To examine immigration from societies point of view rather than the immigrants:  isolates this reality into the creation of liberty, and its distinct responsibilities/ rather than its freedom.

The responsibility of an immigrant is:  either to accept this society as your home, with all aspects of that living devoted to this nation/ OR GO HOME.

It is that simple, and you would claim the same in your nation; as fair.

The responsibility of an immigrant is:  to learn the language of the nation you have come to, and discard your own.  Because that is what you would expect of us as well, in your nation; as fair.

The responsibility of an immigrant is:  to do the best you can for yourself/ and not become a burden to this society or any other, including your own.

It is that simple, and you would claim the same in your nation; as fair.

The responsibility of an immigrant is:  to insure the safety of your new home, by reporting those who are participating in criminal or terrorist activities/ as carefully as possible. So that no undue risk is incurred.

The responsibility of an immigrant is:  to learn new ways, and accept that your new society is the right way of doing things. Because you left your home to come here/ and that means:  your ways as the society of old:  FAILED your life there! So you escaped.  Which means:  don’t bring that here, to make us endure the same.  Overpopulation is a primary candidate pushing a population to immigrate. LEARN BETTER, AND DO IT.

The responsibility of an immigrant is:  to understand, those who are here first as citizens who built this nation/ DID SO, a little at a time.  Earning their way, with diligence and discipline/ so as to give their children a better life. After two generations of working, and saving, and doing what had to be done:  some achieved an “inherited freedom”. Most did not! While the others who won a university diploma, stole their money; by counterfeiting ours/ corrupting our democracy/ and destroying the values of our lives, with their lies. Utterly unfair/ completely unworthy: and those, are your sponsors (come here) because they sold family and friend for greed. That makes the rest of us “Unhappy”; even if you were not to blame/ criminal contempt for American life by the university elite; has given you our property. So step lightly, even if you believe that is unfair.  There is plenty of “UNFAIR” to go around; outside the university army of traitors.

Liberty allows:  that to retain control over our society, EVERY CITIZEN MUST rise up to INSIST, there shall be no more foreign languages spoken or taught in this nation. The only exception is where the tourist trade is involved.  NO BROADCAST of a foreign language here. NO print materials of a foreign language here. NO teaching of a foreign language in school.  ONE NATION MEANS ONE LANGUAGE, so that everybody knows what is going on/ and nobody gets to cheat, steal, control, disrespect, or deny that OUR AMERICA, speaks only “American English” and nothing else. That is not in denial of the first amendment/ but in absolute support of that amendment. YOU HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH. You have NOT the legal right, to use a foreign language against this United States.  IF YOU ARE SPEAKING TO US/ then you have the freedoms we represent.  IF YOU ARE SPEAKING in a foreign language/ then we must assume for our own protection:  that you are an insurgency, because we don’t understand what you are saying.  A reality that exists;  because there is an insurgency going on from many different directions/ as each foreigner tries to make this into what was their home. That is not allowed/ this is our home, and you will respect that;  or be escorted back to your own home. As in not welcomed here anymore.  We insist:  OUR LANGUAGE SHALL IN FACT, be the only language spoken in our nation.  Unless you are only visiting.


The reality of our world is:  overpopulation cannot be denied, and it must be overcome or we all die.  That fact requires participation, particularly in birth control.  Even so, the human pressures must be alleviated somewhat so world war does not erupt.  The critical reality is:   we can accept you, but not as thieves or an army intending to destroy. That literally begins with your language instead of ours. The university led sewer that has been “we can make ourselves more valuable, and build a bigger army” by letting foreign language ruin life in America.  Must end, and reality must reinsert itself;  as our right, and our legal liberty to demand NOT LESS THAN;  our language shall rule in its entirety here!  The insurgency stops, because the consequences are building hate/ and we will ALL SUFFER then.  Just a fact of life, that you know is true; no matter where you are from;  your language is your home.  Either choose this home if allowed/ OR GO BACK to your home, where you will expect the language you own to remain as it was.  Is that not so?

