relationship rules



  1. RESPECT guides us all, into what we say or do in response to each other as life grants the opportunity to participate. Love is: kind, happy, truthful, distinct, gentle with its purpose, and desires that our happiness should be shared, because we care. Hate is: “liar, cheater, thief; always looking for the value of what can be taken/ instead of what can be shared. Always wearing a disguise, as predators do; so as to be prepared when the moment of betrayal can happen.
  2. TRUTH guides the path of every person, in the direction they have deliberately chosen to go. It is no accident, that some choose love/ while others choose to hate; what is in the middle, are those who have not made a commitment to one direction or the other. But assume, they can have both; which does make them somewhat insane; as love and hate are opposites, and cannot remain as one. Truth is a law, that builds life into one shared with passions that are alive in both. Lies turn into chaos and disgrace, sucking the life from one/ so the other can survive the coffin they chose.
  3. LOVE is, the expression of desire; that allows for passions to rise above the animal of lust. Making every desire a destiny, built upon the values that do prove we care, for each other. Love is never blind; because reality will prove that ends with grief. Love is a clear difference/ an undeniable reality. Proving: Hate, nor its chaos; does not live here. Love is patient, kind, and helpful, proving we share this life; as a definition of our care for each other/ hate is a predator waiting.
  4. DISCIPLINE is, the creation of our acceptance proven true; that how we live does describe the laws we serve as our participation in life and relationships. With discipline, I know I can depend upon you/ and you know that you can depend upon me. Therefore trust enlarges, and the definitions of “being truly alive” ascend into our joy as one shared life; built upon truth. Without truth there is no discipline/ without discipline there will be no joy.
  5. ORDER is, the passionate embrace; of law! Laws keep us alive. Laws build our bodies as life. Laws keep this earth and all its blessings from dissolving into chaos. Making law itself, the basis of life and truth that will then determine our future as life which shares this earth and more; contributing the foundation upon which we build ourselves in recognition of that value.
  6. BALANCE is, the elemental truth of “no one is perfect here”/ and as a consequence must be forgiven from time to time; as reality will prove. Those who do not forgive; either fall into hate/ or find themselves isolated and alone. But if you forgive those who do not repent of why this went wrong; refusing to learn; refusing to change: then you have denied the realities of law and truth, and they will eat at your soul. Until your heart says enough. We cannot change each other/ it is not your job. We cannot save each other/ it is not your right, each is free to decide their own fate. We cannot love each other enough, “to make hate go away”; IT IS A CHOICE, one direction or the other; you CANNOT have both. While the animals shout “we can have both”; the reality of it is: while survival allows you to play predator and prey if you want to do that. Life does not. Life insists: there are only two distinct choices in our existence: love or hate. Survival is not “being alive” in the essence of love/ or “dying alive” in the essence of hate. Survival is merely choosing not to decide, beyond not wanting to die.
  7. DESTINY is, letting truth guide you into the creation of your own identity. The certainty of desire, that shapes the foundations of your own heart. By building upon love to become the creation of what you yourself have chosen to be. Relationships which live within soul, share being alive is the home we built upon love. While soul itself shares, “this is the joy” you have created within you, by choosing for life. Hate destroys life; the difference is understood by all. THE CHOICE, is made by each one alone. You cannot make love into hate/ you CANNOT make hate into love. They are opposites! HATE, disguises itself, to prey upon love; truth identifies what is true; accept what is true, and let that guide you beyond hate. Whenever you can, let truth guide you beyond simple survival as well.

HAPPINESS stems from the “parts and pieces” we remove from our own foundation of existence, to share with another, what we can both build into trust: because you did do, the same basic thing for me. Making our lives, a participation that is more than survival or its potential reality called boredom. The function of happiness, is to remove the barriers between us: because only that, can build a home. But make no mistake: if you share what is of value/ then you give that to someone else; who then has a choice to return it, or not. GIVING “a piece of you away”/ LITERALLY does mean, you don’t own it anymore; they do. HATE feeds on that, and returns nothing; ending in “heartbroken”. Love shapes your gift into the passions of truth, that will become a purity between you both. Without purity of love, there is no “being alive” beyond self. The consequence of heart and soul: live in that reality.


