The value of a friendship, cannot be underestimated.  Which is why considerable mental illness reigns throughout this America today.  Leadership through media has created FEAR/ and fear is always used to separate the people:  FEAR THEM ALL!  So they cannot work or organize together. A relationship is the reality of time spent together for a purpose that either shares existence, or cares for each other, or loves each other because we can, and did so choose.  www.complexdestiny.info might help you

Happiness begins with friendship, and friendship begins with respect. True relationships are born in trust. While trust is earned through time and decisions made that included me, or proved you make decisions that I accept.

Harmony in society, is organized around the fact that we are equals, and can expect justice for our lives in this place. “freedom for all”.  Fair play in all endeavors brings peace;  an accomplishment that either exists because of the court/ or is destroyed because of the court and its policing. www.trialoflife.info may bring some clarity.  Video soul expanded

The critical question of relationships is:  do we respect each other enough, “to let each one, be the person that lives inside”?  Respect is a reality of decision, the consequence of who we are together in this time and place. All things change over time/     different environments change the way we act and react according to the consequences we will face for each decision. Respect identifies the value we assign to each other; because it either limits, by your choice, the life of someone else/ or it lets them be free!

One of the major tragedies of human life throughout time is the behaviors of men toward women. Across all elements of time, a great many realities of disrespect for women have occurred. Doesn’t matter where you go, the relationship is often unfair. So the critical step in creating a new and different world that can survive is correcting this trouble in relationships; so that peace will truly reign on earth.

The critical truth of men is:  they are required to keep life and family alive, by participating in the work of gathering resources. To do this, MANY seize on the reality:  If I control the resources/ THEN my life will be easier, because these others must pay me with their lives to get what they need. That ends with fighting, or war/ and that brings together armies both large and small to protect the resources from those who want it all. So the world of men is:  to confront the reality of survival/ the consequences of living with other men, and get what they need to survive, and even keep a family alive. Few women understand that; and as a consequence do not comprehend the value or dignity that is assigned to “fighting for life, and a future” as best you can.

In contrast to that are the lives of women who must also in the majority of cases fight for life and a future, within a house environment. That then becomes a reality of men monopolizing the resources they accumulated. Which ends with fighting. Which becomes an aggression from both directions simply to retain the right to make this decision for myself. I got this its mine/ as opposed to I need this to make you happy, and keep our family and me; alive and happy as possible. Men wrote religion, so they included what they wanted from women; and how they wanted to be treated by women: which then pushed women into the closet. Because what you want, doesn’t really count.

The critical definition of what it takes to be happy:  is freedom. Thereby we know, without that freedom per individual; and even the mistakes that must be made to understand WHY NOT; are endured.  OR, they are discarded by the easy way which is to say:  I own it all! That is the end of respect in and of itself; which causes the relationship of marriage to die, each and every time;  at least a little.

Freedom means:  I get to choose for myself! Respect means:  I will NOT choose this for you, even if I can/ because it is NOT my right to do so. It is your life/ therefore it is, and must be your decision to make! Even if it is wrong/ because for those who can be  wise; the lesson is required.

The critical question is:  WHY, do people in every gender and relationship and age;  choose to intervene in someone else’s life and decision?  The common answer is:  “look at me/ I am the important one”. Which is again a disrespect; because this means I am less than you. Some utterly refuse to let life be life, and not a game:  they are called selfish.

What is constant about the male and female relationship is:  “we don’t understand each other”/  because we are formed by nature to be opposites to each other. That enlarges the experience and expressions of both; giving a much wider frame of reference to every living experience or expression. Granting existence is better this way, than not. Even so, the composition of misunderstanding is large/ because the majority of men are so delusional from their fight with men to survive, or gain more; they have no energy left to fight with their spouse.  Which means the female cannot vent their own anger or demands:  because the male is “done for the day”. This is the price of wanting more, instead of living life.

One of the constants in male and female relationships is sex:  either the male is too tired from fighting for survival or more/ that sex is just not “interesting”. OR, what is male can be chemically released “In minutes”/ rather than hours;  with or without a female response of like kind. For women, that has to be frustrating, and it clearly is. So the question of sex in every male to female adult relationship grants the decision:  WHAT, can we do together to make this work for us as one/ NOT just you or me?

Answers to that question are generally not complex:  “let me rest/ give me food/ don’t make me fight with you over little things”; is the primary list of men who work hard for a living; by doing they’re best.  The next set is:  DON’T make me poor/ or pretend you aren’t:  HELP ME get ahead, so that we can then both rest up and be prepared for each other in the bedroom. The list of realities from  women is less clear; but I will try.  DON’T make more work for me/ don’t tear apart the things I have done/ don’t change the realities of decisions that I have already made/ do participate with me, as I see fit with regards to these decisions which are clearly mine. DON’T just use or abuse me for sex. Make love to me/ not sex. The difference is:  I AM more important than my body. The difference is, “I AM the one who loves you, NOT my body”; so carefully describe the value of my life through our bodies as one.

There is a long list of relationships that need to be discussed;  the reality of that truth limits the freedom to be more blunt. As would be in essence:  RESPECT EACH OTHER HONESTLY/ simple as that!


I am going to give you a little advice. Men need to respect the breasts (tits) of women/ you truly have no idea how much trouble they are, at least for me (its complicated).  Women need to understand, if a male does not have control over his penis (my tool, not my toy)/ then he is still a boy, and cannot be depended upon to make appropriate decisions with sex. Bad decisions will occur. Women need to respect the reality of influence they do have over younger men. They too make bad decisions with sex.  HONOR says:  I will not judge you/ please do not judge me; only the law does that. In contrast to that however is:  reality trusts the area, times, places, and people which are least likely to let me be attacked.

Women need to face their own truth regarding sex and pregnancy/ it is not a toy, and pregnancy forced is akin to rape; when reality proves other choices could have been made. The sentence is: for this moment in time: you will pay with money, for the next twenty years.

Men need to face their toy (penis) and get control. The simple method is to allow a penis to erect, or make it do so/ and then force it down, to the point of “enough pain” to get control. Once you have done that several times, there will be an opportunity to command it/ instead of being subject to whatever it wants.

Somewhat forced to learn about women, the reality of what is apparent, at its most basic level of interpretation is:  that as a man, I found my life at the extreme edge of existence/ searching for life itself. In the construction that is, “you are required to learn”;  I have found female exists at the extreme “middle”/ where everything is a search to make this experience more secure, and express love with more freedoms. The critical journey between them is the freedom to realize and accept: what is truly desired/ what can be done, for life and freedom to balance ourselves. The description “female is a lock/ male is a key” does in fact fit. The reality of that fit, does not always allow for freedom or securities: you have to choose!  I chose the most important reality of my existence is:  our world threatened by extinction! And did spend “95%” of a lifetime, fighting to keep that from happening. Just no room for anything else.

I assumed when I was young, that short term, romantic encounters could exist. I was wrong, when women find what they want, they won’t let go;     which brings a flood of tears. Which means instead of searching for someone who could stay, they are spending time with you; a reality in my case of I knew I would not stay. That literally became unfair. Respect understands:  unless a woman is honestly willing not to expect a lifetime, it is wrong to take their time, and cause them tears. Just like it is wrong, for women to “take a child” because you want one/ and then demand that male should pay for another twenty years or so, even though he never agreed. You plotted and planned; and simply didn’t care about the cost to him either. That too is unfair! No, I don’t have a child/ and I know that to be true.

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