CHOOSE!  TRUTH LEADS BY LAW! As we the people design.


violence will lead by hate, their claim of superiority.

Because the world has changed: “more peoplemore competition”. “kill a billion people/ still 7+ billion left”

A continual line: one meter, centered: human touching human. That is 8.2 million kilometers long. A continuous line, wrapped 205 times around the distance of our equator on earth.

No respect or mercy; will come. LAW, [not a leader] leadsor war! 

Because hate is hate. Their answer is “take whatever you want”/ by discarding law:  IS WAR.

Or universities:  will finish our extinction:  with “Armageddon (nature in chaos) and Hades (igniting the “same fire as on the sun; here)”.

Or, the people will complete the Apocalypse; the war for water/ as is too many people to survive.  YOU killed everything you needed.

one pound of food a day, that equals 8.2 billion pounds of life we need to eat everyday= x 365= 3 TRILLION POUNDS PER YEAR. PLUS all that is wasted. YOU WILL starve, which means war/ or you will change. Plus water, resources, habitat, more!

Change means change! Incarcerating the old, so that what is new will arrive without conflict. NOT throwing leaders in prison, unless deserved. BUT RELEASING THE LAW, of we are all equal now. REMOVES “its a man’s world”/ to become it is OUR WORLD.

To establish: WE MUST HAVE DIFFERENT, than this! It is fundamentally necessary, “to let women try”: to create the LAW, men would not! We have nothing to lose: as reality insists: WE DO, STAND ON THE EDGE OF OUR OWN EXTINCTION. “in a thousand university led” ways!

  • It is, in the essence of time and truth; that we do discover the realities of what is being done to our world. That is possible with redress: and clearly take control over the investigation of what is critically true. By THE LEGAL RIGHT: called Redress! which means democracy comes “to life”. We, the people DECIDE for ourselves! WE GOVERN, by OUR TRUTH. NOT, their leadership/ OUR LAW. The critical mass of human “intellectual decisions”; is very close to establishing: what can never be undone, in practically everything. The consequence of that is extinction: because the truth of that is, “horrifying”.  Nature, energy, life, planet, truth itself: are all under the university guillotine/ and it is now or never: to breathe life back into our world. Because the evidence is true: playing god, results in the consequence called “SATAN”! Because the truth THEY ARE, crucifying the laws which keep us all alive; is their choice, for extinction of our lives. WE DO KNOW that thermodynamics pushes the flame above its fuel source; because the heat forces it. “it is a law”/ which proves the core of our sun is not hot: or all the fuel would be used quickly.



  2. We do know that the regulation of that fire is: the more fuel being burned causes the fire to rise by thermodynamics/ “just like a candle”. Which would have a flame: 62 miles high/ by the calculated release of “sun energy”, estimated at 4 million times more. NO CHANCE, TO GO BACK: once ignition occurs!
  3. Roughly 50 DIFFERENT machines around the world are trying to ignite atoms on fire; as a method “for clean energy”. Just like the sun! But even without the radiation we cannot survive: fools have convinced themselves “reality does not matter”.
  4. THE ENERGY OF AN ATOM; IS HELD WITHIN its “energy of motion, called SPIN”; it is not magic. THE kinetic ENERGY of FIRE: IS RELEASED BY THE SUN; WHEN ONE ATOMIC NUCLEUS (proton/ neutron) COMES CLOSE ENOUGH TO ANOTHER NUCLEUS; TO ESTABLISH THE FRICTIONAL RESPONSE OF RUBBING INTO THAT SPIN; TO CREATE KINETIC HEAT release/ and the debris field that is radiation. Thereby fire, not explosion.
  5. The reality is simple: in order to contain the momentum of a proton nucleus (to keep it from slowing down). The atom must be balanced by an opposite form of energy (pull), what is called dark energy.
  6. TIME EXISTS; because the supernova event: creates the proton of an atom. While the black hole big enough to become a pulsar: does become the neutron, by ejecting that anti-matter into the universe. Which then meets and wraps and spins: the tiny particles ejected from an exploding sun; to form the atom.
  7. Chemistry is formed by the differences made when wrapping these protons to create atomic structures. “With neutron material: because different shapes, rates of turn, direction and form of energy expressions”. Combine in different ways, and must be balanced in different forms of motion.
  8. That dark energy of a neutron, is pushed out to become: solar gravity/ while some which is the opposite of kinetic heat energy (cold)/ is drawn into the mass within the sun. And thereby controls the fire outside the sphere/ from within, by the opposite energy that exists; “in nearly like measure to heat, being released”. To balance the heat, and sustain our sun.
  9. Sun fire burns the atoms of rocks: because the fire is intense enough to break them apart/ and the vacuum created by the energy release of heat: sucks that material; into “the flame” of breaking the bond between “proton and neutron”. Your fire exists: by breaking the molecular bond; which holds different elements, that are combined.
  10. TIME ITSELF: exists, because the electrons which are remnants of the proton being wrapped by the neutron: bleed off energy from the proton as it spins, and releases that into our world as time; the motion of life, and the movement of things.
  11. Fusion does not exist; their “graviton” does not exist; sun made of hydrogen does not exist (ash cloud); core hot does not exist; their claim “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire” does not exist! WHERE IS THE HELIUM? WHERE IS THE FUEL; to cause a sun going “supernova to expand 3 times more”? ANSWER; it NOW explodes because the core becomes too hot/ and the law of thermodynamics takes control. WHY do black holes exist? ANSWER: because during a supernova explosion: the core CANNOT expand fast enough to escape/ AND MUST TURN BACK on itself; “to become the opposite of push, which is pull or gravity”.
  12. THE EXTREME DISGRACE OF “university genetics” is no less dangerous and devoid of intelligence. THEIR CLAIM IS: “not to worry” EVOLUTION will fix anything we break, “in a billion years or so”! But evolution is chaos and mutilation “builds life” (fools and idiots)/ and their best evidence is “this looks like that” (imagination is all we need). None of which is “scientific/ NOR VALID” at all. THE “Universities”, DESTROY NATURE: and will soon MAKE YOU CRY; as the reality of “its all gone now” sinks in: AS HELL! Is released on you.
  13. I CANNOT make you think! I CANNOT stop you from believing whatever you want. I CANNOT make you stop destroying this world and all its life: AS IS BEING DONE. NOR can I prove beyond the evidence: the price of being WRONG! INSTEAD, what I can do, is present you with the truth of this message: CHANGE WHAT YOU DO/ OR this entire world will soon be EXTINCT. So says, THE EVIDENCE OF YOUR LIVES. I did, what I was sent to do. OPEN your eyes, or dig your graves.
  14. FROM the tragedy that is resource losses/ to global warming/ to pollution, poisons, and more: BY THE TRILLION TON. To extinction losses of endless species you have no right to kill. Crucifying ocean life/ To habitat losses, oxygen depletion, the atmosphere becoming detached, by your failures; and more. The proof of your being “little more than animals” is immense. HUMAN MEANS TO UNDERSTAND: LIFE IS MORE THAN THIS.
  15. Reality demands RESPECT; OR ITS TRUTH WILL FAIL; and all life dies! Human overpopulation IS A HORRIFYING THING; and it means, “no water/ no resources/ no life/ only WAR will come”. Because that is what men choose to do.
  16. WHY? Because humanity “wants the money, to exhibit and prove power over you/ the pride, and price of screaming; I win”. RATHER than the honesty and respect of acknowledging; I am ALIVE. By understanding, what that means!
  17. The living description of our time on earth is a balance; achieved by order/ explained by truth/ identified by discipline/ constructed by hope; and operated as the living example of motion, which we control by choosing to “bleed off electrons”; from a body built by atoms.
  • LIFE HOWEVER, is an essence conceived by the environmental impacts of our truth. The directional control over our thoughts as either ascend into order and its respect for value, and its gifts called love. OR the opposite as is the lies of hate, which bring chaos and mutilation (“Satan”, if you prefer). The only other choice you have is animal (want is enough): which means, “lost in the dust of time/ when motion stops”. TO BE ALIVE; identifies, and creates by your own decisions: the truth which does have value. Truth cannot be undone/ therefore it survives, “beyond time”. Truth can be resurrected: by the force which creates it: when pure enough to succeed.


This is not about fear/ this is not about belief/ and it is never about “obey”! Far more critical than any of that, IS TRUTH. And our truth is dying. Which means extinction is very close behind. NOW: or never/ requires redress to ascend beyond the claim: to prove we are the owners, and will decide for ourselves/ BY VOTE.  supernova

definition of supernova

To determine what “the others” are allowed to do/ from this point forward forever. To call for witness to bring their evidence/ to incarcerate and decide what will happen to liars, etc. WHEN TRUTH is clear; they destroy our world. Black hole

 The religious will argue “let GOD” do it. The righteous will argue we cannot be wrong. The herd will argue, “it ain’t our fault/ we won’t take the blame”. Hate will argue: “kill him” instead. But those who are alive know: the evidence of “ten thousand things wrong”; IS REAL. While the cost of being WRONG; is extinction! no choice, but change for life” exists. To defeat the intellectual maze, with truth and law.

Black hole 2

 To understand DIFFERENT: includes male and female working together as equals/ IS, the path forward, we need to survive. STOP BELIEVING; let reality decide, by the evidence of what is real; understanding the cost for being WRONG! AND WHAT THAT MEANS.

The alternative is:

IN THIS USA: to use the law called first amendment redress of grievances!


GRANTING, when confronted by a government out of control’

the opportunities to GO TO COURT/ NOT WAR. And find your solutions

BY UNDERSTANDING WHAT IS WRONG: which means you accept the truth instead of your want.


