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The essence of everything, is built upon truth. That fact identifies the critical link, between life and energy, or even mass, energy, and time as life; through the existence of a spiritual boundary, that constructs an environment within which that identifiable fact of existence, can arise.

Life gains the freedom to express and experience the essence of truth itself, by assembling under the laws that grant those boundaries an identity within.

The inescapable definitions of thought, as the translation of all things in existence or beyond:  construct the values which become the expansion or contraction of what can or cannot be.

Spirit means, “passage”/ the elemental rise of what will become the connections between distinct truths of a particular value, or conception; by its own laws. The spiritual essence of life, connects those laws together in an environment, which becomes defended by the boundaries and values of what these specific truths will allow. Spirit then comes to mean, divided into the definitions of what can and will live together within peace and harmony.

Spirit is the laws, which then give to life its identity. The creation of freedom arises within thought, as the understanding presented by knowledge, which can then be translated into our own individual creation. Spirit creates an environment, defined by individual values, but controlled by definable and distinct laws which govern this particular environment. That law, is the boundary; and it will not be violated, unless truth in knowledge of existence requires it. True knowledge is a door, it leads to deeper understanding/ OR, out beyond the boundaries of this existence, to where the only critical link between life and death is you. Not a game! Today, human university violates the laws of existence in time; and threatens extinction. A reality so deprived of knowledge or thought, that it is an essence of Satan (destroyer of life and world).

The elemental essence of eternity, lives and breathes in the rhythms of a life with value; that value elevates love as the true relationship giving life its desire to live. While thought is essential to existence, love creates the passionate response which gives life hope. Hope that lives within the expressions and experience of love, present eternity as a purpose worth the price.

Our world is threatened with extinction, because humanity refuses to pay the price/ accept what is true/ understand the consequences of being wrong/ or fails simply because they do not believe love is enough for life; and desire to play games instead. Human population increases have altered the balance, disciplines, and order of this world. human disrespect has granted extreme experimentation, and literally no response for life comes first. Those facts will soon destroy this world, unless you change before “the point of no return”: as is truth now controls, by the reality of what you chose. These are decisions you have made/ realities only you can change. 

My advice to you is very simple:  either fight for life, organize yourselves and demand “our law, as we the people” shall rule on earth, as best you can:  within the law that supports truth. OR, simply give up, and share the last moments of time with all the things you love, that will love you back. Remembering, your truth becomes, your eternity: through   GOD  .   Don’t discard reality; that only eliminates the possibility of a future. But don’t fight for a future that does not exist, that is worthless. Let truth decide what is true. It should be said, “that a less than one percent chance” of humanity surviving another twenty years does exist/ but first you have to get through the next couple of years just to have hope. The machine intending to ignite a nuclear fire WILL be in operation soon. Population explosion. Water or war, soon begins. The antibiotics that were your blessing/ will soon be you’re unending curse; as disease will come, and the factory farm will die; leaving you without livestock to eat. Mutilating nature itself, will end in absolute chaos and horror. Weapons of mass destruction are certain to be used; because people all want more, and will fight until they are. Ocean life will die; ending that food supply. The planet will overheat. Just to name a few. But hey, “you don’t care”, as plainly stated and repeated “with vigor”;  throughout the last forty years.

The rules of everything include:  RESPECT YOUR TRUTH, and discard all the lies, as is so clearly and plainly and without reservation evolution/ extreme energy experiment/ resource devastation/ human population explosion/ and all the rest. Understand the cost of being WRONG, and choose: LIFE ON THIS PLANET MUST COME FIRST. The individual shall NOT endanger the whole, as is being done in medicine, and its monopoly. The children shall NOT pay for the parent, as is your counterfeiting of money. The world shall NOT be threatened with weapons of mass destruction: THERE MUST be world law, created and enforced by we the people. The correct form of government is: described by constitutional intent as this is our desire for our nation/ and enforced by the laws which govern our purpose within that constitutional intent. The critical measure of economic justice is found in “limited capitalism”; which requires all to try, and enforces YOU can’t take it all; we will set the limits of our nation, by vote. Whosoever makes the law, RULES the nation: which means we the people MUST make those laws for ourselves. But NOT by voting for someone to vote for me/ rather by their creation as a public right of passage: into a future we did choose for ourselves.

The essence of human life is time, and the freedom to make your own decisions. Within that dispersal of time, and how you use it:  are friend, family, responsibilities, love, respect, value, and hope. Within that foundation of freedom is duty, dignity, purpose, and desire. So the corrected path forward is, to attain a worthy amount of freedom in time, so you can use it to collect the values of your own expression and experience through the decisions that you made.  Destiny grants wisdom is an individual path. Fate demands, the elemental truth of a herd, requires a road.

The essence of happiness is value, your decision to accept life over things. The reality of depression is want; your decision to accept the realities of your life, or not. Want is the foundation of every lie; if you don’t want something/ or want to hide something; you won’t lie. Pride is the basis of most tragedy, a conflict between “winner (look at me) or at loser (I am more)”. A “mind racing out of control, or barely in control” is determined by what you DON’T want. Until you release the reality of that influence upon you/ it will not get better: accept what is true, surrender what you cannot change, or the price will be TOO damn high! Insanity is based in, “I am trapped”/ even if you are not actually. Addiction is: determined to escape reality, or life/not worth the price, but too afraid to die. Arrogance wants to be god. Power wants to be your leader, master, or owner (I am, the only one that matters). Freedom, is its own worst enemy/ or its own best friend. Lovers begin with respect. Friendship, requires time. Marriage means equal. Rape is the demand, “I can make you”/ and that is found on “both sides”. Violence is a purpose to take from you, whatever I demand. HELL is:  “humanity played god”/ and received its reward!

The essence of human behavior is this:  either we must all share/ or I won’t. Either we must all care/ or I won’t. Nobody can make me, because I closed the door; and can’t hear you anymore! Mine is mine, it’s all mine, therefore it can’t be yours; that is called selfishness. Love illuminates the heart, because it comes from soul; “our relationship” with Creator. Hate descends from value, to assume: I have a right. Death reminds each one, humanity is limited/ therefore choose. Perfection keeps me from chaos/ even though it does not: truth does. Reality makes me who I am: even though decisions do that. The quest for excitement, lives “with yes”/ but the reality of no, understands only pain. Value ascends beyond self, to accept a different view of life: wherein miracles are born. These simple sayings form personal boundaries. Elements of change not found in these are manipulations, or realities formed from others.

Desire means: to rise above self, and conceive of more life; not more self. To attain this goal, requires the ability to love. Love asks:  is life more important/ OR, is self? Love only gives itself to life. Therefore the critical purpose of love is to remove self, so that a true relationship with life itself can begin. The values we seek from love are intrinsic to the disciplines we feel. Discipline means: with a responsibility for the outcome. Whereas “to feel life”, means we have cherished the moment, and found ourselves lifted by the truth of what our lives can be. The elemental essence of love is then, to find truth in each other, and design a living that will honor and respect both. The courage of sexual love, cannot be less than, the purity of a commitment to share the value of our hearts, as one. But make no mistake; liars exist/ and they will steal your heart if they can. With care and courage, value through truth exists.      GOD  “hears every true lover”/ as a soul.

