life and self


LIFE AND SELF; the relationship between living, and existence beyond time.

Of the many elements which grant a relationship exists between the concept of life itself, and the realities of time spent with the creation of choices, the illumination of miracles, and the constant that is self as a participant in the greater expanse called life. The values we express and experience become our home, the place where identity rises, and hopes appear as is consistent; with the purity of our own truth.

Living attests to what we experience as thought; designed by my own choices: the curse of hate/ or the value of true happiness as ascends from the acceptance of love, the distinction of order values truth. The environmental challenge designed to achieve the creation of our own version of life, living, world, through the distinction of our own participation. Participation being: to love/ to hate/ or simply to survive.

Existence means: to find this already created, and consigned by the distinction of truth; to a reality which can or will affect my own definitions of time confined by self. We must then compose the elegance of self, with the decisions called a choice.

Self, means: the rise of life, has given to me, my own experience as an existence shaped by the gifts created to express what I can now do. Therefore self rises along with abilities, the choices made, the values chosen, the battles won or lost, and the ascension of what truth will accomplish within our time. Fear intervenes to shape that destiny; by recognizing not only am I alive/ but other living things exist as well. And they have choices too.

Most distinctly evident among those choices: is the essence of gender/ the rise and fall of what makes living most valued, to those who arrive at love; and find a way to stay constructed by its truth. The elegant truth of male and female chosen to be as one; resides in the balance of what they can contribute to the living of life beyond self. Giving rise to the elemental truth that is Creation itself: the “heavens gate; MIRACLES exist within me/us”. Here life reshapes, into the quest for what miracles can do/ rather than the simplistic definitions of what self can achieve. Which gives truth the path into where does life truly define what living can be?

The critical destiny is: life, rather than self!

The critical path is then to erase the elements of time and body; particularly “want, pride, and power”. in order to identify where Creation lives. In order to do that, a disciplined conception of these elements in human time; are constructed by what they can or cannot do, for life and living beyond time.

Want is: the insertion of things, as “the value of living”. Rising to the level of “this is my life”/ rather than this is a reality of existence which supports living as time. Want inserts humanity, into an ever closing tunnel of what is important to me/ which blankets the living outside of want; with a darkness that removes life, beyond me; “to unimportant or less/ a judgment within itself”. Proving time alone, even with death: is my choice. There are two basic forms of want: sexual & possession. Sexual allows for “the penis”, not only to become a toy/ but the value of life itself; which does establish all forms of sexual tragedy. Possessions allow for the games to begin; as I want more/ and so do you. But the end result is: all forms of insanity, depression, and suicide begin here.

Pride is: the elemental “stop sign”; that confronts us all, with if we make this into a game/ we need not proceed into life or death: resting here, where living replaces life with trophies, toys, or trinkets to prove we are participating enough. But this presents humanity with “winning or losing”; and hate appears, as its compensation in both. To win: you do not give me enough respect. To lose: you did not respect me enough. So the door to death opens, and humanity tempts itself to fall in, as power will reveal/ or as fear will dictate. Pride allows: “If, I can make them fear/ then I have no fear; because they now fear me”. Since none challenge that which they do fear: they transfer their fears onto [innocent or not] something or someone they could conceivably defeat. A reality that is constant and common throughout humanity. As with all forms of pride, the lies do not matter; winning or losing; is all life can be. The blindfold exists; and many fall into their own trap; forever lost.

Power is: the rise and fall of judgment, is a decision, to prove: I can or will control you. Thereby manipulation, control, temptation, violence, and other begins its walk through human existence; as the war which results from power. Or more distinctly: I have judged you worthless to me/ therefore I will take whatever I want; including your life, possessions, relationships, time and body, by raping whatever can be consumed by my own choices. Hater and hate, live in the assertions of power/ and power lives in the assertions of my weapon(s) will do this to you. War resides in: how best, can I; destroy you, thereby to take whatever I want? The predator says, with violence/ but the prey use intellect, and invade politics as their war uses rules, or money: to destroy, damage, and incarcerate lives.

These three, form the basis of human as an existence in time; shaped by the decision: to rescind miracles, so that time can be stopped “right here”. As the truth of being human, ends with time, rather than: your own Creation has been achieved. Reality however explains: that miracles have a design, “to search” for those who can become eternal/ time cannot.

So the critical question is: are we not enough as humans, by simply being in time? Rather than elevating ourselves: into the maze constricted by eternity, to encompass only what is true/ only what gives and creates value for those who do participate in eternity? As the gift of living becomes, “the value of: a life identified, by its separation from time”? The creation of what can benefit “us all”, as conceived by love.

