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Propaganda is a reality that does always claim: the end justifies the means/ regardless of lies, theft, cheating, traitorous acts, terrorism, or other. After all, “they” are smarter than us/ or we would not be fooled; so they have a right; like all university decisions are. “TEAR APART” anything that works, so we can rebuild it our way, claiming superiority; with them as slaves (you can’t stop us from stealing your lives), to feed our every desire.

As is the constant with every form of swindle, every description of propaganda, every purpose without a legal right: the foundation of what you are going to be told is: THIS IS GREAT. That NEVER includes the reality of “a pyramid scheme” to take your money/ a legal right to stop this process or these people because of the consequences BRING WRONG, will mean/ nor it is a fair and legitimate description of what can or cannot be done: because that kind of information ruins the game,  “WE CAN, do whatever we want/ because they don’t know enough to stop us”. Or as every swindler knows: “find someone who believes they know something”; and your target is born. The clear unfortunate truth in playing god is:  we CANNOT UNDUE, the damage they do. Which will end life, by HORROR INCOMPREHENSIBLE, on earth! That statement is easily provable, A.I.D.S. is only just one tiny little genetic error. The difference between fixing that little error/ and destroying life on earth is:  what if it is more than just one, that university experimentation created. What if it is more complicated than a very simple pattern of 4 components in a line/ what if, the disciplines and order and balance that give us a body of life are lost? What then!








Little in life is so functionally clear as: going to the nursing home to see, “what just a little disintegration of the parts and pieces” in a living body will do. Nothing is more clear, as to the reality of genetic malfeasance 97 S.E. 2d 33, 42 when confronted with a human body that is “with significant birth defects, or catastrophic loss”. Nothing is more certain, than mental incapacity, when confronted with the needs required for even simple survival; that simply do not exist. While the universities promise “the moon”/ they bring HORROR instead. There is no such thing as “putting life back together” once genetic disciplines, order, balance, thought, and a million other “incidentals” all gone bad. And they KNOW IT. They curse you intentionally, because the only thing important to a religious zealot worshiping evolution is:  “we are right”. Even though they cannot be more WRONG.

You are willing participants in all genetic experimentation: WITHOUT knowing one damn thing about it! Shame on you. You are willing because you believe in medicine, rather than in GOD. The difference is not, that medicine cannot help. Instead the reality is, NATURE, THE FACT OF CREATION as was built through the disciplines of thought, the fundamental order required by truth, and the essence of what it takes to balance the whole substance into a life form; has been relegated to the curse of a university delusion as is evolution. To YOUR shame. Antibiotics and vaccine made medicine what it is today; antibiotics through university leadership have become the means to take a nuisance health issue/ and turn It into a catastrophe pandemic; because antibiotics are now failing. As to vaccines biological weapons of mass destruction are being formed everywhere. As to your healthcare:  the chemicals we must endure are a cause to many of your personal health crisis. In other words, they make us sick/ and then they steal your home and your life’s work,  claiming we owe: just to let them put on a bandaid. To your shame. Recently working with a new glue ‘3 times stronger” for less than 8 hours (got on the palms of my hands)/ and I went from completely healthy to pancreas under attack/ and gall bladder taken allowed to have taken out. Because the chemical invaded my body through the skin. Endless realities of chemical contamination by poisons/ or genetic mutation, are the cause of many major health issues. Take another look at your medicines (their lawsuits), and recognize or actually listen too: the TV ads, which declare “catastrophe for some”. UNFAIR throughout, like so much more (just ask, what would sales be, if you viewed the tragedy instead of pictures to suggest, “ain’t this great”: because people don’t listen, they just believe). You actually believe doctors won’t do surgery on you just for the money. You actually believe way too much; because it is just not true. And in your fears, you call the people who enslave your saviors “so long as its not me”. Yet none of it exists, without the counterfeiting of American money. YOU ARE THROWING NATURE AWAY. YOU ARE DISCARDING AND DISRESPECTING THE VERY VALUES OF OUR EXISTENCE, OUR PLANET, AND THE FUTURE OF EVERY LIFE ON EARTH;  for nothing more than lies. Shame on you.