  Every year, the human population increases by about two lines of humanity, each person 3 feet apart; circling the globe; as if standing on the equator. More simply one hundred million more mouths to feed per year, touching each other (3 feet apart)/ is equal to a distance of 56,818 miles: the equator is roughly 25,000 miles in circumference. “Gee” I wonder how much habitat for other life, that removes: which does include the life we eat! For reference sake:  one hundred million, out of 8 billion people, is equivalent to adding one human being more, per every 80 human beings worldwide. More simply, that is slightly more than one percent; while the historical average of human population growth; is around 4 %: “do you suppose it might be low?” “Gee”, I wonder if there are consequences?

The difference between letting those who took over power, and now counterfeit all the money by hiding inflation, is: they get to be “masters (we get to spend the fake money, we create)”/ while all the rest get to be slaves: “fight for the money, or die (when the money itself, is actually worthless, because the numbers do not contain reality or truth)”. Even so, the majority say: “I GET more, this way/ than if reality was to return”/ so the bribes continue. The catastrophe is: the fake money buys resources (which end in the garbage dump) the future needs to survive/ leaving every child, soon to be in HELL.

The author; assigns this value to my work:  that none should be lead, none should be tempted, none should be manipulated or controlled, none should be cheated out of making their own decision for life/ or “without care”. That means I teach, by “whispering, in the dark”. Your heart must hear it, and your soul must identify what is true. The values placed in your hand, represent life or death to our world. That makes your decision, for or against life and planet: more important, than any other generation before you. YOU are free to decide the fate of this world/ BUT, if you don’t care; THERE IS NO GOING BACK!

Do not judge me, that is unworthy of us both. Judge only truth, and identify the reality of evidence: so that your own heart will decide, and your own soul will change, to save our world. No one can do that for you: it is YOUR personal decision/ nothing less will save this world. The question is how? For forty plus years, I have fought for the life of this world; never taking a break from that truth for long. Because even one second too little, or too late, and all life would be gone: such is the magnitude of your man-made threats. In contrast; YOU with very few exceptions, chose: I only want what I want, and nothing else matters to me; or ran away to hide! The choice of your leaders was, “we CAN play god”/therefore we are. The accumulated reality is: time has now run out for delusions or fantasies or excuses, and you must protect the world and all its life, or be exterminated. Simple as that, LIFE comes first for this entire creation; even though that means you are NOT first in terms of what is most important for humans to be, or do! Not a game, the evidence Is certain: change or die. Want too, or not. Lies will not save you. That is the summation of forty plus years; there are NO second chances. You will choose! Truth and life/ or we can play god ourselves. Take a look at your threats, and recognize: the god you play is “Satan”, that means; destroyer of a world! The world you chose is chaos. TURN BACK!

Beautiful, is the translation of living, into the creation of what can be called “the best there is”. Value is an identity that builds a life worth living, from the treasury that is available. Love constructs a home, while peace makes life its blessing. Those who care bring justice and harmony. Those who share define and create hope. Those who understand, construct an education, when wisdom is revealed. The binding element in all these things, is the essence of trust; through the evidence of truth, where law conceives of destiny by thought, through the acceptance of respect for all things life.

      All things ugly of human nature, begin with hate. Hate murders even you, by declaring “nothing matters but me”.  Nothing in this world is more evident of hate and ugly, than a university in charge of life. NOT ONE single developmental decision to protect the world or nature or the future or anything that has value. the university cult is, without doubt nor question: the purveyor of extinction: the tragedy of our time!  In contrast with hate:  is love, providing the best we can be, is to put life first for our world!  A reality utterly void and destroyed by university expertise, and claimed knowledge; which is rarely more than just fantasy and guile. TheirToys, trinkets, and bribes be damned! University Disrespect against all life is rampant/ arrogance is the sewer demanding “we can play god”/ fantasy rules over reality, as is consistent with all cults. The followers cannot question their leaders, it is forbidden/ corruption in every form of communication; to destroy the news of reality, by providing lies, cheating, stealing, and the conspiracy to overthrow democracy. Thereby proclaiming “we are gods here too” is consistent with their truth of insurgency. Threats surround us with extinction; because the universities made life a game. Gaining power; producing the worst possible experiments:  by counterfeiting our money through hidden inflation. And their followers all say:  “don’t do nothing”/ we won’t pay, not even for life or child.

Truth teaches, without doubt or question: that the human body is engineered, architecturally designed, and technically so superior to anything a human being can do; that evolution is a complete impossibility. Accidents do not bring order/ particularly when it takes at least a quadrillion disciplined and balanced pieces, to make the human being. Or anything else in nature itself; other than what humanity raped, ruined, invaded, or simply chose to destroy. Thought participates as the means for life to begin/ and that does preclude any conception of brain. Thought then, conceives of eternity; because it can.  Did a car build itself? The universities say: life which includes the human body was built one piece at a time; by microscopic cells, “without a hand, a tool, motion or brain”/ not a single thought available; yet this creature of ignorance and sublime existence, created you.  WHERE IS YOUR brain? Answer the question.

For those who still believe their “universities who fantasized about fusion; and still pretend to be working in that area”/ you are wrong. As the reality of every tokomak (running 12, 3; they hide the most horrific images) has absolutely NOTHING to do with trying to combine hydrogen into helium; as that is impossible by design. Instead the tokomak (coming)is entirely built, and designed for making the plasma inside so hot, it must erupt by their intent:  into a violent  sun like flame. Their fusion claim is: that extreme pressures must be applied to force hydrogen to become helium/ that is impossible in a tokomak.  In other words: their only purpose is clearly a nuclear fire. No if’s, no and’s or no but:  these are strictly designed to ignite a nuclear (burn atoms) flame. Which of course means ,you can’t simply “take the fuel source away”. EVERYTHING, is made of atoms! In further news concerning the www.iter.org   machine:  this was built to be a 1000 megawatt electrical power station. Their claim, “not enough fuel” to be dangerous; is entirely false (it takes a lot of fuel just to turn it on)! Their reality of purpose is then entirely a lie. The assertion of making fusion (with 180 million degrees & 500 million psi of pressure “their claim”) has also been disproven by Lawrence LIvermore Laboratories in San Francisco.  Alas, admission of these things removes their job/ their titles/ and their power. The reality of “iter” is particularly dramatic because of the massive amount of fuel they WILL be using. Consequently it loses the concept of gambling; and establishes the intent to destroy ALL life on earth. This book , building time;  will help you understand, why. 

     I will add: that media has provided an occasional glimpse of what the explosive of a 20 ton nuclear bomb “looks like”. As such, visually it was given to be that the actual explosive inside is much like a rice cake: fits in the hand. Purpose being: consider that description when those who have prepared our extermination suggest “not enough fuel” to be dangerous. IT IS A LIE! Bringing the same fire here as is on the sun: reminds us, that without ozone, the radiation alone would kill us from 91 million miles away. How much more so, right here!

