Reality removes “fusion as a lie”, and: describes a nuclear fire, by frictional bombardment [play time is over; as that is enough information; to let them destroy this planet/ unless you stop it: NO GOING BACK]; calling it, the  GOD  given name: as is “Satan”!   live or die: make your decision.

Alas, your university gods say: they don’t need to worry about “Satan” or nature or anything; because evolution (chaos is god) will just make something else; “in a billion years or so”. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, and more. SO, with their covid money taken, lies released, treason and terrorism: they use every day to destroy the balance, disciplines, order, respect, truth, and dignity of life; to establish their claim of “evolution is god”.  To YOUR shame, and their eternal terrors.

THE SAME, damn filthy sewer of excrement; taught you the fantasy of evolution/ and the delusion of fusion; as their imagination became their own death march. LOOK at your own body, and its complexity; NOTHING about evolution is true, except adaption (the elemental truth of thought was here, as reality would prove to survive; requires more than what you want). They proved absolutely nothing; apart from “this looks like that”: shame on you for believing fools. WAKE UP OR DIE.

We then search truth: to discover, you MUST NOT continue logging; other than to salvage wood. Because if you do: the atmosphere of this planet will lose its grip, and disconnect: trees hold it together. YOU CAN’T get it back, past the point of no return. Venus atmosphere is said to move at 700 mph. STOP the destruction or lose your planet home. REPLANT!  The list is very long: nuclear waste can be mixed with a cement slurry and poured down “Oil drilled test holes, that produced nothing; or are done producing”. the problem with nuclear reactors is pitting inside (wrap it up, and it can remain in use) from the bubbling of water & should be under the lake, in one form or another so that no machine is needed to open the valve and cool a reactor in trouble. Even the problem of all the information collected on each one; can be resolved “If needed”: by simply crossing the transformer lines; to introduce primary voltage. Because only “the gestapo” needs all that information: to separate and kill. Your world is tilting: save it, or die.

STAND UP/ SIGN YOUR NAME/ SHOUT: WE CANNOT LET THEM BE WRONG; and make a difference. ESTABLISH A COURTROOM; so that we the people can decide for ourselves. REDRESS is “the American legal constitutional right; to do that very thing”.    and the world shouts back: “you can’t make a difference/ it is worthless to try”! Because they want an excuse.  But, your excuse has died; and your world will be next; because you chose not to care.   Making this decision:  a final message, CHANGE YOUR DEATH MARCH/ or be extinct.   DO WHAT YOU CAN DO; as is the duty of all.

And humanity says: WE DON’T want no damn change/ WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; ALL OF IT, AND MORE! EVERYTHING, you damn fool; shame on you, for trying to take that away.  WE WON’T be targets: YOU DO IT.   But reality has proven that will not work;  CORRUPTION has taken over.   LIFE OR DEATH;  is up to you/ YOUR WORLD thrown away, or protected as best you can, with LAW!

But reality replies: you took everything you wanted/ denied everything you had a duty to protect/ cursed yourselves with endless counterfeiting/ caused catastrophe after catastrophe coming; because you worshiped the cult of imagination; rather than truth. Discarded life, all of it/ in favor of money and the pride that let you throw it all away; ending with a world soon to be lost to every living thing forever. Because all you wanted was the disease of pride/ the abyss of want/ and the power to judge everyone else; as ends in hate (son or daughter of the dead). I tell you change; examine the truth of your reality; make a decision based upon the evidence of REALITY FIRST/ and don’t let the devil of cult worshiping cost you this world. To which you reply: “we want what we want”/ when reality proves,for this entire world: it is your coffin you desire. FACE YOUR TRUTH, AND CHANGE OR DIE. QUIT, believing in fools, liars, traitors, terrorists, disasters, the dead cult of failures, and even Satan himself; as is the intent of a nuclear fire/ destroying genetic nature/ and so much more.

FEAR is your enemy; BELIEF is your enemy; OBEY is your enemy: because each of these intends to keep you anchored in a herd/ NOT able to think on your own. And the people say: WE ARE safer in a herd/ than alone! But reality says: you have followed the leaders of that herd into an abyss of extinction; and will not find the way out: unless you become alive with RESPECT inside. Your cult wants none of that; because it is the herd which gives them power. SEEK ONLY TRUTH, fear will dissipate; ACCEPT ONLY the evidence of reality (decisions supported, with real value); which allows you to think, not believe: IDENTIFY THE VALUE of life, living, and planet (accept the path of purity, NO imagination/ best we can): and in these things respect will grow.

But make no mistake; your future is bleak: because of what you did do. The return to life and earth alive, a future for every child: will not be free/ but it does exist: IF YOU CHOOSE, and establish RESPECT FOR; ALL LIFE AND PLANET comes first/ no more playing god. EXTINCTION is your only other choice.   RETURN TO REALITY/ IDENTIFY WHAT IS TRUE;   go to court, because you must convince the rest; or all will die.

There literally is: VERY little more, that I can do for you in this theater called a WARNING. NOT, “your savior”! The message is delivered; humanity decides/ you choose “to fight for life and communicate/ or let it die”.           NO, “second chances”: choose!    I ASK you to prove what is true/ nothing more or less:  thereby letting all the people decide/ their future, for themselves.   BEFORE death cannot be undone.

LIFE is standing on the wire, ready to fall: with nuclear war beckoning/ catastrophic nature disasters coming/ water losses/ starvation and then cannibalism/ resource devastation/ ocean life gone/ thieves who stole your everything/ liars, death, and mayhem closing in, “to eat you alive”; AN ENTIRE WORLD on the brink of complete failure. Whether you believe it or not: GO TO COURT AND PROVE WHAT IS, AND WHAT IS NOT TRUE. GO TO COURT AND DEMAND: PROVE, THE COST OF BEING WRONG. SO THAT WE ALL DECIDE; a world alive/ or a HELL mutilated, dead, and dying forever lost. CHOOSE!

In every single threat: it is a university decision, that made it happen. The only exception, the people demanding NO restrictions on us either, as the population continues to explode ON A FINITE planet.  ALL SCREAMING; WE WANT WHAT WE WANT, let the earth and life be DAMNED. We want what we want; as every decade has proven true. I have informed; but you will choose. I have enlightened; but only you, can condemn yourselves. Fear will not save you/ ridicule, making me into an enemy you can defeat; will not save you/ threats of violence to claim courage which does not exist, will not save you/ hiding or running away will not save you. CHANGE (life and earth come first; RESPECT AND TRUTH decide) / or die. UNDERSTAND WITHOUT DOUBT; this is no game.

Those who threaten a world; offering mutilation, disease, disasters, starvation, MORE; playing god with life and planet; for the multitudes. Do not deserve to remain among the living. Their choice is “hate”/ their god is chaos/ their fate is terrors beyond imagination. NONE remain among the living; as their choice is to play as if “the living dead”. Let the evidence of truth decide/ let the multitudes repay with “not here” anymore.

the northern and southern ocean life, all require food: the primary source for that base line food for the cold sea: originated under sea ice/ no ice, no food/ no life.  Your trawlers empty the sea/ your choices destroy coral reefs: You stand on the edge of an abyss of your own starvation, EVEN EXTINCTION; yet are completely blind.  The truth and evidence of a cult/ or NO, the leaders/ universities, cannot be questioned, each chanting: BELIEVE, FEAR, OBEY; to your shame “nazi: demanding power”. Rights, values, truths, freedoms, life, justice, planet;  more, wrecked by fools, “with a diploma, or as a fanatic”. Only one, “of a thousand more tragedies coming”.

But then comes the truth of our human existence; the most vile and insane period of life in history; courtesy of “University knows/ universities play god”. Each Screaming; we can have anything we want/ there are no consequences for us. As the world itself dies as the result. As human indifference and disrespect continues to massacre and mutilate all forms of life into a crucifixion that will extend into yourselves. Unless of course; SATANIC rituals of “lets play with the same fire as is on the sun; right here on earth”; consumes you first. And all the people scream: I WANT, and then hide from reality. And all the people scream: I CAN, as the world collapses under human population explosions, trillions of tons of poison released every year, water supplies intentionally destroyed; endless theft and sacrificing every child; or more simply “nothing has ever been, more Satan/ destroyer; than you”. And all religion screams: “we are gods children/ HE, will do everything, WE, don’t have to do NOTHING”. As that too becomes true; with the exception, since universities are your god; you have become Satan’s children (destroyers of a living world) instead of what you want to believe. So says the truth. CHANGE, or there will be no reprieve.  And all the people say: “hide/ run away/ deny” OR, ridicule, kill him, destroy the messenger; so no one knows: OR, we will have to change!  As the world itself, begins to shudder under the truth of what your “university gods” have done. AS is weapons of mass destruction/ ocean life dead/ massive theft/ destruction of everything/ sacrifice every child/ destroy this world to prove “you can play god: of death”!  But hey, don’t worry: “your garbage dumps are their gold mine, right/ not in your lifetime, right/ you don’t care, right: AIN’T GOING TO DO NOTHING; LET THE WORLD DIE, right/ ain’t your responsibility, right; after all, you got better things to do; as is greed, selfishness, cult worship, lust, pride, power, revenge, hate, fantasies, delusion, and imagination bordering beyond the insane.  As the dead shout: KILL HIM, we are gods/ no consequences for us. While HADES (the war against life) will soon prove; you were wrong.

THE LAW; does not recognize politics; let none decide for you! THE LAW, is simple and plain; so that all can understand, and little dispute is possible. THE LAW, supports justice, truth, fair play, dignity, values sharing equally with all, peace, harmony, happiness, nature and world shall be protected. NONE shall hold a threat against us all. THE LAW ends corruption by removing the parasite from its creation: granting only WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE. THE LAW, accepts freedoms are inherent rights, and cannot be judged; unless reality demands it MUST be so. Which means all rules shall be MINIMAL, and only where necessary to protect the integrity of society or world. Group separation may however be needed. To achieve: power is evicted, “limited capitalism” will prove superior/ by allowing NONE excessive opportunities to control the rest.

THE UNION, against power: is a very simple one! If the law rules/ then power does not! If the law rules/ then pride does not. If the law rules/ then want does not. UNLESS we let the fools, make our laws, and sell us out for their own gain.

THE UNION against weapons which force compliance: is a very simple one. We the people enforce our laws with a courtroom; which allows for truth to decide what is fair. BY OUR LAWS, we then assert, the criminal has no authority over policing or the military. Which makes whosoever has control over that law; the authority of what is justice for this society, nation, or world.

THE UNION to decide what our laws must be: is a very simple one. WE NEED NOT “a billion laws or rules”/ but only what is truly needed by humanity, to control the criminals, and sustain fair play. NOTHING MORE than that; because with endless laws there are excuses. With endless rules; individuals are selected by groups who want to be “unjustified”.

