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the theories:  Read this the theories which lead to your own crucifixion.

THE EVIDENCE    against university theory! MORE, is on separate websites.

The constant reality of university physicist science is very simple:  the ignition of a nuclear fire means/ this earth and all its life will die shortly thereafter. IF THE FIRE does not extinguish itself/ because we cannot extinguish a ten million degree flame. Simple as that. so are you willing to pay for their gamble with all life on earth forever/ if they lose their bet?  NO GOING BACK, this is all or nothing!

               The university geneticists mutilate nature, again and again and again:  hoping it will crash/ so they can “pick through the rubble”; and find a way to be god.  ARMAGEDDON MEANS:  NATURE IN CHAOS!   Gee, won’t that be swell?  Answer the damn question:  are you willing to pay, when nature itself falls apart from their deliberate actions to destroy genetic structure and stability.

Again;  everything, I provide on my websites or videos up to and including this date/ are absolutely free and without restrictions of any kind.  Because our entire planet is threatened with extinction;  what greater cause could there be?      Insanity    a great leader   extreme catastrophe  

the elemental path       war games        examining reality  

THE LAW IS:   that every life shall die/ there are no except ions. Eternity then comes, to be whatever it shall be. So the question is:  what is life/ what is death/ and what can that eternity be?’

There is nothing more foolish, than believing in fantasies! The worst of the worst, is believing the universities can ignite sun fire here; and it will just “extinguish itself”. There is nothing more foolish to humanity, than believing nature was formed by chaos; which literally means to destroy anything complex. There is nothing more foolish in men, than believing weapons of mass destruction are “your saviors”/ because it only takes one, to initiate HELL! Each is a reality, that will NOT be returned; as life on earth; valued by each one. N. Korea can be reduced to “no more of this”/ by simply making it clear:  “welcome to our horror”. The place where, male decisions refused world law; to establish:  ALL of CREATION DESTROYED. Not a life left, not even to cry.  Your leader has made his wish come true: you are now “first on the list” for nuclear holocaust:  “should your nation not rejoice”? And there are more threats so horrendous, extinction in the very near future;  is inevitable without true change.

THE RULES: : IF, YOU won’t think for yourselves/ THEN you won’t survive, and neither will this world. There is nothing so elemental, than respect for the life you received/ the value of our reality among all living creation.  The absolute lie,  that is evolution detracts from truth: for the singular purpose of avoiding responsibility.  World law, simple and plain;  created by we the people, governing our leaders; is an answer. 8 billion people CAN tell a few hundred people what they will or will NOT do! It is that simple: when we, the vast majority, all agree.

SEARCHING FOR LIFE:  To search for anything, the foundation which begins the effort is:  to identify, and define,  what it is that you seek!

My open statement to you, and to all is:  EVERY LIFE deserves an opportunity to know, WHAT THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG CAN BE. How is that not true/ when “the priests of university”;  gamble with this entire world, and every living thing, forever.  I offer:  even if I am wrong/ your world still lives.  In contrast:  IF THE UNIVERSITIES are even a tiny bit wrong/ OUR WHOLE WORLD, becomes a sun forever!  IF THE UNIVERSITIES are even a tiny bit wrong/ the bodies of life, that are called nature; will cease to exist as they are.  Every single one!

Searching for peace:  Searching for peace;  what is the essence, “of a human being without, judging by sight or sound”?

Searching for happiness:    a reality that does not come with sex, trophies, winner, marriage, religion, or any other consequence of life/

Searching for you:       the foundation of humanity, within us all/ unless hate owns your soul.

Searching for love:     the quest that is eternal.

Searching for fair:   An election, or a society that has merit:  IS STRICTLY DEVOTED TO THE REALITIES of what we need to know/ need to do/ need to understand/ and must protect to defend ourselves and our futures, because this is real!  Everything else is a distinct purpose to remove value from democracy; so that the tragedy of fools in charge can come true. tyranny is treason.

Even without a courtroom, YOU CAN BROADCAST OR TRANSMIT the reality of this threat to our world. And gain the power to demand a courtroom for life! Use the internet/ use your money/ use your life/ use any legal method you can find, including buying the time from current media; and protect your world.

What you cannot do with media is create a moratorium, and stop the experiments. NEITHER can you force them to stop threatening our world:  you need the law, because a gun is not enough!  Every single day, an experiment is being done in this world that can end in our extinction.  Which means deliberately:  you have no time to play left. DO IT NOW!

Is your world not worth the trouble? Then dig your grave, you don’t deserve to be buried by someone else.

THE PRIMARY SOLUTIONS, for our human world.

