In the elemental truth of life, the foundation of our existence is: that thought holds energy together, by creating dimensions which are then filled by the desires of “discipline shapes this/ order aligns the critical proportions of this/ balance form the barriers between life and death of that existence. Respect indicates and controls the laws which grant life to exist, by its truth of reality. Desire shines as the relationships which grant happiness to exist grow. While purpose brings to light itself, the definitions of love, life, and living. As it contrasts with the alternative; as is destruction, rape, dissolution, death, and chaos; simplified as hate.

Happiness is the binding of lives together as one, rather than the isolation of a living existence separated into dimensions that cannot be shared. In terms of humanity, happiness is an elemental truth more easily shared between genders/ than not. Because happiness will form around the truth, that is I care about you/ and I know you care about me; and that gives the feeling called home to each one of us, as a mutual definition called heart. As shared truth of value grow, so does heart and home. With respect we form our lives into the freedoms cherished, that make us equal, yet not the same; so we can benefit each other in ways that treasure our common ground, with the honesty of differences beyond self, that enlighten and then shape the destiny of who we are to become. Happiness is not inherent in life, it must be earned with the values you have provided to someone else/ and they in turn to you; anything less will not survive the cost of existence which is an inherent isolation; as thought extends beyond the limits of an enclosed dimension, to the challenges of a universe itself. We cannot confine thought as life/ we can only confine thought as body: the difference is “either self/ or beyond self; as is the basis of eternity”.

So we ask of value, HOW do we construct a life that desires an eternity, and yet contributes the purpose of love which is both home and family? The answer is: we must choose happiness, and let that happiness ascend into joy.

JOY conceives of a purity that is not confined by dimension, as is the shape presented by identity. Therefrom we know, that our own decision MUST construct the possibilities of beyond self, that is not determined by the identity we do call self. Or more distinctly: the question of thought, resides in the hope which contains our joy.

We then question joy, to ask of thought itself: where can I learn to be “JOY”? The answer to that, realigns discipline with the shape of what joy needs for you to be. It transforms order, to become the environmental truth of what life needs you to be. And it balances destiny with the truth of where happiness can be found; even if, the change is massive or limited by what you can contribute to life.

So the question: what does it mean, “to be you/ me”; if change is a participation beyond self? The answer is: death alters the confrontation of time, with truth; that divides life from body. Realizing change, without the construction of environment; illuminates thought as our only conception of life. Thought is a transition beyond energy, which defines motion as an integral decision with laws. There is no life without law/ and there is no energy to create a dimension of existence, without motion. Therefrom we must participate by expanding the law of truth, by the destiny we desired as defined in destiny (I do, seek this). The purpose of that experience, is then expressed by the development of life over motion; the essence chosen by direction: which forms our own individual truth. Love divides motion into “for life”/ or the cost of hate, which is “for death”. They are not the same, and will not ever live as one; beyond time, which allows you to search for your own true hope, as a living soul (Creation expanded, with you).

I have completed, the presentation of information no other has been able to provide; as was predicted. So that it is clear: all biblical predictions/ are predictions, NOT “etched in stone”/ but realities predicted due to the leadership and realities of men. CHANGING THAT, by letting women create the laws which then shall guide life into the future; ends those predictions.

Contrary to that however: The great abomination has risen; as are the machines to ignite a nuclear fire; on a planet made out of fuel [fantasy and delusion leads “university knows”]; to your shame. The nations [we are gods]; presenting weapons of mass destruction which can be used to block out the sun and so forth; stand ready, with leaders who lost their brain to pride [I play god]. Nature is being attacked, as is all life on earth [universities play god themselves/ hiding the cost of being wrong under evolution will fix it]. Foundations which keep us all alive are being destroyed; biological weapons have been released. Humanity has stolen from, betrayed [under the disguise of university knows] each other, life, planet, oceans, future, and child: each a cause for war. The end of this world is in view: as disrespect, arrogance, and apathy have taken control by the vile purposes of those described by “university plays god”; forming the description called Satan; as is, “death of a living world”/ by human delusions.

You have been given one last chance for change; but hiding or running away from your duty to protect life and planet/ will save not one. As extinction prepares; there is no place to hide or to run. Either stand and be counted as a living human demanding change by a courtroom of accounting for all that threatens and harms: so that life can be resurrected. Or extinction will come, far sooner than you imagine it can. In an instant; nuclear bombs can fall [universities war], and worse/ which only begins your descent into HELL; as the reality of your disrespect is answered with: “you played god; reap your reward”.

As for me: the spiritual woman and I are becoming one life shared. Spiritual means; truth can no longer be changed; only time can change itself into “a different decision”. What that really means, “I don’t know; other than massive change”/ as female has rarely been, part of my existence. Nonetheless, the job/ the work; life shared with male is DONE; how life will be shared with female, begins. “its complicated”/ no, I have no clue what my own future will honestly be; reality by its truth, will decide. Disciplines have been reshaped, order is being realigned, and balance looks to be “different” than it was. Nonetheless, that is my life, my journey through time; it is not yours. Your decision does not matter, to my destiny. ONLY to your own.