Here, decisions must be made: to illuminate the conception of treasuries/ or the creation of disciplines, balance, and order as do ascend, by its own truth. Life does not construct these journeys as one; you must prove your truth, or join another in the balance of what we built as our own creation beyond self. Discipline searches for evidence, because only the reality of what we can depend upon as the law of what does control life; creates order. While order is its own reward, the treasuries of hope, happiness, the ascension into love beyond self, the acceptance that is “I AM ALIVE”; the dimensions which shape our eternity, and the energies which will control existence itself; are all conceived by our grasp upon what is a decision that we will make? Each decision is a focus upon destiny. Each destiny is a reality based upon your own truth.

So the question arises: WHAT can we choose, as our participation in a universe so vastly beyond self, that we have achieved the definition of being ALONE? Critical to this construction is: WHY do you choose to live?

Therefore we begin one focus of elevation “beyond time”; within the spiritual world of truth. Wherein only the foundations of truth itself exists, to determine what we can choose; as is the creation of our own personal truth. WHERE will you trust the destiny of your desire to go? HOW will the passions you chose to inflate your life with, construct “the shape of you”: as these are forms defined by boundaries and limits, that are your truth.

WHO “is the truth” of you? Which does bring up a personal question to me: as my truth was infinitely “only male”/ until a single decision altered that, to “you will understand, the truth of female”! WHEN that happens, your destiny will be changed. Exactly how, I have no clue. The reference given to: energy does this, between male and female: constructs a crucible as the method of changing push into pull. It is not my choice, and the relationship we share with life itself; alters this into what can be done with choices in thought. So the critical elemental destruction of one form of energy; can be expanded/ or it can be changed by balancing the disciplines of order; at the discretion of GOD . I know not.

I end here, or perhaps later if I so choose.

A critical construction is: “what is space”? Answer: without elements of time, as is the existence of atomic time/ each atom can be measured. The distance between time and space is identified by cold. As cold conceives of energy without motion. The ability of “parts and pieces” to remain stable; even though the foundation of energy; rather than the framework for time: is there.

While the majority of people assume that motion and heat reveal energy; the opposite is actually true. That more constructive energy exists in cold, than it does in destructive heat. Therefore the quest beyond time is to reveal and accept, the limits and boundaries of what can become a framework for life. Since time is a relationship with heat; our existence beyond time is a relationship with cold; as does construct the beginning of that journey with death. Death is ultimately alone, and without time or its occurrence of motion. Therefore we must ask: WHY OR HOW, can life exist without motion/ as this is the fundamental test; of who is alive, and who is not.

Illuminating the quest for life, is the element of truth; as truth alone survives, it becomes the foundation called thought. Therefore the how and why are interrelated, with definitions supported by your own truth. In that regard, we see that truth is elementally, the rebirth of life. As it gives substance to the values of where you chose to be. Alone is then measured, by the destiny of your love.

Trust forms the boundaries of what thought can become. Purity accepts the desire that distributes passion into the participation of love; where you belong.

So the question is: where and how does thought exist, without the energy of motion/ what form or shape can construct an individual life, where only the truth of what we chose to “think” decides?

Destiny rises here, as the limits of your love define where happiness can go/ as hope establishes the boundaries of what your life can be. The critical question becoming: if there is energy in the cold, that is separate from time/ and there is truth in the foundations of thought: how do we participate, in this recreation of ourselves. To become ALIVE once more?

Thought forms a path, and narrows that path into a focus of what the future could be. That path is created by you, as time reveals the purity of your purpose and real desires to be. Therefore the question is: WHERE does, WHO you are; find life? Life is not a given, it is a destiny shaped by your relationship with truth. Life is not “a vacuum” whereby everything is for you. Participation in the relationships with love, present us with the values of friendship. Within the true values of love, there is happiness and hope, even intimacy, grace, forgiveness, and a desire for eternal life. Because we share our existence, by caring with and for each other. As the grace of what we can become, enters into life; as the boundary opens, “and the heart of soul” lets us in.

What we can achieve with our own understanding in time is: the intensity of space/ the vast loneliness that can be conceived of, without “a friend” to share being alive with. The only conception of GOD that is allowed: is to understand, at the beginning of life; there literally had to be true loneliness. To overcome this: LIFE WAS CREATED, to share with the existence of value, by its truth. We then conceive of: if we return to the beginning, of where Creation itself occurred: will we not face the same choices? Will we not be allowed to choose, the same destiny of love, for ourselves. While those failing love; will find a different world/ or dissipate into nothing is left of that time.

Mercy will catch true love if it falls; but only truth can decide where you belong, in the essence of soul defines.

You have your choice!

The only way, “peace, love, hope, harmony, happiness, love, value, truth, trust, intimacy, courage, purity, respect, justice, law, life, and all that is ultimately soul flourishes and blooms”: is when hate, and all its derivatives are removed.

