Time, is the recognition of limits and boundaries. The reality of understanding there is a distance between “where I am/ and where I shall soon be”. In functional terms, the primary distance is between life and death.

LIFE, is not like that! life is a freedom to exist, the recognition “I am”. NOT as is GOD;  but as in there is a deliberate reality, wherein I get to decide the primary values and distinct destiny for which I will give my time.

Love, is an environment. A treasury of values, each and every one of which:  teaches me, nothing in this universe, has more value “than you”. Such is the definition of true love, and its purpose which is to conceive of greater things than self.

The limits of our lives explain:  our relationship with energy is not free. But consists of doing the things which must be done so as to survive. The limits of time grant: for those lucky enough to achieve it, there will be decades to determine what is truly important to you. The boundary of life itself in time is a critical recognition:  beyond this point, there is no going back. Beyond this decision, you cannot remove the consequences that you chose to create. Therefore freedom exists: but without wisdom, its price can be very heavy indeed. Heavy means:  I cannot move, this burden entraps, and enslaves; me.

Life is a destiny of the things we choose to build with our existence:  the freedom to become an explanation of what we do desire. What we cherish enough to define as a purpose, and what is “the price we shall pay”: to achieve heart.

Love is, the creation of what it means to discard self, and enter into a separate world, where freedom is the essence of what we can be together. To discover in the cherished space of truly caring for each other, what it is that honors our lives together. To define and create how we can live as one life shared. To understand that respect creates our relationship, but courage defines the heart in love. Not with foolish endeavors, but with honor achieved in truth, and the discipline of what we can or cannot be for each other; in the light of a world that will not understand. Because they want “selfishness first”.

Every step is a direction. Every decision represents a desire. But every purpose knows, without paying the price:  there will be no answer, and no reality in time that can be called your own. Therefore the distance called time, translates the reality of you:  as is consistent with your own truths.  The direction points to your soul. The decisions are your own choice: in a world, where the only real choice is love or hate; because everything else is about survival.

When we examine time, we must also express intimacy; as they are interlocked in a relationship that creates life. I will leave that discussion alone/ as you are plainly unworthy.


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