Life exists by the truth of laws, which then keep us alive within the boundaries and limits of what truth itself will allow. When humanity discards truth, to accept only greed and selfishness shall rule; along with the pure disrespect for our world that is “universities play god”. That arrogance defeats us all/ and we do face our own extinction! This is a workbook for the summary elements of www.brainfirst.info ! It exists to prove our dying world, cannot survive what universities have done. So says the evidence of our reality.


 Work ends for me, starts for you.

THE TRUTH of our US democracy is“WHAT is possible today/ WAS NOT possible in the 18th century”. But democracy is: BY THE LAW, we rule over ourselves! Therefore whosoever makes the law/ rules the nation. Whosoever controls the purpose of law; rules over the power called: money (we want), war (we steal, or fight to survive), and poverty (we must, or die)! Therefore today: BY THE LAW WE CHOOSE FOR OURSELVES; democracy is enforced.

        REDRESS ENFORCES DEMOCRACY/ IT IS THE LAW! Our world: is mixed with the filth and puke of “university leads”/ the cult of nightmares, failures, and fraud. NOT because knowledge is bad: but because greed is rampant/ stealing is pandemic/ betrayal is a curse to us all/ and the demand for power and pride as is “we can play god”. Consumes us all, by taking away our world, and removing every chain of life we must depend upon for survival. So the reality is: WE MUST identify what has value/ and remove the dysentery from our lives that diseases us all. No greater conception of that exists: than those who claim they can control the same fire as is on the sun. No greater fraud exists than those who claim they can “remake life”; by worshiping their religion called evolution/ and therefrom inject chaos into nature itself, so as to make it “do something else”.

And humanity says: “the universities CANNOT ALL BE WRONG”/ after all, they are an army of diplomas; whose entire job is to be “right”. BUT REALITY SAYS: THESE PEOPLE make their living, by “believing whatever they make money on”. TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS/ millions of jobs/ the entire respect of their industry/ all the pride of saying “listen to me”; and more. COMES FROM a united declaration of conception. Such as evolution is real: when it is clearly not. Such as fusion exists; when Lawrence Livermore Labs in San Francisco proved it did not in 2012. Such as: changing the expectation of energy release from 4 million times more/ to “ten percent more” at ITER; so as not to make you fear. Such as we will do great things with genetics: “making and changing life/ wipe away every tear”. When what they are doing is injecting chaos into nature; by believing evolution will then “make another something”. Such as everything; with only few exceptions such as computers, “which now threatened your jobs/ threaten with a robotic army (complete control)/ and alter: university dependence on us. With: now we CAN release the biological weapons, that have been made to keep this earth for ourselves. Because there are too many people, for us all to survive: as is genocide. A constant in history.

 No greater foundation to regain our lives, and make our own decisions exist: than to remove the university control over our currency/ stopping their political oversight. Ending our employees, and their claim of expertise. By the decision: you shall not be allowed to create debts in our name. BY INSTALLING: law rules, not leaders; instead.  CHOOSING, limiting capitalism; to “PROTECT OURSELVES”: from the contamination of money;  so as to take the tyrant away; and establish truth decides now.

link    US constitution 

IT IS THE LAW of this USA, that there is REDRESS of grievances according to the first amendment of our government “the contract of our unity: constitutional law governs us”. REDRESS is the removal of civil war/ by the legal defense: of bringing our leaders into court, identifying what is true: “no more believing”/ and then deciding for ourselves: what is in our own best interest as a state or nation. To the shame of this democracy: POWER TO THE PEOPLE, as is redress/ not rulers. Has never been used; because those employees who have power/ want to be rulers; and refuse it/ hiding in silence and distractions and locked doors. Primary to this treason is: “universities, who create the lawyers/ and tell them what to do”.

We then begin, with the preliminaries to trial: the certainty, that our leaders in this USA/ state of IL have taken it upon themselves to tax us, without true representation: by evading the law of our constitution/ and destroying the securities of both citizen and child; by creating debts which cannot be paid/ and inflation; beyond the limits of what taxation can fix.”   AN INSURGENCY; that does destroy!   There is NO LEGAL ALLOWANCE FOR THAT. “as every primary employee is subjected to their oath of office: proving you know; what you shall or shall not do”. INFLATION IS A HIDDEN TAX! the subterfuge of failure, being hidden by lies; to destroy the truth of what our employees did do.  IT IS ANARCHY, a rebellion against the truth:  laws have been broken! Which makes the leaders who did do that: responsible for embezzlement against every life and future need of this nation and state. Using inflation and denial of debt to extort from us a continued line of credit: that is ultimately “tyranny exacted against us all/ by laundering that counterfeit/ stolen money in ways and things that benefit only the universities, their playmates of deceit and disease as with covid/ the tragedy of wall street and more.

  • Which brings all as citizens of this nation, state, and even world: to the demand for REDRESS of grievances; as is the law in this state and nation. To demand an accounting, to prove what is real/ to address the costs of being wrong. And align our democracy with our constitution/ NOT the insurgency that is “university rules now”. As is the law: stated in the Preamble { SUMMARIZED: you shall NOT defeat us or our children}/ as is being done in every conceivable way: threats on every side. As stated in section 3: 3.1 the act of treason is consistent with betrayal; as is the removal of everything we need to protect ourselves; by poisoning, pollution, poverty, global warming, and all the other things the “university experts” can be bought to say. 

  • BTU's and fuel

    Constant is the truth: that generating electricity is approximately 33% efficient by all fossil fuels/ it takes approximately 1000 watts per hour (one kilowatt) to produce one ton of air conditioning (average 1000 sq ft apartment has 2 tons). Air conditioning uses more energy in; than it gets out in cold (find out). So the average is 1000 watts times 3= 3,000 watts per ton PLUS the inefficiency “lets call it ten percent”; which adds another 300 watts; plus more for production costs not directly related. So just for fossil fuel use: your apartment uses roughly 3300 watts per ton of air conditioning per hour: not including trucking and so forth involved for heat. Times 3.41 btu per watt= a simple math calculation of 11,250 btu into the atmosphere per ton. OR, look at your power bill: billed per kilowatt hour/ and multiply by 3410 BTU per kilowatt: to see your “(all electric) house contribution” to global warming. Total btu release with all forms of assistance required to make that electricity: most likely doubles it. “a primary cause of global warming”! Along with “8.2 billion people doing it, or wanting too”. One degree too much; and all plant life dies, or becomes diseased/ ending life on earth. “just like the rest”. So “everybody moves NORTH”/ to fight for water, being poisoned and lost. For every gallon driven: the BTU release is this IT TAKES: .O18 BTU’S TO RAISE THE TEMPERATURE OF ONE CUBIC FOOT OF AIR; ONE DEGREE F. GAS; equals 125,000 btu per gallon= 2,250 cubic feet of air raises on degree. YOU GOT a 2250 sq foot house x 8= 18,000 cubic feet. OR, 8 gallons of gas: is required to raise that temperature by one degree/ more for air conditioning: not including the cost of efficiency; which makes it more.


    energy and fuels

  • As stated in section 4.4 as are government employees; that dissolve the constitution/ is in violation of its purpose. As proven by trials James Frank Osterbur versus “state of IL and nation”; the constitution is violated by SILENCE will dissolve this; and their refusal to obey. Section 6.1 all debts….valid…. 6.2 the constitution IS the supreme law of this land 6.3 …bound by oath and affirmation to support this constitution.

  • We then turn to article 1 US CONSTITUTION; and find 1.7 the president and others DO NOT have the authority to raise our taxes by inflation or debt destruction. Does NOT have the power to rule over covid based upon “the university says”/ does not have the power to enforce; “experimental drugs (the flavor of mengala in ww2) on society itself”.

  • Article 1 Section ; 8.1 the power to collect taxes………is laid to rest under “for the common defense and general welfare…! NOTHING about the current state of affairs exists to prove these things were done for the nation, or this state of IL itself. Section 8.2 to borrow money on the credit of this USA; no longer exists; as will be proven by www.usdebtclock.org because the disgrace of leadership has allowed for treason against us all. Section 8.6 there is counterfeit coins with the american name on them sold on TV every single day; and more.


  • Amendment 1: ……redress of grievances by law. 

  • Amendment 4: …the right of the people to be secure…..embodies NO INFLATION shall be allowed/ or debt creation beyond what we can honestly pay; shall exist.

  • Amendment 7: .where the value in controversy…..the right of trial shall be preserved…

  • amendment 8 ….excessive everything is constant….

  • amendment 9 ..certain rights shall not be construed……… by our employees.

  • Amendment 10 ..rights…..to the people

  • amendment 11 WE THE PEOPLE ARE, “THE POWER OF THIS UNITED STATES”. WE OWN IT, not our employees.

  • Amendment 12 ….. is no longer valid or desired.

  • Amendment 13 neither slavery or involuntary servitude….. BOTH have been enacted by the curse of debts and inflation; by has been transferred to our lives: by leaders choosing ANARCHY instead of obedience to our union.

  • AMENDMENT 14 …..THE COURTS HAVE NOT PROTECTED US, from anything but democracy. Section 14; 4 ….. insurrection and rebellion…..amendment 15: THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO VOTE; .ON REDRESS.AS IS FIRST AMENDMENT LAW!

  • Amendment 16; the right to collect taxes… DOES NOT EXTEND to the destruction of our state or nation/ by acts which benefit only the few, NOT the whole. As is the evidence of Monarchy. Amendment 22 ……term limits…… when applied to the top office/ fall back down upon the rest.

