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  The neutron anti-mass is released back into the sun mass; as they are opposite forces. The net effect is solar gravity; 

The question of our existence is: can you, or your gods at university; be wrong, and this world remain alive? The answer is NO.

The functional work of this site, very simply reduced to just one example is: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO, WHEN AN ATOMIC FIRE IS IGNITED? Since everything on earth is fuel! It literally can’t be put out.  The world of physics, is determined to ignite “sun fire” here/ but not one single plan exists to control an atomic fire, outside the insanity “it will just extinguish itself”!  A ten million degree fire/ has no fire extinguisher…. “ask them”!  Which means; there is absolutely no room for even the slightest error/ because WRONG, means our earth becomes a sun.

You CAN’T even control an atomic meltdown; as is caused in a nuclear reactor/ when “excited electrons” are moving too fast, to be forced back into orbit.  Electrons balance the nucleus, “keeps it from shaking”/ which is the cause of radiation!   Without the true bonds of atomic composition being burned.   At a minimum, “You need suitable salts”; positioned in place above the reactor for immediate usage. When the situation leaves you no choice: but to error on the side of caution “we CAN’T, let this be wrong”! The salts should leave the reactor in useable, although diminished capacity. If not salts/ then concrete; prepared and in place prior to emergency.  OR, large overhead “works by gravity” water storage areas, which can feed the reactor by simply opening more than one valve. Such as one valve far away/ another close.

More detail

 People at universities say:  every BTU the sun produces is because , “two hydrogen atoms fuse together (one plus one), under intense heat and pressure;  making (equals two) a helium atom.  This is what they call:   fusion)”!  They bet our world on this theory.

 So the question is: then where is ALL the helium? It literally “should be, EVERYWHERE”! NIF proved them wrong; but your science people, continue anyway, “or they lose their job”.

 Just understand, anything past the point of no return: “IS FOREVER”! No second chances, no do it over! Ignition is literal:   life OR death for our world.  Risking everything! Based upon the single theory, by a plain person: theorizing,  an atomic fire:   will just extinguish itself!  No in-between! An atomic fire/ as is sun fire: is the destruction of atoms. The burning of elements. The consumption of the bond that holds an atom together; much like a chemical fire, is the consumption of molecular bonds, releasing the elements, to a simpler state. The fuel, is then an atom!

Fire digs in, rips and tears, creates a hole, and sucks out the inside: now when releasing atoFire digs in, rips and tears, creates a hole, and sucks out the inside: now when releasing atomic energy at the size of each and every atom, being consumed individually. Ask them to prove, their theory is correct.mic energy at the size of each and every atom, being consumed individually. Ask them to prove, their theory is correct.    Your world depends on it!

 You can’t, as the religious DO:   throw away your responsibility to life and planet; by simply saying    “GOD” will do it!    Therefore FREEWILL or not;  we,   DON’T have to do a damn thing!

  How dare you make  “GOD”   your servant!  Shame on you.   

Living is not time! Living reveals life is a miracle. Being ALIVE, recognizes; “there is so much more to life than me/ as explained by miracles: an eternity awaits”!

And all the people say: I ain’t never, “going to do anything that might jeopardize what I want“/ I utterly refuse! LET THE WORLD BE DAMNED not a penny/ not a word/ nothing.  Which means literally: let all the children die/ you won’t help!  Or, you would: do something. Because if you don’t: extinction comes quickly!   Make your decision/ NO going back.  The foundation principle of all men who lead and who follow is: “I don’t have to be guilty/ I just have to be stupid”! Then its not my fault, so long as I don’t admit to nothing. Extinction 2, Population , ocean , oxygen, ozone, coral   2, fishing  2,   3,   pollution,  resources  2,   3     One hectare equals 2.471 acres.

 But alas, the herd can’t move (the goats say no), and people who think beyond themselves; are very rare.   CONSISTENT with our reality of news is, the exclusion of what can or will go wrong: WHEREVER “big money” is involved (some try). Consistent with the internet; wherever possible, facts that are too volatile for the public to know: are hidden by experts, or quickly removed. Water, Fracking Fractures (gas can travel).  

I have been, to every part and kind of public communication there is/ none of which responded with anything other than “university knows”! I went alone, none helped/ therefore none “believed it could be true”; regardless of evidence or law! Because you, “were absent”.   The reality of individuals throughout, simply:  “Hide and run away/ or, I have a gun”! Against atomic fire, etc!                 Change means you/ we, demand it.                             I failed: your turn!                       IN CONTRAST:  Is it not amazing pride, power, and complete selfishness/ are more important than an entire world of life? How could that be so.   I have no clue.  Or, as leaders say: NO, they may not know!

                     Our reality includes: the universities are filled, with the people who use to be your classmates.  WHICH one of them, was “good” enough, to prove they can now, be “your damn god”? WHO among them, would you have let gamble our entire earth?  Life or death: the result of their decision for YOUR WHOLE WORLD/ YOUR CHILD/ YOUR FUTURE/ YOUR NATURE/ YOUR FOREVER?  The “scientists” ARE:  doing that, every day!

Your PEOPLE at universities claim:  the sun is completely made of the lightest element hydrogen/ and yet they also say it’s the density body of mass (gravity), IN THIS SOLAR SYSTEM?  Doesn’t add up, and you know it.

The maximum distance from earth to moon, is 252,737 miles. So the “little pillar of fire” they intend to create will become over 3 times longer from the surface of earth/ than the moon is right now. According to your scientists! Not to worry though, at first ignition/ UNLESS it starts next to the ocean, where fuel is easy. A ten million degree fire, probably won’t extend more than a few miles past our atmosphere. The sun is so much more, because after ignition there, fire completely engulfed the whole mass. Oh wait, it ignited in one spot/ and didn’t extinguish itself? How could that be? Well apparently, according to scientists here: since they say the sun is made entirely out of hydrogen/ its just impossible, like all the rest of their theories about the sun. Which are strictly guesses! About to doom our planet, and our lives/ because you worship them, “ole buddy/ adolph / misery/ and fool; your former classmates”.

  Your old classmates, these people WHO WERE, just like you;   are now so great, under the title of university: ” they could not possibly be wrong!”  Today, “they are experts” which means they have a chain coming out of their ass; bound to the money that bribes, from a rich man’s hand.

http://www.federalreserve.gov/releases/z1/current/accessible/l5.htm each dollar of this table represents one billion dollars. Counterfeiting and inflation are obvious.  This is how they pay for University fantasies and delusions: they steal it, with lies. Claiming debts don’t matter/ “because they never intend to pay”. Demanding we pay, because we are then their, ” slaves (it ain’t real money)”.

 People at the universities say: the sun is entirely on fire, EVERYTHING/ core out!  Yet unlike everything we know, to be true:  that fuel never gets used up?  COULD THEY BE WRONG!  Is not, WHAT YOU LEARNED IN GRADE SCHOOL, AS TRUTH?  Still true now? One plus one equals two! Oh wait: “university people, are your god”. You can’t ask questions! your media, as their cult priests, certainly won’t.