THE UNION against tyranny: is very simple. Without the framework of undeniable authority, and penalties which allow a few “to play god”; there is no tyrant. Because they cannot enforce their delusions. Therefore a true and complete BILL OF RIGHTS; must be formed, for all military personnel/ all policing and citizenry/ all of society MUST enforce justice by “measuring the judge; to understand; if this is, as we told you to do, by our laws”/ removing any who fail, as quickly as needed.

THE UNION against all forms of extreme threat, IS A DEMAND to force into court, all those who have failed our trust, by establishing a reality that is playing god with life. NO SUCH THING IS ALLOWED; and truth by the evidence as best we can must occur. MUST convince the public of the cost for being wrong; without the fantasies; as are a constant corruption by media.

THE UNION TO ESTABLISH LAW AS OUR GOVERNMENT; and push back, those employees who have taken it upon themselves to RULE over us. Is very simply: by the laws which govern you, and the bill or rights that protect us/ WE WILL put you in prison, for denying our truth. As a society or a world.

THE UNION, to become a peaceful world, seeking harmony within itself; is bound together; by removing hate from your midst. Hate is not anger, which does have a resolution. Hate is a decision, which no longer allows for love to exist. Hate is not a delusion, but a predator in our midst. Hate is not a fantasy or its imagination; because the truth says, “these creatures of the dark” hide in disguises so they can attack, as violence and opportunity allows. Separate them out. LOVE and hate: are complete opposites, and they never live as one. Even though humanity wants that, it is the basis of all chaos and betrayal.

Drone swarms, can be taken down with simple fireworks. OR, a series of weather balloons, with an appropriate bomb. A suitable rocket or other means of lifting a net; and so on. “half sail/ half net” towed by a vehicle to “gather them up”; explode one, take out others; a military gun filled with shrapnel…..!

As we await the final decree of human indifference, failure, and disrespect; as is consistent with hate. OR, the realities of change as are identified with truth, value, happiness, respect, destiny, justice, fair play, the disciplines of equal, and the order of law; as is consistent with love. The critical choice is: will humanity live or die? EVERYTHING, the universities have built, “look around you”; is consistent with extinction. Because the consequences of playing god, are not a fantasy, not a delusion, nor is imagination enough. But as always, with bribes; even though it is stolen money; humanity don’t care. Competition teaches that, is the price of being a winner. But the consequence of that, includes the cost of not sharing or caring, is the end of friendship, the loss of happiness, and the tragedies of loneliness. Yet the scream “for more” is endless; and the cost of letting pride rule is the destruction of life itself.

I have done, what I could do for human, and life, and earth. While the majority finds it worthless; the reality is, unless we “the living”; share the work, and accept the values of caring; respecting the gift of life and earth: nothing can be done, to save this world. It is a choice, only you can make. And the people say: “we are doing great; we have more/ look at all these people”. But every human life eats other living things; more you/ less them; the chain of living is broken, the devastation is endless, the resources are lost for nothing, poison everywhere; and MORE. Soon you will “eat yourselves into “HELL”; soon world war three, will make you extinct; soon nature will dissolve into chaos; soon the water you need to survive will be gone; soon even the planet itself, could be ignited into another sun; because of what universities do! So life says: you are doing horribly, and will fail; forever lost if there is no true change. So my reality has worked to insist: GO TO COURT, AND PROVE WHAT IS, AND WHAT IS NOT TRUE; THE COST OF BEING WRONG; and understand, the reality is, “one second too late, and there is no saving life or earth”; because you just didn’t care enough. That is the foundation of my “message”: to you. From you: it requires truth not want/ love and justice, not pride/ respect not power. A choice only humanity must make for itself.

While HELL, is the result of men. HADES is the result, “of a war” with GOD. Eternity, beyond the element of “spirit”; has no mercy, it is what it is. Those who obey the cursed; inherit their choice. Because YOUR truth, is your truth as defined by your decision, and its consequences.

WORLD LAW, as defined by WE THE PEOPLE; is your only solution to survival; nothing less will keep life or earth alive. Rulers will NOT accept; but they are only a tiny few: who cannot by any means, control 8 billion people; until chaos rules all. YOU are the military and policing; LET LAW, valid and true: prove who owns the nation/ WHO OWNS this world.   Fight for your world, OR GO EXTINCT.

Whether good or bad: IT IS UP TO WOMEN, to lead this effort; because it is women who know they benefit from the law/ even more so than men. THERE ARE “always parasites, mice, rats, snakes, and vermin of all kinds” hiding among/ disguised as “men”: to PUSH them all, into war/ by demanding we must discard the law, only violence will solve this. It is not so, among women/ as reality will prove, only the law protects us all/ and resolves life issues by truth. That is the difference: LAW OR WAR/ choose. 

LAW (build a new world, with justice and truth; intent upon harmony) OR WAR (go extinct, as destruction proves, nothing is left to rebuild with; everything is lost; only cannibalism, rape, and hate remain)/ choose.

Show the law they break/ establish the freedoms, order, justice, and fair play; that is inherent in asking people to fight for our rights, as a nation and a world; with you.  

WE THE WORLD, ALIVE WITH LAW, JUSTIFIED BY ALL! Or; let the few, take it all away. FORCE them out (8 billion people screaming at your door/ cannot be refused); “YOU, are the military/ WE ARE, the world”. ACCEPT, your world has changed, and your ability to survive the choices that were made; are GRIM. CHOOSE BETTER, or the consequences will consume you all. IT IS, as simple as that. WHERE, is your excess? WHERE is the reality of a potential 3% population rise; which is a quarter of a billion more mouths to feed/ or at 1%, which the liars state: that is 800 million more mouths to feed PER YEAR. WHERE, is your ability to survive radiation, poisons, or biological weapons? WHERE IS your brain? Destiny searches for truth: DEFINE your truth/ so that you will KNOW reality. NOT the curse of universities lead to war; but truth decides instead.

LET THE WORLD OF HUMANITY ITSELF: DECLARE the law a leader breaks against us all/ and establish the freedoms, realities, disciplines, and justice this world of life demands from those who say, “we will lead”. As laws which you will not break. USING the force necessary; to prove that will be true, from this moment and now; forever on earth. STAND UP, sign your name; “I am here”. AND BE HEARD BY ALL; as best we can. IT IS, “your duty”.   never worry about what you cannot do/ you cannot do that:  do WHAT YOU CAN DO, as that is your gift back to this world;  for life.

The foundation of true freedom, and therefrom peace and harmony is: THAT OUR GOVERNMENT, IS THE LAW; that power of life has chosen; orchestrates the values of this society, creating happiness; by balancing the power of policing those values, with the reality of understanding: OUR lives matter/ not just yours. The greatest outreach of criminal contempt for this fact is: the overthrow of government/ by employees, who claim to be “government”. The greatest contempt for life is: a government used by employees, which threatens our very survival as a world. The greatest disgrace for a society is: to allow traitors to not only steal the securities of a nation, and export its properties and business; but accept the extortion that is constant; “in the devil owns you now”.        Remove the fools, pay the price:  understand, THE LAW, we choose for ourselves, and our world/ NOT the weapon, grants survival. The minimum force needed, and no more!

putin, “a man trying to be hitler”; has created a legal scapegoat, by pretending he did nothing illegal (same as hitler). Thereby the claim proceeds to using nuclear weapons (as would have hitler). THE CORRECT RESPONSE, and real world action is: if anything is used as such/ then NATO WILL return the same force on Russia/ BUT ONLY TO KILL PUTIN and those around him. Every effort to inform the Russian people and their military should be used/ the consequences of even a small, nuclear bomb should be made completely clear. The reality: the nation called Russia, and those surrounding it: stand to lose everything as well; because of a very tiny few: making: one OR all, your choice NO excuses, Putin will die; (the reality of 8 billion people have agreed, and now decreed: your life shall be executed)one way or the other! By his own nation/ or as is the reality of his choice: NO mercy/ NO excuses/ surrender the game.  “surrender the war”/ or life and earth could fail!  None, should doubt this is true!   He shouts; “bow down/ or this earth dies; because I say so (even beyond hitler)”.  Let this world shout back: “your time on earth is over”; because we say so. It no longer takes a ruler; “we the people” are enough!  WHO, is stupid enough/ fool enough: to let a sewer rat, “who sits on his toilet throne”;  kill your own world/ answer the question WAKE UP OR DIE.  DEMAND NATO:  lines up against Russia/ establish Ukraine within the alliance. MAKE IT COMPLETELY CLEAR;  stop, or a missile dedicated to killing Putin and his close allies; shall be returned in response to; “further escalation”.  Let the Russian military be notified/ WE, the people; ONLY WANT PUTIN, dead; stand aside, and no more will come. OR, if you want your world to be stable; then kill him yourselves.   let the world join in;  does he not threaten life and earth? INCLUDING YOU.    Let the parasite die; as allegiance is to your nation, and nothing less. Putin has already killed/ has already destroyed much: IS ASKING THE WORLD FOR WAR; against “RUSSIA/ as is, YOU!  “JUST HOW DO YOU BELIEVE THAT WILL END”/ WHERE IS YOUR BRAIN?   AND THERE ARE MORE who threaten our world.       wake up or die, DEMAND LAW/ not, the dead game of university, “which is, no consequences” for us: IS OVER.    FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD, or lose it.  and religion says:  “let   GOD  do it”/ even though, it is only men who threaten. SHOULD  HE   ; kill them all? ARE YOU NOT “damn cowards”?  Men are the threat/ MEN are the solution; GET OFF YOUR ASS. or, women will get off their ass as well.  GET A SAY, FIGHT FOR LAW.

Should nato refuse; there are literally tens of thousands of people educated; in how to make nuclear bombs and much more; all over the world. “delivery” should not be difficult; there are numerous ways. Same of course is true for N. Korea and all others. WORLD LAW is your only real defense:  MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Love lives within the law of “we choose this, because it is fair,

Love lives within the law of “we choose this, because it is fair, because justice lives with peace and harmony and happiness”; thereby rising above the elements of time, as a body; to encompass the journey that is beyond self. Where life illuminates itself as the values we chose, within respect.

Hate chooses chaos, as it descends into selfishness, and its three “sorcerers (what evil does): defined as the elements of want, pride, and power”; as then consumes your life, in the fate of this violence; you did choose.

The foundation of our living, KNOWS: the difference, between these two choices; not only identifies who we are, but creates the world of time we live within. As they are distinctly different: so is the life and living each does create.

BY THE LAW, WE CREATE FOR OURSELVES, AS WE THE PEOPLE! NOT, surrendering that law, by voting for someone to vote for me! THE FOUNDATION OF A NEW WORLD ORDER EXISTS. The critical truth: NO MORE than necessary/ NO EXCESSIVE language or concepts/ NO rules (selecting this for a few; other than for leaders). ONLY what is needed to rule ourselves by the law we create; to do that very thing.

BY THE LAW, WE CREATE FOR OURSELVES, AS WE THE PEOPLE! NOT, surrendering that law, by voting for someone to vote for me! THE FOUNDATION OF A NEW WORLD ORDER EXISTS. The critical truth: NO MORE than necessary/ NO EXCESSIVE language or concepts/ NO rules (selecting this for a few; other than for leaders). ONLY what is needed to rule ourselves by the law we create; to do that very thing.

