SO WHERE DOES the passion of major news broadcasters come from? Answer, take a look at their show: and the massive contributor/ the people who pay them: are the pharmaceuticals/ followed by all forms of healthcare. WHO benefits from your media delivered fears? Well who is going to sell you the vaccine: which is worth trillions. The pharmaceuticals and healthcare; who is making money as well. Who gets the power, when fear takes control? The UNIVERSITIES, all forms of healthcare, & politicians; and why do they want it? Because power is what the majority of politicians live for/ what corporate america is. Power is the thread, that holds pride together, pride is the thread that makes want seem real. When combined, they assert we are the superior ones: we decide/ you are nothing.

Controlling common power and pride is as simple as “limited capitalism”/ and world law, to govern leaders by bringing them into court; demanding they obey our laws.

As is the case with constant propaganda: NO YOU MAY NOT KNOW, what are the true statistics that matter in determining whether this is a new disease or something more. These must be “up to the momentto track trends/ and they cannot be corrupted with claims of what caused the death. When comparing “this is significantly more deaths” than we would have expected. With that information in hand: then you search for cause. Remembering in the case of covid: influenza and pneumonia are barely indistinguishable. starvation coming 2

Universities exist: to continually indoctrinate students in the favored religious dogma of the day. We are the righteous ones, MEMORIZE AND MIMIC THIS/ and do not question the reality; “we have a book”. Oh and pay us ten years of your life; or more. Alas: they have multitudes of students with no job. So they are making them a job now/ by replacing you.

We the people of this world, NOW STAND at the worst possible place in human history. The multitudes of university students trained in how to mutilate genetic biology: are now able to create endless diseases. As is covid 19; showing the signs of being a cross between pneumonia and influenza/ the easy way to get there is in a laboratory. And then: every student of genetics has a job, and every professor now has pride, power, and anything he or she wants. Because if they make you a vaccine, for a disease they created: then they get trillions of dollars, and the pride of claiming to be “your savior”. So the future is clear: want more money, “make a disease”. Want more pride, “work on a vaccine”. Want more power: “find a vaccine you can sell”. Want to be included in the trillions to be made: enforce and propagate, “the universities are god/ BELIEVE/ FEAR/ NEVER DOUBT OR SEARCH FOR THE EVIDENCE”. Just be sheep. OR, in contrast to that: investigate and prove what is true; and take away the tools and opportunities for geneticists to hold you for ransom; as best you can.  starvation coming

Nothing is more selfish: than to endanger a world, or even a society: just because you want to play god with life or energy or other. As it has been from the beginning: nothing here is more or less than, a demand for truth. A reality to be determined by investigation/ or a critical decision, that entitles you to say: I choose, to work for life and world. We stand on the abyss of what humanity chose to do, with “university knows”. THE EXTREMELY CRITICAL CONSEQUENCES of those decisions: now threaten to destroy us all/ because very soon, no option will exist: TO GO BACK IN TIME. Which means: extinction will come. TO KNOW THE TRUTH, OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE WRONG: comes now or never. CHOOSE, as if your world depends upon it/ because it does. “Sign your name”/ stand up and be recognized: WE DEMAND THE TRUTH!   of the many salts, which are added to farm ground, and water supplies:  WHEN is it too much?starvation

If, you do not: my warning to you is, “the extremely arrogant (satan)”: will break the back of natural biological development/ and there will be only genetic chaos, from that moment on. If you do not: my warning to you is, “the extremely foolish” will ignite the bond in atoms, to create a nuclear fire on earth (just like the sun). If you do not all the threats that surround you: will go past the point of no return quickly; and you will soon be extinct. My work has proven a level of education that warrants “review of threat”/ proven, this is no game.

But never fear,” oh wait; that is wrong; fear everything”: no, that’s not right: BELIEVE, your university gods cannot be wrong. Right? Nothing proves that more than: a one time only nuclear ignition; that can turn our earth into a sun. After all, that is what they promise, “to bring the same energy source” here, as is on the sun. They couldn’t possibly fail, “to contain it”/ OR FANTASIES will win: Right? Alas: its more than life or death of a world: IT IS LITERALLY turning earth into a sun. Same energy/ same result! How is that not so? horrors coming 2

It is, elementally true, that primary to all freedom and liberty, is the essence of security from attack. Whether the attack is hidden or visible, the foundation for defending life and liberty resides entirely in truth. Because truth beyond the initial attack; will have a great deal to do with victory, and the securities, freedoms, and liberty of a nation.

TRUTH alone preserves and defends: LIFE AND PLANET AND GOVERNMENTS. Because it is the bulwark of our defense/ the foundation of our decisions/ and the essence of our own existence as life, or nation, on this earth. LIES FAIL, and cause failure in others/ FEAR is the enemy, bringing only chaos. Only truth, regardless of the outcome; survives, to support and defend existence, even into eternity. If that, is what you can believe. “I accept”: only truth leads to life, peace, and justice. Only courage defends a nation, or a life. “everything but that, is happening here, in this day: propagated by media; to hide, those who want to take control over the nation itself”. horrors coming

The end result of reality itself is: when truth calls you to duty (this must be done), and you fail; it is because you fear, or just don’t care. The critical test is: did you hide the information WE NEED, or propagate lies and fear? Or did you accept: I TOO, must be more friend, than enemy; a choice fueled (owned) by respect. What then is your choice? My choice as is proven by my life is: we must fight for our world, and all the life in it; because anything less, will become extinction for us all. I HAVE DONE, what I could do for you. Your failure to participate honestly; is your own truth: that is not mine. dead world 5

In the work of discipline: when you turn to want, instead of the evidence, “you put your own foot, in the grave”. Choose better!

If the statistics prove true: as is the fantasy of “university knows”/ the emperor no longer has any clothes”. Be prepared for a cover-up. Copy their site, print out their documentation: and fight for truth. And remember: it is deaths over and beyond what would otherwise be expected; that determine a pandemic. NOT, the claim of infections; nor deaths that are within the expected number. Be fair: NO LIES.

And don’t forget: their numbers and their charts combine covid 19, with pneumonia, and influenza: so they get bigger. NO, its not an epidemic from just one new thing; it is a mutilation of what was already here. Who more-so than a university, “mutilates the genetic information of what is already here”? Your university leaders are using your fears/ to destroy your nation: while they laugh in ridicule, at how truly foolish you are. As to tests or case numbers rising: simply adding more tests does that. And the tests are not proven accurate; they test positive for a common cold: so they don’t really count. dead world 4

now ask yourselves: if everything you believed in, was worth “just believing what you were told/ and by who”? Because “we can’t all be wrong” (cdc death chart); failed you. ANY kind of test can be faked, to produce a desired result: DEATHS cannot.Reality states: even though many millions are losing their whole living/ a select group is gaining trillions of dollars (including media); and all the power & pride even they can stand. And there are FAR MORE SERIOUS MATTERS, being overlooked.

If you are wandering WHY: does the news media, universities, politicians and so forth who have been so adamant about FEAR THIS DISEASE. Are not unwilling to backtrack with new information; tell people the major threat is over. The answer is: it could result in the largest class action lawsuit, in the history of the world. Simply put: the damage done, has been tragic/ and while there was a need, to recognize the possibilities of a pandemic could occur. The reality is: THEY’RE having destroyed lives and livings and the economic stability of a nation or more, to prove how important they were. It is absolutely clear: MORE THAN FEAR or FOREBODING; is necessary to lead. In contrast to that, as is the decision to ignite “sun fire” here on earth: in a one time/ all or nothing experiment that will fail and ignite this planet into a sun: EVEN THE SLIGHTEST possibility they could be wrong. Demands YOU SHALL NOT do it! And yet the propaganda, just like in this matter; has all been “the universities are god/ they can’t be wrong”. Even though it is a one time, NUCLEAR FIRE; which then burns atoms, for fuel. They say; Not to worry, their defense is: not enough gravity here on earth to sustain a nuclear fire/ so it will just “extinguish itself”. So, go ahead and wallow in fear/ pure terror is coming. OR, you will find a brain, and say to them, and others: NO! Alas, lest you forget: the universities demand to force genetic nature into chaos (we can be gods now), will be MORE horrifying than humanity can imagine. Along with poisoning the earth/ changing the planet itself/ the extinction of ocean life, all life/ end of resources/ and “a thousand more”. Assumes, “humanity doesn’t need to change”; right?  dead world 3

When asking: WHY is this “covid theater” happening? The constant propaganda of battering the public with:  FEAR/ BELIEVE/ SUBJUGATE YOURSELVES WITH FOREBODING: a pandemic that does not exist. A reality of existence; WITHOUT any justification for that act or truth, as to purpose? The answer relies upon the evidence of consequences, and WHO has instigated the insurgency against the entire “middle class” of America. The UNIVERSITIES, AND THEIR ZEALOT PRIESTS OF MEDIA; are destroying the financial stability of the entire US middle class. The question of why is simple: once the middle class is removed, they will then be able to install their universities graduates in every job vacated. Because, with very few exceptions: only the university elite who control all the currency in this USA, and inflate it, OR use it, however they like: will have access to money. Which does by the fact of power: install their army, to replace our entire democracy. Evicting those who built, or sustain the nation. “just to prove they can”; its a game. dead world 2

OR, more distinctly: the universities have proven to be a cult religion, by proclaiming themselves superior to the rest of us: they are the expert/ we know nothing. Like all cult religions: they want to replace all leadership with “their people”. Who are as in every cult: required NEVER to question the leaders; because the leader is “god”.

Ever notice how many people now have long term diseases like COPD; ever wander how much more money a doctor and pharmaceuticals collect: IF THEY GIVE YOU A LONG TERM DISEASE? Aging, will produce deterioration’s; but most are not solved by drugs. Because its the body is aging: everybody has heart disease over the age of fifty (MEANS: not like it was when young). Even so, “healthcare collects” from your fears/ and from your surgeries. Oh wait: “healthcare only has perfect people; greed is not allowed: RIGHT?” The constant in humanity is: when forced to accept covid is no longer a threat of any real kind/ the universities, media, and politicians will all proclaim, “WE, did this”. Instead of identifying the truth: which is the body defended itself/ in all but the weakest members, and as diversity requires; all but a few unlucky onesdead world

Body Immunity works: as a blunt force instrument (respiratory; same beginning/ cancer, same beginning/. Etc): which then adapts itself to specific elements of any disease. Which means the common cold is almost certain to release the same initial respiratory antigens; for those tests. Rendering MOST of them, useless. While remembering 80% of all positive results; have either no or very mild symptoms.