  • Amendment 21 ….the right of the people to decide for themselves……. shall not be dismissed/ as is the law of redress.

  • THERE IS: NO GREATER TYRANTthan those leaders who destroy the very sanctity of DEMOCRACY; as is, WE THE PEOPLE, OWN; the final say; by our vote/ in what WILL be chosen as our future.

  • THERE IS: NO GREATER TERRORIST; than those who gamble with our entire planet/ declaring “we can bring the same fire here as is on the sun”. And using our wealth, to finance their delusions.

  • THERE IS: NO GREATER FOOL; than those who believe in evolution/ MUTILATING NATURE, by genetically altering the basis or life by body; itself. THERE IS: NO GREATER FAILURE: that those leaders who cannot remain as leaders; unless they lie, cheat, steal, betray, terrorize, and mutilate our democracy itself. THERE IS: NO GREATER SATAN; than the underlying foundation of all these things and MUCH MORE; as is universities play god”. To our shame! So then we instruct ourselves; to understand the basis of ALL survival is truth! We instruct ourselves; to accept the basis of our own survival is: ONLY TRUTH CAN DECIDE! We instruct ourselves: in the duty, to honor life and world and nation: BY INVESTIGATING EVERY THREAT; that could in fact, or even by the claim of potential to cause our extinction: SHALL BE KNOWN, by the cost of being WRONG.        REDRESS:  IS OUR LEGAL RIGHT, TO EXERCISE OUR DEMOCRATIC AUTHORITY OVER OUR GOVERNMENT;  BY ENFORCING OUR first amendment LAW. Within the boundaries of our union as a state or nation; comes the limits that are imposed by constitutionally, structuring documents: such as the declaration of independence/ and the “Virginia; bill of rights”. The impedance of tyranny, by the enactment of a decision: “to rule ourselves with law”. Primary to this development was the two documents which provided the cause to demand our liberty, from those who would rule over us; by their decisions/ rather than our own. So we look to those documents to identify: “where we are” today. VERSUS, the puke and vomit of people who believe they know better, and WILL change our democracy; “because they have a university diploma”. Virginia bill or rights came first: “click this link for content”. Composed of 16 individual sections deemed important by all contributors who accepted these decisions are “our own”. Because this decision: was about what is worth dying for? Summarized below:

    1. we have a fundamental human right; to live in peace, and establish for every child the foundations upon which our nation shall document and provide for both safety and happiness.

    2. The value of a judiciary is: to create the justice we demand by law/ and establish the honesty we hold dear; as is fair play to all.

    3. That we must never surrender our ownership of this state or nation; to those who will fight to overtake our trust in what is: the democracy of our lives in witness to “we the people”/ shall not be destroyed. It is our heritage/ the function of life versus death: is not to be held as slaves. Because freedom matters.

    4. There is no allowance: to forsake your oath of office to us all.

    5. We cannot allow: the endless chant, “we are the superior ones”/ there must be change.

    6. Our government employee: is neither less nor more/ than are we. Equals, every one.

    7. Whosoever makes the law/ rules the nation: therefore WE MUST.

    8. Only truth decides; by the evidence of our best understanding/ to create the knowledge, intended to accept what will become “our wisdom”.

    9. You shall not surrender anyone to punishments: you would not accept on your own life/ family/ or future. The law decides, but fair play MUST acknowledge what is justice, rather than revenge.

    10. The identity of freedom is: the right to conduct yourself with the values that you align with your own life/ it is not for others to decide. Unless the law is broken.

    11. The best we can do; is trial by jury. BUT NO TRIAL is committed to justice/ UNLESS the penalty is clear, and the reality of choices; are balanced, and the purpose of each penalty has been made.

    12. NEVER CAN THERE BE CAUSE; to let only the rich and powerful own the media. Treason has been committed within the US supreme court.

    13. There is no cause to establish a standing military presence: UNLESS they all understand and give allegiance to the “BILL OF SOLDIERS RIGHTS”/ we must enforce as our decision to insure. NOBODY is discarded by leaders.

    14. The value of our union: is placed in the hands of justice/ because unless the courts remain above corruption, conspiracy, and collusion. Our nation will die. Unless the political aims of the people remain balanced/ rather than extreme; our nation will die. Unless WE LET TRUTH LEAD, our nation will die. It is our choice.

    15. WE THE PEOPLE must be respected, to sustain our truth as a democracy/ because when respect fails: tyranny begins, as hate lunges at us all with screams of insurrection and anarchy will then multiply. Making civil war possible/ instead of redress: BY THE LAW we live.

    16. NOBODY GETS TO PLAY “god” WITH LIFE OR NATURE OR WORLD/ OR THE FUTURE. You shall not gamble; only truth shall decide. Religion is intended to be: “about; our faith in truth”/ rather than belief, in whatever you want.

    Declaration of independence: :”click link to read”. Is a show of unity, an attempt to say: we want our day in court. To let justice decide what is fair to us all. Failing that: reality turns to war.

    Summarizing its words:

    1. we will not be your slaves: the reality of today, proves we are/ by lies, cheating, fantasy, delusions, terrorism, betrayal, counterfeiting our currency, destroying every foundation upon which we depend. The leaders being indoctrinated into the cult of “university is god”. Have failed us all.

    2. The right to govern: is held to affirm the oath of office. Which is that constitutional law, as is the contract of our unity as a state or nation: grants ONLY that you as our employees. Shall in fact obey our purpose and desire, within these laws of our government over you.

    3. That it is our duty, to establish within our democracy: not only the dignity of our liberty. But its essential truth: to honor REDRESS as our legal means to insure and protect this democracy. By a courtroom WE OWN AND ITS AUTHORITY, WHICH MAKES US “the owners here/ we the people shall have the final say”. The government is ours/ IT DOES NOT belong to our employees. They are given limits and boundaries; to insure they know we are “the government of we the people”/ and shall not be ruled. Rather than civil war is all that we have left: REDRESS IS OUR SOLUTION. The law of our union over the employees, or their rules.

    4. The timely enforcement of our government; shall not be held prisoner to power or pride. Therefore money shall not decide/ nor will its belief in judgment. The critical truth is: each must have a job/ and that job shall be provided by government; if there is no other. Welfare, etc: is NOT an option.

    5. We must protect ourselves: to do that requires that we “judge the judge”/ and grant only to those who establish “good behavior”; as is the foundation of our peace and securities in life and living; and per child a future.

    6. The judiciary is separated from all other power over this democracy; as such it is now important and necessary: that we elect the ENTIRE hierarchy of judiciary, and in particular the supreme court. NOT the employee. Each is graded throughout their career; by the public; in open forum. Whosoever does not measure up; is evicted from office by our vote. NEVER AGAIN: shall the supreme court or any other: “close the door in our face”! INSTEAD they shall decide the cases WE SELECT for them to adjudicate. Providing real world identification as to why this decision was made by each.

    7. We are not the toy of any group or purpose or religion. Covid being the perfect example of that. As the curse of leadership turns against us all; taking power over us, and our society: they did not own: in cult worship of their god “the universities”.

    8. Our economy is NOT for political purposes, and shall NOT be used by any politician for any desire; which includes the claim of “we are going to get you what you want”. Their disease; is rampant; and the consequences ARE ALWAYS worse than the truth we must adapt to instead. With only extreme exception.

    9. We have been plundered, ravaged, raped, invaded, betrayed, terrorized, manipulated, controlled by propaganda (covid)/ and worse as is the threat of extinction on all sides. Because the universities expert; can easily be bought to lie. As with covid: the universities stole our money, and led the charge to dismantle our democracy. Discarded by those who claim to help us: but create the failure of this nation instead. Every resource stripped. Our world dying. Every chain of life in peril: evidence of SATAN (destroyer of a world) exists.

    10. QUOTE:
      In every stage of these Oppression’s  We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

    11. QUOTE:  ……They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.

    1. QUOTE: ……Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to …….

    2. Power exists: only when fear keeps you under control: refusing truth, to hide from reality is one of those fears. Democracy exists to remove power from people, so that freedom can be sustained. Universities lead; as has been the constant of history/ groups want to be king. These produce power (we are gods/ next to you) to take control over everything, to make you beg, by destroying the middle class of economics. The most common weapon, are lies. The only difference is: the intellectual fights from behind closed doors (blaming others). As with taking control over all forms of business, all forms of ownership, all forms of indoctrination, all forms of mutilation; as is the constant of war (to poison the water, destroy the rest) so “we the people”, have no choice but to die, or fight so they can kill us all. That preparation now includes a robotic army with artificial intelligence to make decisions for war on you. History proves: ANYTHING THAT PRODUCES POWER, WILL BE USED FOR THE WORST POSSIBLE CAUSES. As with covid: “make the world pay/ and accept defeat; as is we are your gods now”! Weapons of mass destruction are that as well: now spread around the world, and in hands incapable of true sanity. Universities claim: we are the smartest people who ever lived: but the evidence proves, you are killing your world, mutilating life, experimenting with complete destruction. Making you the most stupid people who have ever lived: by the facts sustained in truth.

