Bible Interpretations



    Religion did not survive for over five thousand years/ without something to offer a wide variety of people.  Simple as that. the quest to understand the basic principles of why are we here, and the fundamentals of what can we expect from death; are all substantive relationships that humanity has tried to understand through religion for all this time. The benefit of religion however is discipline, order, and balance in a life lacking these: IT PROVIDES a framework and boundaries, along with people “like you”.  I have no particular education in any religion other than the Jewish belief which is the old testament/ and the Christian belief which includes the old and new testaments.  Video Daniel 12 is an understanding: how can you not act?  corrected Daniel 12 is a better video, and gives the date of “hell begins” as of July 9, 2019/ the world ends “march 2021.” Any other religion can ask or offer statements of fact for interpretation, but they are reminded:  mediation will be less  than religious.  Some basic tenants from me are provided at  This is your chance to prove what is your truth! Video fun with Noah

the reality of biblical interpretation exists: by understanding YOU must try to understand exactly what life was like for the people who were writing the bible or its prophecy first.


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