  1. 8 billion people CAN tell a few thousand people what they can or cannot do. We accomplish that by creating the plain and simple laws, we demand WILL be enforced. On them as well as ourselves.
  2. We create that law, in the same way our constitutional contract: which establishes democracy is created. By assembling the words, which are understood.  Examples are “constitutional amendments/ biblical ten commandments”.  SHORT, SIMPLE, AND PLAIN!
  3. Leaders who swear to obey our law, make an oath to obey the constitutional contract that allow them to be employed as our leaders/ are then reviewed for truth. As provided under redress of grievances, a first amendment constitutional LAW.  We decide if you did or did not keep your oath, according to that document.
  4. Of the laws to be produced for the purposes of life, are these:
    1. NO ONE shall threaten our world, our nature, our environment, or our future; beyond what we accept by our own “informed” vote as necessary.
    2. NO ONE shall risk the reality of war: because there shall be world law instead of weapons called mass destruction.
    3. NO ONE is allowed to “play god” in any form whatsoever. That includes NO genetic mutilation/ NO extreme experiments with energy of any kind/ NO machines which can cause catastrophe/ NO illusions of fantasy or deceit in government.
    4. NO ONE shall avoid reality; NO ONE shall push their debt onto the future child; NO ONE shall destroy the environment we need to survive.
    5. NO ONE shall destroy nature itself, by changing the natural structures, disciplines, balance, and order of EVERYTHING THAT GAVE US LIFE. Man is not god/ and knows nothing, other than destruction.
  5. Every life is free to make their own decisions, and produce their own destiny or fate/ by accepting an individual path or walking with all the rest: in whatever way they see fit. Because it is their own eternity that is being chosen. Which means you have no right to interfere/ BUT BY LAW, that governs us all!
  6. Every life has an inherent right to work; thereby the foundation of society is:  we as one life shared, will in fact find a way, to respect each other. Even though the real trouble is:  people want more than they are entitled to have/ so they take, what should belong to the rest.
  7. There are no chemicals to be made, that are not as “life friendly as possible”. There are no chemicals to be made, that are not deemed to be absolutely necessary:  if they do not meet strict and true SAFE FOR LIFE standards.
  8. The foundation of our future is: IF WE DON’T stay within the limits and boundaries of what this earth, this environment, and this nature can provide/ then we all die. So the reality of law is:  WE THE WORLD, SHALL in fact protect ourselves, by RESPECTING THIS WORLD, as best we can.
  9. The reality of our lives is: WE ENFORCE OUR LAWS, by grading the judge, police, lawyer, courtroom, and trial for ourselves. Which means a completely open courtroom, with absolutely no “back room negotiations”. All lights on, and microphones everywhere; so the world itself can see.  If ANYONE fails to meet the grade that is constitutional law and intent/ THEY WILL be removed from office, as society sees fit to enforce by their own vote.
  10. “limited capitalism” means: WE THE PEOPLE control the reality of money and its influence, by determining for ourselves:  just how rich or poor ANYONE is allowed to be. That means we vote to determine the minimum salary of any “40 hour” worker/ and we vote to determine the maximum yearly salary; or property holdings, that anyone is allowed to have. On a periodic basis. In that way, nobody gets to “Play god” with our lives.
  11. Environmental responsibilities include: you shall realistically protect our world, as is consistent with the law we make/ or you shall lose your privilege to own property.
  12. We need NO LAWMAKERS, but only ourselves! Once we create the law we need, it takes a greater percentage of the people; than did put that law in place:  to then change the law. We need people employed by government:  to investigate, examine the facts, and reporting to this people; as they determine IF OUR LAWS are being kept.


NOBODY gets to be important, unless change is needed. The consequence of that is;  the universities by designing tragedy get power/ as does the military/ as does the politician/ the first responder/as does various forms of industry, medicine, education, business; and so on. When people are happy:  THEY DON’T want change. So the reality of our experience as society is:  the more tragedy there is, the more people want power. Power then makes its own tragedy, so as to keep the  power, and establish slaves. The prisons (a few are required) exist primarily because there is money involved:  after all, “take their lives from society, and you can steal everything that had value/ removing their competition/ and enforce slavery onto an entire family”. How is that not power? It is fear that presents the greatest power. Establish fear, and you get a willing slave/ until they realize, “even life is not worth this price”. For every prisoner, there is another job/ another debt that society can be forced to pay: in policing/ courtrooms/ everything. Which does mean:  the more prisoners you have, the more wealthy that particular industry becomes! Steal a life, by refusing balance, and fair play throughout society; and the tragedy of allowing greed to control society becomes clear: they died, to make you rich.  Or more simply;  yes it is your job to insure everybody has an opportunity/ everybody gets respect/ everybody finds happiness, as best they can in a world that gives them justice.

