Lets suppose hate exists! Its rather like a disease, it can attack anyone who is not immune to it; if exposed. So the question of hate is: how do we become immune/ and how do people become exposed to it, even though they have no intention of inviting hate like a disease; into their lives. It is then, an uninvited guest: or more distinctly “an enemy (just like a disease) at the door of anyone not immune/ which can take your life”.

A primary question is then: HOW, do we become immune to hate? The answer would be a decision that does not allow, for even the tiniest relative of that hate to enter inside. The simplest decision is then: “I, being specific now: would NOT accept that/ do that, for anything in this world. A reality that I enforce as my own truth”. Immunity to hate, is then: the preparation and understanding that life has values, and those values determine the descriptions and identity of my life. But we need more: because hate is deceitful/ tempter/ traitor/ and so on. The critical question is then: HOW do I know, what my own truth is? The answer: I must assemble for myself, the discipline, order, balance, courage, respect, love, truth, acceptance, values, honesty, participation, and trust that identifies the essence or elemental descriptions of me. That is a work, and it does take years to accomplish: when confronted with the realities of everything hate can be. Thank GOD , that those who grow up in a loving home; can be delicately formed by the essence of love and respect [to form foundations], before they become assaulted with all that hate will bring. Those who are not so lucky, spend more of their lives fighting to build, what others inherit; which does form jealousy (I cannot compete)/ and that adds in more struggle, as life is unfair. NOT because life is unfair in its essence. But because humanity is, what humanity is.

Pride is the great destroyer of lives, although it does have a lot of competition for that title. Nonetheless pride refuses change/ pride changes people/ pride fights for you to change/ and in all things pride is a core relationship with the disease that is betrayal. Or more distinctly: pride is about winning, and winning is about proving you are superior to the loser. Thereby practically a god, compared to others, and worthy of so much more than are they. Pride hates people who do not play their game; because you cannot win against people who do not play the game; and that even leads other people away from the game. The consequence being now, I cannot prove I am superior to all the rest: and hate, hates that. So pride forms abuse, used, tempted, betrayal, attacks, and so on to reestablish the game/ or force you out. Because you, are ruining my life: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ AND I DON’T WANT NOTHING to do with you; because this fantasy is mine, and I won’t surrender it. Which is the seed of hate itself. Little seems to be more frustrating: than for people not only who refuse to play/ but fail to acknowledge just how superior “you truly are”. HELL, you deserve that respect; and if you don’t get it, there will be war, violations in peace, and chaos to prove I can be god. At least: OVER you.

We then add power to want, and prove what selfishness can do. Want is the essence of selfishness: as it proves to be the playground for all those who demand something that truth will not provide. That too is then a game: as is HOW do I take what I want, if people who give it to me? Most play the game harder, letting that temptation be their answer; because they don’t want trouble too. But few will not try any and all forms of lies, to resolve who gets to be the real winner here. And a few less will attempt to destroy what you have, to prove: IF THEY CANNOT HAVE what they want/ THEN NEITHER CAN YOU HAVE WHAT I WANT, either. So by destroying it, we become even: as in “I took yours away”/ by proving what hate can do. The game is played “on a bigger field” with armies and governments and so on; but it remains the same.

Exposure to the disease of hate, is then determined by individual desires: WHAT, do you truly want your life to be/ and HOW MUCH are you willing to pay, to either get what you want/ or take away what other people have; so you can be more or even same. Or at least: so they will become less, by force, violence, deceit, or other. Answer: your proven identity, is your proven truth, by those realities of decision. History is full of examples: every group has had its leader for hate, and that includes religions as well. Every group decides: we would be better off without these others, if we don’t need them to do what we want. Every group has detracted from the others, ridiculed and disrespected them: in order to judge them as worthless. Because once you judge them worthless: you can literally do anything you want too with them, at no cost/ because they are worthless. As does form pedophilia; because once you deem anything as basically worthless to you/ it is then easy to begin deciding “just what could I gain” from this thing, creature, etc. Hate extends to ownership in family then, and it consumes all attachment by playing the game: “I made you”. Hitler/ the Ku Klux Klan/ Japanese/ black/ white/ red/ yellow; whatever description that you like all create the game, “I am superior”: therefore I made you worthless, compared to me; therefore I can do with you whatever I want.

In today’s world: the group claiming superiority the most is, “university” ! They like all the groups throughout history, who believe themselves superior/ begin their journey into the abyss of want, by en-training media support to prove their superiority. Thereby establishing “a right” to do, whatever we want to do; with life or other. Religion calls these zealots; hitler the “SS”; and so on.