Or in more simple terms: fantasy fails, and in order to provide jobs for their graduates/ they need to take your job, and your money, and your life; to give it to their cult followers. Because if a university fails to do that, they can’t bring in the new “sacrificial lambs”/ or collect their money. AND they will be accused of fraud (you promised what you could not deliver). In addition to that, to remove the competition: mobs are formed by media, “introducing the rabid haters (more than happy to yell HATE THEM)” to any form of extreme that might set them off. Thereby insuring hate will cause civil war. As is the constant throughout history, when a leader is found to have failed: the easy exit is to create war with someone else (LOOK over there). crisis beyond 3

BE ALIVE, AND QUIT letting the sewers shovel shit in your face/ as they force you into a grave your own fears dug. And remember this: it is extremely unlikely, this disease arose outside of the university laboratories/ as they play with: HOW TO GET RICH!

Statistics cdc; week ending 6/6/2020 the total deaths are: 1041 over the age of 65 [513 of those OVER THE AGE OF 85 do you suppose there might have been “OTHER FACTORS” INVOLVED; or maybe they just LIED, TO KEEP YOU IN LINE. So they can destroy the nation?]; 136 between the ages of 50-64; and 170 deaths for all those under 50 years of age. in America a nation of 333 million+ citizens. that chart lists: PER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE: between the age of 5-17; only 3.1 children died (and it doesn’t list other factors involved) in this same time frame!  IS THAT CAUSE TO SHUTDOWN THE ENTIRE SCHOOL SYSTEM? crisis beyond 2

  Www.cdc.gov/coronavirus ….!   YOUR OPPORTUNITY IS: TO GATHER TOGETHER, in your various organizations; to define and create your purposes in court. Thereby banding together to create the force needed: TO OPEN THE DAMN DOOR, and establish DEMOCRACY RULES HERE! Based upon the numbers; unless you are over 65 years of age, your chance to die from covid 19, by gathering: IS 83.6 PERCENT LESS, than someone over 65 years old across the nation: because that is the number proven at the CDC; on their chart created 6/ 6/2020. or about one out of every 4200 people. If you can’t fight for your nation at those odds; YOU aren’t worthy of it!  crisis beyond

THIS INVADING ARMY; has attacked you at your weakest point/ as all invading armies do: at your extreme fear of sickness/ and complete dread of death. As is the constant of “a coward”. With panic, they drive you into the abyss of wanting “complete safety”/ that does not exist. But with fear, they hold you in prison: as they steal your world. Leaving only the plundered/ravaged/ raped/ and ransacked to reply; with CIVIL WAR. CHOOSE DEMOCRACY BY LAW; use redress of grievances/ your legal right, to declare yourselves the owners here. Your legal right: to demand an accurate and true accounting of life, and government, and universities in America.  overfishing

I remind you: that eighty percent of all those testing positive for covid 19 have no symptoms or they are very mild. While 47% of those testing positive, are in fact false positives. IF YOU TOOK COUNT, of all the people who get a cold in their nose; the numbers would be higher! WHAT is the real difference? IN A NATION OF CULT BELIEVERS IN “UNIVERSITY”; fools never question the lies: discarding truth. MAKE THEM PROVE THEIR EVIDENCE. And identify the parameters which account for a specific determination, “this proves it”..! THIS IS A CLEAR AND DELIBERATE ATTACK, by the army led with “university knows”; and their cult leaders, the media warriors whose job it is; to lead you to “Auschwitz (the horrors of what they chose to do)”. To either take complete control over your lives/ or destroy the nation itself. AND IT AIN’T NO GAME; AS SEVERE DAMAGE HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE.  WAKE UP!

Well obviously you can’t worry about that; MEDIA will save you. Why HELL, don’t worry, “what foreigners don’t already own; will soon be gone”. After all: you traded your realities, your future, your child, your nation: for 200+ trillion numbers in currency; the hidden inflation of fools (because numbers, are just numbers), who will soon lose their entire nation to the plague of “university is god”. It’s ok though: because soon, you WILL lose your entire world, to the only god universities could become: was SATAN. After all, their god is chaos (as is evolution); what else could you expect? water 2

The pandemic of fear mongering, by “the university expert; and its media whore”; who obviously wants this nation to die. Is a curse of fools! As they literally cut life in America into shreds of failure and disgrace. They shout: FEAR DEATH/ hide behind a mask, and destroy your participation in life. Little is more useless: their purpose is to prepare you for their vaccine/ and their vaccine will prove to be a death march for all of biology on earth. Because they made it by “taking nature out of nature”/ injecting man is now god. As with everything men have taken control over: it ends in chaos, and war. Biological chaos, is the war of extinction; and we will lose. EVERYDAY they say a thousand people out of 333 million die= one out of every 2300 people (not including the ten thousand infants that arrive everyday/ or the endless march of immigrants who demand entrance).  YOU WILLING TO LOSE YOUR LIFE AND NATION OVER THAT?  So in reality EVERYDAY: just in America the citizen count is: OUR POPULATION RISES BY NOT LESS THAN 9,000 PEOPLE who need food, water, resources, and everything else. EVERYDAY world population rises by not less than 400,000 infants born: at a minimum scale. A tiny few deaths: the vast majority of which are old/ has no credible value. And does not rise to a pandemic/ but in fact fails to balance human population: as is the price of life, by death. NO FOOD/ NO WATER/ NO PEACE; endless war is “a human population explosion”: the reality of our lives, in this day.  severe

Answer: for America, you will use first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; the deliberate constitutional legal right, “TO TAKE YOUR EMPLOYEES TO COURT”; AND INVESTIGATE, whether or not, they have kept their oath of office; according to constitutional intent, as described in the preamble, its amendments, the bill of rights, and declaration of independence. Which are: The foundations of US government and the social contract of we the people. Granting that to ourselves by law: we become the legislatures of what we choose to change. By a three quarters accepted, citizen vote: as the legal right to rule ourselves: WITHOUT interference/ but within constitutional mandate of purpose! Which includes changing the constitution, evicting employees, sending to trial, those accused of treason. And what does or does not constitute our debt as a society under siege: by either money, pandemic decisions, or any other version: established by the BETRAYAL of a university diploma. REDRESS PROVES OUR OWNERSHIP OF THIS NATION; IT IS NOTHING LESS, THAN THAT TRUTH! toxins

Start searching, where they say: “we have a vaccine”/ and remember to ask: “just how many trillion dollars”/ are they expecting to collect. How much power are the universities stealing from our lives: DO THEY NOT control you, and your nation? They DO intend too: cause you know “they’re gods” compared to you. Which means; you no longer have rights. And when you have no money/ no job because they took it from you: THEN you become their SLAVE/ begging to survive.

But hey don’t worry, the universities just want to take your jobs for their robots (nothing personal); after all, “can’t have any more dirty infectious diseased people” around: you know, where its important. “you understand”/ after all its what they have been doing for decades: replacing every small business, WITH WE CONTROL IT ALL. With just a tiny few: the university army is god now; corporations. “to hell with them”/ the university controls “all human resources”; with major corporations, they OWN the gate. The attack at every level, is constant; even here where I live; as what use to be an elevator in every town, has become one elevator to ship all the grain in an extremely large area; discarding trains for trucks; removing access and options so a tiny few can control it all. No diploma/ no life: just the “human trash” is coming! FEAR THEM ALL, they might be infectious! Which then becomes: kill them all, so they cannot infect us; as that is clearly WHERE YOU ARE GOING. As fear takes control, because the media forced FEAR on you. Which then becomes civil; and then world war as chaos reigns up to: extinction. All hail the university gods, who orchestrated HELL is coming as fear becomes “a rampaging mob”. TO YOUR SHAME! water

RISE UP and take back democracy before they entomb you in their delusions and tyranny. RISE UP, and take back you democracy: forcing the university served rich “who run the show”/ and make them pay your debts; BECAUSE they forced you out. By telling the banks and more: we will now decide what is fair/ by demanding a true accounting. Take back your democracy: by voting on the law itself/ NOT voting for someone to vote for you. Take back your face, and throw the damned and the dead: the mangled whore of university expertise into the sewer. Because their reality is a fantasy, and all fantasies are little more than lies. Find truth, and let it decide by the evidence; as best you can. Take your nation back. Take your life back. Take your face back. Take your future back, or it will be destroyed; by the fantasy of fools.  soil salts

spreading salt on fields and in water does matter.

It is noted, and known to be true: whether you like it or not. That reality insists, WHAT REALLY MATTERS IS THE FUTURE; not the past. Which means: death as is consistent with “old age (the past), and causes adding in: prior conditions”, do not constitute a cause to disrupt or destroy the nation itself. Or harm the child, disrupt the worker, change the social fabric, and so on. Choices must be made/ risks must be taken: its the price of life. Truth decides, not want. DEMAND REALITY BY THE EVIDENCE/ not simply “belief”. weed

WHY, do they want you to believe so badly, the propaganda is constant; in a pandemic that is not a pandemic?  Destroying society to “save the nursing home”: is not valid. ANSWER: BECAUSE THERE ARE TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS AT STAKE, and the opportunities to genetically mutilate all of life itself; by pretending they can be gods over nature. And the universities as a whole: can now, take power over the world of humanity itself; by destroying everything we need to depend upon. Alas: they want your heart, and soul: as all religions (we know everything) do. global dust wind increases/drought

EVER WANDER WHY, America has the highest healthcare costs in the world/ over 5 trillion dollars when last I looked years ago: which equals $50,000.00 paid; per each of one hundred million workers? THEY MAKE YOU SICK; by pretending this drug or that drug will make you better (surgery without a cause)? Because if they get you to believe/ then they have a very steady income/ and get rich on your fear. Because when you arrive in fear; they can make you believe and you accept: ANYTHING they say. WHY can’t you do anything about it? BECAUSE THE UNIVERSITIES CONTROL THE NATION/ and they are the ones who get rich/ and take tyrannical control over your livestri

WHY, is media: SO COMPLIANT, with spreading the rumor, discard the facts? Answer: because they make billions off of healthcare, and other university pursuits, and they control all access. So to fail the power of university; is financial suicide. If they succeed: media will reap a bigger reward. WHY BET EVERYTHING on taking control right now? Because the day will soon arrive, when life on earth collapses into the abyss they chose: “now or never”/ and they know it.chemicals 2

one trillion equals ten thousand dollars per each of one hundred million workers: 2015 chart is in billions. $1200.00 x 150 million taxpayers=$180 billion. Leaving out of one trillion: somebody else gets to spend $820 billion. “X- $3 trillion”? WHO gets the money, because three trillion is $30,000.00 per each of one hundred million workers [only workers pay]. Added to the previous 3.2 trillion for the first round this year, in America is another one trillion; bailout for covid fears. Making the republican plan $42,000.00 of debt; or the democratic plan of another 3 trillion. Which is $62,000.00 of debt; per each and every one hundred million workers. But don’t worry, with hidden inflation; nobody pays. It all goes “to the future”; and the children (the future of earth) died: destroyed by what you chose; because you just didn’t care. “no harm done; its the university way”; right. chemicals

