There is an elemental truth to life, do not surrender to want; because it can surround you with lies. Making things which are not important, responsible for destroying the realities and relationships that are important. The quest for happiness, is bound within freedom; but if you choose poorly, that freedom will defeat you. Instead the truth of love is: that we share a physical warmth, which can heal a broken heart if you are honestly kind and gentle. But that allows someone else to believe you could become their savior/ and that is not true. Truth is the abundant respect, for what laws of life can do. Nothing less creates a home; and it is a home (I belong here), that builds a heart, into happiness. The reality of that is acceptance; that you are home, wherever you are/ because life itself, “loves you”/ unless hate (let love be dead) owns you now. Of the many lessons learned; one of the most valuable was, that I live both with life, and with self as a male. While that has changed some; it remains true; that none are ever truly alone. Unless hate has killed you.

To achieve the happiness that is constant within the reality of sharing life with self/ caring for self, with life. The essence is simple: you are, free to choose for happiness; by simply recognizing what a miracle life and earth and you are. It is, as if “you won better, than a lottery”; you are a living Creation of GOD. If you find soul; family enlarges to encompass, the destiny of a home, where only truth and love exist; beyond time.

The cost and consequence of life is: that hate exists, and it is hiding wherever it can find “a disguise or hole” to stay out of view. The purpose never changes: to betray you into thinking our world is safe. It is not, as tyranny constantly proves true. While there are numerous methods of confronting those in power, with elements of force;  as with all means of self defense/ anything that can be used by you, can be used against you. Ending with these simple realities: the entire purpose of power is to isolate and establish fear, by attacking an example of___with their horrors. But the end result of that is: those who attack can be found as well. HOW is that not true? The cost of being confronted by aggressive policing is; “the dog pack, once it breathes fear; wants to kill”. Turning the dog pack back, by simple means; such as the 4 tines spike (small is best; less excuse”, ONLY as a last resort; remembering primary targets are both the rich, (who provide leaders with their power) and the computers which hide endless amounts of “invasion to our privacy”: facial recognition/ electronic money/ phones/ computers and more) are all examples.  But we are many; and the result of that is; we COULD do this, against you too. “a cowboy hat and darker glasses” will avoid that; real currency/ turn off your phone completely!  Are elementally methods of returning animals, to the basis of human; as is “death hunts us all/ but eternity never forgets”. Make no mistake hate is hate, and it worships a chance to be violent.  Let their be no doubt: that every society is better off with policing that knows what justice is; but corruption is everywhere, and reality finds few. RESPECT those who do! Nonetheless, definitions which communicate: YOU WORK FOR US/ not them;  as are simply plain people, who conspired with others to get their job of protecting the powerful. CAN be convinced, going against society itself (the reality of we this people, for justice), is a bad idea for you too. As crime is crime, and each individual is responsible in life and eternity; for what they did do. Same is true for armies and more.

So the question of rebuilding life and earth, in ways that will survive; so time and body can continue: is dependent upon finding a way, to remove hate and its contributors from life and even world. Because peace and harmony do not survive without law/ and law is what hate destroys, as panic, fear, and chaos lead, and leave people open, to their deaths.

As established: in order for there to be change, there must be LAW recognized as valued and true to what we the people desire our lives and living ought to be. In much the same way as this USA was redefined by revolutionary war: the soldiers of that war, came to recognize by their “bill of rights & declaration of independence”; that change was worth the risk, and those not fighting rose to help by whatever decision they did make for change. Once established by constitutional law; the refinement of those ideas, became amendments to the constitution; and in particular, the first amendment redress of grievances. Which gives the legal right for we the people to challenge our leaders; in order to take them into court, and assure ourselves they are and will accept the conditions of their employment; by holding up, for all to see: their sworn oath of office as true. If not/ then replaced: simple as that. Let the people decide, as is their constitutional decree of “we rule ourselves, by law”.

