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The tragedy of men, “its a man’s world”; is evident in the results. A multitude of species already extinct, with an entire world on the brink of extinction due to the decisions of men, and their universities, of which women provide much. Too bad for you; that you world has changed, and nature can no longer defeat you; to any degree; as machines and chemistry and stupidity, arrogance, apathy, disrespect, and all things without value prove true.

The crisis of failure is simple: your world is dying, and as always men lead, and men fail to accept: YOU CAN’T DO THIS, anymore, or extinction will take control and you too will die.


  1. YOU SHALL NOT cut down any more forest or trees, that are not dead; because the atmosphere will detach from this planet mass; and then accelerate to velocities beyond what life can survive.
  2. YOU SHALL NOT continue to burn fossil fuels at the current rate: MAKING ALL NECESSARY ADJUSTMENTS; because if you do the planet itself will overheat (no more ice for cooling)/ and the extreme heat will consume life from the face of this earth.
  3. YOU SHALL NOT allow ANY more mutilation of nature by genetic genocide; or nature itself will fail, and life on earth will die a horrifying death.
  4. YOU SHALL NOT discard and disrespect water supplies for drinking anymore; or it will cease to exist; and the war will be horrendous; as your need is true. Your poisoning is extreme.
  5. YOU SHALL NOT overpopulate this earth with humanity forcing it into extinction/ as you have done anymore. STOP by all means necessary, in defense of life and child.
  6. YOU SHALL NOT accept weapons of mass destruction any longer. Defeat them with world laws that are consistent with justice and needs.
  7. YOU SHALL NOT attack your oceans anymore; but will feed that life with dead human bodies and other suitable materials such as food waste; prepared for the purpose; so that they may eat/ so that you may continue to eat. CLEAN THEM UP, give that life a respite so that it may recover.
  8. YOU SHALL NOT attack your resources any further; but will align your use with the needs of reality, and a future for every child.
  9. YOU SHALL NOT lie, cheat, steal, rape, betray, terrorize, or any other element of hate; as is the counterfeiting of currency/ the disregard of debts/ the cost of being wrong/ the denial of justice and fair play/ and all the things “university leads” has done. Removing them from leadership; so that truth can decide; NOT people trying to insist they can play god; as Satan.
  10. YOU SHALL NOT let the curse of university control you anymore/ YOU WILL take them to court; and learn what is, and what is not true; the cost of being WRONG. With regard to every threat, and that does include covid, where it came from (the university lab) and so on.
  11. YOU SHALL NOT destroy any more habitat for the miracles of life that do still exist. The single family home is obsolete/ and nothing but high rise housing can be built; in any urban setting; so as to save life; including your own.
  12. YOU SHALL NOT sacrifice the lives of your own children anymore: as your garbage mountains prove/ the insanity of your ways. YOU WILL choose for life, erring only on the side of safety for all/ safety for our world/ safety for the future.
  13. YOU SHALL NOT allow ANY extreme experimentation by universities to exist/ absolutely none of it; dismantling what they have done; so that it cannot be used further. Removing their claim of wealth and handing them the debts by which reality was avoided; and delusions took control.
  14. YOU SHALL NOT allow international trading and its dependence upon factories to exist anymore: as resource loss, and all forms of destruction come through these. You will choose wisely; and you will construct what you need for yourselves; no more games only fools would play. Which includes “the stock market” of failures.
  15. YOU SHALL NOT allow the manipulation of society by media. Reducing them to very limited advertising; that you will supervise. You will not allow them to control politics; but will provide the communications needed to support life and earth/ NOT THE PUKE AND VOMIT of “university is secretly in charge here”.
  16. YOU SHALL NOT continue with corruption; but take command over the courtroom; “judging the judge/ lawyers/ and more”; so that the will of society is evident in what they do. And if not, that “officer of the court” will be removed if not punished.
  17. YOU SHALL NOT allow the military or policing to have authority over you or them: without a true BILL OF RIGHTS. So that we all know, what will or will not be done appropriately, for life and society/ NOT against it.
  18. YOU SHALL NOT indoctrinate the children with lies, as is the US method of education and deception/ as is unworthy of life and planet given to you. Evolution begins the removal of this scourge that is failure. Remembering instead: preparations for living, working, and values in support of life and world are what we need to learn.
