Weapons Of Mass Destruction



“the blind leading the blind”.  Nothing about them is your “savior”/ instead they stand ready to exterminate our world;  with the slightest provocation, a reality controlled now, by “millions of people”.  A reality that reeks with contempt for life itself.  Video university is wrong 3

    WORLD LAW as derived by we the people of this world.  Created to govern our leaders, by presenting them all:  with this decree.  “either OBEY THESE RULES” which shall now govern our world.  Or we the people of this world who shall create a policing force from all nations:  WILL COME to arrest those leaders who refuse, and prosecute them before the world in open court. With  PUNISHMENT or death.  World law is limited to OUR LAW OVER leaders! That law is limited by the terms we the world shall in fact agree too by vote. NO LEADER is excused, from our law.  NO weapons of mass destruction shall be allowed to remain. THE LAW RULES/ not fear.   www.justtalking5.info suggests just how important that reality is today; and it proves university leaders shall be subject to the same world domination, by law.

World law is enforced by:  establishing the truth if a leader does not surrender. The first thing to be done is: identify this is the world demanding your participation in a courtroom of our laws; granted by all the peoples of this world as justice for each one. They will be simple laws, so as not to require any definition:  plain.

Refusal to come forward initiates the following realities in order.

  1. EVERY ASSOCIATE LEADER shall be notified this leader will be required in our court: make him or her come forward.
  2. The armies involved will be notified: we do not attack you/ but we will insist on taking this person or these people to court: in full public view of the world/ for trial. Do not interfere/ you are not involved.
  3. The wealthy shall be entitled to understand: because the wealthy pick the leaders/ they’re possessions will be on the list of targets to be destroyed if this goes on.
  4. The decree shall go forward: whosoever kills this man or woman who will not come forward for trial/ shall be rewarded;  either with money and a new place to live/ or by taking over control of that government. You get his job:  if you survive.
  5. If after 6 months time, this person(s) are not in custody. The international policing force shall in fact begin to demolish the structures of government one by one. With the assertion: either surrender that person or another possession will fall.
  6. If after the deliberate refusal to surrender government to the world by law fails/ then the next set of possessions to be targeted is “wealthiest first” shall lose their home/ possessions/ business/ etc. Until they take action, and produce the leader that will go to trial.
  7. If the military does get involved/ then there shall be a response appropriate to the criminal conspiracy, AND TREASON AGAINST A WORLD: that is intended to deny this world its chosen LAW. That does mean “generals in particular” SHALL stand trial for treason against this world. Let the world itself decide what their punishment is going to be. Let the warning extend to all services: that whosoever, takes an order or stands against law for this world/ SHALL BE LIKEWISE treated with their generals.
  8. ALL nations shall stop aiding or abetting the nation which refuses from the beginning of a demand to release a leader for trial.


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