Once truth has accomplished a valid and real understanding of what that law needs to be. OUR WORK to define that law is over/ and only enforcing the validity of what we chose remains. NO more weapons of mass destruction. NO MORE EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION by universities. NO more massive military or destruction of planet or sacrificing the future of every child. REAL WORLD TRUTH DECIDES, as is needed to save this world, for the living: from the curse of human apathy, arrogance, hate, disrespect, tyranny, and playing god with life or world. The animals, who will not think, beyond want, pride, or power; for themselves.

HOPE is a dignity, discovered in the realities of what we believe our society or our lives are about. If your society has justice/ then hope lives as your ability to accept this confrontation will have an end, that is fair and for life. If your life has “the essence of truth, that is alive in you”; then hope becomes a foundation for trust, and truth identifies that trust as a participation in love. Always choose hope, it is the path beyond self, which grants “a destiny that is fair”.

But if you have no hope; then society has defeated you; and anger exists as the road to hate. If you have no hope for life/ then you have cursed yourself with hate, as is the reality of a life lost to death will end this. Causing consequences, which cannot be turned back.

And the world says: “I WILL NOT fight for this world/ because if I die, there is no world left for me”. BUT TRUTH SAYS; we all die, and only eternity is left, for those found worthy of its life, by love which shapes, law. CHOOSE! This foundation for hope, our world will survive/ rather than go extinct. Chooses to remove the power of politics (you won’t make laws anymore, or control the money either). Chooses to remove the pride of winning; as the end of games, to control each other, and claim superiority is very limited in life formed by truth. Chooses to end excessive want, with justice; so that all can be equals, as best we can achieve with limited capitalism (we decide the limits and boundaries of money or property resources). THEREFORE we the people, is NOT the action of an individual, but the reality of the law we choose to describe for ourselves. The power that is “8 billion people, who will not be enslaved by a tiny few called leaders”.

As to you: YOU AS the HUMANITY, living ON this EARTH, reality proves: ARE THE PROBLEM! The tragedy of your ways, the decisions you allowed yourselves to believe, are the cost and the consequence, of being WRONG; for life and earth. Which does mean: YOU ARE, your own solutions/ CHANGE your values, OR DIE as HELL (we cannot survive this, anymore; consumes your world). Simple as that, grow up; and stop living in the fantasy world of “university knows”/ as those “playing god”; did lead you here to death by the catastrophe of their imagination. Humanity dissolves itself with hate/ or it rises above itself with respect, the reality of letting truth decide for us/ not want, pride, or power; as is the cost of leaders.

In the reality of things, that are consistent with the values, dignity, and duties of life on earth; life itself says to me, that I have now done enough for this world. That all choices have been established and aligned with truth and its consequences of failure; as is “university knows”. The cost of remaining a cult; to the religion of “university is god”; has been spelled out sufficiently. The catastrophe of failure/ costs of delusion/ consequences of fantasy; the sacrifice of every child, and life on earth; including your own eternity lost to “choices made”; have been identified. The critical truth of resource decline, and the demand for population control has been explained enough. Making my work beyond this point of no return: YES YOU DO KNOW/ yes you have a duty to communicate; finished. At least for now! I remain willing to “help women change this world; with truth for life/ NOT wants, pride, or power”. That is my only remaining obligation, to the work male did do. EVERYTHING is up to you, to change; or face the truth of your choices made. NOT “your savior, god, guru, etc”/ not your enemy, target, devil, or anything else either. I as from the beginning; am a messenger; delivering the message to humanity: if you don’t change, and accept truth/ instead of universities are god. Then you will go extinct. Simple as that; the evidence is sufficient to prove it is so; nothing more needs to be done by me. Fight for your world, or it will end; and eternity will remember you did nothing of value for life. The consequences is; life will do nothing back for you.

Hate constructs a death march, by letting a few leaders decide for the world. As is the cost of weapons of mass destruction, threats that cannot be undone. As is the cost of genetically mutilating nature. As is the cost of igniting atoms on fire, to burn this earth just like the sun (not a game, the cost of being WRONG). And more, as is the destruction of resources, overpopulation, poisoning everything, betrayal of all life on earth; along with every child. And more.

The law (OUR decision/ NOT “just theirs”), constructs a life march; by letting the massive vote of all humanity on earth, and even less. Decide for themselves, what can or cannot be done with or to their own lives, their own habitat as is earth and nature and a future. Protecting the law, grants the value of life can remain. Protecting hate, grants that this earth will soon be extinct. Which means it is a choice; humanity makes for itself. Separate yourselves, from your leaders: which means, they are no longer rulers/ but plain and simple citizens just like you. That reality functionally means: they get one vote, just like the rest. That reality fundamentally means: they will not control the military, because the military “is US”. The consequence of that is: UNLESS “WE, are attacked” without just cause. The military shall stand down, and let the leaders be tried for treason. The public: shall adhere to the law, and accept: NOT ONE, shall threaten a world; or its life, or its future. ALL MUST ACCEPT, THE LAW DECIDES, not any man, woman, or group. Creating that law is done: by sorting through the possibilities, letting truth create what is justified and fair/ so that then “all the world” can vote upon the truth, of what we the people shall allow our planet, our lives, and our future to accept. Nothing beyond that law is allowed; no exceptions or excuses. An international policing force; which cannot allow anyone to retain “employment therein” for more than 7 years; weapons and logistics will be separated into numerous countries; “not allowed/ unless our conditions are met”; insures these do not form a war against us all.

If you participate in this way with each other, fighting to reassemble this world with laws that will help you to survive. Then those who threaten, will not be allowed to take this earth away. YOU WILL have your chance to change. But if not; then you have made your decision, and the realities you chose shall win the game you made life into; by playing god. Instead of respecting life.

Go to court, and learn: “the tragedy of your ways/ the failure of your universities/ the cost of being wrong”. CHANGE, because denial of what is truth; is the end of your world.

My prayer (hope expands beyond self) for you is quite simple: may humanity expand this decision to “our living world”/ as is your duty to do. So that each may have a vote, to decide the future of their world. Beyond that, the point of no return exists: only time will prove by its reality; what is true, about your choice.

The most critical discovery of this time on earth is: that without fighting to keep this world alive/ it will die, and cause your extinction; because of what universities have done. The consequences are true/ the evidence is real/ the foundations of life and planet itself are being destroyed/ failure is upon every child; the cost of throwing away resources enough “for a thousand years of life”; in these last fifty years of time. YOU ARE fortunate: that they have increased the war against you/ in order to force you into slavery and begging to them for your life; as biological warfare will produce. YOU HAVE one single solution only: GO TO WORLD COURT, AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE; THE COST OF BEING WRONG. Nobody hides the evidence/ nobody runs away from revealing what they do know/ nobody refuses to participate, or lie: TRUTH, and nothing less, or to prison you will go. Within that reality is: BANKRUPTCY, a courtroom for redress of grievances; where WE THE PEOPLE, shall now decide: what will or will not be done for this nation. Ejecting the trash, that tore the nation apart. If you fail to control your bankruptcy, so that you can return to reality: they will, “be like maggots glued to your face”. TRUTH, and nothing but the truth; by redress as is democracy defending itself from civil war. THE DECISION FOR WORLD LAW, not armies and weapons of mass destruction.  REALITY; not fantasies or delusion/  CHOOSE, truth.

LIFE IS NOT A GAME, fear will not save you from yourselves. The foundation of every tyrant is money: therefore limited capitalism proves “you will stop here”/ so the rest can share. The foundation of betrayal is: I can hide/ therefore world court removes the curtain, opens the door; and resolves what is true, by the evidence we need to survive. The foundation of weapons is, “we must/ they will invade”: but the reality of that decision is, NONE will come to help. Therefore world court, to control the leaders; by laws we the people of this world create for ourselves, by vote: takes away the decision to invade, and removes the tyrant from his or her power to consume either nation. By enforcing that law: with policing from every nation combined into one force; which will not be turned away. The foundation of universities play god is: “tools/ and hiding from the truth”. Therefore by taking away all tools, and opening every door; to eradicate and remove “fantasy, delusions, and imagination” from playing god with life or world/ the demand: YOU WILL PAY, for the cost of who you are, to us. Shall be given as the truth of consequences you create; without our true and real consent on each specific choice we will then make for ourselves. RESPECT IS, the recognition of value. No respect is found in a universities cult; they are merely believers, in a religion of fools: therefore take evolution to court, and prove what is true. To discard the serpent, and kill its life and influence, from among you. By truth!

While these are elements of reality; every cult hates reality; as all belief focuses on “we want what we want”. The consequence of that is: when regrouped, “the herd dogs”, will begin barking, growling, and threatening: “this is a non-believer” who wants us all dead. If the herd says yes, they form a mob and panic into fear/ trying to run the believed invader down: because truth is unwelcome here. Which then becomes: either the cult dissolves to some other level, because reality itself has invaded; and a personal brain is found/ or they become an army, ruled by the cult leader, and his or her brain is all that matters. Media will attempt to control and evict; all forms of personal “identity”: only the university matters. But if truth invades: the evidence of our ultimate betrayal; as is the coming extinction, will not be turned away.

There are; treasuries in time, called both heart and soul. The dimensions of heart, “prove a man/ while the dimensions of soul, Identify a woman”. The difference is, a man must accept the duties and disciplines of living in this world, caring enough to provide for a future. While it is the honesty and order of respect that defines a woman; creating in the miracles of our existence, the care of sharing a home, that man needs to define himself as valued and alive. Together they balance life with respect for each other, by shaping the discovery of their own truth as one shared, living example of what heaven itself was intended to be: if trust, love, and truth allow.

The failure of these things, results in perversion (I want power/ I demand it), apathy (living is worthless to me), arrogance (living proves I am a god), suicide (I cannot live this anymore), poverty (their greed has destroyed my life), prostitution (lust has a price), whoring (nothing is more selfish than money), and more as is: the battle to take away everything/ for a tiny few; to own it all (winners as pride demands), and throw away the rest (losers as power demands); as is this USA; the cult of the damned, worships university/ and every single penny of their war against life and democracy in this nation comes from stealing, by using government to counterfeit money, and claim their debts don’t matter/ only yours. Giving hate room to invade (I will have revenge), manipulate (I will make them do what I want, and steal their soul), and control (they cannot escape my wrath, or cunning to make them fail) by removing “heart: the place where life finds being alive is better than time”.

The universities teach, and insist: “you are nothing but animals”/ while every miracle of life that exists proves that alone is measure enough, to search for what is true. Religion teaches we are more; while Christianity teaches: being more than an animal is required to seek eternal life. Being alive in the treasuries of love, the courage of respect, and the values of truth construct a path beyond human; which is to learn, that life is more than time.