  19. YOU SHALL NOT let healthcare be an extortion to you anymore. GROW UP, and accept; life is merely a few seconds in time, as opposed to an eternity governed by: your own truth decides what cannot be changed anymore.
  20. YOU SHALL NOT “do a thousand more things, that universities have taught you to do/ or men have simply done, to cause extinction now”. GROW UP/ WAKE UP, and understand 8 billion people, CANNOT do what 4 billion people used to do “50 years ago”. The population curve, adds starvation/ cannibalism/ extinction/ and war: no more games. GROW UP. As to the foundations necessary to confront leaders; in order to demand rights/ that is functionally already in place in this USA; which does make you the leader. As the LAW TO ADDRESS AND DEMAND FROM our employees: the legal right of first amendment redress of grievances/ already exists. What it takes to implement is a directive from sufficient people; that demands a courtroom to identify what is going wrong/ what is the cost of being wrong/ and what is or is not true of the various threats and decisions being made by our employees. “merely citizens”; who declared under oath (as is warranted by penalties for failure)/ that they would put the laws of our democracy FIRST. And that means: REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; is our foundation LEGAL right, as owners: to invoke the means of controlling our employees; through a courtroom to investigate what we the people believe may be wrong; with our nation, our future, and our world. Thereby setting the stage; to judge for ourselves: if these things should be changed/ or we accept the cost of being wrong; as is our right. Our democracy on trial: by the law we use to defend ourselves/ or the cowardice which fails democracy; to give complete anarchy to those who have rebelled against us. Discarding truth/ denying respect/ destroying the future/ lying, cheating, stealing, treason, terrorism, and betrayal of life and world as is “university knows/ universities play god”. As is the failure of our courtroom: which says, “the universities CANNOT be called into question/ as they are gods”; to their shame, and desertion of duty to the nation itself; and even world.           TRUTH SURVIVES, LIES KILL, DAMAGE, OR DESTROY. Their claim of course is: “we don’t know what we don’t know”. But the question presented was: BEING WRONG, destroys our world/ WE MUST KNOW, what is true, of what they do; as reality points to MURDER OF A WORLD. And the people scream: WE KNOW, everything we need to know; because media tells us what we think! So the truth of what you know; is whatever the universities want you to know; and absolutely nothing else.So we research the evidence to find: this planet is surrounded by threats of extinction, that includes ourselves. Because what the universities know; is fantasy, lies, delusion/ imagination, betrayal, or terrorism; an enemy, not a friend. A reality of consequences covered up by media: so that you do not interfere in “universities play god”. The takeover of government/ takeover of currency/ takeover of media/ takeover of education/ takeover of life; by those who curse you as fools. EVOLUTION IS ONE SUCH DELUSION; used to grant themselves genetic mutilation of all nature as is its genetics. FUSION IS ONE SUCH FANTASY; as is their claim “we will convert hydrogen into helium, like the sun”. Proven wrong from the very beginning; because if the sun was producing helium with every BTU/ THEN WHERE, is the damn helium? ANSWER THE QUESTION; where is it, as helium, is one of the rarest elements know. OR, imagination; as is spending trillions “to explore outer-space”. Fully knowing; they ain’t going nowhere: because oxygen and more demands that! Not their cover-up of experimentation with intercontinental missiles to deliver bombs; ending life and earth, as a living planet. BY THEIR CHOICE; and your cowardice. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!there is: NO GREATER CURSE UPON THIS EARTH, “THAN A UNIVERSITY EDUCATION”. The reality is very simple: they invaded every form of life and decision and reality; that a REBEL ARMY could invade. Trampling on life and planet, as the pure disrespect of evolution demand. A vile disgrace to all that is nature and body and life and future and child and hope, and educations of value: thrown aside by the anarchists who do intend to make you extinct. While a tiny bit of value has been found; the greater truth is: pure DISASTER, and all the consequences that come with it; was the price. WHILE COLLEGE IS NOT “simply the enemy”/ PLAYING god, with life, energy, lies, stealing, betrayal, terrorism and more: ABSOLUTELY IS. Force them out of hiding; and know the cost of being WRONG. AS IS even your face has been dissolved, by the SATANIC worship of those who play god with life and world.