You should be able to recognize, whether you have any respect for “the Christian bible {nothing else separates life from death/ love from hate/ truth from beliefs}” or not: that the first 11 chapters of Revelation are about men continuing to lead life on earth. While chapter 12 indicates the probabilities of what happens if a spiritual woman “comes close”/ but enters time, displayed through another. I say to you that has happened through me. The critical choice is: no more games/ no more denial/ no more excuses for a single soul: YOUR DUTY TO SAVE THIS EARTH, has been recognized as now or never. Which makes YOU, the decision of life or death; not only for this time, but the future as well. NOT me/ YOU CHOOSE; life or death for earth.

Make your decision; because you cannot escape the consequences of what you do, or fail to do, or refuse to do: because this is no game, and eternity will remember those who cared.

As for me: I DO accept that male and female are “adequately equal” in all ways and definitions of life itself. So should you/ BE EQUALS! So whether one or the other, should never make any real difference in the honesty of life; in time or beyond to me, should not matter to you. Those who believe they can “pretend or pervert themselves”; have failed that distinction of living. Even so: truth demands they have a right to choose for themselves, whatever they are willing to believe; even as fantasy or delusion or imagination provides. I do not pretend; and if by miracle “the living changes” occur/ then by miracles accepted, life will be different. Simple as that, nothing more (no knife etc_) or less (only by true miracles_).

YES I KNOW, “absolutely weird/ can’t possibly happen; its insane”! But yes I also know, “the flip side of that coin is”; GOD can do anything we wishes, including with my life or body: not my decision/ not a clue how it turns out. What I do know however is, “not overrun by female anymore; male seems to have dissolved; wasn’t my choice/ maybe he could come back; but I cannot find “him”. NOT “girl” either; not homosexual, not transvestite, none of it; caught in the middle somewhere/ wasn’t my choice. Got tits, wasn’t my choice/ don’t know how it ends; wasn’t my choice”. So, I just have to wait and see; I don’t know. “All or nothing/ one way or the other: same as everybody else”.  That reality; Is my choice; or hope. Ok, either way; equal/ just different. But, with absolute honesty: never intended by me. “its complicated”!  LIFE and this earth;  needs, whatever it needs; not my choice.

Laugh and ridicule all you want; she has the power; after a “thousand plus; lightning strikes/ and a hundred clamped to a 120v ac line (feels like)”; and she can read my mind. I know beyond doubt; “whatever she demands IS going to be done”. This is the 17th year/ first twelve was not that way; but then I said “let me go, they will never learn, it is useless; I want whatever time is left to be mine”. And that changed life, to this. She was right, you are less belligerent; due to facing some degree of reality: so a tiny bit of hope for you is enough to fight. But she does not allow, “any more revolt”. I can’t say I blame her; this is about an entire Creation of life on earth; so ultimately “its fair”. Functionally, whatever will be, will be. Is my choice; no comparison, “me or a world”. World wins every time. Yes, I know: “talk, talk, talk”/ he won’t shut up.

ALL of that, from one single decision: after a ten year search, I found NO answer, that would keep this earth alive in male: their answer is WAR: end of life and earth. So, I went searching for female (women would not)/ so, I went searching for the spiritual world of female: JUST to ask the question, “what could you do instead”? Matters to you too! I chose to open the door, and everything else is here. No escape: if you do not understand a truth for real. The reality: “women are from a completely different planet; so to speak”/ I did not understand. And its a completely different dimension: LOCKED IN. honestly, life has changed.

 And in the really weird part: changing dimensions, required going through a crack in the mountainous wall; that was sealed up as soon as I had traveled a short distance. “by two, ten thousand foot tall men; who moved a million pound boulder into place; and crossed back, to the other side”; sealing that opening forever: no going back, no climbing the wall, no escape. So, female and I are both “stuck here; her with me/ and I with her”. As best we can.  “believe it or not”, it is true.

I guess the outcome of it is simply: male and female MUST now get along/ adapting and accepting; female in charge now of the law. To save this world; by our votes: as equals. Men will say never/ but reality will prove that true. Because the foundation event is: men and their universities have destroyed what was needed for life to survive. WITHOUT TRUE CHANGE, only world war is left. And history proves: men cannot tolerate, “war will end life on earth”/ therefore it is extinct, or you are. “our solution”: world law by OUR, we the people vote decides, with true international policing of ALL leaders, SAME. No exceptions: obey the law, or face the truth of consequences as has been decided by the vast majority: CHOOSING LIFE, instead of tyrants. CHOOSING NEW LAW; instead of an entire human history based upon war.

OR maybe; it is the same kind of reality imposed upon women when they get married; “change your name and adapt”; life is never going to be the same. For many, “I have all the power now”. Regardless; I just don’t know.

