Food Threats



We eat other life, It is that simple; or we don’t survive. Because we need the complex chemicals those lives have created within ourselves.  It is a fundamental of food for all biology, other than that which sun light keeps alive: those feed from the soil life.  EVERY OTHER LIFE needs what it needs to survive, JUST LIKE US.  TO destroy their  chain of life events, and realities of survival: means all life dies, including you. To mutilate the food supply, can only bring grief:  because the chemicals are no longer governed by nature. That means, the day comes when they won’t intermingle with our biology for peace, harmony, and thereby life. EVERY SINGLE BODY OF LIFE, has individual complex chemical needs. University genetics, and industrial chemicals;  are changing EVERYTHING alive.  That spells extinction, once the point of no return has pasted. Video university is wrong 4

This entire earth is under attack/ every chain of life is under attack, in a wide variety of ways. Even though you don’t like insects for example:  they pollinate MOST plants, and create a wide diversity because they do so. They provide a base food source for nearly all living creatures on land, including lakes and rivers.  Do you like birds/ fishing/ small mammals/ reptiles/ amphibians/ flowers/ vegetables; etc?  They are all dependent (when food is short for some) upon insects. Agriculture and city dwellers want to (KILL THEM ALL) & have attacked insects leaving them little chance to survive.  BUT that CHANGE MEANS, Once ANY base food source is destroyed:  EVERYTHING, that once depended upon that food source fails as well. You kill insects/ so you kill nearly everything else, (we eat this, which depends upon that, which depends upon that, which depends upon that:  etcetera).  That chain Includes you;  and a major source of your food.  Believe it or not. Soon, there will be a true “silent spring”/ so says the evidence.

Antibiotics changed livestock agriculture, into the factory farm.  Because they controlled disease!  Today all those antibiotics are failing “for you too (medicine and surgery soon dead)”/ and when they fail completely, all those factory farms will die.  Because a disease can easily spread throughout the entire industry in weeks or months around the world.  Ending that portion of your food supply.  Which means: every other food source must make up the difference/ or we the people will die. The end result is, one single disease outbreak, and our entire world goes into turmoil.  Because nature is literally “maxed out”; we are too many people on earth. That reality proves you cannot live without nature providing all the food it currently does/ people will war. Take another look at Syria.

Urban sprawl, etcetera;  the list of danger, and threat: is long.

CHANGE BACK, to a respectful co-existence with nature. DO IT NOW,  or you won’t survive the reality called “now we must”. It will be too late!




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