Elemental Rise


THIS IS NOW A SUMMARY ASSESSMENT; of both conception and the development of evidence

that WE THE WORLD; must in fact: FIND WHAT IS TRUE.

To identify and create the solutions we need to survive as a world; for ourselves

a primary demonstration of that fact

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Let us examine the various elemental relationships that are inherent in life itself. They are a rise from what we cherish, to the existence of a home/ because of what we cherish as valued by life. Elemental truth, because it survives and is not limited by what we believe/ but rather exists as the realities of a universe. The foundation of hope, which is love; the elemental desire to achieve the relationships of value within ourselves, and as a participant in or with, the others. The construction of discipline, order, balance, and respect; each of which determine the future of what we can or cannot become. The conception of search, and its journey into the creation of thought. Participation within the spiritual world of life, beyond the existence of time. The ascension from time, into eternity; as is our participation in GOD’S world. It is a reality of truth: that you cannot become eternal, as a body made for time/ which makes death; if you achieve the grace of GOD your invitation to be more. This earth is “the garden of GOD “; how many more I do not know. But in this place, it is your choice to build what you will build/ to risk what you will risk/ to identify what your truth shall be. So that in the end of your time: “the flowers” that blossom into a treasury of life and love itself, shall enter the eternal home of peace and happiness; that is, a life, with GOD. So says the evidence of thought; as is the proof of miracles, and the creation of love as guaranteed by JESUS (not abandoned).

There are those who will argue with regard to this summary: that nothing can be changed “because of human behaviors”. But human behaviors are choices made/ and they refuse to understand: it is our world that has changed; and now without acceptance by them of that fact; we will go extinct as a world. Therefore this summary starts with conceptions; but quickly changes to the need to understand what it means to be wrong: when confronted by 8 billion people growing at what is probably one quarter of a billion more mouths to feed each year over deaths. We need as a world; to understand leadership might be as many as 8,000 PEOPLE WORLDWIDE/ but that means we outnumber them; for every 1 leader: we are 1,000,000. more. We need to understand: military around this earth; represent roughly one major leader/ per million soldiers as well. Or more distinctly we are so many people; our decision matters/ even when leaders refuse. So the critical question of human behavior is: WILL YOU CHOOSE FOR LIFE AND PLANET, letting truth decide, by the evidence of law: instead of want. Or will you choose a civil war, which everyone knows cannot end well? Because we clearly cannot stay as we are: REALITY must decide/ AND the fantasies of university leadership (a tiny few decide); have been proven to be catastrophic for our world. Currency inflation means: “no matter how many numbers you claim: they are still all counterfeit, and as such stolen from the people themselves”. The power of money fails!

The power of the military is in our own hands; as a society we MUST give them a bill of rights. “which fundamentally means: we guarantee as a society, if you do not help them overrun us/ we will not let them run over you.” Should a military leader discard that threat: whatever they chose/ shall be turned back on them; including death, including those who command them as well. Any group aiding and abetting the destruction of democracy will be judged for their participation: in not allowing constitutional, LEGAL redress of grievances be established as our choice; instead of civil war. The power of leadership is law/ NOT an employee; they too are subject to our law. THE POWER OF US DEMOCRACY IS: REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; WE THE PEOPLE HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT, TO INVESTIGATE IN OPEN PUBLIC COURT: OUR EMPLOYEES WHO SWORN AN OATH TO OBEY THE CONSTITUTION! And judge them for ourselves; BY OUR VOTE, IF they were true to that oath. Making any adjustments to our government as we deem fit and necessary; beyond that, our vote/ our right as owners here: within constitutional guidelines. NO LAW which fails the constitution itself/ is law; it is treason. Just as those who lead, but intentionally fail us: can be tried for betrayal. More importantly: THIS FIRST AMENDMENT LAW OF REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES ALREADY EXISTS; we do not need to make a law. The law we need exists as our authority to protect ourselves as a society with law; rather than a gun. That law of democracy shall decide; guarantees our participation in our government: which is literally THE CONSTITUTION RULES US/ not our employees. The foundation of that law is simple: we required an oath of office, demanding that you shall agree to obey the constitution (our government) throughout your term in our employ. IF WE THE PEOPLE BELIEVE; that our nation, our democracy, our constitution, our freedom or liberty or anything the constitution guarantees to each of us is endangered. Then we have a legal duty: to investigate by open court, through the presentation of evidence, and the clear assertion “betrayal is not accepted; NO excuse can be made: we are the nation commanding this SHALL be done”. Thereby and therein, we judge for ourselves if you are or any are fit to continue in that office. If we are, as a society willing to accept the direction this state or nation has adopted because of you. And make our own changes accordingly if we so desire.

Of these concepts, it is thought which arouses the potential for what we are, to become the destiny of what we are to become. Thought creates based upon our own desires, and thereby mimics the values of your own heart. Consequently heart shapes both the direction of our lives, and its ability to conceive of love, hope, and desire. Heart is the conception of a life; and what we contribute to that life as desired or not. Where we desire the life we own as time, we shape the decisions that direct and control how we live, within the realities that are shaping our choices. What you hope for; is dependent upon that reality. Who you love with or from; designs the creation of every relationship that follows or precedes that element of time. The definition of desire is: by your own choice, this exists. As such it is the mark of ownership that you create. Each of these contributes to the conception of where your thought can go. As such they establish the journey you will take, into time and beyond.

Our participation in “ GOD’S world”; is as energy confined through the understanding of what energy is. Therefore limits and boundaries exist; as the description of what can and cannot survive that relationship with the energy which then defines us beyond the limits of body. Body is not eternal; and as such cannot be considered more than time; as the reality of death will prove. But energy is the basis of eternity, and by constructing a relationship based upon energy we then become eternal as well. That cannot be done without GOD. Simple as that; because unless you are the source of energy itself, you will not enter therein. That is a gift only GOD can give. No attempt will be made to further identify that.

Nonetheless it is the values you bring to existence, that construct a home out of what your truth will cherish. But the reality of life itself is: only one direction will form in eternity/ because a true identity, as you must achieve; knows only one real desire. Therefore what you value, is the fundamental essence of what your eternity can become. So the question is: if you must choose, what you value most in this life, as the very essence of your time or your truth/ then that is your identity.

My identity throughout all my years of recollection, has been primarily [70-30] the decision and desire, that all this life, and all this world should not die. Searching beyond time in the spiritual world where only truth is allowed to exist or participate: sent me into the female world “just to ask, what would you do to save this earth and its life”? The answer: “let women try”/ is something I could not conceive of prior to that moment. But it did produce hope in me, where the realities of men cannot save this world; was established as true. But unfortunately: wherever you journey into the spiritual world/ you will stay, until you can understand “that as truth”. I have been unable to understand women; and remain in the spiritual soul; of their choice. They are, “a reflection of men/ the opposite view; instead of freedom, a home. ”; instead of “build your own”/ woman is, want what I want. Instead of search, woman is: desire me first. But beyond these simple things; construction was stolen/ and I am forced to identify, an understanding based upon elements of female, found in time. A reality completely unfamiliar to me. The critical question is not: whether you believe that or not. The critical question is: can you conceive of thought, beyond the limits of what you believe? Because belief is the opposite of thought; and removes the human development of time; by changing directions, “from life is an individual journey; into a herd: we cannot all be wrong”. Unfortunately the herd is always wrong; as it shapes every decision by the consequences of an animal; rather than a human, being alive in the journey that leads beyond time. And religion says: “liar”/ because belief is what they do; as the concession granted to the realities of “we want what we want/ give us what we want”; the cost of the descent into an animal. The scream of death is: WE WANT/ give us what we want. Instead of life; as is a relationship with GOD , chosen by respecting truth.

We then search: into the destiny of what love can be/ because love shapes our response to life; and life shapes our response to thought. Where can we go: beyond the limits of time? Or more distinctly, what are the boundaries which will shape our future as life beyond the grave? LOVE is a boundary line, beyond which (as is hate) you cannot go, and yet retain the love which grows as your contribution to life and living. Humanity however worships the fence (I want both love and hate)/ and as such destroys itself, from an existence beyond time. Only love survives as truth sustained by hope and destiny. Only true hate survives as a war with GOD, they cannot win; and as such will face terror for an eternity. Love is a direction opposite of hate/ they cannot share, nor can they attain ANY participation beyond time. Therefore a boundary line is love OR hate; NEVER both.

LIFE by the essence of love turns destiny into a journey, to find the greatest love of all: which is GOD ! The limit of our journey into HIS TRUTH; is defined or created by our own version of purity; as none but those who can be pure, shall ever approach at all. The conception of that truth is formed from our own realities. Or more distinctly: if you construct what life and universe could be conceived as from its birth, to its present day: the reality of loneliness does appear. The cost of life, without love; shapes the question of why are we here? The answer is: that love makes eternity possible, and thereby love is the essence of life itself. Because without desire, and the constructions of hope, this would be a universe without purpose. But love is an eloquent purpose, a value most prized by life itself. Therefore the shape of our quest to join that dimension, is defined by the identity we create as well. Our own gift, to existence!

Thought elevates life, by shaping the construction of what we desire life to be. That foundation for a house beyond time; is the elemental rise of what our thoughts can become/ as does ascend from the choices we have made. Each is “their own architect” so to speak/ based upon the realities of where they chose to be “alive” in the construction of their own time and space of existence. The critical journey: is not what you want, but what do you desire most? As for me: even love did not compare to the realities of an earth facing extinction/ as is “without a home” in time: no one else can survive either. As this place shapes our ability to choose beyond self. The reality of choice, has placed me “in the spiritual female dimension”/ as a conception based upon the extinction of this world by male. Can female do better? I did not intend to enter, but merely opened the door, “to ask a question”/ but was pushed inside. Nonetheless, it is the female element; that redefined my work, making it more tolerant of you. The cost of that: male has been changed; because it is, a reality that cannot save this world. Their final answer is war/ and war ends life on earth! The consequence of that, “I feel” that I am functionally being turned into “mother” instead: “don’t let this child die”. Which literally means: {I have been unable to abandon you/ even though you disregard my work; unable to simply let you die, because of the value as life you do represent; reminded not dead/ until you are dead}. “Its complicated”; as the reality of my soul, now resides within, the dimension of female(I cannot escape it)/ while the reality of body resides only in time (now 70% influenced by female inside of me); as heart continues to shift between the two, to construct something that will survive: the value of destiny changes as well. More simply: when balanced together as one life working together for this world; the spiritual woman and I lived within the same dimension of truth/ this is our decision which unites us. When I chose: to experience “the last of my time on earth”; that decision changed our relationship/ and to enforce the work is not yet done: she essentially joined me on earth; which is now NOT the experience or expression she desires/ and requires change in me. Whether I like it or not. I was selfish, failed to accept “not in charge”, and foolish to choose time; as an expression of life. But that is me, caused by; this is you: abandoning a world/ because you just don’t care enough. Truth is: I just wanted to be male again; because in the spiritual world of female/ my reality is reversed (not in charge at all/ not even aware of my true identity, as it has been changed). Even so: the spiritual woman knows better than to abandon a world, or women; before your decision is finished; and I have repented. “its complicated”/ born in heart, conceived by soul, but altered by time; into what we can be as one. The value of our partnership, is far more than the value of male; so “time has changed/ and so have I”. Nope, no clue how that ends/ or what it really means; just don’t know; woman decides, as she does have control! And that is the truth. That, has nothing to do with you; and cannot be changed by you. It is not your concern; however to avoid “your fantasies, and delusions/ deny your imaginations”: that much is given as my testimony to you. The lesson: be very cautious and even afraid of your wants/ as they can truly change your world, in ways that require “more than you expected”. Or removes then more than you desired; as a result of that want. Repenting of them, and turning back to let truth decide; is your only way “home”. NO, not gay, transvestite, or other: never been, not now, never going to be. I simply entered the spiritual world, and finding no solution in male to save this earth from the decisions of men/ I turned to female; a separate dimension {you cannot move forward/ until the spiritual world fully defines you by your own truth}. But finding passage: which was truly closed forever after me (I cannot leave/ you, as male, or the fraud of male; cannot enter): I now exist in “a complicated world”/ not what I expected at all. But even so; truth and energy shape us, by our decisions. The end result: I do not know; female controls. Not male anymore/ but not female either: not entirely of time/ nor fully immersed in a spiritual dimension either: foundations removed. I guess, I can be “a mother”; if willing to simply aid, and not judge. But my life and body is; subject to what a spiritual woman does choose/ I lost control “as tits do describe”. While real tits, with female chemicals and all; may be “a thousand things”/ for me, they are mostly “just weird/ overwhelming as well ”. Reality is: that male and female are plainly equal as life, in all descriptions of living/ I have no personal preference. But being born male, living as male; NO expectation of “female here”, ever existed in me. In contrast to that: comes the reality, GOD literally can do anything HE desires/ particularly with me. So whatever will be, will be; as respect aligns that as duty. NO you don’t understand/ leave this alone, it concerns you not. In contrast however: the value of conception (beyond time begins here), does give a clear view of what resides just beyond “the imagination, of time”. Not so simple as it seems. Energy and thought exist in a different framework, functioning by different laws/ than does time and body. Each is a miracle in its own right! Not for you to know.