 When reality proves: the people who lead CANNOT be trusted anymore!  Then it is absolutely necessary: to bring them into court/ to provide a LEGAL moratorium for ourselves to examine everything they did do.  And stop our own destruction from proceeding past the point of no return! Remembering: THESE PEOPLE LIE/ “lets remember America rarely goes to war”. Instead to avoid constitutional law: they call murdering and mutilating a million lives “a policing action/ etc”. So the only control you get is: cut off their electricity, so it can’t be reconnected/ & shut them out. How is that not true?

 The summation is: WE THE PEOPLE, HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS!  We even have legal redress of grievances; to hold our government employees accountable, to their oath! OR, more distinctly:

you cannot LEGALLY risk, nor allow our lives, our future, or our world, to be gambled with:   WITHOUT our LEGAL consent, TRUE CONSENT. The reality simply: in DEMOCRACY, the constitution is our government/ and we do not surrender that, to our employees! We own the right to vote.

 The foundation of law and democracy is: WITHOUT our legal consent, NONE are allowed to gamble with our lives, our nation, our nature, our world, the chains of life, climate or environment,  our future, or life itself, including your own children.


 The foundation of first amendment law is: we the people CAN LEGALLY hold our highest employees accountable, to their oath.  Its called REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES!

The method most likely to succeed: TAKE ME TO COURT. Make your leaders demand “he must pay his taxes too”! I DEMAND, an open public jury trial; with all doors open/ all lights on/ public invited. WHERE THE FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS IS: when you return to me my guaranteed rights, as provided by constitutional democracy! Primarily, FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; wherein we will hold our employees in government accountable for what they chose to do. Wherein we will judge (and decide punishment) for ourselves, when asking: DID YOU/ OR DID YOU NOT, OBEY YOUR OATH TO THIS NATION; “by putting the constitution first”?   Then I will happily pay “my fair share”. Until the constitution is obeyed, it is treason against American, to support ANARCHY!  READ MORE.

The lawyers representing all of America in this case SHALL file a moratorium, in federal court: against all extreme experimentation/ and SHALL FILE for an international moratorium, as the same.

Everybody, does deserve a WARNING: A CHANCE, to say “this risk is too high”!   GOD    is not threatening us/ humanity is threatening this world. The reality of that, is called “free will”.  Which does mean:   you CAN’T,   “blame   GOD”.     WHICH DOES mean, “human threat/ human choice”.
 Survival does have “basic rules”;  go ahead where a swimsuit, and parachute out on the north pole.  “no, you can’t” just do anything you want, and live!

Summary: This site is about life, it is not a game. The legal right to determine as humanity itself/ by our own investigation as to what can go WRONG, with extreme experimentation; and our subsequent public vote. NO you cannot do this/ our world dies only once.   Read why they are entirely wrong below, this page.

The greatest lie ever told; has been identified! It is none other than“fusion: the assumption, that two hydrogen atoms fuse together under extreme heat and pressure to create helium/ and thereby release all the heat that comes from the sun”. IT IS, such a stupid lie/ that it seems irrelevant. However it is that lie, infecting schools; that allows, “the dead among us” to continually try: to ignite atomic fire, here on earth. “life inside, does not allow such things”. Even after they proved themselves entirely wrong at the national ignition facility. It is the greatest lie ever told/ because the consequences of it: have brought us life or death by a fire that cannot be controlled. It will even destroy this solar system if ignited. You can’t lie, “greater than that”! Only a cult, could believe; because belief requires no evidence at all. Not even the simplest reality: WHERE then is the helium? IF, every btu is because helium is being made on the sun/ THEN there must be enormous amounts of helium in space! There is not/ but even that; Is not enough for a believer, to demand a question! Risking all life on earth; for a game “I bet we can do it before you”.

The decision then: IF, we will allow extreme experimentation to gamble with our planet, our nature, our future, our everything.  WE DO, DESERVE WHAT WE GET.  “YOU CHOSE IT”!  YOU refused to be involved.

 The ability to take control over government: IS NOT rebellion! IS NOT a gun or any other form of weapon! The ability and right, to take over government IS LAW! That law, is determined by our agreement as a nation under democracy: this is the constitution that WE THE PEOPLE MADE. This is our authority as owners, united under one document/ as one nation. WE ARE THE OWNERS here!  READ MORE.

            The link just below “our world is truly at risk” identifies the latest creation of university. Another demand to create the same fire here as is on the sun. The machine, like others: intends to do that buy igniting the bonds of an atomic element as is hydrogen. Expecting to control that atomic fire; they say, “because it will just extinguish itself”! The fact is: there are no other option, for a ten million degree fire. Wrong is: our earth becomes a sun.

The fundamental reality of our time is: given, that the “university, etc” CANNOT control a nuclear meltdown: NOT EVEN preparing as a 5 year old child could decide. Ending in tremendous loss for the entire planet, each time. Those same people/ those same scientists; leaders who don’t care enough, to place real defenses in place for a nuclear meltdown. THESE LEADERS, who stole your money to create MANY MACHINES now built: for this very purpose. They NOW DECLARE, “as university gods: given all the support government can with counterfeit money”. That they are going to bring what they call “a million mile long flame”/ here to this earth. With flame spurts (solar flare) known to extend from the edge of those flames, for another 12 million miles. GEE, WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Ignition is the end of the question: life or death/ NOT both. Either this flame so extreme it burns our skin in summer, from 91 million miles away: is going to eat us alive/ or simply extinguish itself, as is their claim. WRONG, is a dead solar system, along with all life on earth. Yet you don’t care/ OR YOU would do, whatever life allows, and thus requires you to do. How is that not true? Answer the question! No second chances/ no “put it back in the box” so to speak. You CAN’T even control a forest fire, at 3,000 degrees F; yet you want your university leaders to play with 10,000,000 degrees F/ and actually believe they can be “god”. Shame on you; an extreme failure to life itself!

       The sun says, “it can’t be done/ the fire cannot be controlled or extinguished”.  Your scientists agree; yet they believe “not enough gravity here”. IS CAUSE ENOUGH TO GAMBLE OUR WHOLE WORLD! They know not, what gravity is/ even though they have proven themselves wrong at the national ignition facility, and still continue on.  While media mice continue to refuse reporting on a cult determined to destroy this world/ or for that matter anything and everything else of importance.  But really “what can you expect, from mice”!

         PLAYING WITH:  A fire that burns your skin from 91 million miles away. But they believe themselves to be god; so they gamble your life, & our whole world. By moving past the order, disciplines, boundaries, and energies that create and sustain our time.  Heat is not fire/ fire is not an explosion:  they are not the same.  But fire is fire, and we know this fire can be ignited, because the sun proves it is so.  To ignore that fact is horrendous;  OR, are they just “satan”/ the intentional destroyers of a world;  as its description allows? While the media, courts, etc:  all say, “you can’t question, university knows”.

Without electricity, NONE of the extreme energy experiments go forward. It is that simple.  If no one interferes: with stopping the destruction of our world.   If they do, “their experiment is, life or death, for this planet”; you decide!

To refuse electricity, is the only way this can be stopped. Leaders lie/ media propagates fantasies:  plans will proceed with deceit, and subversive decisions. Pride and power have the machines in hand: they won’t stop, unless physically refused; as we the people say NO.

