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WE THE PEOPLE have guaranteed rights, so says democracy itself. That is the purpose of a constitution to declare those rights, and limit our employees: hired to serve.  Among those rights are a trial by jury. The purpose of a jury is;  to judge, whether or not this legal process along with all its participants are worthy of being called true: to the intentional justice of our democracy, and the honesty applied by the realistic  practices of our society.  Video government is this

More specifically although you the jury, can be called upon to decide the fate of someone in trial!  YOUR CHOSEN JOB, by constitutional purpose is:  to insure this is the society we “gave our lives for”/ that we, “spent our money for”/ that we would accept in judgment over our own lives, or someone important to our lives.  Is fair! Thereby justice is served.

Without justice by law, there is no government, and there will be no peace. Consequently the job of every democracy is to insure the courtroom is in fact:  controlled by the legal limits of what is freedom/ what are rights/ and when does liberty go to far. does give some insights into what is needed, for a better world.

To create justice:  the jury must be allowed and instructed to judge the judge/ must be instructed to judge the lawyers on both sides/ must be entitled to                                                                                                             express and publicize their belief if justice was done in this courtroom. So the public can vote to sustain a courtroom that they own, its judge, lawyers, etc: or remove them.  To declare we will only work with the people who do respect life and nation;  honestly, deliberately, and with a purpose to work deliberately for us all, for life in harmony. We are the owners here, the courtroom is ours.

The purpose of democracy is NOT “freedom to do anything you wish”/ that is anarchy, people fail. Rather the purpose of democracy is to determine as we the people working together:  WHAT is in everyone’s best interest as a society. A society which respects each other, and our individual, fundamental realities and choices, as life on earth. Greed is not respect/ power is not for individual freedoms/ selfishness fails every life/ and arrogance is a graveyard coming. Peace requires caring. Harmony demands sharing, even forgiveness when necessary. The future survives only by truth. These are lessons you must learn. No you do not have the right to do anything you please/ no we do not have the right to do anything we please as a majority:  the constitution, which is our contract with each other decides what is fair. What is the direction our society must go. The value of a contract is:  “your voice” has little say; the decision has already been made.  Which does enforce “the constitution, and its foundation documents:  is our only true  government”/ not the employees. Video democracy is this


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