  • Elemental to this work is: that the day comes when the work of it is done/ and that aligns with the need for change that illuminates: now, if it can continue, that decision is required of you. Recognizing the simple truth: “I am not your savior/ guru/ expert/ prosecutor/ or any other version of whatever it is you want”. I have presented you with a choice, as is the work given to me: change what you do/ or extinction will follow this. Because the evidence proves that is true; and that is entirely about you, and the choices you have made. It is not about me. I simply bring the message: change or this world will die. Lies cannot save you/ hiding from your truth, will not extend time: fear is an enemy, not a friend. Choose truth!
  • Consequently I have given you this work used to identify “what can be lifted”/ and this work of time, which admonishes you to learn: “want is not enough”; do better or extinction will come.
  • LIARS LIE, its what they do. THIEVES STEAL, its what they do. CHEATERS find a way to corrupt, manipulate, tempt or in other ways betray what the law needs to survive human existence. None of these are equivalent to the terrorists of “university plays god” by mutilating life/ as is genetic nature. OR, extreme experiments with energy gambling with our entire world/ OR the destruction of everything as is the cost of “university knows”; and its cult of religion as is evolution is god by chaos. So this nation is engulfed by deceit/ controlled by delusion/ identified by fantasies without merit/ and betrayed with an insurgency to replace all that we do depend upon for our survival with “media enforced propaganda: as is, university is in charge now”. The fourteenth amendment goes on to inform the law of governing does not include payments for any of these things. Which finds the leadership in control of treason/ supporting terrorists; against life, nation, and world. GROW UP NOW, or die as a world.
  • The simple facts are: if the bribes fail to continue, the army of rebellion disbands, and goes away/ LEAVING REALITY to decide what is left of truth. BUT make no mistake, returning from lies, theft and betrayal; will not be cheap or free! As is laundering counterfeit money in the stock market; where people shout hurrah; or hiding debts in “we don’t care”; even at the cost of their nation, child, and world.
  • The plague of pride/ and sewer of power; again “beats its chest”; as the monkeys of leadership; fight to see who can kill the most. Say to Russia; and be quick; AS A WORLD/ YOUR LEADERS ARE GOING TO STOP; or they will be killed. There is no war against Russia. There is only the war against its leaders, who believed they would simply steal and kill the lives of another nation. Making Putin and his supporters: “world terrorists”. Which means: THE WORLD, owes to life, and each nation; an intervention. DO IT, or sorry will not fill or bring a world, back to life.
  • SO THE LAW: must be justified and fair, in order to remind any soldier of any army: that it is in their own best interest NOT to obey their leaders. And choose for life, by accepting the law rules us now/ not fools, traitors, and whores. proven by the cost of consequences surrounding us all.

  • Media & the zealots of “university is god religion”:

  1. claim no consequences; BUT THAT is a lie!.

  2. The claim of fusion is abandoned: all experiments are intended too: BURN the bond in ATOMS FOR FUEL; A FIRE “like the sun”/ THAT CANNOT BE EXTINGUISHED; as this whole planet is FUEL. As their CULT of fools, SAYS “hurrah”. Let’s play god.  Shouting lies without merit or value.
  3. Reality however is quite clear; although recent experiments have produced a tiny net gain; IF YOU REMOVE all the energy it took to create the experiment.
  4. The reality itself is NOW; VERY SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND. NOW, they intend to “THROW MORE FUEL” ONTO THE FIRE/ AND THAT will result in an out of control REAL WORLD FIRE, that literally is just like the sun, here on earth”.
  5. A fire that will consume this planet; because all the imagination of “its magic” on the sun/ is a lie. NO SECOND CHANCE; they are real world,
  6. literally trying to burn the bond in atoms/ just like a chemical fire here, is burning the molecular bond of holding elements together, as is chemistry.”
  7.  SOON, OUR WORLD IS DEAD/ if not from nuclear war or other first. BECAUSE THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG; IS EXTINCTION.
  8. THE COST of this work is: that you MUST CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY. In support of that demand. Information unwise was released, because time is running out. THE END is now in sight, as physics becomes acquainted with; reality. BUT, you have run out of time; RISE or fail life.
  9. YOU CANNOT DO THAT; period. BUT YOUR SCIENTISTS CAN IGNITE A NUCLEAR FIRE, and that means, this earth does become a sun. BECAUSE IT IS MADE OF ATOMS; THE FUEL, AND IT DOES BURN AT ROUGHLY 10 MILLION DEGREES. Recognized, by all of universities “for fifty years”/ before all the lies; to keep you stupid and unafraid. Of what they were actually doing.
  10. WAKE UP OR DIE/ INCINERATED. And oh lets not forget “the rapture” of religion: which in reality is a suction so great; that the solar fire draws all life into that fire. Including water, atmosphere, and more, as is the TRUTH.
  11. SEARCH THEIR CLAIMS OF KNOWLEDGE; “its all magic/ and claims of reality that cannot be proven/ and elements which cannot be proven to exist/ and without a clue as to where atomic energy comes from”.
  12. AND PURE IGNORANCE as they “want what they want”/ rather than limit their claims to reality; instead of “imagination rules here”.
  13. Critical values include: THE CLAIM that there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire/ is WRONG (THEY DON’T know what gravity is). Because all indications of evidence are: it is the fire that creates solar gravity.
  14. THE CLAIM, THAT THE SUN operates from a massive core fire of HEAT (kinetic energy)/ is WRONG. As this would DE-stable the structural reality of that sphere/ and the fuel used to create that heat would be consumed quickly. THAT CLAIM of a super-heated core defies ALL THE LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS; and just throws them away. A reality beyond comprehension WRONG. 
  15. THAT CLAIM OF “there must be an unidentified element” that makes up the sun; which is 15 times larger than the element of lead. Or compared to a lead marble; their fantasy is a bowling ball; WRONG. 
  16. That claim of the sun is made out of hydrogen is pure vomit; as they cannot see within a million mile long flame WRONG/ and the only thing they can see is: THE ASH CLOUD, being thrown from the fire. 
  18.  Because what we do know: IS THAT A NUCLEAR FIRE IS POSSIBLE/ AND WE DO KNOW; that such a fire which burns atoms/ rather than explodes them; is capable of releasing the evidence of heat we know exists. 
  19. WE DO KNOW that burning atoms is a sustainable fire such as is the sun. WE DO KNOW; that radiation from the sun is EXACTLY what we would expect from burning the bond of an atom.
  21. WE DO KNOW; that a million mile long flame encompassing an entire planet of rock: PRODUCES ENOUGH SUCTION, to vacuum up that rock; so that it becomes atomic fuel. 
  22. WE DO KNOW that thermodynamics pushes the flame above its fuel source; because the heat forces it. We do know that the regulation of that fire is: the more fuel being burned causes the fire to rise by thermodynamics/ which causes the fire to die down in heat/ which brings the fire closer to the sphere that is the sun/ where the cycle of more fuel is being suctioned up is repeated in the eleven year cycle we know exists.
  24. and humanity says to me, ten thousand times: “you know nothing/ the universities are god, savior, etc:  even though they are merely your former classmates, hidden under the veil of delusion, that is a university diploma. 
  25. What has value? Therefore the quest to save this earth, “from being WRONG”;  BELONGS only to you.
  26. To create and sustain a working society, with values and disciplines that accept Justice is our friend, and to attain that peace is required: follows the decision to be friends; to unite for our common goal: WHICH IS TO SURVIVE.  My sites are THIS ONE; and the website [www.brainfirst.info]. They are designed to help you survive!
  • In a world overrun by humanity, the cost of being wrong is extinction. Therefore the quest of this work, is to recognize; that without the limits and boundaries of law/ we have no future. Without death, there is no life: it is a finite world!

  • which literally means: when the resources are gone; all life will end.

  • IT IS ELEMENTAL AND TRUE; that change in government, should not be attempted with anything other than LAW. Anger resolves nothing/ want removes truth to lie, as pride attempts to say, “I am god/ not you”. Which opens the door to power, proving “no you aren’t”.
  • LAW IS: JUSTICE FIRST! RULES are: WE DECIDE, not you! “see the difference”? BY PROVING WHAT JUSTICE IS; you also prove what JUSTICE is not. Society lives by justice, or it descends into anarchy; as is being seen throughout this earth: because university knows nothing of the value called life or earth. They want, therefore they lie, and teach the world to lie as well.
  • Discipline knows: with knowledge that is true, we can understand: the wisdom required for change. Order knows: that you cannot tear apart what does exist; because in the balance of our reality: some degree of order is better than none. RESPECT however clarifies JUSTICE, as the reality of choice, that does not measure more than hate/ and does not choose for me, unless we must. Because freedom is consistent with happiness, and happiness keeps us all alive. Therefore what is freedom, cannot be stripped from happiness: they walk “hand in hand”. But that does not include the freedom to wreck or burn what the others do need. So we have law: to divide those who destroy, from those who build, with life.
  • The quest of YOUR LIFE: is to facilitate the foundations of what proves true, in the process of governing; by law. Which means: NOT your way/ NOT my way; but OUR WAY; AS DEFINED by the choices we all make, to improve every life in time. That cannot be done; by sacrificing this planet or its future for all living things.
  • Making law, the elevation of life; or in the chaos of hate, the descent called death.

  • Nothing matters more to life and world than law; that is our own contribution. Reality proves: we CANNOT discard that, “to someone voting for me”. As history proves is filled with endless corruption, conspiracy, collusion, violence, and failure.

  • As depicted in the “truth of life; a world filled with miracles/ reality decides our place, by the certainty of our own truth. What is true: identifies “I/ you/ or me”.

  • The concept of evidence, governed without the abyss of want, pride, or power: leads to survival by truth. Therefore only truth creates justice, value, respect, or the honor of life itself.

  • To identify “governing truth”:  is to accept the challenge: of understanding what can or cannot be changed, without destruction to the whole.

    1. It is, the core and essence of life; that we must make decisions, some of which turn into catastrophe/ some of which can express the most beautiful experiences of life/ but most are the dull and disciplined examples of what we do to survive, and not die.