It is noted and true: your desire is your identity, and what you desire most, will rule over your eternity. Therefore choose love carefully, respect GOD and trust/ identify the values of hope and truth; thereby constructing the path that can become eternal. You cannot “simply believe” whatever you want to believe; because truth does not participate in your wants/ lies do. Step outside the prison cell of belief: “to shut the world out, and thereby NOT be influenced beyond what you want”. Understanding ONLY TRUTH can conceive of survival beyond time. Thereby as faith assembles your path into what the evidence will support as true, the value of your trust in that truth shall “elementally rise”. Nothing is more true on this earth: than the MIRACLES of life and existence; which do surround you “with love” was here. NOTHING supports the claim of evolution, but hate…..as is consistent with much of what the universities do and say; invading your lives through media, and the corruption of all that has the power to make a difference. EVERY SINGLE MIRACLE OF LIVING EXISTENCE; IS PROVEN TO BE SO COMPLEX, SO INTRICATE, DELICATE, DESIGNED, THOUGHT OUT, AND SUPERIOR TO OUR OWN ABILITY EVEN TO CONCEIVE OF THOUGHT or LIFE; that the realities intrinsic to a bug/ are superior evidence of intellect and beyond; as to prove the greatest university minds living or before; cannot match what exists here in this living thing. And you know it. Yet the blind vomit arrogance/ the filth offers chaos: and sewage surrenders nature itself. To your shame.

Nothing is more ludicrous, or a bigger lie than what they have constructed: in how the sun works. Yet they have built machines to ignite this earth into a sun/ and still you have not stopped them; even with information from me that is irrefutable. A reality of belief so destroyed of life and values: that you are “a university worshiping cult”. About to lose your lives, and your world, to “just like the sun” (atoms on fire, cannot be controlled). OR; more distinctly, the kinetic power of an atom is in its spin/ NOT “university magic and elements that do not exist”. Therefore it cannot be simply joined “like two hydrogen atoms into helium”. In fact that very scenario; would result in “two spinning tops” bumping into each other (friction)/ or crashing into destruction disassembly of the atom itself; where subatomic particles originate. IF the core of the sun was on fire/ that means all the fuel is on fire; and the sun would burn itself out quickly. It does not/ nor does the core on fire explain a supernova: which is MORE fuel is being burned. HYDROGEN DOES NOT make up the heaviest object in the universe/ it is the ash cloud from the fire. Solar gravity is from an atom being torn apart: because we know, “like a rock (the atom spins, in harmony with electrons) on a string”: outward forces (the sun fire) must be retained in place by an opposing force of “dark energy (solar gravity when released)”. WAKE UP, and fight for this earth; OR DIE! Because WRONG is death to our world.

Nothing is more blind, than those who believe mutilating the genetics of nature itself; will lead to anything but tears, is the greatest fool history has ever seen. Or more distinctly: the universities are “the new nazi extermination camps, used against life”. The collection of personal information: “so the computer can find and incarcerate you/ if a single hair” falls out of line: with their rules. Just as “university medicine” has become the “new science labs; for genetic mutilation of life”/ and the greatest extortion ring ever conceived of. The very foundation of those who created: LETS mutilate disease/ and SELL a vaccine: so we can take trillions of dollars/ and enslave a world; by claiming it for ourselves. While the foolish, All shout, “we, the followers; will be great”/ indeed you shall, “the makers of HELL”/ as the REAL world death squads, in obedience to your cult, surrounds YOU, to demand: this world, shall accept, the curse of HATE. Manipulation fails/ WAR BEGINS. And that is only the beginning. As cannibalism sets in: they will number your bodies; so the slaughter houses can dissect what they need. While with the right “energy plant”/ an entire robotic army will enforce that decision. But don’t worry: “you don’t need weapons for yourselves”/ now ain’t that right? Cause you know, “people aren’t like that”.

EVERYTHING the body of life in time can be; is based in genetics: your whores of university cannot be god: BEYOND SATAN. WHICH makes you their “the devils (we will curse them all)” support. From the oils and moisture of your skin/ to focusing your eyes/ to balancing your body/ to the chemicals that make food intake possible/ to literally everything. And yet the extreme destruction of human existence on earth; not only worships the universities as god/ but gives them the power: to crucify ALL LIFE on this planet/ by changing genetics into chaos. While you scream: “we want everything we want”/ as is so many times true; instead of more as you demand; you will have less, to the point of extinction. Where there is no mercy, for this entire world. And that literally makes this nation, this USA the most vile and evil of all nations throughout history; because you lead the way into hell. While the others participate and claim the same apathy, arrogance, disrespect for life and world; as is the disgrace of cult worshiping “the universities”; you lead. And YES; for the majority that is, “in your lifetime”/ unless you’re dead. A reality of horrors unleashed by the cost of men, worshiping universities; and those women who do the same: EVEN THOUGH you know, that life lives by a delicate balance produced entirely and only by nature UNTOUCHED.

You have succeeded in becoming “not my nation/ not my government/ not a society of value; by the curse of all your failures”. THE RULE OF LAW decides: who may or may not construct an authority to demand action or not: as is government 123 N.W. 504,508. in this democracy, the constitution decides; UNLESS the people themselves decide to change that form of government; 322 U.S. 46, 65. & 302 U.S. 319, 325. By deliberate legal: as constitutionally provided: FIRST AMENDMENT LAW: REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. Our legal form of enforcing this democracy as proof; this nation is OURS/ the employee shall not decide. We are the government, by constitutional contract, and sworn employee oath. But the cause of conflict is: our employees have taken it upon themselves to assert: THEY ARE KING/ instead of constitutional government is the law (LAW ITSELF rules). Proving anarchy/ insurrection; of those who intend to discard constitutional democracy; has broken through; discarding WE THE PEOPLE as men or women who have declared themselves “the government/ instead of the constitution decides”. Proving an insurgency against “we the people” of this society. That is A HOSTILE POSSESSION 138 P 2d 846, 851, 852. An endless rape and ravaging of everything that has been built, with value; for the sake of worshiping a university cult/ as is enslaved, by their religion (we believe/ fear us and obey: “covid”116 So 2d 566,567). That rule of law has been broken in this state and in this nation: by, The endless worship of university is god/ to your shame. Leaving only, “I live here”/ because there is no escaping the cost of what has been done; in destroying truth. Power creeps in/ pride welcomes it: but DEMOCRACY IS INTENDED TO REMOVE BOTH; and that no longer exists in America; the land of the dead (university is SATAN; god of death/ media is devil (henchmen, the army who leads: into the abyss)/ religion is slave; we can’t all be wrong, the herd who follows wanting MORE FOR ME). No place on this earth, to run away from it or hide: because the damage being done, by their road to extinction. Whether the nation lives or dies; is no longer my concern; you and those like you attack our world. Such is the disgrace of living with: “Satan worshipers”. The people who drive chaos, proclaiming *we worship our gods of evolution” into extinction. The only thing left to be decided is: whether “emergency treatment: examine the truth”, can restart your heart, and head: because right now the vast majority is dead. But make no mistake: the dead inside, want you dead: like all the worst of humanity can be; throughout history/ they won’t let you leave without a war, to prove “fear/ believe/ obey”; as is covid, propagated into hate your neighbor/ fear your neighbor/ trap your neighbor/ make them obey; and all that the overthrow of democracy is. The reality of that will soon be clear; as truth declares “we are living in per-world war 2 Nazi germany (or any of many throughout history”. Same men/ same element of arrogance/ same decisions of pride and power/ same purpose to take control, identify, and remove “those we do not like; with any rule we want/ by injecting the power to make enemies; so they can be killed”. Same desire to take control over this world; but now, with weapons of mass destruction; follows immediately after economic depression takes hold; and the cost of living in a fantasy delusion of sewage as is found in: “universities know”; becomes the beginning of hell. Are you not led, by those who believe “we can take anything we want”? No respect, no responsibility to life or planet/ no love only arrogance, the putrid disease of violence taking control. Indeed you are fools, failures, liars, thieves, cheats, traitors, and support the university terrorists against all life on earth; fighting to destroy everything. But as history proves throughout: those who believe they can simply own the world, by destroying the life that made it happen. Rarely own the skills or perseverance to accomplish anything but theft, and the vomit that is “the war of human parasites against life”; fails. The pride of “an intellectual two year old, in charge; of this university nation”; as has been our reality for decades now; now eating the very last realities of our existence. To make you cry.

While you must obtain a brain, rather than a cult disease (fear/ believe/ obey) as is the constant curse, of this university nation: called USA. It will remain true, the only hope life has to survive: IS REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES/ THE RETURN TO DEMOCRACY, BY LAW. TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND RESPECT. Alas, realities the dead cannot understand! And the sign of a cult is: you have no brain/ “only believers, who fear/ and then obey”. But as a herd united: they mob together, to stomp life into the ground. Leaving nothing, even for themselves to survive.

And the people say, “we are like gods, the universities are savior and friend: YOU can’t scarce us”. But this nation has been spending trillions/ has earned “no money here”/ and the only reason foreign nations deal with you at all: is secretly behind closed doors. Your leaders are selling you out/ removing ownership/ removing options/ removing freedoms/ identifying you as a herd (without a face/ all the same. Destroying democracy, corrupting everything they can touch, propagating failures, poisoning the water supplies/ ending every resource, crucifying life, destroying every chain life depends upon, mutilating the food supplies, and incarcerating livestock in a bed of diseases that can occur at any time, reshaping nature into Armageddon/ destroying all ocean life, sterilizing all seed, removing every pollinator, forcing genetics to surrender its defenses; and about to ignite the planet itself on fire just like the sun. but hey, “you earned” your reward; for making universities your god. How could that not be true?

As you move from hate controls us now; as the people of pre-world war 2 germany did do into, the curse of university chaos: extinction itself is next; as is the cost of “university plays god”; you will then know, “we were all WRONG”! But did not care, when life was possible to save; assassinating every child/ every living thing; as cannibalism sets in. By the pride of arrogance, and the power of cursing life itself: you chose a death march into oblivion. After all; beyond the end of ice that is capable of regulating the temperature of this earth: “HELL begins”/ beneath the crushing reality of oxygen depletion, by all the fire you create; death will be sought/ but not found. Or igniting “million mile long flames just like the sun”/ and all that goes with it: insures even the moon will crash into earth/ the oceans will be burned quickly (the fuel is atoms, and the oceans will feed the flame fast; sucking in life as well. The failure of whores (only money matters/ and yet you have no money; as its all counterfeited, and then stolen by “universities play god”). To your eternal shame.

RELIGION SHOUTS: “god will save us”/ after all, we are owed; we paid our dues. But truth knows: among them all, only a tiny few hold, accept, worship, or intend; that anything other than they believe the universities are god exists as THEIR truth: other than “the insurance policies; of just in case”. Religion says: god is, “the universities”. Leaving these, the words: you chose, as your final description: as the universities say: CHAOS is our god of evolution/ LET’S make our own life by destroying nature: as is “university today”. Discarding even your books; because you don’t want, what you don’t want; to be true. Even if predicted, and proven true; you choose liars, failures, frauds, and HELL instead. CAN you repent? ASK GOD, YOUR CREATOR.

And the damned say: “we will survive”. But reality reminds you: at the constant of 3% rise in population throughout the twentieth century in this USA; that means “ANOTHER BILLION PEOPLE TO FEED; over deaths, in less than five years. Along with machines capable of igniting ATOMS ON FIRE; ending all life and earth; at any moment/ on any given day www.iter.org is simply the biggest so far. NO, “not enough gravity”: will not extinguish the nuclear fire. A nuclear fire forms the gravity of a solar system/ by its reality of truth.

And the fool says: “the universities know”. Because they lead, “advising respect nothing/ destroy everything/ FEAR even your face”, as their contribution is: you are all animals/ chaos is your god. The brain dead say “yes”. But hey; don’t you worry now: by the time “covid fear, believe, obey” has belittled your lives into property/ nobody will even mind being crucified by the realities of life. After all, “Imagination, is all you need: says university knows”. Now ain’t that right? Oh, sorry: for a second I forgot; a cult worshiper has no brain/ they gave it away, to join the herd. “too bad”. A vile and evil society; fails life and planet; creating forever lost/ BECAUSE YOU JUST DIDN’T CARE, and proved that true!


Not your apathy or disgrace/ or, the vile sewage that is your university is god, cult worship. Nor the ever tightening noose of the mongrel dogs, that form the intent of power and pride: to destroy nations, life, and world. FIND your democracy back/ FIGHT for it, or be lost to extinction. WAKE UP, but choose only the law. Or chaos will reign.

Oh wait; silly me: I forgot, “you are gods”/ and don’t need no damn reality or truth; because “you have an imagination”. So to hell with life and planet; after all, “the university cult intends, and their followers support: all we got to do, is cut up one life, and shove it into another living thing; and presto “its got to be better than nature did”/ right? After all, you are gods; right? Don’t need no damn food/ don’t need no damn water/ don’t need no damn peace; because you chose chaos instead. As is “university rules: the serpent (squirming into every dark hole, to kill) decides”.