Heart is the rhythm, upon which all forms of discipline, balance, and order originate. It has a different meaning and purpose; beyond time.

Time is your artistic “finished masterpiece”, when you die; that presents itself to eternity as your truth revealed. No going back! If you consider yourself, to be broken and defiled; rather than finished and correct: only love can save you. But love is the true treasure of life itself, and it can overlook all things; if the value is real. You are not to judge yourself; simply be real, true to your own honest desire and passionate purpose called living. Do not be proud: as that forms a challenge to truth decides/ and will fail life in you. Be the best you can be; and accept truth is reality.

As to me: while I did consider myself to be “finished” as male/ I now find myself disassembled as male; and being rebuilt with female in charge. I don’t know why; but I do know, “a finished masterpiece” I am clearly not. So take heart, do not want: it has no value. Accept trust, and it will lead you to life: when you put GOD first. No, I do not know how my own life will end, or in what dimension it will remain: that is not my job. Love decides. Faith, not belief; is an environment woven with respect; that becomes a home, separate from/ but same as; this world.

As to male or female; both being equal, it requires no decision. Each contains values that enhance both experience and expressions, within the other. Love is love, but the view is different, “the faith/ thereby shapes; boundaries and limits” in what life, experiences, and expression can be, is different. I have no preference, love is love; the true value of that reality, is greater than the rest. Regardless, it is not my choice, nor even my desire to choose. This world is more important than that.

Some will shout: you can’t prove anything/ and that is so, by the mental construction of “not time/ can’t be”. But the elevation of thought, presents us all with the composite structure of what can be; as we develop an understanding assembled by what thought is. Beyond the mechanics of keeping a body alive in time; the answer to that is, participation within truth. To open that door, you must become spiritual (only truth decides)/ to achieve an invitation: your truth must present love first. Few are able/ few survive, to live beyond the limits of what time allows; as is “a spiritual world of life”. But as promised: there are “many rooms” in eternity; and you will go, where you fit best.

In the framework of life and death, that is our human dimension: the values we shape, the decisions we make; as our life’s work, do become our truth as an existence in time. All should accomplish something, as participation is required; even when barriers exist. Death is the end of your choices, the reality of a finished work you did do.

People revolt when someone they loved dies; because this is “someone I wanted in my life”; now taken away. Most refusing to recognize; each life is a gift, not a reward or possession of your own. You have no claim “to the property, of another life”. Not even love offers that. But nonetheless it is functionally and fundamentally hard to lose a life, that truly did make a difference in my own time and truth as a living example of choice. Possibly for all, losing someone especially to death means; that we will fall into “the tunnel of want”; proving life has been confined now, to what I wanted, and must surrender. Illustrating that as a tunnel; provides it is more of a tornado with death. While you must fight to return back to the top of it and escape that want to realize; “we do, live in a world filled with miracles”. The alternate is to sink lower and even escape through the bottom; where only revenge exists, as the plotting, planning, depression, and various other forms of suicide originate because you did not let go of your wants. It is a choice: to accept life is what life is, or deny that to prove you can play god too; as is catastrophic to all involved.

What we can become, as an eternal life; is beyond our reach of understanding, as the foundation of it all, does NOT rest upon “a body of time; as is human”. Therefore the creation of an entirely different world; as a reality of either experience or expression; cannot be conceived of properly. Nonetheless, it is fair to correct that statement with: OUR CREATOR DID achieve miracles beyond our comprehension here, with values and elements and opportunities we could not even have imagined or dreamed of; even in this world. So it is easily accepted: that whatsoever awaits “the living ones”, will be beautiful, and without the tragedy of hate that invaded this world. When men chose to steal and kill/ rather than work and think and protect what has value. While women show all the traits of men, in their demands for want; and a willingness to steal, manipulate, tempt and so on. THEY ARE, the last and final opportunity, for humans to survive on this earth. Because they do not hold superior physical strength; it is extremely unwise for them to choose war. Even so, the creatures who fall into pride, submerge themselves in judgment; which ends in hate; which ends in power; and the violence that is attributed to men. Only time and opportunities will show, if women could be better at ruling over this earth than men. Reality says they cannot. BUT LIFE SAYS: IF YOU BOTH CHERISH THE LAW, instead of war: THEN MALE AND FEMALE WILL CHANGE THIS WORLD, to a life owned by justice, constructed by peace, and elevated by the honesty of harmony, as is created through the realities of fair play for all. NOT same for all; we are all different; but justified by all, as what we would expect for the life and living we do share. Because for once in the history of this earth, the foundation called caring; became real. It is a choice!