Listen to their wants, “it will tell you” where this road goes; and even hint at what they intend “your cost” will be.

Listen: “to the I’s”; as is I want/ I need/ I am/ I am not/ I am angry, sad,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,etc”. Because every “I” is a detour, away from the cause of “I do love you”/ to the pride of I want from you. Pride makes life a game, and once you are detoured; the manipulation an control begins. To determine who has the power in our relationship; and every I wants that power to be “me”.

While there are some elements of “I”; that exist to form “we”; they are few, and must be found within respect to be valid and true.

Pride is an enemy; very hard to control.

Want is an enemy; always seeking more control.

Power is an enemy; determined to make you pay, for what they want. The price is high, and the relationship will die, if it goes too far.

So let your heart sing, with happiness: where the purity of truth and discipline prove you can trust this relationship with your life. But be very cautious with anything less; because hate needs an enemy, or it falls into insanity. Hate is always disguised, because if you know in advance; you will not fall in their trap/ unless you are blatantly stupid. MY ADVISE: give your heart and soul to GOD first. Because if you are true to that, then truth will guide you for the rest of your life/ not want, pride, or power. As is the sign of an “animal”.

The lesson: animals play with animals (that is ok), to test strength and take up time; it is not hate/ but when the game turns into a demand for superiority, and your submission. The animal turns into a predator, with its prey. And if you that predator take what is needed; for you to be alive; as is love. Then you let the predator, “eat you”; and they won’t care, because it is no longer a game. Be aware; their decision is their own/ but so is yours, protect the very best of you; or you might die to eternity: LOVE IS ESSENTIAL. Prove your answer is NO. Not a game; do the best you can.

DO NOT “make mountains out of molehills” as the gossipers do; that is an attempt to strangle the other person with screams of “I know/ I know”; when in fact you do not. A tiny shred of evidence is not enough to convict of anything: let every fact be clear, separated into its order of discipline or chaos/ and all judgment be reserved to the law; or to “just you/ not them”. Because with judgment catastrophe’s come: don’t do that, it is unnecessary, let the law decide; but do not forget reality, and be as merciful as you can honestly be.

DO NOT use ridicule as your means of ending a relationship! Be wise, and let truth be enough: a courtroom should never be, “whatever I think”/ it should only be, what PROVEN truth will provide. Removing want, so that values can be clear; even when that is not what you desire it to be; truth is truth, and it must come first, or your own life will suffer more than it has.

DO NOT hide, all the problems in your relationship behind sex; both of you will lose. Rarely does the time bought with sex; turn into love. Understand/ choose/ be honest/ be fair; accept the price you chose; or end it now; or as best you can. While loneliness can push; sexual disease, or pregnancy; will push back: try your best to protect life first. But “it ain’t easy”.

Sex is, the first step into intimacy; if you are both capable of “beyond lust”. If not, then simply animals. Your choice, either way.

Values shape life, just as truth designs and creates “your hope”. But only trust forms the bond that will become living alive in joy; our shared world, open to no one else (unless real love finds a way); home, because we do care, as life was meant to be. Heart ascends within intimacy; but only soul, can open the door.

IF TRUTH does not guide you both: “thieves are at the door”. Step back from disaster. Want, is a terrible thing; an abyss, which makes life hard. Pride is a terrible thing; it is a game, no one wins; because someone else must lose; which leads to tragedies. Power is a terrible thing, because it forms from judgment; all forms of tyranny. Which does make “animal sex” one of those tyrants, which can control your life, in ways you did not expect or imagine. Drugs form an escape from want; but that want then digs an even deeper hole; from which escape is hard. The task is: “say no, I won’t”/ AS IS your relationship with you; respect yourself, accept the price of repair. Lead no one; so that you may not be guilty of their own sorrows. Let freedom be honest and fair.

