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Discipline/ order/ balanced:   non-violent discussion/ actions, focused on: identifying the problem, and initiating critical solutions

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The power of true, “we the people can change this, without begging” in democracy is:  constitutional first amendment law. That is called, redress of grievances! The court (our employees) do not own this:  WE DO.

The substance of that claim is:  WE THE PEOPLE own this nation/ we own the constitution/ we are the employers/ we are the authority that has final say! We can establish the redress law that is:  our liberty: granting us the “legal judgment of our leaders”.  Purpose, to demand. Did they obey their oath of office? ARE WE BEING THREATENED?  IS THIS TREASON/ etc!

Ultimately, we DON’T need the permission of citizens we hired to work for us. BUT WE DO, NEED OUR OWN DECISION, TO ACCEPT, and pay for;  THE CHANGES WE MAKE! That is liberty.

The formal description is here.

Links:  for My sites/ my videos (developed over years, small amounts of levity and distractions were added to some);  identifying problems, threats, and solutions for us all.

 Established by evidence not want! In a world that has clearly changed:  8 billion people (more than one person per agricultural acre on the planet),  all of us, “doing something everyday”!  Means nature cannot survive us anymore/ we are too many, without true and significant change. Hell is coming soon, or we will change, as a world!


YOUR JOB, is to create, communicate, organize, and begin the journey that will save this world. Threats surround us all;  wrong, as in failure; is extinction!

The religious say: GOD, won’t let that happen? So lets’ review: Do you believe in “Noah”; the existence of fossil fuels prove it is true? Do you believe in free will, “terrorists, serial killers,_”? Do you accept truth decides instead of want {want is the basis of every lie}? Do you understand, once past the point of no return, there is no going back, not for one single life on earth; including yours? [billionaire or poor; all the same; “extinct”].

This ad or business card may help.

Fight for your world, fight for everything you care about, with law/ l have done all I can realistically do:  tomorrow IS, “entirely up to you”. Regardless of the outcome, “we each die alone”/ which means even a world filled with humanity CANNOT influence what happens when you die. When you face your eternity: ONLY the truth about life/ and the truth about you, and what you did or did not do/ and the truth about   GOD   decides. What then is your decision?

My duty has been done (I owe you nothing)/ my choice is: simply to help you succeed, as I see fit. You will not come “without honest respect”, or I will abandon you. As to these sites; if you pay for it “then staff” can continue it, without me. Everything that can be done, by me;  to help you succeed, has been done/ your participation decides.


This is functionally “a reporters site”/ and if you are included, you may consider yourself as such: “so say I”.

So that it is clear; this work, nor these purposes are about me/ I AM NOT the decision you can make! I am irrelevant, to the realities of threat that we face as a world. I did NOT create any of them. Which means I cannot simply undo them. To lead truly:  means, the opportunity to understand a better way is inherent in the teaching that leads to the decision, of what we the people can or cannot do; because truth proves that is so.  Anything other than that is power, and power does not construct life. My work leads you to an understanding of threats, and points to a relationship that is improved “with life”;  from what you have known before. JESUS, as written in the Christian bible is my guide/ not a religious statement, but a development that ascends from the foundations HE presented as love.  We are 8 billion people and rising; if you do not find love, and abandon want/ then you can’t survive. Simple as that, our world is threatened, and we must rebuild. Which means humanity must change, to accept truth shall lead..

My sites are finished, this work is done/ your work begins or we all die, this entire world!  How is that not important enough for you? I will help, if you work.

 Ultimately, your decision is to let “the older version of your classmates in high school determine if life on earth is mutilated or burned or destroyed in a variety of ways”;  because that is what they chose for life. Being wrong has consequences:  is that not true? Igniting atoms on fire has consequences: is that not true? Mutilating life genetics, WILL change nature itself:  that is true. Your option is to say NO, and prove it with truth! That means:  humanity cannot play anymore/ because there are NO SECOND CHANCES. These are ALL, irreversible realities.  

“EVEN the tiniest amount of respect for life, child, or planet, KNOWS that is true”!  THESE ARE, DELIBERATE human CHOICES. The chaos trying to entangle you, is real!  MAKE a better choice.

 THESE ARE, “DELIBERATE, life ending CHOICES”!       Demand life comes first/ not human arrogance, disrespect, or pride!