As to reality: from a life which identified entirely with male, and was constructed to understand what male was meant to be. I literally having been “turned upside down; so to speak”/ have no real clue about female; just don’t know. But reality says: you are on your own, because I do need to learn; time and truth, will decide the end result of it/ not me. Helping female is required, IF they ask: the spiritual world knows why.

As to you: YOU AS HUMANITY ON EARTH, ARE THE PROBLEM! The tragedy of your ways, the decisions you allowed yourselves to believe, are the cost of being WRONG. Which does mean: YOU ARE, your own solutions/ CHANGE OR DIE. Simple as that, grow up; and stop living in the fantasy world of “university knows”/ as they did lead you here to death by catastrophe. Humanity dissolves itself.

The passion of life and living, is to participate in the values of hope, that bring happiness into our lives as one. Happiness binds our freedoms, into a path that becomes our destiny for life in time. Compassion means; to understand your need, and recognize what it is, that I can honestly do, for you; as truth allows/ not want or lust. JESUS is the guarantor of eternity, providing the evidence; we were not simply created, and then left behind. Love proves that evidence, because love exists only in truth; a participation that forms a relationship only with respect. The universities have taught you complete disrespect for all things life or planet; as is a common construct of men; who take it all, and leave nothing behind; causing extinction. So the critical test of life or death, as “your eternal reward”; describes who you participate with: life and love/ or hate and destruction of the living, and its earth.

You know: what loneliness is, “you even have television, that enlightens you; called ALONE”. Yet you choose to discard people, life, and planet; even child; because you want possessions more, than a living soul to share your time with. You want, “to win”; as is pride; but you want more to prove superiority, thereby the right to present power over others, over everything. Which further alienates you from the living. So loneliness increases, and hate forms instead; because hate can be directed as a decision to make the rest “fear me”. Serial killers, arsonists, violence of all kinds arise through this road to hell.

Even with a minimum amount of human participation: the value of living seeks its Creator. The value of miracles, knows that love did this; as is our own gift of life. The cost of humanity is; what fails, as is primarily caused by human decisions; immediate or from long ago. Seek truth, and let love be your guide; no better guide exists, than is “the story called biblical JESUS”. The single soul, who proved that love or hate is a choice/ proved the difference is dramatic and real/ proved the value of love is not abandoned in death, by offering: “time exists, so that you can choose, your own eternal destiny”. We all know, that life is about thought, a body is worthless without the ability to know that you are alive. We know, that energy transforms itself; based upon the levels of discipline, balance, and order that have been applied by law. So the distinction of our existence; is functionally conceived by “thought and energy controlled by laws”. Truth survives, as truth is truth, forever. Consequently be cautious with your truth. Identities form decisions, and decisions form a direction: choose well and life results as a reward called happiness, love, respect, and more. Choose badly and hate forms into chaos, and then insanity; as the world no longer “wishes you were here”.

What I can tell you with certainty is: LOVE, with honesty, is the greatest treasure in this universe. Because love does make living, worth the price of our existence. Whereas loneliness, proves the price of love is worth searching for the truth of what our happiness shared, can be. To accept “GOD LOVES LOVE”; is fundamental, and proven by JESUS as his story is about love versus hate; the contribution of universities play god. Life is about truth, as only truth can survive: belief offers only “I want what I want”; and it is not enough to prove anything.

Humanity shouts: you can’t prove eternity exists! But reality screams back: you can’t prove eternity does not exist; and religion is born. But the difference is: every miracle of the complex elegance that life is; constructs, a pure evidence of thought, coupled to energy ordered, disciplined, and balanced by laws built by truth; as nothing less can build this. The sewer empties into evolution; which claims “chaos did this by accident”/ yet reality says; that is absurd and vile, little more than university shit and disease; claiming to overtake life. It is not so, they have nothing but “this looks like that”; even a simpleton can say “not enough”.

So they add: “a dead body” proves NO MORE LIFE. But reality proves, “it is the energy that has left, leaving the body as worthless, other than recycling”. As truth proves true: our existence of life, is found in thought. While universities shout, “no brain”/ but medicine shouts; we can keep a body from dying, even without a brain”; but that is only time measured without value.

The critical test is: WHERE DOES LIFE ITSELF COME FROM? Answer: from the same place, everything else alive, on earth arises from. The same place energy arises from: as the difference between motion and the potential for motion is shaped by what truth will allow. Therefrom the laws of life arise. energy is not motion or the results of motion or the potential for motion: but the fact that drives motion to exist, in any form at all.

Religion shouts: JESUS, body and all, arose from the dead. But reality adds in: HIS, claim was “the son of GOD”. We are not that, not a single one who ever lived, but HIM. Why then do you say “same”?

As to me: that was HIS testimony, HIS LIFE! And I will not question it, as the evidence of his witness to this world; was more than any other could do. Proven by healing/ proven by love/ proven by duty/ proven by respect; more.

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