Understand this: that hate worships chaos, like the predator worships fear and panic; which then leads to chaos, and the prey then becomes easier to attack. People accept beliefs: to enclose themselves in their own prison cage; so they can say, “you can’t get me here”. The consequence of both leads to obedience: the critical links which keep a herd close together, and thereby secure as possible from the predator. The cost of that is; freedoms end, because we must all be the same, do the same, work the same, and think the same; so as to move as a herd, and remain as one BIG mass of life. So the predators know; fear or not, “we will trample you/ as mobs do”.

The elevation of life from animal (predator or prey); requires that you choose to accept death as part of existence. An inescapable reality, which will take us all away from time; as every dead body proves true. Unfortunately The response is: as dictated by “university animal; we are the big herd now”; therefore nothing is more important, than take all you can get right now, make slaves. Nothing is more important, than to play god, and get all the trophies, toys, and trinkets living can provide; right now; shouting: To HELL with the rest/ “ain’t nothing more important than me”. The end result is hate; and hate uses chaos to create prey.

The ascent from a human animal; to the life of a human being alive in the presence of miracles: allows for the creation of thought, as it constructs the value of what we know to be true. That no human being or anything of this world that is known by humanity; created this world. No accident can assemble the order, disciplines, balance, or methods needed to attain life as a body. No introduction of life within a completed body; is possible with human knowledge or realities of this world. ONLY the truth of miracles constructs the opening door, that is thought. Thought KNOWS our CREATOR did this. JESUS knew, that more than time exists for the experience or expressions that are life.

So the question, SCREAMED by universities is: WHERE then is “this heaven”? PROVE more than time exists for a human life!

The answer is: that while you struggle with bodies, the end result of living results from how all your body can be; is interpreted by thought, into the values of your own heart or soul. Making thought life/ rather than body. So the critical question is: what or where or why or how or when or who, is “a destiny beyond time”?

We begin that struggle to comprehend what is beyond self, as an identity within self; therefrom what is true, of the elements that bring forth an expression or experience capable of living? Conception says: the integral link, is our relationship with the construction of a question. Or more distinctly, critical knowledge of what, is aligned with truth, not descriptions. We then challenge the knowledge that there is truth, with the construction of where does that truth exist? The foundation of living is a miracle, and that supports the function of finding truth in GOD . our “word” for a Creator, beyond our conception or ability to understand; beyond the evidence of love as has been given here in body and beyond.

So we elevate ourselves beyond the descriptions of this world; by accepting that all destinies begin with GOD and the decision which transforms our connection to this journey is why. Why accepts: to understand the laws which grant the elevation of truth in our lives, it must be “purified”/ in order to teach, “the trash must be thrown out”. Or more specifically: hate must be divided from love, and love alone must identify your choice. We do this by accepting the value of love is beyond anything hate can be. Therefore how we turn our lives from “the middle ground of I want both”; into the foundations upon which love is built. Is a decision of the heart. Heart relates to the relationships we accept within our lives, as a participation which guides us onto our chosen path of love. That love opens the heart, as is opening the door, between us: so that life may flow as if it were the treasury that brings joy and with it truth. This is a creation kept safe by the understanding of trust. Whereby each must learn; only truth can be trusted, and only trust is more precious than life, because the living without trust will bring sacrifices that threaten your life. Trust GOD first, or your heart might be broken by those who could not accept the price of love. This is the who; proven by the treasuries of joy; which translate thought into living. Therefore the question of heaven is assigned by the participation of where there is love, there is truth. Let your life be for truth, so that your love will guide you into eternity. Let being alone be enough; is none wish to participate: “animals cannot”. Search beyond self, when you can; but understand, the value of life is SOUL (your relationship with CREATION AND ITS CREATOR). To achieve that, you must search within miracles to understand the truth: there are no accidents here/ and that does make you “an expression intended for love/ even if the experience has been trampled by human animals, who know only want”.

And the people say, as led by their university rulers: “we know what we want/ and we don’t want you”. But as your universities have proven true; “everything is made from atoms”; and that fact identifies the creation of each dimension; is the government of what participates within the atomic realm to dictate the boundaries and limits of what an atom can do. Or more distinctly: the construction of every living body on earth. Is defined by the laws which create an identity.