JUSTTALKING7.INFO      current news:  just like one person was basically responsible for “9/11”;  but that became the Afghanistan war/ and then one person was responsible for sending toxic poison to congress became the Iraq war: and on and on and on!  North Korea can become another tragic misstep, with consequences involving millions of lives and trillions of dollars spent. The solution is:  stop arrogance, discard pride first. THEN inform the N. Korean public (as best you can):  THEIR LEADER, THREATENS TRAGEDY/ causing USA THREATENS CATASTROPHE.  Then discard the leadership, by advising ALL the people, that they CAN JOIN S. Korea, in a far better life;   “just a few fools standing in the way”.  The simple way to begin is:  air dropping significant numbers of small radios with instructions (extra batteries).  World law is the answer: the law created by we the people to govern our leaders/ world court, to bring leaders into our justice, when they fail. WE, are 8 billion people “yes we can”.  Failure, is “this world can die”.

Last discussion, TIME is running out:   NEWS OF THE DAY 

the news:  free to all, use however you wish.  That you create & then can use for the defense of  life, nation, world, or planet!            NOT religious, simply the news  Which does include the simple statement: 

By what measure, should I congratulate or thank those whose decisions are becoming:  “the executioner to all life and planet”?  Question: protected or cult worship?

Purpose: “Some things simple for you to use; to aid life, nation, and world.”       Simple truths, to understand our reality, rather than die “without a clue”.  EVERYONE deserves a warning; {this is about your life/ our planet} is that not so? EVERYONE deserves a chance to say:  “let us legally prove the consequences of being WRONG;  and stop whatever threatens life or planet, to save our world”!  Reality decides, not want! Not a game, do what you can do.    

Problem requiring solution: examples

  1. Can you extinguish the nuclear fire, science is trying to ignite. As is so obviously the reality of energy on the sun?  What are the consequences for being wrong?  video  “death comes knocking”.
  2. Can you return genetic disciplines “to nature (nature is the genetic building of life)”/ because like a disease: does not once released, mutilations;  spell doom?  Biology experiments,  do so every day. What are the consequences for being wrong? Video  “fire fence 5
  3. Can the extinction of our world be predicted? Can the end of the world be predicted.
  4. WE MUST have world law, to govern our leaders/ by bringing them to world court. Video; threat diplomacy is BAD.


Science   biology    society    constitutional law   democracy    justice   policing    weapons of mass destruction    food threats    water threats   resource loss threat    global warming    environmental threat    species extinction     Bible interpretations     ocean threat     forest loss    “free press”     healthcare     population crisis    business   agriculture   industry     education     relationships     dating     mental health     values  liberty   “economy; is too general/ be more specific”. Federal reserve gov accounting.

Primary Problems:

Science is trying to ignite a nuclear fire, “it burns atoms/ making everything here fuel”. Ignition means:  this earth becomes a sun/ it cannot be controlled. Solution: stop them!

Biology is trying to make genetics (the instructions, which literally build life) fail/  they believe;  then “we can understand how this works now”. They literally want to play god; and risk every life on this planet. Solution: stop them!

Problem, the “crispr method of slicing DNA” leaves open the entire structure.
Which means ANY form of mutilation, chemical contamination or other “such as a biological terrorist”;  allows that INVASIVE method/ by any means to threaten life!   That then, DOES become the method that can literally be the means:  to end life on earth, with HORROR. By allowing ANY SPECIES to intermingle with another! THE SUBSTANCE of a genetic material, Is the same for all. Like an airborne disease, “the predator” can then be ANYWHERE! Catastrophically ending genetic life! Since it can invade all genetic structure/ IT THREATENS ALL LIFE! Media tells you nothing (except believe in the university)/ are YOU WILLING TO ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES?  You have been told.

Human population is growing at more than one billion per each decade now. Solution: stop ourselves.

The greatest catastrophe of common men is coming:  the complete destruction of your jobs. “the universities want robots”! ENDING in the reality called “we got guns, fire, and bombs”: world war 3. The scenario: First the traitors, to GOD and life:  come, “lets burn the world”. Then the armies, “let’s take everything”. Then the terrorists, “If I can’t have it/ destroy their world”.

The food supply is being mutilated, current practice cannot be sustained/ the water supply is being poisoned, threatened in countless ways/ the oxygen consumption by “all fire” is greater than this earth produces/ we are more than one person per acre of agricultural ground. Solution: change this!

The resources “more in ten years used”/ than in all of human history preceding this date. IT WILL end.

Humanity discarded/ currencies counterfeited by hidden inflation/ debts beyond all possible repayment/ people enslaved. Solution: control want/ make better choices as we the people!

Species extinction/ ocean life facing extinction/ forests being devastated/ environment destroyed/ global warming is true/ ozone loss. Solution: stop this, with law!

Weapons of mass destruction/ and a world of people who all want more than this world can provide:  demanding more, OR war. Solution: stop this with world law, enforced upon leaders!