       The value of every life is, “its truth”. The value of every truth is: by the reality of evidence, the consequence of being wrong CAN be determined, and the definitions then, of what our choices can be are found. Every decision forms from the values inside your heart. Every heart lives or dies in the relationships we care to share with our world. The value of this work is: that you do have your chance to correct and identify the future, changing directions so that life may survive. OR, you may continue on, as the universities decree; and literally destroy all (including you) life on earth! The value of moments in time, is a freedom to choose. The value of your own individual choice is “eternal”, by one definition, and it’s direction, or the other. Love or hate: “your choice”!

For those who cannot accept the university could be wrong, consider this truth: that a solar flare is merely more fuel thrown into the fire (just like here on earth)/ a solar tornado is a hole in the fuel supply, where much less fuel is being vacuumed up/ so the fire sinks down and intensifies at the fuel source. Solar gravity is literally from the fire itself: as is proven by the fact we know than an atom has enormous amounts of energy inside/ therefore WE KNOW, that an equal or greater opposite force must exist to hold that energy in place, or it will escape; and the atom will then not exist. The opposite energy or neutron, is dark mass or its proven response which is negative or dark energy. When released from the atomic bond: heat energy as is consistent with proton escapes outward/ while its opposite or cold energy goes inward; as is consistent with solar gravity. Prove reality wrong! Consider the truth and consequences; of what letting “university knows” continue trying to ignite a nuclear fire on earth? When they don’t even know simple things as are these.

          The biblical prophecy of Daniel 12 “the countdown of days”; puts “HELL BEGINS on July 9, 2019/ end of this world 667.5 days later”. A reality of interpretation, because those who are trying to ignite a nuclear fire here on earth, with machines and trillions of dollars spent; such as at www.iter.org are gambling with this entire world, and all its life/ and all its future life; and even the solar system itself! You can’t imagine a greater abomination than that; so the countdown begins with the first experiment that could have ignited “fusion (same fire as on the sun)”/ which is in reality the burning of atoms for fuel! That date was 4/1/2012 at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories in San Francisco. Add it up for yourself. Not my prophecy, biblical prophecy. 

It is fundamentally true, that given the reality of biblical prediction: that is absolutely certain to have been identified at this point in time. As is NOTHING could be a greater abomination than to attempt and bring “the same fire as is on the sun here to this earth”. It will destroy ALL life, planet, and even alter the solar system itself. There is NO greater abomination than that! therefore we know, that the time line initiated by that fact (first real attempt; as was April 1st 2012); is the beginning of that countdown. Which ends with “time for life on earth has been destroyed”. The consequence of a clear and certain beginning: a certainty gained in biblical prediction. Means either the bible, through this prediction will be established as true, or false: as there is no other possibility. The reality of change as needed to alter the course of these events so that a different outcome could exist:  must be massive and true, making certain LIFE, ALL LIFE, comes first from this moment on. Anything less cannot turn the truth of that prophecy, or take its consequences away. Religion says:  “we will wait and see”/     reality says, once a nuclear fire is ignited; life on earth is over quickly and forever. So if you wait, the consequence of being even a little bit wrong is forever. There is no going back, as the nuclear fire cannot be extinguished; it burns the bond in ATOMS/ much like a chemical fire burns the molecular bond holding different atoms together. As to the endless sewage, betrayal, terrorism, and treason of a “university cult in charge of life”: the horror of what is coming because of genetic mutilation in DNA; can easily be seen at the nursing home (lost just a little, but can’t function anymore)/ or in the tv ads for “Shriners” (bodies missing parts). Nothing is more certain than the reality of university driven damage to life on earth. As horrifying as that is/ as cursed to all life as they are going to be: it still does not compare to altering the solar system itself; as is a nuclear fire igniting a sun instead of this planet. “Cult worshiper”; FIND your brain:   try digging through your own sewage of pure arrogance and pride! After all, it must be inside somewhere; now isn’t that so?

Soul, is the elevation of life beyond self, wherein each will experience a new expression, “I am alive”, or the experience “love is without measure, because mercy honors the soul with forgiveness”. Destiny speaks to all who understand truth must lead, reality must decide. While religion says, “whatever we want this to be”. In contrast: spiritual truth replies, only what is true shall survive; everything else will be discarded. The value of an eternity, is love; therefore the purpose of every life, is to consider and choose, if that is enough for you! Humanity demanded freedom: therefore what you did do with that freedom on earth is your own fault or reward. Humanity discarded respect; therefore what comes of playing god yourselves, is your own choice! I have done my work; the rest, of life or death for a world, is literally and entirely up to you; because there is no going back from your own horrendous decisions. They are yours, and you are entitled to experience what it means to be wrong! Even though this world shall then die forever. Change or be lost, a world of life exterminated; because that, is what humans chose. Not a game; the evidence proves this true. The heart knows, the brain can only measure.

The constant of human history proves without doubt, that war can never bring peace for any length of time/ only fair and justified laws can do that. The constant of men is: they don’t like the law, or government; unless it serves their own purposes. So the cause for war (we ruined what we had/ we want yours/ we want slaves) continues to erupt. To create a new and better world:  DIFFERENT WAYS AND MEANS must be joined into the fabric of human societies, by law. To create a reality that will last, the input of women must arise, as a society and a world of law (to be voted upon by all)/ NOT as individual leaders. In that way, the grip of powerful men will be loosened, eventually thrown away; and the law can be enforced, as our only true leader. Because WE THE PEOPLE, are in fact:  the army/ policing/ teacher/ worker/ and everything else that will decide who can by the truth of what we choose, IN LAW/ NOT WAR.  Take control over ourselves and our world, to demand:  LIFE ITSELF is SACRED, & this whole planet ecosystem, comes first in our own survival.  We all die without it;  as NATURE proved it should be! By understanding simply: if you do not/ then there is no future for any life on earth. The threats of our extinction;  are too severe, and overwhelming for any other way.

The reality of school shootings, is elementally why: the second amendment exists! Because without a balance of power that suggests, if you kill me/ then we will kill you as well; is required. Nothing is more clear about that than genocide: “they had the weapons/ we had no chance”. Nothing is more certain than the Nazi SS, as criminals take over governments; and remove the opposition: without weapons, you can only get killed. Nothing is more disgraceful: than America, where the Indian nations were slaughtered/ because their weapons were terribly inferior. A constant reality of intensive immigration which proves “it’s either you or me”:  right or wrong is irrelevant. The concept of a safe and peaceful world, dies; at the hand of an enemy in charge:  as is the current “university rules everything”/ and destroys not only our currency, but nature, world, life, environment, and every possibility of survival. Because they found with words, control over courts and media, the use of foreign language such as frivolous (no use to the majority) math; they took over our lives, inflated the currency by 20 trillion dollars per year according to federal reserve L.5 accounting/ and pretended it’s just asset increases. But since the people didn’t see it in their lives: we know the money went somewhere. We know we are being dispossessed, by foreign nations buying our property; with counterfeited American currency. Just like we know gold American currency is being counterfeited and sold through the television: so the value can be undermined, and the fantasy of electronic numbers must be allowed. Unless we all want to admit to bankruptcy, as is certain and sure. Even that pales in comparison to the certainty of trillions spent: to ignite “the same fire here as is on the sun”. A fire that burns your skin from 91 million miles away in summer; hidden by fraud/ assumed by terrorists “not enough gravity here” so the fire will just extinguish itself. Genetics are nature itself, as these instructions on how to build a body of life in time; come from nowhere else. Failures no weapon will remove, which makes us all vulnerable to extinction! As to schools, one of the most effective ways to stop a shooter if you know where they are likely to be; is to introduce, or blow dusk into that area (as a means of diminished eyesight). Nozzles lining a corridor/ area/ or hall way:  to push out pepper spray or a skunk like perfume or a chemical that causes convulsions; and so on. the fire alarm initiates/ motion detectors could help or hinder. There are even traps available, when you know the probable area.

fair warning to any who might visit www.justtalking6.info or youtube/jimosterbur those at google/youtube, do their best to find the worst possible video picture. Censorship by imaging, is still censorship.

