Constitutional Law



The constitution is our government, and there is no other!. Not by any terms or conditions in a democracy called we the people, the constitution not the employee or a job/  is government.  That means literally:  WHATEVER THE CONSTITUTION (our contract with our selves as a nation) says this is true for this society, and every employee shall recognize: this IS THE LAW, and it must be obeyed.  No employee is “the government”. Video  leadership is this

NO employees are allowed to be greater than the constitution itself: none. NO courtroom is greater than WE THE PEOPLE, we are the court of final say!  Because the constitution and its foundation documents called the bill of rights and declaration of independence:  do represent our control over all our employees. They are not greater than, we are!  Rather we the people have agreed as  a constitutional contract:  this,  is what our nation shall become.  That is the foundation of democratic government.

       The power to rule over our employees:  is granted by law within the constitution.  That first amendment law is “redress of grievances”/ and it means:  we the people SHALL call for a courtroom, when reality deems it necessary.  Before all the people. holds two trials in the US supreme court for redress, identifying this. Each was dismissed by the secretary of the court:  which is illegal, and qualifies as treason/ because it seeks deliberately to undo the constitution itself. Nonetheless, because those trials were docketed in the US supreme court, they still stand as unresolved cases/ and CAN BE BROUGHT TO TRIAL by the nation itself!

Redress is:  For the express purpose of deciding whether our employees have in fact lived up to their oath of office, and did do, what the constitution specifically declared they would do; in their sworn duty to obey the constitution itself, as their own primary job for pay.

There is no pleading the fifth amendment in redress:  you are an employee, and we are the owners here. There is no declaring you shall not answer the question: or prison shall find you inside; literally until you do, without lies. We are the judge, because this; as we the people IS OUR NATION.  NOT yours to control, as an employee of the people. We are the owners here.

The foundation of democracy is law. The foundation of society is the enforcement of that law. The reality of treason is determined by when the people employed by oath to accept these things:  are corrupted, and refuse. Because the vast majority of people refused to protect their world, or nation, or even self:  they were abandoned in favor of the law. Which is its own army of force. Therefore through the courts I did go: to find NO enforcement of the law or constitution. By omission, and a complete refusal to accept: foundation arguments that exist as constitutional guaranteed decrees for this society. The courts have proven to be “only for the rich”/ unless a true crowd sits outside their door, to insist “we are watching you”. That did not happen, which means: the judiciary is the same as the people. “Don’t tell me what I don’t want to know/ I DON’T want to know that, and I refuse to change”. Simple as that, even though the law cannot be refused without true rebellion!  Greed proves “you love the bribe” even though the counterfeiting is nothing more than an explosive buried under your feet/ with an automatic timer, that will go off.  Still don’t care;  “you want, what you want”. Nothing else!


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