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TrialOfLife   State of Illinois trials

TrialForLife          US federal court trial

CriticalEconomics      Elements of our economic reality

ComplexDestiny      Behavioral definitions

SoulTalking        Questions given some relief

       The beginning of a series; the originating site is not currently available

Justtalking         Images from Justtalking website

Justtalking2         US supreme court redress of grievances trials

Justtalking3         US federal court trials, and significant other issues

Justtalking4         Threats which include provocation

Justtalking5        Threats which illuminate the extent to which we are threatened.

Justtalking7   Summary elements demanding a decision.

the originating justtalking site is not available; although large and experimental in content; the php computer language requires several hundred dollars to upgrade to the point of making it available here; and I am not willing to pay the price. You may send a comment; indicating you are willing to pay/ if you wish. In which case someone will contact you {from this address} that does the work. Beware of fraud. None of these sites are available anywhere else/ as that has been discontinued. HOWEVER:  the site names still exist so others may buy them for whatever purpose they have; either now or soon.

should a continuation of this work exist beyond this day 9/17/2022; to retain a dedicated, stable site, you can use. That work is likely to link here / none is planned.