The constant of humanity is:  “we will wait and see/ having no use for being warned in advance”. Their claim is:  the perceived heaviest object in our solar system called the sun: is made almost entirely of the lightest known element in the solar system. Their claim of enormous amounts of helium being made, with every btu of heat: is blatantly, not true. The only known resource that can emit the energy released by the sun is  NUCLEAR. The reality of a nuclear fire, which we have no way of testing for composition; because of the ten million degree heat. Which is the burning of the bond which holds an atom together/ very similar to the burning of a molecular bond which gives us a chemical fire here on earth. Because you can’t stop the fire once it is ignited: the only method of survival is to stop the ignition of that flame (same fire as the sun= one million miles long)/ same result. If the core of the sun were on fire/ then all the fuel would be quickly used up: again, just fantasy delusions. REALITY is not a theory! Neither is igniting a fire on top of “everything is fuel”. The hydrogen emitted from a nuclear fire, is the ash cloud “pollutant” of the fire/ because it is smallest atom possible. Hydrogen is a gas, unless frozen: it has no stability on earth to remain on the surface once released, “it floats away”/ HOW is that the strongest gravity in this solar system? Answer the question: because your world is threatened with extinction; by the “university gods” you worship so much:  THEY GAMBLE with ALL life on earth, by their deceptions. READ the book I present called building time, and learn something real. REMEMBERING TO BE WRONG, IS TO IGNITE OUR WORLD ON FIRE JUST LIKE THE SUN. SAME ENERGY/ SAME RESULT! That fact means, “it doesn’t matter what you call it” we burn. Their solution “what is this goes wrong”? Answer:  not enough gravity here, it will just go poof into outer space! They bet your world on it. Their solution to genetic catastrophe is:  “NOT to worry”, evolution will fix it in a billion years or so. 

. In terms of humanity itself, the only true question that must be answered is:  WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU ARE WRONG? No playing/ no theories/ no conjectures/ no fantasy elements:  simply what happens if you release the same energy source as is on the sun here on earth/ and it gets out of control. “whoops you made a mistake”/ no going back! What happens when nature cannot remain the same as nature decreed it should be:  etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera:  Simple as that. Not a game, life or death for this world.

Literally every life on earth HAS A TRUE LEGAL RIGHT TO KNOW, because their world, their lives, their children, their food, and everything else they need to survive is being played with, by the university “gods”; who truly believe they can do anything, without concern for the consequences.  After all, “don’t we have to pay”/ as they never do. Until the world itself is dead. THE COURTS say NO; the MEDIA says NO; the politicians say NO; the policing says NO; the international media says NO; the universities say NO; the religious all say “GOD would never let that happen”; and the masses simply run away to hide. From a fire that is a million miles high, “as is on the sun”.   But in contrast I say:  this entire world DESERVES TO KNOW, that their world is nothing more than a game, with university pretend gods, gambling life or death for us all/ on theories I have already long ago proven ARE UNTRUE. Even so, the endless chant is: “we can’t all be wrong, after all it’s the universities we believe”. And yet: reality states, by the absolute evidence of truth, that your university gods are bringing and planning to bring the same energy released by the sun here to this earth. Which means deliberately and without doubt/ not only can they be wrong/ the same energy released on the sun here on earth, CAN IN FACT cause the same consequences as is turning our planet into a sun. “Even a tiny bit wrong” about one little thing, and our world is incinerated: nature is destroyed;  that is the clear and certain price of what they do! Should the world not know this fact?  It is not, IN DISPUTE, that this is in fact what your “university scientists and their machines or genetics are in fact doing”. The only question is: life or death for our world/ because there is literally no going back in time. Truth will decide, not human belief. Your question is: could they be wrong?  Not a brave new world, life or death for us all! Simple and true.

The national ignition facility at Lawrence Livermore laboratories in San Francisco has already proven with their lasers: that temperatures and pressures above what they predict at the core of the sun:  DID NOT IN FACT, produce any helium, nor did it release any energy due to the process. Make them tell you plain! The fact, that they have already proven themselves wrong/ WHICH MEANS, every other claim of knowledge is errant as wellBUT  continue anyway: indicates an extreme desire to either kill us all/ or a refusal, to stop the fantasies and lose their job. One or the other is true, with the consequence either way: our world dies. How is that not worth investigating for truth? Every life, is your life as well. 

The constant is: that I the author here, can be ridiculed, discarded, or whatever it is/ how is that not true. The constant is: not one single reality of my life is relevant;  to, for, or against the fact our world is threatened with extermination. Whether you hate me, love me, discard or disrespect me the foundation of our reality is: enemy or friend we all die together in a nuclear fire. We all face (every single one) horrifying mutilation, cannibalism, war, and more because this world is finite, nature is irreplaceable, and we cannot replace or fix anything they destroy. Because a few people in control, believe they can play  GOD.  One hundred million more mouths to feed over deaths per year, is enough all by itself, to make us extinct!

      History proves: war is not an answer/ unless there is literally no other way. Syria and more deliberately prove: the LOSS, IS NOT worth the price. ONLY THE LAW, incorporated into constitutional enforcement, is an answer. Whosoever makes the laws/ rules the nation or world. That fact proves:  WE THE PEOPLE MUST, make our own laws. Not more than one hundred short and direct laws to control the truth of what we chose: so that we can defend ourselves/ teach ourselves/ and defend our world as well. NOT by begging leaders to do what they promised to do/ but by controlling the courts, and establishing enforcement, by making those leaders personally responsible for NOT obeying “sworn constitutional demands”. That law exists (therefore it can be enforced) in America, as 1st amendment, redress of grievances.

it is forever true, from this point on that

the reality of our lives as 8 billion or so, people means:  no element of war can fix the reality of what has already been done.  ANY major war, of any kind; will end with our extinction. Because the damage done will be so severe/ no chance to rebuild anything will occur. The food/ the water/ the resource for doing anything will disappear, and nothing will bring it back. Even if you kill a billion people/ they will literally reappear, within ten years. Or more distinctly, UNLESS you kill or find birth control to eliminate one hundred million people per year: today. The population will rise, and be completely unsustainable, IF we have not already crossed the line to extinction is coming. The ways of men (war will fix it) are dead! That leaves us all with the ways of women, which history describes as;  basically “anything but war”.