I am aware you, the vast majority have no power to speak of. That ENDS with “limited capitalism (by our vote, we decide the limits)”/ because without an opportunity for individuals or employees of government; to control or create excess wealth:  we the people rise! Even in the military, because we can.

Even with extinction certain: I have yet to meet a single person who says to me, “what can I do to help”! Instead, every single one runs away to hide/ or a very tiny few find a way on their own. The critical truth is: unless you organize, fight for your life and your world;  proving you care about “more than self/ or even just self”.  Our planet will die, nothing will change/ and all life will die forever. Everything mutilated/ every chain broken/ every piece of creation lost! So says the evidence, and it will prove to be true; because the laws of existence that are being broken will never be repaired: unless you truly care NOW. Who then is more important than you?

I believe it is now fair to say: I HAVE delivered the message for which I was educated and prepared, to you. WHAT you do with that information, is your own decision/ as clearly and with absolute certainty, “I CANNOT save you/ or any/ or this earth”. That is your own decision/ and your own fate or destiny; by choices you personally will make. To be counted as a participant for  GOD’S  CREATION,  you do have to stand up, establish your name and your work for life on earth, or at least family and your little group; or you failed.

The summary is:

    To all of the people, and to all of their religions:   GOD, your CREATOR;   is no longer your excuse.  YOU chose the universities instead! The consequence of that is, you are no longer protected from yourselves, and will suffer accordingly.

Whether you live or die as a world, is now completely dependent upon:  IF you repent for what you have done, and literally CHANGE. Respecting  YOUR CREATOR, and HIS WORLD/    or throwing this earth away: the choice is yours! THE CONSEQUENCE of your failure belongs only “to you”. The reality of respect, will NOT be free.

I DO recommend, you download this site; and use it however you wish/ so that it cannot be taken away.

IF, you have been interested enough to read to the bottom of this page/ then I will let you consider this as well. A quadrillion dollars equivalent, as is roughly declared to be “held by humanity” in derivatives around the world. Is equal to one billion millionaires:  or more distinctly, one in every 8 human faces (babies and all) is a millionaire. And that, is just the derivatives! Such are the ways of your gods at university knows. If you panic, then you won’t survive; because I guarantee this means war. Every nation participated/ every nation is involved/ every nation can and will collapse economically; and it is because the universities designed, executed, drove, and used the purpose of their fantasies, their greed, and their lies;  to establish “debts don’t matter to governments”/ unless, you owe me. Non-intellectuals, don’t make traps/ they fight for reality, because that is all that matters in their lives! It is the intellectual who designs and creates world wide catastrophe. Your university gods have failed! Your choice is: to return to truth, demanding life comes first for the whole planet:  or let chaos turn into HELL. There is no middle ground!

!  And this, is just one of the smaller threats, that university delusions, failure, and fantasy have led you too/ as in a few could survive perhaps. That is just not true about igniting a nuclear fire, destroying resources, eliminating chains of life, polluting the water, mutilating and destroying the food supplies, endless extinction by habitat destruction, crucifying the ocean life:  etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera.  Hey, but not to worry “your university gods know everything”; just ask their papa the monkey/ or their mother the microbe. HELL, how could they be wrong?

Organize, demand redress of grievances, take control over your government as we the people: and then do the best you can for justice and fair play. Or you will war, and the world be lost.  Start with: something like “once a week, all concerned will gather on the courthouse steps” so to speak; at 2:00, on Sunday’s (so the maximum, will have time)/ so that we may begin. YOU HAVE SOCIAL NETWORKING. YOU CAN SPREAD A VIRAL VIDEO A BILLION TIMES IN A WEEK. You have no real excuse, get it done!

And all the people will say, as they have throughout the decades:  “this has worked so far/ LEAVE IT ALONE, I got stuff”!  BUT ALAS, with one in 8 people “divided equally” believing they are millionaires, the demand for resources WILL STRIP THIS EARTH BARE. Literally assassinating every child; in just a few years if you had that much time; and you don’t. So what will it be:  continued ABSOLUTE FANTASY, and HELL/   OR REALITY, and at least the potential to survive as a world.         It is a choice! If you hide, that is a choice too/ but reality will NOT go away.

Oh yes; since everybody asks, the only thing we can do/ because it is far too late to do anything else. IS, to control the bankruptcy ourselves as a nation called we the people. THAT LESSON, whatever it turns out to be, WILL instruct the rest of the world on what and what NOT to do. If we the people, do not control our bankruptcy/ then the few who control all the numbers will; and I guarantee, they don’t intend to be kind. Controlling bankruptcy/ changing government/ protecting life WILL COME FROM DEMOCRACY; and democracy is “my vote is my vote/ it is NOT a vote for someone to vote for me”.  And that means: I must participate with purpose, and a desire to be fair. Because NOBODY, goes home happy. Just the way it is.