Don’t worry; after all the lies fail, parties from all sides around the world will seek revenge; after all “numbers don’t lie”; right. Establishing WE WANT OUR MONEY; not simply numbers! Establishing world war because they can. BY vaccinating an entire world for covid; the very first elements of a reality that is: “nature is not nature anymore: man did it now”; should appear. (as predicted in bible-Revelations; by its descriptions; along with a world running out of water, apocalypse/super-volcano/ consequences of “sun fire” on earth [burn oceans/ and more] ). Nope, not religious; simply evidence of note.  So you might even welcome the ignition of a nuclear fire (predicted next spring by; bible- Daniel 12) to stop it, “in the first few moments”. After all: men and their universities are responsible for all the great things: fraud/ pollution/ poisoning/ resource destruction/ or simply everything nature is not. Well, until they realize the expected energy change from chemical to nuclear: predicted to be in their science writings: 4 million times more (a candle flame; instantly become 63 miles high); has consequences, “even for university gods”. Well, not to worry; according to “the experts”; not enough gravity here, so that fire will just extinguish itself! What, could go wrong? So why, would humanity, not choose the university of men to be their god? Well after all: is the primary solution of nearly all men, throughout history, NOT war? Obviously it is; so why wait: right! After all: who could argue the universities are not god: certainly not humanity. earthquake 2

Well, other than the fact, that this power plant intends to initiate that plasma fire with at least 50 million watts of power, and instantaneous means bomb: in the center of Europe. With radiation levels beyond comprehension: no worries, right. Why hell; the universities will have at least a million tries, to get it right/ or, you know; change nature back to nature once it all goes wrong: right? WELL, AT LEAST, a nuclear fire only burns atoms for fuel; so, “you don’t have to worry”/ after all, WHERE could the fire possibly find that? Or, perhaps you still wish to believe in the absolute fantasy of all the heat is generated by combining hydrogen into helium: except WHERE then is the helium? Or the sun is made mostly of hydrogen: densest object in our solar system, made of the lightest gas/ burned for thousands of years at least; yet the hydrogen is still there? Really, were you just born stupid? The entire core is hottest; indicating “all the fuel supply is involved”; yet it keeps burning? And more; without a solitary provable piece of evidence. Wake up; or die.earthquake

WELL, THANK god the universities: cause you don’t have to do NOTHING/ after all, they take care of everything, they MUST make all the decisions: “just ask them; alas you, are stupid”, they’re gods, and they know it. Ain’t that right?  well in contrast, when considering the amount of weight that has been redistributed just by melting icecaps; earthquakes etc;  are expected.

You know; apart from the people who commit suicide, murder, addictions, lose their home, never work again, never find a mate/ abuse their mate, become depressed, and so on: WE SHOULD be remembering the good things. After all if teachers don’t really teach (just one on video can take care of that part)/ then we don’t have to pay them. And if we don’t need teachers/ then we don’t need to pay all that property tax; or their pensions, and more: because they quit. Now, we “nearly all” can be HAPPY about that!  Or, more simply identified: people like to be afraid (roller coaster/ horror films/ etc), it gives them the right, “to consider all other people a threat”/ thereby judging them without compensation for life. Unfortunately, fear will not keep you alive: it just chases you out the door. If you keep your fear/ you destroy the value of your life. Children do catch a lot of colds in winter/ allergies exist/ a hundred more diseases are real life issues: but unless you are willing to throw away your life and your world, it is absolutely critical to accept, and define all risks without using fear. That does mean: a pandemic cannot exist, until the results at least begin to reduce the population. In America: even if one thousand or more die (especially among the old) a day/ ten thousand infants are born each day. Not a pandemic, a population explosion; if the numbers are true. THOSE WHO SHOUT: ME/ ME/ ME; THAT IS ALL THERE IS IN LIFE; nothing is important but me. Literally suggest they are the damned; because they have reduced all life, “to their own grave”. Life is more than just you; accept it and live. oxygen depletion 6

More distinctly: is your fears worth losing your face to a mask/ all romance possibilities/ every organization/ most businesses/ civil war/ for a few numbers of people most of whom die: because they are old or sick? Is it worth losing your nation or your house or your future? Is it worth letting the universities play god, only to find out later: WE HAVE LITERALLY BEEN DESTROYED!

WHILE IT IS constant and true “you can’t fight city hall”; because their purpose is to keep you out and protect the powerful; just like a judge. The reality of that is: TO CHANGE LIFE AND SOCIETY, you never fight city hall or the courtroom without a crowd. MORE DISTINCTLY: in a democracy, we the people own the authority to change our constitution; and our constitution controls EVERYTHING the employees are allowed to do. It also controls EVERYTHING A LAW IS, OR CAN BECOME. Judges are not the final say/ congress is not the final say/ our employees are not the owners of this state or nation: WE ARE. And that gives us as a true society demanding change, by acquiring 75% acceptance: for that change we propose and vote for as a state or nation. DEMOCRACY DEMANDS: then the constitution itself has been changed, and that redefines the state or nation by our vote; as we see fit. NO GROUP OF EMPLOYEES can deny constitutional authority, without proclaiming treason. Treason is punishable by law! So, the question is: WHAT can we the people, who own this state or nation truly agree upon? And are you willing to fight for that change? oxygen depletion 5

The cost of crisis real or not begins, as your “new saviors” take hold on this world. The vaccines they prepare, are done by playing god with life; and the consequences could easily become the first wave of Armageddon. As the dividing line between nature and man: turns to war. And if the consequences are not immediate: then an entire arsenal of “new vaccine” will quickly turn up, by demanding NOW: all the world should be vaccinated as men proved: they can be gods now. Like radiation, when the world said “hurrah”; reality will come. The difference between falling into an abyss; and remaining alive: is truth. The truth is; men are not going to be gods/ and the universities are not going to be your saviors anymore. But make no mistake: they fully intend, TO CASH IN, AND TAKE CONTROL, over every living thing: TO PLAY god (now, hasn’t this “sickness worked out perfectly”)? Cause you know “they’re gods”, and they deserve “everything”.  Truth says:  what you believe is absolutely irrelevant/ because only what is true will decide. if that truth is extinction: you are dead.  Go to this link (ignore the red line in the graph)/ and focus on deaths as stable throughout the world.  graph is: slightly down page. oxygen depletion 4

Don’t worry, the initial stage of vaccination will work out; after all, they created the test/ and now they are taking the test: the probability they won’t pass their test (just look for this), is unlikely. The reality of a “just like the doctors office”; (this disease will make us a lot of money); never enters their mind. After all, it is so much easier to heal a minimal-threat; than a real one.   SO, LETS TALK CURRENT COVID ( to the right on this link select no thanks if you don’t want to download: then for data visualization [first link]: select age group in first drawn down box/ then covid 19 in second draw down box: graph will then appear, showing the people of different age groups; and how many die.) visual DATA:   2,3,4,5, 6

ARE YOU WILLING TO LOSE NATURE ITSELF? It is fitting and true, that the basis of combinations in genetics are infinite. It is also true, that each combination of parts holds together a key, that then controls timing, resistance as in circuitry response, chemical balance and diversity, processing and logistics, engineering the communications; along with all the rest that is a biological living body, that comes with the “software, required to AUTOMATICALLY build itself & survive, work, and live”. None of that is a game; but all of that, can be destroyed. Your fears of covid 19 in comparison to what geneticists are doing: is like complaining “there is a teaspoon too much water in the sea”. Or physicists, or a thousand more: all of which end this earth! But alas, “you are believers/ and believers just want what they want”. And then they throw everything else: AWAY, FOREVER. And yes, I must deliver a base level of knowledge; that opens the door to even more horrific acts; as the vultures circle. Because you are so foolish and blind! Proving the universities will be stopped, by humanity/ or Armageddon (nature in chaos) will begin. Not a game. oxygen depletion 3

The nobility (universities) decide that you must worship them, therefore they create fear. Because fear is a mover of people, and they forget to think for themselves. Media is the fear monger: peddling “believe, only believe”/ and act as the whip masters of old; to subjugate the slaves into submission. The believers are then required to accept whatever they are told: because to do anything less or more; forces the cult of university worshipers to take action against you. So, we ask: WHY? And the answer is: so they can play god with life. The release of a disease, does not warrant the destruction of your own society. That is being done: intentionally, as insurgents do! The only real difference is: these people want to own your heart, and soul; in worship of themselves. Welcome to the participation of “satan (destroyer of worlds)”; in your lives.  But it is, still your choice to submit; “for now”. Don’t worry: soon they will take complete control over your lives; and evict you from life, and needs; by your own fears. As media continues for “fan the flames”/ instead of provide truth by the evidence, and present you with a choice that is “democratic truth“.  microscoft

Can we agree: what is a pandemic, is our choice; and our authority as a democracy of we the people, shall determine the response/ on term limits/ on tax limits/ on debt creation by our employees/ news must be evidence, NOT continual propaganda/ limiting the opportunity for war OR demanding world law and policing, instead of weapons of mass destruction, and endless spending by the military around this world? How much more? Limiting universities, and demanding NO MORE GAMBLING WITH LIFE OR PLANET; AN INVESTIGATION?