Or, igniting atoms on fire; “just like the sun”/ has to be better than being forced to say: NO WE CAN’T/ because people want what they want; and the mob can’t stand being told no. after all, the failure of atoms to ignite; means humanity MUST face the truth; you can’t be animals anymore/ the earth cannot survive. And who wants that: answer screamed; by the 99% HELL NO. so, go ahead, and be wrong/ just know: not only did your choice destroy an entire living world by arrogance and apathy. There is NO going back, and even this planet will be destroyed by the consequences of that fire. Believe it or not; truth decides/ not you, or the insanity of fools, as is “university plays god”. Don’t worry though: an eternity of terror awaits; for you/ so you don’t have to die; “its forbidden”. YOU earned it, with your dues paid to hate. After all: YOU STOLE THE FUTURE OF EVERY CHILD/ DESTROYED THE WORLD FOR EVERY LIFE/ DEFILED NATURE, AND DISRESPECTED LIFE ITSELF; CHOOSING TO WAR AGAINST THE BODIES OF LIFE IN TIME. YOU EARNED TERROR; AND it will be given to you.

Change, or face your truth! There is no place to hide. Nor can you run away from a dead world! CHANGE, OR REALITY WILL DECIDE YOUR FATE/ no mercy allowed; not for a single one.

So ends the delivery of the message [CHANGE: OR THIS WORLD WILL DIE] entrusted to me. I did my job! Whether this world hears it or not: IS NOT my job, that belongs only “to you”. I did MY job/ do yours!

So, the people say: YOU, ain’t nobody/ YOU ain’t good enough, to claim to be “a messenger”/ YOU, are a worthless piece of shit, we will never care about.

BUT REALITY SAYS: I bring you evidence of your own truth/ by your own hands/ as the reality of your own choices. NONE OF WHICH I caused to occur. I bring you the cause that “belief is not enough”/ only truth can survive: therefore investigate and choose only by truth. I bring you RESPECT YOUR GOD / YOUR WORLD/ YOUR NATURE/ YOUR CHILD/ YOUR LAW/ YOUR FUTURE OF LIFE ON EARTH; by not allowing the universities to play god. I bring you literal information and evidence of how the sun and physics work: so that you do not allow your university satan; to ignite this planet into a sun. realities of truth by the evidence which refute and destroy: the fraud of university knows. I bring you information beyond “university is god”/ to prove them wrong. I bring you END the vile evil of university led “you are only animals/ built by chaos”. And remind you of miracles, and life; instead. NOT because I am better or any other worthless judgment you can make. But because it is my job to do so, as I have been educated for this distinct purpose. As proven by your choices bring EXTINCTION; in this your lifetime. For an entire world of life: TO YOUR SHAME. Prove that is untrue, or shut up; and change.

NOT your leader/ NOT your savior/ NOT your anything: my job is to bring this message: CHANGE, or you will be extinct. So says the evidence of your own truth!

As to religion, and in particular Christianity: DID NOT JESUS bring you the same kind of message, as is this one? The difference being; that HE was indeed SAVIOR of this world; by reminding humanity NOT to be animals/ but choose love, miracles, respect, values, and all that being human alive can become. Even leading: to an eternal life, if you are true to life, by its love. Teaching ACCEPT GOD , rather than believe anything you want to believe. The difference is faith: or more distinctly “only truth (by the law) survives”/ as every miracle shows, the value of what can be, and is given: “even to you”. WAKE UP OR DIE.

NO, I make no claim of similarity with JESUS! He accomplished more in a few years, than I accomplished in a lifetime of 68 years. There is no comparison; I am merely human/ all indications by the evidence are; that HE could be accounted as more. I am asked to change/ needed to change in order to finish my work; without balance by “female intervention (change)”/ only war was left. “Because believers need no truth/ reality does not matter/ consequences of being wrong are worthless/ accept no evidence/ rely only on want (as all cult members do); and use we can’t all be wrong; as the proof of a herd is always right”. Which makes the believer, one of the most tragic figures of human existence. He or she; is the basis and foundation of every herd: “we know everything we need to know”/ but that is a lie. Because only truth knows (humanity does not), only wisdom understands, only balance, discipline, and order: can conceive of the respect owed to life, that is investigate the evidence and prove what is true. The herd is an animal who hates you, if not part of our group. The herd becomes a mob: when they want more than they have: they need very little cause to attack/ just as the serpent who desires to strike, only needs an opportunity. The consequence of making people fear as a cult would do: is conceived as have been equal to the predictions of Revelation 1-11 (men decide the fate of this world: accept NO truth/ investigate no reality: believe and obey). A reality of costs; that would have ended life; by the failure of fools; the reality of leaders, who need no brain; wrong means, consequences. Or more distinctly: if one or more nations decide: these others must be stopped/ WAR is next. Making the foundation reality of our time: WE ALL LIVE OR DIE TOGETHER, because we cannot survive world war. WORLD LAW MUST RULE/ ENFORCED EQUALLY ON ALL; no exceptions. YOU WILL choose it, or fail! THAT ultimately means: we must write laws for ourselves, to govern our leaders/ rather than they simply govern us. “Limited capitalism” is added to that: to govern those who would control the rest with money: by voting as a society periodically to control “how rich/ and how poor” anyone gets to be! WHOSOEVER makes the law, governs society. Whosoever enforces the law: establishes or denies peace and justice to society. That means: we the people MUST judge the judiciary and lawyers; by grading their actions in a courtroom and more/ and determining for ourselves if this is the democracy we demand/ the justice we seek for ourselves.

Covid is another in the poisonous cost of letting the universities lead: equal to the most heinous of all villains imaginable. By releasing a disease they created; so they can take what they want (trillions: SLAVES), by making you fear. By releasing: “believe we are your saviors”/ even though they are the enemy of life as proven by mutilation, and more”. By enforcing democracy does not matter/ the law, rights, realities, truth, betrayal and all the rest have no meaning: OBEY The universities as god. So says the cult! Their contribution: “your face” is the enemy. Their decision: by dehumanizing you, any attempt to organize fails; as animals cannot understand more than the reality of want or fear. Making the destruction of nature and planet; “without an enemy to disrupt them”. When they have destroyed everything you value, you live to experience and express, to want or desire: you will fight with them no more. Because NOW, there is nothing left to save, OR even live for; its all GONE. Cannot be: the universities are your savior, god over your life, king or queen; etc! Well as history proves: there is no such thing among men. Instead as history proves: TYRANT, TRAGEDY, FAILURE, is an ever present threat/ especially from those who have claimed both power and pride. When you cult worship a tiny group (which does represent “the university”) as students mimic and memorize to get a job: you have “created the sewer of sludge” that becomes their own trap of arrogance and pride; hate (you are worthless to me) and judgment (I won’t care about you) comes next. ONLY TRUTH IS A FOUNDATION FOR THE FUTURE/ nothing less. Truth says: that everything particularly since the beginning of massive inflation (hidden by media) in 2000. this USA has been under attack: removing every option/ every business/ every opportunity for the individual. By replacing all of it: with just a tiny few own it all. Even to the point of: now consuming the possibilities of a job with covid/ with only the university diploma controls who gets hired. Laundering money through the stock market (the perfect bribe; people shout “I win”/ even though it is literally all a fraud, that fails reality); and more. As is the reality of a nation under attack from the inside: by traitors, thieves, terrorists, propaganda, failure, beliefs, and the whoring of what is nothing more than a “university cult”. Intent upon destroying this nation; so they can take complete control. The intellectual serpent: lives to create a trap (save me), plotting (we can hurt you), planning (sink into debts and lose your freedom to choose), tempting (believe), bribing (no one has to really pay, well not in your lifetime), controlling (we own the banks, and the currency is ours too), manipulating (media shares the sword of hell) and more. All to one day, “crush the life out of you”.

Instead of falling into their trap: I chose to ask female if they could save this world: a reality consistent with Revelation chapters 12-22; as is (what would women decide for life and earth)? Not my job; Yours! Women will have to “earn it; by choosing and creating NEW LAWS, for this world”. Fighting for harmony, peace, happiness, and justice. Changing the ways of men, by laws enforced by truth! As to me, I can testify: JESUS is my literal savior, teacher, and the path I chose to follow. HE confronted hate, battled against arrogance, taught against beliefs that were WRONG; and offered an education in being alive as we were intended to be from the beginning; but failed, because men wanted what they wanted, and took it; instead of earned it. That is similar between us, and proven to be, history repeated. Elemental forces shaped me; into entering the spiritual world. The cost: I can say: “spiritual female” changed me; some by choices accepted/ but other changes by force (no you can’t/ yes you will). Like it or not; is irrelevant. Nonetheless, I know: I am far better off, by having changed; therefrom accomplishing this message to you/ than had I continued as “strictly male”; and ended with a world on the edge, or worse: of war. Reality not want; is teacher. Universities will ridicule that, and betray you with lies; as they have been doing. But the end result is: LIFE either exists beyond time and earth/ OR, it does not. Simple as that: I say to you among other things, MIRACLES PROVE THIS CREATION EXISTS BY THOUGHT, a far greater understanding of reality and truth by laws; than any human could possess. That fact, which is undeniable; but by fraud. MEANS NONE can claim to know, what life itself does not teach. JESUS was alive as a teacher, proving by example: HE DID TRUST GOD to “take HIM” home; beyond this earth. So, the question to you is: DO YOU accept the values of life and love, the dignity of respect and truth as presented by JESUS? OR, do you believe that “Imagination; lets gamble this earth by igniting nuclear fire”! fantasy: lets bring chaos into nature so “evolution can destroy all this/ and start over”! Or delusion: as is debts don’t matter/ poisons don’t matter/ destruction don’t matter: “because the children are dead anyway/ from overpopulation of humanity”? CHOOSE.

While it took centuries and multitudes of people to establish the change JESUS brought to this world. YOU have no such luxury of time. YOU must change this world “as fast as you can”/ because everything is dying due to the decisions of men, and the universities they created. Simple as that; but you do have keys to communicate and inform; so far beyond that time; as to make it possible. The choice however is the same: as university, and its priests of media; will not just faint away. Power and pride discard truth like shit; if allowed. LET TRUTH DECIDE, not want; it is your only way back to life.

Power and pride hated him (with religion leading the way)/ so they killed him; when it became clear the people had heard HIS message. The universities; are your religion, as denoted by “WE BELIEVE/ WE FEAR/ WE OBEY”! That reality of power and pride today, is exactly the same as it was then/ as a consequence; IF humanity begins to hear this message/ it will be followed, by an intent to stop “the messenger”. Even though the message is delivered, & that would then be pointless, as the reality of the evidence does prove: life OR death for this world is REAL.

As for me; my life has changed so dramatically in the last three years especially; that spiritual female is in charge. A reality that continues to produce “I don’t know”; in every situation; because its not my choice. If that makes you afraid: I remind you, “it is strictly female”/ that controls; and not more. If learning to understand female is living with endless frustration, the lesson is learned. If learning to understand what “being treated like property is like (even to the point of putting me on a diet)”/ that lesson is learned too: “roles are reversed”. But there are lessons female (for the sake of this world/ NOT hers. We balanced each other for the first twelve years; until I decided to abandon you. That was not allowed, and our relationship changed. She was again “correct”; but it has not been fun.) must learn as well. So that I DO understand, and you do learn to accept: this is wrong. While I watch “my little home” fall into ruin; because I am not allowed to participate: as is the evidence of this world as well. Not allowed to intervene, beyond a minimal level/ because I am turned back. That Is the same in this USA; so say the courts: all in agreement “you CAN’T question the university; they are god”. While we watch the curse of university destroy all currency/ fail all infrastructure/ discard all business and industry/ curse every supply chain, so you cannot complete your work/ let the forests burn/ floods consume/ LIARS, CHEATS AND THIEVES take control over our lives; and every other damn thing; the worst of what a human animal can do: is done to this nation. By their “university control” over government/ media/ schooling/ and all that the sewer of a religious cult who believes they are god; try to DO. To your shame: this america lives by stolen money/ “tearing apart the future, to destroy every child”. Gambling “they can play god too”/ and live only by fantasy, delusion, and “imagination”; as university worshipers, “with their naked ass, to prove disrespect; shining, in the air of failure”. Pitiful fraud is not enough; as comes “satan; and devils henchmen”. And the people say: “the university is our god”/ BUT LET’S REVIEW: WHY, do a small group of people, who have counterfeited US currency into the hundreds of trillions of dollars [under their deliberate control] want this society to fail? As is so clearly the evidence of our reality! Answer: because forcing America into poverty; releases every property to be for sale. Wherein those who control the currency; provide for themselves “the money” to buy it all/ and leave you with nothing. Giving to anyone they please: what human work, and business has built. Opening the door to every foreigner/ and closing the door on every citizen: because now they can! It is too late to stop that reality: leaving your only option is to control the bankruptcy of this nation AS WE THE PEOPLE/ through redress of grievances law. Establishing a reality: IF YOU BOUGHT/ WITH COUNTERFEITED MONEY/ STOLEN FROM US. Then you have no legal right to claim that property; because you did obtain it through criminal progression, and intentional betrayal. The constant of greed, the constant of war, the constant of man is: I want to take your stuff, I want to see you cry; to give me more power and pride: AND PROVE; “you lose”. How do you own an entire nation: “you remove the competition, control the media, own the government, and counterfeit all the money you can use”.