Eternity whispers, where love exists: the desire to resurrect that life must occur. Where love exists, and respect identifies a choice “to be alive” has been made: the value of truth decides if eternity is for you. Simple as that. Mercy is “a step beneath” eternal life.        Saving this world, is where love divides into truth (I did do) or failure (I refused to help).     While the intellectual war/ blitzkrieg;  rages on, and evil (we can hate them all) rampages through society; as the truth of what is being done by universities:   to life, nation, world, and child;  turns life, into HELL.      As the dead worship universities, and live for the sewer of their lies.    NATURE IS BEING MUTILATED INTO (ARMAGEDDON)/ WATER IS BEING SACRIFICED TO POISON AND WAR (APOCALYPSE) / THE PLANET IS DYING (HELL COMES) / THE LIFE OF EVERY CHILD IS BEING CRUCIFIED; THE FUTURE DEAD/ EVEN HADES COMES SOON; AS EXPERIMENTS TO BRING THE SAME FIRE HERE AS IS ON THE SUN  “WILL IGNITE”; to burn you alive, and eject the atmosphere, so you can’t breathe.  while they steal every single penny/ destroy every single right and freedom/ corrupt the courts/ and destroy democracy itself.   As the fools, all yell “university is god/ none can question the university”.  To your shame; all of religion agrees; proving they won’t  WAKE UP/ and prove what is true. 

Throughout all of history, people have been shouting “we know/ we know”; and are proven wrong. While every single time; they said: “we are sure”; but failed instead. That trend continues; but with true consequences to life and planet now. Being wrong is not optional: when you gamble all life and planet on your claims. Reality states: THAT, is life or death of our world.

It is, “the truth of life on earth”; that there is no such thing as “the government or courts or science or religion: beyond the description of a human person just like you or me” has been assigned to participate in these things. No person is government/ no court is anything beyond the law/ no science exists beyond the theories of people/ no religion can be proven true, beyond the miracles which confront us everyday. Because we are ALL, just people. Believers exist: because they want to shout “I know; as is we can’t all be wrong”/ but that merely creates the herd; instead of an individual decision. Tyrants shout, “I can make you”/ pride screams; “I am the superior one”/ and want invades every life with greed and selfishness, until you evict that, by letting truth decide with the evidence of our reality. Removing judgment, to become a value to life. Within this framework; every decision each will make: is governed by “love or hate or survival”; because these are the foundation of desire. Within the concept of miracles as is life and planet proven true: comes the destiny of eternity, as is shaped by what you chose that is true to your own desires and design. Universities exist to dispense fraud; as is evolution/ to weaponize life, as is the death of our world/ to manipulate and propagate delusions as is “we can control the same fire as on the sun; with lies”/ to construct a cult: “wear these blinders, as an animal trained to do only one thing”. The cost of belief is a dead world; as all the real life evidence now proves true. The cost of believing in leaders, is now proven true by weapons of mass destruction; which can take your world away, within an hour. the nation which allowed, the fraud of a leader to decide, completely exterminated”. The cost of “university medicine” is: human overpopulation, exploding to make life on earth impossible for literally everything living now. As will become war, cannibalism, and the battle for water. Into this sewer of fools led us here: reality proves true, our only real hope is to find a courtroom of law, whereby the best we can do for life, planet, and child: is to fully understand the truth of what our future will become is/ the cost of being WRONG is/ and what the elemental decisions are, which will save this world from certain extinction. NOW, or never is the truth as well.

While religion screams: WE EXPECT, “tremendous things; to prove guidance”: the reality of Christianity is: JESUS brought the message, and his disciples and others carried it throughout society, and into an understanding of the differences between love and hate/ eternity and life. The cost of being wrong: “IS a TREMENDOUS THING”.

Every life shapes its decisions, based upon {desire, hope, love: where there is happiness, I will live}, or hate [I alone matter, which makes me god]: what is true to you, conceives of how best to build the limits and boundaries that describe your life. Only what is true survives. What is belief: may or may not be true.

You should be aware, “the propagation of failure”; as is consistent with “this nation is mentally ill”/ is a predecessor, to taking control away from you: so that the superior ones can rule you as their slaves. THEY WILL pretend to be your saviors; as they finish dismantling democracy to form their autocracy of kings. But as always, “the cult CANNOT know; what the leaders do”; after all, that is what media is for: to tell you, “what you think”. So that no one; is more than a slave. But don’t you worry now; “cause they will give you a bribe, to shut you up”/ and do everything for you; so you don’t lift a finger “on your way to the slaughter house”. As is the life and death “of livestock”.  IF ONLY, there was a way: to remove all their money/ discard all their business/ takeover all life with fear; and demand obedience: without the evidence of truth/ to end the assertion called “we the people have rights”.   OH WAIT,  its called covidcovid is a financial insurgency against us one trillion dollars= $10,000.oo (ten thousand dollars)  per each of one hundred million people (100,000,000 workers).   ALAS;  if only there were a way to lie using government/  if only there was a way to keep fraudulent books of accounting; > (just an indicator)/  and claim “no we aren’t stealing really”.

While this work covers a multitude of disciplines, regarding life and earth: the most significant disease of them all:  relies upon the cult worship of universities playing god/ is anything but a death sentence for our world.   PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ GO TO COURT, AND DEMAND “UNTAINTED EVIDENCE SHALL DECIDE”.    WE THE PEOPLE of this earth;  CANNOT “let the universities or our leaders be wrong”. Therefore we will know, by investigation for truth:  thereby MAKING THESE THINGS and more (such as is world law, to govern our leaders):   OUR OWN DECISION/ NOT yours.

SINCE THE TOMAK REACTOR: used in all experimentation for “fusion” but one:  CAN ONLY ACHIEVE “BURNING THE BOND, WHICH SUSTAINS THE ATOM”. The reality is, they have abandoned the claim of combining hydrogen into helium: and are deliberately trying to burn atoms for fuel. THAT METHOD, CANNOT BE CONTROLLED/ because once ignited, the fire makes its own plasma; and they know it. The difference between an atomic bomb and TNT is  “times four million more” from the same mass.

Delusion continues to deny: the atomic energy of an atom: is the result of kinetic proton spin/ which means the sun heats us, when atomic nuclei bump together; and friction between the spinning protons releases that heat. Which is exactly what they are trying to attain in their tomak reactors. A reality past ignition: as is proven by the sun: which will not be contained or controlled. Literal LIFE OR DEATH OF OUR WORLD, is what ignition means. THE ENERGY CONTAINED IN SPIN; PROVES WITHOUT DOUBT; “they will never combine atoms: it is pure fantasy”/ and they know nothing about how the sun works; “pure imagination of fools, who lie to steal your money, and play gods”.  Delusion continues to deny: that in order for an atom to contain all that energy, an opposite energy must be present to sustain a balance. As is dark energy or “pull energy”/ rather than push energy. Which is where solar gravity does come from. Which makes the argument of ‘not enough gravity here”: NULL AND VOID. Wake up or be damned in HADES; BY YOUR OWN CHOICES.

On the other hand; http://iter.org/experiment uses 50 million megawatts input/ and expects a   4 million times more expansion of that energy: even though they changed their claims “to LIE; only ten times more or so”. Because people get scared otherwise.  as reality proves:  “damn dead head fools”.

OR, IN THE REAL WORLD: what these experiments called fusion are trying to do is “control a continuously exploding atomic bomb”/ saying when literally questioned: HOW will you control it, once ignited? Their answer: “it will extinguish itself; not enough gravity here”. But of course if wrong on this planet made entirely of fuel for the fire: earth becomes a sun. OR at CERN; where failure is the intent to destroy atomic balance, and “create a worm hole; to swallow the earth in chaos”/ their purpose; “its just a game”. Their claim, “we can make “new elements”/ but reality proves their claim is by computer; and does not exist in reality; only by numbers they manipulate; to get your money, and keep their job. Or with genetics: the claim is “wipe away every tear”/ yet the reality is, “we will make new life, by injecting chaos into nature to dispose of what is already here. So we can claim to be “real gods”. Questioned in real life: what happens when life is overtaken by the chaos you have injected? Reply: don’t worry, evolution will just change life into something else, “in a billion years or so”. IS THAT “GOOD FOR YOU”; throw away this living world, for evolution is god; to them?  Or reality itself proves: “what the universities don’t tell you/ is, extinction will command, the only god they can be is SATAN”.

WE ADD TO THIS:  the reality of weapons of mass destruction/ and the military which claims “one missile: can carry up to ten nuclear bombs/ which when released in a line of “megaton hailstones”/  will completely eliminate a city such as New York. BUT REALITY ADDS:  this line of atomic explosions; will ignite the same fire here, as is on the sun.  WHILE IN OTHER NEWS;  the universities have educated “a million people” who can now create their own biological weapons;  and have no brain or respect for what that means.

            We then come to the critical truth of life or death for our world:   WHAT else is hidden from plain view/  WHY,  do you believe, WHEN reality by courtroom (we own the right of redress trial) will prove, as best we can:  WHO is telling the truth, THE COST OF BEING WRONG. By understanding HOW, to keep the information gathered, “from being tainted with lies, betrayal, corruption, cheating, stealing, and imagination without sense”.      Media is the “universities, sorcerer (believers got to eat)”; manipulating rather than letting you learn from the evidence itself.  But like the constant of generals and soldiers, in so many things; those on the front line, rarely decide the purpose. No more experts;  only truth represents truth. The laws governing reality decide;  NO “more imagination” allowed. TO BELIEVE anything you want, or are told by universities, is true “is religious”/  but FAITH relies upon the evidence, of truth guided by reality; and that reality of evidence defined by our real world points to extinction: because of all the decisions that were wrong.    Things like digital currency: “where individuals can be targeted (not for you) very easily”/ power beyond law, “tyranny first”; but you don’t care, right?     Past the point of no return, there is NO going back, as is so “elementally true with the ignition of atoms on fire; everything is then fuel”/ now truth decides, or never becomes true.    YOUR CHOICE/ YOUR COURTROOM/ YOUR DECISION: your future and eternity.  Now or never, is real!    I, am not “the decision”/ don’t be distracted.

And the people say: “I am safe, so long as no one is attacking ME”. But alas, as history proves true: when government leaders fail their job, a tyrant is born: who is certain “the other group”/ that is our problem. As a consequence, what is horrendous is done: to insure they know, “FEAR ME”/ damn you, I am your god. Then resources disappear, societies are put in disrepair, economies break down, and war begins; as all food, water, and every other true need is lost. The only difference of today is: your war, ends life and earth; as is the result of the believers in “university is our god”. Imagination without reality is fantasy or delusion. Reality proves the entire participation beyond less than one percent benefit; has been to steal the entire wealth of nations, in order to make them slaves with fear; as is covid. KNOWLEDGE, ONLY COMES WITH TRUTH. IN ORDER FOR THE PEOPLE TO BELIEVE: THEY MUST, ACCEPT “THE COURTROOM OPEN FOR ALL TO SEE”; IS IN FACT, THE VERY BEST WE CAN DO. With knowledge that is true, NOT fantasy or delusion as is “university knows”; but real world truth proven by the evidence: a better choice will be made.

