns;   fully knowing that I demand and do support and identify THAT I HAVE A RIGHT, AND I DEMAND:    MY DAY IN COURT!        AND HAVE SO ESTABLISHED, by this evidence/ that my demand is NOT consistent with a refusal to pay a proper and honest tax, for the purposes of democratic society.


            Discarding my demand for let the law decide in court.  They have sent me this collection action in open defiance of my demand for court.  Simple contempt, and corruption of the process  called democracy; which entitles me.


Every person shall find a certain remedy in the laws for

all injuries and wrongs which he receives to his person,

privacy, property or reputation. He shall obtain justice by

law, freely, completely, and promptly.

They refuse.

I declare today, that the constitution must rule to you: demanding,


No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property

without due process of law nor be denied the equal protection

of the laws.

(Source: Illinois Constitution.)

          How is that not a criminal act?  When:  I ask for my day in court, demanding OBEY THE LAW, DO YOUR JOB CORRECTLY/ and they refuse, clearly attempting and intending to extort, to ridicule, to slander, and commit libelous acts (I have not refused taxation/ I have refused continued failure and enslavement: there is a difference) against me, a citizen of this state called IL.             

              THIS IS NOT about taxation itself/ THIS TRIAL:    IS ABOUT JUSTICE, DEMOCRACY, FAIR PLAY, AND EQUAL TREATMENT FOR ALL MEMBERS OF SOCIETY!    The difference is immense.

  1. A CONSTITUTIONAL GRANT OF DEMOCRACY;    As is the separate entity of this state called ILLINOIS.  Means, the people here have chosen to unite themselves as if all the people/ where speaking for just one person; fighting for freedom and guaranteed rights for each person/ every single one.  Not a leader speaking for all/ but all the people united in defense of the whole, by the laws we created/ the oath we demanded; this is the essence of democracy.

              That fact organizes the claim:    When this citizen of the  United States of America is denied a guaranteed constitutional right/ by its      Lowly employees, who are pretending to be our rulers.  Those who have established anarchy against democracy; by refusing to obey our laws/ refusing to be our employees; by the traitorous act of assuming “ruler: the law does not apply to us”.   Then it is subsequently proven, that we the people of this state; having employed our own representatives as a state army;  whose duty it is, to not only protect our guaranteed rights, in this state. But act in open and direct cause and participation;  to defend this nation, this democracy, & this citizen as: from those who prove to be enemies to us all.   The state of IL as a democracy; thereby commands this nation, this United States of America/ that its federal employees, one and all:   shall in fact.

                 OBEY OUR CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS,  AS A NATION AND STATE, and in practice defend life, and freedoms first. /   PROTECT OUR CITIZENS AS A NATION AND STATE, against all forms of terrorism and potential terrorism as is experimentation in any form that gambles with all life on earth/ PROVIDE FOR OUR DEFENSE AGAINST EVERY  TRUE OR CLEARLY POTENTIAL THREAT; by demanding proof of what happens when the university is WRONG, and found to be our executioners/ ADHERE TO JUSTICE, and discard rules, whose only purpose is to defeat law/ PROVIDE GUARANTEED RIGHTS, and establish:   OUR RIGHT, TO BE INFORMED OF ANY SEVERE THREAT( as is clearly bringing a 10 million degree fire here to this earth/ mutilating all life on earth/ deliberately attempting to create pandemic disease/ destroying the very resources we depend upon for life and survival and happiness/ identifying threats to our future, &TO BE FREED FROM PROPAGANDA owned and controlled by a tiny few.   Freed, from THE TYRANNY OF the religious cult called “UNIVERSITY KNOWS”/ removed from the religious control of evolution in government/    SUPPORTED BY THE DECREE OF RESPONSIBILITY SWORN TOO: as the requirement that allows employment.  The demand:   that you shall obey the preamble to the US constitution/   which is “THE GOVERNMENT”,  OF THIS USA; and this state called ILLINOIS.   As sworn and honorable employees respecting this democracy/ not rulers!   Thereby establishing    “FAIR PLAY, THROUGH EQUAL TREATMENT, for all of society;   AS IS YOUR  DUTY”..   Including protecting their securities; as is money and social security.

            You have failed democracy, in the state/ discarding “we the people”, for let the university have everything they want and more; making the people your slaves. You have failed democracy in this  United States of America, rejecting duty: to inform/ protect/ and defend according to the law; by demanding the purposes of our constitution/ the reality of our lives: MUST COME FIRST.  ALL its states/ and all its   “WE THE PEOPLE”; being put in jeopardy, because of treason (the decision: to put “University knows” before life/ before the future, or the planet, before this people).  Allowing the true and clearly potential threat: WE LITERALLY ALL CAN DIE/ even this entire world, and all its life in horrors.  Nothing is a greater form of treason/ or in the alternative, a more EXTREME, zealot form of religious brainwashing as is consistent with a true and plainly diseased CULT.  And plainly equal or worse than;   the religious terrorists more commonly exposed; in this day.

             The charge is supporting terrorism, at a level that attacks our entire planet and all its life!  Disguised as “university knows”: the stealing of our money/ the release of biological weapons/ building weapons to dispose of this entire world/ and purposely creating all situations necessary to insure nothing in this world shall survive what has been done under your supervision; as state, nation, and the clearly “university terrorist organizations” that have supported these university decisions of death to our planet, and its life; around this world.


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