Global Warming



Not a game anymore.  There is no question of human involvement:  we cause global warming. Simply calculate all the fossil fuels we release as heat/ forest fires we cause/ green house gases we release/ changes in environment/ and other energy release from cleaner sources we use to create air conditioning, and more.  EACH OF THESE IS ENTIRELY HUMAN CAUSED WARMING!  That fact equates to a cube of ice several thousand miles thick;  per year.  Go ahead add it up. And then realize when that ice already here, mediating our temperatures:  no longer exists to mediate the temperature of this planet:  WHAT HAPPENS THEN?  Answer, it gets twenty degrees hotter, everywhere:  in fifteen years or less, and all life dies;  one way or the other.  Coming soon. was an initial attempt, for you to consider thinking of life in different ways, might help you. Video flooding 

Global warming means:  all the base food life, that feeds a  portion of all ocean life; originating from under the ice/ will soon be lost for all intents and purposes, so far as a massive subsistence to ocean life exists. Without a base food group, EVERYTHING above it dies;  consider that, and remember how you refused to accept, believing whatever you wanted instead of:  “this world of life comes first”.

Stay within the limits of what the planet can tolerate/ even though YOU MUST surrender much of what you want to keep.  Its life or death for our world:  make your decision. Just remember “there is no going back in time or realities of choice”.  Video earth danger 2



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