The most effective method of “citizenry taking control over OUR government” IS: TO DEMAND YOU WILL OBEY THE LAW, OR, we will not pay taxes until you do. Their are costs to that; but as a multitude demanding democracy first: you will outweigh the opposition, and create REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.

Human existence is weighed down, cursed, and violated; by the constant failure of people who want to “play god” with life or society. The universities do all three; shouting we are gods, “the superior ones”. But as life has revealed with the evidence of time: the people who judge beyond the law, that is honest and true and justified by fair play: claiming “they know”/ defy truth, refuse evidence of reality, and insist they know more than life itself. Belief (I want what I want) is a terrible thing. The constant game of pride: to assert “I win/ you lose; as brings, I want revenge”. Fails us all, particularly when these people insist the game they want to play most is: controlling society, manipulating people, propagating fools, and deluding the cult of believers with fantasies even imagination should not accept. Causing endless harm, to life and planet; by shouting “they know”, when in fact, what they know is basically nothing. But even so, the worst of the worst; are the people who in playing god attack nature/ attack atomic disciplines/ attack biology at every level, creating disease/ poison the world/ lie/ cheat/ steal/ betray /terrorize and corrupt/ conspire to destroy government as in this USA by refusing democracy and claiming they (our employees) are the government, NOT constitutional law as is the true government. The collusion to control your brain, turning society itself into puppets and slaves; is nearly complete; thanks to media and constant communications of “university is god”. But make no mistake as is the purpose of “university knows”: a hundred years of “lets make the human livestock do what we want them to do/ think whatever we want them to believe/ corrupt whatever truth they did know/ and construct the singular worst cult of death; history has ever known. Is just the biblical prediction Revelation 12: 8-9 of “Satan on earth”. Heaven being a place of miracles; as is or was this earth. While Satan is the place where HELL is born instead; as is, the clear future of this earth. So says the evidence of truth. But the cult has no brain, and media only lives for power; so, as always, the failures of our existence: refuses life, discards the planet, and violates every form of trust that the herd of livestock lives for; “shouting tip/ toe, through the tulips” for me (just be happy/ don’t worry; the universities are your god; savior too.) Alas “its a lie”.

TOO harsh you say? Well, in 2019 less than thirty people in China became sick with a new disease called covid 19; and within a week “NEWS throughout the world; shouted “FEAR, BELIEVE, OBEY”/ and universities claimed: WORLD PANDEMIC”. 24/7 FOR MONTHS. Governments enforced obedience/ rights were taken away/ and all were forced to bow down to the rule of university is god.  While they:  Claimed their vaccine which they sold for trillions, and which then allowed them to mutilate all of nature with genetics without fear of reprisals; was perfectly safe. YET the realities described above in the box on this homepage: have no value to life or planet, because the universities are god/ and gambling with this entire world has no meaning; because whatever they believe, the cult cannot question its leaders. And it is absolutely certain: in this USA, the vast majority of human livestock; are truly a cult, of university worshipers; who cannot conceive of being wrong.

GEE, I wander, do you suppose “the universities: WHO HAVE been experimenting with diseases for decades”: created the disease and released it; to they could claim what they wanted most; money, power, and the freedom to do anything they chose with nature itself; as is genetics? WHY surely not; “you know, since they are gods”/ well unless they turn out to be SATAN; of course, “believers always know”; so surely that cannot be it; RIGHT?

Vile, as is the universities of this world; are the curse of thieves. The critical foundation of every claim that is “the morality police”; particularly in the Arab world where men rage (all sex is the woman’s fault; hide or be raped), is founded on the assertion of men: “that women tempted me”. So then, its their fault, men raped and ravaged and ruined their lives; because after all men cannot be made to control themselves: so women must hide/ because the men are vile. Vile means: the men are set free to rape, ravage, and ruin lives/ they can do it all again: because that is what they want to do. As is the claim of all perverted & their perversions: the child or animal or human; or whatever you fucked, “made you do it”/ so the male and his penis is not guilty; you should have hidden and ran faster/ even if women were trapped. The claim: its still your fault, is never far away: so the curse is men/ the foundation of failure is men/ the disgrace of a nation is men. So the morality police should exist: to entrap, discard, control, deny, enslave, hide, curse, imprison, and fail the live of men. So they have no freedoms to express themselves; in a way that might make women vulnerable to making a decision of their own.

MEN ARE GUILTY; of what they choose to do/ and NO amount of temptation exists, to take that away. NOT EVEN, if women come out naked, and sit on their lap: YOU STILL CANNOT fuck them, without their permission/ it is not a temptation, unless you let it be inside of you. ONLY YOU control that environment/ which makes temptation YOUR responsibility. They alone own their body. Instead you can tell them to stop, and go away, I own my body; as is this: not fair to me. Because the end result of it is: WE ARE ALL GUILTY of the decisions that we make, and carry out in life and living; for ourselves. So the question is: in an Arab world: where stealing can get your hand cut off:  WHY IS rape, stealing what belongs only to women; treated differently.

The value of women shapes society into peace and harmony when that value is honest and true/ by balancing men. Or if women are merely sex objects to be used or abused; society ends in war/ the destruction of everything; and all those failures. Making the value of men who do respect women; the difference between success of life and society: through RESPECT/ or, the constant failures of men at war “with everything”; as is the end of law and the greed for weapons. The temple of GOD is closer to female, than to male: because LIFE rises from “the mother”/ not the contributor of sperm. Making the body of female, “nearly sacred”; because life, and the descriptions of happiness; are more, than a child. Treat women with kindness and protection from men; as is your duty. But do understand as women: YOUR JOB is, to be worthy “of a temple”. Where happiness is about life, and its blessing to all. REMEMBERING, “a temple is without joy inside” unless there are, “true and honest worshipers” within. That does not happen, unless they have cause to accept: “our joy of life; the freedoms of both heart and soul” lives here.

IN THIS WORLD; your only hope of peace or harmony is world law taking control away from leaders; many whom believe they cannot be wrong. THE LAW focuses on individual human beings; and does not need an army to determine is: “this one” needs to be investigated and removed from office. Because they went too far into tyranny (I will not surrender power; you will obey)/ or not far enough for the sake of life and earth (our world is dying, life is surrendering to extinction; as is the curse of university knows).

All of humanity faces the curse, of not enough food, water, or resources; because everything you did do in the last one hundred years is to trash this earth, and throw it all away; as is proven by your garbage mountains; and more trouble than you can conceive of due to universities in charge.

All of humanity faces the curse of, “counterfeited money/ and debts beyond reality”. All of humanity faces extinction due to universities gambling with life and world; “without a brain: as is evident when no respect exists”.

All of humanity faces weapons of mass destruction; not your saviors anymore/ as reality pushes each nation with WE NEED MORE; and they turn as men have always done: to kill the other group, and take theirs.

All of humanity faces a dying ocean of life, now becoming extinct. Endless failure of respect; becoming an overheated world. Endless failure of men; becoming another dust bowl, which will create deserts. Endless failure of respect; destroys nature. Endless failure of respect; ignites this planet into a sun. endless failure of existence itself, opens the door to Armageddon (nature in chaos), through the universities vaccine. Endless failure of reality proves a war so violent it is beyond comprehension as all water resources fail.

AND MORE, as everything on earth now faces extinction; because of university “Knows”/ and plays god with life and planet; to bring us HELL. Refuse to accept human overpopulation; and you too become the SATAN enforcers of extinction; just like them.

So the reality is: DO NOT BELIEVE/ FOCUS ON THE TRUTH, AND INVESTIGATE OUR REALITY AS TOTHE COST OF BEING WRONG. Because there is no going back, and if you don’t stop the descent currently underway; you are extinct; and will soon know that is true. Let the truth lead, as only truth survives. Which means open every door, and turn on every light, and kill the rats hiding under every surface that can be moved. So that reality returns, before you are literally dead, as a world!

NEVER BELIEVE; it is only want, and want lies!  PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, and ACCEPT THE FAITH TRUTH PROVIDES: BY THE EVIDENCE OF REAL WORLD REALITIES AND CONSEQUENCES, WHICH ARE NOT POSSIBLE TO DENY, without lies. NO expert/ NO university theory/ NO politician decides. GO TO COURT; and investigate to decide and determine for yourselves; THE COST OF BEING WRONG. Because the real world evidence points to extinction as this world lost to arrogance, apathy, and greed.

I REMIND EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING ON THIS PLANET: THAT the experiments to “create fusion”; ARE NOT “trying to change hydrogen into helium” as has been proven wrong at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in San Francisco. BUT ARE IN FACT; ATTEMPTS TO IGNITE A NUCLEAR FIRE; as is the only thing a tomak reactor can do. BELIEVING THEY NEED NOT BE CONCERNED with the consequences of that fire; because there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the ignition. So it will just extinguish itself. BUT THE COST OF BEING WRONG IS: THEY IGNITED A NUCLEAR FIRE ON A PLANET MADE OUT OF FUEL; turning earth into another SUN. SOLAR GRAVITY COMES FROM THE FIRE ITSELF; as can be proven by reality.

In the same vein of reality: THE ONLY THING EVOLUTION HAS PROVEN IS: “this looks like that”. Yet they gamble all life, all of nature, all of survival on mutilating genetics; GENETICS IS NATURE.  WAKE UP, “you pitiful cursed CULT”;  and save this world.     CHANGE OR DIE.

I REMIND ALL, ONE FINAL TIME: THAT BY CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, the US supreme court, and all lower courts, and all employees of our government; ARE SWORN to obey the constitution itself, as written/ and have so agreed in order to get their job. FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; IS ONE OF THOSE SOVEREIGN, you can’t deny this, (without treason) LAWS. By the law that is our government called a democracy: you cannot be refused the real world guarantees of our constitution. WE THE PEOPLE, are its foundation and final authority; that makes us the interpreters of what the constitution itself does mean. OUR DEMOCRACY, means we did NOT hire employees to rule our lives. OUR LAW IS OUR GOVERNMENT; and we all must obey that law, or be found in rebellion against; the very foundation of our society and nation.

The extreme FAILURE of university is; they accepted, THAT THIS WORLD OF LIFE, is nothing more than an accident of chaos; as is taught in evolution; the cemetery of the dead. The extreme foolishness of believing they can play god;  demanding reality does not matter; only manipulation does. PROVING, that they are in fact AT WAR, with life and planet. A truth of life, that leads our world;  only to death.

And all the people say: WE DON’T GIVE A DAMN, we want what we want/ GIVE US WHAT WE WANT; OR be dead, because we won’t care.

So, the reality of my work is: to insure you had your chance to change what you do, in order to survive, and not go extinct. But today, as you have for forty plus years; the constant reminder is, “you won’t, CARE enough to even try to save this world; because the cult of university plays god, owns your soul”. That is the choice: called life or death, for this world.