Want is dead too, as only truth can describe what will keep us alive. And all the humanity of this earth screams:  I WANT/ OR I DON’T WANT; and that is all I care about. Which means: we will literally exterminate ourselves. Or, you can just go ahead with things like igniting a nuclear fire, which is the easy way out/ no need to fight, EVERYONE dies soon. Can’t believe it? Take another look at the sun, and prepare your fire extinguisher; because your university gods will ignite that here, and fail to extinguish it, turning our earth into a sun. Simple as that: no you don’t have to change/ you, your children, your future & your world;  just have to die.

     The constant is: “I can’t do anything about this stuff”/ you are just making me sad; go away! As individual people that is clearly true, as proven by me. But as a world of people asking and demanding: we have a LEGAL right to know, what happens if your experiments GO WRONG?  As billions or even millions of people; we literally can tell our leaders/ your scientists:  what they will or will not do. They experiment with our lives, our future, our everything:  WHICH MEANS WE DO HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS. to participate as active realities with a choice.  As a democracy: we do have legal first amendment redress of grievances control over government:  BY THE LAW, WE HAVE GUARANTEED TO OURSELVES! So the question is;  do you care? Because if you do care, then you can and will do something to save our world, and life on earth. It is that simple! There are many threats:  capable of causing our extinction www.justtalking5.info begins the lesson.  The constant is:  I just want what I want/ and I don’t want nothing that interferes with my want!  Alas ,extinction does not care.

Quote:  first look into the future/ then decide for the day!  “James Frank Osterbur”. 

Humanity must change quickly, or this entire earth will die/ is a reality that proves, “these are the most powerful words ever written”. But they do not compete with “all truths eternal, as did JESUS bring”, a reality of conception, that can never be defeated. I am not your question: whether the evidence of threat is true, is! I am not your savior or friend or enemy, in this reality of information: I am merely the messenger/ apparently no one else wanted the job. What I am is simple:  a human being, who gave up a lifetime; because the threat of literal world extinction, by the evidence;  cannot be dismissed. Nothing more or less than that!

Which removes all claims, that I should have done more/ or I should be leader or greater or whatever it is you believe. You failed: which means you must do better, or surrender your world. Not a game, reality speaks truth/ think or die! Even so, you’re enemy continues on. Make your decision for life; DO what you can do. Perfect is irrelevant. Religion will argue:  “I EXPECTED this or that”/ can’t be wrong! But alas, if JESUS taught truth: then HIS reality was, “NOT what the religion of that day expected either”! Is your book more important than your world?  The religious will say “yes”/ but I do remind each one:  reality proves your book (regardless which one) was written by men, in the language of men, interpreted by men, about men and the way they see the world or its realities; with some element of spiritual (unexplained) existence. In contrast to that book is the earth and all its MIRACLES OF LIFE; which are dying at the literal hands of men. An earth threatened with the same fire as is on the sun. all of nature threatened by mutilation. All of humanity threatened by weapons of mass destruction/ nothing sacred/ nothing protected/ a population increase which will become cannibalism “without question”/ a reality you can’t survive. So I ask the religious plainly:  is your book more important than your world/ than everything CREATED BY GOD? Is it not your job to protect LIFE, more than your insistence “we have rules”? LIFE ITSELF, is being murdered;  wake up or inherit HELL!

I have presented the information required of me. It is not my job to spread that information, beyond what I have done;  or its purpose “change or die”: it is yours. No going back/ no blaming  GOD  for your extinction; these are the choices you did, or you will make. “EVEN if you run away to hide”/ that is still your decision, not to fight for life and world.  The law by its truth; will determine, if you can survive; use it wisely for all!

It is of some value to understand:  that people gravitate towards anyone that offers what they want, regardless of truth/ what they need, “the easy way”/ or provide some form of entertainment;  “so they don’t have to think” for themselves; which includes believing I am superior. Likewise, they gravitate away from anyone that offers what they don’t want, regardless of lies/ what they are trying to avoid, which includes truth/ and from anyone that does not act, or is not visibly trying to participate in ways the group wants to believe “this is us”. Which includes, this is mimicking us in a good way. The consequence of that is varied, but the knowledge of that presents the opportunity for control and manipulation/ as well as the methods which include temptation, mob control, and other forms of deceit. Because want controls humanity!

When only the truth matters, when only the truth gets to decide today, so that the future itself can be identified as best we can. Then people are not given to following like a herd/ but learn to investigate, examine, and decide as individuals, for themselves!

for sale. from Amazon kindle books; by james osterbur:     “Building Time. SECRETS OF THE ATOM”, a developmental journey; plain language, without the math to distract. Foundations:  Examining truth for its relationship to the existence of atoms, electricity, solar gravity, gravity, black holes, revealing an extreme threat against all life one earth: and more. If you truly desire to learn how the essence of time begins, you will.

The illustration for this book; is a conception intended to create a “5% definition” of what the 7 various plateaus of energy can be comprehended or developed as existing. Not intended to be perfect/ simply instructional.

 Second book: “ Life discovered/ The Human Compass”.  pointing to the cause, of decisions we make! Perfection is not a choice; love or hate is! Love is a participant, never an owner, possession, or slave. Love is an equality of purpose shared, a desire released in freedom through values earned in respect. These values identify a relationship called trust, which binds us together in an effort to express or experience the essence of what it truly means to care. Love constructs a life, by giving it hope. Love lets the reality of truth decide what must be done, for you or for me. Love remembers: it is a miracle that brings life to existence. Therefore with respect, it is a decision to give back, what love would ask for. Value is the dignity, we give to ourselves.  The essence of what our relationship with life itself can achieve “in me or you”. Happiness lives or dies in these truths. Hope is the composition of a heart. Soul, lives beyond the limits and boundaries called time.  IT IS, a search into creation itself, by the spirit called truth. Sex confronts us each one, with a decision:  “for me/ for you/ or for us”; it is not a game. The question is love, the answer is truth!

 Hate is a disgrace,  that uses manipulation or temptations to reveal: I want, what you would refuse to be. I discard the value of your life, and even my own. Hate is a fear, that uses fear in others, to disguise the insanity inside. Violence forms when life knows it is trapped, by its own devices, decisions, and revenge. Men as a gender, don’t change/ they are, as they have always been: the cause of war. Constant harassment, as is the installation of “star wars lasers” on the border of Russia; initiated the cost of a Ukraine war, and more. As found on www.justtalking4.info  The only real possibility of different is: “let women try”. Because they are different! By making the laws which rule our lives and our world, by public vote: “for ourselves”. One hundred laws are enough; simple and plain means: we can defend ourselves/ we can defend our world!

Hate devalues life, by circling within the brain as want released to be free (the little voice inside). The cost of being free is, to discard discipline, and realize the tragedy of chaos has been revealed. Intentional violence comes from pride (a game) or power (superiority). Unintentional violence comes from the rampaging want,  as a voice, that took control over a brain. Both destruct life. What an individual wants, or especially does not want;  is then the cause of nearly all crime. Of the realities involved in the rest of what is called hate:  the crisis of allowing yourself to believe whatever you want to believe/ gives the righteous their rules. With rules, chaos comes from the intentional invasion of peace. With belief, even the most minimal illusion is substance for creating a gossip, ridicule, and more; that will not die/ ending harmony in life, family, and society. Without tears for what you have done, your heart dies. Loneliness is the background, the cost of life, that leads humanity into chaos within themselves; as the search then becomes desperate/ and the ability to compete with a voice inside that is allowing you to hate, without balance. May then take over.