Wherever there is power to be seized however HATE will be sneaking under the door, “so to speak” in order to seize that power, and control life with their disease of everything BUT: truth, life, world, or value. THE TRAGEDY of life around this world is: the disease of hate has crawled into every nation, with a university disguise; and is now in a position to make us all extinct. As is the final push of power, that functionally proves “yes I can”. Their great achievement is chaos; as such the religion of evolution proves to be their chant of union; as is lets kill them all. But the herd hears, “university knows; we must follow, and chant too”; as death nears for all life and earth.

So the question is: HOW, does the herd become human, instead of animals [the university claim] as is the current condition of cult worship? Answer: you must stop worshiping the universities/ and accept the treasury of life itself has earned a respect, so far beyond what universities can do; that they do become “devil itself”. Thereby ending the rape, pillaging, theft, lies, manipulation of fools, tragedy of failure, controlled by insanity, cursed by reality, condemned by truth; that is “universities play god”.

As with all “nazi chosen undertaking, by disguise”; the critical task is to root out, the lies (we are your saviors), theft (counterfeiting assets to claim lies), cheating (debts don’t matter; except for slaves), betrayal (nature should be “returned to evolution changes everything), terrorism (lets ignite a nuclear fire), tragedies (fill this earth with weapons of mass destruction), failures (we don’t need no damn infrastructure or justice; the future is dead), curse (lets disrespect the entire world), and more (SATAN rules here) with truth “how are they not devil in disguise”? Their “gestapo” version of parasitic invasion; the common insurgency (collect every face for death if they fail us) against every form of freedom (SCREAM “FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY”) or right (SEIZING democracy by engulfing the nation by fears such as covid; we will steal your face)/ every value (life is more than this_), and every respect (our world cannot let you be wrong) for life; must be disemboweled (let the courtroom prove what is true); and reality (we the people are owners here) returned to law (truth decides), justice (fair play grants peace and harmony), values (lift love as the treasury of life and living), respect (searches for the Creator of miracles), truth (Identifies knowledge, understanding, and wisdom), and the trust aligned (NO human or accident built life or earth) with wisdom (thought stands alone, as the basis of our world) rather than fantasy (universities play god).

All of that and more being the basis of traitors lead this world.

The foundation of human behavior, HAS in fact descended into animal; as reality of universities win; would prove, as the constant of choice is: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ AND I DON’T WANT, what I don’t want; and there is nothing else, but pride. Which proves “I am a winner: listen to me/ look at me/ obey me; you damn losers you”. Which of course ends with most losers seeking revenge, in one form or another; either against their competition, or as with most people; abuse and violence are transferring that anger or hate onto someone else; which they then call “the loser/ or enemy/ or whatever they want; as in you can’t get to me (you don’t even know who I am)”.

The cost and consequence of that is: in terms of society, people have buried themselves in “the tunnel (can’t see nothing else) of want”; and seek to define themselves as a winner, by getting whatever they want. Proving in the process: nothing matters but me, and what I want; MINE, DAMN YOU its all MINE. Which ends as pride; no one is superior to me, “I this, I that, I everything/ to hell with you; LIFE IS ABOUT ME”; as is the predecessor of playing god”.