The consequence of that is: laws which you define, and accept; create the identity of you. Therefore beyond this life of time, by its bodily dimensions; those same laws govern who you can become, within the definitions that do control energy itself. Chaos brings chaos/ just as order, by law; brings order by life.

While atoms create the environment of energy in motion or its potential to have motion. The energy itself which is beneath that directional component of a decision: creates an entirely different environment. So the question of thought resides within that distinction of a difference; which then becomes our relationship with life. Discussions of thought beyond self, are not warranted.

However, it seems conclusive to this work; that the possibilities of “thought can go anywhere”; it is not tied to the body. Should not be overlooked. I will grant you instead of elegance or essence: “consider that” however you wish.

The critical question is of course: “how do you sustain that development in thought, as an identity created and then established by you”? Truth aligns with soul, “the living home, of life”.

It is my choice, to allow for some advise: it is not the decision of love, to change each other into “what you want”. Rather it is the reality of love, to expand the truth of what we can experience in the freedoms of love, that express our respect for each other. Thereby granting the essence of trust, which then becomes; the intensities we share as a home, separates us into the values and honesty, we do create as heart.

Every drama is about “look at me/ listen to me/ do what I want you to do”. While hate uses drama to built traps, which are intended to manipulate you. LOVE expresses drama, when confronted with the realities of “are you forgetting about, me too”? Participating in respect, identifies the struggle between life, love, truth; and its road to death. We grant to each other, in the essence of life our happiness is shared. We grant to each other; in the essence of love, the values shaped by our care. We grant to each other in truth, a respect that is honest and complete with hearts that know, “I can never replace you”; even if I must live without you; and another finds a home, in me. Love is the essence of life itself, as is true: without happiness or its hope, the cause to survive dwindles, as we then must search “to be alive”.

SHARE the journey, do not make each other a slave; want does that. Discard pride: there are no winners or losers in love, only cherished and sacred born by respect, and alive in trust. Power is the constant hiding place of fear; but fear fails life, by turning into a predator; while screaming “fear me instead”. Your choice is loneliness. Your life is lost, because you ran away from love. Death is an ending of time; the discarding of body, to prove that is so. It comes for us all; therefore to fear it, has no merit. Instead let truth guide you into “the Creation of life itself”/ as is found in every miracle of life or living; realities none can accomplish. As is proof, we are not here alone. The guarantor of that fact is JESUS; his testimony: LOVE grants to those who choose it truly, an eternity beyond time. So your choice is: to accept love can save you from death, as thought itself proves the essence of life. Or to fear; and cut yourself off from values; ending in a life that will not escape; your choice, to hide in chaos.

I should end with: “i was married once, almost fifty years ago; 2 years; no kids”. The reality was: even though I told her, best I could: “I can only spare so much”; my life is given, to fighting against all these threats. She was certain: she wanted more; and fought to get “everything I could be”. But that was the “ending of me”/ until I chose, no farther. The cost of it, was high; for us both.

Life exists within the framework, of what we truly do desire; or more distinctly, only one true love exists at a time. My choice has remained: the cherished truth and respect, for miracles, that cannot be explained by anything other than “a gift”. My choice for work was: to redirect those killing life and earth, as best I could. Even though I loved her; as with many throughout my time. I could not surrender life itself, to an ending of HELL: without a fight. As best I could, love does not choose, to let all life die; it is selfish.

You should end with; “at least I tried”; how is that not true? BUT, the scream is: “not in my lifetime: as is a curse upon you”; because therefrom you admit to know; this is all bad/ and you choose selfishness, even to the point of letting your own child die. Religion says: “we don’t have to do NOTHING”; eternity, life, everything is FREE. But that is not so, the gift which most distinctly, proves that; is JESUS. He did not die, so you could become a plain lazy asshole; who won’t care or share nothing for life. Where is your respect? In all of history, “this generation of living humanity” is surely the worst that has ever been. Choosing to threaten and destroy life, world, nature, truth, respect, values, love, sex, happiness, hope, discipline, order, balance, the future of every life and child; RISKING THE PLANET, NATURE, OCEAN LIFE, WATER, FOOD, EXTERMINATING EVERY CHAIN OF LIVING EXISTENCE, AND MORE: with lies and delusions; and more “of the imaginations, clearly on the road to HELL. Because you believe “the universities are your gods”/ even though the evidence will prove; they are your traitors instead, leading you into HELL. As you chant; be media manipulation: how they cannot be wrong; to your shame.

