Telling the children what they don’t need to know:  sums up the story of today. As is proven in countless ways, by dropout rates/ employers who say they can’t find people who know “anything”/ demands “we must have immigrants, because our people know nothing”; and so on.  While all the teachers say:  they need to know what the colleges want them to know; we are great, and deserve MUCH more money and ease for ourselves: as propaganda claims “every teacher is a hero”.  Video time ends

Without college:  How else do you expect them to take all their parents money (you now have to go wherever we tell you; ending family by distance) & indebt themselves to the point of their own endless slavery;      if we, the educators  don’t train them right? After all, the university graduate controls everyone who gets hired;  and we the diploma army of superior beings, don’t need the rest; we will make robots. The university graduate has proven he or she can memorize and mimic what they have been told, and obey the rules. Is that not  “exactly what we, the master race;  want in a slave”. Is that not the reality here, “no thinking allowed”/ we rule, you slave?

In contrast to that are the foundations of life itself:  which demand respect, knowledge sufficient for survival, abilities to help create your own freedom, responsibilities to life and society, happiness through the relationships we share, dignity earned because we did care, a job we can hold, the critical construction of abilities we can use to support ourselves, kindness, justice, peace, responsibility, respect, and harmony of equals.  Begins the base level of an education with value. We then include paramedic training throughout the grades. Educational training that befits a job you might choose or be able to do. Professional training from an early age;  to eliminate the cost of higher university education.  Which is simply to enslave even more, by increasing debt and time served. The purpose against is of course like all business or union:  KEEP the competition OUT, as long as possible.

Before we respect the university skill set, if it is earned:  we must first get back to reality, and the truth.  University diploma or not, it’s just a job.  A job means we are equals, because my time is “life spent” same as yours.  Every job is in support of life and society/ every hate is against that truth. will help you think.


A true education is: what benefits life, society, earth, happiness, law, knowledge useful to survival, understanding “what it means when this goes WRONG;  “marriage”, children, fair play, and purposes of freedom within the boundaries of liberty for all. These are called choices! Choices identify and create, the values of life.

A true decision to help each individual child is: teaching them how to achieve whatever legal desire is in their heart; by giving them the  tools to understand how that might be so. In contrast to that is: the university defined education which is to teach an abundance of students, the very same “one little thing”/ so that they must be slaves. “we only need a few/ too bad for you:  PAY YOUR DEBT to this school, and your parents”! It is, an intentional slavery; that builds tragedy everyday through counterfeiting (can’t pay the army with nothing) and welfare jobs (we don’t need you/ so we make up a game) for the university graduate. Why? Because an army, which includes the propaganda forces of media; is required to keep reality of lives desecrated;  and the cost of discarding society into the sewer of economic collapse;  away. Failure is, “a university diploma leads”. So says the evidence of America.

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