Anger beyond the limit required of teaching, why;  creates a new boundary, and from it a new way in the opposing side as well. The critical questions are: can you hear the cause & do you care?  The constant, throughout leadership, and many more,  is “NOT ONE BIT”. The reality: only self matters, not even a world, beyond me! Student School shootings are the result of loneliness and unresolved ridicule (I want you to cry too). Changing that demands:  balance, as in efforts to match male and females together (balance)/ listening instead of talking or judging (the constant).  Doing what you can do, as a friend;  instead of turning away. Only those who honestly care, and spend real time, make a difference. The law of life or death, has little mercy for a failed judge. Run away if you must, it is better than being a murderer. THEREFORE society needs to provide a choice, that is legitimate and fair!

Liars cause people to lose faith in humanity itself; “you used me/ you abused me/ you raped my desire to be friend, to have hope.  Cheaters build a trap, to cause harm. Thieves, believe they have a right. Fantasies distort reality, and make even the violent seem sane. Failure hides the truth, because they don’t want to face the consequences. Traitors simply want to hurt you. Arsonists believe they are god: I took, your home Or, every type of life in the forest. Terrorists have lost their brain, the world is dead to them. Genetic mutilators, have become “devil; seizing life to crucify the future”. And those who would ignite a nuclear fire (burning atoms, to make the earth a sun), or participate in doing so; are Satan himself. The reality of life is, “there are an endless amount of unintended consequences” that cannot be taken back. From tiny like “advertisers increase the volume on tv/ the audience hits the mute button in return”. To enormous; as are all the threats listed and more on www.justtalking5.info

The back book illustration; conceives of the variety of human considerations that begin the discovery process of identifying the behavioral content of human beings.  Knowledge is inside the web sites I provide:  if you think, rather than simply react.

www.justtalking7.info is my last website. Reality proves, as the saying goes:  “you can bring knowledge to a life/ but you can’t make them think”:  it is a personal journey only an individual can create for themselves. Your own decision is then required.

WHAT is wrong with this world? Answer:  the adults refuse to grow up. Everything important is a game, “I or we, want”/ until death arrives. Then everything turns to escaping reality, until hate takes over; as a game to remove everything “I don’t want”. The end result is: nothing matters but the game, and who gets to claim winner! While this entire world dies, in front of your very face; as you do nothing to change that outcome: discarding every life on earth, including your own.

Forty years+, later I have given you up to your own chosen fates. Simple as that; even though I work, because without hope, life becomes dormant and without cause. Your failure, your utter cowardice, your refusal to accept responsibility, your lack of discipline, and especially your cult worship of “University knows”;  is a horrendous thing. Not even those who are building machines to in their words:  “bring the same fire here as is on the sun”/ is not enough to bring you back to reality. Death is at the door,  yet you believe as all cult worshipers do, “that your university gods can’t be wrong/ and they would never do anything to endanger you”. Some offer, well the cowards are always yelling like at the atomic bomb; we won’t be able to control it. They yell “WE WON”/ risking the earth is what we do, that makes us a brave new world! But an explosion in passive materials is not a fire, where everything is fuel. Some say, well then you can yell “you were right”/ as the incineration of everything I value on earth, including me;  is absolute, because of you. You lose is not enough/ yet changing a cult worshiper, is impossible; because they threw away their brain. And only they can find it back. Even so, we all die: not a game. The reality however, that humanity; as in every single one who failed life on earth, which includes letting your university gods mutilate nature, and destroy every resource/ every chain of life the future requires: choosing for, EXTERMINATING every future life!  Will NOT be forgotten in eternity. Take it as a warning; TERROR forever. Not a game. A reality that has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with what you did or did not do, by your own choices. There is no extinguishing a nuclear fire; as is so obviously what occurs on the sun. NO putting nature back together again, for life in peace or happiness; destroyed by human decision is destroyed by human intent, and it will not be rebuilt. You chose/ you worshiped the cult of “university knows”, and deserve its fate. Change or be damned (forever removed from peace and happiness). Change or be cursed (enclosed by eternity, without an escape).

The critical truth for humanity is then:  nothing in the history of this world, impacts nor destroys the lives of so many as is the disease called a university. Discarding the good they do for some individuals, is nothing: compared to the reality of constructing games with life on earth, thereby participating in our true and complete extinction: is literally cause enough to declare the most arrogant among them “your satan (destroyer of a world) on earth”. As nearly all, the rest of humanity says:  “ain’t nothing important but me”. Until they are faced with extinction; and as every generation did/ they will blame  GOD, instead of the true cause which is arrogance, disrespect, and flagrant disregard for life on earth! The children worshiping university delusion cannot supervise themselves; they have run rampant/ raging against life and planet:  “screaming me, me, me”. While the rest all hide, or run away from the truth:  this will not continue, our whole world is at risk of extinction/ even from the solar system itself. Because igniting this planet just like the sun, WILL cause it to explode. Destroying the beauty of nature itself, WILL cause you to dry your eyes; because every tear will fall, until faced with nothing is left: BUT HORROR.  Change or die.

I will put a tiny caveat onto the statement, which is:  even though there is nothing intrinsically wrong with wanting to remain a child throughout your adult life/ it is your life. The fact is, as we all face extinction; believe it or not, the evidence cannot be wrong. Which gives us all the reality of simply needing adults with enough sense and responsibility: to investigate, examine the facts, and conclude the cost of being wrong in ANY OF the extreme experiments that are going on/ cost of being wrong in ANY MAJOR THREAT WE FACE; is our own extinction. Every single one! If you were adults, without a cult worshiping complex for “university knows”. You would recognize, trusting a few people just like you: is not worth losing a world over. They ain’t gods, they are the people you went to school with/ simple as that. How many of your classmates would you give your life too/ even your world, to whatever fantasy or delusion, they could create? That is reality; your own child/your world, needs you to grow up.

The reality of free (charging for information);  has changed because a new tactic is being tried. People say:  you are a fool, if you don’t collect everything you can. Life or death for a world, is apparently not cause enough! so today; two books are for sale.  The purpose: I cannot save you from countless human caused threats: only you can do that. I can however bring you the message: change and accept life comes first; or die.