As for me, I was once on a job; when it became clear to me, “they could not pay”/ which made me feel a bit like a rat (for creating debts, even though they believed in their business). Nonetheless, I found a way; to get them the money from my work: therefore paid regardless of their business. But they spent the money on vacations/ and never did pay me. Same is true of you; I found you ways to create a future for those who cared, because the cost of being wrong is extinction. Yet without even a thank you; you took that work, and threw me away; because as a cult “it is illegal, so to speak” for you to think for yourself.

OR, perhaps you are best described as another:  who not  only stole my work, and money; but threatened my life/ after I made it possible for him to survive his choices, and reap a reward. The end result is simple:  I would NOT risk the failure of this work/ for something of such little value as “your counterfeit money”. So, I walked away. Reality says: there is no difference here/ your pride is failure, your power is as a fool. “you have a leak in the roof (university is god) of our existence”/ and it threatens to destroy your entire world. To your shame; cowardice reigns supreme.    FIND YOUR SOUL.    or, perhaps it is more simple than that; as with the young girl; faced with providing for two children/ she made poor choices, believing she might have to marry an old man just to survive.  So, I confronted her in writing “by mail”;  with “I could be that old man”/ never my intent. But it means: FACE YOUR FEARS! She did, and she did much better/ regardless of the illusions , or delusions; then assumed of me. Friendship does not allow, letting catastrophe’s in. FACE YOUR FEARS! Nothing less will do.          EVEN IF THIS EARTH DIES,  LET IT DIE WITH TRUTH!   not “cult worship”; the dead man’s way.

OR, maybe “like me”; you are extremely surprised at where life has taken you. For me, into the spiritual dimension of female; as a balance of education, required to survive. You at the opposite extreme: are faced with realities from which you cannot escape either. Truths which must be defined for life or planet to survive. Which means the life itself says: ADJUST TO IT, or die. Surrender what you believed, to accept what is now real for you. Life and living has changed: Like it or not, is irrelevant.

The end result of my education, is now the potential of a “new life order” for this planet, and all of its humanity; by her contribution, (a predicted Revelation 12 reality) even though I have changed. Truth knows, it was worth the price for life and earth. What you believe is of no value to me. What you should accept is: “only truth survives”/ and your world has failed from the consequences of “a fantasy; university knows/ but lies”. People want, but not truth. Everything on earth is at a crossroad; failure is extinction. Simple as that.

The relationship rule for me, is: that I crossed the road into a female dimension, “just to ask a question”/ but was pushed inside. That fact ended all male authority in me; because change means change. Working together ended with “let me out”; they will never learn! But I was refused, and thankful at this stage of life; as I was not done (mom died, but not an excuse; just a reality). Nonetheless, whatever will be, for me; is no longer my decision: as predicted with Revelation 17: 3-4, “she rides me, as if I represent all men”. I tell you true; she does have control. And as with verse 5; men hate that. Nonetheless; Whatever will be for this world; is your decision. Whatever eternity will be; is no longer certain, whatever will be in this life is no longer certain. Truth decides, none of it, is a game. I don’t know if you survive. I don’t know what will become of me. I don’t know when the moment of no return exists; but soon, without change. I don’t know if women will ever rise to fight for life and earth. Or the result of that effort, if it is not true to the purpose of “being alive” on a living earth. It is after all, your choice.

I don’t know; if my life is to be, “male or female” anymore. The critical test is: NATURE DECIDES/ NATURE SURVIVES/ NATURE IS GOD’S GIFT OF LIFE, as a living body of existence on earth. Therefore whatever nature does, is what will be. Life cannot be changed beyond time; truth has made the decision; of what you were. And humanity says; “we won’t believe”. To which I simply reply: GOD CREATOR OF THIS UNIVERSE; can literally do anything HE might choose to do; your belief is absolutely irrelevant.