But make no mistake; the endless failures of universities; are coming/ and you won’t escape that truth, “with their imagination, fantasies, or delusions”. Or more simply: this earth becomes extinct, UNLESS you change “university theft, betrayal, terrorism, lies, cheating, disrespect, playing god, and absolute Satan worship; as is the constant of this day.” that too, is a choice.

And the people say: “they are our gods/ we can’t do that; WE WANT what we want”. BUT REALITY SAYS: JUST ONE SECOND TOO LATE/ and the point of no return will pass; and beyond that moment; there is no life to be saved on this world. INCLUDING YOURS.

And the people, who got what they wanted say: “you can’t scarce us/ we are gods; we are the leaders/ we are the winners/ THEY, are the slaves”.

But reality replies: you have attacked every chain of life that exists to keep this earth alive. You have attacked every water supply with poisons, and created a population of humans that is unsustainable. You have attacked nature itself, with chaos. You have attacked the world itself, trying to ignite nuclear fire; as is extinction in fire. You have created the end of life and earth/ stealing every penny from those who were better than you. Destroyed the framework of immunity for all things; claiming evolution. Created weapons of mass destruction; without restraint. And literally done EVERYTHING, that could be done: to insure extinction will come, for this world. Even to the point of reality, that says once ignition of a nuclear fire exists: this planet will soon thereafter explode. So that even the memory of it, will fade from life and universe. As the evidence of your hate/ the pure disrespect of your arrogance; is removed from existence itself.

And all the people en-mass, with religion leading the way say: “we don’t have to do nothing”/ please have us excused; we want what we want too. We got bills to pay/ “luxuries to buy/ trophies to win/ the rape, ravaging, and ruin of a world to do”. So we just don’t have time, “to save a world”/ nor do we care. NOTHING HAS CHANGED, THIS WORLD LASTS FOREVER.

But alas: even you know, that is not so. Just your population increase per year; proves that is so. FAR BEYOND, anything you imagine: is true.

Remove the lies, accept the truth decides, surrender war and universities; to govern by law, not leaders. OR DIE.       That is the warning I bring to you; GO TO COURT, and prove what is and is not true; the cost of being WRONG.   Or horrors will begin.

I fought with you for roughly forty+ years, including the time spent to identify the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom required for this work. That is my working lifetime spent: discarded, ridiculed, denied by those who wanted what they wanted. Instead of respecting life, GOD , or the planet!

I will not fight with you, or for you, anymore. Either accept the cost of rebuilding a future, thereby saving your own children: or the reality of consequences, that are governed by “the cost of getting what you wanted/ without ever considering what you did do”. My generation (and those who would not stop them), turns out to be, “beyond the murderous hordes of history”; the raging warriors, who ended a world; as is the evidence of this time on earth. CHANGE THAT, OR die. “entirely, YOUR choice”. Prove at least the possibility of change; and I will help women rebuild with law. My only concession. It literally is, “their turn to try”.

And the world says: we don’t have to care/ you can’t make us! But unlike covid and your cult worship of “university is god”: propagating “BELIEVE, FEAR, OBEY” never question your leaders. Truth and reality demand, PROVE what is true/ PROVE what is not true, and the cost of being wrong: question your leaders, and think for yourselves. Or life and the cost of dying, will not care about you either. Simple as that, no mercy will come.

I caution you to remember: HATE HIDES IN DISGUISES/ to keep you at bay, until death comes to steal your life. Just like all that came before; such as building an atomic bomb/ or disguising the missile program with claims “we just have to go to the moon”/ or they can travel in space (even though without oxygen/ it is a death trap). Oxygen is an atomic element, and it cannot be made/ it can only be released; once gone, death ends the game. But you are not allowed to know that; because then they have to quit playing. Then the weapons makers have no place to hide what they do. Without evolution; there is no place to hide the chaos they create. Without propaganda, there is no place to defeat the reality of trillions of tons of poisons being dumped. Without the puke and vomit of “university is god”; the people who cannot think for themselves, are plainly lost. Without slaves; the game is over.

All of it orchestrated in this USA; by the worst of organized crime syndicates ever, to conspire and cause corruption to exist. As is the extortion of healthcare, the theft of currency and all securities by counterfeiting assets and claiming debts only matter for the slaves; the intent of fear as is weapons of mass destruction; the denial of democracy as is covid (our fears control you); the curse of puke and vomit, the horror that is “university knows”; the propaganda of zealot cult worshipers; the lies, cheating, thieving destruction of a future to all life and earth; for a few pennies more. The cultivation of SATAN in our midst, AS IS universities play god. All of it a disguise to refuse reality, and exterminate life. Shame on you for letting a bribe destroy your world. As has been proven true; no, you don’t have to listen or care or share or respect or survive. But you also have no say, when truth decides what will happen now. That is going to be, “the end of your world”.

Change or die; a choice presented, that is now dying in your hands.


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