As for you: the death squads continue to turn you into animals, by hiding your face/ making the death of each; little more than “an animal lost” to the rest (no big deal) to most. The cursed and professional liars, continue to disgrace the world itself with propaganda intended to manipulate and control: so that you cannot conquer your fears. The university cult continues its quest to prove they are gods; by destroying everything this world is/ so they can recreate it in their own image. What bigger thing could they do, to prove themselves god? Oh wait I know: “let’s control the sun fire”/ what could go wrong: cause that is BIG PROOF. Oh wait: what if it did go wrong? Answer: insure the propaganda does not accept the noise of doubt: all must believe. Just as all must wear the death mask of covid in charge. To your shame. And that is only the beginning of failure: as is take a look at your television; and understand, “what the imagination of university (your former classmates) really is”. “what alien”; would you rather be/ than your own face and body? Answer; as is the show of masks: lets mix up all the creatures, and make people into insects and birds, and reptiles and destroy every boundary separating species. As is: the word fool is just not big enough/ which ends as SATAN is here. Taking control over your life; to your shame. And the people shout: “genetics are great”/ failing to accept, if the egg is not perfect, no life exists. Or if the seed becomes completely sterile and subject to any disease; your food is dead. Or, if every child is born blind or worse, humanity is truly cursed: by your own INSANITY. YOUR DELIBERATE CHOICE; to let LIFE AND EARTH DIE! Because you didn’t care enough; to even try to save this world. From the horror of universities play god.

As the cesspool of human waste, and parasitic purposes continues to collect information on each person; claiming “to protect you”. Reality will prove, “their secret police/ as were nazi SS: will use that information to attack, threaten, and force the rape, and ravaging; of all life on earth. Hate has never changed; only the methods used to establish violence. And the people say, “never here”/ but, so have the people of every nation, throughout history; ever incarcerated to “hell”; by their leaders. Once enthroned by the overthrow of law and government: power removes your option to survive, so you will die/ unless you beg. Even then: once they have ridiculed you enough; as hate always does: you will die no matter how hard you beg. Because that: IS the leadership you chose. JUST SAY NO; THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW: as is the reality of being alive in this USA. Yet your organizations fail: because you fear/ because you believe and accept, the university is your god/ and because you obey as slaves do. Religion as well: because they cannot turn against “their god; as is university owns your soul”. And I will no longer fight alone; for you or life on earth: STAND UP, and be counted. Make a difference, by joining together for a true public trial: by redress of grievances. WE DECIDE/ NOT OUR EMPLOYEES. And that includes the court: WHICH WE THE PEOPLE OWN AS OURS/ NOT “yours”. OURS, by the right and reality of democracy itself: according to constitutional law: the demand to protect and defend our nation or state, IS OUR LEGAL RIGHT TO INVESTIGATE AND DECIDE; if there are “traitors in our midst/ in our government or courts/ making decisions such as counterfeiting the money; to destroy the foundation, and stability of America itself. Discarding the law of keeping religion out of government: by using evolution and the horror of university/ to invade and control our lives: as is anarchy, insurgency, and treason. FIGHT FOR YOUR LIVES, YOUR WORLD, YOUR CHILD, YOUR NATION: BEFORE all you have left is REAL FEAR, and the power of extinction now controls everything. “can’t be”/ well they stole your face, and made you cover it “with underwear/ the garb, or uniform, of a religious army”; as are the cult worshipers of university is god. The university monkeys of the dead, the damned, the vile, and the cursed took over your lives: to play god, over you. INVESTIGATE COVID; and prove what is really true/ by learning what must be known. Whether it came from universities/ how accurate are their tests/ what are their methods of distinguishing the disease from any other; and how accurate is that: NO combining covid or another: simple and plain (the greater reality rules). WHY did this nation PAY SO MUCH! And MORE. PROVE their vaccine is not going to turn against you, and defile nature itself. WHAT is their projected “collateral losses”/ a reality of every medial invasion made in the last few years; as the simple things are now done. THEN WHEN YOU ARE DONE: YOU WILL prove by laws, we the people create: establishing not only boundaries for ANY politician or media or other/ that they will NOT exceed; without true and real punishment! Prove: who can claim a pandemic, by statistical real world examination of the population; as is reality, rather than simply numbers; as we are 8 BILLION people. And there is always someone sick/ someone dying/ someone who needs care: “from 5,000 known viruses/ various bacterial infections/ cancers/ mistakes/ accidents/ and other”. PROVE; when that claim shall occur by the evidence we demand, “of a plague”/ and how much shall be paid: to any group claiming a cure. One percent of 8 billion people: is 80 million deaths! “whether you like it or not, this earth is full: and there is no possibility the population does not rise by one percent more above deaths. WHICH DOES mean: either more people cannot be born/ or someone has to die: water, food, space, even the planet needs that to be true. Or, where is the reality? WITHOUT the input of “university plays god”; and gets the money, power, and pride. Covid is like everything the university diploma does: “change the name, or hide it in complex math, create a new language: and the people will never know: just like medicines, or herbicides, politics, courtrooms, advertising; Etcetera”. SO they accept: they just have to believe! IT IS THE LIAR, that fights hard NEVER to be investigated! Fights, to point the finger at anything else; and disguise reality, to hide truth. Those who have nothing to hide; do not! SO, the question is: since all the evidence points to a release of covid from the laboratory (anywhere in this world): WHY, are they not on trial/ WHY are they not being charged: to recollect, ALL the money? Have we NOT supported them without significant reward returned by them to us; for generations. Indeed we have. BUT, they cannot motivate a nation to gamble with their bodies of life: without a media conspirator to make you believe! We know the initial take was 5-6 trillion dollars: so if they paid the media just one percent (for a few pennies worth of vaccine); the media gets 50-60 billion dollars! How many more, got paid? INVESTIGATE, and prove what is true! Don’t believe/ don’t guess: prove as best we can: what is true. PROVE the cost of being wrong, or the reality of mutilating genetics is no game, AS IS DESTROYING NATURE ITSELF: may result in “we crucify YOU”. Arrogance is not accepted: reality rules, “in the clear, proven light of day”! As is no manipulation: or to prison you will go. As is, NO taking control over democracy; whether by fear or reality or cult worship: you are denied/ because that is TREASON. THERE ARE “punishments, for that”; which should not be ignored.

DEMOCRACY MAKES YOU/ WE, EQUAL: BY USING REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES AS THE LAW OF INVESTIGATING OUR EMPLOYEES/ thereby: REFUSING, TO LET THEM OWN US. BY USING OUR OWN CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, OUR OWN DEMOCRATIC AUTHORITY TO MAKE THE CHANGES OUR SOCIETY DOES NEED TO MAKE. Like so many things; that ain’t no game either. Because the only real protection you need is from truth: the leaders (every one of which has a university diploma, and was indoctrinated into the religion of: the university is god) who chose to destroy our world, our nation, our nature, our future, every child, every resource, and EVERYTHING ELSE. Cannot help you much, they failed; as reality does prove true! WAKE UP: quit swallowing their [university; YOUR FORMER CLASSMATES] shit. A diploma changes nothing: still just like you; and you ain’t god either. So work together, and find the truth of what our future can or will be.

The unfortunate truth to be avoided: MANY are the cursed, who trade their lives for power (I want, what I want; to hell with you or your wants: I AM “THE IMPORTANT one”)/ and then face pride: “I won’t repent”/ I WANT WHAT I WANT. The end result being: you chose your own truth. And will face the consequences. The only question is: are you forever lost, or is their hope to recover you from hate/ from the animal you became? Being alive does not recognize “property”; as more than a tool. Tools are for work, not pride. Life is for living as equals (fair and justified), NOT as leaders or their herd.

The foundation of real change for this world is: “limited capitalism”; whereby all of us, get a say in “how much is too rich/ and how much is too poor”; in our working lives, as a nation or even state. Because money is power, and power is, the base foundation of corruption; as history does prove true. LAW that we write for ourselves; is the essence of freedom and our given reality as a society; because whosoever makes the laws; controls society itself, and what your world can be. Once written; “like the ten commandments”; the work is done; because truth is truth, and our reality as a society never really changes beyond the tools we make, or the resources we lose. Without true zero population growth; this earth is dead (not a game, that is the truth). Without restraining the universities in their entirety, and removing their curse on life; which is genetics, physics, and more; you are dead. Simple as that! Unless you protect the children, instead of claiming you won’t care: let them go to HELL: they will. Unless you protect the earth, and stop releasing so much heat; this earth will soon be HELL; extinction will be true. Or more distinctly: EVERYTHING that the universities led you to do, is worthless and vile. OR IT MUST BE REVIEWED; to examine what does have value, and where life can accept the risk they have imposed upon life and earth. Hate must be separated; so there can be peace and happiness elsewhere. Life, work, and resources must be shared, or it will be lost; because you didn’t care enough: your fault, life on earth did die. It is “now a choice/ because you overrun this earth with humanity, and university, and greed (lets take it all; theirs too)”. Happiness will not come; unless you fix all the problems between male and female. That begins with controlling media and entertainment; as they are the manipulators, liars, and cheats: intent upon playing god with all of human society. Using subversion, temptation, fears, lies, cheating, coercing, corrupting, and every other damn thing the universities teach them to do. Such is the beginning; the reality of choices, you are required to make, enforce, and keep as your respect for this living world. WAKE UP AND CHOOSE. Then stand up and be recognized as someone who chose to care. Someone who demands: PUBLIC REDRESS TRIAL. To establish an accounting, as accurate as is possible: so none can claim “no”. As best you can: to remove all claim of doubt. So that; as is consistent with doubt: “then, I will believe whatever I want”; is removed. Reality requires acceptance of the evidence; or a return to prove this is true, by the consequences; are real. Ending with: go ahead then, and stick your hand in the flames; learn consequences matter/ what you want, does not. LIFE AND WORLD, must survive.

REALITY PROVES: THAT WANT, is your greatest enemy of human existence; the foundation for every lie, that can control your life. PRIDE is a tragedy conceived by making all of life and living into a game; where winners and losers exist as the trophy. A distinct disrespect for reality. POWER fails the living, and defeats the truth; by causing corruption, fear, delusions, and deceit. Surrender these; and the world will change. Stop being animals; and life will resurrect an opportunity to survive. IF YOU CHOOSE RESPECT!

Reality proves that hope is the power of life, “it both gives and takes according to what you accept as true”. Love is the purity of life earned, by the values we exhibit within ourselves, as a gift to others. Respect, distinguishes our own life, by our individual choices; as an identity worthy of its value. Values shape us, into the dignity of our discipline/ the acceptance of order/ and the balance of laws must decide. Desire turns from want; to conceive of miracles, and how best we can share in that creation of our caring; as lives called equal. Justice honors the living with fair play. While truth itself, builds into the passions of trust; because “we then can”. Trust finds in life, an eternity from GOD . While our own chosen relationship with GOD cannot be judged, or measured in any way; only cherished, as sacred within ourselves. A definition of who we are; on the inside; as identity will prove true.

Reality in this America proves: tyranny shall not rule! The demand to believe/ the curse to fear/ the forced compliance “with their religious belief; that university is god (NO foundation of evidence by reality; is owed to the public)”; disobeys their own sworn oath of office; and demonstrates the contempt of leaders for this democracy. As is the case called covid.

Reality in this America proves: the declaration of our legal rights as citizens is not destroyed; by the claimed, or even real fears of others. Rather we stand as equals: fully able and legally obligated, to choose for ourselves. NO foundation of law exists: to remove that power of liberty: which reveals treason.

Reality in this America proves: no man or set of men have exclusive rights or authority to confiscate our freedoms, or our inherent legal authority; to pursue the values and life we see fit. Bringing to light: the maladministration, and dangerous decisions against this democracy; of both state and national legislatures.

Reality in this America proves: that all power is vested in and derived from the people; and it is the power of anarchy; that threatens our rights to enforce democracy; and call for redress of grievances/ to investigate ANY reality of “danger that puts this nation or state at risk of failure”. As has covid and more.

Reality in this America proves: proves that religion (we believe) is owed only “to your own god”; BUT NOT by me. As my acceptance of a “duty owed/ or decision made/ or reality of evidence accepted”: is NO concern of yours. Nor is your decision as to religion any concern of mine. Covid proves the insurgency of tyrants, who have used their university religious beliefs “the universities cannot be questioned”. To form an attack on this nation and this state called Illinois; by those whose objective is, to remove liberty/ deny freedom/ reduce rights to OBEY US/ and attack our very source of life as is the right to work; the right to claim what we need to survive; the right to refuse abject treason; and therefrom fight for our democracy with law that will not be destroyed by a corrupted court. WHICH REFUSES CONSTITUTIONAL LAW as the government/ instead of themselves! An act of terrorism; hiding the clear disease of a dying nation; (as the evidence will prove); because the university cult worshipers have no brain, no acceptance of duty to those who built the nation; and no foundation of law: because their purpose is to destroy it with covid. In fact forcing compliance with fear: to take and believe a fraudulent vaccine (nature cast aside); which the universities have extorted trillions by creating a disease; to claim they are superior to nature itself. A fact: so far beyond religion; that only CULT (university overtaking our government, with force) now identifies its truth. No executive power/ no executive privilege; is granted for that cause. Therefore WE THE PEOPLE; HAVE BEEN ATTACKED. Treason falls short of the reality: “our employees, war against us all”. Using fear as their weapon. Using believe the university as propaganda to destroy the need for evidence. Using obey, as their right to combat; their decision, DEMOCRACY IS DEAD. Proving by the religious cult worship inherent in: SPENDING TRILLIONS OF OUR MONEY; FOR UNPROVEN VACCINES; TO THOSE WHO CLAIMED, BUT DID NOT PROVE A PANDEMIC. BUT HAVE YET TO PROVE: THIS IS NOT WORLD TERRORISM, AND THESE LEADERS ARE CRIMINAL IN THEIR CONSPIRACY TO REMOVE ALL INVESTIGATION OF THE FACTS. As have the courts DENIED “the university is not god/ and must be questioned”: in trial after trial. Proving by the reality of worship and their belief: that the university is not only king/ but their god. A fact identified; as traitorous to this United States of America. You do not own my life/ you do not own my money; or my future by making me bankrupt with your larceny and fraudulent activities/ you do not own my democracy or freedoms. You do not own the liberty of we the people decide for ourselves. Nor can you excuse the constitution of redress: by your corruption: without establishing TREASON, and its companion; which is intentional war against we the people of this nation, or even state. To give away our lives, our property, our privacy, our everything: to the dead brains, of a university cult. The constitution is OUR GOVERNMENT; and no employee rises above that fact.