Democracy means:  we are the owners here/ not our employees in government, and that includes the courts.  WE THE PEOPLE decide if this is true for our nation/ true for us, by constitutional decree, as is

We the people in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.

WE CANNOT do that, without one language for all, and that includes media as well.  It is free speech protected by law/ BUT BY OUR LANGUAGE;  which is the law;  not yours.  Learn it or leave!

In addition to those truths, are the facts of race, religion, and other differences between us. Like all of nature, differences in the very same species of real origins, constitute a slightly different way of living. It is necessary so that all are not working to get the very same thing. The universities try desperately to destroy diversity in everything they do; except their lies of propaganda. They want every plant the same/ every livestock creature the same/ all the same: so it is easier to control them. That is very wrong, and must end.

In terms of people: it is true and real, that honest love crosses every boundary/ it needs no permission. The facts however do not depict honorable love in the vast majority of cases. Instead simply put it is experimentation, just for the sake of experimentation/ and that benefits no one.

The fact of life is:  we do react differently to a child that “looks like us”/ it is our heritage reborn. It is family revisited for a new generation, and it gives pause to remember:  this is us. That does NOT detract from any other group, reminding themselves “this is us”; same, same. That fact causes the statement to occur:  “we want to bring our families here to join us”. Literally a statement that says:  we want to live with people who  are like us. Rather than like you, NOT because we are better, but because that is the essence of family;  same, same! There are of course always differences in every generation. There is room for change, wherever love did this. but there is realistically little tolerance for those who are not formed from love. In this world so close to cannibalism; because over population of humanity has eaten or destroyed;  literally everything else. That day is coming quickly now; with a billion more mouths to feed every single decade. I wish it were not so/ but it is. Like everything else the university led leadership has done:  every decision they ever made is at least 90%  wrong!

The critical reality of “different groups” within the same species is:  once the abundance is gone from an environment, the reality of competition increases; because now all need the very same things. That identifies the reality “I/we will now have less, because of this other group”.  For a while the groups intermingle for the sake of peace. That causes “intermarriage” simply because it can: now we are not the same/ life is never going to be the same. That translates into harsher realities of social competition, which leaves some out. That then becomes hate, so more rules are made/ thereby establishing tyranny for control. Then failure erupts as corruption takes over:  because those who want more, lie/ cheat/ steal/ manipulate/ counterfeit/ and conceive of “let them be our slaves”: civil war looms. IT IS the competition that makes the difference not the “Invasion of others who need things too”/ but even so, without the increased competition: things remain the same. As history proves, without immigration: the population which finds life easy, makes more children, to become their own competition: so they war with others, demanding “we WANT more”.

The alternative to separation into the various groups so that some semblance of family will remain/ is to deny nature and reality, and remember only:  WE ARE LITERALLY IN THIS TOGETHER NOW.  If we don’t get along/ and if we go to war instead of working for peace:  THEN NOBODY SURVIVES, the realities of our time. Threats of extinction surround us, and we need every life to participate in FIX THIS NOW, or there is no tomorrow.

Just so its clear:  I find difference in humanity desirable, as a fact of life it simply expands the definitions of our lives. In simple human behaviors however, that do control this world, and what happens in it:  the reality of keeping groups together has true merit. The reality of denying groups that have failed to maintain or control the human population of their native countries in place until they do: is undeniable. Change or devour yourselves; It is a choice. Making that choice, REQUIRES FAIR PLAY TO ALL!  Simple and plain; as best we can.  THERE IS NO FUTURE, without enforced birth control for humanity itself. This is not a choice/ it is our truth.  It is far easier to understand if a group has complied, when they are “the same”.

It is my understanding; that it is now possible to “remove the tail off of sperm making it” infertile/ leaving a passion for sex possible. Thereby the cause and the pause of responsibility resides with both sexes, dependent upon the realities involved.