Now don’t you worry, these are the people who have decreed themselves to be your saviors: we will SELL you a vaccine. Isn’t that generous/ quick too, its like they were prepared, and knew what to expect? Who have been working to create the worst possible biological weapons for war “for a hundred years”/ and today with genetics “there are a million of them”. So what if they aren’t happy? After all, its not like you have a choice; so long as they are willing to kill themselves too; but then there are “suicidal people”. Ah, the “blessing of a university”; all good, right. Well perhaps they could be wrong; but who cares; right! Don’t you worry, after being forced to get vaccinated for “a thousand new things” cause you have too. The biological ticking time bomb of “the universities are god”; couldn’t possibly take away all your abilities, or cause your bodies to implode with biological chaos, or a trillion more “whoops”. As life itself fails: because you let them say, “university is better than nature”. Don’t you agree? After all changing the very nature of nature, “with CRISPR” and other; can’t have consequences/ the universities are god. SO SAYS HUMANITY, and they know! Cause they believe.  cfps 2

If we have 332 thousand deaths at the end of this year; that would be one in one thousand; from the date that census was taken. But it does not include the ten thousand new births over deaths (2017); that occur in America each day, at just one percent growth. Nor increases do to immigration. Nor does it include the 400,000 thousand new births that occur everyday around this earth. Or more distinctly one in one thousand: does not total a single day of newly arrived infants all demanding to be fed around this earth. For perspective: WHAT are you going to eat/ drink/ resources/ etcetera?  In august will we distill the variables, as the evidence of covid 19, is available; allows.  the new process is to take control over DNA/ RNA and  discard nature in the process, by claiming “we can do better”.rushing to hell

THOSE QUESTIONS: are broken down into individual elements, each of which are then voted upon. SUCH AS: is any leader allowed to simply take over our freedom? Are employees in any form of government allowed: to create debts we cannot pay? Are employees allowed to hide inflation? Are employees allowed to tax beyond the percentage of income, we allow: are we not owed, an exact accounting, without a maze to confuse? Is any leader allowed to stop our business, organization or activities? Is news allowed to propagate BELIEVE: “the university is god/ context by the evidence of our reality; does not matter”? AND SO ON. Are universities allowed to do anything they want? Keeping every question as simple as it is possible to do: so that none can destroy what we seek, as is our own democracy alive. REALITY PROVES: ONCE THE CORRECT DECISIONS for our society ARE IN PLACE; then nothing else needs to change, unless we the people rise to make it so. Those who argue they cannot do, what they were hired to do: will be replaced. cfps

WHAT, are you going to do: when your fears have resulted in complete and utter economic devastation for this nation or this world? This is no game, to stop working; make people homeless; or make them lose their business, and more; even taking away their face; stopping romance; organizational communications; and all the rest: both media and universities have decreed is necessary. It is not, and there is no pandemic: when reality proves far more people are being born, trying to immigrate: than dying. Reality is not a game; and its consequences; are not easily turned around. Fear, what your fear has done.

And then consider what your “university experts” are doing when mutilating nature trying to ignite atoms (plasma on fire) and all the rest (death of our world), which CANNOT BE UNDONE.    disease expands

one trillion equals ten thousand dollars per each of one hundred million workers: chart is in billions.     summary Q4 2014FEDERAL RESERVE L 5 before maze


Instead of your fears that are unfounded currently: consider this instead. Having destroyed the economic foundation for “a hundred million people”; and all the business that represents. THEY WILL soon be completely BANKRUPT. And then: foreigners from all lands, WILL DESCEND upon this nation, “TO BUY YOU OUT” with pennies. Evicting you, just like Israel did to Palestine. Because the university elite wants to destroy all power, but themselves: and that means forcing white people in particular, to destroy themselves with fear; and a political machine and media OWNED BY UNIVERSITY diplomas. Who have been trained: to mimic and believe/ BUT NEVER “think for yourself”. Because only the university leaders can play or pretend to be god: by demanding, “now, you are fully dependent upon us, beg/ plead/ prostitute yourselves; because we now, own your soul”. Now, isn’t fear great! Depression is coming: fight for your nation, with true, “we the people democracy”:  or it will be lost!  zdrf

In recent years, the convergence between nanotechnology and biology has created the new field of nanobiotechnology that incorporates the use of biological entities such as actinomycetes algae, bacteria, fungi, viruses, yeasts, and plants in a number of biochemical and biophysical processes. The biological synthesis via nanobiotechnology processes have a significant potential to boost nanoparticles production without the use of harsh, toxic, and expensive chemicals commonly used in conventional physical and chemical processes.  FROM ME: clogging up the vast network of absolutely necessary “everything biology” with shit/ has consequences: IT ALL STOPS WORKING. anthrax

It is, only fair to mention: WAR, is created by three primary causes/ overpopulated means, I need more/ those who arrived first, will NOT share/ and when leaders know they are in trouble, a war gets them out; because the people are too busy and too afraid to seek, or accuse them. 8 billion people are roughly one person standing on each acre of agricultural land (we starve)/ people who are forced to sell, and find themselves evicted commonly find hate, and then violence/ leadership has created the edge of world extinction itself, by “a hundred real and true threats”. The dead (past the point of no return): will want revenge. “wake up or die”!    What a tiny thing can do, in the wrong hands; such as distributing disease.nano particles 4

NATURE has given us everything that life is; all that has value begins with nature, and is a part of what nature can and does provide to everything living. MAN has declared a brave new world, as he intervenes and mutilates nature in any way he can. In contrast with nature, MAN is responsible for war/ pollution/ poisoning everything he can touch/ resource destruction/ multiple diseases/ garbage mountains/ and every bad and disastrous thing that happens on earth. BUT TODAY: the reality is, man has overtaken nature; and nature itself is not only dying, but will soon lose its ability to defend itself entirely: by the introduction of the worst humanity can be, “a university diploma”. The designers of hell/ the creators of terror/ the mutilation of disease into catastrophe/ and the horrors of war coming that will in fact end all war with extinction; and that does not even identify the worst of what is coming, as reality proves the price of letting men be men, with their Satan called “university”. They shout, along with too many women: we are gods! Indeed they are, “gods of HELL”. As reality will soon prove beyond any doubt: because the masses worshiped the university, and the universities played god. Yes they did find “a grain of sand on the beach”; but overlooked the entire ocean. nano particles 3

Today, the universities have given to you, the tragedy of economic collapse; across most of the world as time will prove that true. They shout, “we will save a life”; but mostly they just want to play god/ and have killed more than they will save. As the reality of homelessness, with winter coming; and true devastation from civil unrest, and more reaches into every home, and guns become the proof: that cannibalism is all you have left. That is of course what war brings: it stops when enough misery has occurred/ but even more so, when there is nothing left to steal, and in particular when there is nothing left to eat. Which means war ends, and the horrors of survival and sacrifice begin. But don’t worry, the universities have prepared everything: you will not be able to restart anything/ and cannibalism will take over this world/ nature will die, and mutilations beyond imagination will take over as extinction proves; “they were indeed gods of death”. Even in places you believe you are safe: “because the flood of humanity is coming to your door”. All hail “the university”/ all fear, “not a pandemic (too few to matter)” covid 19.  nano particles

as to universities and I !   mandatory democracy.

The future is determined by every decision that you make: when you discard business, industry, society, everything you need:  TO LIVE IN FEAR.  What then will your future be?

One hundred and forty thousand 360 deaths now at 7/19-2020 divided into 332,600,000 citizens= one death per every 2400 citizens at that count: NOT A PANDEMIC.

IL reporting 7,495 cases as of 7-20-2020 population 12,700,000= one death per 1694 IL citizens considerably more than the nation itself/ in an area considered to be “NOT a hotspot” anywhere in the state. THEY LIE, to enforce “yes we can”. “because they are the superior ones/ and consent of the governed has no meaning to a university diploma”. lets make slaves 3

And that does not include the minimum count of over ten thousand infants, beyond expected deaths: born everyday in this USA; at a growth rate of just one percent. Proving a massive gain for the nation NOT a morgue! for every one person who dies, nine more are born: AND every single one needs water, resources, food, and will be competition for you. You should bear in mind: only ten percent of the allotted beds in any hospital ICU are left open for “emergency like victims”. Which means the whole state of Florida can be made to look far worse than it is. A test is only a test; tracing positive causes has produced nothing but a debt, while fanning the pandemic and intentional distribution of fears. lets make slaves 2

CURRENT; US CENSUS DATA: 332.6 MILLION divided by 127,000= one death per 2,619 CITIZENS. Not a pandemic. As to reported 2.6 million cases of covid: the tests have not been proven reliable; with 80% having no or mild symptoms; and the vast majority of deaths are limited to the old and sick; largest section over 90 years old. As to “ICU beds” being 90% full in some places. The total hospital beds for an ICU under medical/ surgical or, other intensive needs 63,082 at ninety percent filled is 56,774 patients across US; and that does NOT include patients “normally therein”; other than covid related (far less). AGAIN: they have declared “you didn’t follow the rules/ and now you pay”. So in the first part of August 2020: we find out if in fact this is a pandemic or not. BY DEATH COUNT; over and above what is realistically expected anyway. Not a pandemic except to the financial health of a nation and its majority of people.   7-1-2020 lets make slaves

WHY, would universities create a false pandemic, and use propaganda to demand BELIEVE? Answer, because those in power know, the end is coming quickly now; as genetic mutilation drives nature into chaos/ as their stealing is found out, and economies across the world are driven into chaos/ as nuclear fire ignites, and the world itself recognizes we WILL be incinerated/ and MORE critical crisis of all kinds. As has been orchestrated by “university knows” comes down on our heads. Their only defense is: to make humanity war, so they are too busy to recognize their true enemy. rushing to hell 10

Can’t be true? How many trillion dollars do the people who make “biological warfare disease” get? How many more diseases have they prepared, to be released: as reality proves they want to be called “god”. In several places around this world, they have been intentionally making diseases; trying to create vaccines, or medicines to sell. Because that, “is where the real money is”. That is where you get to play god, or savior, and be “king”! Don’t worry, if this one isn’t enough to get everything they want: they have more. And with “crispr” they can easily make life ending diseases “out of just about everything”; with your permission, because every penny you give them for research ends with genetic mutilation of life itself. So, congratulations: you are “the cult, of Satan”. Which simply means: god of the dead/ the damned/ and the terrorized. HELL its ok, after all: once they ignite a nuclear fire, and start burning atoms/ the radiation and heat really will keep you in your grave; or you die instantly. “the university is GREAT”/ now ain’t that so? rushing to hell 9

They promised you, “a brave new world” with genetic research; even though it is a world of death now; they delivered “something new” with your help: you win. They promised to dry every tear; and they will, as reality sets in: and you understand all mercy is now dead, and your coffin does not care/ because you chose the universities to be your god. Congratulations, “you are gods”; just as your cult promised.  rushing to hell bomb detonated

each above could have been war.NO YOU MAY NOT have any indication of evidence, that proves this is not a pandemic: because that would potentially allow a few to think; and the cult of university worship cannot have that, it causes discord when reality intervenes; can’t have that. CONTEXT, as is concurrent with reality: proves not a pandemic, or even close. Keep denying reality, and democracy will be dead; and you will cry, rather than fear. Keep yelling “save every one”;  And the destruction of this USA will be finished. Nature is no game; just like the planet is life or death to us all.   in the nuclear bomb underwater test using 25 kilotons/ the tzar bomb which is 50 megatons= 50,000 times more explosive; and we know, that a one hundred megaton bomb is possible; and in years past I heard it had been tried. oops, university wrong

And people say: “the stock market is doing fine”! Even though a hundred million people are not! They expect to get rich, as every individual smaller competition is forced to surrender their job, their money, their business, their possessions, and even their family; as depression hits.  They are like vultures circling their next meal: they all, figure to get fat. They too: will be surprised, and cry. Leaving only the very rich and powerful in charge of everything: so they can play god with your lives. Prepare, “going over the waterfall of debt” will not be fun: the choice is DEMOCRACY OR A GUN! Gee, what might people do; when they give up: and finish playing, the fool? rushing to hell 8

