Species Extinction




Who needs that stuff anyway/ doesn’t make a difference to me:  SO WHY SHOULD I CARE?  Well, we begin with a look at biology,  a reality of complex chemicals ALL OF WHICH MUST be “in person” to complete the building of any body of life.  All these complex chemicals are very specific to the existence of genetic building sequences.  All these chemicals create a concoction that is fundamentally dependent upon “even billion to one” concentrations to initiate or control the biological building, or sustaining of a body of life.  Without any critical component:  something is left out.  Those complex chemical components used to build and sustain a body of life, regardless which one it is:  come from eating other lives/ or consuming that life as a composite formed from within the ground; etc. DO YOU KNOW, which exact creatures or plants are absolutely essential to say building our arm?  Do you know which exact creatures or plants are fundamentally necessary for the creatures or plants you need for your own living chemicals/ because that life needs complex chemicals too. It’s called a chain of life for a reason! Not necessarily the same chemicals as yours. Think about it. And remember not only do we need biological chemicals/ the reality is, university introduction of chemicals not familiar to life or body CAUSE A WIDE RANGING consequence to all bodily functions which must then be mediated, with additional chemicals; or the body gets diseased and dies. You need to expand your thinking beyond memorizing what the university tells you to think: “they are just people/ does that not include liars, traitors, cheaters, thieves, haters, and more”.  www.justtalking4.info will help. Video fire fence 3



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