Population Crisis



THE HORROR of antibiotics, and the construction of better methods to increase food production.  Or more simply changing this world HAS HAD CONSEQUENCES.

When people refuse to accept the responsibilities that go with that change/ the reality of consequences;  threatens to consume them all.  As is more people than nature can produce food or water for. It is no game.

We are adding another roughly one billion people, over deaths;  to world population in less than a decade/ every decade more. One billion people at one pound of food per day equals:  365 billion more pounds of food to sustain them at one pound each per day.  That equals MORE livestock/ plant/ fishing/ etc;  and there will soon be an attack on every living thing; just as we already see in places around the world. Dramatically increasing species extinction.

We absolutely cannot survive without  world population birth control;  we all die if not.  Nobody likes or wants it/ everybody refuses:  every body dies, including all life, and all future life on this planet, as you succumb to cannibalism and more. That is the consequence of failure.  Because there is nothing else to eat.  Simple as that.  HELL begins soon.  Video the biblical prophecy



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