If you let this planet burn/ or any other threat take over your lives: then that is your choice/ because you do have everything you need to stop these experiments. There are NO second chances/ failure is your (we the people of this earth) decision; as is life saved.  Either think for yourself, or die.  Not a hard concept, your leaders have chosen against life: ‘they want, what they want”, regardless of the risk/ end of story.


JustTalking5.info Is, an alteration to the work which proceeds it. Now, its simply live or die, as a world!
Justtalking4.info A summary site of what matters most/ what threatens immediately or worst.
Justtalking3.info Compilations choosing to inform with various methods employed.
Justtalking2.info Centered around supreme court cases demanding redress of grievances. Proving corruption in the US supreme court.
Justtalking.info The beginning survey, a disciplined talk.
TrialForLife.info Centered around US federal court, tax case: demanding adherence to democratic authority & constitutional law.
TrialOfLife.info Centered around state of IL realities: refusing justice/ corrupt, and supporting “cruel and unusual punishment” upon the poor.
SoulTalking.info Confronting initial questions “why”.
CriticalEconomics.info Asking what is real for tomorrow.
ComplexDestiny.info Developments in life and living.

The homepage of each reads like a newspaper, “top is last writing/ bottom first”/ except the last two (4,5). The writing started one month beyond 9/11.
These represent a search, for what will get your attention, as the decades previous proved: truth (evidence)/ consequences (extermination)/ reality (can’t be wrong)/ money (all gone)/ religion (we only believe what we want too)/ nor anything to do with life, or values, or evidence “of biblical proportions”: could not! There was, more than a reason humanity itself, should investigate. But chose “to hide, and run away”. With very few exceptions!
WANT, was all that mattered.


         “Just like the bible” If it seems “out of place, not consistent”/ it almost certainly is. Truth is a law, that does not waver!  Each site is a composite demanding LIFE, not money or games:  MUST COME FIRST!         Download these html sites;   so they cannot be easily taken away.



       How, did we pay for current costs! “etc”?

Add reality has a list and federal reserve #1 & #2 & #3

       Then ask yourself: if nothing but a few forced pennies, have been spent on infrastructure for the future of this nation over the last fifty years.  WHO took, or spent the money on fantasy or their delusions?  The answer is, “every university diploma” that became “our leaders”.

The battle for your SOUL!     Inner walls     Critical development    Critical personal development   Energy made simple     Limited capitalism     victim defense jewelry    World laws   sites I provide     A testament to Hope



Primary forum/ mine;    secondary forum, democracy and law; third forum, scientific, evidence, knowledge based discussion; initial forum, short discussions to enable “living and life issues”.   chatrooms 1; 2; 3.  For the purpose of you, creating opportunities/ organizing with others (meet only in public places, “safety first”/ no excuses, no exceptions), simple discussion; etc.  A primary concern: The extreme light infrastructure (eli),  Additionally  federal reserve accounting.         Review of hospital billing A Beginning


                               WORLD LAWS


          We the people of this human race, declare and decide; that the following conditions, realities, and respect are required/ and shall not be defeated or denied by those who lead nations, or in any way desire to control our lives and our world.  Beyond these words.

          Being human means: that we have chosen against hate/ and refine our lives to establish peace, harmony, and happiness for all.


          Those laws are:

1.  We shall not be murdered or enslaved/ or removed of our rights as equal human beings with all who have not chosen hate.

2.  We shall NOT be threatened, with any device, or any experiment, or any construction or consequence of men or their decisions.

3.  We shall NOT be threatened, with any mutilation of nature/ nor any alteration of nature, in any form; beyond breeding programs that are clearly directed in the public interest/ and critically necessary.

4.  We shall NOT be threatened, with the failure to respect the resources which are critical to our survival, & keep not only our lives from catastrophe.  But the future as well/ as every child, needs the same!

5.  We shall NOT be threatened, with the consequences of world environmental crisis/ because you wanted “something selfish”; discarding all predictable tragedy, as if it did not matter.

6.  We shall NOT be threatened, with an ocean empty of its life/ decisions must be made; regardless of human need.  Sanctuaries and the removal of equipment that does not keep “the life nations of fish/ alive” are necessary; you cannot take them all/ the next generation is required. To keep that source of food alive, there will be laws and restrictions and enforcement/ demanding, respect its life as well.

7.  We shall NOT be threatened, with NO drinking water/ by endless disgrace and destruction to the water supplies, for absolute foolishness/ as is dumping it down a hole, to float oil to the surface/ use in mining operations/ horrific consequences waiting, as is the case of natural gas release below the aquifers/ or discarding all thought, and mining beneath the water supplies which put all life at risk.

8.  We shall NOT be threatened, with an endangered food supply; as is consistent with dependency upon antibiotics to keep factory farms from collapse. The antibiotics will fail/ and then so will your own medicines, surgery, and much more.

9.  We shall NOT be threatened, with the end of diversity in nature: pollinators are extremely important, to every plant, and all they represent as food, for everything.  In addition, to creature life:  The deliberate and indiscriminate poisoning of all insects/ breaks the chain of food which keeps a great many species, both plant and animal, from going extinct.

10.  We shall NOT be threatened, with seed mutilation/ as in genetic alterations by human decision.  Even though some gains are made/ the reality is a removal of all plant defenses to do so: putting the entire species at risk, along with all other related plants.  It further adds the element of intentional poisoning: because if the plant survives with “mutilations it cannot accept”/ these are isolated into the various structures of the entire system; as poisons; or in lesser forms, allergens both of which can kill.

11.  We shall NOT be threatened, with the loss of oxygen to breathe/ as is consistent with the known fossil fuel burning in all forms.  Every fire needs oxygen.  We are now 7+ billion people each using fire on a daily basis, for food/ transportation/ or other.  You have also removed nearly all oxygen generating life.

12.  We shall NOT be threatened, with the planet losing its grip on our atmosphere/ by the removal of forests.  Every large tree represents approximately 250,000 leaves; each of which ties the atmosphere to the planet itself.  Over 80% of all forested land is gone, along with that habitat for life/ and we are about to lose our grip on an a planet that revolves at the equator at a little over 1000 mph.  That means the wind and waves, and everything associated with life; are going to change, if we don’t.  IF we are lucky/ maybe we can forestall or gain by planting back the forest lost.

13.  We shall NOT be threatened, by human population expansion.  We stand on roughly one acre of agricultural useful ground PER PERSON on earth.  And our food and water supplies are already at the edge of failure for us all.  Without nature in all its forms: we die too!  Only cannibalism is left.

14.  We shall NOT be threatened, with takeovers: because another group or nation failed to do what was necessary for their own survival.  There shall be international policing.

15.  We shall NOT be threatened with lies/ cheating/ and stealing; of our work, our lives, our resources, or our nation: because of counterfeiting or the failure to protect basic citizen rights and justice.

16.  We shall NOT be threatened with militaries grown beyond an agreed upon number.  Nor shall any nation be allowed the weapons; that make them feared above all.  As a world, we will rule over war!


Any leader who fails these basic commands: will be tried in a world court of laws.  Executed if necessary/ brought to justice, by international forces, and tried before the world.  No nation is exempt/ no leader will be excused: not a single one/ all shall obey OUR LAW! 

As,  we the people of this world!


The extreme light infrastructure (eli), federal reserve accounting.

Re: the illinois internal revenue

box 19035 Springfield IL 62794-9035

letter id;   L 1980272656         Dated 1/ 3/ 15

from: James F. Osterbur

          2191 2500 E

          ST. Joseph IL 61873

dated 1/ 21/ 15

          Your claim is:   a collection action for services rendered for the state of IL/ stating a public listing of delinquent IL taxpayers shall occur with my name on it.  Your letter states: that I have rights under the law 20 ILCS 2520.  Legally, without a substantial right: as I do not refuse to pay the tax/ RATHER I demand constitutional law shall be obeyed by you.  Means to publish my name and claim otherwise is libelous; the fine is one million dollars, to discredit or defame my name.

