The demonstration of knowledge, by the construction or observation of events that lead to a summary:  which is either right or wrong/ or many times only slightly correct. The value or the tragedy  of it, changes our reality.  However the consequences of that change are never considered, where money or power is involved. Science has mushroomed due to weapons of mass destruction, & because reality has been confiscated by counterfeiting (hidden inflation) government currency.  Reality is denied; Therein truth is abandoned, “they do whatever they want/ or they can’t stop us” is the norm.  video “death comes knocking”.

THE MOST SIGNIFICANT demonstration of physical science, by the universities is:  their attempts to ignite sun fire on earth! Every claim they depend upon as a fact of the sun, is an outright lie & has been refuted on “down the homepage a bit”. Their claim of fusion has been destroyed by the evidence created in their laboratory at Lawrence Livermore, in San Francisco. Still they continue; “because the money is good, and it is their job on the line”. Consequences be damned.

THE FOUNDATION EVENT of several machines doing experiments which will ignite sun fire on earth is:    everyday, is a threat.  That leaves us all with, either;  as the universities, all predict (that the nuclear fire as is on the sun, will just extinguish itself) because, according to them:  “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”. A claim they base upon a fantasy element with an atomic weight over 3000/ completely unproven.  That is their ONLY  plan, there is no other.  Video fire fence 2

In contrast reality says:  THAT TEN MILLION DEGREE FIRE, which obviously burns the bond in atoms for energy:  “will just continue to burn, just like on the sun”. but on this planet that is “all fuel”, to a nuclear fire.  Killing us all, and even changing the solar system itself, by the creation of another sun; changing earth.  Once ignition occurs your choice is dead:  every life, and every future life, everything LIVES OR DIES in that single instance. Because we cannot extinguish a nuclear fire.  VIDEO fire fence 3

 Do ask your “university experts” if the fire they are trying to create, which they call fusion:  is NOT a nuclear fire? Ask them to explain where the energy comes from if they say no? Ask them to declare why:  if helium is being produced with every btu as they suggest/ THEN where is the helium?   IS YOUR WORLD, your very life:  NOT WORTH ASKING THESE QUESTIONS?

 There is no middle ground, no second chances:  because we cannot even approach a ten million degree fire. We cannot remove the fuel, in a nuclear fire:  it’s an atom! So answer the question yourself:  WHAT IS the cost of being wrong? For every life on earth! .

Our only option is then to stop these experiments/ stop gambling with life and earth:  and respect the truth;  LIFE FOR THIS PLANET MUST COME FIRST.  No exceptions. Therefrom control the universities in their entirety and remove all their freedom to decide what they can or cannot do.  Failure to comply means:  The penalty for threatening life or earth is death.





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