  1. It doesn’t take a big brain to recognize the same heat source as is the sun, here on earth can destroy us! It does however take a very diseased “big brain”; to design a fraud, and insist a fire that is 91 million miles away, and can burn your skin in summer: is something the universities can play with. Because we KNOW, if out of control FOR EVEN A SECOND; that NUCLEAR FIRE, WILL IN FACT KILL THE ENTIRE PLANET.    in the literal instant ignition of that fire, or whatever the university calls it, ignites:  life or death for the planet is fixed forever.  We cannot extinguish a ten million degree fire, that burns atoms:  which means “THEY cannot be WRONG”! Who among your high school students, neighbors, etc;  is so great; so damn smart,  they can gamble YOUR whole life/ our whole world?  YOU CAN, AND MUST SAY:  STOP!    NO MORE OF THIS!
  2. YOU can be afraid, and hide from this reality/ you can be arrogant or religious and absolutely certain the university “will save you”/ you can be afraid of ridicule, and keep your mouth shut/ you can fight for your world/ or whatever it is that YOU choose.  WHAT YOU CANNOT DO, is evade a nuclear fire once it ignites!  So, the choice of letting these experiments continue until ignition occurs:  LETTING THIS ENTIRE WORLD be gambled with; [absolutely everything]!  OR, choosing that you can communicate with others to stop the madness and defend life on earth!  IS YOUR CHOICE/ AND ITS YOU, AND YOUR CHILD’S / ALL LIFE INCINERATED, even a planet lost, a solar system changed:      to be wrong.        make your decision, there are NO second chances; you can’t stop the fire once it ignites.       others continue to try:  THE REALITY today 12, 3; 4 IS THAT SIMPLE!

CREATION IS:  the value and technical realities clearly defined by every body of life/ every aspect of our environment, as a planet and its relationship to our survival: even the ability to love. Without question, the critical aspects of a living body, ARE SO ENORMOUSLY beyond our level of thinking; there are no words to describe that truth. Therefore we simply acknowledge:  “MIRACLES, BY   GOD”!  Only the most foolish/ the people without a “brain”; could concoct anything less; because the evidence of truth, proves absolutely “not an accident/ and certainly not “by ourselves”. Destroying themselves/ destroying you, for nothing more than pride! The value of every life is incomprehensible: show respect. Evolution (university religion) says; “chaos built life by accident/ one piece at a time”.  Reality says:  the adult human body is comprised of several trillion microscopic cellular creatures, all of who must get along/ stay where they are put/ live, eat, grow, and be exactly what the body needs or: “all the trillions of them”, won’t survive as an individual human life. Made out of a quadrillion “individual cellular pieces” or so, of living materials: which literally builds itself, in a very exactly, disciplined, ordered, balanced, engineered, technical beyond belief: way!  NOT an accident:  only a complete fool, would assume it is!  To violate the genetic instructions of nature, and risk the entire world of life: is terrorism.

    global warming!  

3. So ask them: if they aren’t trying to ignite a nuclear fire, what exactly are they trying to do, “to these atoms”?  answer:  we want the nuclear energy released, with less initial force than an explosion! Which literally means, “they want fire to erupt”! Don’t worry though, your scientists have it all worked out:  their fantasy element graviton, “makes this fire safe”. Reality states:  it is the nuclear fire that produces solar gravity. Proven false by the periodic table; gravitons don’t exist. The endless fraud of fusion, is “we aren’t really trying to ignite atoms on fire/ the sun really isn’t burning/ all the fuel is on fire, starting at the core/ fantasy gravity, with an atomic element 15 times heavier than lead: without the slightest proof: is worth gambling all life on earth! Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera, except for the fact that they truly are trying to ignite atoms on fire, on a planet where everything is then in fact, fuel! And that means once ignition occurs our planet, this earth; does in fact become another sun. Not to worry though, your geneticists are mutilating all life beyond recognition:  cause they are gods, to you;  and the university knows everything.  Graviton is a lie, your gods at university are betting our entire planet and your life on/ “that is just going to put the nuclear fire out”;  cause we don’t have gravitons here! So the atomic fire releasing the energy contained by the bond in an atom: will just go “poof” and rise out into space all by itself/ taking the fire with it.  Alas, if that don’t happen, and fantasies don’t rule reality: then our world ends, and you are incinerated. Not to worry though:  your courts/ your politicians/ your policing agencies/ your military/ your media/ your religions/ your extra special smart people in university/ your cult following: is absolutely sure,  “that fool, can’t be right”. “We, have a book”!  However, if your gods of university are wrong/ YOU ARE DEAD. No second chances/ no we will get this right the next time:  because a ten million degree fire, that burns atoms for fuel: IS NOT going away.  “just like the sun”/ which they do proclaim is exactly the fire they want to ignite here on earth. “Hurrah, what could possibly go wrong? Answer the question/ because you will die from the truth!

ETERNITY is determined by SOULyour own dedicated, accepted relationship

 with   GOD   !  “your CREATOR.     not “false god/ your want or pride”.

Your own body is a MIRACLE! Explained by no other way. Reality is truth.

Everything else is death (the end/ or its punishment over you, called hell).

JESUS is my LORD; means, that the possibilities beyond what is simple time and body, have opened to reveal eternity. Eternity thereby comes to mean:  by the laws which govern the universe, the grace and beauty of everything truth, comes to light (we see it now). Love is the essence of life, because a  purpose and desire beyond self, gives to life an opportunity called JOY. Without joy, the meaning of being ALIVE, drops into the ashes of time gone by. Love is the essence of time, because without love, time itself ceases to exist. Even thought cannot sustain itself, without a true cause, a desire that is real;  to exist. Therefore JESUS brings to life, a quest to belong:  within the values called destiny. To build by the law:  LIFE.

The failure to recognize “human time” as the beautiful essence of a choice, to understand and accept, what is true of life and reality: Conceives of value lost. Freedom, thought, love, are only a tiny part of what existence “the right to decide”, does mean! The true price of a life, is beyond our scope or wisdom. The essence of love itself, “without a need to measure”; called JOY.

     everything should not be sad.  It is, 1/15/18 reminders of the civil rights movement are remembering: none of that was possible, without the television, or its cameras. None of that was possible without media news broadcasting of what had value to society. Both are somewhat tied to university help. Today, media news lives mostly in the sewer of a cult (university is god), because only a tiny few of the most powerful own the broadcasting rights, and control the news through editors. Instead of life; they produce anger. Instead of value; they produce failure. Instead of duty or honor or freedoms; they produce “rulers”, and claim our employees are in fact “the government” instead of our constitution. Even so: the only possible method of stopping the insane, is to gather and communicate until heard. One second too late, and this world is dead. Violence provides an excuse (the means to avoid truth & reality)/ not an answer!

A WARNING MEANS:  YOU HAVE THE POSSIBILITY TO INTERRUPT, what is going to happen/ by changing what must be changed. By preparing the people to understand/ as well as yourself. And to AVOID PANIC; so that truth can in fact make a difference/ so everything does not fall down into chaos. Simple as that. The assertion of threats (which must be understood and defended against);  continue at www.justtalking5.info


215 trillion divided by 8 billion people=$26,875 dollars per human face on the planet; babies and all. And it is a low estimate.  one quadrillion is equal to one million, BILLIONARIES: or more distinctly, divided equally it is $125,000.00 per human face on the planet (when divided by 8 billion people). This is, the insurgency of an intellectual; they do not attack with murder/ they attack with games and traps which they intend to win. This is, the reality of “electronic money”; where only numbers represent work and resources instead of realities such as gold. Or more distinctly you can have ANY number/ but you cannot have an unlimited amount of gold, as it is real. This is: the evidence that proves, the counterfeiters have taken over our world; and turned us all into their slaves; because someone has been spending our future/ by presenting numbers, as money;  without ANY reality attached. While the intellectual will tell you “this has been great, it keeps the world going”:  REALITY SAYS, “your bank account is filled with lies, that have no meaning in truth” (just like a slave). While your children have lost most of the resources their future demands:  which means, the intellectual chose “to assassinate them”; for their own greed, and selfish pride or power! WHO, do you believe is supposed to PAY for all those numbers; on this very finite planet. NO resources/ no life; “just like a desert”. BUT PLENTY of anger & hate! The reality of an intellectual war, against life.