And the people say: YOU, can’t scare us; we are like gods; we know everything, the universities are savior and friend; they are the best we can be.

But let’s review one final time: you are facing the loss of most water supplies/ therefore horrifying war; because there ain’t enough for us all. You are facing weapons of mass destruction; no turning back, no fantasy, no choice; extinction. You are facing the mutilation of everything nature is; including you. You are facing people trying to ignite atoms on fire, just like the sun; here. You are facing food shortages which begin with ocean life is now dead. Plants modified and sterilized past the point of no return have no defenses. Poisons by the trillion ton per year have overwhelmed nature and planet. Global warming has succeeded in killing this world; but “even you, no longer have air conditioning; the primary cause”. Super diseases take control, the result of your pharmaceuticals. Overpopulation “eats the world dead”; most probable rate is “adding one quarter of a billion more human mouths to feed each year”. Every resource has been thrown away. The dust bowl returns. disease overtakes livestock. Ozone losses and radiation releases cause your skin to boil. Currency devaluation proves: humanity was turned into slaves, and there will be war. Media propagation is suddenly recognized as the enemy; and anarchy beyond leadership burns down this human existence. The atmosphere releases from the planet, and in a very few years is flowing at over one hundred miles per hour; no real forest to slow it down. Cannibalism takes control over this world. Oxygen levels drop/ pollution levels rise above what life can tolerate. The soil becomes sterile, and unable to support what little life is left. The universities release their biological weapons; again and again and again. the Yellowstone super volcano may be released; but that would help some tiny portion of life survive; all the tragedy; maybe. One single earthquake destroys the aquifers beyond comprehension; as reality turns to prove now you die. Mass migration of humanity, occurs just to meet with war. The pollinators are gone/ the chains which support life are gone/ the opportunity to live, as nature dies from mass mutilation because universities believed in evolution: ends all hope/ ends all desire for life itself. Judgment day proves to be your own extinction too. As the cost of participation on this earth: finds all life dead. All hail the universities; your god of choice. End date; not over ten years, more likely 2-4; say goodbye 2032. unless of course, they ignite a nuclear fire; which gives you a few weeks, at most; if on the other side of this world. As HADES invites you in.

but hey; “who is smarter than you”; right? Don’t need to worry or investigate or defend; about NOTHING; SACRIFICE EVERY CHILD! Cause the universities are god, and the cult don’t take no damn prisoners: OBEY or be dead. Right?

INSTEAD REALITY PROVES EVERY LIFE IS A MIRACLE BEYOND OUR COMPREHENSION. University says: they understand, and with CRISPR (genetic mutilation of everything)/ they will prove evolution is true. But all fantasies can do is destroy life; deny respect; curse this world; and delude themselves into believing they are gods who can even play with the same fire here, as is on the sun. Opening the door to HADES “the lake of fire” just like the sun. LIFE PROVES: that we the people are ultimately in charge of our own existence, and we must obey the limits and realities of law to survive. The boundaries of what respect allows us to do, or refuse to let the others do. Universities claim: they need not obey any law of life or world/ discarding it all to play god; as if they could be anything but SATAN (destroyer of a world).

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IT IS TRUE AND REAL: that a vasectomy not only removes the chance for a woman to get pregnant from “this man”/ IT IS ALSO TRUE; that a vasectomy removes the chemicals of sex for the male; and that turns a sexual intercourse into simply “hot sticky work”. So it fails for both male and female; “forever”. NO, I don’t have a vasectomy; previous complete control offers “a view”. It is true, as in no further ejaculation for you. Think about it/ because media will not help you!

Reality assembles the discipline to say: consider the steam locomotive/ a direct drive vehicle, that is now gone; because a diesel was much more efficient to use. “so: electric”/ every extra watt is produced by the least efficient means? Order recognizes: once again, that sending a nuclear weapon into space to explode next to an asteroid: is just like hitting “a ball with a bat”. Yet your scientists cannot understand: because it takes away the game, and all their money, pride, and power. As is “game over”. Alas, “you can’t be a hero/ without an enemy”. So, hate makes enemies; to prove you can’t ignore me.  Can’t sell a vaccine: UNLESS you create a pandemic.

It is worth noting: LOVE cannot change hate, that never happens. Instead each individual life must choose love or hate for itself/ based upon what is true within you. Not what is beyond you: people choose for love in terrible conditions/ and people choose for hate, in the most enviable conditions possible. Because reality demands YOUR TRUTH decides.

Americans and others; should understand that democracy does not functionally exist “on a vote”. Because your vote nearly always is a vote for someone to vote for me; rather than purely we the people decide by our vote. DEMOCRACY MEANS: we are united in our decision, that the law, and not a ruler shall guide our nation; by establishing the limits and boundaries of what we the nation believe and accept is required for our own benefit. That is vastly different than a vote for someone to vote for me; as allows them to decide and change my vote into their vote. Nonetheless, the foundation of law is THE CRITICAL PART of every democracy. That foundation is a constitution; and in this America as lawsuit after lawsuit by James Frank Osterbur does prove: your university taught leaders, discard the constitution and its law; by refusing to acknowledge it even exists. Leaders Allowing: the counterfeiting of money (as hidden inflation and more prove true)/ destruction of freedoms as covid proves true/ denial of the free press, as proven by US supreme court gave all media communication to the very few/ will not remove religion, but indoctrinates; throughout schooling as is evolution/ manipulates, propagates, controls, denies, terrorizes, betrays, steals, cheats, and constructs extinction by allowing universities to experiment with life and planet itself. NONE OF WHICH is an example of democracy/ but all of which is called tyranny. Which means anarchy, insurgency, rebellion, and betrayal has taken control over America. NATIONAL and state COURT, AS IS first amendment redress of grievances; is the law guaranteeing our ownership, and our right to rule over our employees. AND WORLD COURT; THE LEGAL DEMAND OVER ALL UNIVERSITIES: THAT YOU SHALL IDENTIFY THE CRITICAL CONCEPTS OF TRUTH, not theory. And the CRITICAL CONCEPTS ESTABLISHING THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG; TO OUR WORLD AND ALL ITS LIFE; by your betrayal and cult worship of “Imagination”. Is the only method beyond war, to rectify and rebuild our reliance on RESPECT, LIFE, NATURE, CHILD, PLANET, FUTURE, WATER, FOOD, EVERYTHING; that is in fact being attacked; by university knows.

The tragedy and disgrace of this human world is: the size of your human animal herd. Wherein all are believers in whatever the cult worship of university is our god religion demands you believe. Such things as the “covid pandemic”; was never a pandemic to this date; as would be proven by reality. And was in fact formed by the media plague of university driven “nazi formation”. Or more simply: those who want power, are willing to believe anything that gives them power/ as is I can make you wear a mask, I can make you hide your face, I can make you lose your money, and I can steal more than you can conceive of; because “university is superior/ therefore god over you”; as in Hitler has arrived once more. To your shame as a world.

The pure curse of science; that is genetics: built that disease/ and then sold you their so called vaccine: without the slightest truth, regarding how the body would in fact react to this genetic change. Placing all life on earth at risk of Armageddon; by fools believe, rather than investigate to know. They now mutilate life; on a factory scale, because you let them steal all your money to buy whatever they wanted and do whatever they wanted, and play god however they wanted with life itself on earth. To your forever shame. Only one of the horrifying truths of science so called. It is not science to gamble with the entire world/ or mutilate its life/ or poison its existence; etc. that is merely SATAN on earth; as is your reward for believing whatever you want or being told by your cult to believe.

But make no mistake: trying to ignite atoms on fire, is even worse; thereby turning this earth into a sun/ by your own cult worshiping belief; in the pure puke disaster, called science. They are the enemy of life and planet/ not your saviors.

Knowledge is not the enemy, and there are even a tiny few geneticist who try to help life/ but the vast majority only want to play god; and worship their devil (help us kill them) called evolution. Or play god on every other scale of apathy, disrespect, and arrogance are in control now. To your shame.

They play/ they do not grow up: because playtime means they can remain a child without consequences; because you are not their parent anymore. But failure and fool, is a pandemic; and its consequences threaten your extinction, and this world. Your geneticists throw chaos into life, believing evolution will “just make something else”. And it will: called HELL ON EARTH, the reality of it will terrorize every living single thing; as the truth of what they did do, can no longer be hidden. Bringing us all to the edge of a nuclear fire will not only consume this earth: but cause it to explode.

Lets call it the result of “death walks this earth”/ and its called “a university diploma”; while media is its battle-cry of war.

In this America, “what is left of it”; the people all say, “we can’t do nothing”/ because they don’t want to be involved. YOU DO IT, and we will all complain; because the end result is: WE WANT OUR DAMN BRIBES; don’t you do nothing to take that away. But alas, you threw your nation and your future away; even your children into hell; for the few pennies you got. Making “the vast majority” here, as stupid as it gets/ but that is, the price of cult worship; and the universities remain leading.

Nonetheless, there must be hope. To achieve hope: you must be confronted with: YES YOU CAN DO SOMETHING, to bring this nation back to reality, by whatever truth still remains. The answer is: our constitutional government, is the law which rules us all/ NOT the employees ruling us all, but our constitution is the law of our government. No rulers allowed! But anarchy (tear it down) exists, by universities control over the courts: behind closed doors; refusing even to acknowledge the constitution exists/ thereby discarding it. University Insurgency exists: taking control over the public securities, debt and inflating currency; to spend it for themselves/ on themselves/ for whatever foolish purpose they can find. Rebellion exists: manipulating and propagating whatever the universities say as if they were gods/ discarding our rights, for their superiority. Subterfuge exists: as is the genetic mutilation of nature itself; in worship of their god called evolution. Satanic worship exists: demanding we can ignite the same fire here as is on the sun; “without the same result”/ is truly insane. Religious attack exists: as all children are indoctrinated into the cult of universities are god; “they cannot be questioned”: FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY; they cannot be wrong. The ravaging of war exists; as every resource is confiscated and thrown away. Even the rape of nation and world exists; in countless threats of extinction.

So the opportunity of democracy is: redress of grievances. The LEGAL DEMAND, by enforcement of constitutional first amendment rights. Which do guarantee for the people: that we are the owners here. And when any suspicion of contempt or invasion by our own employees discarding their oath of office exists. WE THE PEOPLE DO: HAVE AN INALIENABLE RIGHT, TO TAKE THEM TO COURT: demand the evidence be presented as “pure as possible” . Whereby we the people judge for ourselves: if they have kept their oath, according to the purposes and definitions of what this nation is intended to be. WE ARE: THE OWNERS HERE. And to enforce that right of ownership: should our employees fail to present us with constitutional trial of themselves; as we demand it to be. They are accused of TREASON, and held responsible for their actions: as preparations continue to create that redress trial, by not paying the tax to our insurgents/ the invasion of those who rebel against our democracy; which is AGAINST THE LAW, to aid and abet “the enemy”. YOUR JOB, does not entitle you; to any false constructions of authority. WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE, AND YOU DO: WORK FOR US. Which gives the citizens of this nation: every legal right, to investigate, and then judge if our workers; are for/ or against us, by their actions constructed as our own decision in the framework of a courtroom; FULLY OPEN, WITH ALL LIGHTS ON, AND COMPLETE ACCESS TO ALL INFORMATION; an absolute certainty. MAKE NO mistake: taxes remain to be paid; BUT NOT until the government which is the constitution by its law; has been obeyed. As is “your sworn oath” to do. Taxes in exchange for “obeying the law of our government, supporting our democracy with guaranteed rights/ NOT the rules to avoid it”.