          My constitutional rights were violated under this law: as NO public jury trial commenced after this law was pursued in Champaign county court. They clearly set a trap, to claim “illegal contempt”, and throw me in jail/ as no jury trial commences at 2:30 pm.   My constitutional rights were violated by the IL supreme court with regard to this taxation: and consequent denial of jury trial by that court/ and a blockade from that court in direct violation of the law.  Treason.  My constitutional rights were violated by the IL appellate court: with regard to this taxation, by an illegal blockade during the appeals process; a traitorous act.  My constitutional rights, and this democracy were attacked by the criminal organized crime that is a part of the il revenue tax service: when they tried to steal a vehicle worth $10,000.00.  To sell it to themselves, for $500.00/ passing by my checking account: which I plainly told them they could illegally (in lieu of a jury trial) take the money, which was there in full.  But they chose to “whip the slave” instead/ until I reminded the perpetrators and thieves, “that is a felony”; and would be pursued as such. Along with those who received the stolen property.  You have no right to claim a vehicle for tax/ and sell it for 5% of its value/ then claiming only $500 was received for a ten thousand dollar vehicle.  It is plainly ORGANIZED CRIME.

           My constitutional rights are violated: continually and with fervor in regards to the true and correct demand for jury trial that is the absolute and continual failure, corruption, collusion, anarchy, treason, traitorous acts, and outright worship of the current cult “university knows”: with regard to “thousands of literal life ending threats” that must be addressed or we all die.  My constitutional rights are violated with regard to the federal government employees; whose actions are the same.  My constitutional rights are violated by the federal employees who stole the entire value of my truck by not allowing the federal tax writeoff which all other business did receive.  I only did not: because you stole it.  I am illegally blockaded from the US supreme court.  I am illegally blockaded from federal court.  I am illegally blockaded from state court:   because I have proven traitor, treason, terrorist, thief, liar, fool, failure, and more, again and again throughout each court case that exists with my name on it.  Proven true by investigation and examination of the real evidence that is:   OUR CONSTITUTION is the government, by its written laws;   sworn by every major employee to be obeyed.  Absolutely discarded; so they could rule us with their own delusions instead.  Etc/ etc/ etc!

          As a citizen of both the state of IL and the USA; I am obligated by duties defined and created within the constitution or both, to DEFEND this democracy against any and all enemies, whether from the inside or the outside.  I have found anarchy in the courts: the demand we shall tear down the constitution rather than obey.  I have found terrorism in the leadership supporting universities/ and other;  funded with our monies/ gambling with our lives, our nature, our future, our world, our nation, and every child.  I have found treason against this democracy by liars &  thieves who have established counterfeiting and flooded the world with bribes.  That world is now coming to America to dispossess us all, with counterfeit money created by government employees in direct violation of constitutional law.  I have found traitors: those who refuse to obey constitutional law, deliberately intending to enslave us with bribes to create an army against us/ granting to a “university diploma” the status of nobility, and the cult of “university knows”.  I have found bankruptcy in state and nation, because liars pretend inflation does not exist/ when clearly by the federal reserve accounting statement L.5 that inflation is excessive and extreme by fact.  I have found threats that will exterminate life on earth:   because fantasy and fool, through delusion and insanity are the leaders of both this state called IL, and this nation called America.   NONE OF WHICH IS LEGAL.  NONE OF WHICH IS TOLERATED BY CONSTITUTIONAL DEMAND OR OATH.  Which means to pay your tax without true and public REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES TO PROVE THE TRUTH BY OUR REALITY;   there is an absolute duty to refuse those who refuse the contractual duty required of them: which is,   “To OBEY THE CONSTITUTION”.


          I am absolutely tired of your corruption, crime, terrorism, traitorous acts, criminal conduct, illegal descent into fantasies, counterfeiting, lies, bribes, mutilation, and threats against all life on earth.

          I AM DEMANDING A TRUE JURY TRIAL, as is consistent with REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES a state and federal constitutional law; with public advertisements: because life or death for a world, or a nation/ is PUBLIC BUSINESS.  Because this trial is about every child/ every part and policy of society/ every direction in leadership/ EVERY DAMN PENNY diseased by counterfeiting (inflation) and lies (debts we can’t pay)/ every fantasy, “the few get to have anything they want”; because the economy and the truth of leadership is a delusion created by the insane.  Therefore “all eyes watching”/ like it or not! Our state, our nation, our nature, and our world is damaged and at risk.  Let the evidence prove what is true!

             Or you have no rights here/ because you refuse the law; discard democracy, and intend to execute us all with blind worship of a university that acts against democracy, deliberately experiments with extinction or chaos, and fundamentally gambles with nature, the planet, every child and every human being, as well the survival of every living thing on earth.  Wrong is a dead world.  And the most significant threat of this moment:   has already been proven wrong by the national ignition facility.  When their experiments to combine hydrogen into helium failed completely.  But they did not stop; instead they are building bigger with the exa watt lasers:   a dead world is coming soon.

            I don’t pay terrorists. I don’t pay anarchists. I don’t pay traitors.  I don’t pay thieves, liars, organized criminals.  I don’t pay the people who are trying to execute me, with their religious cult “university knows” beliefs. I don’t pay for constitutional fraud or extortion.  I don’t pay failures, fools, the insane, or the delusional in worship of a cult called “university knows: they can’t be questioned/ cause they’re gods”; particularly when they gamble with every living thing on this earth.  Life or death for us all dependent upon the damned and the destroyer: depends upon a nuclear fire “just extinguishing itself”/  when reality proves, this entire planet is nothing but fuel.   That Demands a battle, not submission.  Consequently I DON’T pay those who are so damned proud, diseased, and worthless/ that they are willing to let this world be destroyed rather than prove the truth of what happens when this goes wrong.  As is ongoing experiments to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun.  As is mutilating all of nature/ because DNA is nature. As is everything we need for survival, UNDER ATTACK.   I demand JURY TRIAL/ with clear and certain PUBLIC AWARENESS of the truth being established by the evidence in a court called REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  AS IS the guaranteed right of every citizen including me; under first amendment constitutional law, and fifth amendment state of IL law.

          Do that, and I will pay the tax, win or lose: because the constitution itself, which is the government alone in both state and nation; gets to participate.  Without “the government: OUR AGREEMENT AS A PEOPLE, causing us all to unite”/ as employees in rebellion against that contract between us as citizens:  you are nothing less than thieves, traitors, and fools.

          Thereby: EITHER OBEY THE LAW, and give me a true constitutional courtroom whereby the evidence of what our employees in government have or have not been doing GOES TO TRIAL.  Or climb back in your hole.

                                      James Frank Osterbur


Let there be light

Everything here, that I provide is free/ use it however you wish; but NOT by restricting others.  It is necessary, for you to contribute to these sites and take responsibility for distributing their purpose: LIFE COMES FIRST!


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Their reply:    “The king (we are the power)”,    will not let the slaves go free:  

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MAKE A TRUE AND HONEST DECISION ABOUT LIFE, and our reality.   Download the html site zip file; so the benefits and substance of these sites cannot be taken away.


Organizing for life/ the return path to true democracy!


             Prepares as, the essence of understanding our law, our democracy, and our rights as WE THE PEOPLE: is fundamental to demanding the guarantees inherent within the constitution itself.

          This then is the way, to fight for truth in government/ to prove realities in life shall not be discarded/ to demand;  the children shall not be murdered; by destroying their world. To create a new order in society. None of which exists today.


