Ocean Threat



Where do we begin:  there are so many.  And most of society says, I DON’T like the ocean/ so it does not matter to me:  who cares!  Well you do/  a billion people or more EAT today, because of life being caught out of the ocean.  Lose that ecological system, and all that food, YOU EAT;  disappears forever.  Which means another 1 out of every 8 people will starve/ and then turn to cannibalism:  because it is that, or death. As is proven by island populations trapped in that same reality, from the past.

Base food sources in the ocean are all in jeopardy:  life growing from beneath the ice flows are failing.  Human fishing for base food groups endangers all.  Human trawlers that leave no fish behind:  end that species survival in that area.  Ending the fish which are dependent upon them as well. Human garbage filling an area the size of America in the oceans. Coral reefs dying. Poisons, plastics, and I don’t care;  are all insuring HELL is coming for humanity too.  Save your ocean life, or face extinction.   Video fire control 1




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