iter began

The ITER project aims to show that nuclear fusion—the power source of the sun and stars—is technically feasible as a source of energy. Despite more than 60 years of work, researchers have failed to achieve a fusion reaction that produces more energy than it consumes. ITER, with a doughnut-shaped “tokamak” reaction chamber able to contain 840 cubic meters of superheated hydrogen gas, or plasma, is the biggest attempt so far and is predicted to produce at least 500 megawatts of power from a 50 megawatt input. The project was officially begun in 2006 with an estimated cost of €5 billion and date for the beginning of operations—or first plasma—in 2016. Those figures quickly changed to €15 billion and 2019, but confidence in those numbers has eroded over the years.


My contribution:  their site now suggests “we are just beginning construction”/ while reality states they have been building for 12 years, and the “black box” they have already built:  is just the size and style to hold a tokomak. In other words, they are hiding their reality. Construction completed, and operations have begun to achieve a plasma that will ignite the bonds that hold an atom together. unlike an atomic explosion: which ends when density has diminished. 
An atomic fire:   just like the difference between a fire here on earth and an explosion here on earth exists as very different. The idea of claiming they can control a fire described to be 4 million times more/ a fire with flames said to be roughly a million miles long;  plus bursts of flame which are measured to be 12 million miles long. IS NO GAME.  WRONG is a dead earth;  as our world becomes another sun.  because this humanity tried to play god/ but became “Satan” instead.