There is NOTHING more evident, in the realities of our lives; particularly in this America: than the constant cost of universities do NOT know/ and have failed us all. Because the consequences of their change; their playing god; their judgment of what is safe or not. Is utterly false, and cannot be trusted to any degree of value. Every reality of threat proves that true. Every experimental decision; gambling with life and planet, proves the cost of being wrong; is not even considered; because they imagine their fantasies must rule our lives. As reality asserts: they have deluded themselves into believing they are “the superior ones”. The evidence of our time is conclusive: they are not/ plain and simple as is true. DO NOT BELIEVE; demand the evidence, and search for truth. Because you cannot go back; on so many things they have changed and are attempting to change by playing gods. With life, health, food, child, oceans, water, world, nature, EVERYTHING; alive or dead/ by a university professors claim “I know”. How is that not a religious cult, believes. NO truth required.

The existence of time, forms a barrier between life and time; as a relationship governed by thought. While we each begin our journey into humanity as “an infant”; our discovery of life is entirely dependent upon our own decision. Many are those who fail to discover life, and give themselves entirely over to time; as the gradient of what each animal experiences in an action or reaction and then death. To ascend beyond the limits and boundaries of self; we are required to accept the foundational destiny: that miracles prove we are more. With respect, the ascension begins; and each will rise according to their desire; into the disciplines of thought, the balance of gender appreciation, the construction of order, and the truth that miracles are not accidents/ but realities of thought beyond self. Therefrom the question is: “WHO”? But the answer is: LOVE built this world, and it is only LOVE which can describe the values, purposes, and desires that elevate our lives into the quest to envision more. Within that LOVE, the desire for eternity begins; because only LOVE searches to remain “sharing and caring” with you. Therefore the treasury of life is built entirely upon love; and there is no better example of what love is, in all its truth: than the biblical story of JESUS . Whereby, the true differences between love (life shaped beyond self)/ and hate (death and destruction of life) are revealed. IT IS, that story, that reshaped this world; saving it from the infants who truly refuse to “grow up”/ and become alive, within themselves; as the miracle of existence they were meant to be. University is an infant child; with temper tantrums demanding: ME/ DAMN YOU ME, is all that matters. But like hate; their assertions are death of this entire world (Satan), instead of just a few, as hate would do.

you stand on the precipice of your own extinction; as chosen by those who lead. All of which come to you from university is god; fear/ believe/ obey as you were taught to do; in the cult of failure that is “university knows”. The evidence of that: is found in nearly every threat which surrounds our world.

YOU CAN offer to women the chance to form and fashion the laws which will gain acceptance through truth, right, justice, fair play, and respect. OR you can continue as men leading this world; screaming at each other: FEAR ME, as is the cause of weapons!

The foundations upon which you stand, as a living world; are being destroyed. None more so than nature itself; as is done under the disguise of “university knows”; they do not.

Consider the truth, that every living body of life, not only makes its own chemicals to create its own living substance. It tears down the materials which are available to make these things from realities you cannot even conceive of. Within the process of a living human body of life, being formed automatically with near perfection every time. There are chemical substances far beyond what any university knows; timing within the process of creation; knowledge sustained within the process of building; utilities which provide the energy; construction involving miles of neurological pathways, blood vessels, organs, and more than you can imagine. Yet your university gods claim its all an accident/ and they can recreate life; by mixing species together/ by stealing what nature provided, and then mutilating it. Which is the foundation of all horrifying disease pandemics. THEIR “great ones”; ARE DEAD inside/ but WHERE IS YOUR BRAIN?

The change from “human animals/ into humans being alive in truth”; is no game, and requires acceptance; as is balanced from the certainty of evidence that must be found in order for you to survive. That comes only from world trial of every threat, and every consequence that is, “we cannot let them be WRONG”. AS IS the case with trying to ignite a nuclear “just like the sun” fire here on earth. Claiming “not enough gravity here”: so it will extinguish itself. WRONG IS; this earth becomes a sun: PROVE it ain’t so, on a planet that is nothing but fuel.

And the children say: WHAT CAN WE DO/ WE DON’T WANT TO DIE; before we even got a chance to be, what we choose to be. The answer is: YOU CANNOT war with them/ they will only war back; a brain is dissolved by the university cult command: “fear/ believe/ obey”. The curse of want is a terrible thing/ the curse of pride is a terrible enemy/ the curse of power; wants violence to prove “i am god”; and the end result of it is very simple. OUR ONLY OPTION IS THE LAW/ AND OUR ONLY METHOD OF CHANGE IS TO PROVE BY A COURT OF LAW, JUDGED BY WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS EARTH; THAT REALITY AND THE EVIDENCE DO DEMAND THIS WILL BE CHANGED/ OR LIFE, INCLUDING YOURS; “WILL be extinct”. Nothing less will do/ nothing more is available; it is our only choice. Do what you can do, or “you surrender/ as we sink into HELL”. CHOOSE! ALL ELEMENTS of diplomacy or reality of warfare; are now shifted to informing the Russian people and military of what their leader threatens; as nuclear annihilation of their own nation! THE DECISION: is HE worth losing your world/ your everything? The end of HIS life, looms large; for any hero who makes it true.

Tell the Russian people, and their military: to run from Putin/ and don’t go near; as his world will end. Tell China:  “Putin declares this world must die/ BECAUSE HE says so: and that includes you”. NO, “changing your mind/ NO going back”: the end of life on earth. “includes us all”!  “because he says so”.

Because nothing less “than world domination” is the alternative: and that means, “ANYONE” WHO THREATENS as well.     Pride will then enforce: the end of this world!

Every war, is about what a leader did or did not do. Just as every purpose for war is about what society did or did not do/ as the values they put into place, and assumed as is so true of this USA; “this failure will not be, in my lifetime”/ so I don’t care! Let the children pay. It is fair to say, throughout this world: the constant of university led, leadership is “let the children pay/ let them die; WE WANT MORE”. Today, failure looms large; as reality will prove: “either to slavery and destruction as a world (because you would not choose law)/ OR, to gamble with this entire world (life or death); because weapons of mass destruction CANNOT be undone: once used we are extinct”. Proving “the university way”; is not savior, but Satan.  “you, stand on the threshold, you chose”!

We are: surrounded by threats of our own extinction/ death of our own planet; because that is what you chose, to follow universities play god.

Leaders lead to claim power: power is, either the demand, “pay attention to me/ or I will make you cry”/ OR, it is justice and law decides by truth. Leaders want lies, so they can distribute power, and make you pay attention to me”; but they choose pride, to claim superiority, and thereby a right to rule.

Lies end in failure; as is seen by the evidence which does surround us all. Believers claim “we won”/ by hiding the truth, in their beliefs. A believer needs no evidence; instead they believe whatever they want: as is “weapons of mass destruction are our saviors”. Suddenly extinction appears; because they are not. Universities claim: evolution is our answer/ respect nothing! But little throughout all of history is such a blatant and corrupt lie as is this: all but a fool/ knows that is true. So who are you? Etcetera, and more; as we wade into the sewage created by “university man”. CHOOSE TRUTH DECIDES, OR DIE! That is the only, real world choice: you have left.

 BUILDING A WORLD COURT, SUSTAINED AND ENFORCED BY WORLD LAW. SO THAT THIS WORLD CAN SURVIVE/ AND WAR END; and weapons of mass destruction be eliminated peacefully.  WORLD LAW ELIMINATES; the destruction of cities, and lives and armies. BY REMOVING AS A WORLD DEMANDING PEACE: your weapons of mass destruction [INCLUDING tanks and so forth, as decided by us all].   AS A WORLD, of 8,000,000,000 people! WE ENFORCE IT/   BY THE LAW WE THE WORLD OF HUMAN EXISTENCE:     CREATE:  “TO RULE over, ” OUR tiny few:  LEADERS”!

ACCEPT this: that China all by itself, grew in population by one half billion people, in the past twenty years. “all those needs”/ are only the beginning. This world is dead truly, without  true population control. No water/ NO food/ NO resource; only war, and the HELL it will create.

WAKE UP as women of this world: TO MAKE YOURSELVES BE HEARD/ and enforce on nations that a world court and world laws ARE THE ONLY SANE CHOICE we can make. OR FACE “WHAT HAPPENS IN WAR/ as is all law is lost”. CHOOSE PEACE. Stand up and march or whatever . BUT understand this:  “by the money they rule us”/ BY CHOOSING “LIMITED CAPITALISM”, WE RULE OUR WORLD. by removing excess money and power and property from the few, to ourselves. BY OUR VOTE.

in addition to this video  in case you miss it, a cheap, simple wind turbine, generating electricity: can run an electric stove/ which eliminates charcoal in Africa; on any windy day.

Please join us in our class action lawsuit:  to design and establish WE THE PEOPLE,  take control of over those who have been creating our healthcare billing.  For the clear and singular purpose of confronting extortion, as a current criminal outcome of our:  “healthcare billing”.  one example of redress Links to trial. “which is constitutional authorized, power to we the people” is      WE GET TO DECIDE WHAT OUR CONSTITUTION MEANS, therefore what our nation will allow/ NOT our courts.   Not enough people demanding their legal rights; ends with nothing has changed/ they locked the courtroom door; power decides.


as seen in this video: outgassing is not healthy for you/ but more serious occurs with incineration: so beware. Insulation is perhaps the most important; considerable air entrapment occurs/ global warming is mitigated by serious insulation. building structural components can include “an outer casing, that open spaces, are then filled correctly; to create the product desired. The potential product bears similarities with the better parts of asbestos; and can be formed using recycled heat; just direct the furnace exhaust before it goes out; for instance.

FEAR will not save you or your world/ YOU MUST choose to enforce LAW, AS OUR ONLY HOPE. We are: “too many people, for any other way”! Thereby establishing, for our world: that “we the people” have made this so! NO FOUNDATION OTHER THAN TRUTH, will keep this earth alive. Therefore YOU MUST establish a courtroom trial, as a world searching for what is true/ and what are the consequences for being WRONG. Thereby forming the question: of our own fate, or destiny/ by the reality of, what we the people did choose. This is a finite planet; and you are 8 billion people grabbing for all you can get “24/7, expecting to do that for one hundred years long”. Think about it, and accept reality as it is/ not as you want it to be.