My decision is absolutely irrelevant; as I have been given over to the world of female; [NO, she is not violent/ but determined; the spiritual essence of woman on earth]. I don’t know why, or what for, or how that ends, or ANYTHING! I do know; she is not “evil” by any description; nor am I. But I truly do, wish I had my freedoms back.

If I were to describe me; I would suggest at this time, “its like a train, that almost went over the hill”; but the engine stopped working, no brakes: and the entire train is now rolling back down the hill. Its a straight track, “same/ same/ same”; but in the opposite direction. No clue where it ends. My messenger days are over. Realities however refuse to let me go; “just add, a thousand: I don’t know”; and there I am. Wandering what next? Answer, “not a clue”.

“she is now taking control over this too”. I don’t know, how that ends either.

I GUESS; perhaps, that the end result of all that is simply to prove: “he ain’t nothing but a messenger”. As would be the honest result.    Hopefully life will return to normal/ earth and its living environment will survive/ and humanity achieve its new start.      Perhaps, that can be all done.

The language of prophecy is very simple: only what survives is used to create the image of what can or could be expected in the future. That always looks to nature, or earth; as nature and planet alone remain constant. Therefore Revelation 12: verse 1 depicts a spiritual woman; who stands upon something foreign (a man), but is yet visible, in that man (here/ but not here; so to speak “spiritual comes to life”), as a reality on earth. Verse 2 depicts the formation of a “new life”, shall be presented by a single individual given that job; to “present the message”. In nature that is done by “pregnant female/ mother”. But in this time of life on earth; it is more descriptive to accept the new life is a message for change/ and the presenter/deliverer is a messenger, who has been given that task.

Both verses are very closely related; while the relationship between spiritual female, who is described as “royalty, proving with valuable gifts/ she is the important one”; and man is depicted as history would prove as a beast; in Revelation 17: 3-4. The initial verse 1-2 of a prostitute describes someone considered nonviolent; who has gone too far “selling out life itself/ by creating disease; altering nature” (as with covid, and more). Yet all the nations worship her as great; they want power, more than life. Verse 4-5 identify men will hate and ridicule; the concept of change so dramatic that women take the lead and produce the value. While verse 6 offers what the men of religion will do; as is describe her work, as an attack intended to kill them all.   That is the prediction/ and it has come true.

REALITY AND TRUTH however both agree: when confronted with any serious or severe problem, as is the historical result of what men do/ THEIR ONLY ANSWER IS WAR. War is the end of life on earth, as depicted by weapons of mass destruction, and the consequences of what men do. Which means: they cannot lead anymore/ as massive results from “university plays god”, will soon appear. And reality does not care. Truth is what it is; as the cost of what you did choose to do. The believer (I want what I want), is dead/ truth now decides; and it will require wisdom, or you die; as is extinction comes next.                 GO TO COURT (as best we can), AND PROVE BY THE EVIDENCE;  THE COST OF BEING WRONG!

The consequence of “spiritual woman rides, the male beast”/ represents the realities of trading places. Instead of women being treated as animals, as history will prove happens too much/ men will know, that is unfair: EQUAL or dead THE PRICE FOR EXTENDING LIFE ON EARTH. The end result is: men will accept it, or life will end/ as by the evidence of your disgrace and disrespect; against life and earth: is easily proven true.

The critical truth is: the man used to describe the beast, has already been turned into “traded places; owned, by women; not free”. Examples as needed, will come through him. Reality can prove, GOD can enforce: same will happen to you, if men fail life and earth. As to women: JUSTICE IS EQUAL, do your best to sustain it/ BUILD WITH LAW. Or this reprieve could turn against you.

Which literally does mean: this reprieve is the last supper, if you do not change.     LIFE ITSELF, will die. So says the evidence, and the truth; of this message.

NO, I AM NEVER going to tell you what to do: you must choose/ your life/ your future/ your consequences; no blaming me. IT IS however clear: that right to present LAW, change society; now belongs to women, as it is surely their turn to decide. Different, requires different! I will only help women, to understand what the choice is. NOT because they are better/ but because they are different; and not defined by war.


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