As for you, the critical truth is: UNLESS you stand up and demand an accounting for all the threats which surround us all/ there is only extinction left. As world war looms large/ as university terrorism expands into Armageddon (nature in chaos)/ as resources of every kind disappear forever, along with the chains of life we do depend upon for existence. And NO humans are NOT the only creatures in need of food or water or shelter or resources/ everything on earth is “that same”. You cannot survive global warming; due to all the heat you release/ they merely distract you with greenhouse gases. You certainly cannot survive a nuclear fire; as is what they are literally trying to do. You cannot survive overpopulation/ change this or die. You cannot survive all the theft, cheating, lying, betrayal, etcetera: because anger will force the collapse of society.

Or more simply: GO TO COURT, INVESTIGATE AND PROVE THE EVIDENCE IS TRUE (best you can)/ CONCEIVE OF AND CONSTRUCT THE COST OF BEING WRONG (and understand with certainty, there is no going back). Past the point of no return; you are extinct/ even if you don’t know it yet. So, I have given my life in time to resurrect these problems; for over forty years/ and you never once, helped or accepted truth decides (a tiny few tried/ but lacked courage, and failed). Stand up, sign your name, make it clear: YOU ARE communicating and accepting the duty, to fight for this world and all its life/ because you made that decision for yourself. Nobody forces you. Nobody asks you to believe. I only ask: that you investigate and prove what is true for yourselves/ before it is too late for change. Your answer, determines your fate in time; or destiny, as is eternal. CHOOSE for life and child/ choose for yourself; as your own participation in truth; regardless of the cost. Because this world is dying, and that is true.

And the people say:  “we are doing great”/ we want what we want; and sure as hell, don’t want you!  media tells us everything & university is god.  but reality proves you wrong, and only truth survives. As to media: “what if the ad showing skin concerns as a way of spreading cancer concerns: was just another method to get your money”? As would be, in their picture, does not skin flake off/ to create an observable effect; instead of signs of cancer coming? or as to University:  prove where covid and monkeypox came from/ it is university. As to you and this world; you do know better, than to suggest everything is fine! Simple as that;  go to court and prove what is true. OR, go extinct; because the evidence of our reality, will not let you continue as you are. Change/ or die.

CHANGED, a word which means; altered, or going in a different direction.

The consequence of changed for me, has become the re-introduction: to a long ago elemental purpose, which is, “she is a builder too”. Combined as one; ending the fight for being two independent spirits/ our reality seeks; to remove all fighting for or against the consequences of human tragedy. And returns to a more singular, this is now me; without the consequences of you. “uh-oh” she builds different things, than did I. Changed is changed, no going back. 

YOU must remove the plague of university disease, disgrace, and disrespect or die/ as a world that was lost. YOU, must then build anew; to create a world that will survive; as life conceived by “mental health, NOT want, pride, or power”/ functional values/ and ultimately soul, the acceptance of miracles beyond which we know; is the evidence of our CREATOR. That is your job, mine is done.

Want is an enemy, the foundation of every lie/ pride is an enemy, the foundation of every game; to make someone else, “a loser”/ power is an enemy; the cost of pride and want lost, therefore taking revenge. The foundation of behavior is: those who live a life that participates to build a society for all/ shape our justice and fair play. But those who focus on “just self, or my needs, wants, etc”/ cannot build, because they are being consumed by that want, pride, or power; failing life and self. Because the realities of only self; are very different than the realities of beyond self, as love does require. If we were perfect, beyond self would be our only task; as that builds for all life with love. None are perfect, so we do the best we can/ forgive with that is honest and true/ accept the decisions of others guide their steps, just like your decisions guide you. Those who try to be focused on; “perfect self”; end in failure, and cause destruction in others. The value of life is love, and you cannot find it, unless you journey beyond yourself. The value of time is “the love you treasure with heart”. But unfortunately at least in this America; the universities have made society fear “everything”, but cult worship, and numbers without meaning; so life is lost, and heart is failing. Let only truth decide; make your decisions about life, not simply about you, trust GOD and be cautious with your love: because hate, “from least to most”; wants to steal it. Love is the blessing, of understanding “the miracle is; an identity we will share”. That does not occur without respect, it does not exist without the true love of caring; which honors each other with work and responsibility. Disciplines shape our lives/ order keeps our path true to itself/ and balance offers a destiny (I/we, built this for our lives), rather than the fate of facing the consequences of what we chose. Eternity offers: the test of time, to decide your truth. To discover: if you can and will survive the realities which must be accepted as truth decides for us all. Forgive yourself when you must; but learn, and do the best you can for life and self: do NOT judge. It is not your right; each has the freedom to decide for themselves. Let only the law intervene, and only when it is truly necessary; as reality demands. Do the best you can; try to make amends; remember this: EVERY MIRACLE IS, THE EVIDENCE OF AN ETERNITY. As not a single one, can build a life or world or any part of what is in evidence here; as thought, and its control over energy; clearly provided to us all.