This site www.justtalking7.info is the “workbook” for the summary balance of what is intended to be done. That you must think for yourselves/ rather than believe what you are told. That the warning is real: threats exist that will make us all extinct. That we must understand our existence; to grapple with change that is absolutely necessary to our survival. That summary is www.brainfirst.info and the previous 11 other websites were “elements of hope”; that struggled to find a way to: educate/ rather than manipulate; for the sake of life and world. Trials, as established by court presented in five of those websites: now just here. Videos were established to help, the search for anything you would listen too/ even books to insure every avenue of participation would be followed.

Of the two primary elements in changing this world: world law demands the law decides/ not individuals. Which means: nations must decide if a leader is required to be brought to court/ for review of what they are doing against life and world. Every nation that says yes he or she must: SHALL provide the “policing force”/ and every nation that does not; shall pay the bills. If they will not come: then they will be killed; once that decision has been made; according to the rules of conduct we the world have installed to protect ourselves from tyrants.  TRUTH DECIDES, BY LAW/ not you.

Limited capitalism: is, the demand that we the people do have legal rights. Primary to those rights is: that there shall be limits to income/ so that none overwhelm the rest. There will be boundaries to possession/ so that all can realistically share, in what this earth can provide. The law of life: which is, while you cannot come warring against us/ you can participate based upon population and realities which will decide. There are many critical truths; that must be obeyed/ because we the people are killing our home/ all life on earth.  to our shame!  REALITY DECIDES BY THE EVIDENCE/ not you.

I have “45 years of work” in these sites; “one form or another”/ there is no charge. Life or death of a world makes it my duty. HOWEVER if you want this site “indexed and better organized”: YOU will have to pay for that/ not me. If the cost of data transfer exceed the limits of what I can or am willing to pay; you will pay for that as well. There is NO intent to make money here: but as with all of life, “fair is fair”. A link will appear right here and NO WHERE ELSE: with regard to that, or any other “site expense”/ if needed; FOR ALL SITES SAME. Do not be fooled. There will be an accounting; open for view here, if it is needed !

do not be fooled: THERE IS NO INTENT OR ATTEMPT, to lead you here on any of these sites or its purpose which is to educate you; in knowledge, understanding, and the degree of wisdom to which you are able to go. YOUR BODY, IS YOUR BODY; and it can never be otherwise/ because “it is your temple/ and does not belong to your god: IT IS YOURS”. Which means whatever you do with it, is up to you: regardless of what that is. Your body cannot judge you/ only the truth of your own decisions/ the desire of your own heart, and what respect for life and world is in you! Therefore the element of an education here is: to establish the faith in truth, that allows for purity to assemble; in its own understanding of what life itself means to you. The message of change is constant; because the threats of extinction are massive and real. That does not remove hope/ but it does identify, “that we all are needed; every single one: to rebuild the future”; by choosing what truth will decide for us. So that we can survive as the miracles of: this beautiful living world. You are a part of that, not perfect/ but no one is! Your life, is your decision, the desire you serve with experience and expressions you chose. Your body is merely the home built by time for you; it will end. But life itself, is a participation within the force; that gives to energy its motion. Making life itself, a universal dimension; where only thought can achieve self, based upon truth. NOT intellect/ but thought, the elemental rise from truth, to the love captured by soul. Living is no game, it is a journey into eternity.

I believe: the discovery of time shapes the definition of our soul. Because time is the essence of our lives, in this dimension of our own existence. Time allows for you to decide: if there is only want chooses everything/ or in contrast being alive is everything, and time only presents the evidence of our experience or expression in the decision that becomes our own individual truths. Humanity wants, “a guarantee” of life beyond the present: or they don’t want, to do anything they don’t want; choosing to accept life is now/ and death is never: so now is all that matters, “to me”. In contrast being alive in miracles of living evidence, this is “only the beginning” shouts; that there is more, than our eyes can see. The consequence of that individual truth; is then to search beyond self, and understand all of life, and living matters, not just me, or my truth. The difference is elemental: and directional. Selfishness: limits life to “what I want”. Greed presents the boundary escaped; to prove, “I want yours too”. Lust creates the illusion of desire/ but is not: because “your life is not desired/ only your body is wanted”; making the essence of you; basically irrelevant in this choice. BEING ALIVE: surrenders self, to the disciplines required of miracles, accepting the order and balance of truth to conceive of time beyond the limits of body; where the construction of our decisions, our own purpose in life and living decides: what we created for ourselves (our own form of miracles; where we played god inside, to find “heart {where your own treasures are, the values which shape life, into our destiny.} and soul {the foundation upon which we stand, to be our truth accepted; as is trust.}”, as we choose it to be). In the distance, beyond where time may go. Eternity whispers: truth decides. The summary of time for me is: “this world screams, nothing matters but what I want”/ whereas my reply has always been, “everything matters”; but want. See the difference? For clarity: it is your action (to build with love)/ reaction (destroy with hate)/ or apathy (discard life to prove you don’t care, or won’t share), that establishes the decision you actually made; as is your truth. NOT, whatever is used to create these choices. The brain does not decide: your truth imposed on life does. Sharing time for life, is a function of heart. Caring for life beyond self, is a decision called respect: both form the basis of soul.

People believe: which is to accept, “all I need to know, is whatever I want to know or must know to survive, until I die”. Religions are born out of this; as time proves that “want is not enough”/ and reality grips, and holds onto the desire for more. But universities came and stole that; by presenting the endless greed, that is “we can take everything for ourselves”; if we just rampage against life and planet; killing everything so we can have more. Insisting: “not in my lifetime”/ I won’t pay; with the consequence of THEN LET EVERY CHILD/ EVERYTHING, even our earth: DIE. So these few can have more!

IS Failure to life, to earth, to child, and a curse upon your own eternity; because you believed, with PRIDE: “the universities (we can take it all) can be god”.

LIFE however knows, THIS IS NO GAME.

LIVING knows, this is a finite earth; and every child has needs too..

RESPECT knows: NATURE is the source of every body of life; not men or their universities or women; but the very foundation of our existence, that assembles atoms into a living structure, by building “one step at a time”; creating chemistry, structure, logistics: EVERYTHING: with order, balance, disciplines, truth, thought, and heart.

Not a single accident, and absolutely no chaos intended throughout all of nature.

Yet men and their universities claim: “its all an accident/ its all chaos/ there is no thought”. And they can play god by injecting chaos into nature to prove they can change life on earth with destruction of what exists. As is the conception of evolution, and genetic mutilation; going on everyday, around this world.

I say to you the greatest liar of them all: is the belief, all you need to know is what you want. Because want builds nothing, and is the foundation of every lie.

Consider instead: WHAT WE DO KNOW, TO BE TRUE.

While hate lives: in the chaos, that begins your own war with life. The realities of love clearly identify: “life is a Creation”. Take away your eyes “for evolution”/ take away your hands, “for evolution”/ take away your ears, legs, tongue, throat, organs, blood, and a billion more; “for evolution”:  because you need them all to survive/ and a brain to operate the “machinery”. Which evolution denies. 

Want is an abyss, because it is never satisfied: the essence of every lie. “the biblical essence of a snake: which follows any tunnel into the core of where you live”. YOU want freedom, from the respect you OWE; for the realities of life and world! “university says: we can be gods”/ and you followed into a dying world, where all of nature is being injected with chaos; to prove their evolution works. Instead: EXTINCTION knocks on your door/ and will come in unless stopped soon enough.

Pride makes life a game; “you cannot win/ unless someone loses”. SO, you measure each other!  Making pride the venom; “which then cause great harm or death; to whomever it strikes”. Creation measures you; because humanity is killing this earth/ and whether to save it or not; depends upon you. YOU are the cause/ YOU are the solution: because YOU chose these truths. SO MEASURE, what extinction will cost you/ and come back to LIFE.

Power measures and judges “are you worthless to me/ or not”: to establish cause, for “yes, I can”.  Making it: “the devil among us”/ as the curse of pride and want when combined, becomes a cause for tragedy, and disgrace. Power says:  “we are gods/ to hell with this world and every living thing; because I will be dead: before the price of what we did comes to make me pay”. But reality says: Eternity does exist/ and we were not simply created and forgotten. As is the guarantor called “JESUS”/ who showed what your Creator desired from you: as the CLEAR AND CERTAIN differences:  between LOVE OR HATE. As in, CHOOSE. NOT, “a Jewish thing”; even though he was part of their group/ their decision not only killed him, but this group; remains defiant to this day, “not one of ours/ NOT like us”. UNLESS of course, “there is money to collect, or power, pride, want; etc.” It can be said: they are the one group, apart from a tiny few;  throughout these 2000 years, who clearly stubbornly insist: “WE LEARNED NOTHING”.

The worst liar in this world; is the one who hides the truth about what it costs to be wrong! The real world price, of their betrayal; offering only, “fear/ believe/ obey”. Followed only, by those who do believe: fear no truth, or evidence is allowed. And accept their place in the herd of humanity; is never to question/ but, to obey.

Humanity has: followed men, to war, ravaging, ruin, rape, and realities without value/ followed universities into the curse of imagination rules; the fantasy, delusions, failure, and foolishness or reality does not matter; we can play god. Both living to throw this entire world away, in their greed, selfishness, pride, lust, power; and curse of the damned that is; “we don’t care, about nothing”.

Leaving our world; with the consequences bordered by hate; which now threaten to consume us all.

WE DO; have to, let women try building with law/ they cannot fail worse.

WE DO, have to return to reality, accept the cost as it is (no fantasy, or delusions allowed).

WE DO, have to accept: what this earth and all its life need to survive; without altering those facts just because you want more.