The critical tie to hate is: that because the rest are in fact worthless, “compared to us”/ we then need not ever be concerned with consequences; because our superiority proves we are gods. As gods, just like the pedophile; we own all the rights, and may do anything we please. Even if all that grief is hidden, even from yourself; as you hide in pride from your own reality. Pride is not a covering, but it is a closed door: so that none may judge you.

We then come to the reality of our situation: our truth as is consistent with history, and reality, and time in general; as we all have known people who would much rather tear down what you have/ than even share it. Because they won’t accept you as equal. They like their hate, which gives them pride in the power of violence and destruction. With tens or hundreds of millions of people with a university diploma now; and the endless delusions propagated by media to enhance their fantasy of being superior people. The stage is set, and the deceit is calibrated to form the constant of human existence which is: lets get rid of these other groups, and we can take all their stuff for ourselves. Even if we don’t want it/ we can get rid of the troublemakers, and have a more peaceful life and world. Its called war. But when you get a group of people who believe war is messy, and brutal; and they are above that. Then the threat becomes: HOW do we surgically remove the groups we don’t want/ by deceit, betrayal, and with weapons we never have to hold? Or realities that point directly to us?

The answer of course is disease, a fundamental description of hate itself (an invader, without a right). At least in terms of what we personally believe; we did or did not do. Disease has long been a weapon of war; the American reality of genocide is just one episode of how well that worked. Because even in surrender, when the original Indian nations knew they could not win. Hate sought to make them disappear, so diseased blankets were spread around: as a warrior hidden in “we are your saviors/ this will make your life better”/ and it did, for a very short time. Because the cold is an enemy too. Alas, the traitor is well known: throughout all of history, “there is always at least one”/ is that not so?

So let’s assume, that the people who have a university are just people: BUT ALAS: they all scream, WE ARE NOT just like you/ we are better: we have a diploma/ we have a book! To prove we are gods. Pride is an enemy, a reality of choice that can defeat even love, because like a disease, it creeps beneath every door, and through every window it can. It can even be found in every breathe you take. So without immunity, the probability of infection, particularly in circumstances of “winning the game/ or losing the game” is grim. Only the people who do not play the game, are less vulnerable.

Here then we come to the finite reality of it all, and assess our environmental truth as: without true population decreases in humanity/ this world will soon be dead; and even our homes will be taken. SOMEBODY HAS TO DIE/ OR WE MUST GAMBLE WITH “god-like things (taking risks, beyond true comprehension)” IN ORDER TO SURVIVE. Because the evidence will prove: this cannot go on. Oh-oh; now, they have an excuse! They must make changes; THE WORLD needs them to save itself. Fortunately “they are gods”. And so extreme genetics exist/ extreme energy tries to ignite nuclear fire/ extreme “everything they can think of”; demands change. And yet none of it respect life or environment, or reality. Because pride does not like reality, reality depends upon truth; and truth is not a game for anyone to win or lose. So then you can’t be gods; and must simply be “real people, like all the rest”. Pride HATES THAT! And anyone who lives: with those inundated and over-swept by pride, knows that is true.

Oh, what to do: when pride cannot accept the fantasies of playing god, must be removed? Answer: DO SOMETHING EVEN MORE “only gods can do”.

So, what could that be?

Answer: well if a disease were to come, and a vaccine were prepared to be developed “to prove we are saviors”. THEN, by vaccinating billions who have no immunity to what comes next. The problems will all be solved; because our enemies will die/ giving us “the great ones”, their world. Gee, I wonder if that includes an accelerant of some kind, or a vapor to be released, or what could one hundred years of biological mutilation to create the worlds WORST diseases for military purposes; actually be. Cause I mean like all armies want to release a great disease against you/ IF THEY DON’T have immunity themselves; then it becomes just like the chemical weapons of world war 1. HURRAH: but alas/ then oh-no: the wind changed directions.

Well thank god the people who are called “university”; are all gods, and NOT the least bit subject to hate, or greed, or power, or pride, or lust, or anything bad. So we can just BELIEVE, damn you BELIEVE. After all, what could possibly go wrong; when an enemy has an “invisible weapon”. Thank goodness, a university diploma proves: the best humanity will ever be; so we don’t have to worry about nothing. Ain’t that right? “saviors baby”, all fall down and worship now/ DON’T make them mad.