IN CONTRAST to that reality of nature and world: are the universities, and the cult of humanity which worships them. Together, you: have in fact “in a hundred years”, very nearly destroyed the foundations for life and earth. Sacrificing the future, and all its life: to play god, and take whatever they wanted without regard for the consequences. You stand at the gate of HELL, and even worse; refuse to get off your ass, and be counted as another, one life who says NO, we cannot destroy this world. EVEN YOU, can see that coming! But, “because you want what you want”; you close your eyes and run away from your truth. But as it is in eternity: ONLY TRUTH must decide, or life and time will die. Only truth survives to be eternal. Only respect allows another life to live, with honesty and grace as equals. You have no respect for your child or your world. CHANGE THAT, OR “you will be, EXTINCT”.

But even so; by discarding all forms of interdiction with you or for you; my reality returns “far back”, to the beginning of a truly different life and living; until you change/ or cause this world to die. Whatever your decision is/ I will not fight with you anymore. The quest to learn changes. The quest to teach you, ends. The quest to find my own “reborn life” back, begins; with this final thing. That the game of men arises from the cost of being male; to survive, and keep those depending upon you alive as well. Those who are losing, constantly decide “You will steal, kill, or whatever it is”. Which makes those who must defend themselves; subject to the cost of enduring whatever pain or loss must be spent; in order not to lose. That is the game, and it has not changed. So to change men; you must rebuild this world in ways that do not subject the majority to that game.

As for me, I have begun to conceive of disciplines beyond the comprehension of this time; as is the construction of “infinite energy” within the realm of personal lives. While learning is in partnership with thought, it is the elemental participation of thought which shapes our lives and destiny. The alternate perception of building in time, allows for a wide range of perspectives; which does include all the work, that has been cast aside; to fight for you. I WILL simply wish you well; however, a future that is good/ bad/ or indifferent: is up to you.

I have considered it carefully; and there really is no real world purpose in building for helping you; unless you find a way to change honestly, so that life can go on.

PS. With regards to the “claims of pregnancy” when I was young/ only one included the claim of an abortion; which occurred within an hour of intercourse by visiting a hospital for a short time. In other words some form of “plan B”; by her own design. Young women want sex, but then get distressed “they could get pregnant”/ and convince themselves of that; which leads to convincing you of that; which leads to more drama. and they don’t need actual intercourse to believe they are pregnant/ and some want to own you/ chain you to themselves/ use self-hypnosis to convince themselves “all is fair in love and war”. Which makes this into a gender war/ older women claim pregnancy too, even without “real” intercourse.  But “many males” do use all manner of lies, drama, tears, and more too/ and most get better at that as they go on; just like women. Believing they too accept; “that all is fair in love (never take, simply share and care, with kindness, honesty, and truth) and war (take what we want)”. The list is long. Even though both genders know it is not. That is the end of my return to living, before now. Nothing else will be added.

I would add; that women do poke holes in condoms; hiding that fact easily/ beware of “a special one”. They also turn used condoms inside out; and generally want you gone “quickly”; for maximum effect. “its cheaper” than buying sperm/ and it gives the opportunity “for funding” later. DON’T flush condoms down the toilet/ they plug the sewer. Men play games too/ “lie, cheat, steal, betray, bribe, threaten, and more: for sex”; as do women. What separates those who care and are willing to share, and participate in love: is learned over time. WANT reveals the reality of each, where the heart really lives/ pride is an enemy of life, and can never be trusted; excess pride makes life into a game (someone has to lose), which seems safe; but is not.  Power (they, can make you cry) makes that game violent. Heartbreak, is the result of trusting someone; who lied, etc to get what they wanted. Protect your love, with the honesty and purity of love; proven by truth, as time provides; it is, “the most precious treasure, in this universe”.