COURTROOM REDRESS: 2022    Another US Supreme court trial 11-100  Docketed case

compliance to avoid world war 3; the end of life on earth.

Even so: the most vile and destructive disgrace, ever to live on this earth: “is a university”! PROVEN TRUE; by the fact, “even though you know, that a human infant builds itself”, from a microscopic egg/ attaching in order every muscle in groups/ building every bone and joint/ constructing blood, organs, heart, health, functions, senses, “your eyes and hands; face, feet, and brain”. All of which is so far beyond what any human being can do or understand: that truth KNOWS this is a miracle we did not do for ourselves. Even though, you know: if an egg does not enclose itself, or the chicken cannot make it or release it or a billion other things/ or if plants become poison to us; or oxygen fails; or the world becomes overheated; and a billion other things: all life ends! YET, fully knowing this; the universities lie/ create fantasies of knowledge that are lies/ construct machines to participate in delusions of energy/ and in all ways fully attack this earth and all its people and life: with an imagination of playing god; that will end with our extinction. Yet the people say: GIVE US WHAT WE WANT, because they believe in the thieves who literally bankrupted a nation, state, and world! Making of life and society, “little more than cult worshipers” who clearly have no brain. Apparently the universities sucked it out “like vampires/ leaving you like zombies”; as is your imaginary world. Which now kills; “shouting WE DON’T CARE”; to the real earth and its life. THEY LITERALLY CANNOT BUILD A SINGLE “TRUE MOLECULE” OF HUMAN LIFE/ AND YET THE UNIVERSITIES CLAIM: “THEY CAN DO BETTER”. THEY CANNOT: BUT THEY CAN “TAKE IT ALL AWAY”, a reality we cannot turn back.

In the essence of time, we shape our lives by the decisions that we make/ or the realities of what the others will or did do. ANARCHY, is the decision to participate with: those who discard law, justice, and values/ by enforcing hate, violence, abuse, and UNFAIR. So the critical question at this moment in time is: DO YOU CHOOSE FAIR/ or, do you hide from the traitor who wants it all, by killing justice, and forming raiding parties; to steal whatever they want. The result: hiding makes you a coward/ then a slave; because that, “is what you chose”.

There is endless confrontation in this nation; the result of “university knows”; as manipulation, temptations,  and social engineering: “to make you better people” in their eyes and mind; conflicts with freedom, rights, purposes and desires that are your own/ instead of theirs. Can’t have that, as the universities demand; “they are the superior people”; so they say. In reality however, they have proven to be “death of life and world; as threats of our own extinction” begin to swell into chaos and destruction of all we need to survive. Do to their decisions. Consequently people are afraid to speak honestly, people are afraid to make their own decisions/ people believe the predator is waiting to steal, etcetera; because that is what the university education allows for. Debts beyond control, which demand: get the money, beg, or die. So the university education builds traps; to steal what they need. Stripping life and truth, from reality; so that fear/ believe/ and obey rule instead. You don’t get a university diploma: unless you memorize and mimic what you have been told. Making the universities, simply a cult; as only the leader has a brain.

Democracy is the existence of “we all get a vote”/ even the stupid, or the intellectual people you don’t like. While that is filled with “potholes and failure”; it is at least the sense of freedom that comes with respect. Thereby an element of value, rights, and purpose or desires that belong to me/ NOT you. The curse of being human is: someone is always trying to steal (+)/ therefore others believe they can or should steal too; and society deteriorates into chaos without direction. This potential class action lawsuit recognizes that to protect ourselves: we must fight for ourselves. In order to do that beyond “simply selfish”; we must ban together so as to form a society choice. Rather than a personal choice. Discipline then allows; the communication of what can we do for ourselves, as a society. While order based in the truth must be found; therefore a courtroom as best we can. Granting through redress of grievances, our authority as owners here: the balance of what we the people honestly do for ourselves; as the choice we then declare belongs to us. As our democracy enforced upon the employees we do hire. They are not our rulers/ nor is university knows, a reality without errors/ media manipulation is treason, not a right/ while corrupt courtrooms must be changed. Because the law of this USA is: the constitution, our government: written out for all to understand and interpret for themselves, as reality will allow. NONE of our employees, including the supreme court: holds authority over the constitution. Instead the constitution holds all authority over them; as we the people honor this, with our lives, our choice, and our future as a democracy guiding our place in life and world.

Ultimately, my work is about law and democracy: the difference between order and its opposite, the university disgrace which is chaos (as proven by where life and planet is today: did they NOT lead us here)? The value of law is truth decides, not you or me/ only truth by the evidence of our reality. The value of democracy is: that with law, and constitutional authority over employees who have power: we decide for ourselves, what our nation, state, or even impact on this world shall be. By our own vote, as WE THE PEOPLE. That foundation of ownership is called “redress of grievances”. The clear fundamental proof: of who does, or who does not own the right to decide by law/ not want. Making the law, and whosoever makes that law: the single most important decision we the people can decide. A law controls all the people, as equals: it must be PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Any deviation is outlined in a court, and then given to the people to decide/ by their vote. Once REAL LAW is formed correctly, it cannot be changed without a 2/3 majority vote. RULES are very different, and they are meant to control “you or me”; which makes them powerful, against the individual/ and a threat to society itself. Consequently rules must be limited to only what is needed by all, to present to each a peaceful and harmonious society; justified by law, and formed in the grace and diligence of fair play. Therefore each element of my work seeks to identify the realities, and the purposes, and the dignity of finding solutions among ourselves/ in order to take control over life in this world. WHICH DOES: require you to examine every threat, and every resource, and every decision to be made in, and by its own reality of truth: so that a fair and deliberate decision can be made by communicating ONLY WHAT IS TRUE. Thereby presenting the quest of dignity, and the value of disciplines. That BY THE LAW, we the people of this planet: DO CHOOSE for ourselves; our world will be changed, and life goes on. One vote/ one life; the decision is made. The power beyond law is removed, by WORLD LAW, we enforce as WE THE PEOPLE, on our leaders.

To sustain that: there cannot be “closed doors in a courtroom”; and every judge must be judged “for good behavior”/ and removed when he or she is found guilty of failure to put democracy and justice first. There cannot be “a ruler”; who decides for us: let the law do that. Instead there can be investigators, who prove our laws are being kept; or identify those who are not. There must be communication of the facts; NO MORE “entertainment” disguised as news, to manipulate and control you with propaganda or university plays god. Real world, we the people decide; “as internet chooses”; what will or will not be broadcast to the nation or state. Real world: everyone has a chance; because limited capitalism controls the power: thereby lifting us all, by voting for boundaries and limits upon the rest. Real world: let every business declare what the increase above its cost will be: or you lose your business to someone else. Thereby opening the door, to all business entrepreneurs: because now, you can buy locally, and know the price is fair.

IN THIS WORLD, the very best you can do for yourself, is learn to do for yourself. Don’t expect others to take care of you/ don’t ask beyond what reality will allow/ don’t judge, because that is the door to “hate and hell” in you. DO, participate, and allow the others to be equal; until hate is proven true. DO, accept that love is a balance between your life and mine; and its not equal as it should be; unless we do have the same power to decide. Which constantly means: if I do the work/ I make the decision: but if my decision affects both our lives, we each have a right. The best you can do is: don’t want, that discards reality; don’t accept pride, that destroys friendship; don’t use power, unless it is absolutely necessary; “nobody gets to play god”. Forgive, or you live alone. Accept the limits and boundaries of what truth will allow, so that you can build your home. Remember to build your family as well, if possible: because “blood is thicker than water”; and they are the best chance you have, to be remembered in life or needs. Race/ color/ size/ shape/ mind; does not constitute beauty or value or enemy. It simply describes different, and different confronts us to change: which can be either good, or bad. “needed, or not”.

SHOW THIS WORLD, and your employees:  who you are as a society and a nation: DOES CONSTITUTIONAL LAW RULE US/ OR, has your cowardice replaced that? With the curse of slavery and cult worship; of those who are responsible: for distributing chaos, and extinction.

And just maybe, the world, and all its soldiers, will take note; and understand that “we can do this too”. A world run by law/ NOT by leaders, who bring us war, failure, delusion, collusion, destruction, poverty, and even extinction; from their fantasy of playing god with life and world.

STAND UP FOR LIFE AND PLANET: DEMAND AND DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER: TO INVESTIGATE THE THREATS WE FACE, THE REALITIES OF BEING WRONG, THE CONSEQUENCES OF MUTILATING NATURE, BEING INCINERATED BY A NUCLEAR FIRE UNLEASHED, THE DEATH OF EVERY CHILD, THE COST OF THE DECISIONS BEING MADE. Which does include “hidden inflation/ covid/ global warming; and all that we do need to survive”. Simple as that: make your courtroom before the world/ and enforce democracy as is: WE THE PEOPLE shall decide this. As is the legal right of constitutional authority, in this USA; proving democracy is real. THE COST of failure is death; so do the best you can do; none do better than that! Including me.

You WILL remember: that government, media, university, scientist, healthcare, lawyers and judges, etcetera: are ALL JUST PEOPLE. Same as you, with a different job, that does not make them superior. It simply gives them a voice you do not have; because the deliberate insurgency against democracy has taken that away. In order to reclaim DEMOCRACY; you must reclaim “first amendment redress of grievances”. OUR LAW AS WE THE PEOPLE, which enforces the foundation right of authority over government: which is, “we will decide for ourselves, by vote”; NOW. As it is, our legal right to do. As it is TREASON to refuse the constitutional authority, of we the people own this nation called USA. CALLED into court: our employees, are subject to our demand for truth, evidence, and the right of democracy itself; which is WE THE PEOPLE, shall not be denied our legal ownership of the choices, we have decided to make.

  The destiny of life, is shaped by the decisions that we each will make; to control living, as we see fit. When challenged, to “see fit to do your own living, by someone else’s decision”; the realities of love or hate begin to take shape. The quest of love

SHOW, THE NATION, THE SOLDIER, THE WORLD, AND THE PEOPLE; that a real and true democracy is controlled by the law, NOT by the ruler or his weapons or threats. COURAGE KNOWS truth is better than the cowardice of lies, betrayal, and terrorism! It is that simple: the constitution is OUR GOVERNMENT, the ruler and the courts MUST OBEY! Or it is not; and the rebellion against THIS democracy, is then complete.

is peace and justice, building upon the designs of truth and law. The curse of hate is, to consume the others’ life, so as to make them obey/ fear/ and believe you have the power, “to make them cry, or even die”. Between these are “the devils”; who do everything they can to enforce “fear/ believe/ obey”. OR, the few who cry out, that only the evidence can decide our direction, and we must let truth decide; because want (its all MINE), like pride (I AM judge): is our constant enemy. The element of war exists, because “the herd of animals, shapes chaos”/ instead of life as a human defined by miracles: owns the road. Men choose war, because they live and die for the game; to prove pride and power/ instead of love and law. More use the law to demand power and pride/ than do build a society for peace, by implementing the value that is FAIR and JUSTIFIED law.

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