OR, what if, they make one small mistake, that destroys nature or even the world, or even changes the solar system itself? Because today, university desire is: to deliberately inject human intervention, and take over life and planet with extreme arrogance. So now; by invading “the software” that makes the biological computer work: one small genetic mistake could easily be, “there is no connection between food, or water and survival”/ or the reality of breathing no longer exists as a fundamental to being born. Or a quadrillion other little exceptions to the idea: that the university is god. Or what if, weapons of mass destruction do not turn out to be your “saviors”. Or what if, igniting plasma to achieve “the same energy source as is on the sun”; here on earth actually becomes the same energy source as is on the sun/ and does not simply extinguish itself. But keeps on burning just like the sun. After all, they truly cannot prove anything about the sun, other than a few observations; and some of those, which are utterly delusional do prove how utterly insane “a university brain can be”.

More distinctly: the reality of our lives, no matter what you wish to believe, is at the cross roads of life or death as a world/ this world. And what we choose to allow, what we do, or do not do for life and planet: will determine our future/ or its extinction from time. Not a game, so pride is not allowed to decide. NO, SECOND CHANCES: today the mistake you make, or truth you accept in deciding “what is safe, or not”/ ends life, or changes us all forever.

So the critical element here is: DO NOT BELIEVE/ INVESTIGATE THE EVIDENCE, prove the cost of being WRONG; and do your best for life and world. Because if you just don’t care, the guarantee is extinction.

As to the universities, and in particular America; the foundation reality is as the evidence will prove. Prior to extreme debts created by all the problems associated with nuclear weapons in particular [the cause and cost of Vietnam, for instance; as America prepared for world war 3]. While that was caused by American detonation of nuclear weapons (the university is god), for a decade after world war 2; to prove “yes we can”/ which became all disrespect associated with Americans; which became the cause for giving nuclear weapons to the USSR. Debts associated with that time ballooned into a tragedy for this nation; which could have been resolved by simply devaluing the money supply. But instead Reagan chose “we don’t pay no damn debts/ and gave the money supply over to university knows (the university is god)”. Who immediately gave everyone with a diploma an immense raise in pay; which brought the entire nation begging: WE WANT THE MONEY TOO (join the cult). Even though it was all inflation. Nonetheless Reagan found a solution to inflation: he sold all the gold in Fort Knox; and nobody told the public. Particularly not media, even though they knew; because I told them so. Where do you think suddenly, “buying gold” in America came from? So now we have collusion all around, and the desire to prove how powerful the politician could be, “money flowed everywhere” including foreign nations who used our money to immigrate and buy our property. Where the universities found all the employment they needed (lie, cheat, steal, betray: nobody cares); by refusing such things as NO, ain’t nobody going to be forced to learn the same language/ because lots more teachers can be educated by universities if they don’t. Discarding democracy, by changing the courts/ the policing/ controlling the elections/ bribing media/ presenting distractions/ tempting people to believe, don’t ask questions (we are gods); and so forth.

So they stole our nation by presenting military with options, that were tragic in many hidden ways. Causing debts, by making the military an endless abyss for wants. Discarding respect for America itself; by bringing in immigrants so as to fill their own pockets. Who needs a teacher and a friend more than an immigrant: who can’t defend themselves, when they just don’t know? Giving away our business and industry to foreigners. Throwing away the future not only by refusing infrastructures, but literally poisoning the whole earth, and denying there are consequences to every change. But even so: FEAR controlled Americans, because weapons of mass destruction are the enemy of every living thing. FEAR controlled Americans, because debts are so massive they cannot be paid; and greed (get everything you can/ while you can) is absolutely epidemic insanity during these decades of university inflation. FEAR controlled Americans, because the knowledge of disease runs rampant through their mind: as the control of doctors proves to be, “anything they want, including whatever surgery, or massive taking of drugs so you can pay me every month turns out to be”. FEAR controlled Americans, media influences force university cult worship on their lives; by explaining “these are your saviors/ the gods of your brave new world”/ where THEY REPLACE NATURE with themselves. All hail your new gods, all hail the execution of what men are not: which is of course “an actual Creator”. But fear not: they are gods of destruction, and soon that will be beyond all possibility of refusal. But don’t worry covid a pandemic that is not a pandemic; like much of medicine was “just a guess”; men replacing nature with the decisions of men, could not possibly be wrong. Right? After all, the people in a university are all “perfect”/ or at least, they are absolutely certain: “they have a book”/ and books “are like god himself”. Right?

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