           The proof, “we the people”/ are a reality of force, RATHER than the joke we have become: to those who believe they rule us is,  to find our authority as a nation. Returning our employees, to the work for us they swore to do.   Being a true democracy:   means WE THE PEOPLE,   own this nation!

          Being a democracy means: we the people rule ourselves/ by the law we create/ the demands we authorize/ and the CONTRACTUAL  foundations upon which we depend.  That legally provide OUR authority BY CONSTITUTIONAL LAW:  to investigate the truth/ examine the reality/ and decide for ourselves.   “If these employees, have obeyed their oath/ or rebelled against us; by denial of OUR GOVERNMENT, “the constitution of this state/ and this nation”!

           We will have the final say, because AUTHORITY OVER THIS NATION, AND THIS DEMOCRACY:   IS OURS!  WE PAID, and we did not give that authority away to any employee, regardless of position or its intended purpose.  

          REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES brings our employees to court/ where we will judge them by the oath, to get their jobs:  they swore:   “To obey the constitution itself”.  Before all other purposes.  They did have their chance to do better/ in trial after trial, established by James F. Osterbur.  They were advised in all area’s of government, and all policing bodies,  including the FBI:   that terrorism consists of threatening this entire world, “with the words, they are trying to bring the same fire here to this earth as is on the sun”/ their claim of “its safe” simply: not enough gravity here to sustain the fire!  Betting every life on the planet within those words.  Not a court could hear it/ not a word to defend the people themselves.  The courts and media refusing in its entirety: to inform the people, our very planet and every life hinges on this one statement:   “Not enough gravity to sustain a ten million degree fire/ that burns our skin from 91 million miles away/ with flame spurts on the sun said to extend 12 times farther, than the earth is to the moon”.  HOW IS THAT, not in our best interest as a democracy to know about?  How is that, a subject matter to assume, I could be a terrorist instead! They are a cult:   you can’t question “our gods”/ the university knows everything!  To their true and total shame.


          Or more simply, we the people by our vote, and our authority WILL now decide the future of our society/ our nation/ and our world.  Choosing for ourselves:   if these employees of stature in government did or did not fully and intentionally interpret and obey the foundation of our nation itself: and do what the constitution demanded they must do.

          THE PRIMARY COMMAND:   we the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.


          Not by voting for someone to vote for me/ as is today.  But by constructing the necessary words and realities to decide for ourselves; what our laws, our courts, and our purpose in government are going to be from this day forward.  What the punishment is going to be/ for those who intentionally failed. What our government is going to be: by choosing to control the currency/ & deciding forehand;  all ability of government employees to spend money or create debts within our decisions alone. The employees of government shall have NO further ability to decide “the money/ or create a debt”.  The reality of bankruptcy is going to be decided:   for and by ourselves/ from this day forward.  Deciding our future,  for ourselves:  WHO will control our lives, our money, our resources, our military, the children and future; or any other substantive decision.  We will choose to create world law, with its policing;   as our participation/ no more warmongering; no more militaries,  gets an extreme amount of money or leeway/   in this world.


          We begin by understanding three separate things:   we are the money/ because all money is the reality and relationship between the worker and resources available to be used.  Every form of money is merely the assumption: someone else must now work for me, or surrender certain aspects of their own resources to me.  Without resources, there is nothing/ all die.

          Those who are called rich, become so: by removing our access to a resource/ a work/ or the knowledge consistent with any purpose that enlarges our own lives.  Or, they simply closed the door/ and refused to let us in.  Or they created a monopoly; as is medicine to inflate the pricing/ when we cannot refuse.  Or a conglomerate to control the work, the resource, and the reality of competition by becoming “too big, to fail”{ it affects us too much/ so they get away with criminal activities}.  That originally changed somewhat with a college education: but the difference now is,  the price of admission: is a twenty year debt for most college students or more/ regardless of its actual value to your life.  The price of a job is:   be a robot, and do exactly as you are told/ or never work again; we send you to poverty. After that, “the university nobility”; proves we have to continue paying for their lives with pensions and other benefits they have given themselves, by invading our government.  Just to prove they could make us their slaves/ and did.  Fail to obey what you are told to do/ and they have created an endless array of rules; by taking over the courts, policing, and all aspects of control over society.  Using such words as “frivolous/ or proving contempt for democracy by withholding access to the court”; as has clearly been proven by the court cases of James Frank Osterbur.


          We are the government in front of our employees: they do work for us. We do not work for them, and they are not “our owners/ rulers/ or impervious to our law”.  We own this nation as:   we the people.

           Because we create and substantiate the constitution: which is    OUR GOVERNMENT/ which is the power to make law, and control society.  Changing that government by vote, as we so desire.  There is no other form of government in democracy, and no other power, authority, or right beyond that government: which includes all employees.   All courts/ etc.

           Our constitution is the contract between ourselves as a people; that this is what we expect of our employees.  Sworn to obey/ hired to do the work/ and participate only within the functional limits of constitutional demand.  As employees for working for us/ not rulers:   which does include penalties.


          THE LAW, CALLED REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, a first amendment law:   controls our participation in governing ourselves by creating the functional reality, quote “if a government seriously threatens the interest of society, the people may pull it down and substitute another government for it.  Called a self-evident right, the foundation laid is simply this: when our employees have proven themselves unworthy of our trust.  Denied our constitution, as traitors trying to control us, instead of working for us. Became as terrorists willing to gamble our entire planet/ every form of nature itself/ every resource, and the future of every life forever.  Further the words or ideas of a few, which have continually put us at war/ stolen our money; and produced  every other form of anarchy, tyranny, or tragedy they can or cannot think of. 

          It is time to use the critical truth of our first amendment constitutional law;   as is redress of grievances.  The right of the people having compiled evidence beyond denial: that things are going wrong/ have been going wrong/ and show no improvement for life or nation in the future.  But instead prove a steady decline in reality, democracy, and truth;  without even the possibility of a future, “if their own gambles go wrong”.   Proves,  a traitor exists.

          The words/ law is:    “The right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government (constitution) for a redress of grievances”.  The power of authority in government is law.  The right to peacefully assemble within that law is a courtroom.  The demand to petition is the right to decide if our constitution as sworn too/ has been obeyed.  Redress equals the power to make the changes we demand for ourselves.  Grievances is the establishment of what we will do differently/ BECAUSE WE OWN THIS NATION; and we will now decide for ourselves under constitutional direction and authority: AS A NATION, or state.


          Identified in that petition establishing among the constitutional rights and realities that have been asserted:   discarded/ disgraced/ denied/ destroyed/ or defeated by rules that are in no way superior to constitutional edict or law.  Are the following:

1.  The trials of James F. Osterbur (www.trialoflife.info is a useful place to start;  in both state and federal courts.  Have established by clear and distinct undeniable courtroom evidence/ that our courts, our leaders, and our various forms of policing bodies: do not honor nor support the constitution of this USA;   NOR this state of ILLINOIS.   That is tyranny, supported by anarchy, and expressed by treason against us.  Constitutional law, and protection of the people is not only denied/ & guaranteed rights HAVE failed: they are ridiculed.  Called to account, are the various bodies of government as agencies whose job it is to see and protect the constitution itself: all fail.  Called to protect the people;  are the agencies whose job it is to recognize and choose: WE CANNOT BE WRONG HERE, because that reality is so HEINOUS and terrifying that it is true terrorism on our shores, against this earth.  DENIED/ even though every form of reality or threat or evidence or call to action was used; and the only form of action taken was, “to consider me a threat/ instead of recognizing the danger to us all”.  Insanity rules the policing/ congress/ leadership, & power, pride, and greed rules the courtroom.  Proven true.