U.S. Stock Market Tops $25 Trillion – Up $1.9 Trillion Since Election …

https://seekingalpha.com › Macro View › Market Outlook  Jan 27, 2017

derivative is a security with a price that is dependent upon or derived from one or more underlying assets. The derivative itself is a contract between two or more parties based upon the asset or assets. Its value is determined by fluctuations in the underlying asset.

Derivative – Investopedia

I have not looked for years: but it WAS entirely possible if you had the credit to buy $50 dollars worth of stock/ for a one dollar actual investment. One trillion dollars is again: $10,000.00 per each of one hundred million people.     Consider the consequences? Consider, the fastest computers can now initiate and complete a stock transaction in one millionth of a second. “YOU, can’t compete”.

 25 trillion dollars invested in the nyse a number from January of last year 2017; identifies that one hundred million people divided equally would each have $250,000.00 invested in JUST the stock market; after taxes. That is slightly less than one in three Americans; babies and all. Ask: is this currency inflated/ are these numbers real/ or like GM/ CHRYSLER/ FANNIE MAE/ and more; is it just numbers without reality attached? Only a tiny few own the numbers:  but every single other one of us, gets to pay the debt, because it’s called “money”.

Can’t believe it? Consider this, the “iter.org” machine cost roughly one trillion dollars/ and its only true purpose is to ignite the same fire as is on the sun. Once ignition of that fire occurs, there is no going back. “You can run/ you can hide/ you can excuse yourself by not caring”; but ignition of a ten million degree fire means, that does NOT extinguish itself, means our planet is going to be: another sun!

THE WORLD CHANGED           the reality of your shame.

I DO recommend, you download this site; and use it however you wish/ so that it cannot be taken away.    your warning is complete.

Some say we need a war to resolve some of our population problems! The reality however is absolutely clear: the birth increase rate is roughly between 3 & 4 children  over deaths “demanding to be fed”; every second. So that is how many people must be killed continuously to remain at the same current population. Or even more distinctly: to reduce the size of the human population by the same amount it grows: it would be necessary to kill 6-8 human beings every second;  continuously over the next forty years to return to a reality that would allow people to believe they did not need to consider the consequences again/ and that of course would cause the population to again explode. There is of course the reality:  after killing a large number of people disease and pandemics occur, so as to reduce the number of bullets you would need.  There are 86,400 seconds in a 24 hour day, a billion more humans every decade now. Perhaps you believe, igniting the earth on fire with the same realities of energy which make the sun burn:  “is the best way to die” );  everybody, at once? Because after all:  “ain’t nobody going to change/ that is THEIR job”, not yours;  now ain’t that right.  After all, the gamble is: if they ignite it and can’t control a ten million degree fire, that clearly burns atoms for fuel: earth becomes a sun! 

      Just so its clear, the reality of our existence as facing extinction is:  because “you want what you want/ and absolutely DON’T want to know the cost or consequences of that decision. Therefore people are preparing,   to “make you fry”!  the list is very long of threats, this is a small one  “crash”

The reality is:  although numerous extreme threats exist, any one of which can cause our extermination from this planet. The most clearly critical at this moment in time is:   WWW.ITER.ORG  BECAUSE their machine is beyond the scope of all the rest. WRONG is a dead earth/ even a destroyed solar system; because the earth is then another sun/ until it explodes. No second chances.

The university delusion is: “we can take the same fire as is on the sun/ and control it here on earth”. Or, even if we can’t; the fire will extinguish itself, because there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire. So say your “great men of science”.

WRONG means, this earth becomes a sun! NO, second chances; because a ten million degree fire that obviously burns atoms for fuel/ CANNOT be extinguished. The atmosphere will be ejected, by a fire like on the sun, HERE;  declared to be “one million miles long”. Even the solar system itself, will be lost, because humanity did not care enough: to stop the insane.

Biblical prophecy puts our time to find sanity, and save our world, ending:  as of July 9, 2019.  The machine called ITER is now the most likely ignition point, for nuclear fire!  Where there is an energy release/ there is fuel. The fuel for an atomic bomb is the destruction of an atomic bond thereby releasing that energy. the fuel for a nuclear fire as is on the sun:  is the burning of an atomic bond/ thereby the release of energy over a much longer period of time than in an explosion. Solar gravity is the release of dark energy/ as does keep the kinetic energies we know in check.

Your “university gods” say:  we must, burning fossil fuels;  is killing us! They promise clean energy/ but they forget: the sun also produces such extreme radiation with that energy, that without ozone we the life on earth would be “microwaved”. From 91 million miles away! HOW will they separate that? no answer.

  1. Every theory the “university elite” have presented in terms of the sun; and its heat generation: is an unproven/ unsubstantiated/ guess. Without any support from reality, other than “it’s a ten million degree F. heat source with up to 12 million mile long solar flares of heat energy.  in contrast to that:  every reality, regarding the sun, as is proven by the evidence that I have supported, can be considered true! “Challenge them both”!

The solution is:  8 BILLION PEOPLE, CAN TELL A FEW HUNDRED OR THOUSAND PEOPLE, what they will or will not be allowed to do.  By creating the laws ourselves! The critical truth is:  we own that right/ we own that responsibility! It is the price, and the power of being human.  The reality, a very simple: “legal and governmental moratorium” on all extreme experimentation, INCLUDING geneitcs:  UNTIL WE THE PEOPLE give our permission for this to “STOP/ be dismantled/ start/ continue/ or resume in ANY facet, as we allow;  whatsoever.” To insure that, electrical service without exception: shall be discontinued and disconnected/ along with everything else required to insure STOP! With severe consequences for the failure to comply!

The clear, true, legal right to protect our lives, our nature, our environment, our children, our future; as the humanity/ as life of this earth:  IS ABSOLUTE!

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AND HUMANITY SAYS:  these people have armies, weapons, and prison. While reality says:  to ignite atoms on fire (as is what happens on the sun) means our entire world dies in fire! To mutilate nature means HORROR IS COMING FOREVER. To destroy every resource we need for our very survival is:  cannibalism, and worse. To let the environment and chains of life which give us time:  COLLAPSE/ is HELL.!  so, CHOOSE, your worst enemy, and demand we CANNOT LET THEM BE WRONG;  because there is no  escape without TRUE, DISCIPLINED, change.  WE, the people are the army/ we provide the weapons/ and we close or open the jails; by the decisions that we make.  All of that means:  “our leaders, and their university education” have been a disease, and worse; to everything life is or can be.  Simple, and true!  EXTREME Arrogance, pride, greed, power, liar, cheat, thief, traitor, and terrorist are proven by the evidence, of our reality. Truth decides what can or cannot stay.

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