IS Like the body, which represents an organism, with a wide variety of participants, doing different things for a similar purpose.  WE MUST get along with each other, or the whole thing dies. Men counter:  there is war, to fix that by proving we are the only life that matters.  Video in a better world

Like a living body, which has “countless needs, wants, and desires”/ so does society. Which means no person can truly lead the others; it is too complex; some will be discarded. That fact identifies the absolute necessity for freedom to rule life; as best we can.  Because people who are unhappy, create tremendous problems for the rest. While the rest, who are not going to let anyone disturb their wants:  create tremendous problems for those who are unhappy.

Living in peace, is a decision to participate with justice, and respect for all. Corruption is this simple:   be as selfish as you can be; wanting all things “just for you, or us”.

The foundation of nearly all social conflict is:  that money rules the world. Thereby whosoever has the money gets to rule over the others. is the display of one person in court against  power. There are lessons if you desire them.

       In contrast to that is:  by limited capitalism (we vote on the limits allowed to each individual:  both the least and the most anyone is allowed to earn, in a year.  Which can also include: what anyone is allowed to hold as their personal or corporate  property.  By that standard, we govern ourselves by controlling the power of money for ourselves/ by the greater power called:  we the people. Video examining money


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