    You stand in the cemetery of “university plays god”; and yet continue to believe whatever media says; to your shame. With evidence enough to know: this is no longer a game. Refusing to investigate; because you want what you want/ instead of truth as is needed to survive into the future. People who betray life and world; threatening weapons of mass destruction. People who betray life itself with mutilation of genetics. People who betray life and world; by trying to ignite atoms on fire; on this planet, thereby made entirely out of fuel (just like the sun). Yet as fanatics without a brain do; you still claim “the universities are god”; to your shame.

    What did the universities give you; to make you slaves? They stole all your money by counterfeiting currencies and denying debt; unless it was yours; bribing you with “just believe in your leaders; our LIES will save you. Instead of reality; they gave you a computer, etc; saying this is enough for you; nothing else is needed. Yet you eat reality, you drink reality, you live in a world that dies without reality; making you this USA, the most foolish ever born. To your shame.

    As is the cost of tyrants everywhere: SEARCH FOR TRUTH, get your face out of their ass; and grow up or die. Accept the price of reality, and let truth decide; INVESTIGATE AND PROVE, THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG.

    And the universities diploma says: “we are gods/ you can’t treat us this way; we are gods; just like media says; we are great”. BUT throughout the decades, the one certainty of life was; “nobody questions the universities; they alone are judge, if they are wrong”. As is, the foundation of a cult. Indoctrination as a child/ engulfed by debt (take their money away, give them no option, make them indebted to their parents; so they can’t refuse). As is the constant of: “memorize, mimic, obey, believe, fear what we can do to you and your future”. Tempt them farther into debts to make them fear, tempt them into drugs to force obedience, make media “the zealot of believers”; so they have to fight against society. Which surrendered their brain to the bribes; of an army of insurgents, who claimed the currency and securities of this entire nation was their own: to do with whatever they wanted. Which was to play games with life and world, to prove they could be gods; to their shame. Discarding democracy with irrelevant rules, closing the door to any real threat to their tyranny, building a war, complete with biological weapons to destroy the opposition by removing their options. Dissolving all forms of independence, by taking over the economy of the entire nation, and giving it away to foreigners; so you get to beg. Yes even you; who have a diploma; as the army of robots continues to be built; in order to ensure NOBODY “has a brain” to say no.

    all hail the dead; right/ as is also the constant of every cult as the lies multiply, and the fantasies fade into oblivion; because truth and reality, will not be silenced forever.  But hey, don’t worry:  YOU get to die, from the consequences of your choices to obey, fear, and believe “so you could be rich, and have slaves” too. After all, “eternity doesn’t matter” right?     “not in your lifetime right”?  Well just consider world war with weapons of mass destruction sits on your own doorstep; biological meltdown is within your doors; and even the means to ignite this planet into a sun: is a true and absolute threat;  which will prove:  EVEN ONE SECOND TOO LATE/ and you are incinerated;  air sucked out of your lungs; and crawling on the ground, while you wait to be sucked into that fire. Which is roughly 10 million degrees/ as our solar system describes; with heat reaching to the edge. rather than the lies; being used to keep you at bay:  your science says “ignition is 4 million times more, than a chemical fire:  or a candle flame/ is FOUR MILLION TIMES MORE; than what you know is now.

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