As in how fast can “medicine” steal?  The answer is faster than you realize/ because the organization is massive and powerful. It has taken over government, and fights:  against every citizen in this nation called America. A case in point:  an incident occurred, I needed a muscle relaxer. The hospital/ doctor, ordered a month’s worth of high dose pain killers and muscle relaxant/ the pharmacy said, I could buy less/ but could not come back if more was needed.  I needed three days total. The question: what breeds an epidemic? The answer:  creating a dependency provides a lucrative and EASY income.

Stopping them requires:  Control the pricing. Stop private enterprise in all medicine. Establish boundaries. Control the pharmaceuticals. Stop endless testing for money. Refuse extreme medical treatment. Limit medicare. Control the educational process. Protect the people with a percentage of your income as cost, for healthcare:  plus a small amount for taxation to provide the buildings, equipment, and utilities.  And so on. We are a democracy, which means:  BY VOTE, we can change our nation for ourselves.  We need no one to do it for us/ WE CAN BY VOTE under constitutional law:  to establish what is within our own best interest.  Simple as that. might help with some understanding. Video redneck lawyer

The reality of healthcare is:  I had a gall bladder out/ it has consequences you won’t like. but nonetheless, for a hospital bed, and very little more:  the price was $10,000.00 per day. do you really think that was fair? when they complain “the people aren’t paying their bill”:  take another look at what they charge, and then let’s ask as a nation:  WHAT IS FAIR?


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