Forming the consequence that is our inherent right: “….when a long train of abuses, and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same objective, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future securities. ….consent of the governed…. AT ALL TIMES amenable to them.” By using redress, our first amendment law: the legal protection against CIVIL WAR! Demanding PUBLIC TRIAL; FOR THE PURPOSE, and the LEGAL AUTHORITY; OF DECIDING AS WE THE PEOPLE. What is, or is not true; and then by our vote correcting what we feel is needed to be done in our own defense. AS A NATION, or state derived from democracy, by the values of constitutional law. Those who fight against that law: as has the judiciary proven to be: shall be found in contempt, and taken to trial as well.

“….the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, privacy, and effects shall not be violated……” fourth amendment. Which does govern the right to claim a pandemic. YOU MUST LEGALLY PROVE BY THE EVIDENCE OF REALITY IN PUBLIC TRIAL. Or, no legal authority exists to make any claim at all/ nor to deny to anyone; by the purposes of your religious cult, its fears, your beliefs, or the contempt against our freedoms as has been done. NO GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE holds the right to claim: I am above the law of our constitution/ instead you are sworn to obey it; under threat of punishment. As is DEMOCRACY ENFORCED.

The greatest tragedy to befall this planet, in its entire history of life; is a university. NOT because some degree of knowledge or understanding has been found. But because NO limits or boundaries as life and mass exhibit as true; have been kept. Instead the intent to play god; supported by fantasies, delusions, and imagination; has discarded respect/ denied the consequences of being wrong/ and thoroughly disgraced us all with the ignorance that is now threatening our very extinction from this planet. As is mutilating life/ injecting chaos into nature/ trying to ignite atoms on fire/ discarding resources/ poisoning the water supplies/ sterilizing every plant/ threatening every chain of life/ ruining habitat/ overpopulating this earth with people/ overheating the planet/ denying reality/ stealing, lying, cheating, betrayal, terrorism and more. Are the true trademarks of “university was here”. Leaving our lives, every life, and the future of this entire planet: in jeopardy of not only cannibalism, and war with weapons of mass destruction; but chaos, and even burning the planet itself just like the sun. Because their imagination; as is the constant of every religion, denies not knowing the truth; BY MAKING UP FANTASIES, DELUSIONS, AND USING IMAGINATION to cover up their ignorance. In the grievous thirst for power and pride: covid “like all snake oil salesmen of the past; promising to cure”; use fear, create beliefs, and demand obedience (do not question your god) to take what they want. Some call it witchcraft/ others know: this is criminal world terrorism, with the distinct purpose of releasing a war against nature itself; behind closed “scientist” doors. To the shame of all who believe them, and accept their curse. Changing genetics, to remove nature: IS NO GAME. There will be consequences; pray to survive. Your world will soon overheat, and be lost to temperatures life cannot survive: OR YOU WILL surrender your air conditioning (8 billion people CANNOT do, what 4 billion people did do), And make all adjustments necessary to stop the release of horrendous volume of heat. YOUR WORLD HAS CHANGED; no excuses left! Or, if you wish: you can just let this world go extinct. After all, as the gods who said they can do anything they want too: how could consequences in reality, by obvious truth (a trillion plus tons of ice are melting/ and cannot be replaced by you); YOUR WORLD WILL OVERHEAT! change that? Alas, under all that ice, GREW a base food source for ocean life; gone. Alas, it is convection that allows the circular motion of weather patterns. Without that massive difference: weather will cease to exist as we know it/ but even more; planetary winds will accelerate without it; a reality will cannot control on a planet with no abundance of trees left. Well fortunately, you don’t need no damn rain; now do you! After all: YOU have every right, to burn as much fossil fuel as you can find! BUT, You are “gods” aren’t you? Well as gods: soon “a nuclear fire/ lets burn atoms for fuel”/ will save you right? After all you can easily control forest fires; so why not? Www.iter.org alas: “only in your dreams”! But then as gods; there can’t be consequences for you; right? After all, “the universities are your savior”; can’t question them, so I guess you just have to believe and obey; as with covid and more.

Nonetheless, that is only the first of many, many changes; which does include, “you will feed the oceans with dead human bodies (as they need, offshore)”/ because you have destroyed so much/ and there is very little else. The reality is simple: ocean life begins to starve/ lose them and you will too. NO more rushing in; where people are starving: HELP exists only in return for zero population growth; as reality insists! YOU WILL clean the oceans, and stop destroying them: that includes using wave motion to pump cooler water onto corals & a rotating drum with scoops (pick the water up as it rotates by wave motion/ use the back side of scoops to turn the drum) and screens (keep the plastic in) for separating plastics until they can be collected. For balance: “nazi/ etc” is used because it is a known word in this USA/ media has kept it alive. But it is little different than all the other nations throughout history which have done the same/ such as the Jewish nation according to their Bible history; as have so many more. Too much competition, and those who can: will kill; because that is what men do, to resolve that problem, “and get more stuff”. Today your reality is: kill a billion people, and they will all be “born again” within 5 years; solving nothing. Which means: if nothing changes, you must kill a quarter of a billion people MORE than would die otherwise; EACH YEAR/ to remain at the levels of food and water needed to keep humanity alive today. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? It is your want, that threatens to kill life and planet/ REMEMBER: only truth can keep you alive. But murder instead: will release endless hate, disease, destruction, betrayal, terrorism, and more of constant tragedy; ending this world with weapons of mass destruction; which will be used, in any major contest/ if not before. You cannot doubt: the history of men, over thousands of years, “same/ no real change except to the weapons”. War is their, “final answer”/ and they will not surrender it. Only world law (we choose to rule over our leaders), and reality enforcement (all of us, same) removing weapons of mass destruction can take it away. You need to collect drinking water from ice; and take it to where it is needed: to hold back war. GO SEARCH; and find the truth about your drinking water supplies; before they are gone or ruined. Grow vegetables on cities high rise buildings/ and “a thousand other realities of life” that will be necessary because of the populations already here. Such as reclaiming desert, by train loads of human sewage paving the way; capturing water; and endless more. LEARN the truth about your oxygen supply; start with “biosphere two” experiment. Use natural ventilation in high rise; insulate ten times more; replant forests, use completely different methods against forest fire, expand drainage reservoirs at the top end of rivers and streams; dismantle car dependency, change aquaculture, establish a bill of rights for soldiers, police, and citizen. Change schooling for reality/ not cult worshiping university. Prepare for no phosphate fertilizers. Change farming practice for life, not poison. And so on.

Dimensions are a state of energy, conceived by shapes, boundaries, and limits; these assert reality provides a distinction, so that existence can be identified. Truth creates discipline & order/ while laws create balance and therefrom achieve trust; by establishing the consequences that can be depended upon. Thought conceives of life, and establishes the boundaries shapes and limits by laws to be observed; to create a living world/ a value used to achieve the treasury of why we allow ourselves to live. Which brings us to love, the essence of a shared expression, by living the experience as if we were one with each other. Caring by respect, sustaining equal and fair; by understanding truth must decide/ the laws which keep us alive; are “friend”.

University, in contrast: denies all shapes, boundaries, limits, laws, thought, life, worlds, values, elements, truth, trust, respect, and foundations of survival: to play god by demanding “their imagination/ the world is a lie”; is enough/ and don’t need no damn reality; because they have fantasies and delusions that let them play god. They have a cult following, which supports them in their curse of life and planet; that is their contribution, to life on earth. Or more simply: they have decided “the laws of life: are their enemy”. They have the insane theory; of playing with the sun energy/ the insane theory of killing nature, to produce “images they can claim as being god themselves”; by simply injecting chaos, to mutilate the bodies of life. Thereby living the lie, they created; until it dies. Never in the history of earth; has a greater insanity existed: and its all because of “university”/ and those who follow, and believe. It is the cult of the dead/ a life discarded for arrogance instead. The university cult being: blind, deaf, ignorant, and dumb; testifying: “we are witch-doctors; so when we shout ooga-booga (we are gods)”/ that means: let the world be damned. Media, and in particular news: shall be next, to walk ONLY: “for life and planet first, DEFENDING democracy and the future”/ or be incarcerated by laws which you will create. So they never curse you again; with covid/ or anything like the propaganda that has been exhibited. You will take control over communication, as a nation and world displayed by the evidence/ NOT the purposes of power.

Nonetheless, it is too late to go back to a world that nature kept alive! You have destroyed too much. Which means: instead of want, reality must rule, by letting truth decide; as best we can. AND THAT does include the universities; to assemble the evidence/ so that we the people can decide. Punishment for presenting lies, manipulating the evidence, or in any way causing confusion on purpose: is death! We MUST know what is true/ and make our own decision by the facts. One world: because we will all live or die together! Such is the reality of damage, that we now face. The failure to accept the values which being us life, and give us order; wherein we do find happiness: is life OR death to our world. No exceptions/ no running away from a dead world/ no place to hide: CHANGE/ OR BE EXTINCT.

Liars traitors and thieves; will always seek to make you fear/ believe/ or obey whatever they say. I only seek to inform and teach/ to demand investigate the evidence and examine what is true/ and what it means to be wrong; so that you can survive. The message is: CHANGE OR DIE/ but the reality is; if you were not still loved as a creation of life in this universe; I would not be here. Therefore learn respect, identify fools and failures, discard “Imagination, fantasy, and delusions/ ending insanity”. OR even though you are loved/ you WILL still be allowed to go extinct. Because of the realities you chose. Religion is not a hiding place/ step beyond the walls, and stand up for life and planet; or you will lose it. Choose truth/ not want; and life will go on.

Choose apathy and more arrogance; and your fate is sealed. Because that is what you chose!

Life beyond time, is not “whatever you want it to be/ as all religions suggest”. Instead, it is what truth will allow/ and whether love invites you in. Simple as that; sit on the fence as so many do/ and truth will deny you have a right to exist. MIRACLES prove: you are not gods/ and you know nothing of life but lies, the universities have told. As is evolution, “blind fool, throw into the abyss”. Life cannot be assembled or built; one piece at a time/ you need them all; from the beginning. Which makes “Adam and Eve” a proven story/ as is before an egg or a chicken could exist: thought came first.

Religion offers a test: what do you believe? But reality refuses that test, to assemble and investigate what will truth allow? The truth of miracles is: “thought built this”/ and nothing less, which includes all of human time. Therefore what we don’t know is massive/ and what we do know: is limited to what can be proven as truth (or faith in truth, explained as trust). JESUS existed; and his testimony or message of love beyond all hate; is elemental to the Creation of life here on earth. What we were given is far beyond what had to be given to us; which assembles the concept of love. The value of an eternity shaped by love, truth, and respect.

Noah is proven true; and a world wide flood is obvious: to all but the liars. The evidence of fossil fuels and much more establish that as facts which cannot be denied without fraud and failure. And that makes three fundamental elements, which Biblically rise to create a journey into what is true; as is required; to conceive by individual thought (your job); of life beyond time itself. Other stories exist; but the elemental rise of truth in the discussion of “is there and eternity” surfaces on three foundations of evidence. JESUS did exist, and HIS life proves to me; we are not abandoned, but loved; as is evidence of an eternity I would accept. Noah existed by the physical evidence on this earth; whether acknowledged or not/ that evidence cannot be proven wrong; but by lies. Adam and eve; as well as all other life; are miracles of existence/ because life itself proves, “we need everything/ from the first minute on”; or we die, as do the rest.

While evolution has no support other than their claims of “billions of years/ so you can’t prove it didn’t”/ as child fantasy fall into desperation. The first level of proof that did not happen: the sun itself would have been “GREATLY BIGGER”; a billion years ago. Because it burns fuel, as is the radiation which heats this earth. They are liars, each one.

University is the death of all life on earth; as is proven by the endless threats of extinction that we all face. Little more is needed to remove them from power/ and control them entirely, to prove NEVER again.

You have a choice: CHANGE to become “something with value” to life and planet/ OR DIE, as extinction takes control. No backing out/ no second chances; all or nothing for you; simple as that/ you threaten you/ I do not. CHOOSE, and let real world truth decide what must be changed.

You could kill me/ or this body called time could kill me; but that would change nothing/ not even for the people who understand; this is a life or death decision for our entire planet. Because of all the damage people, and their universities have done. They will want to scream; but that too has no value for change. Death is watching you; your days of playing god are over. Your days of worshiping the universities have ended: or you are extinct.