OR as the constant of human participation is: “I am doing what I want, because I want too; and you can’t stop me”! Which is commonly going wrong; so the end result of that is: THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT; you should have stopped me/ or you should have made me do it/ or whatever it is: YOU ARE THE TROUBLE IN MY LIFE; because I am too superior, to make a mistake; without you interfering or refusing to do your job. EVEN IF an entire stick of dynamite tied to their chest, would not have been enough to make them change. So, in the past: “i tried dragging these out of their hole, with a bulldozer of truth; so to speak”. Even after agreeing yes that is true/ they all become afraid, and race back into their hole. BUT NOW, fear takes control “can’t lock the door” anymore; which brings about an intensity of hate, and the cost of trying to make me or others fear/ make me angry with ridicule, gossip, more; as well. The only solution: “open the door/ and let them look at what their choices have become”. Only then “in the light of day”; can reality sink in, so they see what they chose to become. All of it, because belief rather than truth; guides their road (we all agree; we can’t all be wrong; as is herd) into the future. I have known a man whom fifty plus years ago; was attacked without warrant, and threatened with death; and then even more fear was applied. Today hate is knocking at his door. But the end result is: those who attacked him: without doubt were confronted by the hate of others prior to drowning in their own hate as well. Which is the result of others, and so on: which then produces prejudice, bigotry, violence, abuse, and so on. The cause: pride will not forgive! Pride wants to prove, “you can’t make me fear; or I have power now”; even if now the real enemy is death, and these hide behind an illusion. But alas; “death does not care, all die”; so it is a worthless pursuit; a game, for fools only.

So the reality of society is: nothing is going to change/ until humanity is FORCED to confront what they did wrong; because now there is no other choice; “we have to do it”. Which provides the critical view to all social change: they want what they want, and will refuse change unless they believe that will give them what they want; and for nothing else. NOT EVEN A WORLD FACING EXTINCTION. Because believers only need to believe what they want to believe; evidence nor truth nor reality matters in the least. So in terms of changing society before tragedies come: it will not happen, because the power use fear/ and the public uses belief; to accept the price is not worth fighting for; “we will just obey the predator; and let them eat someone else”.

BUT ALAS, even though that has been the historical overview of human existence on earth: TODAY, our world faces extinction, and unless you find a brain among you. So that you stop using excuses to deny your own reality, nothing on earth is going to survive the cost of “universities playing god”/ or the reality of consequences that exist, because of what the universities did do. Such as weapons of mass destruction/ endless poisons and pollution’s/ the destruction of every chain of life, thereby living/ the curse of Satan (university knows) on nature and the planet. The cowardice of religion. The failure of money. The destruction of nations, and vile insurgency against democracy. Or more distinctly “universities lead”. To your shame.

THE CONSEQUENCE: the predicted economic collapse of the “richest nation” in the world; as seen in Revelation 18; is not only necessary, but warranted by only truth can save this world. The predicted tragedies of Revelation 15 & 16 are standing ready. Humanity is deciding for itself, what they will or will not choose to change. And reality sifts through the potential that will end with life or death of this earth.

NO, I have not made any special arrangements to survive these costs and consequences; because as with all realities that defy what people want, as does truth/ there has to be an enemy. So you can kill that enemy, and then, as the mob hiding from truth will scream; “everything is better now”. As is the historical solution, before a war: the desire for law fails. ‘When confronted with “true distractions”; people all resort to reacting instead of accepting the need for evidence, and thereby let truth decide. So says the predator: DISTRACT THEM/ and his gang of fools: “rob, steal, cheat, betray; even more”/ as the mob of failures, turns distress into a cause for war. As history proves, “then the people have no time for truth”.  Its called transference; which enables gossip to then complete the transformation of lies; to possibilities, without substance. They are unlikely to be deterred. Because an animal, is simply an animal; and the cult of cowards as is “university knows”; wants an excuse, NOT to be investigated.     So investigate them, and let truth decide! PROVE THE EVIDENCE is untainted; “unlike covid”.

THE ALTERNATE, of that scenario is as predicted by Revelation 12: 13-17 . the reality however must be proven true; as only time and realities can do.

if death: Let my relatives, “by blood”, inherit; and prove they will share and care for each other. Such as it is. Do not let the dead, the traitors;  “steal it from you”.  If an inheritor is found stealing; they fail and are removed. this site should be allowed to run, from this day forward. My inheritors will be given the task of keeping it running for at least 3 years; if truth allows.

It should be mentioned: that should life hang in the balance. In this overburdened by humans world: while none should die of small things, which do have a realistic solution/ all must die of big things; because the rest need your place, and mine.