Covid 19 proves the singular decision of “university knows”: that it is in their mind; the correct decision, to sacrifice all/ for the sake of a tiny few. That it is correct, to gamble with all of nature, or even the planet itself/ if you might get what you want, to prove yourselves “god”. Which is utterly in contrast to everything nature has done, to build this world, and keep it alive. So the decision of the rest of humanity is: do you want university/ or will you save nature and planet, from the arrogance, fantasy, and failures of people who actually believe they can be gods. Because that is what they want. Fail to make the true, corrected choice: and your whole world dies. rushing to hell 7

As to the immediate spike following a major holiday: with “a thousand demands to fear this” as is the bombardment of media propaganda used to enforce: “we are gods over you”. The reality is mass hypnosis: as is you are far more likely to believe what you expect/ than not too. As to the reality itself: it is allergy season, particularly with asthma; that means respiratory distress. Easily believed to be “covid 19” when that is what “everyone expects.” rushing to hell 6

Come august 2020 in this USA we will understand this disease better; due to the claims of infection as propaganda spews. I predict, no great increase, and potentially a decrease; as the reality of the very oldest, and the very weakest are removed: and for no other reason; certainly not “university knows”. It is however a disease, “just like the others”; and the more who have it, the more will get it; and that means more of the weak and very old will be susceptible. As is the reality of nature knows best. I remind you: contrary to university fantasies, “the young need their space, food, water, etc”. Like it, or not! The loss of money caused by: allowing and then denying the right of business to open; simply causes more bankruptcy, proving an insanity leads us. Because we don’t live on air; and all of life, is more than “a single thing”. Which is: the crisis of university ignorance. rushing to hell 5

Today june 29,2020 faced with losing control over society; those who want that power have used media to create a frenzy of “covid 19 is out of control”; its taking the younger people now; enormous infection increases. SO: in about 4 weeks, at the first of August 2020, entirely dependent upon the value of what is going to be the report of deaths at that time. We will then see, to what extent in these outbreak areas: reality will be. You will bear in mind: that in Illinois 3 weeks ago or so: while the nation was reporting one in 3270 deaths (based upon the claim of 327 million people)/ Illinois was reporting one death per 2400 citizens (with no hot-spot in the state) / a one third increase, “because they wanted to prove they were valid in taking over the state”. We will accept that only deaths count: because as reported among the military, those severely wounded or hospitalized are almost never reported. In addition: people demand “lots of women are dying of heart disease: GIVE US YOUR MONEY”: but if you look, “nobody dies of old age anymore”; SO ALL those deaths are reported to be “heart”. And like most fire in a house; they blame it on whatever they like. It is also true: that reporting of the birth rate was changed about twenty years ago. From each year based upon population 3.1%. current to the year/ to the new method of over the last one hundred years; divided by world population increase = .5 percent: because like money, if its just static, it doesn’t add up. Or like money, if you add the interest in monthly, they promise millions over a short time; from just a little input. They don’t want you to know: our time on earth is running out, “from just too many people”/ because that means change. And in particular leadership change; as defined by “university knows”, rules over us all. You should bear in mind: every organization is just people/ NOT “university”. The reality of  it is:  you don’t get a diploma, unless you mimic and believe whatever you are told to believe.  Making a very few people; in charge of everything they all believe. Like Religion; “the book is god”. rushing to hell 4

Reality states: if all lives can’t matter/ until black lives matter. That is ultimately a war cry; and requires separation to achieve. Democracy is: all lives matter, and it does not differentiate to any different “citizen group”. Patriotism then says: accept that as true, and fight with law to establish real democracy; or get out. Reality says; separation can be less than that; but it still requires balance in your purpose, not claims of superiority. This is not “a university, where every fantasy lives”/ this is America in the poverty of failure (as threats of extinction prove); but still here. rushing to hell 3

The foundation of racism is this: that you made me do, what I did not want to do/ as opposed to the other side which says: you came demanding me, to change my life for you/ to give you, what I worked so hard for, and need, so I can give to my own children, “what I want”. The removal of racism is this: “build your own/ and be with your own people”/ while the other side says: “I want more, and we can’t get more, unless you move over and give us access to what we need”. While the truth says: in a world of 8 billion people, “there is no more” to make you rich/ and that means, this will not be resolved with money; because more is not an answer. The greater the competition, the greater the agitation: which causes people to judge each other/ and when judged, the next steps will always move to violence: because competition is an irritant. The reality of male leadership is: those who fail, turn and whisper: “lets just take theirs”. THEREFORE the only true course of action we have as a world: is to accept limited capitalism (to remove excess power from the few, by our own vote); and produce a more justified and friendly world for ourselves. The consequence: we use world law and world policing through members of all nations, gathered together as one. To enforce our law, onto those we allow to be our leaders; making them responsible for failure, using them as the gauge for actions to bring those people to trial: rather than a war with nations, and all that destroys. That ends half of your employment; because it is war related; and you will move to rebuild this earth instead, because of all that you have destroyed. That means: CHANGE EVERYWHERE. claims 2

The curse of media is: whatever they like, can be spread as if it were the worst pandemic possible. The consequences becoming grim; because of a few people who believe they are right. That is not democracy/ nor is it legal, to take away freedoms or liberty. What is legal is: to establish as a state by state/ local decision, by creating the news (least decisive position possible; where only the evidence by investigation exists). So that each set of people can decide for themselves. WE THE PEOPLE WILL DECIDE FOR OURSELVES! While the liars will say that is not enough; they are reminded, across this world/ across this nation/ across every state, and every boundary line; are people who will be infected with a disease including, but not limited to covid 19. That makes containment impossible/ and that means to destroy an economy while you cry “I don’t want to die”: the work of fools. Reality will prove what covid 19 will do/ but like the flu; and even similar to the flu; the foundation of assuming a cure is highly unlikely. The vaccines of the past: were simplified observations, established by nature, in a slightly altered state. After mutilating all of nature, poisoning the air, water, land, food, throwing pharmaceuticals in your bodies as if it were candy/ lasers, radiation, and a thousand more examples of humanity did this to itself. There is no possibility for a simple solution; as there are many more examples of a pandemic; or even real ones coming. Get use to it; and that means accept the risk/ be realistic/ and get on with your life. claims

As to the growing bankruptcy of this entire nation: it is a domino effect/ that will take out far more than expected. Gee, I wonder which foreigner will take your home, business, land; even your child’s inheritance, through reverse mortgage, “for just a tiny bit of american currency; that is in fact worthless“?  You as Americans are the new Palestine:  your property is being sold to foreigners who hide like Israel did in corporate entities. With money, your leaders gave them to do it with; and media knows! The reality is very simple: EITHER YOU CONTROL THE BANKS/ AND LIMIT FORECLOSURE/ AND ESTABLISH: IF I AM DENIED ACCESS TO MY BUSINESS OR WORK OR MONEY. THEN YOU ARE DENIED ACCESS TO CONTROL OVER DEBTS CAUSED BY THAT WHICH WAS IMPOSED UPON ME.

U.S. Nominal GDP: $21.44 trillion – U.S. GDP (PPP): $21.44 trillion. The U.S. has retained its position of being the world’s largest economy since 1871. The size of the U.S. economy was at $20.58 trillion in 2018 in nominal terms and is expected to reach $22.32 trillion in 2020.

One trillion dollars equals ten thousand dollars per each of one hundred million people. Or more distinctly: in order for the US to achieve a 22 trillion dollar economy: THERE MUST BE, either inflation (somebody gets to spend it: NOT you or me)! OR, each of one hundred million workers must contribute $220,000.00 two hundred and twenty thousand personally, to the economy. Or it cannot be so.  Media knew; but has been dismantled by the US supreme court (in direct rebellion against this USA); when they gave control over all reporting and ownership of mainstream media, to a very tiny few. THE OWNER, by the editor: decides! Or, more distinctly: everything under “university knows, control” as is everything in this USA of size: has been or is being destroyed, by the tragedy of historical constants. “let the rich, own it all”. The effects upon this world; everything they have done to destroy this USA; has been significant, and will soon be finished as well; to their shame, they curse you, on purpose.human changes

The only chance you get to save this nation; FOR YOURSELVES; is to take control over government as we the people demanding first amendment legal rights:  THE AUTHORITY, BY CONSTITUTIONAL DECREE;  to demand a public legal accounting of what is true, and what is not. To determine who has, and who has not obeyed their oath of office, and sold us throughout the decades, into chaos is coming. Believe or prove the facts: just remember “too damn late/ will become forever, too damn late”. With consequences beyond what you can accept was worth the price. WE DO HAVE POWER AS A DEMOCRACY; with law/ by remembering, every employee of government; is just another neighbor; and he or she “ain’t god”. devil 14

The constant reality of, an attacking army is:  overtaking and overpowering the people of any society requires; you must make them fear/ to insist of hidden dangers everywhere/ to remove their job, friends, family, religion, work options, and then make them homeless or so far indebted now; ain’t never getting out.

While the range of symptoms for the two viruses is similar, the fraction with severe disease appears to be different. For COVID-19, data to date suggest that 80% of infections are mild or asymptomatic, 15% are severe infection, requiring oxygen and 5% are critical infections, requiring ventilation. These fractions of severe and critical infection would be higher than what is observed for influenza infection. devil 13

Removing hope, to make them beggars: so that some will erupt in violence. America is being changed/ being cursed:  by the violence, of fear: the assertion of a pandemic (the population is decreasing: 1000 or a few more are dying per day, than expected. MOST OVER SIXTY) that does not exist as a pandemic; in a nation of over 327 million. Roughly 25,000 new infants  arrive, to take their place; in this USA per day. The rebel army {is it not an invasion of everything you think, do, say, work, family, friend, religion, organization, laws, rights, foundations of existence, homes, business, industry, and more?} intent upon crucifying democracy [YOU have no rights/ YOU have no say; just fear, or we make you believe; with endless propaganda] says “cry for your grandpa”/  I say:  cry for your children, as soon life ends for us all. We CANNOT survive, THE THREATS universities have made. Reality says, cry for yourselves “(not me); It is reasonable to expect soaring numbers of suicide victims when the stats finally come in. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans killed themselves over 48,000 times in 2018, or one victim every 11 minutes. At present, statistics for 2020 are not available, though trends tell us a huge spike in self-killing can be expected. Early data from the Disaster Distress Helpline reports a 338% increase in call volume in March 2020, when government mandates went into effect, compared to February.

Having investigated my share of suicides in Miami over 30 years (hundreds), I learned that the majority are brought about by enormous despair whether from medical illness, addiction or emotional distress. Losing jobs, self-support, loved ones, personal freedom and basics like food and shelter with no relief in sight are certain triggers. When the numbers are counted, I’m sure we will see a sharp spike in self-killings in 2020 — the ultimate escape.”

