It is noted, and only fair: that the words, “I did my job”/ needs more than a footnote. I fought for this world as a man alone, by the evidence: none cared. I fought for this world by entering the spiritual dimensions of thought, and creating a path that would become my life: by knocking on the spiritual world of women. JUST to ask a question: WHAT would you do, to save this world?

To my complete surprise, I had to learn what at least part of being a woman was like, in order to have that answer given to me. Nonetheless, it is our partnership that established the work that followed; even if you didn’t care, the work did have value. We did the work together/ even though it was not what I expected: it is, what I needed to survive the consequence that is humanity leading itself into extinction.

As to all things beyond the definitions of “delivering the message: CHANGE OR DIE”. I know not, what the future will bring; it is not up to me; “its complicated”.

Interspersed throughout the last fourteen plus years are references to “the spiritual woman”; and that is the reality of it. Revelation 12 predicts her/ and my life is the evidence that she does exist in this time; as a definition you will not grasp, but is visible if you look.

As to women: you made your choices, whenever I asked.

As to men: you made your choices, as time went by: they are whatever they are.

As to religion: you were more concerned with not looking foolish, than any desire to learn what did have truth.

So, the end result of it is this: whether you believe it or not, I do owe a debt to the spiritual woman who made finishing my work possible. What you do with that work is entirely NOT up to me, and I won’t care: it is not my message to you/ I AM merely the messenger delivering the mail, “so to speak”.

My life has changed dramatically; but, it is whatever time is going to make of me; I really have no clue. As my own reality turned into “just one single purpose: to fight for this world, before it goes extinct”; and throughout the decades, that is all I did do. Abandoning all the rest: because a world is more important than I. I have prepared for nothing else. Even so: That fight is done. That work is over. We did do “our job”. Simple as that.

Live or die, the rest is up to you!

Since you are blind, and will only believe whatever you want to believe/ or whatever you don’t want to believe. Regardless of the evidence; living as a mass of “animals wanting”; instead of being alive as is, a human searching for life itself. The discovery of disciplines as is the example called love remains elusive to all but a few.

Instead the blind lead the blind into the abyss of want (it never ends)/ so that you never need to accept the responsibility of respect. Reality insists, that I should provide just a little more. Not because it will make a true difference/ but so there can be no excuses among you; for the things you choose to do, or allow to be.

I have given you the framework of life, even though you do not yet know it; as the realities and relationships that are conceived by the comprehension: a genetic structure exists not only as “a combination of 4 chemicals on a string”; as university says. But included in that elemental creation of biology itself, are the definitions of resistance, capacitance, switching, and more as are consistent with electronics and the computer. Or more distinctly it is these things which form the “software, and build the hardware”; of a working introduction to life. The satan of university will use that information to complete their decision to create Armageddon (nature in chaos). But since you are so close to the complete destruction of life on earth, by genetic mutilation and the crucifixion of life itself/ along with all elements of the biosphere in balance/ ending peace and harmony in every possible method and means; by what has been done. The reality of just a little more, becomes irrelevant; as death stalks this world; and your ability to survive ends. This is not the description of “Initial life” as is consistent with Creation itself; therefore I have not given that away to your disgrace and disrespect. It is only a final piece to the puzzle of how will universities fundamentally kill an entire world? I suggest the people who ignite atoms on fire; will probably beat them to the finish line. Although an initial horrifying catastrophe, or more could easily come in the next few months. It is the sign of the end; the point of no return. All because: humanity itself, would not care. To your shame.

The elemental positioning of life by body, works on an atomic scale; with individual atoms transmitting the details. It is not so crude “as a computer”. The end result is then: when “university monkey shit” is placed into the component drive as is done everyday throughout the world of university genetics/ what they do, is intentionally crucify the very potential that is life itself. A literal fight, not only between life and death: but as the worst it can be, an invasion of HELL inside! I would not, “be you”; beyond time. Gee, do you think what is coming or described as “biblical predictions” could be from this cause? Go ahead, answer the question?

OR, more distinctly: when you have achieved HELL inserted into “too much life on earth”, by genetic mutilation: which means you are judged “worthless or lost, to eternity”. Life itself, will turn back on you; to become your own living HELL. Beware, the balance scale is starting to move. Consumed by “sun fire” may in fact be somewhat merciful; even if it is not “the end”.

But then hey, ask any human being particularly in a university; and they will tell you: WE DON’T HAVE TO CARE! BE DAMNED, AND GO AWAY. But then, I don’t have to care either; now ain’t that so?

But wait: for all those who believe, “like religion”; that the universities can do no wrong. I offer you this little theory. IF AS YOU ARE DOING; you not only change the chemistry of the biological factory that is a body of life/ BUT YOU ALSO CHANGE, the very foundation of instructions, as to all those chemicals are distributed and formed, the timing and concentrations; absolutely everything. BECAUSE the universities have seen fit “to be brave”; and take control over genetic layering, thereby forming new instructions, along with new chemistry in the building of every body of life. Then perhaps, instead of worrying about “a new zit/ pimple (woe is me)”. Reality will send you a new truth: you no longer stand, or talk, or see, or have “Only two arms and legs”; or think like a human, or have lips or eyes or anything else you purely believe “absolutely cannot be removed”. Is suddenly gone, and will never come back; because you chose with the universities; to play god, and throw the very existence of a human body, and more: in the trash, along with your brain. Not to worry though, after all: there are no consequences “for a university god”/ ain’t that right? Well at least media will never report it, if there is. They ARE playing in new ways, and with new things, and with powerful tools to create chaos, that cannot be undone.

And they are preparing to insert those genetic mutilations INTO BILLIONS OF PEOPLE, with as much diversity as there is in this world. BY CLAIMING A PANDEMIC, THAT IS NOT A PANDEMIC; demands it should be so. Along with: “pay us a trillion dollars; cause we’re gods”.

While I would not say it is so, one way or the other: GOD OUR CREATOR, DOES WHATEVER HE DESIRES; and that could include, “HE, doesn’t have to care about you either”. Religion does not make you “HIS CHILDREN”; it only recognizes the fact, you believe whatever you want to believe/ including worshiping the universities as god. Alas, truth is truth; and only truth survives beyond time.

The elemental search, is between “life and death”/ the passage, achieves a dimensional relationship, that is neither alive in time, or death from time; but exists in the middle as a definition of what thought can do. Its called spiritual, because to enter and survive; requires you to trust the value of your truth. “a tiny bit of knowledge” for those who try to be alive; beyond self.

If your truth is flawed, survival requires that what is not true; WILL be removed, prepare for it without belief.

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Jim Osterbur

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