As to death itself, the critical question that confronts us all is: WHAT DOES happen when you die? While that is impossible to prove; it is fair to say, that we can construct some aspects of the potential; by removing time from experience and its expressions.

Time is the result of atomic order and disciplines being assembled into the laws which govern our lives in time. If we remove that: we enter the conception of space, and assert: “without density, the miracle of environments that do identify constructions of time”. There must be a balance point, from which self might arise. As existence is governed by thought, rather than time. Or more distinctly, when we remove thought, the reality is nothing remains. Yet we do know, that we exist as life/ and that means there is a balance point, which grants the tipping moment of “self” to be grasped, as a participation in the balance that is life. Thought is a construction of space, and if you remove time and its measurements; then the journey has no beginning or ending; because it simply exists. This is the beginning of Creation, as individual lives, journey into space. Dimensional awareness is an association with energy.

Destiny is an envelopment of truth, which leads back into Creation itself. The journey is intense, and only trust will survive. Therefore mercy allows for lesser quests, than what true love can be.

LIFE is, an expression devoted to, “the experience of love”. The experience becomes your home.

But passions lift hope beyond time, into the relationships which then define and create our lives. The energy dispute, between gender identities becomes balanced, and a new life begins. Therefore the quest for love enters the truth of who we are as one life shared, because the essence of truth lives to care. Values shape us, as family; therefore eternity is separated into those who are defined; “by the treasury of their love, as shared, by the conception of one”.

Whether male or female; your own quest for “truth in love”, creates the trust, that becomes your path into eternity. Which means: those who deliberately fail love itself, fail balance as well; falling from grace, according to the “eternal harm”, that has been done. While mercy can save you, truth cannot. Even so; “doing the best you can for life and planet; as respect allows”, covers a multitude of sins.

And the people all say: “he CAN’T possibly know”/ therefore he must be a liar; he cannot be trusted; he is a fool. “even a terrorist” making claims that are not real.

Yet I do not ask you to believe, not even a single word. Because I am NOT your savior, guru, enemy or friend as it were; simply the messenger. This message is: by your own provable truth, you have followed university leadership to the edge of your own extinction. As is proven true by the evidence of your reality. Far more so, than you can even imagine:  SO, GO TO COURT.  Your Creator says: tell them to change or they will die. It is a work that failed/ the consequence being, I searched the spiritual world; and was given to female: in order to find balance again. Because you are so proud, the majority believe they would rather die than change. Yet truth knows: that is absolutely not true.

Spiritual Female and I; as predicted in Revelation 12 & 17 created a “new life” for you; in this world. By understanding what is true. Your participation in that choice; for the sake of your world, and all life involved: now decides your own future, both now and in eternity. IT IS YOUR CHOICE, to save this world or not. But there is no going back/ and there is no waiting “until even the dead can see the end is near”. YOU MUST THINK, for yourselves, discarding your cult! Or you will die.

The consequence of that: is a deliberate intent to produce the information required, to initiate thought in you. To establish conversation in you. To construct a decision in you, and your world; because you did not end this work by your apathy or arrogance. By “the best you can do” for life and child and planet: will now decide. Believe it or not. YOU are the key, or the coffin: CHOOSE, and work for life; or share the blame.

DO REMEMBER: I AM NOT the question, not the distraction, not the excuse, not the leader: I am merely the messenger; and the message is delivered. NEITHER is the spiritual female I claim to be a participate in my life: “its complicated”/ but it has nothing to do with you. Whatever will be for me; is whatever will be for me; that too, “is complicated”. NOT for you to understand; apart from the reality, in exchange for balance; “the work is done”, my life is now hers. OR more distinctly; “women:  are thereby granted this work, comes from female”; even more than male! IT IS “complicated”, but ultimately fair. As reality does prove: an entire world given a choice, CHANGE REQUIRES DIFFERENT. Is far greater than a little freedom, for just one person. No, I really cannot explain it better than that. NO, I have no real clue how it all ends for me/ or you. Who knows, you might “wake up”; I can at least hope. As strictly male, I had no hope for you left. Today, I have learned:  leave it to GOD     ; my work, at least as male; is done. I am not allowed “to learn what female will choose”. Just as well; as reality knows, my choices can go wrong.  As with demanding to quit, “they won’t learn, I give up”/ where I lost my freedom to choose.