2.  The preamble of the US constitution as does state the expressed and clear purpose of OUR PEOPLE, in the intent and expectation of government: the job for which you are hired to do.  Is entirely discarded by the facts of this day. As proven in court, the constitution carries no weight of authority, in the courtroom.  Nor within the practicing reality of our employees and their job for our nation or state.  That is rebellion, and it is anarchy: plain and simple.  They believe themselves rulers.


3.  When searching for the rights and responsibilities of what the constitution calls for.  Beyond the purposes identified within the preamble.  When maintaining a working government through the realities of life, by constitutional demand.  The following is noted.


          Section 7.

“All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the house of representatives….”.  That house/ that congress DENIED and USURPED the law, by giving to the federal reserve the right to do with the currency as they decided to do.  Eliminating direct control by the house of representatives.  That house/ that congress DENIED AND USURPED the law, by giving to “wall street stock brokers”      The right to counterfeit our currency as if it was their own: does not exist.  A reality that has done this nation great damage.


US CONSTITUTION section 8; the congress shall have the power/ and that distinctly means: “not the president”.

          article one/ section 8. 1

“providing for the common defense” IS NOT the destruction of primary contractual demands such as the preamble states/ or the amendments guarantee to each and every citizen; as has been done, in the trials presented by James F. Osterbur.  Providing for “the general welfare0 of people in the USA”,   IS NOT, the destruction of their resources, their future, gambling with their lives, or  the dispossession of their land by counterfeiting practices and  lies fully intended to hide the truth about inflation.    Failing to do the job required in direct association with laying and collecting taxation: removes that authority/ until the proper work,  is done.


“To borrow money on the credit of the United States”.  Fails the law and purpose of constitutional authority: when those representatives have caused complete and total bankruptcy in the money itself.  Replacing currency with counterfeiting.  Denying inflation, as is constant and proven by www.federalreserve.gov/L.5   accounting.  Removing the critical link between our money as a number with something REAL/ has become the end of financial reality throughout the USA.  Causing each of WE THE PEOPLE, to be dependent upon bribes, lies, and a future that was financially destroyed by employees of government.            



“to regulate commerce with foreign nations”; IS NOT an authority to ship our jobs, our money, our lands, our resources, or any other form of treason to other lands.  Your job, as an employee of this state or nation:  is to keep those elements of our society intact and working for us.  To restrain all monopolies (power to the few), and provide every citizen with the access and freedoms for their individual lives (power & protections as identified;  to, we the people)  You failed in all accounts.



“establish a uniform rule of naturalization”;   controlling immigration!  As any citizen can tell you, a flood of immigrants have been coming; most well funded with American dollars/ and they have been dispossessing us from our lands/ resources/ and every other thing humanity wants.  The hidden forces behind “wall street REITS”/ behind every form of corporation which we cannot clearly see: construct an invasion against every citizen here.  The constant flood of immigration requires an endless commitment to their needs instead of ours/ and this people becomes poorer everyday.  The primary cause of immigration is a human population explosion across this planet/ and none, are more deserting of that responsibility to all life: than the american employees of federal government.  You fail in all counts of value.



“”to coin money and regulate the value thereof….”  Destroyed by the Reagan administration: who took away the reality of money as is tied to a real life asset/ such was gold.  Letting the counterfeiters turn our money into nothing more than numbers, “here have another trillion for yourselves, buy your election, for your fantasies, anything at all/ just don’t stop us”;   we are ROBBING THE WORLD!  By hiding behind the people, and their work;   of this UNITED STATES of America.  And they did destroy rural america, and every person who invested money behind the assumption: that america would now pay its debt.  The reagan administration said: to hell with that/ and the media loved him, refusing to identify HE SOLD ALL THE GOLD, America had: hiding that reality/ and pretending “to fix” the economy/ while financing all the failure, of building a military we didn’t need.  Fort knox is empty; just look at the accounting sheet of this USA.  Table L.5



“to provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the securities and current coin of the US.”  OUR FEDERAL EMPLOYEES, counterfeit an average of $135,000.00 per each of one hundred million workers/ per year over taxation.  And have increased the inflation of our money to over $600,000.00 dollars in currency per individual citizen; babies and all.  The foreigners use it, to destroy our nation/ just as our employees are responsible for destroying our savings and our work and our financial and economic future/ and our resources.  Our employees opened the door to wall street bankers: so they could print their own money in the stock market/ and pretend it was real: it is not.  WE THE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ROBBED/ RAPED/ AND RANSACKED, for every damn penny we ever earned.  By those with a university diploma who wanted more/ took over government, and stole our living intending we should be their slaves.  And then made themselves pensions and promises in “so called law”/ so they could retire early, and make us slave some more; while they steal our nation from us.  That is traitorous/ and it is true treason established against the United States of America.



“our employees of federal government” are in the process of ransacking the post office and its employees.  Taking from them, what they actually worked for/ so they can give it to those with a university diploma.  To fund the rebellion against us.  As is the constant reality of “University knows”; all those without a diploma must be slaves, and have very little;  so these others, can declare themselves “king/ queen/ or god”.



“to promote the progress of science” IS NOT to endanger the lives of every life on earth. IS NOT to mutilate and gamble with all food, life, and everything that life can be:   in worship to their own religion evolution/ or the parade of cult worshipers that is “university knows everything”; you can’t question them!  Or more simply “they are gods”. You steal our world, to bring us horror and hell/ with your fantasies! Without a legal right.  Without legitimate goals or possibilities that are less than absolutely insane: as is trying to degrade NATURE ITSELF, into chaos.  So “your gods, at the university” can play god over life, by creating chaos in nature; for evolution.

          “Exclusive rights to writings and discoveries” does NOT include 50 years or more of protection for a tiny few.  Does not include letting tiny and insignificant changes to take someone else’s invention away; and much more.  You failed, but more importantly you traded our world, and our rights:   for their money, your pride, or their power to get you elected or other.   The employees of USA; HAVE then become, a disease, and a cancer;    to humanity, life, and nation.  To your shame.



“To constitute tribunals inferior to the US supreme court”.  Has become how best to steal justice/ and destroy democracy with rules of procedure that are used and abused to deliberately deny constitutional law; as has been proven in the court cases of James F. Osterbur through both state and federal courts.  It is anarchy, and rebellion established without a legal right/ taking away every guaranteed liberty, right, and protection of democracy from every single citizen except themselves.



“to define and punish …felonies committed…and offenses against the law of nations”.   Failed, without a true and clear acceptance of world law and world policing to establish that law over every nation on earth: by controlling leaders, and bringing the leaders themselves to court with that law.  Anything less is warmongering, with our lives, bodies, and blood; a fact of American life throughout the decades since world war 2.  Failed, and refused.


          8. 11

“to declare war”.  Nothing less establishes the right to send troops in any conceivable way or manner to any other land.  That means: our lives have been spent by murderers and tyrants; in Korea/ Vietnam/ and more.  Cowards sent us to Iraq.  Failures refused to confine war to retaliation or rebuilding in Afghanistan/ causing failure, debt, and disgrace for nothing



“to raise and support armies, but no appropriation of money for that use shall be for a longer term than two years”.  Discarded in the trash, as extreme amounts of money have been deterred from life/ to the purposes of war. Aiding and abetting the counterfeiters in their march to bankrupt this entire nation.  World law/ world court/ and world policing; against or in support of leaders as is the law:   are the answers.  The complete failure of the Reagan administration.  Supported, hidden, and propagated by media control over society.



“to make rules for the government…”  Does not allow for destroying or denying or altering constitutional law, or the intent of democracy to provide justice for this people.  Failed in nearly every construction/ power wins.



“to provide for calling forth the militia…”  Means, the people have a say in what the military is asked to do/ BECAUSE it disrupts their lives/ and takes away their own children.  Therefore they care and pay attention.  That has been removed, and replaced with a standing army over which the public has no great personal interest.  Which gives away democracy, because it allows for power to emerge, a pubic discarded/  rather than protection for ourselves, by ourselves, and for ourselves.  A nation FAILED.