Save this site to your computer; so it cannot be taken away! Right click; proceed accordingly.
If you cannot “get past” your pride/ there is no purpose in reading this for you.  GO AHEAD, hate me (some do) if you want/ ridicule/ whatever;  I could care less.  BUT DO, “just remember”;  every life on earth is being gambled with, INCLUDING YOURS.  Your child/ your everything valued, as well!  NO second chances, ignition is life or death for us all.
                If you can get past your pride: there is a multitude of teaching that can assist you. Including the elements and essence of democracy, law; methods to intervene, and more.
A sample of link style and content; those without identifying threats,simply teaching   & 2   & 3 is here as well.

                  WORSE THAN FIRE                       evidence

So the question is:   given the extreme need to communicate our world is truly at risk:   of being exterminated. One such cause is, the American escalation of nuclear war, by placing “star wars”laser guns (called ELI) on the Russian border.  Their intent is, “to destroy outer space, satellite missile defenses”/ and knock down nuclear missiles.  Another “Cuban missile crisis”/ disguised as “science”.  But reality proves it has only one true purpose: 3 lasers each equal too:  one million, one trillion volt lightning bolts. All striking, all hitting same spot, at the same time in the same place. Used individually per laser, or combined as all three together in air or space.  Reality Has only one conclusion/ either ignition of a planet consuming fire/ or incineration.  Spoken out loud, because the reality of what “sounds good for one” as intended: to defend.  Simply magnifies how many nuclear missiles shall be sent at once “to America”. Not safety, a massive earth shattering destruction. Can’t get one hundred nuclear missiles through/ THEN SEND  “one thousand bombs;  exploding at once”! As will “the enemy”.  Death to our world.

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            Every avenue of legal trial has been used to create the demand: you cannot gamble with our lives/ you cannot mutilate our world/ you cannot destroy our future. WE HAVE  LEGAL RIGHTS!The courtroom says; “the constitution does not belong here”. / IT IS, “EVICTED”.    TRUE, From least court, to US and IL supreme courts.

I have been removed from filing in both state and federal courts.  They didn’t like  “evidence collecting”  to prove what is true.

               Your university gods say; “we ARE going to ignite the sun fire, here”/ don’t you believe them? Media, government, courts, military, etc; all command: “the university knows”! Religion says: GOD can’t (apparently “He, owes us”) let us die. People use “a thousand excuses”. But the end result of igniting sun fire here is VERY SIMPLE: either this whole world lives or dies. Entirely dependent upon whether or not, that fire will extinguish itself. Not a game, life or death for everything, even our solar system/ by creating a new sun. NO second chances, simple as that!  I did do, what I could.  Your turn!

      The second greatest lie, is of course evolution. Or, we built ourselves, “one piece at a time”/ with chaos. A display of stupidity so extreme it is beyond words. But the cult of university “witch-doctors” produced a pandemic, which overtook the schools and religion; and it became the second greatest lie; which then allows the endless mutilation of life/ by genetic alterations in DNA. DNA is nature, as it builds the bodies of life. Ask yourself: can you live without ALL your parts and pieces?
A heart needs blood/ lungs need muscles…… and a billion more realities which prove beyond any doubt: life was NOT built one piece at a time. Without the slightest evidence this is not true. Yet the cult, and its worshipers need no evidence, they simply believe:whatever they are told. Religious leaders just want “EASY”; so the university is always right, “they are god” you know/ if religious. Or, if a leader: we don’t care/ how god did it; we just want power and money. All praise the university!
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Trial Of Life Trial For Life Critical Economics Complex Destiny

We are the cause of global warming, by the release of heat in all forms/ which includes air conditioning. What 3 billion people could do/ 7 billion people cannot.

THE FIRST CHOICE      the SECOND choice    the THIRD choice   the FOURTH choice     the FIFTH choice     the SIXTH choice    the seventh choice.

Throughout the decades, I won every legal argument/ established the cause and demand for justice/ and worked for fair play, reality, and truth in and throughout all of society; but never won a single court case.

Reality speaks      US versus THEM              statement            speaking out

the simple truth: that genetic DNA is the foundation instructions of nature itself/

REVELATION       elements of life         THE LAST LINE OF DEFENSE  

The essence of biological life itself IS NOT, “a mathematical equation”/ rather it is a life equation: whether the subsequent combinations of disciplined order, can balance existence and survive. You know nothing!

ASCENDING      the simple and plain       QUESTIONING HEART

Within the struggles of human existence, and in all likelihood common to every form of existence: is the elemental truth, loneliness matters!

MALE VERSUS MAN       ANSWERING HEART      all hail    as for me

It is a duty, to RESPECT LIFE! It is a duty, to RESPECT every child/ every living thing. It is a duty, to insure the next generation of living existence; GETS THEIR CHANCE to be “alive”.

             THE SHORT VERSION                     I CAN                                READ THIS, for an introduction to the “fire fence theater” of movies. Basic script and audio.

Fire Fence Video 1 Fire Fence Video 2 Fire Fence Video 3
Fire Fence Video 4 Fire Fence Video 5  Machine Depictions &3

             IT IS, the most arrogant thing of all: to understand, that failure of a theory:  means the end of earth itself/ the end of all life. 

WAR is          SEX is          HOPE is         HUMANITY is        RELATIONSHIP is

The critical question is: WHAT DOES THOUGHT, have to do with life?

 drinking water help         TRAGEDY is        SLAVERY IS     Video Speed Trap 130 

Counterfeiting matters, because it is the future that pays the bill/ the liars, traitors, and thieves intend to go free; by making their children pay their debt.  It matters,  because the resources being used cannot be sustained/ the pollution etc, is exterminating our future. Without resources, there are no jobs, no opportunities, no survival for anything.

Complete Disrespect.      LIFE AND WORK are       REALITY is      LOVE is

FIX THIS WORLD/ BEFORE YOU DIE!  jewelry in various forms is already in view/ already known where and how to grab it and use it with minimal thought (necessary in a panic situation)/ and smells, can be and are used in nature to identify, track, and repel . (Can you not identify cinnamon rolls baking when passing a bakery/

 ATTRACTION is      commitment    THE DIFFERENCES are        friendship is      school safety, etc

With floods, storms, droughts, etc; the university promises of bringing us all into chaos, are clearly coming true.  It does matter, what happens when you are wrong! No surprise, cult worshiping fantasies (evolution) is simply like that. Global warming has consequences; “just the beginning”/ as does mutilating life/ no resources/ bankrupting the nation/ and igniting atomic fire on earth………etc! In democracy; NO employee represents government, that is why they swear an oath! Rather they are subservient to the constitution which then is, “the government”.

        for mom                 something different     just talking one         gnat

            OUR WORLD, only dies once. Whether slow or fast; Wrong, by even: One second too late, is forever!
We threaten in energy, by mutilating life, needs required for survival. Literally severing, a future for every child. Every threat is real/ each one, a tragedy coming! Not a game.

          I remind each, one second too late; is forever. The universities have never tested an actual atomic fire, as is on the sun. That means every single theory, or story they tell; is complete conjecture.Because apart from direct observations/ the sun allows no one to see inside. The energy involved is nothing like what is found here on earth/ apart from an atomic bomb: and everybody knows, “an explosion is NOT, the same as a fire”! Rather they have alternately proven themselves to be completely wrong with experiments at the national ignition facility; yet they continue anyway, gambling with all life on earth. Fusion is NOT the combining of two hydrogen atoms into helium: WHERE is the helium!