The reality of living attests to three simple things: we are allowed to take what we need to survive from this planet (NOT necessarily from each other)/ we must leave the rest to someone else, or the future dies for us all/ we must face death with reality, NOT want nor fears; beyond what is fair to the rest, who are “just like me”. Death is not optional, but what we charge to the rest is. In more economical terms: “we can spend the income, but if we destroy the asset that produces the income, then our future will face the consequences of that decision. Don’t destroy the children, just because you want! It is undignified, and unworthy.

As to the religious fanatic, who believes anything the university diploma is selling; the tragic reality is, they are not what you believe they are! As is so common with all religions, which simply comes to mean “I want, what I want/ and I don’t want, what I don’t want”; even if I can’t make it true, I will believe it is true; because the world is too scary without someone, or something, to protect me. Our medicines are the direct result of human tears throughout history, therefore people are willing to try this or that; and once in a great while actually benefit/ more than they harmed. Life or death is no game. Today the intellectuals want to believe they can play god, and make medicines instead of find medicines. The difference is: nature does not sort out the worst of it/ which means now, they can and do defy nature to create their own introduction of chemistry into nature itself: thereby playing god with life. Look around you, if honest: there is not one single damn thing men and women do; that is better than nature does or did do. And everything they can do, comes from nature at its core source. Look around you, if honest: there is TREMENDOUS HARM caused by men and women in their actions upon and to this earth; because their decisions are not balanced with life/ but exist only for the purposes of pride or lust or money; as is the essence of selfishness. The university intellectual NOW BELIEVES they can bring the same fire here as is on the sun; “to prove they are gods”/ and don’t have to obey nature at all. We will burn as a planet, which means upon ignition of atoms on fire; which is what the sun does: you burn too, entering the biblical “hades (place of eternal terrors)”. And yet as always: you can’t talk to a believer, they threw away their brain.

Look at your own truth:  the universities took charge of government, and the first thing they did was to counterfeit our currency by hiding that theft as asset inflation (your economy went up in value, even though nothing changed but the numbers)/ then lying, cheating, by producing debts which cannot be paid. And exporting these “debts don’t matter for us/ only the slaves have to pay” ideas around the world, as is consistent with more than a quadrillion dollars worth of derivatives (fantasy assets)’ sold around the world; not including government claims for money, as well as all the rest. THEIR CLAIM: WE ARE RICH; has No truth in it; except for: the intellectual game that is we get to spend the counterfeiting, on anything we want; and all the rest get to lose. Numbers have no real meaning; resources and workers do. Yet the believer claims: THIS IS better than the alternative: NO ONE wants to go bankrupt! So each group chooses to steal from their children/ and literally assassinate those children by destroying the resources of this planet: which means they have no future at all. A doctorate means: “I memorized, and I mimicked” nearly everything, of what I was told to say and think.  A scientist is: for the few who actually do a little work, that they simply change something a tiny bit, and wait for the observable results. Once every few million discarded realities will provide some tiny bit of knowledge; which is then propagated throughout the world as “we ARE gods”. Never once considering the impact of what is to be done to life; because the money, and the pride, is all that is important. Etcetera, and more.

The horror that is CERN, a particle accelerator;  is like that (as are SO MANY): repeating the very same experiments time and time again, throughout the world, for decades; and still no clue. Risking an entire earth. Because so long as none complain: they still get paid/ so long as none can understand, they still have pride and power to threaten a world. Simply change the words, “keep them guessing”/ answer nothing unless it is with math that is irrelevant to all, but a tiny few beneficiaries.  It is a little different for genetic mutilation; whatever life does not crucify itself in the terrors of what your scientists did do to the building of a body called life/ but survives. Is immediately taken outside, to prove whether or not it can infect and destroy everything else. To prove evolution (the regurgitated remains of university sewage) by force. The fountain of ignorance is only exceeded by the reality of religious indoctrination: don’t thing/ don’t question us/ don’t believe anything, or see anything, or hear anything; UNLESS we the gods of university command you too. “There is no brain/ only our command”; as is the basic teaching of evolution. Arrogance knows no boundary, it lives to inject itself as god, over the rest.