“to make all laws which shall be necessary and proper ….and all other powers vested by this constitution in the government of the United States, or any department or officer thereof”.   Every law is governed by its acceptable purpose for the purposes outlined within the preamble and amendments of the constitution itself.  Every ruling that is identified in the constitution: as SWORN OBEDIENCE, by our representative   IS REQUIRED.  From each and every employee hired; as are these rules, in section 8.  Governs and controls the authority “…for carrying into execution the foregoing powers…”    Or its impeach able and criminal aspects of failure.


Section nine

          section 9.2 

“…the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended…”  The right of due process Has been denied;     The assumed right of employees acting as government are allowed by congress to use drones to destroy human life without a trial/ without even a true identification: based entirely upon “we want to do this/ because we can’t be bothered with the court”.     NOT LEGAL, means tyranny has taken over.  That means the power and control of “section nine.3″ has been denied/ the constitution itself rebelled against.


          Section 9.7

“no money shall be drawn from the treasury, but in consequence of appropriations made by law…….”   We begin with the presidency, and demand to verify: the amount of money any president can use for transportation or other/ against the account and the amount legally set forth by the congress: of $100,000.00 per year.  Demanding repayment as the law suggests.  All other withdrawals from the treasury shall be investigated; including selling the gold/ establishing NO real connection between the money and the numbers in currency:   without public and  congressional consent, as did Ronald Reagan.   “…..a regular statement and account of receipts and expenditures of ALL public money shall be presented…..” The foundation of this law is:   that a clear and accurate statement SHALL EXIST, without cover-ups of any kind.  Hiding inflation as is:  a debt that cannot be paid, is in direct violation of this law.  Removing reality by claiming assets that do not exist; is in direct violation of this law.  Hiding the claim of resources, lands, or any other asset or assumed asset:   that is being secured by foreign interests, legal or illegal public trusts of any kind including the stock market, etc IS IN direct violation of this law.  We do have an absolute right to KNOW who is the true owner of this property, and in particular ANY AND ALL OWNERSHIP, in part or as a whole: to people, places, and things; sold or being sold, promised, or other.  That is  NOT fundamentally, clearly, and truly:   a citizen of the United States of America.


          Section 9.8

“no title of nobility shall be granted…..”  Contrary to this law, is the foundation established by leaders in government employ:   that have made “the university knows”/ literally our gods.  Having invaded our land with their religion called evolution.  Having protected their delusions and fantasies of bringing the same fire here as is on the sun.  Having aided and abetted religious fervor and fanaticism, by enabling nature itself to be bombarded with mutilations and genetic alterations; and a thousand other “university knows” decisions which are NOT in the public interest.  But are entirely assigned “by the title of a diploma”; to do with our nation/ our lives/ our future/ your children/ our world WHATEVER, they want.  WITHOUT being questioned within a court of law/ they are protected from the public realm;   by our employees, who have no right to do so.   As is consistent with all forms of ILLEGAL “nobility”.


          SECTION 10.1

“no state …..emit bills of credit; make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts…or law impairing the obligation of contracts, or grant any title of nobility”.  The state of ILLINOIS having failed in every conception of financial responsibility to the citizens of this state SHALL BE FIRST.  You are our employees, and your job is to protect us!   Have worked to destroy the future, deny accountability, discard legal responsibility, destroy the money/ and enslave the workers of this state by creating an army against us.  Using that army of pensioners, as a foothold: to demand the rest SHALL be their slaves until they die.  By giving to themselves; an endless “place at the trough” through bribes:   an extended position that has served only them, and those they have bankrupted us all for.  To grant themselves and these others riches, that are clearly the assertion of “nobility”; when compared to us.  We are bankrupt/ we are slaves, to counterfeit money, and hidden inflation, and debts that can never be repaid.  Same as the nation.


           Article 2, section 2

“electors”:   the foundation of democracy is not dependent upon voting for someone to vote for me.  This reality is unnecessary as the ability to communicate, and at least the potential to educate has been achieved.  It is a citizens debate: over constitutional law.


          ARTICLE 2.  SECTION  1.7

“I DO SOLEMNLY SWEAR…..AND TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY, PRESERVE, PROTECT, AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES”.   Means punishments shall arise for failure to do what has been sworn.


          Section 2.1

“commander in chief”    DOES NOT allow or expect, that the United States shall be used as a personal weapon/ warmongering/  or a participation in presidential cowardice or power; as has been shown the case when invading the nation of KOREA/ VIETNAM/ & IRAQ; in recent times.  Nor was it ever intended to allow for weapons of mass destruction:   WE ALL DIE/ at anyone’s command.   The preamble states   the correct intentions/ and allows the most successful means of protecting this people is A WORLD COURT/ RULED BY WORLD LAW/ WITH THE AID OF A WORLD POLICING AGENCY, that is dedicated to establishing all leaders shall obey this law.  Regardless of any other consideration: that law, shall then rule all leaders/ as a world of humanity decides it must be.  That is functionally, “the job of a president:   TO ATTAIN WORLD LAW”, so that it may bring and sustain our peace.


          ARTICLE 3 section 1

“the judicial power….shall hold their offices during good behavior….”   Which does mean:  NOTHING BUT “GOOD BEHAVIOR” establishes a judge/ or keeps him or her at the bench.  In contrast to that law and edict of law:   the judiciary has declared themselves to be above the law/ and made their own appointment to the bench “a nobility, that can never or almost never be taken away”{ we rule/ you have no say}.        That is not democracy, nor is it the intent of democracy: to give any person or any group “ exclusive or separate emoluments or privileges” from the community.  It is the law that rules/ NOT a judge.  It is WE THE PEOPLE who own the final say in interpretation of our contract with the employees of our government: which is the constitution of this state or nation.  Our employees shall NOT rule us!


          Article 3 section 2.1

“the judicial power shall extend to all cases in law and equity, arising under this constitution, the laws of this United states….and between a state, or the citizens thereof….”   Denied; as does the trials both state and federal presented by     James Frank Osterbur will prove.  Showing corruption/ collusion/ and conspiracy throughout the judicial system of this USA, and our leadership;   including this state of IL.  Each level of the courtroom fails, in its entirety; which cannot be done without supreme court approval and supervision.


          Section 3.1

“treason”.  That question is for redress of grievances/ as the evidence will show: this trial includes the US supreme court, and leaders of this USA, and this state of IL.   THEY CANNOT JUDGE THEMSELVES/ making redress of grievances BY LAW; the only legally acceptable method.  As has been established in both,  the US and state of IL   constitutions.


          ARTICLE 4

          section 3.2

“…..nothing in this constitution shall be so construed as to prejudice any claims of the United States, or of any particular state”.   WE THE PEOPLE are the United States of America/ and no employee can alter that, or assume the power to dispossess us from our nation.  As is being done with counterfeiting our currency, with inflation/  and the dispersal of all economic foundations in this society being distributed around the world; through various methods which does include war.


          Section 4. 

“The United States shall guarantee to every state in this Union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion……”.   Means a nation having a form of government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote…… governing according to law.  The invasion of money as has happened with the use of counterfeit money:   i.e.  It costs a billion dollars for a single presidential champaign/ has taken away that form of government, and given it to a tiny few: who do control the power/ the media/ and the propaganda which overrules democratic authority and rights to an information process by which WE KNOW, our vote literally counts.  Failed!


          ARTICLE 5

no change exists to constitutional law/ unless it meets these conditions first.  Anything less is a violation of law/ or a rebellion in fact.


          ARTICLE 6

          section 1.

“all debts contracted and engagements entered into…..shall be valid”. 

Over 134 trillion dollars of debt is NOT VALID!  And constructs the lies hiding;  an organized theft against the state and nation itself.