      DEVELOPMENT     POSTED            SEARCHING                    TIME              INFLUENCE

       The critical lesson of this experiment  ELI,  coming soon is: that a combination of one million lightning strikes of comparable size  with this one;  IS TO BE JOINED TOGETHER in one energy bursthttp://wxbrad.com/lightning-strike-caught-on-tape-is-amazing/   PER LASER. Can ignite the same fire as is on the sun, here on this earth. That fire burns atomic bonds, proven by the energy release.  ELI has not one legitimate experiment, wherein one billion times one billion watts of energy released against any object;  creates anything, but atomic fire or vaporization. They are building 3 of these lasers, situated to combine them all into one triangulated spot; even if they don’t admit it:  they will.  

whine and cry            cult worshipers               just talking 2            the future

          Each laser burst, coming from 3 different directions.Triangulated  into = 3 million of like size lightning strikes all combinedinto one location.  Each energy burst striking each other in one “cubic yard of space”. At the speed of light squared. The liars say, they can control energy equal too100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 watts of electrical power/ CRASHING into each other. The liars say, they can control the consequences of this energy input by switching that surge of electricity at one trillionth of a second. Reality states, there is nothing known by men that can operate successfully to stop this flow. Or more simply, even attempting to control “one million lightning bolts”:  from three different directions; will only create a secondary surge.  This is Enough energy to ignite “sun fire”/ same as on the sun itself, here on earth.  NO going back.  This is a one time experiment:  ignition of a ten million degree F  fire cannot be undone!  The university says< “that fire will just extinguish itself”/ cause there is not enough gravity here.  Even though, they don’t know what gravity is! IN contrast:  solar gravity is produced by the fire itself, by breaking the atomic bond which holds elements together!  OUR ENTIRE WORLD, can become a sun:  because of their fantasy, called “university knows:  the desire to play with energies so extreme, they gamble with every life on earth”.   I say:  we must stop them now, a risk too great to allow; one single experiment.  Make your own decision;  remembering NO second chances!   For real.    These machines are coming. Once ignited nothing can stop this fire:  as does the sun itself,  prove.

        This work, has proven thought, when assembled by truth; the very essence, rather than the assumptions, of life itself. Can understand, with clarity! As is seen below/ and in other places on these sites. Not a game; LIFE, or death, for our planet. Every living thing IS at risk, every possibility of a future for our entire planet. They ARE, proven wrong!
 I, ask you to investigate and decide for yourselves. They, demand you must believe, and let them do anything they desire!

  timing love         forever in time   forever in time 2         SHADOWS AND LIGHT


Questions: “it can be said, that the crucible of man is, we cannot learn without information that we trust/  therefore these cannot teach, if we believe they lie”. All religions operate on this conclusion:  we must have an  answer. The crucible is: to fight for what is true/ by removing the lies. When lies erupt, they do become “just like a disease”. The people who use a lie:  prove they WANT their pride, power, control, greed, lust, and literally hate those who interfere with truth. You cannot be leader, “unless you have, the answer”.  Right or wrong is irrelevant. Answers: “to be a true teacher”/ means either you let truth guide everything.   If truth does not govern:  then you must create a lie, so that none know, or are allowed to suggest/ that everything you believe & teach is just a story.Wisdom lets reality prove what is true! Consequences dictate, when it is UNWISE/ to proceed.The liar cannot undo his lies, without destroying his life: more correctly his wants. Therefore they continue lying, until none will listen anymore: to protect their job, their pride, and more.
Critical to our world survival is:CAN the same fire as is on the sun be started here? Fire is not an explosion/ they are different. Fire on earth is the burning of molecular bonds/ the thing which allows complex construction, such as life. Fire on the sun is the burning of atomic bonds: “that thing” which holds an atom together. That fire exists, as is plainly proven by the solar flares known to exist. It is fire, born from the burning of atomic bonds. The energy released, proves that true. Therefore everything based upon an atomic structure, can be ignited as atomic fire. Same as the sun. Everything on earth is an atomic element/ therefore fuel!

                         presented              a clear purpose           STEPS

      “The European Commission finally approved the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) project, which plans to build three superlasers by 2015.
The lasers will be the first to operate in the exawatt scale–a quintillion watts. That’s about a million times more powerful than 10 billion 100-watt lightbulbs. And        a fourth superlaser should be forthcoming,one with beams twice the power of these three….. ELI’s most important research laser will find its home in the Czech Republic while the other two will reside in Hungary and Romania.” Wrong is a dead world. YOU, your children, everything on earth:  LOST.

           PASSION                              proving democracy          just talking 3

The university books/ experts state: that the fire known to exist on the sun, is “Just fusion”: or, as they describe it. The combining of 2 hydrogen atoms, into a helium atom/ forced by tremendous pressure and heat. Which fundamentally means, a tremendous amount of helium would need to exist in space/ to prove that true. Nothing proves it true. It is a story, or a lie. The national ignition facility, also known as Lawrence Livermore laboratories in San Francisco built a machine to ignite fusion,through the use of 192 lasers all directed onto one tiny spot. One hundred eighty million degrees/ more heat & pressure than an exploding star. They failed to ignite fusion proving it is nothing more than a theory/ a simply minded story or intentional lie; proven false. Nothing theorizedby university, about the sun, is a proven fact.
The university books/ experts state: that the sun burns from the inner core out/ which means the entire orb is on fire: everything.Which means all the fuel is engulfed at once/ there is no more. If all the fuel is burning, then the fire will soon go out. How is that not true? A supernova star explosion, proves the inner core of a sun is not on fire. Because for a short time prior to that explosion, heat and fire grow over 3 times bigger. Which does absolutely prove more new fuel has been added to the fire. There is no other way.

                      NOBODY              we the people           WORK             workers

     It is the purpose of this site, to give YOU; the opportunity to fight for your world/ our nature/ the environment, resources, and realities that we ALL need to survive. Without YOUR involvement/ without YOUR fight for life on this planet must come first. Without YOUR work, and desire demanding: WHEN WE CANNOT BE WRONG/ the consequences are too horrific. Then those who literally do threaten life on earth MUST STOP/ or be stopped as reality proves. To know what must be done requires communication/ investigation/ examination of all the facts: and a clear understanding, “only truth can decide for us/ NOT want”. When wrong is a dead earth, or a mutilated nature, or a reality we cannot survive without this: then EVERYONE is involved.As is true of today. Not a game; extreme experimentation/ with horrendous results; are a one time only gamble. No second chances/ no reprieve: you chose.

Sign my petition                            wishing you well

        Accepting a “wait and see” attitude, means you won’t accept truth described by evidence and reality/ because your belief in a “cult” is more important! “the university knows everything”! While reality itself proves,  IF, their gamble is: WRONG, by even a little/  THE CONSEQUENCE, results in death to everything.  There is no stopping a fire that burns elements (atoms) for fuel/ a ten million degree fire, like on the sun (we know this fire exists, the radiation comes from the fire): therefore it can be made here. Their gamble with “ELI” IS:  3,000,000 of the largest lightning strikes possible/ ALL hitting the same spot, at the same time: from three different directions/ multiplying that effect.  Is a match to ignite our world on fire!  Made possible by a belief, “this fire will just extinguish itself”.  HOW, can you doubt?  No, “second chances”/ no do-over/ no second experiment:  no life, in less than 45 days on earth, after ignition.   You, are involved. ITS your life!