WE DO, have to accept each other with respect, and share according to what is real world survival; and nothing less/ demanding respect from all for life and world. Or there will be extinction by war.

WE DO HAVE TO END EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION; AND return all the damage of university is god; back to reality as best we can. OR every horror predicted by biblical prophecy will come true; as the evidence of that is real

and world chaos is coming. YOU did, throw everything needed into the garbage/ along with other endless failure to both life and planet;  sacrificing every child.

Soon the choice will end; and survival itself will be lost. Because, you refused to choose for life.

Being ALIVE; in truth!  “Is forbidden”. As university is god, demands your worship (never question the university). Created by our own former classmates: who now believe, they are, “the superior ones”. Reality disagrees. The evidence proves failure, is true.

The truth of this USA; is that power overwhelms us all/ but not as simple men or women playing their games; as is the cost of history. But in the manipulation of media/ the overwhelming disgrace “of universities playing god”/ the cost of being wrong in weapons of mass destruction, genetic mutilation, extreme experimentation; and every form of disrespect that is “university born”. The curse of tyranny is formed from people who want to judge/ rather than allow truth to decide. The curse of war is formed from people who believe they are the superior ones; and have judged the others. The curse of government failing us all: is found in the treachery of blatant fraud in currency, and the denial of debt. The curse of justice: is hidden in a courtroom, that not only fails life and planet; but refuses to obey its own law. As is The US constitution is our government: and it does demand redress of grievances, when confronted with the plague of people who have disrespected and disgraced us; to play the fool, with our lives.

These are all things which kill democracy/ but we do have the lesson of China “a hundred+ years ago”; which is killing the intellectual is NOT an answer. Same as genocide is NOT an answer. Same as, “we are too many people, for war to do more; than establish HELL” now decides. The answer is not a vote for someone to vote for me: but to vote on the laws which rule over our lives as a nation or world: thereby letting WE THE PEOPLE, become true.

The end result of it is: that you will prove to all men, THAT LEADERSHIP, is nothing more than “a man”; who tells other men what to do; enforcing that by threat. But: They have no power beyond the law/ so they make rules to give themselves power over you, and over individuals, in: armies, courts, policing, and more. SO TO REMOVE THE RULES (focused on you), returns society to law (focused on us all; decides). To remove the leader: requires a return, he or she, is just a citizen like the rest of us; and their power, is no more than what we let them do. Therefore the power to control armies and policing is removed: by establishing a bill of rights (all of us are involved), as the framework;  for society will protect you, by upholding:  beyond these limits and boundaries, we designed to protect us all: and, we DO expect YOU to uphold: OR, you are the individual our law, shall examine!  OUR LAW/ describing our rights:  will protect you/ or punish you; just as it does for us all “same/ same”. Therefore to insure justice;  we remove the power of a courtroom beyond the framework of what we the people demand: BY JUDGING THE JUDGE, and claiming our own responsibility to remove those workers, who do not comply with our law. As is: this society/ this world, now decides!    OR,   WE THE PEOPLE, becomes defined, by our truth. AS democracy: “we rule ourselves/ by our own laws”, becomes real.  NOT a vote for someone to vote for me/ but my own vote, on the laws which rule our lives for ourselves. UNITED, MEANS CHOSEN.   ONCE THE LAW IS PROVEN TRUE, IT NEVER NEEDS TO BE CHANGED/ ONCE AND DONE; BY OUR OWN DEMAND FOR JUSTICE. With few exceptions, and never without public debate and vote. NOT MORE than one hundred “one page laws”, taught in every school: SO WE CAN, “defend ourselves”.

As for you: so long as you can discuss “me”/ you need not make any other choices: AN EXCUSE without merit. But that is how it is. Therefore I will again try, to stop writing, so that your excuse is gone/ and your reality demands a choice be made.       COMMUNICATE, with each other. LIVING DEMANDS IT.

 WE, GOVERN ourselves by the law we choose to rule over our lives. NOT you, OUR LAW, rules our lives, our nation, our world; because we can do that for ourselves. NO, we do not need a lawyer/ WRITE the law everyone understands! WE ARE, “military, policing, everything”! Therefore the law, WE CHOOSE: rules us all; including our employees hired for government.

And the crush of people say: YOU CAN’T LET ALL THE PEOPLE HAVE A VOTE ON SOMETHING IMPORTANT. Because all of politics is a game, and that means winners and losers. TRUTH REPLIES: THE LAW IS NOT A GAME; and those who treat it with that kind of disrespect, are entitled to their tragedies. WHILE REALITY SAYS: to respect each other, our lives, our future, our world, our own freedoms and rights; the guarantees which mean, we can live together united as a nation or world: is the difference between a true democracy, and a game which is not a democracy. A cesspool of lies, liar, traitor, thief, and terrorist; as is depicted so well in covid, as their leader response: GIVE THE UNIVERSITIES EVERYTHING they want/ became, “throw democracy away”. The universities are god; which means “can’t be wrong”/ as is evidence of a cult, proven true. While media screamed: FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY; to their shame.TODAY however, the cost of all that proves extinction is far closer, than all of humanity can even imagine. “They just want what they want/ leave me alone”; so ends the story of life on earth. Because that, is not enough to sustain our world. So, I refuse to lower hope below “a one in a million” chance; you might come alive once more/ and surrender you to your fate. It is after all, “what you chose”. And the best of people say: all we need is,  “love is love”/ while religion says: “GOD is love, and will not let our world die”! Yet hate is hate as well; and reality knows what resides in the middle is survival; for which you are responsible, on your own. Truth proves; hate can rule. Unless law proves them wrong. While the old testament bible proved genocide was their, Jewish way. Because competition is competition, and it means: I can’t have “everything”/ if you take some. Which means war, when reality proves, “someone has to die, or move”. Alas, the earth is full; as water and more will prove true. So the people move; to face WAR! And the people say, “universities will save us”/ but all they got, “Is evolution; we can make chaos”. Otherwise, they have to:  steal, lie, cheat, fantasize, and fail life and earth; as the evidence does prove true. But don’t worry; HELL provides cannibalism, and you can drink their blood/ well unless, they drink yours first. “ain’t that so”?  Survival means: want (where greed, selfishness, and lust grow); pride (where sharing and caring are for fools, grows), and power (where judgment has no mercy, and reality plays god; begins to consume). LOVE ALONE, IS the foundation, for BEING ALIVE. While hate alone, is where love and life itself, goes to die. There is nothing in the middle, but animal. And the mob says: KILL HIM, and we will hear of this no more! BUT REALITY SAYS; “you cannot defeat truth, with murder”. And the people, run away to hide: because they cannot face the truth, of any of it. So they continue as they are: screaming, “we WANT, what we want”/ as horrors close in. And reality becomes truth.

NOW SEARCH YOUR HEART, AND SEEK YOUR SOUL; FOR LIFE, not the death of tragedy, as is the “dirt and dust of evolution, formed from the sewage of university plays god”.   COMMUNICATE WITH OTHERS, AND DECIDE: if you are willing to die, because they were not gods, but played god!  ARE YOU, willing to fight for your world; “WITH LAW”.    ARE YOU, willing to Do what you CAN DO/   as is, the duty of us all. THIS WORLD HAS CHANGED; humanity wrecked it/ and it will be forever lost:  UNLESS WE CHANGE.

The final summary is then: “humanity in unison, with nearly just one voice; all said, lets turn this into a game, so we can yell winner/ or even loser”/ to hide and cover the fact, we know: this is the end of every child. And so you did do that.

The final summary of me is then: “faced with clear and certain extinction”/ what is male in me said NO, I will fight for this world. Which you ridiculed in unison, and created gossip as your only answer to life or death for this world. Male faced with war (the demand: extinction now) is left/ I, turned away, and searched for “what would female do”? BUT instead of fighting for world law, or truth decides, or realities which respect life and world.  Their Answer to:  let women decide, by law we create: the lack of any response with value: has proven their answer, has now become, “we will let this world die”. My choice: Rather than war with you; I accept their decision/ because life and living and earth; is no game. It is a choice.  And women, want to lead men (you take all the blame)/ not life and earth, which demands only truth decides; by accepting responsibility for their own decisions. By assembling law, for justice and fair play/ separating hate, from life with love. Alas, “it ain’t free”.  And the women all say: “WE CAN’T STOP MEN; they become mean, and won’t listen”.  While that is true: YOUR JOB IS NOT, to stop men, or change them!   THE LAW, is your job! Because what you cannot do, THAT is what the law is for!  IF IT IS PROPER AND TRUE TO LIFE AND WORLD. So, THE ESSENCE OF THIS WORK:  is to find the law, beyond want, pride, power, or its cost: AND ASSEMBLE TRUTH, by courtroom battle. Thereby establishing life, hope, respect, justice, and love WILL DECIDE for us all.  AS DOES, CHANGE A WORLD.      by your choice!

Society is like an ocean liner: you CAN’T move an ocean liner, without the power of water to lift it off the ground. Economic collapse is that power to move a nation into TRUTH DECIDES FOR US ALL, now, and forever! There is no real movement, unless there is, a real crisis threat that cannot be discarded by fools. BUT remember this: like another Titanic, if you DON’T recognize/ what we must have is justice and fair play for all: OUR LAW, will decide, NOT leaders. Then YOU WILL crash into hate, and sink this world. IF HOWEVER you succeed, in establishing a CHANGED WORLD/ then the potential for a very different reality, of peace and harmony will exist. It is a choice.

By controlling bankruptcy as a nation of we the people: SHALL now decide; within the legal rights of REDRESS: as provided within constitutional law and intent.  AS JUDGE OVER THIS COURTROOM; whereby you explain to, WE THE PEOPLE:    WHAT YOU DID DO WRONG. Reality and then truth: will reshape this nation and world.

