Environmental Threat



The cost to nature and environment, of everything men do, in their methods of gaining money, power, trophies, etc;  is horrendous. A few make life hard for the rest, and then they don’t care:  because my life is too hard. Limited capitalism (by vote we decide the maximum and minimum income for us all, who work) CHANGES who gets to be in charge of that entire reality. It is a choice, in democracy! Video can this earth die

Did you know:  that the atmosphere of other planets speeds along at roughly  700 mph;  because their atmospheres are not connected to the planet, but exist as a different realm apart from the planet.  This earth speeds at the equator completing a circle (One day) in twenty four hours. That means because the distance around the earth is roughly 25 thousand miles;  our planet at the surface along the equator is turning at roughly one thousand miles per hour.  What keeps the planet moving with the atmosphere are plants, and specifically their leaves.  Wind must lift the leaves and blow through them offering resistance. That in effect ties the planet together with its atmosphere. So kill all the plants and all the forests and we get blown off this earth. Nobody survives.  Just for openers!  Video revelation now

You might find reality in    www.criticaleconomics.info  which is dedicated to other more mundane subjects;  but the reality remains the same/ fantasies kill us. Fail yourselves, and the price will be high, or fatal.

The oceans feed a billion or more people/ and the life within is about to go extinct. Every ocean trawler takes all the fish they can find/ LEAVING NONE, to repopulate the ocean itself. Other types of trawlers completely wreck the environment making it impossible for the life left to find a home, or a food supply.

the list of damage to this earth is horrendous: because you, didn’t care. wake up or die!


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