                         shame            examining expressions       MONEY AND TIME

The university books/ experts state: “well, if its not fusion/ then its fission”: continual small and limited explosions on the sun that heats this earth. They also contend, that we have had the same fire here as on the sun/ at the core of thermonuclear weapons.They contend properly that the heat we realize here is radiation derived/ a nearly constant and very limited range: as would be consistent with “a fire”. Fire is not the same as an explosion/ who would argue that? They are literally very different expressions of energy. Atomic explosions are not fundamental to any form of nature, they are entirely man made: clear eruptions would exist if they occurred on the sun. In contrast we have solar flares, which indicate an increased fuel burn, in a specific area/ and solar tornadoes, which indicate a lack of fuel being fed into that spot. Heat release, with fire or an explosion is determined by the energy, over time.

              THE PRICE OF LOVE             grow up             boundaries

The extreme light infrastructure,   WILL be completed soon/ all opportunity to stop it lost. [It is not alone, as a true threat!]  That means, in a single instant; life or death for this planet, every life on it/ every life that could have been: will be decided.  Dependent entirely upon a university theory!  the question:  WILL this ten million degree fire, simply “put itself out”!  As predicted by “university knows; not enough gravity”.  Wrong means:  “YOU, your child, your everything, every future of every life;  burns too”.  That is the price of being wrong.

The university books/ experts state: the sun is made entirely of hydrogen/ and yet declare it is the most dense object in our solar system, because planets revolve around it. Therefore it must have a gravitational pull. That must then be an unidentified extreme mass in the core. They also state IF it contains more than hydrogen/ these heavier elements must burn last. Suggesting that is why a supernova event exists. Hydrogen is the lightest element known in our solar system: simple physical law states, you cannot make the lightest element, into the most dense object in our solar system. How is that not true? If more dense elements exist within the sun/ they have a greater gravitational pull; which means they burn first, particularly when the sun is declared to be “all flame”. So declared, “they get to move”, in the fluid of the fire….. lightest elements last; its a law. No supernova. In contrast: every fire has an ash cloud; hydrogen is that ash (what is left). When burning the bond between atoms/ the reality of holding the atom itself together. The bond which contains all the energy within an atomic environment by balancing forces. Without a bond or its atomic balance/ the atom simply releases the energy, and fails to form. Every atom contains both an energy pushing, and an even greater opposite energy holding. Because without that reality involved: energy just leaves. You may think of it as a dog on a lease running. Without the person holding (anchor) the leash (bond between them), the dog simply runs away (energy of movement). Or more simply: energy cannot be contained, without something holding it in place. Therefore dark energy/ dark mass, is the neutron of an atomic environment/ while the proton is an energy waiting to be released. When the bond is burned, dark energy forms what we call, solar gravity: because it is an opposite energy to motion.

        While you consider the possibilities, within your own mind/ I want you to conceive of this as well. WHAT type of experiment can use one million lightning bolts “of this size“: as a laser beam? The instantaneous impact of all that energy will vaporize or ignite, anything in its way/ and they know it. Therefore it is not a machine for experimentation/ it is strictly a match, to ignite this world on fire: how is that not true.Particularly when combined as three lasers, at the same spot, at the same time. Just because they lie about that too, has no meaning. Simply look at their physical placements/ and understand it is intended.Look, where they chose to hide these experiments: “out beyond interference/ or observation”;  where questions are not likely to be found.

                                           LIVING, THE DISPLACEMENT OF TIME

          These sites, this work; is about saying NO EXPERIMENT, the risk is too high!  AT LEAST, people have a right to know, this is gambling with every life on earth. They have a legal right to be informed. Media refuse/ Your leaders, in every conceivable way:   say NO, “we will take that risk, for them/ NO, the people have no choice.”  Or, more simply: We can play god/ or, we will prove,  we are gods first!  Reality states the failure to stop them/ as is the biblical prediction:   death to this world by fire, will come true.   OR,  Our option as WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD, is to prove these EXTREME risks:  shall not be so!   We, LIFE ON THIS EARTH;    have rights!   You have had “a million man march”, for far less than the entire planet!  Wake up or die/ this is simple and plain. You do understand/ you can investigate and prove what is real:  what it means to let them be, WRONG.  This is YOUR CHOICE.  You cannot wait and see,you MUST use your own mind!

3 rules for dying           3 rules to prepare for death

The list of extreme threats is long: each must be dealt with by truth in you.  Death cannot be undone, WITHOUT mass communication: THAT is up to you. Even the bible prophecy agrees:  from the book of Daniel 12.  The end comes 1290 days after the first threat to ignite fire on this earth (the great abomination:  gambling with everything) is tried.  That date will come, “In September of 2015. If you don’t care/ then you won’t live much longer, an entire world gone.  Your children cannot protect themselves!  

Thermodynamics require that heat shall expand/ therefore it requires more room, or will create more pressure. Since the sun is not contained as a vessel/ we know, that more room is used. Like a candle, the flame rises above its fuel source, because the heat of expansion makes that happen. The fire needs room. That leaves us with the question: how does the flame pick up the fuel? The answer is “severe turbulence”/ a vacuuming reality interacting with the fuel surface.The atomic bond is released in the “middle area”: heat rising/ cold (the opposite, dark energy: of heat) falling, but with forces applied.  That reality keeps the sun mass from overheating. The internal reality of our sun is then functionally a rock, with a cold core;  that is heated on its surface to release fragments. Those fragments are sucked into, or enter the furnace as in, “middle area” to be burned.  An atomic bomb HAS extreme heat release/ which means to balance that heat, an equal or more amount of cold (opposite energy) must be holding the atom together. Or the atoms involved,  cannot remain stable. The sun must obey thermodynamic law: therefore we know that the flame rises above its fuel source. We know, that within the flames are an untapped fuel source, because without new fuel, the fire would put itself out. We know, that an extreme overheating of any element will result in that element becoming unstable, thereby devoured by the flame. Therefore it is true, that the flame is far enough away from the fuel, to keep that from happening. Here begins a question: even if the flame is far enough away for fuel to remain stable/ within that kind of heat simple convection would overtake the fuel. The answer is: the physical law, “for every action there is a reaction”. Or in contrast: whereas heat represents motion/ the opposite which is cold, represents an anchor “can’t be moved” reality. Or more simply:  atomic balance is achieved by  the dark energy or mass (neutron) within  the atomic nucleus. That opposite force balances the fire/ because it is consumed or released “slowly” in a fire.   Dark energy then does return to the core, and pull as solar gravity.  IN an  atomic explosion, the release is instantaneous.  Therefrom opposite forces are moved apart so rapidly, they remain relatively intact. All the force of motion in one direction/ all the force of dark energy in the other.

          We are, “the most powerful people on earth”/ because WE THE WORKERS,        read more.  