Like all men everywhere: change requires different, and I cannot be different, just like them/ unless changed within myself. It is a quandary of definitions, without answers; as female represents an entirely different, opposite dimension of energy. So, whatever it is: “not my choice” is the reality. ITS COMPLICATED.

And all the people say: even if we were to take the risk, & find all the evidence is true, and our world is in jeopardy of actually dying: WE DON’T know what to do?

So the real question is: WILL YOU what you know you can do/ or will you just refuse to even care? Because all the information, and all the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom here, combined with all the knowledge, understanding and wisdom you have attained: can keep you alive, and rebuild this world with happiness for the vast majority; if you care. Simple as that.

As to me: different requires women to write the laws, that will change societies and this world; if they choose to bring justice and fair play to life on earth/ by ending corruption and more. Therefore I will help them to understand; if they ask. As is hope for this world in action.

As to you: change requires you must let truth decide, and to attain the necessary truth and acceptance of what is real; you must go to court. So that the best we can do, is what you did do; ending the discussion of what can go wrong. By establishing the consequences we cannot let them, who have led us here, make. There is a place for “college”/ but it is not playing god.

I am, instructed to make this “less complicated”, and more transparent. Or more distinctly: the demand to quit, proved to be a battle; and to end the battle between female and I as male. Spiritual female in me, was granted more power to unbalance the scale, and make me finish this work. I had lost hope in you, because it would take a massive event; to jerk you out of your cult; which turned out to be covid. A reality of failure, so distinct, and so pervasive as to change this world. While cult worship is what you did do; the end result of it, will be, “more than you bargained for”; and that disrupts any cult. So, the end result for me is: I am grateful to be pulled back into the work. But the reality is; female having the power to do so, simply keeps removing male; and throwing it away/ and there is absolutely nothing I can do about that. As I made my own decision; and required intervention to come back into reality: this work is for life or death of this world, and there are no excuses for failing to do your part. The price is, what the price is. But that REQUIRES so much change; all I can say about it is “I don’t know”; life, and its choices are not about me anymore. She has control, more than you can imagine; and truth is truth.

While you are certain to find that “ridiculous”; the cost of entering into the spiritual dimension of life beyond time is: no longer “Just me”. The cost of entering into the spiritual dimension of female, a reality that cannot be found unless you attain all that male [and in my presence that single opening was sealed shut; not my choice/ no male or female, will ever move it] can be:  my reality is no longer “just me”: that remains complicated. The cost of sharing the spiritual world with time is; a relationship with death, that is constructed by truth; not want. The cost, or reality of having female in charge is: the purity of her world, cannot be breached by male/ which means either I must be returned to male/ or I must be changed to female. NOT a choice I get to make, as I am clearly and without doubt of any kind; trapped in the spiritual world of female/ just as she is functionally trapped in the essence of time, as a participant in male. We are both elementally changed. I know not how it all ends. But the evidence of your lives, and this world is clear: without true change, all you have left is extinction. While the universities continue to deceive you, the reality as defined by truth, could not be more clear. So as to why, how, etc: the fundamental of it all is, TOGETHER as male and female working for life and planet; female in charge this time. WE, are given the last chance to help you understand; the game is dead. And this world, all life will follow, if you don’t change. No you don’t have to believe that: BUT IF YOU DON’T IDENTIFY WHAT IS TRUE, and CHANGE ACCORDINGLY: you will have to live its result. THAT, is more than you imagine, or conceive of; believe it or not. Go prove what is true, what is not true, and the cost of being wrong. SAVE YOUR WORLD.