          Section 2.

“The constitution….shall be the supreme law of this land, and judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding.”

          Proven in case after case through the state and federal court systems of this IL and this USA:   THE JUDICIARY refuses that law/ and denies due process.  Has kept me from a jury trial, regarding constitutional law/ stolen money/ threatened with extreme punishment/ and used “frivolous, and illegal methods to keep me from exercising the guaranteed rights of that constitution. In case after case; involving James (F) Frank Osterbur.


          Section 3

“the senators and representatives …all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several states shall be bound by oath or affirmation to support this constitution….;.”  Speaks for itself/ has not been done!  Has in fact been proven defiled and discarded by all employees; as not a single one throughout the cases of James F. Osterbur were allowed the critical path to constitutional law.  NOT ONE STATEMENT FROM THE COURT, OR ANY LEADER; gave a single syllable to the law, that is the constitution itself.  All avoided/ abused/ or denied that law, as if it were the plague itself.  As has been proven in court case after court case, throughout the judicial system/ and in particular the IL and US supreme courts.  Not a word regarding constitutional law, and its guarantees;   will they admit too.  Nor do they support their own rules and regulations according to noise pollution.


          ARTICLE 7:    “WE THE PEOPLE”, raise this nation, and declare this shall be so! 



1.  “CONGRESS shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…”  The plague of “religious zealots, as identified by evolution”/ a religion without any proof substantiated by reality!  Has taken over our schools, our nature, our lives; by assuming adaption is anything less than a measure of “perfect design”.  Adaption is not credibly aligned with chaos/ chaos is the destruction of all order/ balance/ discipline/ structure/ ability/ etc.  Therefore only the reduction of everything or anything to its most simple form can be attributed to that chaos.  Certainly NOT building life.  Certainly not building life without even a mind.  Certainly NOT ONE PIECE AT A TIME;   because we need it all at once/ including food, etc; or the body dies without a chance to survive.  Even if that were not so:   the assumptions of their/ or your religion: are NOT allowed to invade all our lives.  Failed entirely, a disease upon this earth!

          “…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…”  When only a tiny few control all means of mass communication: the judiciary and leaders of this nation have stolen “our free press” from us/ limiting all speech that can reach a majority of the people themselves:   “To whatever the few want delivered and introduced into our lives”.  Thereby manipulating/ controlling/ and destroying our ability to defend ourselves from any and all attacks.  As is proven by the threats we face/ the bankruptcy that is true/ and a planet in peril.  The US supreme court stole our right to know what is important to our lives/ and sold them to a tiny powerful few; who do control their workers.  How is that not so? The congress and president stole our money, hiding inflation from us, by pretending it was debt: containing our right to know, by selling our business to foreign interests: so we would not see the generation of over $600,000.00 dollars per individual citizen already in circulation.

          Redress, is our right to legally investigate/ examine the facts/ and bring forth witnesses who will not be allowed to intentionally lie, without abandoning their lives.  Redress is the solution for those who have raped/ ravaged/ ransacked/ and     Have tried to destroy the children/ the securities of this people and its future: discarding all aspects of the potential to survive our reality, by failure to confront its truth.


          Amendment 2

“a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state..”

Which means simply: if we the people are the military, when called to that duty/ rather than employed within that work.  Then we control the military, even more so than our leaders do.  Failed!  “The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”.  Exists as the means most necessary to insure we are NOT lined up as “sheep to be slaughtered”/ by a few with superior weapons.  But that does not exist as a template for life in society/ RATHER THE LAW controls society, and guns “stay at home” until truth alone requires them to participate.  That is not so, in any peaceful society.  Our leaders have failed.


          Amendment 3

“no soldier shall in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner….prescribed by law”.  Reality states: that the endless documentation of our lives, by all forms, especially electronics/ is a soldier stationed “In my house”.  Literally spying on us all.  A purpose that is only used by tyrants/ traitors/ and treason.

          Amendment 4

“the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated….”   The counterfeiting of our currency IS A SEIZURE of property/ persons/ and their future!  The effect of a debt that is functionally separated from all the rest:   establishing power of the few over the majority, as is “college debts:   cannot be given the same reality of bankruptcy/ because the universities won’t allow it: they are the nobles; and are separate”.  So they say; claiming we will make you rich/ with a diploma!  That is however a seizure of freedom, and a reality of slavery: because if that education is accounted to be “worth nothing” in my working life/ then I gained nothing, but slavery.  “No warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause…..”  The surveillance of a nation, by all means necessary;   the assumption of terrorism opens all doors; the reality of gathering information as is consistent with tracking down people, “just in case”.  Are the fundamentals to be used in redress of grievances against our employees in government:   the entire lot of which both state of IL and    This USA; are now confronted with/ &  brought up on charges of terrorism (gambling with all life on earth) and issues of treason (you have refused your oath to obey, defend, and protect the constitution).


          AMENDMENT 5

“…..DUE PROCESS OF LAW…..”  When procedural rules are used to destroy a constitutional law case involving threats of true terrorism against this world/ or blockades are raised in the US AND STATE OF IL supreme courts/ or ridicule such as the lies claiming “frivolous” are used as has been presented by the cases established from James Frank Osterbur.  NO DUE PROCESS OF LAW exists.  The courts and leaders involved, prove anarchy instead.


          Amendment 6

“…the right to an impartial jury trial….”  DENIED, and refused in all matters of state and federal constitutional law.  Corrupted in trial by a county judge, which overruled “the right to participate in choosing my own jury”.  Taking away that right of questioning from both the prosecutor and me.


          Amendment 7

“in suits at common law…..the right of trial by jury, shall be preserved…”  Or more simply, the function of JUSTICE in society:         Shall control the actions of a courtroom and its judge.   Whereby, the true and correct purpose of a jury is to determine whether true JUSTICE for the individual and this society has been done/ by determining the truth, this verdict is and should have been done, by the foundations laid in evidence: had it been me, my friend, or my family.  All other assertions be damned:   should the matter be valid, and the purpose of the court is harmony for the sake of our future society.  We must obtain JUSTICE for all, or society fails itself.


          Amendment 8

“excessive……nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted”.   In the federal tax trial involving James F. Osterbur, vs the IRS.  The court threatens a $35,000.00 fine.  The court steals the value of a tax write off given to all other citizens/ but is refused to me.  The court denies my right to jury trial.  The court lies about its duty to protect the citizens of this world/ this nation/ this state: by proclaiming a threat that is clearly and certainly able to be understood.  As is bringing the same fire here as is on the sun/ cannot be heard, because they are too damn stupid.  The reality of death however at being wrong; for an entire world;   has no legal standing in this court/ nor its appeal at the US supreme court.  The tax court constructs another threat, and is refused.


          Amendment 9

“the enumeration in the constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people”.   The right of LEGAL redress of grievances for the people CANNOT be undermined; by any assumption of position or a job.  We are the owners/ therefore we are the people with authority over and above all other claims of power.  Standing alone, under constitutional law:   we shall investigate, what it means to be wrong/ examine the facts as they exist, as best we can/ call witnesses on our behalf/ and punish those who desert their duty and align with traitors against us.


          Amendment 10

“The powers…..by the constitution….are reserved…to the people.”

The guaranteed right, that is legal redress of grievances, DOES BELONG to we the people of this state, or this nation.  We are the true power, and the actual authority, of this democracy: under the constitution itself.  Let any other prove it is not so!


          Amendment 11

“the judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States, ….by citizens…”.   IT IS TRUE/ THEY CANNOT JUDGE THEMSELVES.  Therefore redress of grievances to intervene in that process and decide as WE THE PEOPLE ourselves: was established by first amendment law!   We must protect ourselves from traitors.  We must protect ourselves from terrorists in government.  We must protect ourselves from liars and thieves, who steal our money, by counterfeiting it.  And much more established by the evidence of this day.  As fundamentally outside the direction and oath of the constitution itself.  Thereby the punishment assigned by the failure to obey your own oath/ stands as cause: to order an investigation by law before all the people.