And all the people say: “we don’t want/ what we don’t want”. But life and planet reply, “by the evidence”/ that you will surrender your failures and foolishness; or die. And all the people say: “if we killed you/ we would never have to listen to that again: you can’t make us fear, if you’re dead”. But reality replies: I am not your threat/ YOU are what threatens YOU; which means you must then kill yourselves, in order to remove the fear you created by the choices you and your universities made. And the people say: “the universities are god/ and we are their children; waiting for good things to fall into our hands; as we declare has been the last fifty plus years/ OF PAYING FOR NOTHING (let the other nations do our work); OF BRIBES (let the other nations do our manufacturing); DISCARDING RESPECT (let university build robots to take your jobs); LYING (let’s claim assets that do not exist), CHEATING (debts don’t matter/ unless they are yours; the slave), MUTILATING (lets worship the lies of evolution), THREATENING (lets destroy every resource and poison everything), TERRORIZING (to HELL, with the chains of life we need to survive), ASSASSINATING YOUR OWN CHILDREN (HELL, not in my lifetime/ let them pay), by making them dread the future, AND UNIVERSITY IMAGINATION (we are gods/ damn you all: the only thing you need to know is: BELIEVE in the universities/ obey without question/ FEAR what they, the truly arrogant; might do) without restraint.

So truth itself then says: you have played god, and denied the limits and boundaries of what makes life survive/ cursing and crucifying nature and planet/ destroying resources, counterfeiting money and overpopulation of humanity; refusing the laws of life and planet: because that is what you wanted to do. Reality then states: your fate is sealed as a world of life gone extinct; by your own hands. OR DRAMATIC AND REAL CHANGE which beings with your want is revoked/ and only truth, that fights for life and world will remain as leader of this world. THAT, is a one time choice: because there is no going back from here/ life or death, by the decision that YOU made. Because it is “a world of one choice”/ all for life; or nothing left.

And the people say: the real GOD, WILL save us all. But reality says: you chose university is god instead/ and that makes them, “the enemies who brought you here”; your only hope. And they have already failed.

So, as I have said from the very beginning: DO NOT BELIEVE, as that gives way to whatever you want your beliefs to be. INSTEAD, GO TO COURT; INVESTIGATE THE EVIDENCE, AND IDENTIFY WHAT IS TRUE/ SO THAT A REAL DECISION WILL EXIST; BASED UPON WHAT WE KNOW TO BE TRUE. A COURT, so NONE can escape the fact we must choose for life and planet and a future/ resurrecting this dead world, from the hands of your universities; from failed and foolish, human wants; right now. Or it will be too late to change, and you cannot then remove your human contribution of the masses/ their universities: a grave for the world itself. Even though when truth forces you to accept: extinction is real/ it will be too late; dead is dead; your time is over. CHOOSE BETTER, RESPECT LIFE AND PLANET/ or go extinct.

And the people “cry, weep, and scream”: THIS AIN’T MY FAULT/ and I DON’T have to do NOTHING. While religion chimes in: “we believe whatever we want to believe”/ you can’t make us accept truth or reality; just as they did in Noah’s day, before a world wide flood wiped them from this earth. A fact proven beyond doubt: by the evidence of fossil fuels. No other method known, could have created that evidence of “life gathered together and buried, all at the same time/ some of it, under thousands of feet of earth”; facts beyond dispute. And the universities say: “we own their soul”/ you will never save them from us. And the children sob; and say “we have no choice”; because you, have refused them a life. YOUR EXCUSES ARE DEAD: YOU WILL “recycle/ reuse/ protect: creating habitat and values which form into; all that it takes to leave a future for not only the children, by every living species that can still survive”. NO exceptions allowed.

Which leaves this planet/ this nature, and you with: CHOOSE, university is god, descending into HELL

or choose

YOUR CREATOR IS GOD; and HIS NATURE WILL BE RESPECTED/ HIS PLANET WILL BE PROTECTED/ THE LIFE ON EARTH YOU SHARE, WILL BE CARED FOR: or your humanity will die/ as a whole world gone extinct. No going back/ like love or hate: one direction or the other

/ no middle ground, as that, is already dead.

You will finish playing god, and destroying this world, and yourselves; by worshiping the universities.


As is:

You will choose for love, and begin building the realities of a life that is worthy of the miracles given to you.


No other choice exists. So says truth! LIFE/ OR death.

This message is now complete.

Perhaps, even I; can have a little time; just to be “not a mother (informing, communicating, sharing, caring, defining, and respecting; your need to understand and accept “life is no game”) to you. But that, is a sign of freedom, “to explore all the miracles of this universe (male); as opposed to let us cherish these miracles of life, given to just us (female); and I live in the middle of that.

YOU in contrast are confronted: Because this decision, for life or death of a world/ is your decision. As has been true for me; is transferred to you! Nobody lives/ nobody loves/ nobody experiences or expresses happiness nor peace; unless we all work, to save this earth and as much life as we possibly can. From those who attack, and threaten with extinction. World terrorism begins: “with university”. FAILURE, BY ARROGANCE! (they want to be gods); to their shame.

Not gods; same as you/ just a different job.

Not smart, or threats of extinction would not exist!

If you choose to fail/ all that is left is death by extinction/ the cost of that exceeds your imagination/ as does the reality of igniting atoms on fire.

The cost of people who can now engineer and release biological chaos: IS HORRIFIC; and beyond your comprehension of disasters, chaos, and terror.

The cost of human population explosion; as is the fact of our lives/ enforces cannibalism and war/ unless you change it. Want too or not.

The cost of resource destruction is: same as living in the desert: “no resources/ no options/ very little life”.

The cost of our oceans dying from what you did do; is more than a billion people instantly starve/ with absolutely no possibility of recovery; the world wars until dead.

The cost of overheating this planet: when another trillion tons of ice CANNOT be melted to control the heat you release. Is life on earth dies/ HELL is literally born.

The cost of weapons of mass destruction: you have no chance to survive/ those will end life on earth.

The cost of genetic chaos: your arrogance and your apathy and your disgrace, and your disrespect for life and planet: will cost you an eternity.

The cost of playing god: will send you to HADES/ terror & chaos; wars on you. Because you earned it.

The cost of destroying the chains of life: you are extinct.

And all the masses of humanity on earth shout in unison: “I DON’T WANT to fight or war with university/ they might let me die. I want “healthcare”/ I want, what I want! I want MORE! I want, someone else to pay. I WANT to be rich; even if it means others must be slaves. So you have earned the consequences of your choice: to be beggars. BUT HEAR THIS: if you let civil war decide your future/ this nation will be lost. If you let them refuse to close the ports, banks, borders, and all the rest that will be necessary to retain what you need to survive and rebuild this nation; you will still lose the nation. CHOOSE AND ESTABLISH REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, AND AS PURE A PUBLIC TRIAL, as it can be. TO PROVE WHAT IS TRUE; AS BEST YOU CAN. Thereby letting the people understand, and choose for themselves, BY THE EVIDENCE: what truth will allow/ NOT a university whore: YOU decide. ALL UNIVERSITY EXPERIMENTATION SHALL STOP, and be enforced by death if they fail. NOTHING moves or changes until the courtroom trial: to decide the future of this nation is over. Only immigrants may leave/ or citizens may return. EVERYTHING else that can, STANDS STILL; until your decision is made. Create a debit card; one base amount for every single worker, ONLY one/ no exceptions/ to cover minimum necessary costs. You still work, where you can (paid at the end OF COURT); or the nation folds up. You will create a new job, that will be paid at 75% of “common worker pay”. Which will then create the necessary platform of society: TO REVIEW THE EVIDENCE/ DEFINE A FUTURE/ CREATE “OUR UNDERSTANDING” OF WHAT IS TRUE. AND DO ALL THAT DEMOCRACY requires of us all to do. In resurrection this society from university rules/ the cult of the dead; who have led us to the very edge of this abyss. Throughout the time of trial: all the same. No banking/ return your armies and their weapons (let the world face itself; and choose world law)/ create the future as if it were certain you could live. But understand: you DO stand on the edge of extinction, and if you fail truth/ you will fall into “the university abyss: we played god/ with arrogance, and lost”.

But as I have said: for over forty years: that is not a choice you can live with! Because the damage being done is catastrophic, and cannot be undone easily. Which means; this earth and all its life are doomed to extinction: if you do not accept the decision: WE MUST KNOW WHAT IS TRUE. Therefrom choosing as a world, to protect life and planet.

Or the terrorists, playing god; WILL make us all extinct.

YOUR DECISION: IS, “life OR death” for this world.


FIND: if indeed truth demands covid came from university experiments, or release/ and get your trillions back. THEN assemble the penalties, that are appropriate for world terrorism/ and gambling with life on earth.

NO, YOU MAY NOT: relegate your decision to “the herd/ group/ church/ or whatever it is to avoid your own individual decision for life or death of this world”. ETERNITY ITSELF, will record the decision YOU HAVE MADE/ as your truth. The work for life and planet you chose to do; as your contribution; to the respect needed to survive as a world. As is life or death for you as a person: YOU are all alone in this. YOU will decide, and prove: YOUR TRUTH.

A word of warning: by letting your brain construct all the possibilities of what could go wrong: you thereby create fear (alone and without friends), panic attacks (this will happen to me), depression (life may not get better than this), high blood pressure (I am afraid) even violence (this is all your fault; you didn’t help me) and so on. Passion is a natural defense against these things so choose for life, search for love, and accept friendship when you can. Unfortunately friendship is another casualty of “university knows”; as people believe their phone or internet is more exciting and better, than a human being. The constant media driven “fear them all”. Plague of university driven “discard those in the trash”. Media proven: sludge of thieves, liars, cheats, terrorists, tempters, and more. Just Keep your nose buried in a phone; to avoid people. Nonetheless; REALITY states: IT DOES ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD, to allow the brain (measures and memories) to decide, or create scenarios for you; what your life could or could not be. That is subject to things beyond our control. Fear won’t change that. As the truth is: humanity is very limited in their true choices, with regard to body. Therefore it does no good at all, to fear what you cannot control: it is not your choice. Choose instead to control yourself, by accepting the fact you will die: to this world; as best you can! Accepting the fact, MIRACLES prove our understanding of death, is extremely limited: elevating LIFE beyond time. Recognizing, Realities prove; we can only be what we can honestly be; participating by law, to bring no chaos. Saying no; to fantasy or delusions or even imagination allowed. Because these only cloud over truth/ truth lets us survive. The possibilities, beyond extreme are not ours to choose; therefore accept faith (truth will decide)/ do what you can do for life and planet so as not to be guilty yourself! Respect this earth and its miracles. Because even You, cannot evade death: every single one will die/ because as reality states and proves “your body cannot be eternal”! So you must abandon it, for what can be eternal, or YOU as life itself; cannot.

The lesson is: DO the best you can. But understand this: while we can seek to limit the chaos called “sickness”; we cannot evade death. Healthcare is not god, and they won’t save you from dying. They exist only as our attempt to limit “the damage done (results being: sometimes great/ sometimes harsh, but true)”. Our bodies, belong to us; as our own decisions will allow. A gift of ownership alone! When confronted: turn to death, and look forward, and past: into eternity itself; as trust, truth, and thought will allow.

YOU MUST, have hope to survive; as love leads to life, and is hope {each exists to lift the other into “a treasury we can share”}/ but hate leads to death, and is chaos, failure, and lies. But in death: that hope must shift to GOD / is supported by JESUS and is life becomes truth. OR, you fail to ascend beyond time, and dissipate as lost.

MIRACLES PROVE: how much we do not know!

But they also prove: we were created by LOVE.

Just as JESUS proves; we were not simply created to be abandoned: but remain as a value to both life and eternity; by our choices, which do; become our truth.

Only truth survives: BE TRUE, to life and love.

The universities shame themselves: by choosing to lie (we want what we want)/ and declare life is an accident (never planned or conceived by thought) born out of chaos (lets destroy this). NOT human (created for a cause beyond time) at all, just animals. Claiming evolution; to their own eternal tragedies.

This writing is, now changed to the power of tragedy and disgrace; as is your reality confronting you. Because you would not rise for love.

That is a contribution of male; and as such represents a mediation/ or balance between the desires of female truth, and the realities of male in time. The cost of time is a choice/ but the reward of time is an opportunity to choose & change: until the body is dead. So the question is: I chose to enter the spiritual world of female beyond time; but she has chosen to return to this time with me: creating the conclusion “its complicated”. She has control to protect herself/ I cannot intervene, it is not allowed; nor would I choose too; as what is precious (truth established) should never be contaminated with what is not. Which constructs: “I am, simply doing the best I can”/ trying desperately NOT to destroy anything important or of value. No clue how it ends. Honestly weird though; making everything “I just don’t know”.

Which brings us to the difference between life and time is: the body expresses and experiences/ and then measures your mental decisions or the impact of “this world on body”/witch exhibits an influence on you. Human means body of choice, in the dimension of time. Whereas life means: the dimension of thought, as a relationship to its dimension as found in energy. The beginning of choice, relies upon freedom, which presents itself as motion. Therefore life and death are exhibited in human; as either controlled motion/ or not, as is dead. The quest of human, is not the same as the quest of the other, a quest for life, even to eternity: it is a choice. Eternity chooses life/ not time: but the freedom to move is no game. Existence, In a state of pure energy; means, endless things can go wrong. Therefore you must establish the disciplines, order, respect, thought, and balance that will survive/ before entering: so YOU can survive. Less than that requires mercy, and therefrom limits freedom to the boundaries/ realities created by you. MIRACLES do prove how much you do not know.