No, I do not and cannot condemn you. No not your judge. No not going to benefit, from whatever you do; this is just my journey, not yours. No, not going to lead you, or follow. No, I am not your excuse; “I am a messenger; sent to give you the message you have received”. Even though, I failed along the way of my own life from time to time, by giving up on you; the end result is, by being balanced with female, by being owned by female, I have searched for and found; the completion of that message is finally done. But even so, female remains in charge; and that may or may not ever change for me. But I am ok with that; because from the very beginning my decision is: this world will not die, “without a fight” from me. Such, is the truth of my story, in time. Your choice is your own; same as me; truth is truth.

While I have struggled hard against the reality of “being owned”; the critical truth of it is recognized as: this is NOT unlike what many women throughout history have endured. I am treated as if “all men”/ even though none of “failing life with abuse of women”, can be attributed to me. Even if some believe I was unfair; the reality is as it has always been: this work comes first. Not you, or even me.

The foundation of life itself, is not “whether you push or pull” existence from its energy source. But whether you can balance what you do, within the truth that surrounds you. Thought grants, “we can change what the laws will allow”; but it does not grant, truth itself can be changed, without changing what caused the destruction attributed to chaos. Chaos destroys complexity, down to its most simple form: that is NOT life. LIFE rises within complexity to contribute the disciplines and order called being ALIVE. Balance adds in, the essence of love; which means to respect the values which give us life, and grant the fundamentals of our existence; as we express and experience what choice does mean. Love is a balancing between two or more, individual lives: because sharing and caring do not need “to win/ or lose”. Therefore the search for destiny beyond time, where only love is allowed: turns to the passions which do produce sharing and caring, as each contributes the value of what our home, our union, can become.

Life has become integrated between male and female in me; the value of that union, is a message delivered to this world, that is “change or you will die”/ because nothing you have chosen, will sustain this world. That being done, now searches beyond a fight for this earth; how will we survive? Searches, for how we can change the lives of women and girls; to become equals, by law and truth and a purpose beyond self. Our answer is: let GOD decide.

as for me:  I have learned simply, “to have hope for you”/ until the point of no return, has proven; you are now the living dead.

as for you: the herd shouts, “none of this can be true/ it is pure fantasy”. Led by the religious, the claim is:  “believe only in us ; same as in JESUS day”. When life, was previously dying due to hate, and its pride; same as today. The difference: today men have designed extinction;  instead of murder/ rape/ and ravaging each other.  AS evolution, and the atomic bomb; stole your heart/ universities, stole your brain: to enforce cult worship. But reality replies:  are these things NOT functionally or fundamentally what you preach? Answer: not anymore, as religion turned to universities as their god too. The contrast: DO NOT believe in me/ I merely bring the message your world is going to die; if you refuse to change!  GO TO COURT, and prove what is, and what is not TRUE!      PROVE, the cost of being WRONG/ BEFORE you have no further choices left. HOW, is that wrong/ or other?

so, this work ends with the simple truth:  FIND what is true, or be extinct/ you owe that to your world, and to your child. CHANGE, what is wrong, or you will die; because that is truly what you chose; as leadership became “the universities are god”.   CHANGE, supporting LIFE FIRST, and PLANET: regardless, of what you want!

Humanity was brought back to life in JESUS day; by the clear example between “love versus hate”/ realities of order, discipline, balance, truth, trust, courage, and respect.  CHOOSE!

TODAY, you are failing life due to the insanity of people who are playing god with life and planet: which makes all the rest insane, as we all begin to realize:  “this cannot be sustained”. So, the war; to get all you can get/ has been raging. While the reality of sacrificing the future, and every child has been devastating. Which brings us all to the moment of CHANGE, or we all die.  DO NOT believe/ prove, what is true.  LIFE OR DEATH;  NO GAME EXISTS.            YOUR CHOICE/ but no going back.  “dead is dead”!

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