          Amendment 12

a constitutional change is called for: demanding we the people, shall now do this for ourselves!


          Amendment 13

“neither slavery nor involuntary servitude…”  FAILED; as it is true the reality of medicine has no bearing on the truth of work done/ it is a monopoly, that forms a cancer upon our soil: because those who can refuse to educate those who would be doctors, “to control the competition and drive up the price”.  Slaves, because the monopolies of a “university diploma” have controlled the very fabric of our lives/ and done us all harm.  As is the evidence of this day, established by the simple fact: every decision is made by a university diploma/ and we are bankrupt/ threatened with extermination from the planet/ risking complete mutilation of all life/ and have done absolutely nothing for the future except rape and ransack every child:   courtesy of those who consider themselves “to be our nobility”/ and force pensions and other forms of taxation upon us; as if they were kings or queens.  The summation is treason & terrorism/ a democracy under attack by those who want to be rulers, instead of employees.


          Amendment 14 section 1

“….no state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection  of the laws.”   The guarantees of the US constitution and the IL constitution were presented by James Frank Osterbur:  in no uncertain terms before the state court system of this ILLINOIS.  And were ridiculed/ I was denied access to the IL supreme court, without cause/ and refused due process as is the law.  As proven by documentation in court.


          Section 3

“no person….shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion….”.  The question is: having lied/ cheated/ stolen/ and contrived: to corrupt the courts/ conspire against the constitution/ and collude to diffuse the power of law over this democracy so that our employees could proclaim themselves to be “the government”/ and become rulers:   SHALL WE THROW THEM OUT, or more?

          Section 4

“the validity of the public debt of the United States……nor any state shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the US….void.”   The clear words are is a debt valid against the people of this USA?  The clear question is: did these debts fill the pockets of those who signed our nation or state to that expenditure?  Or upon examination shall we find those who were in charge either hiding their failures and crimes/ bribing to keep the truth closed behind doors/ or filling their pockets at our own expense?  The answer is all three have occurred: making extreme amounts of this counterfeit money not only an indication of organized crime/ but illegal and void.


          Amendment 15

“the right of citizens to vote…”  Is controlled by the fact ONLY MONEY decides the election/ and propaganda is constant by media thereby controlling that election through the manipulation granted by surveys and other forms of gathering information for the direct purpose of controlling the vote.  Destroying the reality of every, or any election process. 


          Amendment 16

“the congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes from whatever source derived…..”.   Which does mean: the people shall have the power to demand constitutional laws and guarantees on their behalf: SHALL BE UPHELD/ prior to any other assertion of a right to collect/ when the job assigned and sworn too: HAS NOT BEEN DONE!  FAIL, to do your work as sworn too, and demanded by your employer MEANS:   YOU shall not be paid/ until you do.   Every contract is a two way street.  Every act of an employee, shall in fact be lawful/ prior to being paid:   or any tax paid supports a crime/ and constructs a rebellion.  That is not the duty of a citizen.  Our duty is to demand your oath shall be held to a true standard, and legal outcome for our nation.



          Having declared and proven the need for REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES:   the opportunity for WE THE PEOPLE to rise and take control of our government as the law intended is now seen to exist as the enforcement of critical constitutional truths.

          We owe a duty to ourselves, and our children!  We must erect a foundation upon which we can survive.  That includes throwing out the religion called evolution; from every school.  That includes stopping extreme experimentation of all kinds.  That includes building a future for the children to survive.  That includes protecting this earth from human destruction/ the intentional disrespect for life, that has consequences we can no longer endure.  And a “thousand more” necessary changes for life and society: because we are now 7+ billion people/ and we either fight for life in peace.  Or there will be world war three, and none will survive.

          These statements are not simply “to believe”.  They require investigation of reality/ examination of the evidence/ fundamental decisions about “what can go wrong/ and the REAL consequences of that”.    Then AFTER PROVING WHAT CAN OR CANNOT BE TRUE, about all that threatens our lives and our world. 

          Through redress of grievances: the right of the people to declare ownership of this nation/ and proof of our authority, WE CHOOSE FOR OURSELVES!   As WE THE PEOPLE over our employees.  As a democracy cherishing constitutional law, as our LITERAL government!   Or more simply:   we do, or we shall, rule ourselves by the laws we NOW create for ourselves/ and the future of this nation and this world; that we construct by our own votes.    NOT as a vote for someone to vote for me, but as my own vote on the laws that will govern every life, and every citizen in this USA or state of IL; even this world.  Because we are simply too many people for any other way.  Limited capitalism will stop much of the trouble in humanity/ but without true change there is still no hope.  We stand on roughly one person per acre of agricultural ground/ with an ocean in crisis/ and a planet experiencing stress.  We face a clear and certain future of cannibalism/ war for water/ asphyxiation because of all the fire and motors we use/ complete chaos in nature because of mutilations caused by a university diploma playing god/ people trying to destroy the planet itself.  And a long list of other offenses, that are destroying the chains of life that keep all of nature including ourselves alive.  We now must choose and work to survive/ because we have become so many people; with such disastrous wants; that our planet is in peril.  CHANGE is not an option/ it is the only possibility we can survive any length of time on earth.  That is not “believe me”{this is trust the evidence/ and prove what is true} or die.


I am NOT relevant to that decision.  I am merely “the messenger”/ telling you without true and permanent change; this world and all its life will disappear.  I CANNOT “save you”/ that is ridiculous. You must save yourselves; it is your only choice, by following and proving what is, or is not true. 

          As for me: Reality proves and states: the body of me is shared. Because the female spirit of life, demands they will participate/ and have done so.  In these last years of bringing you this message, it is “female (a long story)” that made the difference between war and peace.  The message is: we must have change/ or the world dies.   Not a game;  The evidence is becoming undeniable.


The elements OF SOCIETY that are going to participate, are these:


Cowards: will try to make you fear if they can with a gun or other weapon that gives them pride enough.  When fear fails in you/ it rises in them, or they try to prove power by killing you “the easy/ safe, way”.  Failing that, they will run away and hide; finding torment their only friend.


Traitors:   will trade your life/ your world/ your child, or anything else; for their own trophies.  They do not accept love/ they want pride, power, and greed. Their contribution to society and life is LIES. Therefore lies do tell a story, “listen up”; so you are not fooled anymore.  As is the case of nearly everything the university tells you:   lies as is evolution, are so much easier than truth so some say.  Making you fear/ gives them pride.


Fools: believe “a thousand things” most of which is complete fantasy; because that eliminates reality, so they can play games with life.  So they can pretend to be god/ so they can escape death.  Little is more absurd.


Men:   play games with life, because other men want to control everything, and let the rest have nothing; so they can play god.  That means war.  To avoid wars, games have been created/ and money or rulers get to rule; as the proof of who won the game.  To avoid war, men follow.  To avoid starvation and poverty for themselves; men go to war.  Women push/ men want to please them, the end result is:   the secret games of crime/ the constant push of competition/ and a foundation of disrespect. Because someone is then going to lose, what others had no right to take; even in society itself.


Women: play games with men/ pushing and pulling as best they can. Because they are at a disadvantage, and are dependent upon either the law to give them equality/ or men in their lives to fight for, and thereby protect them.  Sex has consequences/ disrespect has consequences/ being used and abused has consequences: it is a  long list.



Fear:   we cannot change/ we cannot survive/ everything will go wrong, for us, especially for me.  WE CANNOT CHANGE, I love my life as it is/ I DON’T WANT to change nothing!  Let the children pay.