    I neglected to mention, in addition to the 3 million, one trillion volt lightning bolts that will intersect: in one cubic yard of space/ at 3 times the speed of light (three lasers, from three different directions crashing into each other). That collision will break protons creating a debris field, which causes more proton explosions. The force of those explosions, adds into the combined reality.
The laser accelerated proton (assembles from the mass of an atom/ separated from its nucleus). Without mass, there is no pressure/ without pressure, there is no force. We know there is pressure, therefore mass is present. Energy is NOT an action or a reaction. IT IS, the ability to expand or contract, without either.  Or more simply:  energy is the cause, not the result.
Energy then concedes, that it is the multiplication or condensation of an environment that constructs a force through the development of distance. Pushed, becomes heat/ whereas pulled inside becomes cold. The distance between these environments is “fundamental” time. So the question erupts: WHAT can be pushed/ WHAT can be pulled, as a beginning to all things? The critical answer is “existence itself”. More is not necessary! Eternity lives beyond “hot & cold”.   A living existence becomes pushed & pulled, to discover either: only truth is important, as it develops and defines the values of life itself, in you. Or hate is chosen, as the means to identify your desire to play god.

Laser Beams at ELI should generate nearly one trillion pounds per square inch per beam (so they say). These protons coming from an extremely excited atomic environment (when crashed together), are “like bullets escaping from a gun”. They travel at beyond the speed of light, pushed by the explosion. Thereby creating great pressures at the point of; mass hitting mass impact.
All mass that collides into a chaotic mess, at the same instant, in time and space. “Risks fire”/ I see no cause or reason to believe it won’t ignite the same fire here, as is on the sun. There is literally no way to go back in time. Which means a fire that cannot be put out, is the end of this earth. They will try, “throwing thermonuclear bombs at it”/ but will fail. Then the whole of humanity on earth will soon thereafter unleash all its weapons of mass destruction. As each nation decides, “its all they’re fault”; even though nothing physical actually matters beyond ignition of that flame.
Is that worth sitting on your ass, and waiting for hell to erupt? Go ahead, have a beer, make excuses, listen to your media lull you to sleep with: “university knows”.

For forty years, I listened to your endless excuses; ridicule; selfishness; pride; and so on. If you cannot rise TODAY; when it is now proven to you, without doubt or the possibility of being wrong. “The universities” ARE going to ignite atomic fire here on earth. Gambling with every life on this planet; based entirely on an absurd theory, “not enough gravity here”; so a ten million degree fire will just extinguish itself. Then, you do deserve to die as a world; young or old makes no difference! Not a game, life or death for us all/ for everything. YOU have rejected me/ YOU have used me for your excuses: clearly I am defeated, you refuse to help me. Because, YOU are the problem/ YOU, are the solution. Therefore everything required to save this earth is in your own hands. Each one, CAN do something: for ALL life, on earth! That is the truth. Still can’t? You will change your mind, when our world/ our nature/ our everything is forever lost; because that is literally what is at stake, in many ways. Complain: Your media thinks for you? Welcome to HELL, “our ability/ our future, to survive has ended”. I can’t save you; save yourselves or die! Wrong is _______forever. No going back. Is your entire planet NOT, worth a little effort? GOD, is not an excuse/ that is hypocrisy. Failures in humanity are the threat.

       Fight for your life, every child, and even the planet. I did/ but you would not listen. After all, “you only want, what you want”, as I have been told endlessly, for forty years.
Alas: its YOUR TURN; time has run out. “It’s your choice”/ work & communicate; or die.

  Is, To accept the simple statement:   TODAY, life is not free/ I must give back a future to every child, to life itself.  Once we go past the point of no return wherein everyone agrees “HORROR is coming”:   it will simply be TOO DAMN LATE!   Or more simply, “each must think for themselves, and accept truth through its own reality, by understanding what it means for life:    to be truly WRONG”.       read more

Time, is an eloquence shared, by the life and breathe within us all. Duty and desire speak for us, in love/ by expressing the distance we must travel, before elevating ourselves, “with joy”.   read more

DON’T tell me, the world will die if we don’t stop extreme experimentation: Because I “am going to heaven”! Even though you did absolutely NOTHING, to save THIS ENTIRE CREATION from extinction. Because that is what men are doing: every threat, “entirely human fault”……………………………DON’T speak to me about duty to life: I DON’T HAVE ANY/ AND I don’t want any. I am the only one important to me. Who fights for me, Who gives me anything but hate? I want what I want; and nothing else.         read more.

The rights and realities of the purposes listed here on these sites: is clearly a demand LIFE ON THIS PLANET, MUST COME FIRST!   read more

Limited capitalism is not organized games, “where this group gets it all”/ but more distinctly: within the limits of our reality, as we the people choose. There shall be “Many stars, lifting up the whole of society: because we the people let them do so”. To our own advantage as well………………….No more war, by expanding that law into our society, AND THIS WORLD: for the benefit of FAIR PLAY TO ALL. Its called justice. With justice, EVERY EXCUSE for weapons of mass destruction disappears. These WILL then be surrendered throughout this world. With FAIR PLAY, and equal respect for all: because our leaders will obey world law, or we will punish them appropriately. The cause and consequence of terrorism ends.                    read more.

In evidence of that, American currency is claimed to be around $200 trillion dollars in circulation, as assets. That means every citizen divided equally should be holding about $640,000.00 six hundred and forty thousand dollars each: man, woman, and child. A reality of numbers, that bears no respect for truth…………………We can hire investigators/ rather than lawmakers: to insure our decisions are carried out. We can take control over war. We can establish world law/ instead of extreme military spending: etc. We can, become “what our ancestors describe”: ABLE and willing, to be rulers of ourselves,….      read more.

We move to, the essence of life itself: which is critically and truly “strictly inside”. Without love: There is no purpose other than revenge. ……………. The solution as a foundation for solving this, crisis after crisis: is to let women rule society. NOT because they are better/ but because they are DIFFERENT……………That gives men an equal say/ but instead of what men present as a direction: this is about what women decide, our direction as humanity on earth must be. Do you see the difference?…………. Of the critical decisions that must be made, several need no real discussion. They are life or death for our planet/ because being WRONG, is a failure we cannot permit. Or we all die.           read more.

For combustion of these three products the volume of air required is roughly 9266665839742306 cubic feet of atmosphere………………BRINGING US TO A consumption rate: GRAND TOTAL OF 1.066 X 10 TO THE SIXTEENTH POWER OR 1,066,000,000,000,000 CUBIC FEET OF ATMOSPHERE, with oxygen per year.      read more.

Love is the essence of life, because it is shared in time: to create our existence with happiness, friendship, and hope………… Life and self are different elements of the same thing. Or more simply: life is a participation with energy/ while self, recognizes the freedom which motion gives               read more.

Passions, purpose, desire, and loneliness; are all elements of the behaviors exhibited between male and female adults.                 read more.

What could be more shameful; than your own delusions, “I can just hide/ run away/ or pretend this doesn’t involve me”; or this world of life, which gave you time?….Called ELI: IS energy ENOUGH, to give even the most extreme critic cause to believe, “this could initiate, our world on fire”. Not a game/ it is even the completion of a biblical prophecy, that our world will end; consumed, with fire. Not a game/ no second chances; no do over. No possibility to even approach a ten million degree F. Fire ……..The elements of life most critical to existence, form a three fold experience called thought.                read more.