In the case of redress, in this USA: the reality is, VERY similar to the demand: TEAR DOWN THIS WALL/ between we the people, and those who claim they have power over us: AND BUILT A WALL, without any right. To separate us, from our democracy! That fact, is corrupted within throughout the US courtrooms, both state and federal; as is proven most: by US SUPREME COURT: the legal cases and again ,  + submitted by James Frank Osterbur. Which in fact still LEGALLY, remain on the docket; because a supreme court clerk, CANNOT remove a legally docketed case; without a judges signature enforcing that decision. “as that is illegal”/ and contrary to democratic intent. ANY JUDGE, who would discard a first amendment demand; “to obey the law/ or establish cause”; is guilty of rebellion against this nation. So they cursed the process: because government is a process, and a purpose:  by which the rich maintain control over the rest.  Democracy, is a process and purpose by which we the people: establish our own laws, thereby creating our own control:  as we choose that law/ our economy/ war/ and everything else society needs; to become real.

In all war; the assessment of damages is against the invader. That result of collecting: is waged against the leaders first (everything they have; “naked in the streets“), and then from the very richest among that nation (top 1% or more): taking everything; to pay for what they supported through power; to destroy the lives of others. ONLY THOSE, who prove to work deliberately and correctly to stop the insanity; will be spared. When that is not enough; natural resources, as nature will allow: will be shared until such time as the world community declares this is enough.

Always remember: when you fight with power/ they win, because you gave them the excuse to use violence. To avoid violence: it is NECESSARY to use the LAW! Because with the law of justice, rights, freedoms, values, honesty, purposes that create fair play, and the decisions which allow the public to see for themselves a “better life”; THEN you win. IT IS that simple. THE CLAIM of every government is: they must retain ORDER. Therefore they have a right to use force; for that purpose. SUSTAIN ORDER, by enforcing law/ and take names of those who are using force, to cause disorder for you. But before you challenge change: you must identify and define the laws and purposes you will use. To create the “upper hand” with law; so that violence against what we the people have designed for ourselves; becomes stark and real, to the nation of we are united for this, itself. The reality, to be recognized by a nation: power is not our friend; law is!  THE DIFFERENCE: A LAW controls us all equally, with justice, appropriate freedoms, and fair play  to each. BUT A RULE: gives power to a few/ by enforcing rules against, and for specific people; by stealing their right to “own, my own life”.  The critical difference is power driven by pride; makes a rule!  The critical difference is: WE THE PEOPLE, deserve our own laws!  Because every ruler, and every police or soldier or judge:  is no more than are we/ same is same. EQUAL, and no less!  Therefore the law rules by justice for each one. Whereas rules establish power, as destroys society; by claiming superiority instead.  WHY, is violence rising on all sides? Because pride “yes I can/ and want, Yes I did”; make them all believe they can be “the judge”. Because “winner” proves; I am the superior  one. And the threats we all now face, due to “university knows/ university leads“; are becoming clear.   Violence is the result of pride, “yes I can”/ but power, is the result of judgment “I will play god over you”. The difference; is a result of want.    BE CAREFUL, “what you want”!

But we truly aware of what you fear. Because both are drivers, which lead you into traps, tragedies, and disgrace. Want directs life, if you let it. Fear takes away thought, and the ability to recognize truth; by establishing panic. Belief intends for self defense; “can’t get me here”; but only truth protects. While obedience is the decision; to either let want control, or choose better. Life is not a game; because the results of your relationship with truth, courage, love, and trust; will become an eternal gateway to your heart & soul. Lift your heart to love, let miracles shape the treasury of your soul. Value will follow.

The curse of pride is: “we can play with fear”/ because we are the superior ones. But there is no respect for truth in that; cowards hide “to watch fear from their peephole”. Believing they have escaped. But the cost of all fear is: it has invaded your space; and that means, it can invade your emotion. Emotion is the drama of wanting to show, you must pay attention to me; but fear can then pay attention to you as well, from the inside come dreams and nightmares. Because “you stocked” the resources. Hate produces fear for a purpose; to make you panic/ to prepare you for panic/ to make you run, at a time, when you would not have run away; had it not been for fear. Respect means: you should never reduce your guard, when confronted by hate/ hate wants “just a single moment” when you are not prepared. Respect means: walk away whenever you can, because nothing good ever comes from hate. Simple as that. “media entertainment” is a constant diet of hate, fear, repulsion, ridicule, violence and more: because their end result is: to remove your confidence to stand up for yourselves/ thereby insisting, “university is your savior”. FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY! As is the constant of a cult, which worships Satan. While they literally dismantle even the possibility life could have survived; their intentional chaos.

And the universities yelled back: we are gods/ nothing can stop us, from taking complete control over everything”/ and all the people said “hurrah”.

While reality yells back: “even you” know, that genetics the foundation of nature itself, is composed of a series of combinations; which are roughly “a one with 56 zero’s behind it/ making even a billion to one odds of your making the correct choice” seem possible; when truth says, it is absolutely not. and that, does not include life itself!   SO, the universities yell back: evolution is our god, and all we need is CHAOS, to inflict enough damage; “that nature itself has to change”. When asked “WHAT THEN”? The answer of three doctorate students:in a billion years or so”, it will be great. Summary; “they just want to play god”/ and prove changed. TO YOUR SHAME, humanity hides and runs away. But alas, even if you wait for Armageddon to erupt, as you clearly intend to do! You cannot escape the ignition of a nuclear fire “lets burn atoms”; as this earth becomes a sun. but you can’t react; because the universities claim and media propagates: “don’t worry”, not enough gravity/ so a NUCLEAR fire (4 million times more heat), will just extinguish itself. And this world replies:  “we don’t care”. MEDIA tells us what we think/ and they say, “you are nobody”. Even though I reply:  ONLY TRUTH MATTERS, not me.

As covid proves: the curse of manipulation and panic, through media, works extremely well. Not even a hint of: “we won’t believe; without proof of your claim, and clear purpose, that is: we should all fear”.

And all of humanity shouts, WE ARE BELIEVERS; and that is true, of whatever you want to believe; regardless of value. The animal wants/ a human being alive; searches for truth. Who are you? Because truth does not care, “it is, what it is”; and only truth decides in the spiritual world of life beyond time. So humanity shouts: YOU can’t prove ANYTHING! So, the question is: CAN YOU? Which now means: “only thought, anchored in the evidence of what can be proven true; decides”. What we can prove true is: “in a court of law; as best we can”: the evidence of this dying world; because of choices made by “university leadership and claims”. NOTHING is more descriptive of what they did do: than weapons of mass destruction, and its hitler-style propagation our saviors”/ NOTHING is more descriptive of our extinction; than mutilating all of nature genetically or with poisons/ NOTHING is more destructive, MORE INSANE and outright SATANIC; than trying to ignite a nuclear fire; “lets burn atoms; on this planet made out of fuel”! JUST LIKE THE SUN. because the cost of being wrong is: earth does become a sun; and then explodes into oblivion. A flame once established, that will rise past the moon; and then suck it into this earth. Because that, is what it is; as described by your own universities “flames a million miles long”. And your university gods say they don’t have to control that; because “not enough gravity” will just extinguish the fire. BUT TRUTH SAYS: all solar gravity exists; because the balancing forces of atomic energy are stripped apart in that nuclear fire; and they separate as pushed out, and pulled in. So their claim of gravity dissolves in their sewer of fools. the cult diseased” shout back; can’t be/ BUT ALL THE ENERGY released by an atomic bomb PROVES: an opposite energy MUST exist to hold that outward force, in balance; or an atom would not exist. The difference: “same as a chemical fire/ versus an chemical explosion”; or HOW the balance is removed.

AND THE HERD SCREAMS: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ “but we don’t want to die”, or let this planet “go to hell”. REALITY HOWEVER DEMANDS:

  1. STOP all air conditioning, return to reality as this is a major cause of global heat.
  2. STOP all excess vehicle usage, including idling; it is not consistent with keeping this earth alive.
  3. STOP excess travel; with over 8 billion people + “we are simply too many”. IT WILL NOT work anymore.
  4. Return to “village living: everything we need is delivered close by”.
  5. STOP nearly all international trade; it is bad for you; and represents only the hiding of what leaders did do.
  7. CHOOSE WORLD LAW, to govern leaders. CHOOSE limited capitalism to govern the money, and make life much more equal. CHOOSE to judge the judge, and throw out those who do not measure up. CREATE the necessary bill of rights; for soldiers, policing, and public; so that all know where the boundaries reside. NO MORE single residential homes; only 50 stories; to create more land, and limit destruction. Clean the oceans. Leave the trees alone. HELP each life other than human survive; realistically. Make human death; the end of life on earth: recycled for ocean life to eat (they die/ you war_). STOP resource destruction, and remember the future has needs too. STOP poisoning the earth. STOP ALL GENETIC DESTRUCTION OF LIFE, as is everything “university”. ALL EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION. Restructure human distribution; to create a ONE TIME ONLY, “this group” belongs here reality. So that laws to enforce compliance, with population control and more; shall be used. Creating you chose/ now pay or benefit as reality defines. And so on.
  8. Basically everything universities, playing god; taught you to do, media cheer-leaded to continue, governments defrauded you with lies, theft, and betrayal: nearly everything you worshiped them for doing: throw away! So life and world do survive; as best we can.
  9. And humanity said: _________________. thereby making their final decision: for life or death of our world. BECAUSE THE POINT OF NO RETURN, LEAVES YOU NO OPTION EXCEPT EXTINCTION. And you won’t know it, until it is too late to change. CHOOSE BETTER; “or die”.
  10. Because as the evidence proved true: “their leadership did not work, for life or planet, or child”. ONLY the cult of “university solutions”; which in nearly every case was simply: MAKE THE CHILDREN PAY, FOR WHAT WE DO.
  11. At 71 years of age: I can tell you true, “that the human animal method of living is NOW/ NOW/ NOW; and with universities “yes we can”. Not a single thought, throughout all that time: was given to the consequences for yes you did. Little variation of that exists: “among the generations”. As is NOW/ NOW/ NOW. TO “HELL” with the future. Because power resides in the money/ and pride will not care: so long as it can scream: WINNER/ or revenge.
  12. And the world screams to me: “YOU WANT” something too/ we know you do/ because you are “one of us”! AND THAT is true; MY DESIRE IS: THAT THIS WORLD OF LIFE, SHOULD SURVIVE; even though you have done everything you could do, by worshiping universities; to make it die! BECAUSE THIS WORLD OF LIFE; IS IMPORTANT TO ME, I began here, in this place; where living offers “both love and hate”/ I choose love. UNLIKE those who choose hate, and want you dead as they are; inside. Unlike those who want what they want, because they believe “dead and buried is the end”.
  13. I accept: LIFE BY TRUTH, can go on; and YOUR truth is all you get to carry beyond death. SO, I want it clean, of filth, lies, and tragedy/ as best I can. Not perfect! SIMPLY, as best I can or did do. REMEMBERING; “judge not/ lest you be judged”. Let the law, by its own truth and evidence; decide.
  14. I ACCEPT; what truth has taught to me (faith_): that the desire for love, shall ascend beyond chaos and its grief/ to become the home, and destiny; of my own eternity. The conclusion of that however: “has been muddied” so much by the introduction of “spiritual female now decides” (a prediction of revelation 17;3 “male is a beast”)/ which fundamentally changed me; so I could finish this work. That I really don’t know, what my own truth is going to be; anymore? “its complicated: I was given to her, for balancing me; removing the beast/ providing the choice: teach them or they die”. Today, A quandary; not my choice. But we both know, “I owe her”, for helping me accomplish this work. Whatever will be, will be: I am grateful, “my lifetime” was not lost; even if male is. The world is: more important, than that. Happiness has no gender!
  15. AFTER A TEN YEAR SEARCH: “all I could find was MEN will war”/ it is their choice: which is extinction! “women were not interested; to help”/ so I turned to the spiritual world of female; “just to ask a question: WHAT WOULD YOU DO”? That did not turn out as expected: BUT it did turn out as was needed, she returned HOPE. NEVER homosexual, transference, transgender, perverted, or other: just reality of costs “I could not, find or grasp the idea of women in charge”. Had to be “Informed”. Don’t know how it ends?
  16. In contrast, is the truth of hate; which is a descent into chaos, war, and death; as was chosen by you. THE COST, to you; simply determined by: IF you stole an eternal life from “GOD”/ by what you did do. “predator and prey” is irrelevant/ animals are animals, “not eternal”.
  17. Those who live in want as the animals do: “accepting predator or prey”/ receive as the animals do: to return to “dust to dust”/ forever gone. IN A WORLD FILLED WITH MIRACLES, AS EVIDENCE OF LIFE; I do not understand, why you would CHOOSE, to be so wrong? However truth knows; “it is not my concern”.

SO, NOW YOU KNOW; and cannot blame me anymore/ the work, is what it is. NOT your enemy, not your savior, not your religious guru, JUST a messenger: with CHANGE OR YOU WILL BE EXTINCT. Far sooner than you can believe will be true. Because the evidence is real.

My truth is: LIFE IS IMPORTANT/ THIS EARTH IS IMPORTANT/ LOVE IS IMPORTANT/ and none of it survives “what university leadership has done (every leader has a diploma): without true change.


My work is done/ yours:  begins.

BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE:  there is no peace, without REMOVING the WAR, from a leaders decision. LET LAW LEAD.

To prove, “the answer of men is dead”: LET THE LEADER BE YOUR TARGET.  Law will govern instead.

LAW IS OUR ANSWER:  which means, WE THE WORLD/ WE THE PEOPLE, must decide what that law, we will enforce for ourselves is!  WE WILL REMOVE  EVERY WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION;  NO CHOICE!

 “as is life or death” to us all.

WOMEN IN CHARGE;  is the demand, “let them try” to REMOVE what men would not/ and reveal JUSTICE, to life on earth/ by creating FAIR PLAY, for all.  They cannot do worse; than EXTINCTION. Which men have already chosen.

The law of life is:  life comes first/ earth comes first/ want is removed: TRUTH DECIDES.

The law of survival is:  WE MUST ACCEPT, THE LIMITS AND BOUNDARIES, of what our planet can provide; is true.

Remembering each child; IS YOUR DUTY


and the world said to me:  YOU ARE DREAMING/ WE CANNOT defeat their weapons with law!

BUT I SAID TO YOU:   that the law enforced, is our protection from their weapons.


 they break the law we created; TO ENFORCE, without favoritism.

FOR OUR peace and harmony:  as a WORLD, OR NATION

ALL HATE IS SEPARATED; so that world peace will be found.

 And just like they do: NOW WE CAN LEGALLY attack them and their cohorts, AS NEEDED,

 to remove the threat!

FOR BREAKING THE LAW, we agreed: is our weapon.  “SAME/ SAME”,

no difference! Because the law sees only the criminal; YOU, not them! NOT the army, that holds humanity;  “to let the criminal go free”. IT IS A CHOICE!    “all of us, LIFE AND WORLD/ or a criminal”?  CHOOSE.

“to remove the pack of wolves”; CREATE a true soldiers bill of rights!

Which enforces:  as a nation we demand you defend/ BUT NOT attack!

No harm will come: to obey THIS, ‘our nations command”!

 Without retribution to ourselves; “as equal owners here”.



By our vote.

To accomplish that:  REQUIRES, a language we all agree; represents the world.

To make that possible:  those with disabilities (they know);  shall decide what we do need: for our purposes, to understand:  the critical choices we make. AS BEST WE CAN!


AND all, THE women said: “yes we can”/ because they knew:

 “the price is less than war”.

THIS IS:   “YOUR CHOICE”/ there will not be another!  “yes or no”?

No second chances!  This is, “your choice”!

Like it, or not.

“time creates the motion/ but life controls the destiny”.

Your identity, “holds the key”.

But only love opens the door to eternity!

Love is: the foundation upon which we build, life beyond self.

Love, is not “biological, a mental response, or a term beyond life”.

Love is,  the critical truth, of a destiny chosen by you.

Love is: the message, “of heart, created by soul”.  Why “heart”? Because it pumps life throughout the body of time; and gives hope for another tomorrow.

Only GOD,  “gives soul”. {the sign, purity has begun; a desire beyond heart}!

Mercy exists: for those who love.

Happiness forms: “wherever love is true”.

But only destinies which share a common journey, will find joy.

“as is;  our truth, became ALIVE”.


In the constant of choice:  “while JESUS showed, all of humanity” the difference between love and hate.

It is media which shows, and teaches you to hate. Entering your house, and living in your brain as possibilities to avoid. Using the demonstration of fear:  to manipulate you into submission; preparing you to OBEY.   “as covid proved true: ready willing and able;  justification be damned”. So that the universities, who are “playing god”;  will succeed in destroying this living world.

As with all tyranny: CREATE FEARS, and subterfuge:  they will obey.

Holding you at bay with beliefs;  that have no truth.

Establish a foundation: so large, even “the military” is dismayed:  they will believe..

So says the evidence of this world.

So says “evolution, fusion, poisons, pollution, garbage, global warming, weapons of mass destruction, genetic chaos in nature, igniting atoms on fire, ocean life facing extinction, every life facing extinction, atmospheric detachment, forest devastation, fires, oxygen depletion, medical trauma, counterfeiting of currency, debts which can never be paid, overthrow of democracy (no choice, but theirs), unstable leaders, population crisis, plant sterilization, livestock and plant pandemics coming, media propagation, control over the court {YOU CANNOT question the universities; they ar god};  and so much more”.


Because without “fear/ believe/ obey”:  THE LAW SEARCHES, and hate will die!

As it is with all things

once you look behind the door, at what is hidden:  truth “finds a light;

and the rats run to hide”.

“because when the law, as truth decides:  is enforced”.  THEN:  IT IS ALL OF US, bound together as if just one of us: makes this decision together. An army.  NOT for fear/ but for truth, and freedom.

The sane: “ask why”? The insane know why: “they want what they want”/ and plan to take it with death. Hate however is, “exactly what it is”:  to destroy what you love, so they can shout WE, are the winners.  We have our revenge/ you have nothing.

Hate seeks power, wherever power can be found.

The predator wants power, but is willing to create “the pack”.

Their defeat: “is no place to hide”.


The religious ask: WHY, IS THERE HATE? In a world built to define the choice, of life; is for love? Answer: because there is nothing more destructive to a living body (self) of time, than is death. In that moment, which does end your existence as a participant of time.

The direction of your life: will turn to its truth, and ask for “LOVE   OR   HATE”!

As has been demonstrated: they are NOT, “the same”.

Truth allows: “what has value to life, can be reborn”. Because your identity is truth, and truth does survive/ but it cannot be changed. FORCE (primary to all things), not energy (as is motion, called time); is, “the home of life and law/ by its truth”. LOVE IS “THE VALUE”.


Truth allows: “what falls deeper into chaos/ will know its terror”.

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