BIOLOGY is; the absolute essence of what can and cannot combine into a peaceful harmonious existence/ that will reflect the discovery of “self”. Each individual is a representative of that original fact. When that peace is disrupted, the individual dies. When that harmony of existence no longer supports life itself; all of nature dies.

Everything about nature and world, are beautiful, designed, balanced, and suited to its purpose in both life and survival. Included in that reality is happiness, or the essence of why we, As well as other life: choose not to die. Life is a choice, because freedom makes it so! 

In all things, it is fair to ask the singular question: what happens when this goes wrong?

The answer is often, particularly when a university is involved: that the price of being wrong is far greater than anyone can or is willing to pay. Simple as that, except for the extreme cases wherein all life dies in terror, because they were that extremely wrong.

A constant in life for this USA is:  that the universities declare a new medicine or procedure of some sort, IS GREAT, its wonderful, we are gods! Hurrah; hurrah.  When a few years or less follows, and the television lawyers prompt an endless series of “this was a catastrophe to you/ COME MAKE US RICH”.

A reality of life is: the universities claim knowledge, such as “monkeys are only 98% different genetically”. Yet more university scientists claim that DNA, such as human genetic materials contain so much information that a stack of “terra-byte drives” would be over the distance from here to the moon with information:  to store, the same amount of knowledge, that is to be found in genetic DNA. And yet given that amount of information which could not be identified in a thousand years, with “a million” of their best computers.

Genetics hold the instructions on how to breathe, how to eat, how to stand, and every other reality of living or life; and yet they don’t include the keys to create life/ only body and mind. Which clearly indicates: that it is BEYOND INSANE, to tamper with or disrespect genetics in any possible way or time: LIFE MATTERS.

YET: The universities still contend, that they can play god:  by just changing or moving genes around. Thereby mutilating nature itself, while waiting to see what will happen that they can identify: for the specific purpose of playing god with life. Little is more foolish or blind! Trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun, does rank above it, but only by a little; because that, is in fact a more immediate:  “killed a whole living world fast” reality/ rather than slow, and with horrors unending as genetic scientists do. THEY LITERALLY ASSERT:  “don’t worry” if something goes wrong, evolution will fix it “in a billion years or so”! YOU just have to wait. Evolution is less than most religion, as it comes without knowledge or reality; just “witch-doctor’s yelling, voodoo is god”. The catastrophe of man is:  FOOLS want/ FAILURES tell stories/ LIARS achieve by lies/ and SCIENCE exists primarily because of stories that cannot easily be proven false; even though they are.

Our world is filled with terrorists and traitors in this day; each trying desperately to play god with both life and planet. Not a single thought regarding the consequences of what it means to be WRONG; to every living thing on this planet, or in its future. That is not only betrayal: it is satanic, which means “those who choose, to destroy a world”. The invasion of genetics/ is an intentional mutilation and crucifixion of life on earth. The demand to unleash energies that are no longer balanced, as in physically controllable: the worst being “let’s bring the same nuclear fire, as is on the sun; here to this earth”. Your cult worship of “university knows”; gives them their control, to do these things. Your cult worship, which turns too:  blind, deaf, and mute lets them counterfeit your money, to build their toys. As is consistent with our death by TERROR coming. It is no game.

The consequence of a university desire among the majority (only a tiny few have respect) who can play with genetics is:  “they want to play god, and create their own versions of life, just for fun” OR, more specifically they want to be god.  Therefore they mutilate genetic structures, “throwing every form of disrespect they can think of, into these miracles which build all bodies of life”.

Their purpose is two-fold.  They want to create anything that is not from nature itself; so long as they can say “we did this”. They want to destroy the disciplines, order, boundaries, balance, and all life instructions in genetic nature:  BECAUSE they believe once it fails, they will be able to distinguish why it failed, and then begin redesigning life by manipulating DNA into whatever they want. “holding life itself in their own hands”. That university terrorism goes on every single day, around this world; as we draw nearer to the moment when genetic nature does collapse, and every life is in fact mutilated. Because they CANNOT return genetics to “nature itself”/ horrors come like a tsunami!  Like a disease, once released;  few, if any tragedies can be stopped.

Geneticists claim, and media propagates:  that they will “dry every tear”, from what they do: tearing apart the building by nature itself. Reality by the evidence:  “they don’t know what they do” proves they are “creating a tsunami of tears instead”. The eruption called TERROR! No more blessing of life, no more happiness, no body worth living in:  poisonous plants that used to be food. Everything life, simply gone! Or more specifically an unending nightmare of terrors and torture, for this entire world.  It takes only one critical error, only one accidental chemical to appear: whether initiated by humans/ or a complex change in nature itself;  the reality of altering genetics is. LIFE, will be EXTERMINATED. Because you cannot go back. Have you NOT recognized a dramatic rise in “tragic illness”/ in the last forty years?  It ain’t nature/ IT IS MAN (particularly the university man), that caused this, along with the release of countless chemicals and other causes!  VIDEO  fire fence 5

THEY CLAIM we can be gods and do this, whatever we want:  “not to worry, evolution will fix anything they break” in a billion years or so:  that is their plan, and there is no other. Buy alas, like traitors who destroy what we have:  No one will ever put life back together, once these terrorists have torn it apart:  this is no game.  It is the university that brings their religion called evolution; and teaches every child the same lie.  These same people, who cannot even identify the simplest, most ludicrous lie in the history of humanity; say they are gods, and can genetically engineer LIFE. 

       Evolution is a fools’ fantasy, the question is:  “what builds itself, other than life”?  Answer,  not a thing. The universities say: we know we can do this, because we are thinkers, and we have “the big brains”.  Yet they say all of life was created without a brain;  no thought at all/ no tools/ no nothing; just an accident that occurred in order, trillions of times “to get it right”.

The question: WHY, does life build itself?  Answer:  because thought, the interrelationship of “ideas with law, by truth, along with the tools to create” ALL come first. There is no other way, thought must come first, or complexity does not exist.  WHAT is more complex than a living biological creation? Answer: nothing.

Consider the evidence, an entire human being born out of nothing more than the food and water the mother eats; building itself. Consider the reality, “bones made to order/ placed in exactly where they need to be/ made to grow/lubricated and given exactly what a joint needs to have: with muscles tied on, in exactly the right sequence; with sensors, and controls.  And a billion more realities of life that all intermix to create a living human being.

In contrast WHAT is more simple than evolution:  “it’s all an accident, that builds itself by trillions of accidents; in the constant right order, entirely by accident: no tools, not even a brain. They say: Because life cannot be stopped/ even though death proves them wrong.  They say, it took billions of years; proclaiming, CHAOS did this”. Even a child knows better, if left alone. Even a monkey knows:  you don’t get a life by throwing dust into a mud-hole/ not even a mountain of it.  www.justtalking6.info elevates a beginning to your own more developed  individual thinking.

Our only option is then to stop these experiments/ stop gambling with life and earth:  and respect the truth;  LIFE FOR THIS PLANET MUST COME FIRST.  No exceptions/ no gambling/ no playing god with anything. NO RISKING LIFE FOR US ALL/ and that means no genetic experimentation of any kind.  Period! RESPECT OUR WORLD, or we all lose everything!  Video biological world




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