According to the state of IL water survey scientists: only one inch of water enters the aquifer/ per fifty inches of rainfall. Therefore, just because it is raining/ the water which supplies our society, and nearly every society: because it is cleaner. IS IN TROUBLE.

Extreme medical billing means: many do not have even the slightest chance of payment/ so they are reduced to begging and slavery.            read more.

…..could NOT be more insane. Nature is DNA, along with the base resources, life, and energies required to build and sustain a living existence from nothing more than “dirt”.                    Read more.

We now examine the need for change and assign the following realities to life in society.                                 read more.

…If, you could defend yourself/ even if very weak, compared to your attacker:  WOULD you choose to do so?               read more.

It is both functional and fundamentally necessary, to understand the critical nature of what it means to be wrong!     read more

      Just because        read more.

        The true power of change, is in society itself. The critical understanding of power is very simple: whosoever makes the rule, gets to be ruler. Whosoever enforces that rule, gets to be “king”.      read more.

          While I cannot give you courage, I can at least indicate the realities involved, and identify the path towards a more significant you.    read more.

          The quest to become an elementary participant in thought, is governed by the reality called destiny.   read more

           Of foundations necessary to understand: is the essence of love within the design and reality of miracles that are life on this earth. Therefrom love is an environment, capable of constructing our hearts.      read more

            Divided into 7 parts; life is about: developing an identity/ creating your version of time/ constructing an elemental search for companionship/ competing for securities/ designing happiness/ valuing existence/ and respecting the treasury of love. When you learn the methods required to enter and live within these foundations; you WILL become “honest”/ nothing less is required.             read more.

So the question is then: WHAT IS LIFE? Because that fact is also fundamental to death.  read more

In contrast to these two scenarios, there is a third consequence of CERN. Atomic mass that significantly chaffs another atomic mass in collision/ rather than explosion, CAN ACT AS A MATCH. Igniting atomic bonds close by;    READ MORE

Once the energy is turned “Inside out: going toward the center”: The physical mass, that follows it, is sucked first onto the black hole core. Because for every action there will be a reaction: the energy MUST do something, and if it cannot leave/ then it must turn back.  read more.

In that warning/ by that regard for reality: I warn you now, “DO NOT believe me”. INSTEAD PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, by proper and real investigation, examination of the facts, and fundamental understanding of what is true. Especially WHAT HAPPENS, WHEN THESE UNIVERSITY EXPERIMENTS GO WRONG. OR, what happens when this nature goes extinct. Etc/ etc/ etc. I am not the question or the answer; you are.  read more

Therefore the quest of life, and the gift of existence: is to find those who can be “the greatest gift of all, to existence itself”. Simple as that/ supported by the life of JESUS/ and proven true by reality itself. The longer you live, the more clear it becomes: that love is the answer for happiness, peace, truth, and a Reality of value in our existence and as life itself. Not a game.  read more

Begins with the clear fundamentals, of what is expected from every life; responsibility/ respect/ decisions/ and a purpose that will ultimately refine and define you as a person.
Within these parameters, are the essence of man, woman, and child.  read more.

             Past the initial decision of life or death for this world: WHICH IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU! No pretending “its GOD’S responsibility”/ when clearly and without doubt: THIS IS A HUMAN DECISION, WORK, AND PURPOSE. WHICH MEANS, ITS YOUR HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY TO STOP THIS: because its your threat, and its your complete arrogance, and utter disrespect for life, that threatens everything. Leaving humanity without an excuse, AS WELL!
Therefore the question is: are you going to let yourselves survive?  read more

             So they can play god: BECAUSE YOU are willing to come beg them, for an answer. Take a damn look at their answers: THIS ENTIRE WORLD, IS AT RISK OF EXTINCTION.     read more.

              Life is, the relationship we create with three completely separate entities:             read more.

Eternity itself, resides behind this compilation of spiritual doorsyou did choose. Without substantive truth, and identity; you will never enter here.  read more

            Either way: this machine, and its proponents, are another weapon intended to destroy our planet, one way or the other.    read more.

         As to “the believers”, of countless religions, cults, etc:  the foundation principles of life are simple.  Only truth can survive for an eternity.  Only reality proves what the evidence can or will do.  Love is the essence of every life worth living/ because happiness is here.  Survival is dependent upon resources.  Want is an abyss:  because it never ends/ because it is the foundation of every lie.  What you don’t know, can kill you/ just as easily as believing what is untrue.  Since it is impossible to talk to any “believer:  because they know what they want to believe, and do”.  The reality of every religion is dependent upon a book:  so that the words cannot be truly contested (they are, what they are), and individuals can no longer take over, claiming to be “god (cause we are so smart)”.  Alas, but that too fails.  Some of these words from the bible are useful today:  because “believers claim to be god/ knowing everything they need to know”.  Matthew:   13:  14-15/     16:   2-4/    24:  15/    and 24:  36-39    are all substantively about;    “you are not as smart as you think”.   Search for truth instead.

               Extending the disciplines needed to interpret the bible; BY SIMPLY READING THE WORDS/ instead of believing anything you want. We add in Matthew 10: 35 a prophecy predicting that the young, must fight with the old/ because their lives depend upon it; as is today. 13: 30 a prophecy, those who deserve it because of hate or failures, shall be gathered first/ and thrown into the fire. Leaving mercy possible for those who are left. 13: 41-43 the prophecy, “those who are evil”/ will be thrown into a fiery furnace: but their lives will not escape it. 24: 29-30 these are the effects, of igniting the same fire here as is on the sun/ that same light, here on earth: will do these things in every human mind. Even the solar system will be changed/ because the earth shall then become a second sun. A reality as proven by the evidence of what people are doing today (as defined above, and more): coming true…. ! The “SIGN OF JESUS”: will be, a pillar of fire miles high/ that can be seen by half the globe! Because HE IS JUDGE/ and that then is judgment day for all life on earth. 24: 40 “two will be in the field/ one taken, the other left”. NOT “a rapture”/ wherein you don’t have to die; but just go floating up to heaven”. INSTEAD a reality of the ten million degree fire, that is coming: the intense updraft, simply sucking people into the fire itself.

            The foundation REQUIRED:  for helping people, particularly in starving situations is, that they MUST participate in birth control.  Otherwise, you are just COMPOUNDING the problem/ and preparing all you save for war.  Every other living thing in their area:  for extinction.  Because like it or not:  “this world, IS a finite place”.  Simple and plain.