Whereas “university evolution/ let’s ignite atoms on fire/ destruction of everything/ extreme arrogance/ endless manipulation and propaganda/ failure, fool, liar, cheat, thief, traitor, terrorist “playing god” and ;more all assign a reality of catastrophe: to everything university claims to be. They cannot prove otherwise; but believers (we want, what we want) do not care.

AS FOR YOU: particularly in this America

I do predict; in accordance with Revelation 18: a great recession, turning into full out depression soon after; as of the end of October 2021. Because your leaders have spent at least 6 trillion dollars for covid/ stole or destroyed another 3 trillion dollars or more in relation to covid, from all of society/ plans to spend another 8 trillion dollars or more for infrastructure/ on top of the trillions of dollars they go further into debt every year. That equals, all the money from: 17,000- billionaires/ that your debts have been raised in the past year or so. AND MEDIA says nothing; because they are owned by the money/ and enslaved by their own university debts/ selling their soul, and your lives; “for trinkets, toys, and trophies”. As they shout: FEAR COVID/ damn you fear/ believe/ and obey; so we get paid. A VERY TINY FEW; control all of media. A very tiny few: decide how much the hospitals can charge. A very tiny few decide what “is true”; and they are the elite of university/ the power of counterfeiting our currency. The reality of: around 600 trillion dollars in claimed assets; which can be borrowed against. Which means you have no chance; no options, and no rights in your own nation. With the blinders media uses to direct you from the truth of our reality. Reminding you SOMEBODY HAS THAT MONEY; claiming a right to be paid: just like you! That fact is, EACH: one trillion dollars is ten thousand dollars “before taxes”/ from each and every one of one hundred million people (workers). Which makes you destitute (can’t pay our bills); by their actions. Or, “its all a LIE”. Which makes “university knows/ university leads/ university is god”; the DEAD WEIGHT of failure, fool, liar, thief, cheat, whore, traitor, terrorists; and more. BECAUSE EVERY leader has a university diploma; “indoctrinated by the same cult of religious (believe & obey, the university is god/ fear the consequences of refusal)”. WE WILL abandon you

but then we must not forget: the cult worshipers, indoctrinated as children; into “university is god”; who made that possible. Or the last gasp of wealth consumed by “covid”; and all those who chose to fear, believe, and obey. Discarding life, law, and democracy in slavery to their chosen fraud; called leaders.

If not: it is because the foreign nations have not yet finished confiscating property and resources from behind closed doors: because that is how your leaders pay. The REITS/ stock market/ reverse mortgages/ and a “thousand other claims against american citizens” are paid. YOU lose your nation/ and by surrendering YOU to poverty: your leaders, have not only invaded: but sold the nation itself: to Foreigners. BUT don’t you worry; cause you have hundreds of trillions of numbers: go ahead add another trillion to your own bank account. “nobody has to know”/ unless you try to spend them!

Leaving you with no infrastructures built in the last fifty years of “university rules now”. ALL your money, your future: went to university purposes and design. Nearly all manufacturing lost to foreigners/ resources destroyed/ water poisoned/ debts which cannot be paid/ an education system that fails life, nation, child, and planet. Business invaded by robotics and computers/ supply chains corrupted and failed. Endless credit debts from propaganda due to media manipulation. Immigration to TAKE SOME of the bribes used to destroy a nation; that university rules, & chose to throw away; hiding enormous inflation with media conspiracy; selling counterfeit american gold currency on TV, to instill doubt in what should be real, but now confuses (to take that away. Demanding; TAKE ELECTRONIC MONEY; so they can create numbers without reality; “just add a zero”); printing 20 dollar bills on plain paper. Offering with our kits; or receipe; “you can mutilate life too”. And more, than you can believe is possible. Establishing TRAITORS in our midst; who have taken control over every part of government; to declare themselves “without law/ rulers (fear/ believe/ obey) invading life and nation, instead”.

All of it: to make you cry/ to make you fight and war.

As is the reality of hate.

The Universities hidden gift, to you.; but hey, “you can’t all be wrong”/ right?

Cause you know, “you believe”.

My gift to you: is the understanding necessary, to establish a courtroom investigation of what is true/ by the evidence; as best you can. NO, IT WON’T BE FREE!

This is a message sent to you: because the destruction of an entire world of life/ IS A VERY SERIOUS OFFENSE; with eternal consequences for those who caused it;

and that does include the followers who let the others do it. ARE YOU NOT “a herd”/ as is “we can’t all be wrong”. Simply believing/ don’t need no damn truth or reality?

As you have said to me throughout the last 4-5 decades.

My job is completed: I did deliver the message. End of my job, as male/ however spiritual female in me, has not agreed!

YOUR JOB, is you will fight for this world: is to communicate that message: DON’T BELIEVE/ LEARN WHAT IS TRUE, BY EXAMINING THE EVIDENCE, the consequences for being WRONG; without bias/ only what is true matters. Only what is true, decides! OR EXTINCTION will come. And media says nothing: because they are indoctrinated into the cult of “university worship”/ they are gods, who cannot be wrong. So says the debt, and the bribes; which owns their soul.

In america: REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, AS IS FIRST AMENDMENT CONSTITUTIONAL LAW/ is the proper venue. Let none finish destroying your democracy; or life will end. As is plainly seen: your elected officials are owned by the serpent (human snakes walking on two legs/ slithering in the darkness for prey). Who have chained the herd with debts; and bribed with want: as that trail leads into the slaughter house of death. BLINDERS ON; because any who fail to comply, will be blacklisted; and thrown away. As is the cost, of a tiny few who control everything.

And the people say: we don’t want, to be responsible/ we want, to blame the leaders or someone else: so that we can go free. BY HIDING AND RUNNING AWAY from realities we don’t want to fight with. We might lose/ it might cost too much/ and then the others might benefit; BUT I might die, or end up in the streets.

The cost of life is: EITHER YOU DO THE WORK, AND ACCEPT THE RISK OF LIVING as best you can/ or you slink away in cowardice, apathy, and shame. You have your head buried down in greed and selfishness: so as to claim “you don’t know/ NOT your problem/ can’t blame me, I wasn’t there”. But that is a lie, you were there SHOUTING “NOT IN MY LIFETIME”/ as invading warriors do (can’t stop me). That conceives of your personal participation in all that is bad for this nation/ this world/ all life and child. YOU CHOSE, bribes, trinkets, trophies, and toys: over life! To your shame. YOUR FAILURE as a society: let the universities railroad you into disgrace, poverty, and shame; as the people most responsible for their destruction.

That leaves you with: EITHER RESURRECT LIFE AND PLANET FROM EXTINCTION/ or admit you don’t care enough/ don’t respect LIFE/ PLANET/ CHILD OR GOD ; enough to even try. Reality proves; “university/ scientist/ doctor/ singer/ actor/ medicine/ etcetera; are not gods”; simply same as you; “living in time”. You are not god either! As such our limits and boundaries do not accept gambling with this world.

Hiding in religion (I paid my dues/ I bought the insurance policy/ I am owed).

But alas, that too will fail.

I, in contrast to that: have spent my lifetime, to communicate our world is in trouble. Risked everything to assemble what can be of value. Discarded everything else in favor of: we can’t let this earth or its life be mutilated and die. Refused all distractions, because that can end badly: as life or death for a world must come first/ reality then decides.

Your participation in that: ridicule, not a penny will you give, don’t tell me nothing, and don’t you do nothing: because I want the money. Who gives a damn about anything else. While religion adds: “we have better things to do”. And all we got to do: is throw a little money away, and say a few words: “heaven is then: free/ an eternity of sloth and anything I want.”. shouting: “all of us are right/ that means you must be wrong”. Even when it comes to gambling with the entire earth: igniting it into a sun/ as is being done throughout this earth; by “university people” who believe in pure fantasy and delusions.

So I spent decades in pursuit of truth, talents in pursuit of law, values in pursuit of democracy, and realities in pursuit of knowledge constructing the human behavior and its decisions. But you don’t care, which caused me to refuse to share: until “the spiritual woman” reminded me. A dead world won’t care either. SHARE, “because we must”/ balancing my world.

Because cult worshipers cannot. They must “fear/ believe/ and obey”. The herd runs together as is “we can’t all be wrong”. But alas, what they “know”; is only what media told them to believe. What the religions indoctrination of university led schooling; demanded they shall fear/ or obey.

So, I wish you well; because this is a world of life/ but end by warning you belief is just want/ and want cannot keep you alive. Only truth can do that.

Even so: I am joined by “the spiritual woman inside” as is predicted by Revelation 12 (here, but not here to you). I am even controlled as is the prediction of Revelation 17; being relegated “to a male beast”/ for failing to remain dedicated to the work 3 or so years ago; because you do not listen. A reality: this world of life is more important, than your tantrum. As is the constant of a cult worshiper; you want what you want (everything free/ no consequences for you). But that is a lie. What you believe is irrelevant to me.

Search only for your own truths.

Instead of protecting life; YOU chose to stand on the edge of extinction.

THE REALITY of that is: the cult will look for an enemy to blame/ when they are confronted by the consequences of what they chose to do.

Most likely, they will blame me (one such lie: he ruined our game/ told our lies: that is betrayal), if they can: after all a mob doesn’t need much when it feels threatened. Which only means you will choose to believe whatever you are told by media; as always. As for me: the spiritual woman inside, as soul shared/ will decide, my fate. Believe it or not “its complicated”…. I live in time, but she lives in me; and has control (I am moved to “the back seat”)..

JESUS was beaten and crucified; after bringing far more of value to this world. While that is certainly not me; ANY MEANS TO DISTRACT YOU from the truth; is all they need.

So, who knows: I really have no clue as to what the future might be for me.

As for you: the foundation is simple. Stop letting the dead (rotting carcass: arrogance inside)/ decide your fate. Stop being distracted; by what they assume or imagine; fantasize or believe. As is: “we can bring the same sun fire here” as is on the sun [which they also claim to be, “is a million mile long flame/ with 12 million mile long bursts of fire”.

Stop letting the dead create fear in your lives: accept reality and understand risks are part of living. You can refuse to believe me “I don’t care”/ but I won’t be hurting you. In contrast: if you continue to believe that your scientists can control the sun: “they have discarded trying to combine hydrogen into helium (since 2012)/ and every experiment they have exists: TO IGNITE ATOMS INTO NUCLEAR FIRE. A reality you cannot control; and will burn you alive, along with this planet. “the price of being wrong”. And they have not one real piece of evidence to prove what they say; only imagination.

Stop letting the dead: make you believe in their fantasies and delusions/ discard their imagination as the trash it usually is. Accept only truth survives; therefore be truth and let truth decide for you/ by the evidence. By the laws that protect against chaos/ which means the universities and their evolution are the enemy.

Stop letting the dead universities make you obey their decisions/ their construction of life and government and nature. As the evidence will prove, by the cost of reducing life, nation, and world to the edge of extinction; as they have done. Along with their cult followers who are willing to believe anything/ so long as “the bribes are good”. COVID collected at least 5 trillion dollars from this USA; FOR A tiny few people. That would mean: 5,000 people were made instant billionaires/ and you paid $50,000.00 per shot/ per each of one hundred million people. Sound fair? Sound like none could or would be bribed? You sure? This nation is economically destroyed “last straw” because of it. So, are you happy with your fears? Your belief/ obey the universities: going to, “keep you safe on the street”?

As always: when blinded by bribes of any kind: what lurks in the shadows will make you cry. WAKE UP, do not accept fear. WAKE UP, do not accept “being told what to believe”/ search for truth instead. WAKE UP, and do not be obedient to those who destroy life and world by their arrogance. EXTINCTION IS FRIEND TO NONE.

university simply means: those children, who found a way not to grow up”. Mostly at “your expense”. While some degree of minimal value has come of it, the foundation of extreme arrogance is also born of it. That “death of a world: SATAN”/ IS NOT worth what was gained.

But you are believers: because death is scary/ the cost of a body torn apart from disease; that does not work, can be frightening. Dying of starvation or thirst is harsh. And the cost of hate; its violence, and its fear remind us all, that we are not alone. So people want a “savior”. And the scream is: “we can’t do better”/ leave this alone.

The evidence of extinction however is overwhelming; and truth points directly at universities played god/ as the cause of why.

Which means we can’t leave this alone! INSTEAD WE MUST IDENTIFY WHAT HAS VALUE/ AND SEPARATE IT FROM WHAT DOES NOT HAVE VALUE. Aligning ourselves with truth; so that truth will let us survive what has been done: if possible.

IN AMERICA: democracy accepts that responsibility as REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES/ A FIRST AMENDMENT LAW: WHICH GIVES the legal right of examining the nation or state itself: for the purpose of identifying: our duty to this society, our duty to the future, to nature, to life and world and nation. Our duty to GOD and earth.

To make a decision; that is not arrogant or disrespectful.

To make a decision: for life, nature, planet, and child.

To participate with values, love, and truth; that will matter.

That is your choice. But if you fail: time itself will run out; as extinction takes control.

And the people say: “we want what we want”.

But the evidence says: you played god, and failing life and planet.

Your university gods: now crucifying both.

So, this is your last chance: to save this living world; EVEN if you don’t believe that could be true. Reality knows: it is. CHOOSE!

I, am NOT your savior/ your leader/ your guru/ religious friend or enemy; etc!