The brave new world promised by media; was in fact, “we can rob/ cheat/ steal/ and corrupt” because a cult; will never question the results. Not even the leaders; because  “a university religion:  as is we know everything (you don’t understand, we won’t let you)”/ has literally become your god of failure and the disease of an arrogance so strong:  it plays with death to our very world.  And the slaves say nothing at all/ to their own shame!



Discipline/ order/ balanced:   non-violent discussion/ actions, focused on: identifying the problem, and initiating critical solutions

Basic instructional elementsA  B  C


The power of true, “we the people can change this, without begging” in democracy is:  constitutional first amendment law. That is called, redress of grievances! The court (our employees) do not own this:  WE DO.

The substance of that claim is:  WE THE PEOPLE own this nation/ we own the constitution/ we are the employers/ we are the authority that has final say! We can establish the redress law that is:  our liberty: granting us the “legal judgment of our leaders”.  Purpose, to demand. Did they obey their oath of office? ARE WE BEING THREATENED?  IS THIS TREASON/ etc!

Ultimately, we DON’T need the permission of citizens we hired to work for us. BUT WE DO, NEED OUR OWN DECISION, TO ACCEPT, and pay for;  THE CHANGES WE MAKE! That is liberty.

The formal description is here.

Links:  for My sites/ my videos (developed over years, small amounts of levity and distractions were added to some);  identifying problems, threats, and solutions for us all.

 Established by evidence not want! In a world that has clearly changed:  8 billion people (more than one person per agricultural acre on the planet),  all of us, “doing something everyday”!  Means nature cannot survive us anymore/ we are too many, without true and significant change. Hell is coming soon, or we will change, as a world!


YOUR JOB, is to create, communicate, organize, and begin the journey that will save this world. Threats surround us all;  wrong, as in failure; is extinction!

The religious say: GOD, won’t let that happen? So lets’ review: Do you believe in “Noah”; the existence of fossil fuels prove it is true? Do you believe in free will, “terrorists, serial killers,_”? Do you accept truth decides instead of want {want is the basis of every lie}? Do you understand, once past the point of no return, there is no going back, not for one single life on earth; including yours? [billionaire or poor; all the same; “extinct”].

This ad or business card may help.

Fight for your world, fight for everything you care about, with law/ l have done all I can realistically do:  tomorrow IS, “entirely up to you”. Regardless of the outcome, “we each die alone”/ which means even a world filled with humanity CANNOT influence what happens when you die. When you face your eternity: ONLY the truth about life/ and the truth about you, and what you did or did not do/ and the truth about   GOD   decides. What then is your decision?

My duty has been done (I owe you nothing)/ my choice is: simply to help you succeed, as I see fit. You will not come “without honest respect”, or I will abandon you. As to these sites; if you pay for it “then staff” can continue it, without me. Everything that can be done, by me;  to help you succeed, has been done/ your participation decides.


This is functionally “a reporters site”/ and if you are included, you may consider yourself as such: “so say I”.

So that it is clear; this work, nor these purposes are about me/ I AM NOT the decision you can make! I am irrelevant, to the realities of threat that we face as a world. I did NOT create any of them. Which means I cannot simply undo them. To lead truly:  means, the opportunity to understand a better way is inherent in the teaching that leads to the decision, of what we the people can or cannot do; because truth proves that is so.  Anything other than that is power, and power does not construct life. My work leads you to an understanding of threats, and points to a relationship that is improved “with life”;  from what you have known before. JESUS, as written in the Christian bible is my guide/ not a religious statement, but a development that ascends from the foundations HE presented as love.  We are 8 billion people and rising; if you do not find love, and abandon want/ then you can’t survive. Simple as that, our world is threatened, and we must rebuild. Which means humanity must change, to accept truth shall lead..

My sites are finished, this work is done/ your work begins or we all die, this entire world!  How is that not important enough for you? I will help, if you work.

 Ultimately, your decision is to let “the older version of your classmates in high school determine if life on earth is mutilated or burned or destroyed in a variety of ways”;  because that is what they chose for life. Being wrong has consequences:  is that not true? Igniting atoms on fire has consequences: is that not true? Mutilating life genetics, WILL change nature itself:  that is true. Your option is to say NO, and prove it with truth! That means:  humanity cannot play anymore/ because there are NO SECOND CHANCES. These are ALL, irreversible realities.  

“EVEN the tiniest amount of respect for life, child, or planet, KNOWS that is true”!  THESE ARE, DELIBERATE human CHOICES. The chaos trying to entangle you, is real!  MAKE a better choice.

 THESE ARE, “DELIBERATE, life ending CHOICES”!       Demand life comes first/ not human arrogance, disrespect, or pride!

I am aware you, the vast majority have no power to speak of. That ENDS with “limited capitalism (by our vote, we decide the limits)”/ because without an opportunity for individuals or employees of government; to control or create excess wealth:  we the people rise! Even in the military, because we can.