             What plagues policing and society most, within the interactions that must arise/ are the endless rules, by which predators are made. With a tiny intellectual rule, or behavior such as “refuse constitutional law: by denying its existence in court”. Society is not only disturbed, but destroyed from the inside out. Critical laws are necessary, and without them life in society; WILL turn to anarchy. The same CANNOT be said for rules, without a substantial foundation/ or the reality of justice as its intent. Rather rules are the insistence upon society by the righteous: that they can rule. Because they, “know everything”. With a tiny rule, such as you can be ticketed for going one mile per hour over the speed limit: little tragedies can form/ “the price is too damn high, THIS is NOT justice, or the policing of a fair and justified society”. With corruption in the court, that denies and destroys the true purpose of a jury: which is to proclaim and demand what is democracy/ what is freedom/ what is justice/ what is fair play/ and what is equal treatment under OUR law. Society fails. I have proven corruption in the court: with trials created for you on the web sites given at the top of this page. Go search. Instead of justice and the reality of our lives being governed by ourselves: as is the evidence of a true jury, in defense of all our lives. The corrupt court does not allow consideration of the penalty in most cases. Does NOT allow consideration of the realities involved/ and instructs the jury: “Only this one thing/ shall you decide; and NOTHING else”. As proven. Or more simply: since the policing was taken over by the university, the intellectual traps have been put into place, with rules. To insure NOBODY, “but we the few”/ shall have democracy. As proven by court case after court case: the GOVERNMENT of America/ which is the US CONSTITUTION! As this is the governing instrument of WE THE PEOPLE. AS this is: “our nation as agreed to by us”/ & OUR EMPLOYEES, instructed by us. This far, but NO farther! They have rebelled against us/ they have established treason to democracy: by refusing constitutional law in court, plain and simple. While the university teaches its policing students: how to herd the “animals”/ and use force. How to rule, and dominate: with a rule. These things are NOT fundamentally a policing issue/ THEY ARE, REALITIES established by the few: who demand, to get or keep your job/ to pay back your loan, to be in school, and support your family. YOU WILL obey what we “the university leaders/ the power players” & the intellectual trappers: demand of you.


         IT IS, my desire, to address any and all critical threats to life, planet, and realities of every kind: particularly those forgotten by the media/ which is nearly everything. CONSEQUENTLY, you are invited to participate with REAL LIFE information, establishing these facts/ by the evidence needed to understand: we the people MUST investigate, examine this reality, and determine a direction forward for ourselves. As our leadership has failed. Therefore if you present that type of information to this site: consideration will be given, a link to you will be established under “contributors”. If important enough, and developed to the point of “clear communication; I will give you a page under your name here. THIS IS NOT, a link to your website/ this is a link to your information on a particular subject of importance to the simple solution:WE MUST CHOOSE LIFE FIRST!

The values and definitions created upon these sites, are considered to be absolutely necessary; the destruction of our world, its life, absolutely everything of value/ is no small thing.
The construction of critical realities that demonstrate an arrogance so blatant, and so diseased as to risk our world/ is also absolutely necessary.
The values that separate out, the people who refuse their duty to life/ is fundamental to the demand: you must do better.
The realities of an education, is NOT under dispute/ as I do consider myself to be educated as well; even if by other means. The reality of knowledge is not a threat in or of itself/ WHAT YOU DO, with that knowledge however, determines the critical test of consequences. The cause that establishes a threat to life itself/ EVEN this solar system, by igniting this earth as another sun. Only those so deceived within themselves, that they actually believe “we can be god”; are capable of this. That fact illuminates the biblical translation of “SATAN”/ AS IT IS CLEARLY; an attempt, a fact: that gambles with life, planet, everything forever. The destruction/ extermination of our world; is in our hands. Those who deliberately intend to risk our planet/ mutilate its life/ and destroy even the possibility of our survival; have in fact surrounded us with their cult.
No, you can’t question: WHAT HAPPENS, when these theories/ these stories are proven WRONG; is extinction. 
NO, according to the courts/ you have no legal right, to know your lives are at risk by university delusions. NO, the politicians all agree: the university is god. NO, the media in fall down worship of university CANNOT lift themselves up, not even for an entire planet. NO, religion is a dupe. NO, policing cannot conceive of a threat; they have no brain. No, the public worships or trembles in fear; at even the mention; “Their university gods” should be questioned, as terrorists or worse. Because you are believers: “We better/ or we better not, just in case”. While reality itself says: belief does not matter/ truth declares WRONG is the end of earth; including you, and yours.
I make no apology for the words demanding attention. I make no apology for establishing the university cult, as an enemy. The cult is different/ than those who are or become educated (gaining some tidbit of knowledge, or even understanding): the cult pretends they can be god. Do you see the difference.
YOU threaten everything I value/ how should I treat you differently than that? Even though we are nearly the same in all aspects; love cannot make up for HORRIFIC decisions. You must return to life first, or even though you won’t believe; because the university leadership has infected your lives with toys, manipulated your expectations with fraud, destroyed your money and securities, hid every consequence, LIED/ STOLE/ CHEATED/ BETRAYED/ continually, etc. Or truth says: life itself, will soon be over. That is the reality, of what the evidence does prove: humanity did to itself. 
Change means TRUTH MUST LEAD/ by reality proven as the future is involved too. Regardless of what you want: life, by change establishing respect/ or death by “university belief”, is your fate. 
Last time; make your decision. Investigate and find that truth, or let this earth collapse into chaos.  DO YOU NOT, OWE YOUR LIFE/ YOUR CHILD/ YOUR WORLD; EVERYTHING ON EARTH;   “THAT MUCH”!   BEFORE, no further choice exists for anything on earth? As is the purpose of evolution, mutilating life. As is the purpose of physics demanding to exceed the limits of energy controlled for life. Last chance, for an eternity beyond HADES: tortured forever/ BECAUSE you chose to risk, & destroy an entire world! Didn’t care enough; means “worthless, in this scenario”. Discarded with the trash!

If you let this planet burn/ or any other threat take over your lives: then that is your choice/ because you do have everything you need to stop these experiments. There are NO second chances/ failure is your (we the people of this earth) decision; as is life saved.  Either think for yourself, or die.  Not a hard concept, your leaders have chosen against life: ‘they want, what they want”, regardless of the risk/ end of story.


JustTalking7.info Communicating with you.
JustTalking6.info Defining discussions.
JustTalking5.info Is, an alteration to the work which proceeds it. Now, its simply live or die, as a world!
Justtalking4.info A summary site of what matters most/ what threatens immediately or worst.
Justtalking3.info Compilations choosing to inform with various methods employed.
Justtalking2.info Centered around supreme court cases demanding redress of grievances. Proving corruption in the US supreme court.
Justtalking.info The beginning survey, a disciplined talk.
TrialForLife.info Centered around US federal court, tax case: demanding adherence to democratic authority & constitutional law.
TrialOfLife.info Centered around state of IL realities: refusing justice/ corrupt, and supporting “cruel and unusual punishment” upon the poor.
SoulTalking.info Confronting initial questions “why”.
CriticalEconomics.info Asking what is real for tomorrow.
ComplexDestiny.info Developments in life and living.

The homepage of each reads like a newspaper, “top is last writing/ bottom first”/ except the last two (4,5). The writing started one month beyond 9/11.
These represent a search, for what will get your attention, as the decades previous proved: truth (evidence)/ consequences (extermination)/ reality (can’t be wrong)/ money (all gone)/ religion (we only believe what we want too)/ nor anything to do with life, or values, or evidence “of biblical proportions”: could not! There was, more than a reason humanity itself, should investigate. But chose “to hide, and run away”. With very few exceptions!
WANT, was all that mattered.


         “Just like the bible” If it seems “out of place, not consistent”/ it almost certainly is. Truth is a law, that does not waver!  Each site is a composite demanding LIFE, not money or games:  MUST COME FIRST!         Download these html sites;   so they cannot be easily taken away.