Reality:   there is no future without change!  Not for anyone, or any life on earth.  There MUST be “different ways”/ or we die!  Not a game: life or death for us all.  As is proven by all the threats we face


Work: the elemental truth of what we can, and will do together/ or as one.  It is not a function of trophies/ that is a game.  Work is the identification of a need/ and finding the resource to meet that need, either as knowledge (we have a choice) or as determination (I understand the consequences, and choose for life).


Pride: is a game, that will not die.  Its purpose is to divide and conquer/ thereby it is war, or the foundation of war; and is not a friend to peace or harmony.  Pride is the essence of I WANT: which is the single predominate factor in “we all lost”. Today, our very survival on this earth is in question.


Power: is the purpose, I WILL NOT change!  You will change for me.  Thereby its essence is “master and slave”.  Giving all power over to the law; thereby letting law be master of us all/ constructs democracy.  Failing to enforce the law, makes us slaves to those who stand between our law, and our rights under democracy.  It is a choice.


Religion: means “to believe in something/ that will then rule your life”; which becomes, “this should then rule every life”.  Belief is the foundation:   I WANT/ I WANT/ I WANT, therefore if I believe, I can have anything I want; because I choose to believe it will come true.  Even so, these are disciplines in the common religion; and they do have value to society as history does prove.  It is only when religions try to rule every life/ that heartache and tragedy erupt.

           Faith does not allow for “I believe”. Faith is the acceptance of evidence/ thereby the foundation of truth that can no longer be denied.  Consequently, “there is no back door”, to sneak out of.  It is YOUR true choice, based entirely on truth itself, and the assembly of trust in that evidence.


Hate: constructs the measurement of life, person, society/ and finds all in contempt.  Thereby worthless or of limited value, if you can be forced, to do something for me. That generally erupts as ridicule, and proceeds on through pride, lust, and abuse.  Hate is an arrogance so extreme, that death is its answer to life.

Sex: the fundamental of human behavior/ that commonly redefines the relationship between male and female.  Without sex, life is as children are.  With sex, life is as the adult world makes their relationship to each other become.  Sex is a catastrophe for some.  Sex is a wondrous and elevating ascent into happiness for others.  Sex is a game for the vast majority/ and is then used, abused, worshiped, and completely disrespected among many of those that play the game:  Sex is then a tool, for the majority.  A chemistry that will not be denied, because nature has decreed it will be so.


Happiness: is the construction of choices, and the ability to conceive of, if not truly be free:  without judgment against us.  Therefore we make the happiness we participate in, by choosing to create an environment of choices/ the honesty of living without being judged/ and the critical truth that is, “I am EQUAL, as life”/ even if not the same: life is far more.


The endless human tragedy is:   fundamentally a decision, to judge based upon one tiny moment/ one tiny assumption, without substance or merit. Or more simply: the desire to “pigeonhole people” in some sort of “NOW, I know who you are”!  Is absolutely absurd, and almost never correct.  But it does do endless damage to human relations, and thereby life in society; to us all.  You create hate/ depression/ failures/ loss/ anger/ suicide/ revenge, and so on:   simply because you want control.  Nobody gets to be “free”.  All must be measured and judged; because the risk of being wrong belongs to fear.  Thereby fear controls your life.

          While it is foolish and stupid not to be aware of your surroundings and the people who are part of your life.  The reality of judgment is: that unless the law itself decides/ you are playing god.  Therefore do be aware/ but make no judgment until the evidence is complete, and the reality is defined by law and truth.  Because if the law does not rule the judgment/ then your actions submit lies.  Lies, and especially judgments,  do steal;  both heart and soul from another human being.  Identify the truth/ if it is lawful, and substantially not destructive:   then you have no say; unless we the people do, change the law.  That is a portion and a part of freedom itself.  We have a right to be free.


Nobility means: a group that has separated themselves from the others/ by declaring they are “superior”.  Therefore entitled to much more everything, than the rest.  Commonly using money, as their weapon of choice: to gain the advantage, and control the others.  The current group being “university knows”; having proven to purposely experiment in all ways capable of destroying the future of life on earth/ destroying this democracy/ destroying the resources/ assassinating the children (nothing left for you)/ mutilating life throughout nature/ and risking an entire world with their games; by accepting fantasy is enough.  Is cause without doubt, to remove their claim of superiority/ and redefine their position in society.  They are NOT worthy to proclaim:   mutilation is good for life/ nothing bad will happen: as is the FDA, in this USA.  They know nothing other than: “we stuck their hand right in the poison/ and they didn’t die immediately; so its all good”.  Reality knows better/ recognizing as with asbestos;   some things take thirty years to identify themselves.  As is true of their drugs;   works for some/ kills others. And so on.  NOT SUPERIOR, just plain damn fools and traitors who sell us all for their own, trophy of the moment.  The human body builds with chemicals reduced to one part per billion in some cases; when that fails, “you lose a limb/ or a face/ or a brain” and so on.  To mutilate is beyond insane/ it is “satan”: we, are going to destroy ALL life!  No greater hate exists.


Righteous:   I do not have to do anything/ because “GOD” makes all the decisions;   so I am free of all responsibility to this world, or its life.  I believe I get to “fly off into heaven/ and be taken care of forever; regardless of my behavior, purposes, or desire; just by saying a few little words”.  BUT TRUTH SAYS:   contrary to that belief, our reality clearly proves, “we are responsible for the things we do or choose not to do; as are all other human beings”.  To say   GOD    Will take care of everything that threatens you: is to hide from the fact, “humanity demanded to be completely free/ and make its own choices”.  AS IS evident in this world. We are responsible for what we do.  We are responsible for what we do, or allow to be done on this planet, with life, and everything else that humanity itself chooses to do.  Including experiments that threaten our world, and every life in it/ or destroy the resources that form the base of life itself.  THESE ARE ALL THINGS WE AS HUMANITY ON EARTH;   either allow/ or participate in, even if lies lead us: we are still responsible for understanding the truth.  Making our own decision/ and protecting this world as best we can; is our duty.  If it were not so/ “we have no say, GOD makes all decisions for us”.  Then there would surely be no murder, nor mayhem, nor crime; etc.  Is that not so? Rather:  We threaten ourselves.  We threaten or allow to be threatened, our entire world, and all its nature/ its everything.  That is the decision MOST APPARENT ON THIS PLANET TODAY.  Insofar as what   GOD IS or is not willing to do on our behalf.  Biblical prophecy says, book of Daniel; we have until about sept of 2015 to stop extreme experimentation/ or this world dies in fire, as is also predicted in the bible.  It further predicts, humanity will be getting married and so on like nothing is wrong/ and then suddenly the end will come.  Because you didn’t care enough, about your world, or your children, to even consider the possibilities.  Which are plain/ clear/ and certain.

          Therefore it is our own job, as humanity:   to stop ourselves from destroying life.  We are the problem, it is only fitting; we are the solution.  Faith is to accept the truth, and trust in the evidence most clear/ thereby leaving no escape hatch as in belief.  Not worship and image/ but accept the essence of wisdom, which is to understand, knowledge is a path that leads to its own destiny.



PEACE;   is the undeniable companion to justice { jury = if this judgment is not good enough for me, and mine/ then it is not an acceptable reality to apply to any other person}/ the law must be fair. Which exists within a framework of equality and the right to be freed of interference in a personal life.  That includes the realities:  is not substantially destructive to society, environment, or other living creatures.


HARMONY: is the presentation of access/ the opportunity to be heard honestly, and with success/ the reality of a competition that is not out to consume my own life or theirs/ the question of male and female participation in each others lives:   more than just,  a game.  Given these factors, and a reality of life and nature that is not threatening: our ability to achieve honor and respect for each other improves greatly, and life itself responds: when hate is removed.

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