Comorbidities  cdc:

Table 4 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). For 7% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.5 additional conditions or causes per death. The number of deaths with each condition or cause is shown for all deaths and by age groups. For data on comorbidity,  Click here to download.

Because then the clamor is: WE MUST TAKE AWAY THEIR WEAPONS seems necessary. Because without weapons “to pay you back”/ the powerful can massacre anyone they want; as is the constant of genocide, and more. Such is the reality of fears, and power taking control through covid 19. A nation lost, because you believe the solution is, as you are told with endless propaganda: to give the powerful complete control, and believe anything they say. Fortunately, as with all “blitzkrieg”; the preparations have already been made: endless amounts of american currency has been given away to foreigners/ and they will be more than happy enough, to completely own America; as you are forced out.its not really that those in charge of university hate you with absolute contempt; its much more, they are just EXTREMELY arrogant and selfish!” And what better way to prove that contempt, than to take your nation away. After all, they didn’t get everything they wanted in public schools.  With million mile long flames, the sun inside is entirely theory;  like all theories “they can be entirely wrong”; but they are betting our entire world, on such drivel as a graviton PURE FANTASY

So, before I go away; I leave you with the most likely scenario: the university elite all want to take over America, and have nearly succeeded/ what is left, is to remove “the white man” from all forms of power (NOW WE OWN IT); which is now by covid 19 an insurgency that will accomplish that as fact.  cdc  For example, in a population where the prevalence is 5%, a test with 90% sensitivity and 95% specificity will yield a positive predictive value of 49%. In other words, less than half of those testing positive will truly have antibodies. The university feeling safe; because “they are gods”. The white man then looks at his weapons, and falls into civil war, and the nation itself falls apart. The universities are attacked: and they know where all the toxic and terrifying chemicals are/ having endless biological weapons: the gods fight back. Having a nuclear arsenal: the white man fights back. And the world waits to plunder; but then finds itself without choice, because of all the damage that has been done/ and all the horror that has been done to the planet. And the only reality left as is extinction; if the people trying to ignite a nuclear fire do not achieve it first/ as is the prediction of Revelation. A “million mile long flame” as is on the sun (same energy source; igniting the moon)/ will evict the atmosphere/ kill everything with radiation above ground/ suck up the oceans for fuel as it burns the bond in atoms/ and the gravity released by the fire; will draw in the moon to collide with this planet. Gee, what else could go wrong? Oh well, at least there is the rapture: which by all accounts of reality will be, “they got sucked into the flame”. But don’t worry, the people who are “the university”; will surely save you from little things like that; cause “they’re gods”. Right!  LET IT BURN

As to my work, which follows: and reports the news that is important to society, to life and earth: NOT ONE single thing is intended to make you fear: “its just information you deserve to know”. Because if you panic and hide or run away: our world will be lost. We cannot run from reality: because truth cannot be dismissed, without creating fear. And fear, lets the predators run free. Fear is like cancer to the mind! But the cost of believing is: The politician discards constitutional law, injures declaration of independence intent, and assumes an authority not provided to our employees in democracy itself: each of those is a treasonable offense/ and can be prosecuted as such. The universities are not “nobility, as they believe (superior)”/ not gods (consequences exist, even for them)/ and not entitled to “yell fire” in a crowd (not king or queen): without consequences for being wrong, or the damage they create. Neither has media the right to assume: “the universities are god (believe don’t question)”/ and propagate that fear, without true understanding as presented to the public by facts; is as consistent with “news (you decide)”. The fact most prominent is: that one hundred thousand more than expected dead: out of 327+ million people. Is only one per 3270 people/ and that is NOT a pandemic. OR more correctly, it is not one hundred thousand dead, that matters (life requires death, or time ends). Instead:  it is only  0.00327 percent of the population, that experience lethal. Or more distinctly necessary, because just in this America: six months of time adds, roughly another 5,000,000 infants born/ water, food, etc is not a fantasy. Not even in the mind of a fool. What I report as news however is important: and does have every right to be propagated in stronger terms than covid 19. because it can be proven: life or death in fact/ for our world. Not because I say so: because the cost of being WRONG, literally proves the gamble being taken. The critical purpose: is then prove truth or lie/ not by believing what you are told: but by the evidence  the biosphere 2 project below; “a self contained space ship”; to prove men could do it/ failed in six months due to oxygen starvation 7 people 7 million cubic feet. plans for too much oxygen/ NO PLAN for lack of oxygen; due to consumption/ and co2NO OXYGEN 2

Throughout the last forty years or so; the cult worshipers of “university is god”/ have denied or feared the simple words: if the sun produces heat by turning hydrogen into helium/ THEN WHERE is the helium? Because if every sun made helium, “with every btu/ the universe would be full of helium; and It is one of the rarest elements known to exist. Important because the demand to ignite the same energy source as powers the sun (a nuclear fire) GAMBLES our entire planet, and every single life; on the assumption “the universities cannot be wrong.” once a single ignition has occurred; this earth can become a sun. Unless of course you believe they’re other “two big ideas”; that a fantasy element “graviton” is, fifteen times bigger than lead exists (equivalent too: a one inch marble/ becomes a fifteen inch beach ball OR, in another way, ten pounds of lead, is one hundred and fifty pounds of “graviton”)/ and all the entire sun can be “burning” from the inside out; and still remain on fire billions of years later. As is the summary of that assertion: “its not really burning anything for fuel”. That would of course mean “the sun is a perpetual motion machine”. OR, the radiation the sun releases doesn’t matter here; because they want “to play god” (worry about it later). That radiation proves it is burning fuel; and does have a definable lifespan: that is not billions of years. NO OXYGEN

The simple truth here is: no, you need not believe me; I only asked for forty years that you investigate and prove what is true/ BEFORE GAMBLING with all of nature, life, the future, and earth. With a resounding NO, you proved your truth. As to belief itself; you are free to believe anything you want; even the brainless cult religion called evolution cannot be turned away; just because it is less than worthless. After all, people who believe they can build a body of life, “just one piece at a time”; have no concept of reality; and without reality, they have no functioning brain. A religious zealot, “belief is all I need/ evidence and truth be damned”. What you cannot do, is gamble with all of nature/ all of earth/ all in the oceans/ all resources destroyed/ and basically everything the universities do: as that produces extinction, when every chain of life dies. Every threat of this will kill our world, comes true. Past the point of no return; truth/ belief/ or lie becomes completely irrelevant; as there will be no turning back. LUNGS

OR, how about the truth that is provable: all atomic energy is found in its spin/ as there is no other possibility for containment of that energy known to be there. A spin so extreme as to create an atomic bomb; the instantaneous release of “4 million times more energy than chemical ignition”. A spin, that cannot be invaded to make a different element. A spin equivalent to electron speed, or greater: because an electron cannot go faster than the force which made it move. yes you can understand/ no, you cannot react or make any decision on your own: because the universities own your heart, and your soul.” thereby the world is lost/ you gave it away, to your belief; the university is god. The media, will NEVER let you forget; or search for life: as they are the priests of “university knows”. EVERYTHING BUT TRUTH

Our earth, as in this planet: will soon be “Auschwitz”/ where the burning of humanity, and the waiting to die was made clear: a choice you did not have. The ignition of a nuclear fire will be that same thing for this world; only there will be just one ending; because our earth will become a sun. Yet not a single word asking for an investigation can be found in you: because the evidence, or what can be proven true or false; does not matter to a religious zealot. Cult leaders quash you;  They simply believe. They simply say: the university diploma is god, and cannot be that wrong. Even though their assertions are about the sun; and you should know, “they cannot actually study it/ without creating it here”. Nothing but theory, about a fire with proven solar flares that can erupt OFF THE SURFACE of that sun; spewing fire for about 12,000,000 miles. So, perfect knowledge, OR die; is true. Because there will clearly be NO second chances. While the constant propaganda teams, continually assault with “fear/ fear/ fear; believe only the university”; and all the nobility continually cry, “we are superior to you/ we are gods here; OBEY”. As they have done throughout all of history. To insure you do not think for yourself. “why worry”; you can only die once? Well, those who intentionally destroy an entire living world, because they believe in “false gods”: might not get off so easy, so says religion; is that not so!  And all the people lie to themselves, proclaiming “we believe”; in the universities (your former classmates, “as gods”) brave new world. As they run to hide in the closet of their own soon to be “burning house”; hero or coward. As is our, soon to be dead world. One single second too late; and all hope is gone. Whether you like that or not, it is true! Religion says, “the bible is god”; but even though Revelation can now be understood; they don’t want reality to be true; and hide like all the rest. HUMANS

Oh wait, I know: you are certain “I DON’T have any right to make you afraid”! After all, “you just want what you want”. Not to worry, the final phase of construction on www.iter.org is all but over/ and they must soon “do the experiment”; because there is no choice; unless the people revolt. Other machines can ignite a nuclear fire; but that one is made, and intended; for excessive fuel inputs. A trillion dollars cannot be spent without “a try”; they will do it. So the truth by the evidence is: I DON’T make you afraid/ they do, and all the machines and more which universities do; are your core fear/ not me. I am simply “reporting the news”! CURSES

WHY, is this machine singled out? Because it is there “NO MORE EXCUSES”; this is going to be a major power plant; one way or the other. Not “just another experiment”; but the one they say, “no more fusion”; we will ignite this FIRE in plasma. And when more than 50 million megawatts of electrical energy is transferred into “4 million times more” as is their own statement. IT WILL BE a never ending plasma they create, WHICH WILL BE: SELF SUSTAINING; as is the sun. So, don’t worry; just a little longer/ and you’re world; your child; your life; is dead.  NO, the ozone hole has NOT gone away.OZONE

This is NOT “just a bomb”/ this is the intent to create the same fire as is on the sun; as is their own description. Here on earth! Take a look at your sun: and ask the question WILL THEY CONTROL IT? Because NO, is the end of this earth/ even a change in this solar system itself by adding another sun. The risk is simple: there is NO bigger abomination (satanic arrogance); humanity can do. Literal life or death to this world; in a single instant of choice! YOUR EVERYTHING: without exception, so what then will you do? No second chances for you either: now or never. Another critical question is: WHAT ABOUT ALL THE RADIATION, we know this type of energy will release/ more than enough to kill you without planetary protections; from 91+ million miles away. Right here on earth, and not even a lead shield. So, even if it works; it will be death, for a thousand miles around it/ and every other experimental reaction chamber built, or being built. But that doesn’t matter; cause you know, “they will fix it later”. A completely dead, uninhabitable city, and way beyond (as if an atomic bomb went off, that only killed life. Well unless you account for an instantaneous 4 million times expansion: “could that be a bomb”? No, surely not; they are gods) after one single ignition event. “small price to pay, right”? Hell don’t worry, your making lots of money right. So what if you can’t spend it. CO2 2