I am: simply the messenger (other than being diligent and determined/ I have no clue why) & I have delivered the message: CHANGE OR YOU WILL DIE AS A WORLD. So says your own evidence, truth, and reality!

JESUS came to remind humanity of love, truth, respect, values, discipline, courage, hope, law and order, peace, harmony, trust, heart, soul, and eternity….teaching life is not a game.

I am sent: only to remind you of the cost: of being WRONG.

Simple as that.

In the reality of life: we must have hope to survive. Hope builds into happiness, and that creates the desire to participate; thereby constructing heart. Love shapes the motion of our lives, and without true motion in the direction of life itself/ the cost of life is a failure to move. Which brings death. Just as death brings hate; because you cannot have what you want. Want is a relationship of time; and not beyond. Desire is a relationship defined by heart, and conceived by the destinies of soul. Making the quest of eternity, a participation in “just one direction”: to “our Creator GOD “.

the failure of universities is a constant reminder of sewage and sludge/ vomit and puke; as their contribution to life and living is to remove the MIRACLES which surround us;/ by lies. To discard Creation itself with evolution. To deny that thought brought us to life/ and life brings us to thought; in the desire we share as love. Their attempts to destroy all forms of evidence: as is the mutilation of nature/ end of energy disciplines/ ability to survive by the destruction of chains, resources, future, and more. Is consistent with SATAN (destroyers of a world); the cult of the damned.

Instead of their sewage: the reality of body all by itself should have been enough to keep you aligned with life. But cult worship and child indoctrination of university evil; has destroyed the lives of many. Look again at your body: the things it can do/ the health you worship as good/ the abilities of your tongue, eyes, hands, ears, everything; down to the eyelashes and tears, face and its form, body and its sex. NONE of which is accidental, and none of which can be attributed to chaos (the university god of evolution, is dead/ a vile disgrace to all who accepted it). “going blind/ who cares: can’t talk, who cares: cut off a limb/ who cares; got a pimple, who cares right?” well it better not be you: because the universities have put in a factory line of mutilation for all of nature. All thinks to covid; and your cult worship belief! And everything you love about your body or your life will soon be gone. Consumed by your university gods.

We are at the core of everything: built by thought/ designed by knowledge/ granted a life shared with discipline and order/ balanced by male and female; but damaged by arrogance, lies, and all that hate is. Even though it is a freedom of humanity; used against each other.

WE ARE; at the core of life or death for our world/ because without a true investigation of the evidence: to prove our reality to the acceptance of all people; as real. Our world will die. I do not ask anyone to believe that: but I do insist WE MUST KNOW THE TRUTH/ and from that: we must let truth decide what we the people of this world can or cannot do.

We are at the core of discipline for this world: choosing for ourselves as humanity on earth/ if we will or will not rule over ourselves by law. It is not a game/ it is not a delusion/ nor is it impossible to achieve. LAW controls us all/ whosoever makes the law controls society and government employees.

We are at the core moment of order and balance for our world:: determining for ourselves what our future will be/ whether any resource will be sustained/ whether a single child can survive. All of it is dependent upon us; including all the rest of life on earth.

We are at the capstone of university plays god: standing on the edge of extinction by their choice/ and yours.

We are facing the greatest decision humanity itself has ever made: WILL YOU CHANGE/ SO THAT LIFE AND PLANET WILL SURVIVE? All answering: we do not believe (we want what we want). But the consequences of that want now exhibit extinction as the evidence of our truth. NOTHING MORE SO: THAN THOSE TRYING TO BRING THE SAME ENERGY SOURCE HERE, AS IS ON THE SUN.

SO, in summary: the decision to investigate ANYTHING/ USE DEMOCRACY AS IS REDRESS LAW; and change government as needed to protect life and earth. Can be reduced to examination of those who GAMBLE WITH OUR ENTIRE PLANET.

Because WRONG IS; this earth becomes a sun; literally ending every life by fire.

NO fantasies allowed (the core cannot be on fire/ or the sun cannot be sustained)

NO delusions: “graviton ((15 times heavier than lead) elements do not exist in reality”

NO imagination: a nuclear fire will not extinguish itself, “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”. Instead reality proves solar gravity comes from the fire itself.



BY MAKING THEM establish In court: with language and math, that the vast majority will understand: yes they can! Their truth or lies, with regard to these theories, their actions and machines, elements, realities relied upon, laws that justify gambling this entire earth. They need to ESTABLISH, WHAT IS: their consequence, the cost, for being wrong. By establishing with full disclosure; how they intend to control that nuclear fire/ what are the variables, and how critically sure can they truly be. THE ONLY POSSIBILITY WITH A TOMAK reactor, is to ignite plasma (disturbed atoms) on fire. THEY HAVE already proven, without doubt: that “trying to combine two hydrogen atoms to make a helium atom” is WRONG. By experimentation in Lawrence Livermore Laboratory; San Francisco 2012.

THEREFORE WE SHOULD KNOW, since that failed theory is taught around the world and NOT corrected.

Why we should believe: that bringing a “million mile long flame of fire; as is their description of sun fire” WON’T burn this earth just like the sun. WWW.ITER.ORG IS the biggest and most dangerous of these. START HERE. PROVE you are willing to accept the cost of being WRONG.

AT WWW.ITER.ORG “a trillion dollar machine supported by 35 governments/ chosen and designed and participated in: by universities around the world: “to ignite here”: the same fire (energy source, lets burn atoms) as is on the sun! WRONG IS, our earth becomes a sun!

Therefore everyone is involved; no matter who or where you are.

MAKE THEM STOP NOW. Or, your decision is to pay the price of being wrong; as this entire world becomes engulfed by SUN FIRE. SIMPLE as that!

Don’t believe: LEARN THE TRUTH, and decide for yourself if this is worth “our entire world, and every life in it burning alive”.

NO, going back; once ignited the fire (just like the sun) an increase in energy output by “scientific papers” of 4 million times more (like a nuclear bomb). A reality that creates its own plasma to keep the process going.

IS THAT too much to ask?

Human behavior WANTS TO AVOID anything that might: “endanger me”.

But reality demands: this is no game/ and one single ignition, in that single instant will prove there is no going back; our world itself is on fire. As the bond holding atoms together: “look at the sun” can be burned. Just like burning the bond; holding molecules that bring elements together and form chemistry; create the fire we know on earth. The difference plainly: between in energy released; very similar to TNT versus a nuclear bomb.

They all want it/ BUT THEY CAN’T CONTROL IT; because everything is made out of fuel, “its all atoms”. And it doesn’t take a big brain to understand/ IF YOU CAN’T REMOVE THE FUEL SOURCE, or interfere with the combustion process/ you can’t stop the fire burning it. NO SECOND CHANCES/ NO EXPERIMENTATION to “figure this out”. All or nothing FIRE. “just like the sun”; which is a nuclear flame. As proven by reality, formed in truth.

If you find them failing/ OUR WORLD IN DANGER

THEN YOU KNOW: all the rest of what they do; especially against nature itself is HORRIFYING, AND MUST BE STOPPED AS WELL.

The best you have of university and leadership decided to gamble with our world

GO SEARCH; and decide, if they can be allowed

to continue making decisions for you.

Because being WRONG; means a DEAD WORLD.

AND ONE PUBLIC TRIAL, in front of the world; with all evidence gathered and presented and established as understood, as true/ as best we can.

Is enough to decide: if there must be more!

DEMAND, a moratorium on all these machines and more

until the trial is done. SHUT THEM DOWN, and fully disconnect the utilities.

YOU ARE: 8 BILLION PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET/ with roughly 8,000 leaders in all fields, nations, etc. That means, an average of: ONE MILLION PEOPLE standing against EACH “one leader”. YOU cannot be refused.



Just like they chose as “the best and the brightest” for the last fifty plus years/ with all universities knowing/ and all universities choosing/ and all graduates agreeing


every life/ every hope/ every future: EVERYTHING. OUR WORLD :BURNING AS HELL; with no escape IF THEY ARE WRONG.

“because university knows”!



The reality is: “your best and brightest” chose: to want what they wanted/ therefore they believed, because they wanted it to be true.

Even though reality proves: the sun, clearly proves this is a fire YOU CANNOT control. So they closed their eyes and ears and hearts; and claimed “we must”/ because any other reality means: HUMANITY ITSELF MUST CHANGE. And all their decisions about everything; was bascially proven wrong.

Which means the universities cannot play god anymore.

So they refused. Gambling “yes, we can”.

But reality again proves: this is a ONE TIME experiment/ ignition either as they predict “with just extinguish itself”.


Unfortunately: that decision has leaked into everything the universities do. As is gambling with all of nature; by believing they can inject chaos (destroying order, disciplines, balance, boundaries, limits, realities and more) so that evolution will then create something new.

A more foolish generation has never been born.

A more tragic reality of university, could not exist: so they are trying to find another planet they, the few; could escape too. “leaving you behind”.

And covid: gave them the money, freedom from law, and the power to attack nature as if in a war/ RIGHT NOW. To your shame.

Even so: this living world, now depends upon you/ every child; every life; every future life; everything. Because you worshiped the cult of university knows; and it has failed you.

The ascension of life: is one step at a time, we choose our values/ and in those values we do find love, and what it means to be ALIVE. Stand up for your world/ or it will die!

and, the religious ALL say: “from EVERY sect”! WE DON’T have to do nothing/ cause YOU ain’t nobody. EVERYTHING we want is FREE.

So, I say to them “one and all”: that JESUS impacted every religion/ because love, respect, and the potential for eternity “live within the religious world”. And you use HIM.

SO, when he was CRUCIFIED: as is being done to nature today.

Brutally beaten; as is the reality of “the religious got their way”.

HOW, WAS THAT FREE? THAT WAS “SOMETHING” that changed this world, throughout the generations. Until, the lies, and failures; easily proven: of evolution; because people believed. And religion believed; and incorporated “university knows”. To your shame. “so, YOU are somebody”.

I on the other hand “ain’t nobody”; but every threat we face IS SOMETHING.

Destroying all of THIS ENTIRE CREATION; by arrogance and apathy IS SOMETHING.

IGNITING a nuclear fire; on a planet made of atoms (fuel): IS SOMETHING.

DESTROYING NATURE; is something.

Extinction by the evidence: IS SOMETHING.

The Biblical chapters 6,8,&9 of Revelation; are each descriptions about the consequences of: igniting a nuclear fire here on earth: IS THAT SOMETHING?

According to science papers: ignition will establish 4,000,000 more energy released in an instant. NASA claims the sun has “million mile long flames/ 12 million mile flares”; which translates to an immediate: pillar of fire past the moon; from this earth. Once ignition occurs. Which of course means: the fire is sucking in a lot of fuel; including people (flying off into “the rapture”), oceans, air, forests, rocks and everything made out of atoms. The price of being WRONG. IS THAT SOMETHING?

Which would then ask the question: ARE YOU, “something of value”?

While all the rest: simply shout, “we want what we want”/ even though that is not possible.

LIFE OR DEATH: for our entire world, includes you: is that something?

MEDIA tells you what you think/ MEDIA tells you what you believe/ MEDIA blinds you to the realities and truth of this day. Because they have no brain, and wait for the universities “to pull their strings”. IS THAT SOMETHING?

There is an oddity in this universe: two suns orbiting in the same relative space! Because of gravitational pull/ that means this could not be a reality constructed or exhibited since the beginning. THEY WILL pull into each other and explode. Which causes me to believe: “most likely these were a living world”; just like you/ who failed to recognize, igniting a nuclear fire “just like the sun”. Is creating another sun out of their planet. Because unlike the delusions and fantasies of “university knows; NOTHING about the sun”. Truth does not care what you believe/ it simply is, what it is. Think about it, if you can pull your life back out of the sewer: of university is god.

Our world has changed: the dead (extreme arrogance) inside, fight for the end of this world, with tools and realities that will make that happen.

So wake up, or be dead as a world.

Extreme arrogance; contains no happiness, discarded to play god. But they still need a purpose for life/ which then becomes to enforce “I am your god”. That is done by evicting you from your job/ your life/ your happiness; by making you beg or believe or obey; and so on. That is done by taking control over society; and playing the predator; who makes the herd “dance and run”. Because fear creates panic/ and panic has no brain; which leaves the arrogant to claim their prize.

OF ALL THE CATASTROPHIC DECISIONS made by university plays god

that we face extinction now.

One of the most extreme realities of human participation in the death of this world


And the universities know it; which makes them insane.

And media covers this with the sewage of: “don’t you care/ don’t you do nothing/ just believe, obey, and worship the universities as god. As the indoctrination of “media mice” has proven: this is all we have left of what used to be “the free press”.

Because instead of the people who cared, who lived with the truth of our existence and were tuaght by reality; and believed in the honor of protecting life and world. Were cast aside: using Indoctrination, and chains of debt; to prove the “university is god”; to those who now fear the cost of standing alone. The cost of only a tiny few get to control all public communication, and can blacklist you forever/ so you cannot pay back the debt they won’t forgive; is, they get to play god, and whores only care about the power, and pride of what they want. Are friend to none.

OWN COMMUNICATIONS: by providing an outlet for those who do search for the evidence, and listen to let truth itself decide/ NOT a damn expert who can easily be bought and trained to say anything power wants.

OR, you can just continue with media as it is: collecting billions, “to SHOUT”; as with covid. “the human face is YOUR ENEMY”.

Pack to the top