The essence of an individual life is determined by the decisions that we make. My decision, was to fight for this world, and all its life as a miracle which must not be lost. You refused, as an entity so large and so determined to simply take whatever you wanted/ that reality was to prove, “I could do nothing” of substantial importance. So the world itself continues to die under the effects of cult worship; as is “I believe the university is god”; a reality of delusion so entrenched, and so supported by the physical structures of society: that it is no longer important to fight for our world or its life. You have condemned it with your beliefs, religious and all. Even so, the elemental rise of what is now “female in me”/ turns to “mother instead of war”. I cannot war with a world, It is useless; therefore I will accept what can be done for the few. A reality I truly did not expect.

Alas you want what you want, which discards the rest. So the rest want what they want, discarding you. While pride makes every living thing just a participant in your game; and they must be losers/ so that you can win. Everyone  then wants out of the “rat race”; because it is unfair and without justice or happiness. Which requires money, so greed erupts; and society goes blind to any reality but self. Selfishness steals the heart, and your world goes bad; because every dynamic (we set this in motion) decision has a consequence. The consequence of failing life is:  “we want to believe, there is no punishment for this”/ so the university rules. As time on earth goes dark.

It should be noted:  GOD  does not give out punishments, EXCEPT to those who stole a child “from HIS arms”/ by the things you did do: dependent on damage done. All other actions and their consequences: ARE chosen by you; on those like you: therefore of no consequence to  GOD . I forgot to mention: those who deliberately attempt to destroy or mutilate HIS CREATION, AS LIFE AND EARTH;  will not be punished/ they have declared WAR. The reality is entirely different, and you will be eternally terrorized; because that is the choice you made. Time is deliberately about: “finding those who can live a life called love, eternally”.

The fact you are NOT invited into eternity as love and mercy would allow; was your own choice! The fact your pride kept you from entering into kindness: the path which leads to an invitation/ simply proves you are not worthy. The reality is simple; abandon your pride prior to death, or it will consume you. No exceptions, pride shall not come! Even my dad was subject to this; a man who spent the first forty years of his life “with values”. But ended “with a need to learn, just what he had become”. The price of needing someone to play with & a reality of pride. He did learn. Although my grandparents on at least one side did not. Life nor death is a game; eternity cannot be done over! Your moment of learning is:  time gives you the chance, to build your own destiny.

To describe you is simple:  only a tiny few exist beyond the majority of this description. The water here was excellent, when I was growing up/ before the chemicals of agriculture came in abundance. It is now only barely drinkable. Yet the people say, “we had the water tested at the universities”/ and they said “it ain’t poison yet”;  so we are happy. And will worry no more! While I argue:  when it does turn poison, as it so clearly is: then, we will have nothing to drink! And all say “the university will protect us: or more distinctly put, the universities are their god”. Such is the reality of antibiotics; primarily born of nature, and simply discovered by man. The construction is:  the university saved us, with healthcare. The reality however is:  humanity has always tried to “fix a body”; disease and infection kept them from it/ until antibiotics. So, in truth: antibiotics are “the fix”/ more than doctors. Unfortunately the universities said to agriculture “we can make this EASY”/ and agriculture said:  PLEASE DO.  The result: antibiotics will soon be dead. The waters for drinking will soon be poison, and you can’t go back. The plants are mutilated, and will soon not be tolerated by life; because the living chemistry is important/ FAR BEYOND anything the universities know. And life will die on earth; because easy triumphs over truth and reality. Because that and money, are what people want.        I do pray for you anyway!

A more deliberate review of all considerations in our reality as life on earth/ that is NOT governed by “simple belief in university knows;  ooga/booga witchdoctor logic”. Reveals this leadership is not “our savior (nothing is for life first on this planet)”; but our executioner instead. The reality of where we are headed as a world, could not be more distinct! Every biblical prophecy, by the evidence of our physical reality is coming true; because that is what the university chose/ and humanity followed, worshiping all the way. Shame on you! The real contribution of university is much like their “space programs”/ NO, LIFE DON’T NEED NOTHING; let’s spend all the money here; on our toys!