IF YOU ASK: your university gods, will tell you they don’t need to worry about the “energy release”/ because there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire. So they made up fantasy elements (no proof) to make that work. I SAY: that when breaking the bond in an atom slowly burning the energy; just like a molecular fire here on earth. The release of that bond is kinetic (push) and dark energy (pull); as no energy can be sustained in an atom without balance. That fact proves a dark energy exists in the atom itself/ and thereby provides the gravity of the sun. if they are wrong/ YOU ARE DEAD. The laws of physics prove I am right: don’t do it! CO2

Your university gods are wrong in many other ways as well: for instance, they claim to measure speed and distance in this universe by measuring the red shift of stars. But stars, in a galaxy are known to circle only their central black hole. Which means their circular pattern always stays within the galaxy; and there are no galaxies, that can be measured in this universe. Proving their claim of age is baseless.  OIL SPILLS

I don’t ask you to believe anything; don’t believe me either, as I am irrelevant to the reality of our truth. That the evidence will prove, life on earth will soon come to an end; because of what people chose to do/ and what their leadership chose to believe. Only the evidence matters; nothing is so dramatic and clear within that statement; as is the intent to ignite what is clearly by, “ALL, the evidence of reality” a nuclear fire. What is clearly the source of gravity; as is an atom cannot contain itself in spin: unless another equal or greater opposing force (dark energy) holds it in balance. Nearly every claim of knowledge provided by universities; is pure fantasy: and they built trillion dollar machines to ignite a fire that cannot be extinguished; which makes the truth of ignition literally a one time event. No going back/ no learning from mistakes/ no life on earth; because it will be incinerated. Simple and plain: a fire as biblically predicted; that will end life on earth. Because arrogance, apathy, pride, and power refused to accept truth. On a planet where all the rest said: “we would rather be animals, than learn, investigate, ( NOT, even the clear risk of our planet dying) or change”. EXTINCTION HUMAN CAUSED

Obviously, the universities which comprise one or a few people who make all the decisions in any specific field/ cannot be wrong or subject to question; “cause they are gods” you know. But consider this, women in particular are targeted “all dying of heart disease”; GIVE US YOUR MONEY. Yet they fail to mention, the common patient, who dies of heart disease, is over 70 years old/ and very few die of heart trouble at any time before. Alas they removed old age as a cause of death: but not to worry, so that you can protect your own interests, and make a wise decision with your money and your fears; “we all know that media, will inform you of any such truth”. Because you deserve to know, and “that is what they do/ right”? The courts would never choose to protect power. The politician would never choose to protect their benefactors. Actors wouldn’t choose themselves over truth; cause we all know “they can’t be greedy, or wrong/ they are the nobility”. Don’t worry, at least they are tracking animals and all creatures: so that when any little human distress comes, their extinction will follow. EXTINCTION

And of course the university diploma is worth “an extra million dollars”; because they took over the banks, media, government, industry, all the hiring and firing of employees, and everything they could touch. Leaving us all, with a nation defined by debts that cannot be paid/ assets claimed at over 220 trillion dollars/ infrastructure abandoned; foreign nations well subsidized/ and trillions spent on every toy, trinket, or trophy they could think of. But who could ask for more; “let’s go to the moon; the university diploma needs a welfare check”. Well at least, they didn’t spend all our money on the military and war: right?

Well at least we can depend on media, because they would tell us what we need to know: like when newly marketed diabetes medicines were a thousand dollars a month/ the old medicines which people did use for over thirty years with no real troubles; only cost about $30 a month. Thank god they never choose the money; now ain’t that so? Or back when Reagan sold all the gold in Fort Knox: “they told you that, didn’t they”; cause they knew, I told the major news sources; no excuse.

Thank goodness: doctors are perfect, and never choose to be greedy/ universities never lie/ and women have no flaws”; or all these threats of extinction might be real! Wouldn’t that be a terrible surprise; “well at least, we don’t have to care”. Nothing bad can happen if we all agree: “WE DON’T want that”. After all: “some of us paid the damn insurance bill, called religion”/ and that is good enough for an entire world. Period, we demand it/ cause they paid; so we are OWED. “let god” pay the bill /now ain’t that right? After all religion promises, as in the Christian religion: “just say JESUS a few times” and your good/ eternity is owed to you too”/ wait or wait, don’t forget to pay the preacher: even so, its free! Or the Jews, who say we must have money; we pay for our “heaven”. Follow the rules, and you are owed.

Or how about another religion that promises men “they can have seventy virgins; just for playing along, if you sacrifice; then you get all the wealth & freedom, they can imagine: for an eternity of sloth and laziness; and all the things men hate about other men/ but want for themselves”. Apparently women remain slaves; since men own them; I wonder if that is fair/ well who gives a damn; right! Or another religion that promises you can come back as anything you earned. “Because life is mine, and even if the body has to be surrendered: YOU CAN’T steal my life, because its mine/ I own it”. I just have to come back as something else. Or another which demands: have a lot of children, so they can be your slaves, and make you fat, and lazy. Obviously, there is nothing to fear from reality or eternity; well unless you are a woman/ because the religions of men; belong to men, and you know what that means. Apparently women don’t have a GOD ? Which is odd, considering without women/ female of life: there is no life? I wonder if men could be wrong!

Well that, is just a stupid question: because obviously, the “heaven” men want; is going to be whatever they want; OR it can’t be “their heaven”. Nobody gets to argue with want; because whatever “I want, or don’t want”/ is my right; you can’t refuse me that! I AM OWED, cause I want it/ LIFE owes me that much; because someone else got something I wanted; or, I didn’t get everything I wanted: and that ain’t fair. So, “heaven means”; now I get to be god/ therefore I get what I want, forever. Because nobody can stop me now.

The true value of life, is not so simple as “animal wants”. The foundation of eternity is: that you must be something of value, in a world that will not rule over you. Or more simply: unless you can rule over yourself, in a way the presents truth, love, trust, thought, courage, honor, and respect; eternity has no place for you. It is not “simply safe”; as that has no responsibility demanded of you. When this fails, life gets lazy; and living becomes “the least” it can be. So, there is risk and reward: to keep you awake, and vital to the task of being whatever you can create your own life to be. Want is at its core, the fundamental failure of humanity/ because it drives all things that are not based upon truth. As for me: I have completed the work, given to me. Everything left, of life or death to this planet: is a work assigned to you!

Do you have a brain? Obviously not, or none of this would be true. As is: everything threatening is true;  but you have proven to be “a cult (only the leader, has a brain)”. So you can’t know what you know. that is blasphemy; “you don’t have a brain”. YOU must simply believe what you are told; by your gods at “university knows”. They own the knowledge/ you own “slave”; its perfect. Don’t bother to answer; you have no brain or rights or reality of solution. They own it all; cause compared to you: they are gods. After all, NOBODY could threaten an entire planet of life/ and even the solar system itself:  WITHOUT BEING gods! Even if it is god of DEATH/ “its still god, and you can’t do it”; so they win.  As proven losers, you have no say.

It is unfortunate but true; you seem to have chosen the perfect epitaph for humanity on earth; by believing in covid 19. Scared to death of your own shadow, discarding your own face, work, friends, life, home, job, future: “to be safe”. We won’t challenge anything; because we believe. Even when the reality of numbers proves by the evidence: this is not a pandemic; in a world of 8 billion people. A world growing at 3% per year; as it did throughout the twentieth century. Which is nearly a quarter of a billion new mouths to feed per year. “Just another reality, that threatens certain extinction”. But you don’t care: because the television didn’t tell you to think. They tell you to believe, “the universities got this”. Even though that is utterly untrue, unless their true intent is to destroy this whole world with chaos (their chosen, “evolutionary god”).

To RISE UP, MEANS: to rise up by using the law to demand an investigation/ by using democracy to create the laws that you need for society/ by describing justice, is a value; NOT a ruler. We have legal rights, and we have a well defined obligation to determine our own future: BY UNDERSTANDING the facts of this day. NOT simply believing whatever the cult, any media, or any leader simply tells us to believe. BY OUR VOTE AS WE THE PEOPLE, we are owners here. BY OUR DEMOCRACY, through law; we shape the society we then call to be “our own truth”. We own the right, to change our democracy through constitutional purposes; and cannot be denied that option, by our employees. No matter who they are, they are OUR employees.

NO, the television hasn’t told you, to question what you think on this: they can’t. Because the constant media religious zealot cult worshiper, who propagates anything the universities say; cannot question their gods. That, would be blasphemy; a zealot believes/ therefore they know; they are not allowed, nor do they want “to think, question, or investigate”. That ruins belief! And you as the cult of university is god; is as they say, “just a herd of animals(we can’t all be wrong, so long as we all do and believe the very same thing like other religions: the university is god)”. Anyone who says different, is a curse! Even though religion is “trickle down”; meaning from a tiny beginning it spreads “like a pandemic/ or by value”. So everyone; is just a tiny few; “who believe”! Making extinction certain. OR, TRUTH is obvious and accepted by the evidence. Alas, none of truth is the game the universities play; as the consequences of playing god, “we believe”/ without being GOD; are horrendous, as the evidence does prove. But as all children of the cult damned, demand: we want what we want, and nothing else. NO, I can’t fight with you; as your constant defense is simply “to ridicule me”; to use me for an excuse to avoid the evidence of what is already proven true. To deny the consequences of being WRONG; I am discarded by all forms of leadership; and the people fear, because they don’t want reality to be true. YOU hate change, unless it guarantees you MORE. Alas, the only thing that survives is truth. Lies do not, not even as a planet. Your population guarantees you less; and only a slight chance to survive;  unless you become true to life itself. NO small thing.

Nobody leads a true democracy! Democracy means CHOICE; and choice requires a commitment to being informed; to understanding the decision in all its conceptions; and to agree, we must accept what is true to our reality, and the decision we made as we the people to accept our duty: for liberty, which CANNOT be void of a future, or a gamble of any kind, which threatens extreme consequences for being WRONG. TO BE INFORMED MEANS; nobody gets to “tell us what we think”/ there are no experts! There is only the truth of evidence, by critical investigation without prejudice; and what we then choose for ourselves. To understand means: one hundred years and beyond is part of the acceptance: called our choice.

There is little room to doubt; a new disease has been found, after all “university knows” has been poisoning the water/ mutilating the food/ making biological weapons/ putting radiation everywhere/ shoving people full of dangerous chemical compounds with every pharmaceutical/ propagating the “universities are god”/ distributing “let’s all mutilate something”/ crucifying life, and all of nature with genetic research/ changing life, government, education, work, currency, courts, media, entertainment, children, and literally everything they can touch; for over fifty years “with vigor”. The fact something escaped the laboratory, or as with so many things; was simply put outside in the hopes of creating chaos in nature and in life; is not a surprise. Not to worry, now they get their funding/ now they replace you with robots (got to do it)/ now they remove all supervision/ and now they pretend “opening Pandora’s box of horrors” is just a game they deserve to play. As is the beginning of Armageddon; which does mean, “nature in chaos”. Not to worry cult worshipers will sacrifice; but alas, “cut your arm/ lose your face/ destroy your family/ curse your nation/ or cost an entire world its life in time”; will not bring LIFE OR PLANET back “to the living”. Because you chose, to throw it away; by letting the universities play god. To your shame, you are their slaves. Even so: no proof of a pandemic exists/ merely the introduction of another disease; that did not exist until the universities made it exist/ not to worry “its worth a few trillion dollars”. So its all good: right? After all: according to university religion, called evolution (chaos is your creator), everything complex: should be broken down to its simplest possible elements/ “so their god of destruction” can rule over life and planet. “what, could go wrong”/ all hail the university. complete delusion 2

complete delusion

Don’t worry about reality: you can buy counterfeit US coin currency, right from the TV; even though that is constitutionally illegal. Because the university knows, “only fantasies need to rule; let’s all play god”. Reality ruins “the game”, when you must be fair. Don’t worry, the universities have already filled their pockets “with all the numbers, toys, trinkets, pensions, trophies, and anything else they wanted”. (just add another decimal). So they will be good; right? Even igniting the planet with a ten million degree fire/ with million mile long flames/ that burns your skin from 94 million miles away in summer/ with radiation even at that distance which kills without protection: can’t possible hurt “a university diploma”, cause they’re gods. Don’t do nothing; isn’t that right?

Throughout history, people have marched and protested and destroyed to prove they were upset; never to change anything, but access/ we listen, we care, no more! So war breaks out, “to change something”/ only it takes control over humanity, and tries to destroy everything, including self and society. The animal wants, and then it wants more, and then it takes more than environment can offer; and now the mobs arise to prove, “somebody has to die/ or move”; on both sides. Which is why there are groups (herds of people) identified by a trait that can be seen: to divide the war. Which then confronts those who don’t want war, and they become traitors to one group or the other: because they are superior/ why is irrelevant. The animal trainers of university decision: form an insurgency, as they are “the spoiled children” who never grew up; because universities are the land or training centers of, delusions are best. The demand is simple: “we must rule/ and be rulers, because we are gods (compared to them)”. A constant in all firmly established religions. These religious conceptions are then granted cult status by believers accepting delusions can work/ when in fact, a fantasy is just a “fancy lie”. And lies never work for life to achieve its best; only truth does that. The curse of religion/ the reality of university (same), is a herd: just believe, don’t question nothing/ do, think, say, what you are told. NEVER investigate “your gods”. Because if you do; as is university, they won’t be found “as gods of life (savior)/ but death (destroyers)”. And that causes the herd to be fallible and afraid of itself. So the herd says: NEVER question or investigate, “our gods”/ because the herd is more important than being “right/ truthful/ or fair”. Therefore whatever force is necessary to maintain the herd, is accepted by the majority voice in the herd; because failing that, war is being formed. The cost of life is competition/ the cost of competition is a dwindling resource base/ the cost of resource losses that are too high; will be war/ because we cannot all survive here, as we are. So protests form, and lines are drawn, and small amounts of violence erupt: and war looms large and inevitable. Because the end result is: WE WANT MORE, AND THERE IS NO MORE/ unless the others give back some of theirs. And they all figure “I WON IT FAIR AND SQUARE”; AND I WANT MORE TOO. Nonetheless, if you never even tried, or assumed anything other than “to do your best”/ you have no one to blame but yourself. But alas, far beyond that day:  we are at the breaking point on earth; as it applies to every single truth of reality; that keeps us all alive. Extreme human population growth means: YOU CANNOT fix this problem or dissolve this war, without TRUE population control. YOU CANNOT HAVE MORE, because the resources being used are finite/ and humanity is buried in its own trash, proving “the fool, cannot stop”. OR MORE SIMPLY; this earth is dead, and every life lost; because people chose that over life and happiness; “by being animals of time, instead of alive in truth called Creation”. Alive requires you to accept reality, and respect the truth of what evidence will reveal: thereby accepting the limits and boundaries of what can and cannot be done/ whether you like it, or not. As is the cost of life itself. Want is a coffin, your decision to discard the earth as universities have taught/ is the end of our existence; by a thousand different methods of failure and fantasy that the universities have provided. Including: the collapse of nature through genetic mutilation/ the release of nuclear fire, as turns this earth into a sun/ the loss of resource/ poisoning/ pollution/ disease explosions/ weapons of mass destruction/ ocean life lost/ every chain of living destroyed/ habitat failure/ global warming/ atmospheric disconnection from the planet/ oxygen depletion from fire/ food sourcing collapse/ world wide financial collapse/ the horror of “university can play god”; and more. To your own eternal shame, for allowing such disrespect and destruction to occur; as they all screamed, “no consequences, for us”. The consequence will be extinction; because that is what you chose, to let them do; by playing god, in a fantasy of lies and delusion.

Without an enemy, you cannot have a war/ and all things fall too, the truth: of what you can and did or did not do for yourselves or your world. With an enemy, the door opens to hate/ stealing/ lying/ cheating/ disrespect and ridicule/ “its all your fault, even though we are equal”/ and I don’t have to be responsible for myself, or the things I chose; because I can blame you. Without fear, there is NO excuse for power, and no one follows or believes; because freedom becomes important. Without power, there are no leaders; because no army, nor major enemy can be formed or found. With true law, the value of life, and living is written. With enforcement of that law: the creation of democracy exists, as the truth of what we can and will be. But without reality by its own truth leading the way; there is only fantasy to hide the cost of what is being done. Fantasy is a delusion hiding the lies of many, under an intentional blanket of confusion. Truth has no enemies, only liars. Liars have no friends, because they worship power over you more. The enemy of life, is a foundation that cannot be sustained; because the inevitable reality is: this becomes our road to extinction. And humanity says: “this is easy, so let’s travel it for awhile anyway”/ but being easy, they hide from truth, and pretend the universities are god, and will keep the foundations of living from being true, “for us”. As all liars do, they will fail; because truth cannot be defeated/ it will return, as if it never left. Only the price goes up.

Every liar is a judge, in his or her own heart. That ultimately means, you have claimed the right “to play god”. The cost of that decision, “is a piece of value in you, in life itself; is lost”/ the price of life for, someone else diminished [the question: is this worth fighting for]. Because there is no foundation for playing god, you measure and accept; “worthless or less, to me (claiming to then, be god over a life)”. That is a violence that leads beyond hate. REALITY then reminds you: Let the law decide, protect the law so that it is fair, choose justice where you can, be at peace within the law; because there is no other way for society to exist. Failure Excuses hate, and brings what war will do. Just like the refusal to accept what is true, brings war instead. Truth decides, or realities will die.

One hundred thousand people died; in a nation of 327 million plus undocumented people; equals not more than one per every 3,270 individuals. 80% or so being of extremely old age or sickness. Pushes your “healthy” chances of dying into the less than one in ten thousand area. In contrast a 3% birth rate; constant throughout the twentieth century equals 9,810,000 new births in this nation this year: wanting food, water, resources and more. And what do you know; people quit dying of flu, old age, food poisoning, etc. To achieve a pandemic status, more people must die than are being born: zero population growth. In this world today, that means ONE QUARTER OF A BILLION PEOPLE PER YEAR/ must die, to even consider it a pandemic. The difference between a traitor and those who make a mistake is: the traitor continues to insist you must believe. The difference between life or death for this planet and its future is: those who betray you, are focused on only “one little thing”.

The foundation of all wants, or don’t want: is an animal lives in or for this. As is: “nothing truly matters, but look or listen to me”/ life is nothing but what I want or don’t want; because everything is about me/ without wants, life has died; it has no value/ without want, I have no cause to live; I am lost. Because being human relies upon accepting truth will decide/ not want. An animal, is either predator or prey/ a human being, rises above the simplicity; to achieve thought. Where there is thought, love to build/ or hate to destroy; will exist. Love extends the decision to share because we care, to all life that will not destroy it. That is a courage, a value established beyond self. Whereas hate hides itself, until the moment of destruction; so as to damage even more. Love builds from hope/ hate chooses fear, and falls inside it; because they know what vengeance would do. Want forms depression, because this is all there is. Love discovers passion, and ascends within desire to achieve truth within the elemental passage that is your own soul. Nothing is so elementally true, as is the miracle of life itself. Where passion by the evidence of its love exists, the future of life remains “within that miracle”. Respect knows your truth itself, will remain “established, even beyond death; as love or hate, or animal”. Love is, the single greatest treasure (life is worth living) in this universe. Hate digs graves, including its own; because there is no true value in its survival.

The cost of policing is: failed university instructions/ too much, separation from society itself/ and fear. Fear and the failure of respect; gets people killed on both sides. None of which can be resolved by simply blaming a police department or its workers; because the decision to weaponize society, makes all aware of the cost to be wrong. “a two edged sword” cuts both ways.

Treason, is the intent to lie/ while doing grave harm: $3 trillion dollars=$30,000.00 per each of 100,000,000 people of new debt. The bribe is $1200.00 “to help you”/ while someone else gets, the other $28,800.00. Fantasy merely delays, and enlarges the destruction called: truth.

In America; the foundation of actual work produces between 3-4 trillion dollars/ all the rest that is claimed (search GDP) is a promise to pay, an illusion of work “only with numbers”; producing debts, that cannot be paid. As is true of many nations today; claims of ownership, by the numbers of money, as are an insurgency stealing from life. By allowing just a few, in charge of the counterfeiting currency by claiming an a rise in assets valuation. The reality occurs: To buy, and thereby will control everything; because property control is “the nation”. Like Israel did to Palestine; the numbers of money along with bribes that seemed better than reality: so Palestine laid back to enjoy the ride. Only to find: Israel had secretly, bought their nation back; one piece at a time. The plague of humanity is “yes we can”/ the cost being yes you did create war. The reality: you cannot survive the changes you have made: fail to correct your tragedies against life and planet or you will go extinct; soon! I am not your savior/ I am a messenger telling you; change NOW, or you will be extinct forever. Because what is true of the evidence, condemns you to inescapable catastrophe/ or dramatic change now. Get up, and do whatever you can do; because your “university worship”; has led you to this edge of extinction. CHANGE that too, and find truth!




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